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Full text of "A grammar and dictionary of the Malay language : with a preliminary dissertation"

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AiUlior of "The History of the Indian Archipelag.. 






printers, wiiitefriarh. 


(a.) Arabic. 

(BAT.) .... Malay of Batavia. 

(ben.) Malay of Bencoolen. 

(bu.) .... Bugi.?. 

(chin.) .... Chinese. 

(du.) .... Dutch. 

(en.) English. 

(eu.) .... European. 

(hin.) Hindi. 

(j.) Common to the Malay and Javanese. 

/JAV.) Javanese. 

(lam.) .... Lampung. 

(p.) Persian. 

(for) Portuguese. 

(re.) Rejang. 

(s.) Sanskrit. 

(sun.) Suuda. 

(t.) Telinga. 





A^TAXAD (a). Faith, confidence, belief, 

Aba. To glow, to feel heat of body; 
glow, warmth. 

Aba-aba (j). Gear, tackle, harness. 

Aba-aba kareta. Carriage, harness. 

Aba-aba kuda. Horse gear. 

Aba-aba tanuu. A weaver's loom. 

Abai. To disregard, to hold lightly. 

Abaimana (t). The two chief orifices of 
an animal body. 

Abang. Elder brother; a term of kind- 
ness or respect in addressing an elder 

Abang. Name of a forest tree. 

Abang (j). Red. 

Abang-mud'a. Pale red ; literally "young 

Abang-tuwah. Dark red ; literally " old 

Abad (a). An age ; eternity ; eternal. 

Abam. A fulcrum, a stay. 

Abam-kdmudi. The stay in a native 
vessel that supports the rudder. 

Abam-tiyang. Tlie partners or thafts 
that svipport the mast. 

Abantara (s). An usher; a marshal; a 

Abdiat (a). Eternity. 

Abimailu (s). Name of one of the sons 
of Aijuna in the Mahabarat. 

Abin, ibin. Son. 

Abis. Done ; ended, finished, termina- 
ted ; completed ; accomplished, execu- 
ted ; utterly, entirely ; over, past ; 
auxiliary expressing a perfect preterite. 

Abisan. End, termination, conclusion ; 
completion ; accomplishment, execu- 

Abiskfln. To end, to terminate, to finish ; 

to complete ; to execute, to accom- 
plish ; to expend, to exhaust. 

Abisiia. At tlie most, at the utmost. 

Abiyasa (s). The father of Paudu in the 

Ablis, iblis (a). The devil. 

Abrahim, Ibrahim (a). Abraham. 

Abu (j. awu). Ashes, dust. 

A.bUan. Portion, lot, instalment. 

Achang. A messenger. 

Achar (p). Pickles. 

Achara (s). Cause, suit; any regulated 

Achara (s). A marriage gift or token. 

Acheh. The country of Aclun in Suma- 
tra; Achinese. 

Achih (t). Name of a small wood leech. 

Achu. To feign, to pretend, to make a 
show of; to attempt; to try if a thing 
will fit. 

Achiian. A matrix, a mould. 

Achum. To provoke, to incense, to ex- 

Ada. To be ; to exist ; to have, to 
possess ; to happen, to come to pass ; 
have, in its sense of an auxiliary; 
being, particular state or condition. 

Adaan. Being, existence ; essence. 

Adakala (ada and kala, " time "). Perhaps, 
it may bo, it may happen ; at times, 
now and then. 

Adakan. To produce, to beget, to create ; 
to exhibit, to display; to furnish, to 
supply ; to j^erform, to cause to be. 

Adaniningkung (j). Name of a sovereign 
who reigned at Majapahit, the last 
Hindu kingdom of Java. 

Adaiia (ada and iia, the aifix pronoun of 
the third person). So be it, so it is, or 




Adapun (ada and pun). Moreover, 
besides ; now, as a particle of con- 
nexion ; literally " is too." 

Adapun-akan. As for, with respect to. 

Adas (j). Fennel, Faniculum vulgare. 

Adas-manis. Aniseed, Anetlmm graveolens. 

Adab (a). Civil, courteous, affable ; 
courtesy, politeness, urbanity ; affa- 

Adam (a). Adam. 

Adanda. Younger brother or sister ; a 
word applied respectfully and affec- 
tionately to a younger person than the 
speaker, as by a husband to a wife. 

Adap-adap. A particular dish of rice, 
presented to the bride and bridegroom 
at a marriage-ceremony ; confarreation. 

Adar. Aged, advanced in years. 

Adi ^s). Excellent, eminent ; handsome, 

Adikusuma (s). A frequent name among 
the Javanese nobility. Kusuma is a 
flower, but used as an epithet for any 
thing excellent ; it implies, also, a royal 
pedigi-ee or descent. 

Adiningi-at (s and j). A compoimd 
epithet given to the capitals of the 
native princes of Java, meaning " the 
excellent of the eaa-th." 

Adipati (s). The titular appellation of 
the highest class of the nobility of 

Adiwarna (s). A frequent name of persons 
in Java, meaning beautiful colour or 

Adoh ! Alas ! 

Adobe ! Alas ! 

Adok (b). To stir about, to agitate. 

Adris, Idris (a). The prophet Enoch ; v. 

Adu. To repose, to take rest ; to sleep. 

Adu. To submit, to refer to judgment, 
to lay before. 

AdukAn. To state, to represent, to show. 

Adu (j). To contend, to figl>t. 

Adukdn. To cause to contend, to make 
to fight. 

Adunan (j). Fighting ; cock-fighting. 

Ad'ang (j). Intercepted, stopped in the 
way; way -laid. 

Ad-angkan. To intercept, to stop in the 
way ; to way-lay. 

Ad'^p (j). Before, in front of; afore; 
in the presence of; next, ensuing; 

Ad'apan. Front, forepart, van ; future. 

Ad-ap-adapan. Confronting, front to 
front, face to face. 

Ad-ap-a'd-api. To confront, to place face 
to face. 

Ad'dpi. To place before ; to front, to 
face; to have before one, to have in 

Ad-ilpkau, V. Adapi. 

Ad-ik (j. adi). Younger brother or sister; 
a term of respect or affection in address- 
ing a younger person. 

Ad -ok (bat). To stir up, to stir about. 

Afal (a). Actions, deeds. 

Afyun (a). Opium, the inspissated juice 
of the capsules of the Papaver somni- 
ferum, known to the IncUan islanders 
only as a foreign commodity ; v. 

Agahang. Middle, mean ; moderate. 

Agak. To feign or threaten to strike, 
making a demonstration. 

Agak (j). To guess, to conjecture; to 
judge, to estimate. 

Agama (s). Religion, Latin cuUus. 

Agar-agar. Name of the alga or sea-weed, 
which is a considerable article in the 
Chinese trade, Plocaria Candida, 

Agas. A gnat ; v. Agih. 

Agaug (j). Great ; v. Agung. 

Agar (p). If; although. 

Agih. A gnat, a mosquito. 

Agni (s). Fire. 

Agu. A garland ; a necklace. 

Agimg (j). Great, large, big; chief, 
main, principal ; great, noble, illus- 
trious ; V. Agang. 

Agung-agung (j). Grandees, the great. 

Ah (a). Ah ! 

Ahem. Hem ! 

Ahi. Alas! 

AMI (a). People, folk. 

A^ad (a). The first day of the Arabian 
week, — Sunday. 

AAawal (a). Circumstances, details, par- 
ticulars; occurrences; state, condi- 

Aiman, iman (a). Faith, religious belief; 
V. Iman. 

Airmada (for). Armada, fleet. 

Aina^-, inak (a). Pleasant ; delightful ; 
delicious ; v. Inak. 

Ajak. To urge, to press ; to stimulate, 
to excite ; to provoke ; to challenge ; 
to invite. 

Ajar (j). To teach ; to leam ; teacher, in- 
structor ; a learned man ; a devotee, a 
hei'mit, a recluse, an ascetic. 

Ajar-ajar. Devotees, hermits, ascetics. 

Ajai-an. Teaching, instruction; advice, 
counsel ; admonition, reproof. 

Ajari. To teach, to instruct ; to ad- 
vise, to counsel ; to admonish, to re- 

Ajarkan, v. Ajari. 

Ajazat (a). Leave, permission ; discharge, 

Aji (s). Secret incantations ; to pemse or 
study religious books; to study the 
subject of religion as a disciple; to 
learn as a school-boy. 




Aji (jAv). Price, value. 

Aji (jAV). A king. 

Aji-aji. Councillors, ministers of state. 

Ajll (a). Future, belonging to the next 
world ; hour of death. 

Ajisaka (jands). Literally, "kingSaka;" 
no doubt the founder of the era which 
goes by his name, and which reckons 
in one part of India 78, and in others 
79 years after the birth of Christ. It 
was established in Java, and still sub- 
sists there, with the discrepancy pro- 
duced by the substitution of lunar 
for solar time. The Javanese legend 
makes Saka a king, and the introducer 
of the Hindu worship into their island. 

Ajong. Arranged, arrayed, put in order. 

Ajong (j). A ship, or large vessel ; v. 
Jong. This is the word which Eu- 
ropeans have corrupted into junk and 
applied to the large vessels of the 

Ajuja (ben). To tattle; to slander. 

Ajuk. To mimic ; to ridicule. 

Aiar (j). The roots of a plant ; a scan- 
dent plant ; the pai-ts of a plant that 

Akar-akar. Roots ; parasitic plants. 

Akar-chirit-murai. Name of a plant 
yielding an elastic gum. 

Akar-Parsi. Asparagus. 

Akar-wangi. Name of a gi-ass with odo- 
rous roots, A ndropoijon •nniricatus. 

Akasa (s). Ether, the firmament, the sky ; 
V. Angkasa. 

Akan. To; for; by; of; concei-ning, 
relating to ; with ; as to, with respect 
to; towards, touching, regarding; shall, 

Akan-tatapL But, however, howbeit. 

Akan-akan. To resemble, to be like ; to 
state, to tell, to represent. 

Akas. Beautiful, fair, handsome. 

Aksara (s). A letter of the alphabet. 

Aku (j). A personal pronoun of the 
first pei-son ; to own, to acknowledge, 
to avow, to confess, to admit; to 
answer for, to be accountable for ; to 
warrant, to attest. I have placed the 
pronoun and verb under the same 
head, not doubting but that the latter 
is derived from the former. Our old 
word ■' aye," m old orthography 
always written " I," may have a similar 

Akiian. Acknowledgment, admission, 
avowal, confession; warranty, security; 

Akiii. To acknowledge, to avow; to 
secure, to attest ; to bail. 

Atrar, i^Tar (a). Promise ; agreement, 
contract : affirmation, attestation, con- 
firmation ; to confess ; to promise. 

Al'rarkdn, iA-rarkan (a). To promise ; to 
contract ; to confess. 

Ala. Towards, in a du'ection to. 

Alakan. To direct, to aim towards ; to 
place before or in front ; to face. 

Alah (j. kalah). To lose, not to win ; to 
be overcoiJiC, to be worsted, to be 
vanquished, to be conquered, to be 

Alahan. Defeat. 

Alahkan. To produce defeat, to cause to 
be defeated ; to beat, to overcome, to 
vanquish, to conquer, to subdue. 

Alaman (t). A lawn or open space 
before a house. 

Alang (j. across, athwaii.). Cross beams 
in a building. 

Alang. A sand-bank in the sea or in a 
river, di-y at low water. 

Alang. Name of a group of islets at 
the western end of the straits of Ma- 

Alang-alang (j). Name of a tall rank 
gi-ass, Imperata Kimigii ; v. Lalang. 

Alang-alang. Very, exceedinelj'. 

Alangkah. May not ? possibly ! 

Alang-kapalaug. Greatly, exceedingly, 

Alang-uiuka (j and s). Name of a cabin 
or particular apartment in a native 
vessel. The term means literally, 
" across the face or front." 

Alangan. Sand-bank, sandy shoal. 

Alap-alap (j). A hawk, a falcon, Falco 

Alas. A stand or frame ; a pedestal ; 
lining, inner covering ; foundation. 

Alas (j). A forest ; name of a place in. 
the island of Sumbawa, which gives 
name to the strait between that island 
and Lomboc, forming the most con- 
venient route from the seas of the 
Archipelago into the Pacific. 

Alas-kaki. A foot-stool. 

Alasan. Belonging to a forest; a forest 

Alat. Strange, foreign, alien. In Java- 
nese lat means "interval or space 

Alat (a). Materials ; stores ; apparatus ; 
appurtenances ; arms, military en- 

Alat-karajaan. Insignia of royalty, re- 

Alat-prang. Warlike stores, munitions 
of war. 

Alat-sanjata. Arms, weapons of offence. 

Alau. To drive, to urge onwards ; to 
drive out, to expel ; to pursue, to hunt 

Alaukan. To di-ive or guide a carriage, 
horse, or other vehicle. 

Alaulu (j). Name of a mountain in the 




Sunda portion of Java, meaning lite- 
rally, " bad head or source." 

Alan-alan. To jest, to make sport. 

Ali-ali. A sliug. 

Alifur (for. alforria). Enfranchisement. 
This is, no dovibt, the word which, in 
the form of Alifura, and on the suppo- 
sition that it is a native term, has been 
vaguely and unmeaningly api)lied to 
all the wilder races of the eastern 
portion of the Archipelago. It seems 
to be equivalent to the Indies braves, 
or wild and independent American 
Indians of the Spaniards. 

Alih (j). To shift, to change, to alter; to 
move ; to migrate. 

Alihkan. To shift, to change, to alter; 
to transfer, te remove ; to ti'ansplant ; 
to translate, to render from one lan- 
guage into another. 

Alimun. Invisible, not to be seen. 

Alintah (j). A leech, Hirudo; v. Lintah. 

Alintar. Thunder; v. Lintar. 

Alipan. A centipede, Scoloj^enchu ; v. 

Alir. To flew, to stream. 

Aliran. A streamlet, a watercourse. 

Alls (j). The eyebrows. 

AU'asah (a). On the whole, in a word, 
to sum up all. 

Allah (a). God. 

Alon (jAv). Slow, slowly, gently. 

Alor. A fui-row, a groove ; a trench, a 

Alor. Name of an island, being the 
fourth lying in a chain east from 

Alora (j). Surge, surf, breaker; dis- 
order, disturbance, commotion ; v. Ga- 
lora and Glera. 

Alor -alor. Name of a fish. 

Alor-aloran (alor, "a furrow"). A brook, 
a streamlet ; a canal, a watercourse. 

Alpa (s). Negligent, careless ; to neglect, 
to be careless ; negligence, carelessness. 

Alu (j). A stamper, a pestle. 

AlUa. A kind of sweet cake. 

Alu-alu. Name of a fish. 

Aliian (ulu). Front, forepart; stem, 
prow, bow, forepart of a vessel ; sail, 
vessel. This, with the change of the 
initial vowel, is evidently derived from 
ulu, " head, upper part." 

Alun (j). A wave, a surge, a billow. 

Alun-alun (j). Name of an open and 
walled-in square in front of a Javanese 
palace for parades, processions, and 
military exorcises. Near the centre 
are invariably two Indian fig-trees ; 
r. Wringin, Bringin. 

Alus (j). Fine, not coarse ; subtle, deli- 

Alusi (alus). To try, to test, to examine ; 

to scan, to scrutinise ; literally, " to 
fine, or refine." 

Alwah (p). Aloes. 

Alya. Ginger, Zingiber nffirinalc. 

Ania (s). Mother, dam; v. Ma and 

Ama-inang. Foster-mother; literally, 
" breast mother." 

Amatiri. Step-mother; v. Tiri. 

Amam, imam (a). A Mahomedun high- 

Aman (a). Security, safety, protection ; 
peace ; safe, secure. 

Aman at (a). Fidelity; trust, deposit; 
security, safety. 

Amang. To threaten, to menace. 

Auiarah. Angry, wroth ; enraged ; anger, 
wrath ; rage ; v. Marah. 

Amarah. Alas, pity ! 

Amas (j). Gold ; v. Mas. 

Amas-masan. Golden. 

Amas-urai. Gold dust ; literally, " loose 

Amat. Much, very, exceedingly. 

Amat. To forbid, to prohibit, to hinder. 

Amati. To regard attentively, to look at 

Amat-amati. To give continued attentive 
consideration ; te gaze, to look earnestly. 

Amar (a). Thing, affair, business; a pro- 
ceeding; an action; order, charge, 
mandate, injunction. 

Amat (jav). A quantity of rice in the sheaf, 
consisting of 25 ged'eug, or double 
sheaves, and fixed by the Dutch at a 
picul, or 125 Amsterdam pounds, or 
136 avoirdupois. Rice is stored in 
the sheaf, having about six inches of 

Ambachang (j). The fetid mango, Mang- 
iferafatida ; v. Bachang and Machang. 

Ambalu (j. tambalu). Lac, the nidus, 
and dyeing material which it yields, of 
the lac insect. 

Ambang. The frame of a door. 

Ambang-diatils. The' lintel of a door. 

Ambang-dibawah. The threshold bar of 
a door-frame. 

Ambar. Insipid, tasteless, flat, vapid. 

Ambara (a). To hover in the air; to 
rove, to wander. 

Amban (jav). A girdle, a girth ; bound, 

Ambankan. To gird, to girdle ; te girth ; 
to bind, to tie. 

Ambil (j). To take, to receive ; to accept ; 
to seize, to lay hold of; to take pos- 
session of. 

Ambilan. The object taken or seized. 

Ambil-anak. A mode of marriage in 
Sumatra, where a daughter is given in 
wife to a man of inferior rank, in order 
to keep her under the paternal roof. 




Ambil-ati. To take the affections, to win 

the heart. 
Ambil-di-ati. To take to heart. 
Ambil-layar. To take in sail, to shorten 

Ambu-ambu. The bonito fish. 
Ambiii. Oh ! 

Ambun. The island of Ambojma. 
Ambung. To toss, to be tossed as by the 

Ambimg. A kind of hamper. 
Ambung. The rigging of a ship. 
Amin (a). Amen, so be it. 
Amir (a). A leader, a commander, an 

emir, an omrah. 
Amir-al, mumanin. Commander of the 

faithful, a title of the Caliphs. 
Amis (j). Fish-scented. 
Ampa. Empty, void; v. Ampa. 
Ampa. Chaff. 
Ampai. Delicate, slender. 
Ampang. A float, a ch-ift. 
Ampat (J. papat). Four. 
Ampat-blas. Fourteen. 
Ampat - parsagi. Quadrangular, four- 

Ampat-puluh. Forty. 
Ampat-ratus. Four hundred. 
Ampat-ribu. ■ Four thousand. 
Ampadal. The gizzard; the maw, the 

stomach ; v. Padal. 
Ampadas. The liver. 
Ampalam (x). The mango, Mangifera 

Ampalas (j). Name of a fig-tree, Ficus 

uliii ifolia. 
Ampalas-lambut. Name of a fig, the 

leaves of which are used for polishing 

wood, Ficus poUtorta. 
Ampanan. Name of a place in the island 

of Lomboc on the shore of the strait 

which divides tliat island from Bali. 
Ampu. To hold up with both hands ; 

to hold up ; to uphold, to sustain. 
Ampiian. Upholding, sustaining; go- 
Ampuh. To overflow. 
Ampulian. Flood, deluge. 
Ampukan (ampu). To hold up ; to up- 
hold, to sustain; to govern, to admi- 
Ampun. Pardon, forgiveness. 
Ampuni. To pai-don, to forgive; to 

acquit, to clear. 
Ampung. Light, buoyant. 
Ampuiia. To own, to possess ; owner, 

proprietor; author; v. Puiia. 
Ampus (bat). To wipe out, to erase, to 

obliterate ; to abolish, to annul ; v. 

Am9al (a). Proverbs ; examples, similes. 
Amuk (j). An a-muck ; to i-un a-muck ; 

to tilt, to run furiously and desperately 

at every one ; to make a furious onset 

or charge in combat. 
Anai-anai. The white ant, Termes. 
Anak (j). Offspring, progeny; child; 

young of animals; seedling, sapling; 

native, original inhabitant. 
Auakan. Cliildren, progeny ; native, ori- 
ginal inhabitant. 
Anakan (j). The interest of money; a 

word expressing the diminutive of any 

Anak-anakan. A puppet, an image. 
Anak-anjing (j). A puppy dog. 
Anak-angkat (j). An adopted child; 

literally, " a child taken up." 
Anak-ayam (j). A chick, a chicken. 
Anak-ayar. A rivulet, a brook. 
Anakanda. One that is well born. 
Anak-bandrek (JAV). A bastard; literally, 

" offspring of adultery." 
Anak-baranak. In descent, from father 

to son. 
Anak-bai-lari-anak. To run with the 

unsteady movement of a child ; to run 

so as to be out of breath. 
Anak-bongsu. The youngest child of a 

Anak-buah. The retainer of a chieftain. 
Anakda. An abbreviation of anakanda. 
Anak-chuchu. Descendants, posterity ; 

literally, "children and grandchildren." 
Anak-d'ara. A maid, a vu-gin. 
Anak-dayung. A rower, a boatman ; 

literally, " child of the oar." 
Anak-estri. A daughter. 
Anak-galuh. A princess. 
Anakgampang. A bastard. Gampang, 

in Javanese, means "easy or facile." 
Anak-ganta. The tongue or clapper of a 

bell ; literally, " child of the bell." 
Anak-gugur. An abortive birth, a mis- 
carriage. Gugur, "to fall or drop un- 
Anak-inang. Foster-child ; literally, 

" child of the breasts." 
Anak-inu. A prince. Inu, in Javanese, 

means "nourished, cherished." 
Anak-itik. A duckling. 
Anak-kambing. A kid. 
Anak-kuching. A kitten. 
Auak-kuda. A foal. 
Anak-kunchi. A key ; literally, " child 

of the lock." 
Anak-laki. A male child, a boy, a son. 
Anak-lid-ah. The wrttZa ; literally, "child 

of the tongue." 
Anak-limpa. The spleen, the milt ; lite- 
rally, " child of the liver." 
Anak-mas. A slave born in the master's 

house; hterally, "child of gold." 
Anak-mud-a. Nephew or niece, being a 

brother's child ; literally, " a younger 




Anak-nftgri (s). One born in a particular 
country ; literally, " child of the 

Anak-panah. An arrow ; literally, " child 
of the bow." 

Anak-parampiiau. Female child, girl, 
daughter, damsel. 

Anak-piyatu. Au orphan. 

Anak-prau. A mariner, a boatman ; lite- 
rally, " child of the boat." 

Anak-putra. A son, a male child. 

Auak-rambutan. A hair-bodkin. 

Anak-rod'a. The spoke of a wheel. 

Aiiak-sanak. Nephew or niece by a sister. 

Auak-sapi. A calf. 

Auak-sulung. Eldest child, or first-born 
of a famil}^ 

Anak-sungai. The branch of a river. 

Anak-tangga. The step of a ladder or 

Auak-talinga. The external gristly part 
of the ear. 

Anak-tiri. Step-child. 

Anak-truna. A youth ; a bridegroom. 

Ananas. The pine-apple, Ananassa sa- 
tiva; V. Nanas. 

Anau. Name of a palm, Sayuerus sac- 
charifera ; v. Aren. 

Anam (j. nanain). Six. 

Anam-blas. Sixteen. 

Anam-puluh. Sixty. 

Anam-ratus. Six hundred. 

Anam-ribu. Six thousand. 

Anbar (a). Ambei-gris. 

Anchar (jav). The upas tree of Java, 
Anticaris toxicana. 

Anching. Urine-scented. 

Anchur. To melt, to dissolve, to be 
liquified ; to shatter, to be broken to 
pieces ; to putrify, to decompose ; old, 
decayed, worn out. 

Anchurkan. To melt, to dissolve, to li- 
quify ; to shiver, to break to pieces ; 
to soften, to melt to tenderness. 

Andaka (s). The wild bull. 

Andala. Name of a tree. 

Andam (p). Stature ; symmetry. 

Andan-andan. The yards of a ship on 
which the sails are furled. 

Andal (j). To lend belief, to give credit ; 
to trust, to confide, to rely; belief; 
trust, reliance ; trusty, faitliful. 

And.ilan. Trust, reliance ; trusty, con- 

Andulkan. To intrust, to put in charge 

Andika (jav). Thou. 

Audika (jav). To speak ; to command, 
to enjoin. 

Andong (j). Name of a shrub, Dracwna 

Andong-merah. Name of a variety of 
Draccena mbens. 

Andongsari. Name of a country men- 
tioned in Javanese romance ; literally, 
" the andong flower," the same as ang- 
gada ; v. Anggada. 

Anduhan (s). The chain or rope by 
which the elephant is tethered. 

And'ai (j. aud-e). A simile ; a parable ; a 

And-ang (bat). To hinder, to stop (r). 

And'angan. Hindrance, stoppage, impe- 

And-ung (bat). A satchel, a little bag. 

Angu, ingu (p). Assafoctida. 

Angur (p). The grape, the vine, Vitis 
vinifera ; wine. 

Aui-ani. The white ant, Termes ; v. 

Ani-ani (jav). The Javanese sickle, or 
reaping instrument ; to reap corn. 

Auibuug. Name of a palm, Caryota 
urens; v. Nibung. 

Anika (s). Various, of many kinds. 

Anika-anika. Manifold, of many varieties. 

Anila (s). Name of one of Rama's monkey 
host in the Ramayana. 

Aniyaya (s). Oppression, tyranny ; op- 
pressive, tyrannous. 

Aniyayakan. To oppress, to tyrannize. 

AujaniXs). Name of the mother of Hanu- 
man in the Ramayana. 

Anjar. To advance, to move onwai'ds, 
to proceed. 

Anjarkan. To piit before ; to precede, to 
go before ; to guide, to conduct ; to 
promote, to forward. 

Anjal (a). Shining ; brightness. 

Aujil (a). The gospels, the books of the 

Anjing (jV The dog. 

Anjing-parburiian. A hunting dog, a 

Anjir (a). The common fig, Ficm carica. 

Anjrah (j). To spread, to be dissemi- 
nated ; spreading, expanding. 

Anjung. To visit ; a small room at the 
back part of a house and above the 
level of the ordinary apartments. 

Aujung-anjung. A particular cabin in a 

Aujungan. Visitation, act of visiting. 

Anjur (j). To advance, to go forward ; 
V. Anjar. 

Anom (jAV). Young, youthful. 

Anor. A kind of sledge for carrying corn 
from the field. 

Ansan, insan (a). Man, mankind ; v, 

Ansur. To move forward by little and 
little, to advance by degrees ; to pay 
by little and little, to pay by instal- 
ments ; r. Angsur. 

Ansuran. Payment by instalments ; the 
^\■ages allowed to a slave debtor, to be 




reckoned by him as a set-off against his 

debt., insaf (a). Justice, equity ; mode- 

An«if. imaf (a). To consider, to muse. 

An«af kan. To do justice, to execute jus- 
tice ; to rectify, to set right. 

Ansa- Allah, ins'a- Allah (a). By the bless- 
ing of God ; God willing. 

Anta (SDX). Brackish, somewhat salt. 

Antah. Perhaps, peradveuture, may be. 

Antahkan. Perhaps, possiblj'. 

Antak. To beat time with the heel with- 
out taking the toes off the gi-ound. 

Antak (ben). To smart, to feel a prick- 
ing pain. 

Antakusuma (s). A garment of many 

Antang. A stamper, a pestle. 

Antara (s). Between, betwixt ; among, 
amongst ; within, not longer ago than ; 
interval, space between ; vacuity, in- 
terim; meantime, meanwhile; in the 
coui-se of 

Antariii. To place between; to intro- 
duce, to insinuate. 

Antarana. Meanwhile, meantime. 

Antaraja (s). Xame of a son of Bima in 
the 5lahabarat. 

Antar-antar, A rammer ; a ramrod. 

Antih (j). To .spin, to make thread. 

Antiha (a). End, termination ; finished, 

Antimun. The cucumber, Cucumis sa- 
tiviis ; V. Timun. 

Anting. To hang, to drop, to depend, 
to be pendent. 

Anting-anting. A plummet ; an ear-drop, 
a pendant. 

Antu (j). A goblin, a spectre. 

Antuk. To knock against, to clash, to 
collide ; to stumble against. 

Antuk (j). To nod, to decline the head ; 
to nod, to be di-owsy. 

Antun. A fop, a fribble, a coxcomb. 

Antup (jAv). The sting of an insect. 

Ant'ero (PoR. inteiro). Entirely, wholly. 

Aniala-s (a). Satin ; v. Adas. 

Anu (j). Some, certain, such; as in 'the 
English expressions, " some place," 
" a certain person," " such a one." 

Anugrah (s). Gift, present, largess, 
bounty ; gi-ace, favoui-. 

Anugrah i. To bestow, to give largesses ; 
to favour, to bestow favours. 

Anugrahkan ; v. Anugrahi. 

Anuu ; v. Anu. 

Ang. Thou. This pronoun, in common 
use with the Malays of Kadah and Pe- 
rak, is probably an abbreviation of ang- 
kau, the first syllable only being used, 
while other Malays use only the last. 
It belongs to the oral language only. 

Ang. A titular prefix to names of men. 
Ang-tuwah. The titular name of the 

celebrated laksamana of Malacca. 
Anga-anga. Name of a mountain chain 

on the southern side of Borneo. 
Angan-angan (j). To think, to meditate ; 

thought, meditation. 
Angar (j. angm-). Rather, preferably ; v. 

Angat (j). Hot, warm ; heat, warmth, 

glow; heat, anger, passion. 
Angel (jAv). Difl&cult; intricate, pei-plexed. 
Angada (j). Xame of a country men- 
tioned in Javanese lomance; v. An- 

Anggang. The rhinoceros bird, Buceros. 
Anggap. To challenge to sing and dance 

at a carousal. 
Anggap-anggapan. Challenging to sing 

and dance at a carou.sal. 
Anggau. To raise the hand as if to strike. 
Angdn. To refuse, to deny, not to assent. 
Anggar. To permit, to suffer. 
Anggrek (j). A common term for orchi- 

deous plants. 
Anggi-ek-batid. The scorpion flower, 

Cymbidium hicolor. 
Anggi-ek lama. Xame of an orchideous 

plant, Cymbidium cuspidntum. 
Anggris (jav). A Spanish dollar. 
Anggu. To nod, to decline the head ; to 

pitch or toss by the head, as a vessel 

in a rough sea. 
Anggun. Shai-e, portion, allotment. 
Anggung (j). Uninterrupted, unbroken, 

Anggur-utan. Name of a species of wild 

vine, Vitis sylvestris. This word, half 

Malay and half Persian, cannot be the 

original name of an indigenous plant, 

which this is. 
Anggu ta (s). Limb, member of the body; 

Angin (j). Air, the atmosphere ; the 

wind ; the weather. 
Angiukan. To air, to expose to the air ; 

to winnow. 
Angin-aliian. Wind a-head, a head wind. 
Angin-d-arat. A land wind. 
Angin-putiug-baliyuug. A whirlwind. 
Angin-ruwaug. Wind on the beam ; 

literally, " wind of the ribs or timbers," 

or rather of the interstices between the 

Angin-surung-buritan.Wind aft; literally, 

" wind pushing the stern." 
Angin -tambirang-aliian. Wind before 

the beam ; literally, " wind before the 

Angin-tamliirang-buritan. Wind on the 

quarter ; literally, " wind of the after 

or niizen stays." 
Angka (s). Figure, form, outline ; imni- 




ber ; cypher, numei'al figure ; the sign 
of duplication in writing in the Arabic 
character, which is the numei-al 2. 

Angka (ben). Name of a species of 

Angka. To think, to imagine. 

Angkar (j). Enchanted, magical, haunted. 

Augkara (s). Wilful ; self-sufficient ; pre- 
sumption, wilfulness. 

Angkaran. An enchanted object; a ma- 
gic vehicle or carriage. 

Angkasa (s). Ether, the firmament, the 
sky ; V. Akasa. 

Angkat (j). To lift, to raise; to take up, 
to heave; to take away, to carry off, 
to remove ; to serve food or drink at 
table; to proceed, to go on; to jour- 
ney ; to voyage ; to adopt ; adopted ; 

Angkatan. A journey; a military or 
naval expedition ; an army, a host. 

Angkatkan. To cause to lift or raise. 

Angkau. Thou ; v. Ang and Kau. 

Angkap. To alight as a bird. 

Angkapkan. To place, to lay down. 

Angkub. Forceps, nippers, pincers. 

Angkub-angkub. Name of a species of 

Angkuh (j). Proud, arrogant ; impolite, 

Augkut. To carry on the back. 

Angkut. A horse-fly, a gad■fl}^ 

Angling (jav). To speak ; speech. 

Anglingdarma (j and s). Name of a king 
celebrated in Javanese romance, who 
reigned over a country called Malawa- 

Angsa (s). The goose, Anser ; v. Gangsa. 

Angsal (jav). To obtain, to get, to ac- 
quire ; can ; may ; shall. 

Angsana (j. sana). The lingoa, a large 
forest tree, Pterocarpus indicus. 

Angsana-laut. Name of a species of Pte- 

Angsang (j). The gills of a fish. 

Angsuka (s). Name of a tree, Pavetta 

Angsur (j), v. Ansur. 

Angsuran, v. Ansuran. 

Angur (j). Rather, preferably ; v. Angar. 

Angus. To burn, to be consumed by 

Anguskan. To burn, to consume by fire. 

Ana. Only, simply, alone; unless; except, 

Afiah. _ Get out, get away, away, be off ! 
V. Nah. 

Anahkiin. To drive away, to drive off. 

Anam (j. anam). To plait, to braid; to 
make matting or basket-work. 

Anar (jav). New, recent ; name of a 
place in Java, situated on the straits 
of Sunda, called Anjier in the maps. 

Auur. The coconut-tree ; r. Nur. 

Anut (j). To drift, to float with the 

Apa (j). What, which ; something, some- 
what ; some, a little ; whether. Fol- 
lowing a verb in the imperative mood, 
it has the sense of entreating or be- 
seeching, as nanti apa, " wait, prithee," 
— the literal one, probabl}-, being " wait 
somewhat, or wait a little." 

Apa-apa (j). Whatever; something, some- 
what; anything; something. 

Apa-barang (j). Whatever, whatsoever. 

Apabila. When, at the time that ; when- 
ever, whensoever, whatsoever time. 

Apai. Name of a dish, a kind of stew. 

Apakala (j and s). When, at the time 
that, whenever ; when, at what time ; 
V. Apabila. 

Apakarana (j and s). 'VVTiy, wherefore ; 
for what reason ] 

Apalah. What, which ; praj^, prithee, a 
procative adverb. 

Apalah -kerana. "May," expressing de- 
sire or wish, — an idiom, the literal 
meaning being, probably, " some guess 
of it." 

Apa-sabab (j and a). AMiy, wherefore ; 
for what reason. 

Apatah. What. 

Apatah-salahiia. Why not ] what harm 1 

Apak (j). Fetid, stinking. 

Apam (s). A loaf, a cake, a wafer. 

Api (j). Fire. 

Api-api. A firefly. 

Api-api (j). To affect, to feign, to sham. 

Api-api (j). Name of a species of man- 
grove, Rhizophora. 

Apik (j). Neat, spruce, smart ; delicate, 

Apil. To fence with a bulwark. 

Apilan. A bulwark ; the bulwarks of 
a war prau, composed of beams or 
spars placed one over the other to the 
height of six or seven feet. 

Apit (s). Close, side bj' side ; pressed or 
squeezed between two bodies. 

Apitan. A press, a machine for pressing 
or crushing. 

Apit-apitan. A di-aught or chess-board. 

Apitkan. To press, to squeeze in a 
press, to crush in a press. 

Apu (jAV). Lime. ' 

Apung (lam), a float, a buoy. 

Apura (jAV). Pardon, forgiveness. 

Apus. To flood, to cover with water. 

Apuskdn. To flood ; to wipe out, to 
efface, to expunge, to blot out, to 

Apyun (a). Opium ; v. Afyun. 

Ara. A common term for some fig-trees 
yielding birdlime. 

Ara-ara (j). A plain, an open field. 




Aradat (a). Desire, inclination, will; 

Arab (j). Direction, course ; aim ; to 
aim at, to point ; to aim, to endeavour, 
to strive, to attempt ; to aim, to intend, 
to design. 

Arak. A procession, a train. 

Arak-arakan. Processional, relating to 

Arakkan. To carry in proces.sion. 

Aral. Busied, occupied, engaged. 

AraiL Name of a littoral tree, Cassua- 
rina muricaia ; v. Chamai-a-laut. 

AraA- (a). Ardent spirit ; an-ack. 

ArlQg (j). Charcoal. 

Arang, kayu-arang. Ebony ; literally, 
" charcoal wood." 

Arang-di-muka. Shame, disgrace ; lite- 
rally, " charcoal on tlie face." 

Arang-para. Soot ; lamp-black. 

Arab, or ai'ap (j). To will, to wish, to 
desire ; to intend, to design ; to hope ; j 
to rely, to confide, to trust ; wish, will, j 
desire ; hope ; reliance, confidence, I 
trust. j 

Arilpan. Reliance, trust. j 

Arapi. To trust, to confide, to rely on. 

Arapkan, v. Arapi. 

Araba (a). The fourth day of the 
Arabian week, — Wednesday. 

Aren (j). Name of a palm, Saguerus 
sacchariferus ; v. Anau. 

Arga (s). Price, value. 

Arga (j). A mountain. 

Argakan. To price, to set a price 

Ari (a), a stall, a stable. 

Ari (s. the sun, the regent of the sun). 
Day, not night ; a day, twenty-four 

Ari-ari. Daily. 

Ari-ari. The lower region of the abdo- 
men over the urinary bladder, the 

Ari-bayik. A lucky day ; literally, " a 
good day."' 

Ari-ba.sar. A holy-day ; literally, " a 
great day." 

Arini (ari-ini). To-day; literally, "this 

Ari-maldm. Night, not day. 

Ari-patang. Evening. 

Ari-raya. A holy-day. 

Ari-siyang. Day, not night. 

Ari-tinggi. Late in the day. 

Ariningsun (j). A term of affection in 
addressing a younger person ; literally, 
"my younger brother or sister." 

Aring. Fetid. 

Aringan. Light, not heavy, wanting 
gravity ; r. Ringan. 

Arip. To scream, to cry shrilly. 

Arip (j). Drowsy, sleepy. 

Aris. The sap of plants. 

Aris (a). a husbandman ; a prince ; 

name of a well near Medina in 

Ariya (s). A Javanese title of persons 

descended from princes. 
Ariyabanga (s and j). Name of a prince 

of Pajajaran in Java, celebrated in 

Javanese stor3'. 
Arjuna (s). Name of one of the sons of 

Pandu, and a principal hero of the 

Arkaputra (s). A name of Kama in the 

Arkian. Moreover, furthermore ; after- 
ward ; then ; so, well. 
Arkut. Ready, prepared. 
Armani (p). Armenian. 
Aroi (sun), a plant. 
Arta (s). Goods, effects, property ; 

wealth ; mone^^ 
Artal (s). Saffron ; orpiment, the native 

sulphuret of arsenic. 
Artawan (arta). Rich, wealthy ; well- 
born, noble. 
Arti (s). Meaning sense, signification, 

Artiua, To wit, namely ; literally, " the 

meaning of it." 
Aru (j). To stir up, to agitate; to 

trouble, to disturb ; to perplex. 
Ariiau. Agitation; commotion; trouble, 

Aru-ara (aru). Uproar, tiimult, turmoil, 

hurly-bui'ly, disturbance. 
Aru-arakan. To disturb, to confuse, to 

Aru-biru (aru), v. Aru-ara. 
Arrud'a (por). Common me, Ruta gra- 

Arum (j). Odorous, fragi-ant, sweet- 
Arung. To wade, to walk through the 

Arungan (arung). The water, the sea, 

the deep. 
Arus. Proper, fit, suitable, becoming ; 

needful, necessary. 
Arus. Current ; stream ; tide. 
ArwaA (a). Spirits ; soul. 
Arwa/;kan. To make a festival in honour 

of the souls of ancestors. 
Asa (s). Hope. 
Asa (j). One ; single, not double ; single, 

sole, alone, only ; v. Sa. 
Asa (bex). To move away. 
Asaan (asa, "one"). Unity, 
Asah. To whet, to sharpen. 
Asahan (x). Buftaes, a kind of cotton 

Asahan. Name of a river on the north 

eastern side of Sumatra. 
Asak. To push into, to thrust in. 




Asakan (asa, " to move away " ). To take 

away, to remove. 
Asas (a). Basis, foundatiou. 
Asad (a), a lion. 
Asam, isam (a). A name ; v. Isam. 
Asam (j). Soui% acid; an acid; the 

tamarind, Tamarindm indicus. 
Asilmi. To make acid; to smear with 

an acid. 
Asam-jawa. The tamarind; literally, 

" the acid of Java." 
As&m-kumbang. Name of a tree with 
sweet-smelling flowers ; literally, " the 
bee tamai'ind," the second word being 
the name of a large species of black 
Asap. Smoke ; fume ; vapour, steam. 
Asin (j). Salt, saline, briny ; v. Masin. 
Asing. Separate, apart ; distinct; strange; 

foreign, not domestic. 
Asing-asing. Separately, apart. 
Asingkan. To separate, to part, to sunder. 
Askandar (a). Alexander; Alexander 

the Great. 
Aslam, Islam (a). Islam, the Mahomedan 

religion , Mahomedan. 
Asman (p). Heaven, the celestial orb. 
Asmara (s). Love, the sexual intercourse ; 

the Hindu god of love, Kama. 
Asmara-kandi (s and j). Name of a 
country celebrated in Javanese ro- 
mance ; literally, " the mat of love." 
Asmiiil (a). Ishmael, the son of Abra- 
Asoh. To nurse, to rear. 
Asrael (a). Israel. 

Asta (s). The hand ; the hand and fore- 
arm ; a cubit, reckoning from the 
elbow to the point of the middle 
Astagina (s). A perfume box. 
Astaka. A temporary throne for a coro- 
Astakana. A kind of diadem or tiara. 
Astana (p). A royal palace; a king's 

Astambul, Istambul (a). Constantinople : 

V. Istanbul. 
Astafcamat, ita/t-amat (a). Sincei-ity, up 

rightness, rectitude. 
Astal-lal, ista^•lal (a). Sovereign power, 

supreme power. 
AstaA-rar, ista^Tar (a). Fastening, bind- 
ing ; confirmation ; determination, i-e- 
solution ; confirming, ratifying. 
Astanja, istanja (a). Podicem detergere, in 

the prescribed or legal manner. 
Astarahat, istarahat (a). Quiet, repose, 

ease, peace. 
Astaadat, istaadat (a). Custom ; custo- 
mary honours, ceremonious respect. 
Astina. Polite, well bred. 
Astina (s). Name of the country of the 

Pandus, placed by the Javanese in the 
province of Pakalougan, in their own 

Asu (j). The dog. It is used in the 
Malay only in the word g'igi-asu, " the 
dog or canine teeth." 

Asya (a). A mill. 

Asal (a). Root, origin, source ; genealogy, 
lineage, race. 

A9nin (a). The second day of the Ara- 
bian week, — Monday ; v. Sanen. 

As'arat (a). A wink, a nod, a sign ; a 
signal, a token. 

Atawa (s). Or. 

Atap (j). Roof; thatch. 

Atas. Above, not below, not under ; 
upon, on the top of ; upon, in ; above, 
over ; higher in place ; over, with re- 
gard to authority ; within, within the 
compass of; towards, touching, with 
respect to ; upon, with ; upon, imply- 
ing responsibility ; high ; belonging, 
to be the business of; height, eleva- 

Ataskan. To raise, to lift, to elevate. 

Atfls-angin. The west, western quarter ; 
windward; literalh% "above the wind." 
This expression, which is confined to 
the Malay, has, probably, reference to 
the western monsoon, the principal 
one to the north of the Equator, the 
proper locality of the Malays. 

Atas-bawah. Up and down. 

Ati (j). The liver ; the heart, morally ; 
mind ; temper, disposition. 

Ati-ati (j). To care, to heed; careful, 
heedful, cautious ; care, heed, caution. 

Ati-basar. Pride ; vaunt, boast ; boastful, 

Ati-bengkok. Hypocritical, dissembling ; 
literally, " crooked-hearted." 

Ati-kachil. Grudge, ill-will; literally, 

" little-hearted." 
Ati-kring. Selfishness ; niggardliness ; 

literally, " dry -hearted." 
Ati-manis. Good nature, kindliness ; 

literally, " sweet-hearted." 
Ati-putih. Sincerity, candour, frankness ; 
literally, " white heart," that is, " pure 
Atmagiri (s). Name of a mountain in 

the Ramayana. 
Atung. To cast the anchor with a short 
cable, for the pui-pose of impeding a 
ship's going ; in nautical language, " to 
trip the anchor." 
Atur. To arrange, to put in order, to 
dispose. In the polite dialect of the 
Javanese, most probably taken from 
the Malay, it means, " to offer, to pre- 
sent ; to represent, to submit." 
Aturan. Arrangement, order, disposi- 




Aturkan. To arrange, to order, to dis- 

Atlas (a). Satin. 

Au. Ho, halloa ! 

Aulia (a). Saints, friends of God. Al- 
though an Arabic plural, it is equally 
used by the Malays as a singular, con- 
formably to the genius of their lan- 

Aura. Negligent, remiss, forgetful ; neg- 
ligence, carelessness. 

Aurap. Name of a cosmetic. 

Aus. Thirst ; dry, thirsty, athirst. 

Aus. To refine a metal. 

Awak (j). The body, the person; self 
By the Malays of Jehore it is used as a 
pronoun of the second person, " thou." 

Awak. Ava, the country of the Birmese. 

Awak-prau. The hull of a vessel. 

Awan (p). A royal court or palace. 

Awan. A cloud; an ornamental figured 

Awang. A friend, a companion. 

Awang. A palace, a royal residence ; v. 

Awang-awang. The sky, the firmament, 
the heavens. 

Awanga (s). Name of the kingdom of 
Kama in the Mahabarat. 

Awar. Plague, pestilence, epidemic, mur- 

Awau (j. uwa-uwa). Name of a species 
of ape, Hyhhates luciscus of Horsfield. 

Awal (a). First, former; beginning. 

Awur. Name of a species of bamboo ; 
name of a small island in the China 
sea, a landmark in making the straits 
of Malacca — the Pulo Aor of the 

Axir (a). Last, posterior, ultimate, final ; 
end, issue ; latter part. 

Ash-at (a). Posterior, last ; the extre- 
mity ; the other world. 

AxTriia. Event, result; finally, ulti- 
mately ; literally, " end of it." 

Aslas, ixlas (a). Sincerity, candour ; sin- 
cere, candid. 

Axti'ar (a). Election, choice, option. 

Ayah (j). Father,— respectfully or reve- 

Ayak. A sieve, a screen, a riddle. 

Ayakkan. To sift, to screen, to riddle. 

Ayam (j). A fowl, a bird ; the common 
"fowl, Gallus. 

Ayam-ayam. Name of a bird. 

Ayam-batina. The domestic hen. 

Ayam-jantan. The dunghill cock. 

Ayam-sabung. The game cock. 

Ayam-utan. The wild or jungle fowl, 
G.illusfurcatus of Timminck. 

Ayapan. Dressed meat, cooked victuals. 

Ayanda. Father, — with great respect or 
reverence. It is most probably an 

abbreviation of ayah, "father," and 

enda, "rare or esteemed." Kakanda, 

" elder brother or sister," and adanda, 

" younger brother or sister," seem to 

have a similar origin. 
Ayar (j. er). Water ; a liquid, a fluid ; 

juice, sap; animal secretion; a river ; 

a brook ; name of a tree, A ralia sinensis. 
Ayar-aji (j). Name of a river and place 

on the western side of Sumatra ; lite- 
rally, " king's water." 
Ayar-ayar. Name of a fruit. 
Ayar-bakal. A stock or provision of 

Ayar-baku. Ice, " congealed water." 
Ayar-gula. Syrup, " sugar water." 
Ayar-itam. Name of a place and river 

on the western side of Sumatra, — 

" black water." 
Ayar-kasaktifin. Water for taking an 

oath by ; literally, " water of potency 

or supernatural power." 
Ayar-laut. Sea-water. 
Ayar-liyor. Saliva, drivel. 
Ayar-madu. Fluid honey, clarified honey; 

" honey water." 
Ayar-mas. Gilding; "gold water." 
Ayar-masin. Salt water. 
Ayar-mata. Tears ; " eye water." 
Ayar-mawar. Rose water. 
Ayar-muka. Expression of the face, 

physiognomy, cast of countenance. 
Ayar-pasang. Flood tide. 
Ayar-perak. Quicksilver, mercury ; lite- 
rally, " silver water." 
Ayar-sambahyang. Holy water ; literally, 

" water of adoration or worship." 
Ayar-sani. Urine; literally, "small or 

minute water." 
Ayar-surud. Ebb tide. 
Ayar-susu. Milk; "breast, or udder 

Ayar-tawar. Fresh water. 
Aydr-tanang. Still water ; slack watei*. 
Ayar-te. Infusion of tea. 
Ayat (a), a verse of the Koran ; a sign, 

a miracle. 
Ayi. Alas ! 

Ayu (JAV). Handsome, beautiful. 
Ayiie. Alas ! 
Ayugya (s). Name of the kingdom of 

Rama; v. Yugya. 
Ayugyakarta (s). Name of a town in 

Java ; v. Yugyakarta. 
Ayun. To swing, to reel, to rock ; v. 

Ayun-ayunan. A swing ; a child's cradle; 

V. Yun-yunan. 
Ayunkan. To swing, to rock, to cause 

to swing or rock. 
Ayut-ayutau. A concubine. 
Azin-izin (a). Leave, permission, licence ; 

dismissal ; v. Izin, Idin, Ijin. 



Amp— AsT 

Ala. Towards, pointing to, in a direc- 

^ tion to. 

Alai. An idiomatic term used in the 

counting of certain objects which are 

tliin and tenuous, or long and slender, 

as a leaf, a sheet, a feather, a hair, &c. ; 

V. Lai. The original meaning of the 
^ word has not been traced. 
Alai-balai. Neglectful, careless. 
Alang (j. ulang). The fishing eagle, 

Fulco 'pondicerianus. 
Alba. Name of an aromatic seed. 
Aleja (t). Name of a kind of striped 

silk cloth ; v. Leja. 
Ama. Mother ; dam ; v. Ama and Ma. 
Ama. A weavel. 

Amas (j). Gold ; v. Amas and Mas. 
Amba. A slave ; a servant ; the pei-- 

sonal pronoun of the fii-st person, 

addressing a superior. 
Amba-mu. A personal pronoun of the 

first person, addressing a superior; 

literally, " your slave, your servant." 
Amba-tuwan. A personal pronoun of the 

first person ; literally, " loi-d or mas- 
ter's servant, or slave." 
Ambalang. To tumble, to fall down 

Ambalu (j). Lac ; v. Ambalu. 
Ambat. To pursue, to chase. 
Ambat. To obstruct, to thwart. 
Ambat. To beat, to strike, to thrash. 
Ambok (j). Mother ; lady, mistress. 
Ambor. Shed, strewn, scattered. 
Amboran. Shedding, strewing, scattering. 
Amborkan. To shed, to strew, to scatter. 
Ambun (j). Dew; v. Bun. 
Ambus. To blow, to make a current of air. 
Ambusan. Bellows. 

Ambusi. To blow, to drive a current of air. 
Ampa. Hollow, void ; v. Ampa. 
Am pang. Across, athwart. 
Ampar. To spread, to be expanded so 
^ as to cover. 
Amparan. A covering that spreads out ; 

a carpet, a floor mat. 
Amparkan. To spread out so as to cover. 
Anipas. Refuse, dregs, dross. 
Anipas. To writhe, to struggle. 
Ampas-pulas. To writhe, to struggle. 
Ampat. Four; v. Ampat. 
Amp&du. Gall, bile ; the gall-bladder. 
Ampadu-bruwang. Name of a plant, 

Brucea sumatrana ; literally, "bear's 
. gall." 

Ampas. To dash down, to fling down. 
Araping. Name of a dish composed of 

rice and fried coconut kernel. 
Ampir. Near, nigh ; well nigh, nearly, 

almost; to be near, to draw near, to 


Ampiran. Nearness, closeness. 
Auipir-ampir. Very near, very close. 
Ainpiri. To approach, to come neai- to ; 

to approach.^to bring near to. 
Ampirkan, r. Ampiri. 
Ampu (jAv). A blacksmith. 
Ampus. To wipe out, to efface, to ex- 
^ punge, to blot out ; v. Apus. 
Auiput. To beat, to knock against ; to 

Aucliok (bat). To stab, to pierce. 
An dab. To eavesdrop, to listen clandes- 
Andai. Companion, associate, friend, 
^ comrade. 
Andak. To desire, to wish; to intend, 

to mean, to design ; must ; ought, 

should ; to behove, to be meet, to be 
. fit. 

Aniug (j). Limpid, clear, not turbid. 
Anta (bat). Brackish, somewhat salt. 
Antam (s). To knock, to strike; to co- 
^ pulate. 

Antar. To lie about, to be dispersed. 
Autar. Sent, despatched ; couvej'ed, 

transported ; to send, to convey. 
Autarkan. To send, to despatch; to 

convey, to transport ; to escort. 
Antar-Autai'an. A gift, a present; the 

object sent ; a present from the bride- 
^ groom to his fatheriu-law. 
Anti (j). To cease, to stop; to halt. 
^ This root, as such, is not in use. 
Antikan. To stop, to hinder from pro- 
^ ceeding ; to ai-rcst, to stop. 
Arimau. The royal tiger; a generic 

name for the larger animals of the 
^ feline family ; v. Rimau. 
Arimau-akar. Name of a small speciea 

of leopard ; literally, " the climber or 

Bcandent plant tiger." 
Arimau-balar. Name of a small variety 

of the royal tiger; literally, "the 
^ albino tiger." 
Arimau-dahan. Name of a small species 

of leopard; literally, "the branch or 

twig tiger." 
Arimau-kumbang. The black leopard ; 

an occasional variety of the common 

leopard ; literally, " the black-bee- 
coloured tiger." 
Arimau-talap. The common leopard, 

Felis leopardus. Talap is a " perfume 
^ box." 
Arimau-trungkasau. The royal tiger. 

The sense of the epithet has not been 

Arimau-tunggal. The royal tiger, Felis 

tigris ; literally, the " one or unique 
^ tiger." 

AstS-miwa. Specially, especially, parti- 
^ cularly, above all, chiefly. 
AstAnji. Incense. 


.4 LI— BAB 

^ADAT (a). Custom, usage; mode, 
fashion ; rite, ceremony. 

-4 adat-aadat (a). Traditionary laws, cus- 
tomary laws. 

^adatkan. To accustom, to habituate. 

.4adTl (a). Just, equitable, upright; 

.<4afyat (a). Health, safety, salubrity. 

.^akibat (a). End, conclusion, termina- 

Aed'il (a). Prudent, judicious, sensible, 

ylalam (a). The world, the universe; 
time, age ; men, creatures. 

Aedi (a). High, sublime ; eminent, ex- 
cellent, grand. 

-4alira (a). Learned, instructed; wise; 

.4am (a). Viilgar, common ; general. 

Aa,r\{ (a). Intelligent, acute, ingenious ; 
skilful, knowing. 

.ias'ak (a). Love ; in love ; amorous. 

jibadat, ibadat (a). Adoration, worship. 

.4barat, ibarat (a). Explanation, gloss ; 
trope, figure, comparison. 

^bdi (a), a slave. 

.4bdT-dalam (Aandj). Slave of the palace, 
or roj'al slave. 

.4brani, Ibraui (a). Hebrew, belonging 
to the Jews ; a Jew. 

.4 dan (a). Aden in Arabia. 

Ak&d (a). One; Sunday. 

.4ib. Blemish; reproach. 

^in (a). The choice part of anything. 

A'isi, aisa (a). Jesus Christ. 

^jab (a), a wonderful thing, a wonder. 

.4jaib (a). Wonders, miracles ; wondrous, 
miraculous, strange, surprising, aston- 

.4 jab (a). Wonderfid, surprising. 

.ijam (p). Persia; Persian. 

.4kar (a). Root, origin, principle, foim- 

.4kal (a). Ingenuity, sagacity, wisdom; 
cunning; wise, ingenious, shrewd; 

.4kal-bali^ (a). Adult, come to years of 

.4kal-budi (a and s). Wisdom. 

Alik (a). The carnelian. 

.41amat (a). Mark, sign, signal; ensign, 
banner ; miracle, prodigy. 

A\am (a). a standard, a banner; a 
learned man. 

jdlam-mutalam (a). Learned and in- 

.41at (a). Materials. 

.41at (a). Disease; calamity. 

.411 (a). High, eminent, noble. 

^11 (a), ah, son-in-law of Mahomed, and 
fourth Caliph. 

^likam (a). With you, upon you, as in 
the well-known salutation, " Peace be 
with you ! " salam «likam. 

.4 lama (a). Doctors, theologians; the 

^Imu (a). Knowledge, science, art. 

^I'amat (a). Magnificence, pomp; so- 
lemn, august, awful. 

^ITm (a). Grand, august, glorious. 

.4mal (a). Work, deed, act; labour; 
action, operation. 

imalkan. To perform, to execute; to 
work a chai-m. 

Amar (a). Omar, the second Caliph, or 
third in succession to Mahomed. 

^mur (a). Life, lifetime; age, period of 

.4 mum, uraum (a). Common, general ; 
uncertain ; indefinite, ambiguous. 

.4nbar. Ambergris. 

Jnsiir, imsur (a). An element. 

Arab (a). Arabia; Arab, Arabic, Ai-a- 

.4rafat (a). Name of a mountain near 

^ra^- (a). Sap, juice; spirituous liquor. 

4 ras'( a). The empyrean, the throne of God. 

^rif (a). Intelligent, vrise; ingenious, 
skilful, acute. 

^ri« (a). Broad, wide. 

^rul (a). Metre, measure, verse. 

.4skar (a). An army. 

^«ar (a). The afternoon. 

^s'ak (a). Love; lust, passion. 

j4tibat (a), a small town, an inconsi- 
derable town. 

Amat (a). The pudenda of either sex. 

^wam (a). The common people, the 
public, the vulgar. 

^wan (a). An assistant. 

.4z (a). Glory; grandeur; dignity. 

.4zimat (a). An amulet, a charm, a talis- 
man ; spell, incantation. 

Aziz (a). Excellent, precious; dear; 
valuable ; rare, choice ; magnificent. 

^zriiil (a). Name of the angel of death 
according to the Mahomedan belief. 

^2ab (a). Pain, punishment, torment. 

Azur (a). Excuse, apology. 

JjAB (a), a door-post ; chapter, title, 

head, article, section. 
Baba (s). The infant child of a person of 

Babad (jav). To fell and clear away 

forest trees ; chronicle, liistory. 
Babah (j). A word implying respect, 

addressing a Chinese. 
Babar (j). To loosen, to open out, to 

unfold, to imfurl. 
Babi (J. bawi). The hog, Sus. 




Babi-rusa. The hog deer ; literally, " the 
deer hog," Bahirusa aJfurus. 

Babi-tanah. Name of a quadi-uped ; li- 
terally, " earth hog." 

Babi-utan. The wild or jungle hog, Siis 
verrucosus and Sus vittacus. 

Babil. To wrangle, to squabble, to alter- 
cate ; wrangle, squabble, altercation. 

Babil (a). Babylon. 

Babu (j). A nurse. In Javanese, it 
means also " mother," and " model," 
" original." 

Bacha (j. wacha). To read, to peruse 
writing ; to recite, to chant. 

Bacha-dalam-ati. To muse, to meditate ; 
literally, " to read in the heart." 

Bachaug (j). Name of a species of mango; 
V. Ambachang and Machang. 

Bachul. Disheartened, dejected, dis- 

Bad (p). The wind. 

Badai. Gust, blast of wind. 

Badai-badai. Name of a small kris or 

Badak (j. warak). The rhinoceros. 

Badakgrtjah. The one-horned rhinoceros ; 
literally, "the elephant rhinoceros," 
Rhinoceros javanus of Horsfield. 

Badak-karbau. The two-horned rhino- 
ceros ; literally, " the buffalo rhino- 
ceros," Rhinoceros sumatrensis. 

Badang. A small sieve for sifting corn. 

Badra (s). The wind. 

Bad'e (j). Conjecture, guess; futurity. 

Bad'ik (j). Name of a small kind of 

Bad'iya. A spangle. 

Bad'ong (j). Name of a massy kind of 
gorget or necklace. 

Bad-ong. Name of a pi-incii^ality in the 
island of Bali. 

Bad-ud (jAv). A buffoon, a jester. 

Bagai (s). Kind, sort, class ; part, piece. 

Bagai. As, like ; as if; than. Not im- 
probably the same word as the last. 

Bagai-bagai. Various, diverse, multifa- 

Bagai-ini. Thus, in this manner, so ; 
literally, "as this;" pronounced bagini. 

Bagai-itu. In that manner, so ; literally, 
"as that;" pronounced bagitu. 

Bagai-mana. How, in what manner ; as, 
like; literally, "as how," or "as 

Bagas (j). Refreshed, restored, invigo- 

Bagaswonta (jav). Name of a river of 
Java, in the province of Baglen. 

Bagat. Name of a spcies of palm. 

Bagi. To, unto ; by ; for, on account of. 

Bagi-bagi. According to, as, in the same 
manner with. 

Bacni. Name of a tree, the bark of which 

yields a material for cordage, Giiemon, 

Bagus (j). Beautiful, handsome ; excel- 
lent, superlative. 

Bah. Flood, inundation. 

Bah. A mattress, a bedding ; v. Boh. 

Bahage (s). To divide, to share, to por- 
tion ; to give, to bestow ; share, por- 
tion, lot. 

Bahagean. Division, share, portion, lot. 

Bahari. Accomplished, having elegant 

Bahru. A button. 

Baharu. New, not old ; new, fi-esh, not 
stale or vapid ; new, recent ; new, in- 
experienced ; newl}', lately ; then, just 
then ; now, presently ; then, soon after- 

Baharu-bahariian. Recently. 

Bahaiui. To renew, to renovate. 

Baharu-ini. Just now, but a moment 

Baharu -sakarang. Recently, lately, a little 
while ago, just now. 

Baharu-tadi. A little while ago. 

Bahas (bat). To discuss a subject ami 

Bahasa (s). Language, speech, tongue: 
custom, mode, manner; manners, " 

Bahasa-bangsawan. A polite dialect 
literally, " the language of the well 

Bahasa-daldm. The court language 
literally, " the language of the palace." 

Bahasa-jawi. The Malay language; v 

Bahasa-kachukan. Jargon, mixed tongue 
V. Kachavi. 

Bahu (s). The shoulder ; name of a Ja 
vanese superficial land measure, the 
fourth part of a Jung, and fixed by the 
Dutch authorities at 71 square cl 
meters, or 8492 English yards. 

Baita (jay). A boat, a vessel, a barge, a 

Baja. A plough. 

Baja. Dung ; manure. 

Baja (j. waja). Steel. 

Baja. An empyrumatic oil, obtained by 
burning the husk and shell of the coco- 
nut, used for staining the teeth black. 

Bajag (jav). A pii-ate, a corsair. 

Bajan. A bason. 

Bajang (jav). A dwarf, dwarfish. 

Bajati (j). Name of a race of Malays, 
called also Sika, and ordng-laut, or 
" men of the sea," a kind of maritime 
Bedouins, whose habitual dwellings ai-e 
their boats; and hence, from tlieir bad 
repute, — " a corsair," " a pirate." 

Ba.ji. A wedge. 

Bajing (JAv). A squirrel, Sciurus. 




Bajing. To warm oneself at a fire. 

Baju. A coat, a jerkin. 

Baju-rantai. A coat of mail ; literally, 
" a coat of chains." 

Bajubali (j. jubah). A vest, a close gar- 

Bajul (JAv). An alligator. 

Baka. Scrofula. 

Baka. Pedigree, descent. 

Baka (jav). Name of an ancient king of 
Java who reigned at Brambunan, now 
the site of the most remarkable Hindu 
ruins in Java. 

Bakal (j). Rough draught, sketch, out- 
line ; model. 

Bakar (j). To burn, to consume by fire ; 
to roast ; to broil. 

Bakat. Stuffed, completely filled. 

Bakat. The swell or roll of the sea, with- 
out waves. 

Bakatan. Name of a wild tribe on the 
north-western side of Borneo. 

Baker. Milk curdled by boiling ; v. Bakar. 

Bakul (j. wakul). A wicker basket ; a 

Eakung (j). Name of a liliaceous plant, 
Criniun asiaticum. 

BaAi (a). Residue, remainder ; balance. 

Bala (s). The people; subjects; soldiers, 
troops ; an army. 

Baladewa (s). The father of Krisna and 
king of Madura. 

Balagini. Name of a people of the Sulu 
islands, noted as pirates. 

Balai (s). A hall. 

Balai-bachara (s). A public building for 
the discussion of business ; a court- 

Balai-bujur. The pi-incipal cabin in a 

Balai-darma. A court-house, a hall for 
the administration of justice. 

Balai-gand-ang. Literally, " hall or cham- 
ber of the dnim." 

Balai-milngad-ap, v. Balai-prlngad-apan. 

Balai-pangad-apan. A hall of audience, 
a presence chamber. 

Balai-ruwang. A hall of audience ; pro- 
perly, a hall divided by pillars ; v. Ru- 
wang and Balerung. 

Balaman. Name of a wild tribe of 

Balang. An ewer, a flask, a bottle. 

Balang (j). To throw, to fling, to pitch, 
to cast forward. 

Balatantra (s). An army, a host. 

Balam. Name of a species of pigeon. 

Balam. Name of a tree. 

Balang. To kick forward with the foot ; 
the game of foot-ball. 

Balar. Albino-white. 

Balas (j. walas). To answer, to reply, to 
respond ; to requite, to reward ; to re- 

turn, to retort, to retaliate ; to avenge ; 
answer, reply, response; requital, re- 
ward ; retort, retaliation ; atonement. 

Balera. A weaver's shuttle. 

Balerung. A hall of audience ; v. Balai- 

Bali (j). To return, to come, or go back. 

Bali (J). The island of Bali. 

Bali-bad'ong. Name of a principality in 
the island of RalL 

Bali-balilijQg. Name of a principality in 

Bali-karang-asam. Name of a princi- 
pality in Bali ; literally, " Bali of the 
tamarind grove," in Javanese. 

Bali-klungkung. Name of a principality 
in Bali. 

Ba% (a). Adolescent, of a marriageable 

Balik. Behind, not before ; beyond, on 
the further side ; over, across ; back, 
again ; aback ; to turn ; to retuin ; turn, 

Balikkan. To return, to send back; to 
put back ; to return ; to remit ; to 

Balik-balak. Reversed, turned upside 
down ; overthrown. 

Balik-kambali. To turn back again, 

Balik-mata. Juggle, sleight of hand ; " 
literally, " turn of the eye." 

Balikria. The reverse, the contrary ; on 
the contrary. 

Balikukup. Name of an island on the 
south-eastern coast of Borneo. 

Balila (j). Treason. 

Balilu (jav). Senseless, foolish, doltish. 

Baling. To toss, to pitch, to fling. 

Balit (j. bulit). To twist around, to 
twine round, to entwine. 

Baliya (s). Young, in the prime of life. 

Baliyaraja (s). Name of one of the heroes 
of the Maliabarat. 

Balor. Tumefaction of the flesh from a 

Balwarti (for. baluarte). A rampart, a 
fortified wall, fortification. 

Balu (ben), a widow or widower. 

Balubur (bat). A granary. 

Baluh. The frame or barrel of a drum. 

Baluhan. The howdah or chair saddle of 
an elepjhant. 

Baluk. Name of a kind of sailing vessel. 

Baluk. A beam, a large piece of timber. 

Balumbang. The swell or roll of the sea ; 
V. Balumbang. 

Balun. To beat, to thrash, to drub. 

Balung. The comb of a cock. 

Balungai. Name of a mountain on the 
western side of Borneo. 

Balut. To wrap, to envelope. 

Balutuk (bat). A woodpecker ; from the 
Javanese platuk. 




Bam. A knee or crooked timber in ship- 

Banaspati {<). Spirits of the woods, genii 
inhabiting the forests. In Sanskrit it 
means " forest lord ; " any great tree ; 
trakasakan is another name for the 

Banat (hin). Fine woollen cloth, broad 

Bamban. To roast in the ashes or em- 
bers ; V. Bamban. 

Bamban. Name of a fruit, 77ialia geni- 

Bambu. The bamboo cane, Bamhusa ; 
V. Buluh. The word is from the lan- 
guage of Canara, and probably intro- 
duced by the Portuguese. 

Banchah (j. rauchah). A morass, a fen ; 
marshy, fenny. 

Banchi. A census or enumeration of the 

Banchi h (t). An adze. 

Banda. Banda, one of the Spice islands. 

Bandar (s). A toll-gate; a collector or 
farmer of tolls ; mart, emporium. 

Bandarang. A partj'-coloured staff borne 
in state before men of I'auk ; v. Ban- 

Bandera (fob). A flag, an ensign, a 

Banding (j). To compare ; to be face to 
face; match, equal, fellow. 

Bandingan. Comparison ; analogy. Match, 
equal, fellow. 

Ban(h-ek (jav). Adultery ; fornication. 

Bandring (jav). A sling for throwing 

Bandulan (.iav). A child's cradle. 

Bandung (jav). Name of an ancient 
king of Java, celebrated in Javanese 

Bandung (sun). Name of a district in 
Java, in the country of the Sundas. 

Bardungan (sun). A dyke, a mote, a dam. 

Band'ara (^). A treasury; a storehouse. 

Band'ari (s). A steward ; a treasurer; a 
storekeeper; v. Band'iiari. 

Eandala (por). A bandolier, a cartouche. 

Baud'ar (sun). Rich. 

Band-ela (por). A bale, a package. 

Banir. A gnarl, a large e.\ternal knot on 
a tree. 

Banjar (j). A row, a rank, a line, a file. 
In Javanese it is also a garden or or- 

Banjaran. What is in rows or files ; order, 

Banjaran-sari (jav). Name of an ancient 
king of Pajajaran, in Java. 

Banjarmasin. Name of a Malay princi- 
pality on the southern coast of Borneo. 

Banjarwatoman. Name of the spouse of 
SnViali. a hero of tlip Mahabarat. 

Banjir (j). Inundation, overflow of waters, 

Banon (jav). A brick ; a brick wall. 

Bantah (j). To wrangle, to dispute, to 
quarrel, to squabble ; dispute, wrangle, 

Bantai. To slaughter or butcher animals 
for their flesh. 

Piantal (j). A pillow, a bolster, a cushion. 

Bantal-saragi. A kind of embroidered 

Bautang. To spread, to cover by exten- 

Bantang. The name of the great houses 
in which the wild inhabitants of Bor- 
neo congregate, to the uiunber of many 

Bantan (j). Name of the kingdom of 
Bantam, in Java. 

Bantiu. Name of a kind of boat. 

Banting (j). To dash, to strike one body 
suddenly against another ; to beat, as 
with a mallet or hammer on an anvil. 

Bantok. Bent, curved. 

Bantu (j). Help, aid, assistance, succour. 

Bantukan. To help, to aid, to assist, to 


Bantun. To pull up, to pluck up, to 
pluck out. 

Bantut. To obviate, to hinder ; to make 

Banteng (jav). The wild bull, and do- 
mestic kine of the same stock. 

Bangal. Hard of hearing. 

Eangal (bat). Costive, bound in the 

Bangar. Fetid. 

Bangat (j. much, very). Quick, speedy ; 
quickly, speedily. 

Bangat-bangat. Very quickly. 

Baugka. The island of Banca, celebrated 
for its tin. 

Bangkai (j). A carcase, a dead body ; 
a corpse, a corse : v. Bangke. 

Bangkai. Name of a plant, Nauclea 

Bangkang. To contradict, to oppose ver- 

Baiigkiiulu. Bencoolen in Sumatra. 

Bangke (j). A dead body ; v. Bangkai. 

Bangkidul (jav). Southern region, coun- 
try to the south ; fi-om kidul, " the 

Baugkit. To arise, to get up from rest ; 
to rise, to moimt. 

Bangkitkau. To raise, to lift ; to elevate, 
to exalt; to erect, to construct, to 

Bangko (for. banco). A bench, a stool. 

Bangkudu (j. kudu). Name of a tree the 
wood of which furnishes a dyeing ma- 
terial ; V. Mangkudu, Mori^ycla citii- 




Bangkulon(jAV). 'Westerii region ; country 
to the west ; from kulon, " the west." 

Bangkuwang. Name of a plant, Pachyr- 
rhizm anf/ulalus. 

Banglor (jav). Northern region, coun- 
try to the north ; from lor, "the nox-th." 

Bango (j). Name of a species of stork, 
Ciconia capellata ; Tern. 

Bangsa (s). Race, family, tribe, caste. 

Bangsal (j). A shed ; an outhouse ; a 
storehouse ; a workshop ; a porch ; 
a covered pas.sage. 

Bangsat (j). Rogue, knave, vagabond ; 
a term of abuse. 

Bangsawan (bangsa). Well-born, noble. 

Bangsi (s). A musical pipe, a flute. 

Bangun (j). To arise, to get up ; to 
awake, to arise from sleep ; image, 
likeness, shape, form ; a fine for murder. 

Bangunan. Rise, act of rising ; erection ; 
edifice, building. 

Bangun-bangunan. A watch-tower. 

Bangunna. Upshot, final event. 

Bangunkan. To cause to arise, to raise ; 
to erect, to construct ; to rouse, to 
awake from rest ; to design, to plan, 
to model. 

Bangwetan (jav). Eastern region, coun- 
try to the east; from wetan, the "east." 

Baiiak (j). The goose, Amer. 

Baiiak. Many ; much ; number, mul- 
titude; quantity; very, in a great 

Baiiak-kali. Often, many times. 

Baiiaki. To make many ; to multiply, 
to increase. 

Baiiak-banaki. To overpower by num- 
bers ; to execute by power of numbers ; 
to outnumber. 

Baiiol (jav). X jester, a droll, a buffoon. 

Bafiul. Name of a bird. 

Baiiumas (jav). Name of a central pro- 
vince of Java; literally, "the golden 

Bariuwangi (jav). Name of the district 
of Blambangan, the most easterly pro- 
vince of Java; literally, "the sweet- 
scented water." 

Baiiuwati (s). Name of the queen of 
Suyudana, in the Mahabarat. 

Bapa (j). Father ; in Javanese, also, 
" gold." 

Bapak (j). Father ; v. Bapa. 

Bara. A live coal. 

Barah. A boil, an imposthume. 

Baram. Name of a salient headland on 
the north-western coast of Borneo. 

Barang (j). A thing ; effects, goods ; any, 
every ; some ; ever, soever ; about, 
thereabouts, nearly; may, expressing 
desire ; ordinary, of common rank. 

Barang-barang. Goods, effects, chattels ; 
common, ordinary. 

Barang-apa. Something ; any thing. 
Barang-barapa. Some, more or less, 

more or fewer. 
Barang-kali (j and s). Sometimes, now 

and then ; perhaps, may be. 
Barang-kamana. Wherever, whitherso- 
ever ; whither. 
Barang-keraiia. May, expressing desire. 
Barang-mpafia (j and s). lu any sort 

soever, any how. 
Barang-sabagaiiia. Any sort, any kind 

Barang-sadapat. Whatever by possibi- 

sadikit. However little, ever so 

Barang-sakutika (j and s). In about a 

Barang-sakuwasa. According to ability. 
Barang-saorang. Any body, any per- 
Barang-saparkara (j and s). Anywise. 
Barang-siapa. Whoever, whosoever. 
Barang-suwatu. Any one. 
Barat. The west. 
Barat-daya. The south-west; perhaps, 

literally, " the wily west." 
Barat-laut. The north-west; literally, 

"the ocean west." 
Barat-samata-utara. West - north - west ; 

literally, "the west, one eye or point 

Barat-samata-s^latan. West-south-west ; 

literally, " the west, one point south." 
Barat-tapat. Due west ; literally, " direct 

Baratmajwa (s). Name of a country men- 
tioned in Javanese romance, supposed 

to be in Hindustan. 
Bargawastra (s). The weapon of Bima 

in the Mahabarat. 
Bari-bari. A dragon-fly. 
Barida (s). Age, old age. 
Baring. To recline, to lie down ; to rest, 

to repose. 
Baringkan. To put to rest, to put to 

Baris (j). A line, a streak ; a row, a 

rank, a file ; troops ; the vowel marka 

of the alphabet. 
Barisan. A parade, a place where troops 

are exercised; the exercise of troops, 

Barot. To gird, to bind round. 
Baru-gunung (j. waru-gunung). Name of 

a tree, Paritium. simile. 
Baru-landak (j). Name of a tree, Alel- 

moschus mutabilis. 
Baru-laut (j). Name of a tree, the bark 

of which yields a material for cordage, 

Paritium tiliaceum. 
Baru-baru. Name of a bird. 
Baruna (s). Varuna, the Hindu regent 




of the sea; called also by the Javanese 
" the king of fishes." 

Barung (j. barring). Together, in con- 
cert, at the same time. 

Barung (j. warung). A booth, a stall, an 
open shop ; a market place; a name of 
the district of Wirasari, in Java. 

Barus (j). Name of a place on the west- 
ern side of Sumatra, which gives a dis- 
tinctive epithet to the Malayan cam- 

Basa (s). Language, speech. In Javanese 
it means also manner of speaking, and 
politeness, courtesy; v. Bahasa. 

Basah. Wet, moist, humid. 

Basahan. Wet, moisture, humidity. 

Basahkan. To wet, to moisten. 

Basai. Sallow, sickly pale. 

Basi. Musty, mouldy, stale. 

Basuh. To wash, to rinse. 

Basuhan. Washing, rinsing, cleansing. 

Basuhan-mandi. Bathing dress. 

Bata (j). A brick. 

Batak. The Batak nation of Sumatra. 

Bataug (j). Explanation, exposition. 

Batang. The trunk or stem of a tree ; 
trunk, main body of any thiug. 

Batangan. A boom across a river. 

Batang-id'ung. The bridge of the nose. 

Batang-lehei". The neck ; literally, " the 
ti'uuk or stem of the throat." 

Batawi. The city of Batavia, in Java. 

Batawiya. Batavia; v. Batawi. 

Batas (j. watas, " a boundai-y "). A cause- 
way, a raised path across a marsh or 
swamp ; the dikes of an irrigated arable 

Batil. A bowl, a basin. 

Batin. Title of the chiefs of the people 
called Bajau, or " men of the sea." 

Batin (jav). A secret; a secret thought. 

Batoh (jav). a gambler. 

Batu (j. watu). A stone ; a rock ; a word 
used in counting certain objects. 

Batu-asahan. A whetstone, a hone ; lite- 
rally, " sharpening stone." 

Batu-brani. The loadstone, the magnet ; 
literally, " bold stone." 

Batu-duga. The plummet; the sound- 
ing lead. 

Batu-jUmala. A term of endearment; 
literally, "jewel of the head." 

Batu-karang (j). A coral rock. 

Batu-kapala. The head ; literally, " stone 
or gem of the head," a term of respect 
and endearment. 

Batu-kisar. A millstone ; literally, " turn- 
ing or revolving stone." 

Batu-lada. Gravel ; literally, " pepper 

Batu-mata. The crystalline lens of the 

Biitu-uji. The touchstone. 

Batubahara. Name of a Malay state on 
the eastern side of Sumatra. 

Batuk. To cough ; cough. 

Batung-batung. Name of a testaceous fish. 

Batur (jav). A slave; a servant, an at- 
tendant ; a subject. 

Batur (j. babatur, " ground, floor"). The 
corridor of a house, a gallery. 

Bat-ang (j). A dead body, a carcass. 

Bat-ara (s. an avatar, or descent). A com- 
mon term for the pi-incipal Hindu 
gods ; a good king ; v. Ywaug. 

Bat'ara-durga. The goddess Durga, spouse 
and energy of Siwa. 

Bat'ara-gangga (s). The deity of the 

Bat-ara-guru (s). Name of the chief god 
of the islandei's during the existence 
of Hinduism ; literally, " the spiritual 
teacher god ; " probably Vishnu. 

Bat-ara-kala (s). The goddess Kala, or 
time ; v. Durga. 

Bat'ara-tri (s). Name of a Hindu deity, 
according to the Malays and Javanese, 
but most probably the Hindu triad, 
Brama, Siwa, and Vishnu. 

Batara-yama (s). Yama, the Hindu god 
of death. 

Bat-i (j). Profit, gain. 

Bat'ik (J. to paint, to delineate). Name 
of the party-coloured cotton fabrics of 
Java, the process of executing which 
is by a kind of painting. 

Batil (jAv). Name of a river of Java 
running through the province of Pra- 

Bat-uk (j). The forehead. 

Bat-uk-kapala (j and s). The head, the 
entire head; literally, "the forehead 
and the head." * 

Ba^Tl (a). False ; vain, trifling, ineffectual, 

Ba^Tlkan. To make vain, to render in- 

BaJTn (a). Hidden, occult, secret. 

Bau (j. ambu). Smell, scent, odour. 

Bau-bauan. Odours, perfumes. 

Bawa (j. gawa). To bear, to carry, to 
convey ; to bring, to fetch. 

Bawa-d'iri. To take oneself off; to es- 
cape, to save oneself. 

Bawa-Iari. To run away. 

Bawa-mari. To bring. 

Bawa-pargi. To take away. 

Bawah (j. subordinate, dependent). Be- 
low, beneath ; under ; down. 

Bawah-angin. East; leeward; literally, 
" below the wind." 

Bawal. A generic name for a family of 
fishes, called by Europeans the pom- 

Bawal-chArmin. Name of a fish ; lite- 
rally, the " mirror pomfret." 




Bawal-itam. The black pomfret. 
Bawal-kadiwas. Name of a pomfret. 
Bawal-putih. The white pomfret, the 

most delicate of all Indian fishes. 
Bawaii. A playfellow, a playmate. 
Bawang (j). A common name for plants 

of the onion family, Allium. 
Bawang-china. The common onion ; lite- 
rally, "the Chinese onion," Allium 

Bawang-kuchi. Name of a variety of 

onion ; literally, " the onion of Co- 
Bawang-merah. The common onion ; v. 

Bawang-putih. Garlick ; literally, " the 

white onion," Allium sativum. 
Bawang-timur. Tlie shallot, Allium as- 

calonicum ; literally, " the onion of 

Timur," or " of the East." 
Bawar. Name of a fish. 
Bawasir (a) Piles, hemorrhoids. 
Bawat (jAv). Name of a small umbrella, 

one of the badges of the bopati, or 

highest rank of Javanese nobiUty. 
Bawat. To depend, to incline, to hang 

Bawatan. The ropes called braces in a 

ship's rigging. 
Bawur (j). Mixed, mingled, blended. 
Bawurkan. To mix, to mingle, to blend. 
Baya (s). Danger, peril, hazard; v. Ba- 

Baya (j. kaya). Like, equal 
Baya-baya. Similar, veiy like. 
Bayan. A parrot, Psittacus asbeckii. 
Bayan. Relation, narrative. 
Bayankan. To relate, to naiTate. 
Bayang (j. wayang). A shade, a shadow ; 

a phantom, an apparition. 
Bayaug. Name of a fish. 
Bayang. Name of a place on the western 

coast of Samati"a. 
Bayar (j. to answer, to reply). To pay, 

to defray ; to disburse. 
Bayaran. Payment, disbui"sement. 
Bayat. To sow rice in a nursery for 

Bayam. A common name for the genus 

Bayam-batul. The " true amaranth," or 

culinary amaranth, Amaranthus oh- 

Bayam-duri. The "thorny amaranth," 

A maranthiis spinosus. 
Bayam-merah. The "red amaranth," 

A maranthus tricolor. 
Baydm-mouat. The " monkey amaranth," 

A maranthus prostratus. 
Bayam-sayur. The culinary amaranth ; 

literally, "the pot-herb amaranth." 
Bayan. A waiting-maid, a handmaid. 
Bayi (jav). A child, an infant. 

Bayik. Good ; proper, fit, convenient ; 
lucky, fortunate, auspicious as to time ; 
well, suitably ; whether ; oi*. 

Bayik-bayik. Very well; exactly, justly. 

Bayiki. To mend, to i-epair ; to better, 
to improve. 

Bayiklah. It is well ; it were well. 

Bayik-paras. Handsome, beautiful, well- 
featured ; beauty. 

Bayik-suwara. Sweet-voiced, melodious. 

Bayu (s). The wind ; gust, blast of wind. 

Bayuh (j. wayuh). Polygamy, plurality 
of ^vives. 

Bayuk. The beard. 

Bayung. To howl. 

Bayuputra (s). A name of Bima, in the 

Babaka. To copulate as quadrupeds or 
tread as birds. 

Babal. Ignorant, untaught; inexp3ri- 
enced, raw; simple, silly; doltish, 
stupid, stolid. 

Babalan. Ignorance ; folly, foolishness. 

Babaran. Difficulty, trouble. 

Babaran. Name of a fish. 

Babari. Name of a grub infesting fruit. 

Babaru. Name of a fish. 

Babatur (jav). Groimd, floor ; founda- 

Babad (j). To wrap round, to gird ; a 
sash, a girdle, a waistband ; v. Babat. 

Baban. Bundle, pack ; load. 

Babangkas. To sneeze. 

Babarapa (apa). Much ; many ; some, 
several ; as many as, as much as. 

Babat, v. Babad. 

BabereL Name of a species of goat- 
sucker, Caprimulgus. 

Babiri (s). A sheep ; v. Biri. 

Babungan (j. wuwung). The ridge of a 
house-roof; the roof itself; v. Bum- 
bung, Bubungan. 

Bdchak. Stagnant rain water, a pool of 
stagnant rain water. 

Bachan. The island called in our maps 
Batchian, near Gillolo, in the Molucca 

Bachana. A cistern. 

Bachara (s). Consultation, deliberation, 
discussion, conference ; to consult, to 
deliberate, to discuss, to confer; coun- 
sel, advice ; opinion, judgment, notion ; 
talk, discourse, conversation ; to talk, 
to discourse, to converse ; speech, lan- 
guage ; to say, to speak ; cause, suit. 

Bacharakan. To advise, to counsel. 

Badai. To level plouglied land. 

Badai. To hit, to strike ; to snap. 

Badan, badan (a). The body, person; 
the trunk. 

Badawi (a). A Beduin ; a robber, a free- 
booter ; rude, boorish. 

Badat (a). Heresy, schism ; innovation. 

bAd— bAk 



Bddis (bat). Pot-bellied, swag-bellied. 

Bad-ak (j. wad'ak). A cosmetic powder. 

Bad'il (j). Any missile weapon ; fire- 
arms ; to shoot, to discharge fire-arms 
or other missiles. 

Bad-ilkan. To cannonade, to fire at with 
cannon or fire-ai-ms. 

BAd'ug (j). A kind of drum used to beat 
the watches ; a watch or division of 
time of about three hours. 

Bad-ung. To swaddle, to swathe. 

Bad-uwan (j. bad'aya). A public dancer 
and singer. 

Bdd'uwand'a. A pursuivant, a royal mes- 

Bagawan. A sage ; a king that abdicates 
his throne. 

Bdganda. Highness, majesty, a common 
term applied to royal personages. 

Bag-dad (a). The city of Bagdad. 

Bagir (a). Besides, except, unless. 

Bahan. A chip. 

Bahana. Noise, sound ; voice ; echo. 

Bahar (p). The bahar, a Persian weight, 
usually computed at 450 pounds avoir- 

BAhara. Firm, steady, stable ; ballasted ; 
intrepid, fearless. 

Bahari (p). Vernal, belonging to the 

Bahawa. Now, lo, behold .'—commonly 
employed as a particle of connexion, 
beginning a paragraph. 

Bahaya (s). Danger, risk, hazard,' peril ; 
V. Baya. 

Bahina. Force, power. 

Bdhor. A shoal or bank in a river. 

Baharai, bahari (p). Prudent, discreet, 
judicious; ingenious. 

Bahurma. Honourable, entitled to re- 
spect ; most probably a corruption of 
the Arabic compound bahiirmat. 

Bajak (bat). To knead. 

Ba,janah. A vase, a basin. 

Bakal. Stores, supplies, provisions. 

Bakalan, v. Bakal. 

Bakas (j). Mark, stamp, impression; 
mark, token ; sign, signal ; trace, track ; 
remains, relics. 

Bakas-kaki. Footmark, footstep, foot- 

Bakas-tangan. Signature; a gift, a pre- 

Bakas-tuboh. A gift, a friendly token. 

Bahasan. Mark, impression ; footstep ; 
trace, track. 

Bakak. To engender as cattle or fowls. 

Bakal (jav). A Javanese title of inferior 
grade, commonly given to the head- 
men of villages in the central districts 
of Java. 

B^kAm. Indentation in the flesh from 
compression; dent. 

Bilkar. Milk curdled by boiling; v. 

Bakar (a). A virgin. 

Bakas. A box, a vessel ; probably from 
the English "box." 

Biikat. Stuffed, much filled. 

Bakcha (t). A bag or scrip. 

Bfikisar (jav). Name of a hybrid between 
the common poultry and a species of 
Gallus, kept by the Javanese in their 
poultry -yards for its beauty. 

Bakti (s). Homage, obeisance ; duty, ser- 
vice ; homage, reverence ; a gift ; a 

Baku. Solid, not liquid, not fluid, con- 
gealed, coagulated. 

Bal (j). Name of a mountain in the dis- 
trict of Pranaraga, in Java. 

Bala. To help, to aid ; help, aid. 

Bala (a). Calamity, misfortune, evil. 

Balabas. Name of a kmd of silk fabric. 

Balabat. A foil, a wooden sword. 

Balacliau. Name of a condiment in ex- 
tensive use, made of pounded prawns 
and other small fish pickled ; the trasi 
of the Javanese. 

Balah (j). To slit, to cleave, to rend ; to 
hew iu two; split, cleft, rent; part, 
portion ; side, quarter ; v. Blah. 

Balah-balah. Split or cleft throughout, 
entirelv split. 

Balai. To dally, to fondle. 

Balajar (ajar). To learn, to take instruc- 
tion; V. Barajar. 

Balak. Veined or mottled as the grain 
of some woods. 

Balaka. All, the whole. 

Balakang. Back, hinder part of the body ; 
back, rear ; behind. It is most fre- 
quently combined with the preposi- 
tions di, ka, dari, and pada, when used 
ae a preposition or adverb. 

Balalai (j. talale). The trunk or pro- 
boscis of an elephant. 

Balalak (j. talalak). A film or blemish 
on the eye. 

Balalaug (j. walang). A grasshopper; a 
locust ; a cricket. 

Balalang. Name of a fish. 

Balanak. Name of a species of mullet. 

Balanda. Dutch, belonging to Holland. 

Balanja (j. blonja). Expense, cost, charge, 
expenditure, disbursement ; allowance, 
stated rate; wages, pay, hire; main- 
tenance, support, sustenance ; to ex- 
pend, to disburse. 

BAlanjakan. To expend, to disburse. 

Balantek. A kind of springe or trap for 
the tiger and other large animals; v. 

Balang (p). Pied, piebald, spotted. 

Balanga. A pot or pan. 

Balanggu (t). Fetters, shackles. 


[21 ] 


Balangkas. Name of a species of crab. 
Balas (j. wdlas). An aflfix to the digits, 

expressing the numbers from eleven 

to nineteen inclusive. 
Balas (j. walas). Grief, sorrow, affliction ; 

pity, compassion; tenderness, affection. 
Balat. A small kind of fishing weir ; the 

cane or bamboo lattice of a balcony. 
Balatik (j. galatik). Name of a bird, a 

species of finch usually called by us 

the Java sparrow, Fringilla oryzivora. 
Billatuk (j. platuk). The woodpecker ; 

V. Platuk. 
Balatuk-batu. Picus tristis, Horsfield. 
B^latuk-bawang. Pic^ Bengalensis. 
Balatuk-lalat. Picus analis. 
Balabat. A foil, a wooden sword. 
Balag^daba (jav). Name of an imagined 

lake of hot mud in the infernal regions. 
Balambang. A bundle, a truss. 
Balambang. A board or plank made 

from a palm-tree. 
Bahlmbangan. Name of an island on the 

north coast of Borneo. 
BcllAutara. A widerness. 
Ealanggvi (t). Fetters, shackles ; v. Ba- 

Balduwa (POR. veludo). Velvet. 
Bfile. A kind of fish weir or trap. 
Baleleng. Name of a principality of the 

island of Bali. 
Bali. To buy, to piirchase ; v. Bli. 
Bali, bala (a). Certainly, surely ; yes. 
Balibis (j. maliwis). Name of a species 

of teal, Dendrocygna arcuata, Cuv. 
Balikat (j. walikat). The scapula, the 

Bahku. Winding, circuitous, tortuous. 
Balimbing (j). A generic name for the 

aven-hoa or carambola fruit. 
Balimbing-basi. A verrh oa-balimbi. 
Balimbing-manis. Averrhoa carambola. 
Balirang (j. walirang). Sulphur, brim- 
Balisah. Sorrowful, afflicted, grieved; 

sorrow, gi-ief, affliction. 
Balit (j. bulit). To gird, to wind around, 

to entwist; to wind, to have a flexuous 

course ; a band, a bandage, a fillet. 
Baliya. Youthful, in the prime of life. 
Baliyung. A kind of axe or cleaver. 
Baliyung. Name of a tree. 
Balor. Flesh dried in the sun, the jerked 

beef of commerce. 
Balubur (bat). A granary. 
Baluk. Name of a kind of boat or barge. 
Balukar. Coppice, underwood. 
Balulang (j. walulang). A hide, skin, pelt. 
Balum. Not yet. 
Baium-lagi. Not as yet. 
Balumpai. Not yet, never; v. Balum- 


-parnah. Never, at no time. 

Balum-sakali. By no means; literally, 
" not yet once." 

Balum-sakarang. Not even now. 

Balumbang (bat). The swell of the sea. 

Balungkar. Name of a fish. 

Balur (p). Crystal. 

Balut. To wi-ap, to envelope. 

Balut (j. walut). An eel. 

Bambaran. Name of a kind of litter or 

Bamban. Name of a tree. 

Bambe (hin). Bombay. 

Bana (j). Inundation, flood, deluge. 

Bana (s). The bore or tidal wave, pro- 
bably the same word as the last. 

Banak. Dull, not quick of comprehen- 

Banak. Marrow; brain. 

Banam. To drive, as a nail with the 

Banau (t). A washer, a fuller. 

Bilnang (j). Thread, yarn. 

Banang. The name of a plant, Justicia 

Banang-raja. A rainbow. 

Banara. A washer, a bleacher ; v. Binara. 

Banasa (s). To destroy, to ruin ; to lay 
waste ; to spoil, to make useless ; ruin, 

Banasa-ati. To affect the heart, to melt 
the heart; literally, "to ruin the 

Banasakan ; v. tr. To ruin, to destroy. 

Banatang. A beast, an animal. 

Banawi (jav). A great river, as distin- 
guished from an ordinary river, or 
brook ; name of a particular river in 
the centre of Java, and the largest in 
the island. 

Banam (j). To roast in the embers or 

Banam (j). To sink, to founder. 

Banar (j). Straight, direct ; true, veri- 
table ; exact, correct, accurate ; just, 

Banar-banar. Truly, faithfully. 

Banarkan. To adjust, to make accurate ; 
to correct ; to approve, to like, to be 
pleased with. 

Banarlah. Truly, with truth. 

Banchah. To knead. 

Banchana (s). Injuiy, evil, mischief, 
harm ; pernicious, mischievous. 

Banchi. To hate, to detest ; hate, hatred ; 
grudge, malice. 

Banchat (j. banjut). Intumescence of the 
flesh from a blow without wound. 

Bandalu. Name of a bird. 

Bandan. Arable or cultivated land ; a 
cultivated field. 

Bandarang (bu). A party-coloured staff 
or lance borne in state before chiefs of 




Bandar, bandar (p). A sea-port, an em- 

Bandarsah, madrasah (a). A private cha- 
pel or mosque, but prof)erly an academy 
or college. 

BAudu (j). Anger, passion ; angry, wroth. 

Bandu (s). Friend, companion, associate. 

Bandung (j). To dam, to stem water by 
a dike or bank. 

BAndungan. A dam, a dike to stop water. 

Band 'a (j. bond'a). Property, goods, 
effects ; wealth, riches, treasure. 

Band-ara (s). Treasurer; title of the first 
minister in some of the Malay states. 

Band-;iari (s). A steward; a treasurer; 
a storekeeper ; a treasury. 

Bilud-e (j). Name of a small kind of gong. 

Baniaga. To trade, to traffic ; v. Barniaga. 

Bdnih. Seed of plants or animals. 

Baniug (J. auing). Clear, limijid, pellucid, 

Baningkan. To clear, to clarify. 

Bdntak. An idiomatic word used in the 
enumeration of certain objects, as 
rings and the like. 

Bantara. Title of a class of state officers, 
who act as heralds or marshals ; v. 

Bantigas. The arc of a trap or gin, con- 
sisting of a bow and arrow. 

Bantil. A pimple. 

Bantur (sun). To collide, to knock 

Bantus (j). To hit or strike against an 

Bant'ang (j. pant'ang). To stretch out, to 
expand ; to stretch on a cross, to 

Banudam. Affection, fondness. 

BAnuwa. A land, a country, a region. 

Banuwang. Name of a species of deer. 

Banyan (s). A scrip, a little bag for pro- 

B4nyan (s). A ti-ader, a shopkeeper. 

Bangai. The ear-ache ; v. Bangal. 

Bangal. The ear-ache ; v. Bangai. 

Bengal. To be stunned, made senseless 
by a blow. 

Bdngang. The venereal disease, Zucs 

Bangawan (jav). Name of a river in 
Java ; any great river ; v. Ba.nawi. 

Banggala (s). Bengal. 

BAngis. Choleric, irascible, passionate ; 
ciniel, hard, rigorous. 

Bangka. The island of Banca. 

Bangkak. Swollen ; tumid, puffed ; 
humped, gibbous. 

Bangkalis. The island called Bancalis, 
on the north-east coast of Sumatra. 

Bdngkang. Contradiction, verbal oppo- 

Bangkara (s). Name of a kind of prawn. 

Bilngkiiulu. Bencoolen, on the west coast 
of Sumatra. 

Bangkawan. A kind of lath used in 
thatching, and to which the palmetto 
leaves are attached. 

Bilngkeng. Wicked, vicious. 

Bangkit. To arise, to get up ; to arise, 
to mount, to ascend ; v. Bangkit. 

Bangkitkan. To raise, to lift. 

Bangkowang (j). Name of a species of 
farinaceous root. 

Bdngkudu. Name of a tree, the roots of 
which are used as a dye, MoHnda 

Bangkudu-badak. Name of a tree, Fagrea 

Bflngkudu-utan ; v. Fagrea morindcefoUa. 

Bangkung. A girdle, a waistband. 

Bangkungkung. Name of a fish. 

Bilparmata (parmata). Jewelled, orna- 
mented with jewels. 

Bar. An inseparable prefixed particle 
usually the sign of the neuter or in- 
transitive verb. 

Baraba (raba). To grope. 

Baraba-raba. To gi-ope frequently, to go 
on groping. 

Baradu (adu). To rest, to repose ; to sleep. 

Barad-ang. To lie in M'ait, to lie in 

Barad-ap (ad'ap). To appear before, be 
in the presence of. 

Barad'apan Being in the presence of, 
being confronted with. 

Baragama (agama). To have a religion, 
or faith. 

Barajar (ajar). To learn, to take instruc- 

Barahla (j). An image, an idol ; v. 

Baralah (alah). To be conquered, to be 

Baralahan. Being conquered, being over- 

Baralun (alun). To rise in waves, to 

Baramai (ramai). To be merry, to make 

Baramuk (amuk). To run a-muck. 

Baramuk-amukan. To run a-muck reci- 
procally and continuously. 

Baranak (auak). To bear a chihl ; to 
bring forth any offspring; to have 
children, to be a parent. 

Barand-a (por. varanda). A balcony, an 
open gallery. 

Barani (j. wani). To dare ; v. Brani. 

Barantara (antaraV To have an interval 
or space between ; to intervene, to 
come between. 

Barangan. Name of a tree. 

Barangan (j. warangan). Orpimcnt, j'el- 
low sulphuret of arsenic. 




Barangan-putih. White oxyde of arsenic. 
Baranggap (anggap), v. AnggAp. 
Baranggap-anggap, v. Anggap. 
Barangkat (angkat). To arise, to get up ; 

to depart ; to set out on a voyage or 

journey; to march as an army; to 

proceed on an expedition. 
Barapa (apa). How much or how many; 

much, many ; some. 
Bdrapat (rapat). To be close, to be near ; 

to be compact, to be clostdy connected. 
Barapit (apit). To be flanked, to be 

placed between two bodies ; to be 

pressed or squeezed between two 

Bararak (arak). To go in procession. 
Barasa (rasa). To feel, to perceive ; to 

be sensible, to be conscious. 
Barasap (asap). To smoke, to emit exha- 
Barasal (a«al). To be well-born, to be of 

good birth. 
Barati (ati). To be affected, to be touched 

in the feelings. 
Baratur (atur). To be arranged, to be in 

Baraturkan. To arrange, to put in order. 
B^ratus (ratus). To be by himdreds; 

by hundreds. 
Baraura (aura). To be negligent, to be 

Barawan (rawftn). To be ravished, to 

be delighted. 
Baramba (amba). To be a slave or ser- 
vant ; to serve, to attend on a master. 
Barambakan. To serve another; to do 

homage to. 
Bar^mbat-ambatan (ambat). Pursuing 

and pursued ; pursuing continuously. 
Bilramboran (ambor). Being strewn or 

Bilrambus (^mbus). To blow, to make a 

cuiTent of air. 
Bilrampir (ampir). To be near; to be 

bordering on. 
Barampiran. Being nigh, being border- 
ing on. 
Barantar (antar). To be sent, to be 

Barantarkan. To send, to transport ; to 

Baranti (anti). To stop, to cease; to 

stop, to halt ; to rest, to be quiet ; to 

remain, to dwell, to reside. 
Bar&ntikan. To stop, to arrest; to 

Baramal («mal). To labour, to do work. 
Barbagai (bagai). To be like, to be 

Barbahagai (bahagai). To be divided, to 

be shared, to be apportioned. 
Barbahagiya (bahagiya). To be fortunate, 

to be lucky ; lucky, fortunate, happy. 

Biirbahana (bahana). To sound, to emit 

a noise ; to speak, to utter words. 
Barbanjar (banjar). To be in rows, to 

be in ranks. 
Barbantal (bantal). To be cushioned or 

Barbantalkan. To cushion, to support 

with pillows. 
Barbangsa (bangsa). To be noble, to be 

of noble birth; noble, well-born, of 

noble birth. 
Barbakti (bakti). To serve, to perform 

a duty to a superior. 
Barband-a (banda). To be rich, to be 

opulent ; rich, opulent. 
Barbar (a). Barbaiy in northern Africa. 
Barbari. Belonging to Barbary. 
Barbasar (basar). To be great ; to swell, 

to be elated. 
Barbasar-ati. Elated, arrogant. 
Birbasarkan. To enlarge. 
Barbasarkan-d'iri. To swell or raise one- 
self to ai-rogance. 
Bdrb4tis (bcltis). To lie in a position to 

have one's legs close to each other. 
Barbatulan (Isatul). Being right, being 

straight, being in a direct line. 
Barbatulkan. To put straight, to rectify, 

to put right. 
Barbeda (beda). To differ, to be distinct 

from, to be separate. 
Barbini (bini). To have a wife, to be 

Barbudi (budi). To be ^vise ; to be dis- 
creet; wise, discreet, prudent. 
Barbuhi (buhi). To froth. 
Barbunga (bunga). To flower, to bloom, 

to blow, to blossom ; flowering, blos- 
B.arbungkus (bungkus). To be enveloped, 

to be wrapped up. 
Barbungkuskan. To envelop, to wrap 

Birbuta (buta). To be blind ; blind. 
Barbutakan. To blind, to make blind ; 

to blind, to hoodwink. 
Barbuwah (buwah). To bear fruit ; to be 

in fruit. 
Barchap (chap). To be sealed; to be 

Barchapkan. To seal ; to stamp, to mark. 
Barchat (chat). To be painted, to be 

imbued with paint. 
Barchala (chala). To be blemished ; ble- 
mished ; blameable, reprehensible. 
Barcharai (charai). To be separated, to 

be parted ; to be divorced ; separated, 

parted; divorced. 
Barchidra (chidra). To disagree, to be 

at variance ; disagreeing. 
Barchinta (chinta). To be anxious, to be 

solicitous ; anxious, solicitous. 
Bardagang (dagang). To trade, to traffic. 


[24 ] 


Birdamai (damai). To rest, to be quiet ; 

to be at peace. 
B^rdamaikan. To still, to quiet ; to 

Bardampar (dampar). To be stranded, 

to be cast ashore ; stranded, cast 

Bardamparan. Being stranded. 
Bardamping (damping). To be near, to 

be nigh ; to be nearly related by con- 
Bdrdiiulu (daulu). To be first, to be 

Bardaya (daya). To be cheated, to be 

deceived, to be defrauded. 
BArdabar (dabar). To palpitate, to beat 

at the heart. 
Bdrdawa (dawa). To litigate, to carry on 

a law suit. 
Bardesa (desa). To have laud, to be 

endowed with land. 
Barjaga (jaga). To watch ; to feast, to 

Barjangkit (jangkit). To spread as fire 

or infectious disease. 
Barjangkitan. Sjireading like fire or in- 
fectious disease. 
Barjanaka (janaka). To sport, to frolic ; 

to jest. 
Barjantra (jantra). To revolve as the 

wheels of a machine. 
B4rjauhan (jauh). Being far, being dis- 
tant, being remote. 
Barjaya (jaya). To be victorious. 
Bdrjinakan (jinak). To tame; to domes- 
ticate ; to break in. 
B4rjod'o (jod'o). To be matched ; to be 

Barjod'okan. To match ; to put in pairs. 
Barkiiandak (kaandak). To be desirous, 

to be wishing, to be longing. 
Barkawal (kawal). To keep guard, to 

Barkawan (kawan). To be in troops or 

flocks ; to associate. 
B&rkakal (kakal). To be firm, to be 

Bdrkakalan. Firm, steadfast ; eternal. 
Barkalahi (kalahi). To fight, to contest ; 

to quarrel, to wrangle, to brawl. 
Barkalat (kdlat). Being corded, being 

tied with a cord. 
Bilrkambang (kambang). To blow, to 

bloom ; to expand, to spread out. 
Barkambangau. Blowing, blossoming ; 

expanding, spreading out. 
Barkambar (kambar). To be matched. 
BArkambari. To match, to suit. 
Barkdn&n. To like, to approve. 
Barkas. A fagot ; a bundle. 
Bark8,skS,n. To fagot ; to bimdle. 
Barkat (a), A blessing. 
B/lrkibar (kibar). To flutter, to vibrate. 

BArkibaran. Fluttering, vibrating. 
Barkuda (kuda). To horse, to ride on a 

horse ; to be on horseback ; to own a 

horse or horses. 
Bilrkumpil (kumpil). To be alongside of. 
Barkumpul (kumpul). To be heaped, to 

be accumulated ; to assemble, to meet 

BS-rkuwasa (kuwasa). To be endowed 

with power. 
Barkuwasiian. Being endowed with 

Barlabuh (labuh). To be let drop or fall ; 

to anchor, to cast auchor. 
Barlaki (laki). To wed a husband ; to 

have a husband. 
Barlakikan. To take a husband ; to wed 

to a husband. 
Barlaku (laku). To proceed, to go on ; 

to pass, to be current. 
B;'irlambat (lambat). To delay, to dally. 
Barlambatan. Delaj'ing, dallying. 
Barlar'ian (lari). Running away, fleeing, 

fleeing in disorder. 
Barlarikau. To run away with, to carry 

Barlayar (layar). To sail, to pass by 

Barlayin (layin). To differ, to vary; to 

be estranged. 
Barlabih (labih). To be more, to increase. 
Barlabihan. Increasing, multiplying, aug- 
Barlabihkan. To augment, to multiply. 
Barlalah (lalah). To be listless, to be 

Barlangkap (langkAp). To be full, to be 

complete ; to be ready, to be pi'epared. 
B^rlangung (laugung). To be sad, to be 

pensive, to be thoughtful. 
Barlindung (lindung). To be shaded ; to 

be sheltered; to be hidden or con- 
cealed ; to be shielded or protected ; 

to take refuge. 
Barlindungan. Being shaded ; being 

sheltered ; being protected. 
Barlindungkan. To shade ; to shelter ; to 

Barlipur (lipur). To be soothed, to be 

comforted, to be consoled. 
Barlipurkan. To soothe, to comfort, to 

Barlompat (lompat). To jump, to leap, 

to spring, to bound ; to skip ; to hop. 
Barlompatau. Jumping, leaping, bound- 
Barlompatkan. To cause to leap, jump, 

or bound. 
Barluda (luda). To spit, to emit saliva. 
Barlumut (lumut). To be covered with 

Barluroh (lurch). To fall, to drop, to 





Barlurohan. Falling, dropping, shedding. 
Bai-ma. The country of the Bii-mese; 

belonging to the country of the Bir- 

Barmalam (malam). To pass the night 

at a particular place ; benighted, over- 
taken by night. 
Barmalu (malu). To be ashamed ; to 

be bashful ; to be modest ; ashamed ; 

bashful ; modest. 
Barmara (mara). Calamitous, disastrous. 
Barmas (mas). Golden ; imbued with 

gold; gilt. 
Bdrmasuk-masukdn. To enter or go in 

Barmayin (mayin). To play, to sport; 

to frolick ; to play, to gamble. 
Barmayin-mayiuan. Playing or sporting 

Bdrmega (mega). To be cloudy ; cloudy, 

overcast with clouds. 
BaiTQohun (mohun). To ask leave, to ask 

permission ; to take leave at parting. 
Barmuka (muka). To be in face of, to be 

in front of. 
Barmukah (mukah). To commit forni- 
cation or adultery. 
Barnama (nama). To be named, to be 

called ; to be titled, to be indued with 

a title ; to be renowned, to be famous. 
Barnamakan. To name, to call ; to be- 
stow a title. 
Barnang. To swim, to pass through the 

water as an animal by swimming. 
Bamiyaga (s). To trade, to traflBc. 
Barniyagiian. Trade, traffic. 
Barnaiii (nani). To sing, to chant. 
Barnawa (iiawa). To be alive, to have 

Barombai (ombai). To be fringed, to be 

tasseled ; fringed, tasseled. 
Bdrombak (ombak). To rise in waves, 

or billows ; to undulate. 
Baroti. The rafters of a house. 
Barpad'an (pad 'an). To match, to suit, to 

Barpagdr (pagar). To be railed or fenced; 

railed, fenced. 
Barpakai (pakai). To be clothed ; to be 

dressed ; to be invested. 
Barpakaikan. To clothe ; to dress ; to 

Barpakaan. Being clothed; being dressed ; 

being invested. 
Birpanchar (panchar). To spout, to gush, 

to stream out. 
B3,rpanchai'an. Gushing, spouting. 
B^rpanchur : v. Barpanchai-. 
Barpanchuran ; v. Barpancharan. 
Barpanjang (panjang). To be long, to be 

extended lengthwise. 
Barpanjaugan. Lengthening out, ex- 
tending in length. 

Barpanjangk4n. To lengthen, to make 

Barpantun (pantun). To compose or 

repeat pantuns or enigmas. 
Barpatut (patut). To fit, to be suitable ; 

to be becoming. 
Barpatutan. Fitting, suitable, becoming. 
Barpayung (payung). Furnished with an 

umbrella ; shaded by an umbrella ; 

entitled to use an umbrella. 
Barpalantiug (palantiug). To be lying 

scattered about. 
Barpaluh (paluh). To sweat, to per- 
Barpasan (pasan). To be charged, to be 

Barpasankan. To charge, to commission. 
Bilrpatamh (patai-uh). To be deposited, 

to be staked ; to be given in charge. 
Barpataruhan. Depositing, staking ; 

giving in charge. 
Bilrpintu (pintu). To be furnished with 

a door or gate ; to be closed by a door 

or gate. 
Barprang (prang). To war, to carry on 

war ; to engage, to give battle ; to 

fight, to combat. 
Barprau (prau). To travel by boat or 

ship ; having a boat or ship. 
Barpri (pri). To be stated, to be repre- 
sented circumstantially. 
Barprikan. To state, to circumstantiate. 
Barpukas (pukas). To express wishes. 
Barpuluh (puluh). To exist by tens; 

by tens. 
Biirpusing (pusiug). To revolve, to turn 

Barpusing-pusing. To revolve frequentlj'. 
Barputih (putih). To be white ; to be in 

the germ as fruit on the tree. 
Barputra (putra). To bear a son ; to 

bear childi-en ; to have children, to be 

a parent. 
Barputus (putus). To break ; to snap ; 

to be ended, to be terminated, to be 

concluded ; to be decided ; to be ad- 
Barputusan. Being broken ; being in- 
Barputusk9,n. To break ; to snap ; to 

terminate ; to decide ; to adjudge. 
Barsa (sa). To be one ; to be united. 
Barsalah (salah). To be wrong, to err; 

to mistake ; to be guilty ; to differ, to 

disagree with. 
Bdrsalin (salin). To change, to be 

changed ; to be transfen-ed ; to be 

translated ; to be delivered of a child. 
Barsama (sama). To be equal, to be 

alike ; to go together. 
Bdrsama-sama. To be together. 
Barsama-samJian. Putting in comparison 

with, equalling to. 




Bdrsatru (satm). To have an enemy, to 

be in enmitj' wdth ; inimical, hostile. 
Barsiiutan (siiut). Responsive, corre- 
Barsakar (sakar). To be flowered; to 

have a flowered pattern. 
Barsaksi (saksi). To bear witness, to 

Barsambuiii (sarabiiiii). To be hidden, 

to be concealed; to be secret, to be 

Barsdmbunikan. To hide, to conceal ; to 

make secret. 
Barsaudi (sandi). To be jointed, to be 

Barsandir (sdndir). To rally, to flout, to 

Bars4njata (silnjata). To be armed. 
Barsapit (sapit). To have claws as a 

crab ; to be pronged ; to fork. 
Bdrsai-ta (sarta). To be along with; to 

Barsigra (sigra). To speed, to haste. 
Barsik (j). Clean, pure. 
Bai-sikan. To cleanse ; to purify. 
Barsikut (sikut). To be pinioned, to have 

the arms bound to the side. 
Barsimpul (simpul). To be knotted, to 

be tied in a knot. 
Birsin. A cold, a catarrh, a rheum. 
Barsinar (sinar). To beam, to shine. 
Barsri (sri). To be brilliant, to be 

Barsri-sri. To be very brilliant. 
Barsru (sru). To call aloud, to bawl, to 

Bdrsru-sru. To call aloud fi-equently. 
Bdrsrukan. To proclaim aloud. 
BArsuka (suka). To rejoice, to be glad, 

to exult. 
Barsukakan. To rejoice, to gladden. 
Bilrsuka-sukiian. Rejoicing, making glad. 
Barsumpa (sumpa). To swear; to take 

an oath ; to be under an imjjrecation 

or malediction. 
Barsumpakan. To swear, to administer 

an oath ; to imprecate. 
Barsunting (suntiug). To wear an orna- 
ment of flowers behind the cars. 
Barsungguh (sungguh). To be true. 
Bdrsungguh-simgguh. Truly, faithfully; 

justly, exactly. 
Barsungul (sungul). To murmur, to 

Barsungulk.ln. To murmur at. 
Barsungut (sungut). To be mustachioed. 
B3,rsurak (surak). To shout. 
Barsuruh (auruh). To be ordered, to bo 

Barausah (susah). To be troubled, to 

be uneasy ; to bo grieved. 
Barsusu (susu). To yield milk. 
Barsusim (susun). To be in rows or 

layers ; to be stratified ; to be double 
as some cultivated plants. 

Bilrsusup (susup). To be thrust between, 
to be interposed. 

Barsuwaka (suwaka). To be under the 
protection of another, to be in a state 
of clientship. 

BArsuwami (suwami). To have a lord or 
master ; to have a husband. 

BarsuwamikAn. To wed to a husband. 

Barsuwara (suwara). To emit a sound ; 
to speak, to utter words. 

Barsuwatu (suwatu). To be one ; to bo 

Bartah-bruwang. Name of a plant. 

Rartagar (tagar). To thunder. 

Bartambah (tambah). To increase ; to 
grow more. 

Bartambah-tambah. To increase more 
and more ; over and above ; abun- 

Bartampar (tampar). To be slapped with 
the palm of the hand. 

Bartampar-tampar. To be slapped fre- 
quently with the palm of the hand. 

Bartauduk (tanduk). To be horned, to 
have horns. 

Bai-tand'a (tand'a). To be marked, to be 
impressed with a mark. 

Bartand'a-tand'a. To have repeated 
marks ; to make repeated signs or sig- 

Bartanggung (tanggung). To be laden, 
to be burthened, to be charged. 

Bartanggung-tanggungan. Being laden, 
being burthened, being charged. 

Bartangkap (tangkap). To be seized, to 
be caught. 

Bartangkap-tangkapan. Seizing and grap- 
pling reciprocally and frequently. 

Bilrtaiia (taiia). To inquire, to ask ques- 

Bartaiiakan. To question, to ask, to in- 

Bartapa (tapa). To perform ascetic pen- 
ance ; to retire to religious seclusion. 

Barbara (tara). To be equal, to be 
matched, to be of equal value. 

Bartaruh (taruh). To be placed, to be 
deposited ; to offer a wager, to offer to 

Bartaruhkiin. To place, to deposit ; to 
bet, to stake. 

Bilrtas. To burst, to break open. 

Bartatah (tatah). To be chiseled, to be 

Bartatahkan. To chisel, to chase. 

Bartaguh (taguh). To be firm, to be 
steady ; to be confirmed, to be assured. 

Bilrtilguhan. Being firm, being steady, 
being steadfast; being assured, being 

Biirtiilur (talur). To lay eggs. 




Bartalut (talut). To kneel, to go on the 

Bartaman (tamdn). To associate, to be 
in companionship; to confederate, to 
be in alliance. 

Bartantu (tantu). To be certain, to be 
assured ; to be fixed, to be settled. 

Bartanggiih (tangguh). To tarry, to 

Bartitngguhkdn. To delay, to defer. 

Bartariyak (tariyak). To cry aloud, to 
vociferate ; to vociferate a complaint. 

Barten. To parch, to dress food by 

Bartidor (tidor). To sleep. 

Bartikam (tikam). To stab, to make a 
wound by stabbing ; to be pricked ; to 
fight, to combat. 

Bartikam -tikaman. Stabbing recipro- 
cally and frequently. 

Bartmibalan (timbal). Being opposite to 
each other ; being balanced, being equi- 
poised ; being equal to, being on an 
equality with. 

Bartimbang (timbang). To be balanced, 
to be weighed in a balance ; to be esti- 
mated ; to be compared. 

Bartimbangan. Being balanced ; being 
weighed ; being estimated ; being com- 

Biirtinjuk (tinjuk). To be cufi'ed, to be 
boxed with the fist. 

Bartinjukan. To cuff, to box with the 

Bartuh. To burst with violence. 

Bartukar (tukar). To be exchanged, to 
be bartered. 

Bartumpu (tumpu). To have a footing, 
to have a resting-place for the feet. 

Bartunang (tunang). To be affianced or 

Bartunangan. Being afiianced or be- 

Barturut (turut). To follow. 

B4rturut-turut. To follow in succession, 
to follow consecutively; successively, 

Bartutup (tutup). To be closed, to be 

Bartutupkan. To close, to shut, to en- 

Bartutur (tutur). To talk, to converse ; 
to tell, to recount, to relate, to nan-ate. 

Bartuwah (tuwah). To be ripe or mature 
in sense ; charmed, invulnerable ; v. 

Bartuwan (tuwan). To have a lord or 
master; to have an owner, to be 

Barubung (ubung). To be linked, to be 
connected, to be joined, to be united. 

Bftruchi. Name of a kind of cloth of 
cotton and silk mixed. 

BAi-ukir (ukir). To be carved or graved. 

Barulang (ulang). To iterate, to repeat. 

Barulat (ulat). To face, to confront. 

Barulih (ulih). To get, to arrive at ; to 
be found, to be procured. 

Barulihkan. To get, to i^rocure, to ob- 

Bdnimah (rumah). To possess a house 
or dwellmg ; to dwell, to reside. 

Barundur (undur). To fall back, to re- 
cede, to retire ; to withdraw. 

Barunjam (unjam). To be stuck in ; to 
be planted. 

Bai-upas (upas). To be imbued with 

Barura (ui-a). To be diffused, to be widely 

Bflrusaha (usaha). To toil, to labour. 

Barutang (utang). To owe, to be in- 

Barwayang (wayang). To act the drama. 

Basa. Because, for this reason. 

Basar. Great, big, large ; gi-eat, of high 
rank; big, grown up; bigness, size, 

Basar-basar. Veiy big, very great. 

Basarkan. To make big ; to enlarge, to 
increase in size ; to magnify. 

Basarkan-d'iri. To enlarge one's own 
bulk ; to vaunt, to boast. 

Basarta (sarta). To accompany; toge- 
thei', not apart ; v. Bdrsarta. 

Basi (j. wasi). Iron. 

Basi-bi-ani (j). The magnet. 

Basisi. Name of a \vild tribe of the 
Malay peninsula. 

Basmallah (a). In the name of God. 

Basnu (s). The Hindu god Vishnu. 

Bastari (s). Well-bred, mannerly, polite, 

Batah. Convalescent, recovered from 

Batapa (apa). Wherefore, for what rea- 
son ; what ; bow ; however ; as, like, 
according to. 

Batawi. Batavia, in Java. 

Batina. Female, applied to the lower 

Bating. A sandbank in water, a flat, a 

Batis (j. wantis). The leg from the knee 
to the ankle. 

Batul. Straight, not crooked; true, 
exact, correct; right, true, not erro- 
neous ; right, just, upright. 

Batul-batul. Undoubtedly, indubitably. 

Batuli, V. tr. To aim, to take a direct 
aim at. 

Batalkau. To rectify, to make right, to 

Batuwah (tuwah). To be charmed, to 
be invulnerable. 

Bad (a). After, afterwards. 




Badhii. After that, then. 

Bebaa (j). Free, unrestrained; license, 
liberty, permission. 

Bebek. A goat. 

Bebek (j). The domestic duck. 

Beda (s). Different ; distinct, separate ; 
V. Bida, 

Bedakan. To separate ; to distinguish ; 
to make a difference. 

Begal (jAv). To rob ou the highway; a 

Belikan. An affirmative adverb, — yes, it 
is ; yea. 

Behna. Indifferent, regardless ; indiffer- 
ence, unconcernedness. 

Behrak. To dung, to evacuate the 

Behrakan. To void an object by stool. 

Beka. Obscenity ; indecent, indelicate ; 

Bekang. Name of a sort of cake; v. 

Beki (bayiki). To mend, to repair; an 
abbreviation of bayikki, "to make 

Bekin (bat). To do, to make. 

Bela (j). To requite, to retaliate; re- 
quital, retaliation; retribution; visita- 
tion, chastisement ; self-sacrifice on the 
funeral pile of a lord or husband, con- 
cremation; to make such a sacx-ifice; 
expiation, atonement. 

Bela. To guard, to watch, to look after ; 
to aid, to assist. This word is pro- 
bably the same as the last. 

Beluk. To sail ou a wind, to beat to 
windward, to tack. 

Belut. To bend without recovering its 
shape, like the blade of an ill-tempered 
weajjou ; perfidy ; perfidious ; sedition. 

Benjing (jav). To-morrow ; the future. 

Beuteng (j. beteng). A battery, a re- 
doubt ; a rampart ; military trenches. 

Bengkang. A sort of thin I'ice cake ; v. 

Beugkok (j. bengkong). Crooked, curved ; 
crooked, deformed, crippled. 

Bengkong (j). To contradict; contra- 

Bepari (s). A merchant. 

Beraki. To dung ; v. Behrak. 

Beram. An elephant. This is probably 
the native name, which the Sanskrit 
gajah has nearly superseded ; v. Biram. 

Berang. Angry, wroth, enraged ; anger, 

Beras. The relationship between persons 
married to brothers or sisters ; v. Biran, 

Besan. The relationship between per- 
sons whose cliildreu intermarry. 

Besuk (j). To-morrow ; tlie future. 

Beta. A slave; a servant ; a pronoun of 
the fii-st person in addressing a superior. 

Beta-parwara. Waiting - maids, hand- 
Bewak. A generic name for the Iguana 

Bewak-gabok. Name of an Iguana. 
Bewak-saruuai. Name of an Iguana. 
Bewak-tambaga. Name of an Iguana. 
Beya (s). A cowrie shell. 
Beya (s). Impost, toll, duty, custom. 
Beyak. Prolific, having many young. 
Bibi. Maternal aunt, younger than a 

Bibir. The lips ; edge, brink, margin, 

Bibiran. Brink, brim, margin. 
Babisana (s). Name of a brother of lla- 

wana, in the Ramayana. 
Bibit (j). Seed ; sperm. 
Bida (s). Different, distinct; v. Beda. 
Bidai. Split rattans for making mats, 

screens, and blinds. 
Bidak (j. a common person, a plebeian). 

A pawn at chess. 
Bidan. A midwife. 
Bidaug. Spreading, spacious; an idiomatic 

term in counting certain objects, as 

sails, hides, cajaus for thatching, &c., 

Bidara (j. widara). Name of an esculent 

fruit, Zizipkus jujuba. 
Bidara-lahut. Name of a plant. 
Bidara-pahit. Name of a plant. 
Bidata. Name of a plant, Sonneratia 

Bidor. A slab of tin, of which 40 make a 

Biduk. A kind of large trading boat 

used on the western coast of Sumatra. 
Biduri (s). The opal. 
Biduri. Name of a plant. 
Bidyadari (s). A celestial nymph, a 

Bijak. Prudent, cautious, circumspect, 
discreet, considerate. 

Bijaksana (s). Wise ; expert, skilful ; 
penetrating, sagacious. 

Bijen (j. wijen). Tlie sesame plant, Sesa- 
mum indicuiti. 

Biji (s). The seed of a plant; an idiomatic 
term used in counting certain objects, 
as fruits, eggs, gems, &c. 

Biji-mata. The eyeball. 

Biku (j. wiku). A sage, a man of learn- 

Bila. Name of a place ou the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Bila (s). Time, point of time ; when, at 
tlie time that. 

Bilah (j. wilah). The blade of a weapon; 
an idiomatic term used in counting 
certain objects, as boards, swords, 
daggers, knives, &c. ; probably taken 
from the next word. 




Bilah (j). A pale, a stake ; a chip ; a 

Bilak. Name of a fniit-tree, Crateva 

mamielon; v. Maja. 
Bilamaua ("bila and mana). WTien, at the 

time when ; when, at what time. 
Bilan (bat). To spin. 
Bilaug (J. wilang). To count, to reckon, 

to number ; to tell, to relate ; to say, to 

speak ; numeration ; time, reckoning ; 

hour, appointed time. 
Bilangan. Account, count, reckoning; 

narration, relation. 
Bilang-bilangan. Name of an island on 

the southern coast of Borneo. 
Bilas. Blear-eyed. 

Bilik. A chamber, an apartment, a room. 
Baliyu. A term of respect in addressing 

a superior. 
Biliyung. A kind of axe or hatchet. 
Bima. The country of Bima in Sum- 

bawa, frequently called by the Javanese, 

Bima (s). A son of Pandu and Dewa 

Kimti, one of the five Pandus in the 

war of the Mahabarat. 
Bimauu (s). Name of a son of Arjuna, 

and one of the heroes of the Mahabarat. 
Bimasakti (s). The milky way. 
Bimbang. Anxiety, solicitude; anxious, 

solicitous, uneasy ; perplexed ; incon- 
stant, fickle. 
Bimbang (he). A public festival. 
Bimbangan. An amour, a love affair. 
Biuara. To beat, to thrash ; a washer, a 

bleacher, a fuller. 
Bini. A wife. 
Binjai. Name of a fnxit. 
Binong. Name of a plant, Bucida nitida. 
Bintang (j. lintang, and wintang). A 

star ; a comstellation. 
Bintang-babL The morning or evening 

star ; literally, '■ hog star." 
Bintang-barikur. A comet ; that is, " a 

tailed star." 
Bintang-timur. Literally "Eastern star;" 

V. Bintang-babi. 
Bintang-utara. The north pole star. 
Bintanggur. Name of a tree, Calophyllum 

inophyllum; v. Bitangur. 
Bintan-basar. Name of a tree, Cerbera 

Bintan-kdchil. Name of a tree, Cerbera 

Bintan. Inflammation. 
Bintan. The island of Bintang, at the 

eastern entrance of the Straits of Ma- 
Binteh. Name of a game. 
Biutil. A blain, a pimple, a blister, a 

Bintil (j. pantil). The nipple of the 


Bintulu. Name of a river, and Malay 

settlement on the north-eastern coast 

of Borneo. 
Bintuning. Name of a quadruped of the 

family of the Mustelidce, Ictides uter of 

Bingai. The ear-ache. 
Bingal. Stubborn, obstinate, disobedient, 

Bingis (j. bangis). Choleric, passionate, 

Bingkai. Rim, border ; circle, compass. 
Bingkarong. Name of a large species of 

Biugkis. A gift, a present. 
Bingkisan, v. Bingkis. 
Biugung (j). Confused, puzzled, em- 
Bir. To suffer, to permit, to let, to allow. 
Birah. - Name of a genus of plants, 

A rum. 
Birah-ayar. Arum ovalum. 
Birah-kachil. A rum trilobatum. 
Birah-kaladi- Arum colocasium. 
Birah-utan. A rum sagittifolium. 
Birahi. To love, to be enamoured of; to 

be iu love ; love, the sexual passion ; 

love, affection ; fond, amorous ; enrapt, 

BiraL The deck of a vessel. 
Biram. An elephant ; v. Beram. 
Biras. Related by marriage ; v. Beras. 
Bii-i. Side, flank ; border, margin. 
Biri (s). A sheep. 
Biri-bh-i (s). A sheep. 
Biri-biri. Name of a bird. 
Biri-biri. A charger, a courser, a steed. 
Biru (j). Azui-e, light blue. 
Biru-lahut (j). Name of a bird, a wader, 

Limosa raelanura. 
Biruga (re). The jungle fowl, 
Birurung. Name of a genus of plants, 

Birunmg-itam. Melastoma malabathrica. 
Birurung-merah. Melastoma aspera. 
Bisa (JAV) . To be able, to have the power, 

to bo capable; to be experienced; to 

be expert ; able, capable ; experienced ; 

expert ; cunning, skilful, knowing ; v. 

Bisa (s). Poison, venom. 
Bisai. Handsome, beautiful ; pretty, neat. 
Bisaya. Name of one of the principal 

nations of the Philippine islands. 
Bisaya. Name of a wild tribe on the 

north-eastern coast of Borneo. 
Bisi. Stnmipet ; commonly used as a 

term of abuse. 
Bisi. Tempest-driven; driven by a storm ; 

V. Biyas. 
Bisik. To whisper. 

Bisikkan (bisi). To abuse, to apply re- 
proachful language. 




Bising. Clamour, confused noise. 
Bisma (s). The name of the commander 
of the army of the Kurawa in the war 
of the Mahabai-at. 
Bisnu (s). Vishnu, the Hindu god, the 

preserver ; v. Basnu. 
Bisu (j). Dumb, mute. 
Bisuki (JAv). Fortunate, auspicious; 
name of a province towards the eastern 
part of Java. 
Bisul. A boil, a blotch, a pimple. 
Bita. Verse, song. 
Bita. Easy. 
Bitangur. Name of a tree, Calophyllum 

inophylluvi ; v. Bintangur. 
Bitik. Name of a species of parrot. 
Biyajak, or Biyajuk. Name of a wild race 

on the western coast of Borneo. 
Biya (s). Expenses, expenditure, disbui"se- 

ment ; living, livelihood. 
Biyada (j). A woman; effeminate, wo- 
Biyakan. To expend, to disburse, 
Biyang (jav). Mother, dam. 
Biyang-lalar (bat). A rainbow ; literally, 

" mother of flies." 
Biyapari (s). A merchant, a trader ; v. 

Biyas. The diurnal course of the sun ; 

tempest-driven, as a ship ; v. Bisi. 
Biyasa. To be used, to be accustomed, 
to be wont ; accustomed, wont, habit- 
uated ; customary, usual, wonted ; v. 
Biyawak (j. manawak). The Iguana lizard ; 

V. Bewak. 
Biyaya (s). Expenses ; v. Biya. 
Biyar. To let, to suffer, to permit ; v. Bii\ 
Biyola (por. violina). A violin, a fiddle. 
Biyus (p. behos'). Insensible, in a stato 

of stupor, stupified. 
Blah. To split ; v. Baiah. 
Blambangan (j). Name of the most 

easterly province of Java, 

Blambangan. Name of an island on the 

northern coast of Borneo, once a 

British settlement. 

Blandong (jav). A woodcutter, a forester. 

Blandongan (jav). A place where useful 

timber is cut. 
Blanja (j). Expense, disbursement; v. 

Blantek. A tiger trap ; v. Balantek. 
Blara (jav). Name of a province in the 
eastern part of Java, usually pro- 
nounced Bloro. 
Bias (j. walas). An insepiu-able affix to 
the units in forming the numbers be- 
tween eleven and nineteen inclusive, 
and equivalent to the English "teen;" 
V. Bill as. 
Blengket (jav). Fastened, joined, linked 
close, united. 

Bli. To buy, to purchase ; v. Bali. 

Blilu (JAV). Foolish, sillj'. 

Blimbing. Name of a genus of plants, 

Averrhoa ; v. Balimbing. 
Blimbing-basi. A verrhoa blimbi. 
Blimbing-manis. A verrhoa caramhola. 
Blimbing-panjuru ; v. Blimbing-bflsi. 
Blitang. Name of a place on the western 

coast of Sumatra. 
Blitung. The island called in the maps 

Billeton, in the Java sea. 
Bloutas. Name of a plant, Pluchcea indica. 
Bochah (jav). Lad or girl. 
Bochor (j). To leak ; to blab ; to babble ; 

leaking; babbling; blabbing. 
Bod'o (j). Silly, foolish, simple, witless, 

stupid ; rude, clownish. 
Bogor (jav). a mat. 
Bogor (jav). Name of a Sunda district 

in Java. 
Boh. A mattress, a bedding ; v. Bah. 
Bohung. To lie, to utter a falsehood; 
lying, false ; a lie, a falsehood ; a fib ; 
a fiction, a figment. 
Bok (jav). Mother ; dame, lady. 
Bokcha (t). A bag, a scrip, a wallet. 
Bokor (j). A bowl, a bason. 
Bolak. Falsehood, fib ; prevarication, 

Bolo. Name of a place on the northern 

coast of Celebes. 
Bomantara (s). The firmament, the space 

between earth and heaven. 
Bomastra (j). The heaven of celestial 

Bomba (por). A pump. 
Bomo (jav). a practitioner of the me- 
dical art, a physician. 
Bonda. Mother. 
Boui (bu). Name of a Bugis principality 

in Celebes. 
Bonirati. Name of a small island to the 
south of Celebes, inhabited by an enter- 
prising Bugis colony. 
Bongga (jav). Disobedient, refractory. 
Bongkok (sun). Hump, hunch. 
Bongkak. Proud, haughty. 
Bongkar (son). To up-lift, to up-heave ; 

to up-root ; v. Bungkar. 
Bongsu. Youngest child, last born child 

of a family. 
Bopati (s). Title of the highest class of 

nobles in Java. 
Bopiu (bat). Pock-pitted. 
Borak (a). Name of the ass in the 
Koran, rode by Mahomet from Jeru- 
salem to Paradise. 
Borang (j). A caltrop. 
Borobodo (jav). Name of the i-uin of a 
splendid temple of Buddha, situated in 
the province of Cadoe in Java. 
Borong (j). General, in the lump ; 
wholesale ; to forestal ; to monopolise. 




Boros (j). Prodigal, profuse, extravagant, 
wasteful, lavish. 

Bosan (j). Satiated, glutted, palled; to 
irk, to weary of; avei-sion, disgust, 

Bosor. Greedy. 

Botoh (jAv). To gamble ; a gamester. 

Botrawi (jav). A reservoir of water. 

Bowar. A kind of fishing-rod. 

Boyong (jav). To be made captive, to be 
taken prisoner ; to flit, to migrate. 

Boyongan (jav.) A captive, a prisoner ; 

Bra. Pain from sympathy of a nerve 
with a remote part of the body. 

Bralak (sun). A white star in a horse's 

Brama (s). The Hindu god Brama. 

Brama (s). Name of one of the highest 
of the mountains of Java, with an 
active volcano. 

Bramaua (s). A Bramin. 

Brama-sukma (s). Name of a king re- 
nowned in Javanese stoiy, whose king- 
dom is called Barat-maj \va, supposed 
to be in continental India. 

Brambanan (jav). Name of a place in 
Java, situated in the central province 
of Pajaug, containing many fine remains 
of Hindoo temples ; v. Prambanan. 

Bramban (j). An onion. Allium cepa. 

Brambau-utan. Name of a plant, Pan- 
cratium zeylanicum. 

Brahala (j). An image, an idol; v. 

Brani (j. wani). To dare ; to venture, 
to risk ; to be able, can ; daring, 
courageous, bold, intrepid ; courage, 
daring, bravery, intrepidity. 

Brangsang. To provoke, to excite, to 
stimulate ; a stimulant, a provocative. 

Brapa (apa). How many, how much ; v. 

Brapat. Name of a tree, a species of 
mangrove, Rhizophora cascolaris. 

Bi-as (j. uwos, wos, bra.s). Rice freed 
from the husk, but not cooked. 

Bras-kunit. Rice coloured with turmeric, 
and used as a cosmetic and charm. 

Brat (j. awrat, ^vrat). Heavy, ponderous ; 
grievous, oppressive ; weighty, im- 
portant, momentous ; weight, gravity. 

Brata (s). Name of the ancestor of the 
Pandawa and Kui-awa. 

Bratayuda (s). The war of Brata ; the 
name of the Javanese epitome of the 
poem of the Mahabarat. 

Brati (brat). To make heavy ; to over- 
charge ; to weigh down. 

Brawijaya (s and j). Name of an ancient 
king of Java reigning at Majapahit. 

Brabas (jav). Name of a district of Java. 
The word mean.s, " to weep." 

Bram (j). Name of a fermented liquor 

made from rice. 
Bramara (jav). Name of a large species 

of black bee ; v. Kumbang. 
Branga. The eggs of an insect. 
Brasik (j). Clean, pure ; v. Barsik. 
Bri. To give ; to allow, to permit, to 

suff"er ; to cause, to make ; to punish 

Bri-ati. To encourage, to give heart, to 

Bri-gila. To cause to be in love, to 

enamour ; literally, " to give to be 

foolish or mad. 
Bri-malu. To shame, to disgrace ; to 

affront, to insult; literally, "to give 

Bri-mari. To bring ; literally, " to give 

to come." 
Bri-pargi. To send, to dispatch ; literally, 

"' to give to go." 
Bri-tau. To make known, to inform, to 

Briksa (s). Trees planted for ornament. 
Briugin (j. wringin). The Indian fig-tree, 

Ficus indica. 
Brita (s). News, tidings, intelligence ; 

i-umour, report. 
Brombong. Name of a tree. 
Bronong. A kind of hamper or basket. 
Brontak. To push or hit against. 
Brong. A kind of Chinese gong. 
Brudu. A tadpole. 
Bi-uk. Name of a species of ape. 
Brimai (sometimes written Burnai). Name 

of the town and country of Borneo 

proper, from which the island has 

taken the name by which it is known 

to strangers ; v. Burnai. 
Bruwang (j). A bear, (7rsu3 malayanus 

of Horsfield. 
Bu. To roast, to grill, to broil. 
Biiah (j. woh). Fruit ; v. Buwah. 
Biiang. To throw away ; v. Buwang. 
Bijas. Wicked, mischievous ; v. Buwas. 
Biiaya (j). An alligator ; v. Buwaya. 
Buboh. To put, to place, to set, to lay ; 

to affix, to attach, to apjjly. 
Bubu (j). A kind of fish weir, or trap. 
Bubuk. A weavel, a wood worm. 
Bulml. Name of a disease in the feet. 
Bubul. To repair a net. 
Bubungan (j. wuwung). The ridge-pole 

of a house ; a house-roof; v. Babungan 

and Bumbung. 
Bubur (j). Pap, paste, pulp ; pulpy 

matter ; soup, pottage. 
Bubur-susu. Rice boiled in milk. 
Bubut (j). Name of a bird, the crow 

pheasant, Centropus philippensis. 
Bubut-basi (jav. bubut, "to tear," and 

basi, "iron"). The Javanese name of 

a brother of Rawaua, in the Ramayana. 




Budabah. Unlucky, ill-omened ; ill, evil, 

Budak. A lad or girl ; a slave ; a ser- 

Budi (s). Disposition, nature, temper, 
temperament ; sense, understanding ; 

Budi-bachara (s). Consideration, discre- 
tion; judgment. 

Budiman (s). Wise, intelligent. 

Budu. Pickled fish. 

Bugis (bd. wugi). Name of the pi-incipal 
nation of Celebes. 

Buhi. Froth, foam, spume ; scum. 

Buhun. Body, main part, trunk. 

Bujang (j). Unmarried; a bachelor or 
spinster; a servant; a retainer, a de- 
pendant ; a closet, a cabinet. 

Bujanga (j). Unmarried, in a state of 
celibacy ; a bachelor ; a scholar, a man 
of learning; v. Pujongga. 

Bujuk (j). To coax, to wheedle, to flat- 
ter ; to allure ; to caress, to fondle ; 
coaxing, flattery ; caressing ; allure- 

Bujur (j. mujur). Length; lengthwise, 
by the length. 

Buka (j). To open, to unclose ; to un- 
cover ; to open, to begin, to commence ; 
to represent, to lay open ; to demon- 
strate ; to reveal, to disclose ; open, 
not shut ; broad, spacious ; breadth. 

Buka-puwasa. To break fast, to cease 
fastiug ; literally, " to open fast." 

Bukan. No, not, by no means, nay. 

Bukan-bukan. Not at all, by no means. 

Bukit. A mountain, a hill. 

Bukit-batu. Name of a river and place 
on the north-eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Buku (j. a cotton seed). A gi-ain, a gra- 
nular body ; the joints or articulations 
of an animal body ; the joints of plants ; 
a portion or fraction of a whole. 

Buku-jari. The knuckles. 

Buku-tangan. The wrist. 

Bulah (bat). The whole. 

Bulan. The moon ; a month ; the 
menses ; the period of child-bearing ; 
a Avoman's time. 

Bulan-baharu. The new moon. 

Bulan-parnama. The full moon. 

Bulan-timbul. The new moon ; literally, 
"the moon floating or appeai-iug on 
the surface." 

Bulan-tumunggul. The quartering of the 

Bulang. A fillet or wreath worn on the 
head ; a particular fashion of wearing 
the turban. 

Bulang. Name of a plant, Colocasia vera. 

Bulang. To fix the artificial spxirs on a 

Bulang-ulu. A term of endearment. 

Bulangan. Name of a place on the south- 

ettstern coast of Borneo. 
Bulang-baling. Double-headed shot. 
Bular. A film on the eye. 
Bulat. Round, spherical, globular; round, 

circular ; round;, cylindrical ; orb, 

Bulat. A particular kind of fish weir. 
Bulat-bujur. Oval, ovate. 
Billbiil (p). Tlie nightingale. 
Buli (eu). a bottle. 
Bulih (j. olih). To can, to be able ; may, 

be possible; to get, to obtain, to 

attain ; to have, to possess ; attainment, 

Bui pus (jAv). Imposition, cheat, 
Bulo-bulo. The larynx. 
Bulu (j. wulu). The hairy, woolly, or 

feathery tegument of animals. 
Bulu-bulu. Name of a plant, Tragia hir- 

Bulu-pahat. Down, soft feathers. 
Buluh. Tlie generic name for the bamboo, 

Buluh-and-ong. Name of a species of 

Buluh-apus. Bamhiisa apus. 
Buluh-bitung. Bamhusa hitimg. 
Buluh-china. Tlie Chinese bamboo, Arun- 

dinaria ffJaucescens ; name of a place 

on the north-eastern coast of Sumatra. 
Buluh-duri. The thorny bamboo, JBam- 

busa Blumeana. 
Buluh-gadiug. Name of a species of 

Buluh-mayang. Name of a bamboo. 
Buluh-parindu. Name of a kind of 

musical pipe made of bamboo. 
Buluh-ular. Name of a species of bamboo. 
Buhir. Excessive hunger. 
Bulus. Bare, naked, stripped of leaves ; 

dry, arid 
Bulus. Name of a fish, a kind of mullet. 
Bulus (JAV). A tortoise. 
Bumata. Nimble-footed, light-footed. 
Bumata (bat). Crepitus ventris. 
Bumbu (j). a condiment of mixed 

spiceries ; spicery. 
Bumbung (j. wuwung). The ridge-pole 

of a house ; a house roof; v. Babungan 

and Bubungan. 
Bumbung (jav). A water-pail made from 

a single bamboo joint. 
Bumi (s). The earth ; earth, soil, ground ; 

land ; particular land, country, or 

Bumikasapta (s). The seventh earth or 

Bun. Dew ; v. Ambun. 
Hunchis. Name of an esculent bean. 
Bundah. Name of a tree, Artocarpus 

Bundar. A brush. 




Buni. To hide, to conceal ; hidden, 

secret, occult. 

Bimika. A puppet. 

Bvmoh. To kill, to slay ; to murder. 

Buuohan. Murder; killing. 

Bunoh-bunohan. Mutual murdering; 
continuous slaughter. 

Buntala (s). The earth. 

Buntdr (j. bundar). Round, globular. 

Buntar. Name of a fish. 

Bunting. Pregnant, with child, with 
young, big. 

Buntu (JAV). Closed up, shut, impervious. 

Buntut (j). The tail of an animal ; end, 
fag end. 

Bunut. Name of a place on the western 
coast of Borneo. 

Bunga. A flower ; bloom, blossom ; in- 
terest of capital ; usury. 

Buuga-bungiian. Flowers collectively. 

Bunga-api. Sparks of fire. 

Bunga-ayar. Name of a fish. 

Bunga-china. Name of a flower. 

Bunga-chaugke. The clove spice; v. 

Bunga-karang. Coral, a coralline ; sponge. 

Bunga-lawang. The clove spice ; v. Bunga- 

Bunga-mas. The interest of money ; 

Bunga-pala. The mace spice ; v. Pala. 

Bunga-salasa. Fuddled, drunk, intoxi- 

Bunga-tanah. The rent of land. 

Bunga-undi. Lot; die to determine 

Bungkal. Name of weight for gold equal 
to 832 gi-ains troy, the same with the 

Bungkar (j). To heave, to lift a weiglit ; 
to up-root ; to unlade a ship or boat ; 
to discharge cargo ; to weigh or raise, 
as the anchor; v. Bongkar. 

Buugkul (bat). Hunch, hump. 

Bungkus (j). A wrapper, an envelope ; 
a parcel, a package, a bundle ; a bale 
of any goods ; a cake, a loaf. 

Bungkusan. A wrapper, an envelope. 

Bungkuskan. To wrap, to envelope ; to 
pack, to tie up goods. 

Bunglon (jav). Name of a species of 
cameleon lizard. 

Bungoran. Name of an island lying 
between Borneo and the Malay penin- 
sula, called in the maps the Great 

Buni. Sound, noise; sense, meaning, 
puqiort ; contents of a writing ; to 
sound, to make a noise; to sing, to 
chant; to play as a musical instrument. 

Buman. Sound ; voice. 

Buni-hmlian. Music; a baud of musical 

Buiiikiln. To pronounce, to express, to 
eniuiciate ; to sound, to make a noise ; 
to sound, to play on an instrument. 

Bur (eu). To bore. 

Burai. Protrusion of the bowels at a 

Burand'a (POR. varanda). A cabin or 
apartment in a ship. 

Eurat (j). A kind of cosmetic powder or 

Buri. A trampet. 

Buri (jAV). Tlie back ; the rear ; behind ; 
after ; the future. 

Burik. Spotted, speckled. 

Bui-isana (s). Name ofoneof the Kurawa, 
in the Maliabarat. 

Burit. The fimdament. 

Buritan (j). Back, hinder part ; the stern 
or after-part of a ship. 

Burnai. The state and town of Borneo ; 
V. Brunai. 

Burn (j). To chase, to pursue ; to drive 
an animal; to hunt, to follow the 

Burn. The elephantiasis. 

Bum. The island of Boeroe in the sea of 

Buriian (j. buron). The object chased ; 
game, beasts of the chace. 

Buruh (jAv). A labourer. 

Bui-uhan (jav). Wages, liire. 

Buruk. Old, worn out, decayed ; bad, 
worthless ; rotten ; ugly, unseemly. 

Burimg. A bird, a fowl ; the ^3«w«. 

Buning-antu. Name of a species of owl ; 
literally, "spectre bird." 

Burung-dewata. Bird of paradise ; lite- 
rally, " bird of the gods." 

Burung-greja. The common house-spar- 
row ; literally, " the church bird," be- 
cause nesting under the eaves of 

Bumng-rawa. The shore pigeon, Columba 

Burung-supan. The bird of paradise ; 
literally, " com-teous bird ; " v. Manuk- 

Buining-tawuu (bat). Tlie rhinoceros 
bird, Buceros. 

Bums. To wither, to dry up. 

Burnt. Hernia, rupture ; hydrocele. 

Busana (s). Clothes, clothing ; raiment, 

Busanda. Age ; aged, stricken in years. 

Busor. The bow, the implement of war ; 
an implement for cleaning cotton, in 
the foi-m of a bow. 

Bustan (p). A flower-garden. 

Busuk. Fetid, stinking ; rotten, decayed ; 
bad, worthless. 

Busung. Swelling of the abdomen from 
disease ; ascites, dropsy of the abdo- 
men ; tympany. 




Buta (j). A demon, a gobliu. 

Buta (j. wiita). Blind, deprived of sight. 

Butakan. To blind, to make blind. 

Butik. Name of a parasitical plant. 

Butil. A grain ; v. Butir. 

Butir. A grain, a particle ; an idiomatic 
term used in counting certain objects, 
as pepper, beads, &c. 

Butu. Membrum virile. 

Butul. Through, from one side to the 

Butung. The island called in the maps 
Bouton, near the south-eastern wing of 
Celebes ; name of the island of Bouton, 
on the west coast of the Malayan penin- 
sula, and at the western end of the 
straits of Malacca. 

But-ak (j. wub-ak). Bald, bald-headed. 

But-ak. Thick, turbid, not clear. 

Buwah (j. uwah and woh). Fruit; an 
idiomatic tei-m in counting certain ob- 
jects, as countries, towns, lakes, resei'- 
Toirs, houses, shii^s, boats, stones, gems, 
&c. ; V. Buah. 

Buwah-ati. Darling ; literally, " fi'uit of 
the heart." 

Buwah-buwahan (j. woh-wohan). Fruits 
in general, fruits collectively. 

Buwah-chatur. The pieces at the game 
of chess. 

Buwah-chuki. The pieces at the game of 

Buwah-jugar. The pieces at the game 
called jugar. 

Buwah-mariam. A cannon ball. 

Buwah-pala. The mace spice. 

Buwah-pari. Dice. 

Buwah-peler. The testicles. 

Buwah-pingang. The kidneys. 

Buwah-timbangan. Weights for weighing. 

Buwaja (bat). Dung, a corruption of Baja. 

Buwaua (s). The world, the universe. 

Buwang (j). To throw, to fling, to cast ; 
to throw away, to reject ; to throw out, 
to eject ; to force out, to expel ; to put 
away, to divorce, to repudiate ; to dis- 
chaigc, to cashier ; to banish, to exile ; 
to put to death judicially ; to discharge, 
to let off, to fire ; v. Biiang. 

Buwang-ayar. To case, to stool. 

Buwang ayarsnni. To .stale, to piss. 

Buwang-baiakang. To turn one's back, 
to i-un away. 

Buwaiig-bidak. To give a pawn at chess. 

Buwang-darah. To blood, to let blood. 

Buwang-d-iri. To take oneself off, to 
take to flight ; to destroy oneself; to 
commit suicide. 

Buwangi. To throw, to fling ; v. Buwang- 

Buwangkau ; v. tr. To throw, to fling. 
to cast, to throw away, to throw f»it, to 

Buwas. Mischievous, wicked. 

Buwat. To do, to make, to perform ; to 

construct, to fabricate. 
Buwatan. Work, deed, act, performance ; 

fabric, workmanship. 
Buwaya (j. baya). A generic name for 

the alligator. 
Buwaya-labu. Name of a species of alli- 
Buwaya-katak. Name of a si^ecies of 

Buwaya-tambaga. Name of a species of 

Buyon. A name often given to slaves, 

but of which the etymology has not 

been ascertained. 
Euyung (j). A jar, a pitcher, a water-pot. 

CHABAI (j. chabe). A generic name for 
pepper, but especially for the capsicum. 

Chabai-achung. Capsicum frutescens ; v. 

Chabai-bflsar. Capsicum incurvum. 

Chabai-changgek. Piper longum; v. Cha- 

Chabai-jawa. Piper longum; v. Chabai- 

Chabai-rawit. Capsicum fastigiatmn. 

Chabai-Silbrang. Capsicum frutesccns ; v. 

Chabai-sulasi. Capsicum hicolor. 

Chabang (j). A bough, a branch ; name 
of a weapon ; v. Chawang. 

Chabar (j). Weak, feeble, impotent ; a 
term of opprobrium; to upbraid, to 

ChabAk (j). Name of a species of goat- 
sucker, Caprimulqus affinis of Hors- 

Chabek. To tear, to rend. 

C'habuk (p). A whip. 

Chabuk. A species of foul ulcer. 

Chabul. To roar as the sea ; to violate a 
female, to commit fornication or adul- 
tery; lascivious, libidinous; loquacious, 
prating ; a low person that imitates the 
manners of a superior. 

Chabulan. Lasciviousness. 

Chabut (j). To pluck, to 2:>idl ; to eradi- 
cate, to take up by the roots ; to cashier, 
to remove from a post ; to subtract or 

Chachad (j). Blemish, deformity; fault, 
defect ; v. Chachat. 

Chachah. To chop, to mince, to cut in 
small pieces. 

Chachah. To puncture the skin, insert- 
ing indelible colouring matter ; to 

Chachah (jAv). Quantity, nunibcr; count, 




Chachah-siti (jav). Enumeratiou of fami- 
lies by the quantity of land a family 
tills, or that will maintain one ; v. Ga- 

Chachak. To set, to plant, to stick in the 
gi-ound ; a stake, a palisade. 

Chaehar (j). The small-pox, variola. 

Chachat (j). Blemish, defect ; v. Chachad. 

Chaching (j). An eai-th worm ;. an intes- 
tinal worm. 

Chadai. To jest, to banter. 

Chadar (p). A sheet ; a mantle ; a veil. 

Chadi (be>."). The outriggers of a boat. 

Chadik (bat). The lower jaw bone. 

Chagar (j). A deposit, a stake ; pledge, 
a mortgage. 

Chah (cHix. of Fokien). Tea, Thea. 

Chahar. To purge, to have frequent 
stools ; pui'giug, diarrhoea. 

Chahari (s). To seek, to look after, to 
sean-ch for. 

Chaharian (chahari). Goods, effects, pro- 
perty; literally, " the object sought 

Chahya (j). Bright, shining ; brightness, 
lustre ; light ; the human face. 

Chahya-mata. A word of endearment ; 
litei-ally, "light of the eyes." 

Chai (sun). "Water ; a river. 

Chakang. Tight, tense. 

Chakar (j). the foot of a bird ; claws, 
talons ; to claw, to scratch with the 
claws or talons. 

Chakar- bebek. Xame of a plant, Cotij- 
Icdon laniata. 

Chakar-manehakar. To claw and be 
clawed, to claw mutually. 

C'hakai). To undertake, to attempt ; un- 
dertaking, attempt; offer, proposal. 

Chakra (s). A circle ; a wheel ; a discus, 
a quoit. 

Chakra-kambang. The kingdom of Kama, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Chaki-awala (s). An orb, a circle. 

Chakut (bat). The hiccup, sinrjultus. 

Chalakuta (s). Name of a Hindu deity, 

Chalichi. Covetous, rapacious ; avaricious. 

Chaling. The tusk of the wild boar. 

Chalit (j. dulit). To smear, to daub. 

Chamara (s). The tail of the yak, or 
Thibet ox ; false hair ; v. Chamara. 

Chamara-laut. Name of a tree, Casuarina 
rnuricata ; v. Aran. 

C'haming-chamiag. Name of a plant, 
Averrhoa acida. 

Champa. Name of a country on the 
eastern coast of the gulf of Siam, the 
site of a Malay colony of long standing ; 
V. Champa. 

Champak. To cast, to throw ; to cast, to 
cast away. 

Champaka (s). Name (jf a tree yieldiug 

a sweet-scented flower, Michclia cham- 
paka, or Michelia Blumei. 
Champaka-mulya (s). Name of a plant, 

Parkhisonia aculeata. 
Champaka- sailan. Name of a plant, 

Pyirkosa Horsfieldii. 
Champaka-gimung. Name of a plant, 

Liliodmdron lilifera. 
Champala (s). Name of a country in the 

Champui- (j). To mix, to mingle, to 

blend; to compound. 
Champur-bawur (j). To intermingle, to 

be mixed indiscriminately. 
Chauai (t). A whetstone; a smoothing 

stone ; to whet ; to smooth by a roller, 

to mangle, to calender. 
Chanang. A small kind of gong used by 

the public ci'ier. 
Chanar. A common name for the genus 

of plants called Smilax. 
Chanar-babi. Smilax repanda. 
Chanar-bokor. Smilax leucopJi ylla. 
Chandal. A term of reproach, of which 

the literal meaning has not been ascer- 
Chandra (s). The moon ; month ; date, 

Chandrakeraua (.tav). The wife of Panji 

luakarta, a heroine of Javanese ro- 
Chaudramula (s). Name of a plant. 
Cbandrawati (s). The king of Mandaraka, 

in the IMahabarat. 
Chandu (j). Prepared opium for smoking. 
Chandi (j). A monument ; a temple of 

idols ; a tomb ; a burial ground. 
Chand•i-se^\^l. Name of the principal 

group of ruins at Branbanau, in Java ; 

literally, " the thousand temples." 
Chaniior (sun). Name of a Sunda dis- 
trict in Java ; literally, " coco-tree 

Chantakapura (s). Name of a city in 

Javanese romance. 
Chantigi-basar. Name of a plant, Thibuu- 

dia florihunda. 
Chantigi-wangi. Name of a plant, Gautiera 

Chantik. Pretty; neat, spruce, trim. 
Chantri (s). A pupil, a disciple, a scholar ; 

a priest ; v. Santri. 
Changgah (jav). A long forked imple- 
ment, for securing ferocious animals 

or persons running a-muck. 
Changgai. A long finger-nail, worn as a 

mai'k of distinction. 
Changgeh. Foppish, coxcombical ; saucy, 

pert ; v. Changgeh. 
Changgong. Shy, reserved. 
Changis. Name of a tree. 
Changkiling. To take by the hand or 

give the arm in friendship. 




Changkir (jav). A cup, a bowl. 

Cliaugkolong (bat). To curtail, to cut 
off, to reduce ; v. Chaugkolong. 

Chaugkrek (j. jaugkrek). A cricket, 
Oryllas ; v. Chiukrek.. 

Chaugkul. A hoe ; to hoe. 

Chap (s). Impression, mark ; seal, signet ; 
licence; passport. 

Chapa. Name of a plant, Ounyza balsam- 
ifcra; v. Chai^u. 

Chaiiai. To reach at with the hand. 

Chapai. Deformed in a limb. 

Chapang. Having wide-spreading horna. 

Chape (aUN). Weary, fatigued, tired. 

Chaping. A silver plate worn by female 
children to hide the nudities. 

Chaping-talingga. The lobe of the ear. 

Chapuk. To expose the nudities, as an 

Chara (s). Mode, manner, way, method ; 
form, fashion ; fashion, style, custom ; 
language, si^eech ; costume. 

Chara-bahasa. Manners, ceremonious be- 

Charaka (jay). The Javanese alphabet, 
or ABC, from the three last letters, 
of the first five substantive ones. 

Charakau (jav). A messenger; an envoy, 
an ambassador. 

Charaug (ben). A sucker from a pepper 

Charek. To tear, to rend, to lacerate. 

Charik (jav). A scribe, a writer. 

Charit. To neigh as a horse. 

Charita (s). A story, a tale, a narrative. 

Charitakan. To narrate, to relate, to 

Charu (j. charoba). To guzzle, to guttle. 

Charubah (j). Without discrimination, 
without selection, like a brute. 

Charuban (j. chai-ub, "to mix"). The 
kingdom of Chorchon, in Java. The 
Javanese and Sundas are here inter- 
mixed, and hence probably the name. 

Charut. Obscene, foul, immodest. 

Chasam (sun). Name of a Suuda district 
of Java ; literally, " river of the tama- 
rind tree." 

Chat (j). Paint, pigment. 

Chatar (s). An umbrella. 

Chatkan (chat). To paint, to apply paint. 

Chatok. The beak of a bird ; to peck, to 
strike with the beak. 

(Jhatur (s). The game of chess. 

Cliawak (ben). Vetches, tares. 

Chawan. A cup, a bowl. 

Chawang (j). A bough, a branch; v. 

Chawat. The portion of dress tliat covci'S 
tlie louis. 

Chawatkan. To put on tlio chawat ; to 
gird the loins. 

Chaya (j). ISright, shining ; v. Chahaya. 

Chayar (j. chewer). Liquid, fluid, not 

Chabur. To drop or fall in the water. 

Chachintoug. A lock of hair. 

Chagah (jay). To restrain, to hinder, to 
repress : to refrain, to abstain. 

Chagar. A rapid in a river. 

Chakak. To grasj), to gripe; grasp, 

Chakap. Expert, ready, skilful, handy. 

Chakatan. Skill, dexterity, expertuess. 

Chakau. To seize with the claws or talons, 
as a beast or bird of prey. 

Chakek. To throttle, to strangle by 
griping the throat. 

Cliakit. Quarrel, brawl. 

Chakung. Round-shouldered and stoop- 

Chala(j). Blemish, flaw, deformity; soil, 
taint; blame, reproach; censure, aflVont. 

Chdla-chula. Reproach, calumny. 

Chala-manchala. To cast mutual re- 

Ch3,lah. A crack, a cleft, a fissure, a 
crevice ; gap, chasm ; interstice, iutei*- 

Chalak. To whet or grind an edged tool 
or weapon. 

Chalaka. Misfortune, calamity; mis 
chance, mishap ; disaster, ill-luck ; un- 
fortunate, imlucky, ill-omened, tlisas- 

Chillana (j). Drawers, trowsers. 

Chalapa (j). A tobacco box ; v. Salapa. 

Chalapak. Astride, straddling. 

Chalik. Open, unclosed. 

Chalor. The ordeal by dipping the hand 
in a hot fluid. 

Chaiub or Chdlup (j). To dip, to sop ; to 
dye, to colour by dipping. 

Chalup-tima. The ordeal by dipping the 
hand in melted tin. 

Chalus. To fit, to suit, to be adapted to. 

Chamara (s). The tail of the Thibet ox ; 
false hair ; v. Chamara. 

Chdmara-gunung. Name of a tree, Casua- 
rina montana. 

Chamara-laut. Name of a tree, Casuarina 
muricata; v. Aran. 

Chamas. Annoyance, inconvenience. 

Chamati (ben). Name of an eruptive 

Chamar(j). Foul, filthy, dirty; foul, 
impure, polluted ; infested by robbers 
or pirates; filth, dirt; pollution, im- 

Chamar-kayin. The menses. 

Chamarlang. To flash, to glisten, to glit- 
ter ; V. Jamarlaug. 

Chamat. To track, to pull a boat with a 
rope against the stream from the shore. 

Chamati. A whip, a scourge ; v. Chamiti. 

Chambau.''. \\'hiskers. 




CMmbul. A peifame ointineut box ; v. 

Chamburu. Jealous, suspicious ; jealousy, 

Chamburuan. Jealousy, suspicion. 
Chamdek. To hint or insinuate blame 

or reproach. 
Chaniing-chaming. Name of a fish. 
Champa (j). Name of a country on the 

eastern coast of the gulf of Siam; v. 

Champala (s). Name of the kingdom of 

Drupada or Basukate, in the Mahabarat. 
Champadak. Name of a fruit tree, .4»-^- 

cai'pus polyphema. 
ChamparUng. Name of a bird. 
Chamt'i (j). A whip, a scourge ; v. Cha- 

C'hanchamar. A gull, a mew. 
Chanchawi. Name of a kind of cloth. 
Chanchodak. Name of a fish. 
Chanda (ben). Like, resembling. 
Chandah. To dally, to toy amorously. 
Chanda-pat'i. A box, a coffer. 
Cliandara. Sound, fast, as in sleep. 
Chandawan. A fungus, a mushroom. 
Chandi-a (j). Name of a class of celestial 

beings in Malay and Javanese romance. 
Chandu (t). A tale, a romance, a story. 
Chandung. Name of a tool. 
Chand'ala (s). Foul, immodest. 
Chand'ana (s). Sandal wood, Santalum 

Chanela (jav). Shoes, sUppers. 

Chanonot. The rump, the coccyx. 

Chanrai. A charm, an antidote. 

Chantam. To stitch together ; to tie to- 
gether, as the ends of a piece of cloth. 

Changang (j). To wonder ; to be sur- 
prised; wonder, surprise, astonishment. 

Changangan. A wonder ; a miracle. 

Chdnggai. A long finger nail, worn as a 
mark of distinction ; v. Changgai. 

Changgeh. Foppish, coxcombical ; v. 

Changi (bat). Cruel. 

Changkang. To grapple, to wrestle. 

Changkar. A prop, a stay. 

Changkar. Altercation, verbal dispute. 

Changkeh (j). The clove, Caryojj/ii/llus 

Changkring (j). Name of a tree, £ry- 
thrina corollodendron. 

Changkolong (bat). To curtail, to cut 
off, to reduce ; v. Changkolong. 

Chapak (j. chapuk). A gambler or catechu 
box; V. Chapu. 

Chapaka (s). Name of a tree ; v. Cham- 

Chapat (j). Quick, active, nimble, ready, 

Chapeao (for). A hat. 

L'hapit (j. to hold between the palms of 

both hands ; to p)-ess close). To hold 

between the finger and thumb. 
Chapu (j. chapu). A gambler box, a box 

for holding the catechu used in the 

betel preparation. 
Chapuii (jav). A royal betel box. 
Charachap. Cymbals. 
Charah. To dawn, to gi-ow luminous. 
Charai. Separation ; jaai-ting ; divorce ; 

separated ; parted ; to part. 
Charai-barai. Separated, dispersed, scat- 
Charai-baraikan. To scatter, to disperse. 
Charaikan. To sepai-ate, to part ; to di- 
Charana. A betel stand. 
Chanma (ben). A cancer. 
Charat (ben). A cock, a faucet, a 

Charawat. A fii-e arrow, a rocket. 
Charchal (bat). To mock, to revile, to 

reproach ; v. Chorchah. 
ChardeL Shrewd, acute, knowmg, sharp, 

Chari. Name of a fruit. 
Char ax (p). The celestial sphere, the 

starry heavens. 
Charmai (j. charme). Name of a fruit, 

Cicca disticha. 
Charmat. Neat, nice, trim. 
Charmat. To catch an animal by en- 
tangling it with a rope or line. 
Charmin (J). A mirror, a looking-glass. 
Chai-niin-mata. The pupil of the eye ; a 

pan- of spectacles. 
Charmiu-talinga. The tympanum or 

membrane of the ear. 
Charok. To blanch or whiten rice or 

other grain. 
Cliarpalai. Name of a species of lizard. 
Chai-pu (t). Sandals. 
Charuchuk. A feny. 
Charulin (j. tinilek). Name of a species 

of jjlover, Charadrius pluvialls. 
Charya. Pure, clean. 
Chatriya (s). A prince, one of the royal 

blood ; a soldiei-. 
Chebol (jAv). Short, squat. 
Ched-uk (j. chid-uk). A spoon, a ladle ; to 

use a ladle ; to draw or take up water ; 

to take fish from a weir with a hand 

net ; v. Chibuk. 
Chek. Abbreviation of Inchek, a Malay 

title; V. Inchek. 
Chekel. Mean, low ; ungenerous. 
Chekel (jav). Name of a kind of spear 

or lance. 
Cheker (bat). To paw the eai-th as an 

Cheleng (j. a hog). The wild hog. 
Chepan. A battle-axe. 
Cheper (j). Flat, shallow ; a plate, a 




Chetek (j). Shallow, not deep ; fordable. 

Chi. Small, little ; apparently an abbre- 
viation of kacbil. 

Chibu (j). To take or draw water, to 
skim ; v. Ched'uk. 

Chichah. To sop, to steep iu a condi- 
ment for eating. 

Chichak (j. chachak). The house Uzard. 

Chichak-tarbang. The fljnng lizard. 

Cliicheh. Memhrum virile. 

Chichir (j). To trickle, to drop ; to spill, 
to shed. 

Chichit. To chirp. 

Chichit. Great-grandchild. 

Cliidra. Difference, variation, disagree- 
ment ; dissension, discord ; fraud, de- 

Chih. Fie, shame ! 

Chika (sun). The cholic; gripes. 

Chikar (j. a kind of cart or car). A circle. 

Chilpa. A perfume box. 

Chimpana. A kind of state chair or litter. 

China. China ; a Chinese ; Chinese. 

China (s). Mark, stamp, impression. 

Chinchala. Foul language, opprobrious 

Chinchaug. To hack, to chop. 

Chinchin. A finger ring. 

Chinchin-chap. A signet ring. 

C!hinchurit (j. churut). The musk rat. 

Chiudara. Joy, pleasure, sensual plea- 
sure, as from the intoxication of opium. 

Chindrawangsa (s). The bird of para- 
dise; V. Manuh-dewata and Burung- 
supau. The word means " of the lunar 

Chind-i (j). Name of a kind of silk cloth. 

Chiud'il (j. a young rat). A term of abuse. 

Cliinta (s). Anxiety, solicitude, care ; 
trouble, affliction. 

Chintamaui. Name of a fabulous snake. 

Cliiuggi. Saucy, pert. 

Chinkaram. To joke, to jest. 

Chingkarat. A cricket, Gryllus ; t\ Ching- 
krek and Changkrek. 

Chiugkrek. A cricket. 

Chingku (j. cheko). A withered limb ; 
V. Chingkul. 

Chiugkul. A withered limb ; v. Chingku. 

Chipai (ben). Name of a species of ape ; 
V. Sipai. 

Chirit. Flux, diarrhoea. 

Chirit-murai. A species of elastic gum, 
or Indian rubber. 

Chia. Tush ! 

Chit (s). Chintz, printed calico. 

Chita (s). Feeling, perception, thought ; 
to think, to perceive ; to desire, to wish. 

Chita-rasa (s). Sensation, perception ; 
thouglit ; the heart ; desire, wish. 

Chitak (sun). To press, to .squeeze. 

Chitakan. A mould, a matrix. 

Chitra (s). Figure, form. 

Chitra-gotra (s). Name of a Hindu deity. 
Chiyak. Name of a family of birds, the 

Chiyah-dawar. Name of a species of 

Chiyah-raja. Name of a species of gros- 

Chiyah-uban. Name of a species of gros- 

Chiyop. A sort of small oar or paddle. 

Chiyung (j). Name of a bird of the 
thrush family, Myop/ionem flamirostris, 
Horsfield. The name is, however, given 
usually to the speaking minor or star- 
ling, the meucho of the Javanese, 
Gracala religiosa. 

Choba (j). To try, to essay ; to attempt, 
to endeavour ; v. Cuba. 

Chocharawun. Name of one of Rama's 
monkeys, in the Ramayana. 

Chokmar. A mace, a club. 

Choklat (eu). The cacao, Theobroma 

Cholok (bat). Sulphur, brimstone. 

Cholong (j. iaolon). To steal, to thieve. 

Chomblang (bat). Whorish ; bawdy. 

Chomplang (bat). To couple, to match. 

Chome. Pretty. 

Chondong. To incline, to bend, to lean. 

Chonteng. To besmear the face as a 
public punishment. 

Chonto. A sample, a muster, a pattern, 
a specimen ; example, model. 

Chongkak. Name of a game, a kind of 

Chongklang (sun). To gallop. 

Chora. Joke, jest; to joke, to jest, to 
banter; drollery, buffoonery. 

Chorah. To pour on or over something. 

Chorak (j. to draw, to make figures). 

Choram. Steep, shelving, sloping; a 
steep, a slope. 

Clioreng. To smear, to smut, to stain. 

Chorong. A betel stand. 

Chorot. A funnel. 

Chu (chin). Ardent spirits, strong waters. 

Chuba (j. choba). To try, to essay ; to 
attempt, to endeavour ; v. Choba. 

Chuban (j). The shuttle used in weaving 

Cliubit (j. juwit). To pinch, to nip. 

Chucha. A spell to disable or injure an 
enemy; reproach. 

Chuchi (s). Clean, free from filth ; pure, 
innocent, guiltless ; clear, free from 
deductions ; v. Suchi. 

Chuchor. To stream, to flow, to pour 
out, to gush. 

Chuchor. The eaves of a roof. 

Chuchor. Name of a bird. 

Chuchu (putu). A grandchild ; a de- 




Chuchuh. To kindle, to ignite ; to let off 
or discharge fire-arms ; to fire, to cau- 
terize; to provoke, to exasperate, to 

Chuchuk (j. the beak of a bird ; front or 
vanof an ai'my). An army; au advanced 
guard ; to prick, to pierce, to stab ; to 
string, to thread, to file; a probe, a 
pricker, a bodkin. 

Chuchunda (chuchu). Grandchild re- 

Chuchut. Name of a .species of shark. 

Clmka (s). Vinegar. 

Cluikai (j. chuke). Custom, impost, duty, 

Chukan (p). A pole with a ball at the 
end, one of the insignia of I'oyalty ; v. 

Chuke. Name of a game resembling 
di-aughts ; v. Juki. 

Chuki. To copulate. 

Chukor. To shave. 

Chukup (j). Complete, perfect, full, en- 
tire ; finished, ended ; competent, ade- 
quate, sufficient ; enough. 

Chukupkan. To complete ; to finish, to 

Chula (j). The horn of the rhinoceros ; 
the penis of certain animals. 

Chula-badak. A cactus or opuutia ; a 
particular species, Ojnintia decumana. 

Chula-badak-banar. Opuntia tonientosa. 

Chula-badak-chainiban. The opuntia of 
Cheribon, that is, the cochineal cactus. 
Op untia cochinellifera. 

Chula-badak-chuchuk. Opuntia monocan- 

Chulan. Name of a plant, Aglaja odorata. 

Chulas. Lazy, loitering, truant. 

Chuli (s). A woman's vest or boddice ; 

Chulik. To clean the ears of wax. 

Cliulya (hin). A Talugii, or native of Te- 
lingana, called by the Malays Kling, or 

Chuma (t). Only, simply, merely. 

Chuma-chuma. Vain, to no purjDose, 
jjurposeless, fruitless; pretence, show, 

Chumar. Foul, as a sea with a rocky 
bottom ; foul, unclean, impure. 

Chumbu. To dally, to fondle, to caress ; 
caressing, fondling, blandishment. 

Chumbiian. Caress, act of endearment, 

Chumbul. A precious ointment box ; v. 

Chumil (j). To mm-mur, to mutter. 

Chumuk. A rod, a scourge. 

Chuud'uk (j. ched'uk). A spoon, a ladle ; 
V. Sud'uk and Sund'uk. 

Chimya. Name of a kind of boat. 

Chungka. Haughty, arrogant, presump- 

tuous, proud, supercilious ; conceited ; 

pride, haughtiness, arrogance. 
Chungkil (j. to dig). A pricker, a probe. 
Chungkil-gigi. A toothpick. 
Chungur (j). Nose; snout. 
Chupak. A dry measure, equal to about 

a quart. 
Chupak. Name of a fruit, a species of 

Chupar (ben). Boastful, assuming, osten- 
Chupiug (j. kuping, "the ear"). The tip 

or lobe of the ear. 
Chupu. The lintel of a door. 
ChupuL To happen, to befal. 
Chura. Joke, drollery, buffoonery; v. 

Churak. Streaked; striped. 
Churang (j. jurang). A dell, a ravine, a 

Churi (s). To steal, to thieve. 
Churi-churi. Stealthily, clandestinely. 
Churi-churi. Name of a species of bat. 
Churit. To steal openly, to rob. 
Churu. Slanting, sloping ; slope, acclivity. 
Churuk (sun). A waterfall, a cascade. 
Chutuk (j. chuchuk). The beak or bill 

of a bird. 
Chuwacha. Clear, bright, serene. 
Chuwak. A decoy elephant. 
Chuwit. A whitlow. 
Chyum. To smell, to scent; to kiss; 

scent, odour ; a kiss. 

i)AA(jAv). Name of an ancient kingdom 
of Java, of which the capital was in the 
province of KacUri. 

Diiaga. Thh'st; thirsty. 

Diian. A twig, a spray. 

Diiiik. To belch ; an eructation. 

Dabung (ben). To perform the operation 
of filing the teeth. 

Dadap. A kind of wooden shield or 

Dadar (j). Name of a dish chiefly made 
of eggs, a sort of fritters. 

Dadfip. A club, a mace. 

Dadeh (s). Curd, curdled milk. 

Daem. To hem as in clearing the throat 

Dagang (j). Trade, commerce, traffic, — 
generally applied to foreign trade ; a 
trader, a merchant; a stranger, a 

Dagangan. Merchandise, goods, wares. 

Daging (j). Flesh, animal substance; 
flesh, animal food, whether of beast, 
fowl, or fish; the pidp of fruit; one- 
self, the person. 

Dagu. The chin. 

Dahnam. The soimd of hollow ground 
when stnick. 




Dai (j. hii). The forehead. 

Daii-at (a). Ch-cumference, periphery ; 
orbit, circuit; cycle; province, depen- 

Daki. To climb or mount by a winding 
or circuitous coiu-se. 

Daku. Me ; v. Aku. 

Dalam (j). In; among; about, con- 
cerning ; deep, profound ; in, in the 
midst of; within ; inside, interior ; 
depth, deepness ; a palace ; the court ; 
regal, I'oyal. 

Dalam-antara. Among, amongst; mean- 
while, meantime. 

Dalih (j). To excuse oneself, to feign a 
pretext; excuse. 

Damah. A dart or arrow, such as is dis- 
charged from the blowpipe. 

Damai. Peace ; rest, tranquillity. 

Damar (j). Resin, dammar; a torch, a 

Damar. Name of an island on the south- 
eastern coast of Borneo. 

Damar-wulan (jav). Name of an ancient 
king of Majajjahit, in Java. 

Dami. By, in, invoking. 

Dami. When, at tlie time that. 

Dampar. To be stranded, to be cast 
ashore, to be wrecked. 

Damparan. A door-frame. 

Damping. Near, nigh, adjoining. 

Dan (j. dan and Ian). And ; with. 

Dana. Charitable, benevolent. 

Danaraja (s). Name of a mountain in 

Danarjaya (s). A name of Arjuna. 

Danardana (s). A name of Krisna. 

Danau (j. ranu). A lake. 

Danam (ben). A yoke for oxen. 

Dandan (j). To prepare, to get ready. 

Dandanan (dandan). Preparations ; ma- 
terials; gear, tackle, rigging; goods, 

Daudani (dandan). To repaii-, to mend ; 
to dress, to make one's toilet. 

Dandang (j). A pot, a caldron. 

Dankai. Seeming-rip^ fruit. 

Danur. Fetid animal serum. 

Dang. A title prefixed to the names of 
women of inferior rank, as waiting- 
maids in a palace; a waiting-maid, a 

Dangau. A temporary shed in a field for 
the protection of corn from the depre- 
dations of animals. 

Dapat. To get, to obtain, to procure ; to 
find, to obtain by asking or seeking ; to 
meet, to encounter ; to can, to be able. 

Dapatan (dapat). The object obtained 
or found ; property, goods, effects. 

Dapati (dapat). To find, to discover; to 
meet, to encounter. 

Dapur. A fireplace, an oven. 

Dar (a). Dwelling, abode, habitation, 

Dar-al, salam (a). Mansion of safety or 

Dai-a (j). The domesticated pigeon, Go- 
lumba livia. 

Dara-lahiit. The white shore pigeon, 
Columba littoralis. 

Darah (j. darah and rah). Blood, gore ; 
blood, descent, lineage ; blood, kindred. 

Darai. Impotent, without power of pro- 

Daraputra (s). A name of Yudistira, in 
the Mahabarat. 

Darawati (s). The kingdom of Krisna, in 
the Mahabarat. 

Dargahayu (j. rahayu). Prosperity, suc- 
cess, good fortune. 

Darimuka (s). Name of one of the mon- 
keys of Rama. 

Daringgu (jav. dringo). Name of a plant, 
A corns terrestris ; v. J4ringgau. 

Darma-kusuma (s). A name of Yudistira, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Darma-waugsa (s.), v. Darma-kusuma. 

Daruni (s). A name of the Hindu god- 
dess Durga. 

Dasa (s). Ten. 

Dasamuka (s). A name of Rawana. 

Dasan (ben). Name of a sj^ecies of onion. 

Datar. Level, even. 

Datclng, V. D'atang. 

Dati (ben). Contribution, tribiite. 

Datu. Paternal forefather four times 

Datu. Name of an island on the south- 
western coast of Borneo. 

Datu-moyang. Ancestors, forefathers. 

Datuk (j. an elder). Grandfather ; senior, 
elder; title of the head of a tribe, a 

Diiulu. First, before in time or place ; 
former, past ; formerly, in time past ; 
olden, ancient ; at the beginning, at 
first ; as yet ; for a moment, for a little 

Diiulu-kala. Olden time, of yore, days of 

Dtiuliii. To anticipate. 

Diiulukdn. To precede, to go before ; to 
place before. 

Dawai. Wire. 

Dawun (j. ron). A leaf; plant, wort, 

Dawan-asam. Name of a plant, Blgnonia 

Dawun-bahagya. Name of a plant. 

Dawan-bali-land"ak. Name of a plant, 
Cissus ohovata. 

Dawuu-banang. Name of a plant, Jiisticia 

Dawun-bisul. Name of a plant, a species 
of oonvolvidus. 


[41 ] 


Dawun-buwaya. Name of a plant, Des- 
modium umbellatum. 

Dawun-chinta. Name of a plant, Phyl- 
lantus niruri. 

Dawun-dulang. Name of a plant, Ricinus 

Dawun-gatal-matL Name of a plant, 
Tragia urens. 

Dawun-giind'ik. Name of a plant, Nepen- 
thes distiUatona. 

Dawun-idup. Name of a plant, Oxalis 
semdth-a ; literally, " living plant." 

DawTin-ingat. Name of a plant, Achry- 
anthes aspera. 

Dawun-kdntal. Name of a plant, Cordia 

Da\v\m-katam. Name of a plant, Convol- 
vulus pis caprce. 

Dawun-kantut. Name of a plant, Apo- 
cyn urn foetidmn. 

Dawun-naracha. Weighing scales. 

Dawunpachi-pachi. Name of a "plant, 
Leucas UnifoUa. 

Dawun-prasmau. Name of a plant, Eu- 
jyatoriurn ayapuna. 

Dawun-s etan. Leucas Ihiifolia. 

Dawim-talinga. Auricle of the ear. 

Dawup. Name of a plant, a .species of 

Daya (j. maya). Art, cunning; strata- 
gem, artifice, trick ; scheme, design. 

Dayak. A common term applied by the 
Malays to all the wild inhabitants of 
Borneo, Sumatra, and Celebes; a 

Dayim (^). Perpetual, eternal. 
Dayang. A maid, maiden ; a female 

attendant ; a waiting-maid. 
Dayu. To swing, to vibrate ; to stagger, 

to reel. 
Dabir (p). A scribe, a writer, a notary. 
Dabu. Dust. 

Daftar (a). A scroll, a register, an in- 
ventory ; a book. 
DaAas'at (a). Astonishment, amazement : 

terror ; astonished, amazed ; terrified. 
Daina. Common, low, mean. 
Dakat. Near, nigh, close at hand ; near, 

be.side ; near, closely related. 
Dakati. To approach, to go near to. 
Dakatkan. To cause to approach, to 

bring near to. 
Dakam. To crouch as a beast of prey 

before making a spring. 
Daki. Scurf, dandrifiF. 
Daksina (s). The right hand ; the south. 
Dalanchang (jav). Paper of Javanese 

Dalap (j). Greedy, covetous. 
Daiapan. Eight. 
Dalapanblas. Eighteen. 
Ddlapanpuluh. Eighty. 
Dalapan-ratus. Eight hundred. 

Dalapan-ribu. Eight thousand. 
Dalik. To flee, to seek refuge. 
Dalil (a). Proof, argument ; guide, di- 
Dalima (j). The pomegranate. Punka 

Ddlima-katek. The dwarf pomegranate, 

Punica nana. 
Daluwang (jav). Paper; v. Dalanchang. 
Damak (jav). The district of Damak, in 

Damang (jav). Title of a class of inferior' 

public officers ; a village chief. 
Damap. Greedy, gluttonous; greed, 

greediness; gluttony. 
Dam5,kiyan. So, in such a manner. 
Damakiyan-ini. Thus, in this manner. 
Damakiyan-itu. In that manner. 
Damba. To covet, to desire earnestly. 
Dampit. To fall upon, to charge. 
Damukut. The broken particles of husked 

Dan. Watch, guard, military rounds. 
Dan. Occasion, opportunity, fit time. 
Danawa (jav). A goblin. 
Diudani. To long for ; a longing. 
Dandan (bat). To lead by the hand. 
Dandang. A kind of boat of a long 

Danta (s). Ivory, an elephant's tooth. 
Dangan. A slave. 
Dangau. With ; by ; with, and. 
Dangan -an tara. Among, amidst. 
Dangan-damakiyan. Thus, in this man- 
DingAn-sampurnana. Perfectly. 
Dangan-sapurtiiia. Suitably, fitly, with 

Dandu. To question, to doubt; to be 

uncertain of 
DAngkal. Shallow water ; a ford. 
Ddngkap. To follow, to pursue. 
Dangki (j. draugki). Envy; gi-udge ; 

envious ; to envy ; jealousy. 
Dangkur (ben). To snore. 
Dangung. To buzz ; to hum ; to sound 

heavy and low ; hum, buzz, drone ; to 

whiz; whiz. 
Dara. To scourge ; to punish ; to com- 
Darai. To move in a long uninterrupted 

line ; to march in line. 
Daras (j). Rapid, moving violently as a 

torrent ; v. Dras. 
Darawa (j). Synap; i'. Drawa. 
Darawan. Name of an island on the 

south-eastern coast of Borneo. 
Darab, or Darap (j. karap). Close to, nigh 

to ; together, not apart. 
Daram. To thunder ; to make a loud 

noise as cannon. 
Ddrang. To tink, to tiukle, to clink. 
Darang. Bright red. 




Darham (a). A derham or drachma. 
Name of a silver coin ; money. 

D&ri. From ; by ; of; than. It is used 
in composition with other prepositions, 
adverbs, or nouns. 

Dari-balik. From beyond. 

Dfiri-balakang. From behind. 

Da,ri-daia,m. From within. 

Dari-jauh. From afar. 

DAri-kama. Because, wherefore. 

Dari-lama. From long ago. 

Dari-luwar. From without. 

Dari-mana. Whence, from what place. 

Dari-pada. From; by; of; than; v. 

Ddi-i-p^da-ini. Wherefore. 

Dari-pflda-itu. Therefore. 

Ddri-sana. Thence, from that place. 

Dari-sini. Hence, from this place. 

Dari-tadi. From of late, lately. 

Daring. To growl ; v. Dring. 

Daringo (j). Name of a plant ; v. Dringo. 

Darita (s). To endure, to bear, to sus- 
tain, to vxndergo ; to resist. 

Darjat (a). The steps of a ladder; honour, 
rank; prosperity, success. 

Darma (s). Boimty, liberality ; favour, 
goodness; charity; benevolence; alms. 

Dilrmawan (s). Bountiful ; liberal ; cha- 
ritable ; benevolent. 

Dtlrmawangsa (s). The eldest sou of 
Pandu, another name of Yudistira, in 
the Mahabarat. 

Ddrni. The lintel, and also the threshold 
of a door-frame. 

Diirpajaya (s). Name of one of the Ku- 
rawa, in the Mahabarat. 

Darsana (s). Name of one of the Kurawa, 
brother of Suyudana, in the Maha- 

Daru. To roar as the sea, to emit a low 
hollow sound. 

Darwes' (p). A dervise, a religious men- 

Basing. A tingling in the ear. 

D.lstar (p). A handkerchief; a turban. 

Ddstuwi. To bless, to bestow a bene- 

Dawar (a). A windlass. 

Dawat (a). Ink. 

Dawalat (a). Prosperity, welfare; for- 
tune, wealth ; prosperous, fortunate. 

Daa, doa (a). Prayer, invocation. 

Dawa (a). A law-suit ; altercation. 

Dekar. Courage, bravery ; a champion, 
a wan-ior. 

Den. I, self. 

Dendcng. Flesh dried in the sun ; the 
jerk beef of commerce ; v. Balur and 

Denlagi. Besides, over above, moreover. 

Desa (s). The country, not the town ; a 
village, a hamlet. 

Desa-desa. The country, the aggi-egate 
of villages. 

Detya (s). A goblin, a demon. 

Dewa (s). A god, a deity. It is applied 
as a cognomen to some ancient kings 
and heroes. 

Dewabrata (s). A name of Bima, in the 

Dewadaru (s). Name of a tree in the 
Hindu paradise ; name of a forest tree. 

Dewadanta (s). The war -drum of 
Krishna, in the Mahabai-at. 

Dewa-kusuma (jav). Name of a king of 
Janggala, in Java, celebrated in Java- 
nese and Malay romance. 

Dewatantaka (s). Name of a son of 
Rawana, in the Rainayana. 

Dewal, dewala (p). A wall : v. Diwal. 

Dewangga (jav). Name of a kind of silk 
fabric ; tapestry. 

Dewasa (s). Time, age, season ; pxiberty ; 

Dewata (s). A god. 

Dewi (s). A goddess ; the Hindu god- 
dess Prawati ; a lady, a woman of dis- 

Di. An inseparable prefixed particle, 
which, applied to a radical, forms a 
passive verb. 

Di. By; at; in; of; from. 

Di-ad'flp. Before, in front of; in pre- 
sence of. 

Di-ad-apan. Being before, being in front 
of, being in the presence of. 

Di-antara. Among, amongst; between, 

Di-atas. On, upon ; over ; above. 

Di-atas-angin. The windward; the west. 

Di-bawah. Below, beneath ; under, under- 

Di-bawah-angin. The leeward ; tlie east. 

Di-biilakaug. Behind ; after in time or 

Di-dakat. Near, nigh. 

Di-dalam. In, within. 

Di-damping. Nigh, adjoining. 

Di-jauh. Far, at a distance, remote. 

Di-k41iling. Around, round abovit. 

Di-luwar. Out, without, outside ; out- 
wardly, externally ; without, not with. 

Di-mana. Where, in what place ; how, 
in what manner. 

Di-muka. In front, before. 

Di-sana. There, in that place. 

Di-sablah. On one side ; aside. 

Di-sabrang. Across the water. 

Di-sini. Here, in this place. 

Di-sisi. Beside, by the side of, along- 

Di-situ. There, in that place. 

Di-susor. By, beside ; by the side of. 

Di-t'd,ngah. Amid, in the midst ; in the 




Didik. To bring up, to nourish, to edu- 
cate, to rear. 

Dikau (j. dika). Thou. 

Dilah (jAv). A torch ; a candle. 

Dilaiu (j). Name of a genus of plants, 

Dili. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra ; name of a 
place on the northern coast of Timur. 

Dimpit. To run against ; to collide. 

Din (a). Faith, religion, worship. 

Dina. Common, low, mean ; v. Ina. 

Dina (s). Day. 

Dina-ari. Daybreak, dawn. 

Dinah (ben). Model, plan. 

Dmar (a). A piece of money ; name of a 
gold coin, equal m value to a Venetian 
ducat, or about 5s. lOd. sterling. 

Dinging. Cold, chilly ; coldness, chill. 

D"iorang(d-iya and orang). They; literally, 
" they people." 

Dipa (s). Lord, prince. Much used in 
composition by the Javanese in the 
formation of the titles of the nobility. 

Dipati (s). The highest title of Javanese 
nobility; v. Adipati. 

Dirita. Rank, row, order. 

Dims (j. irus). To sprinkle ; to water, 
to irrigate ; v. Ii-us and Jirus. 

Diwal ( p). A wall ; r. Dewal. 

Dij^a. The pronoun of the third person ; 
V. lya. 

Di3'akan. To appropriate to himself or 
hei-self ; to make his own or her own. 

DTyan (j). A torch, a link : a candle. 

Diyam. To be silent, to be mute; to talking ; to be silent, to be still, 
to be quiet ; to stay, to wait ; to stay, 
to tarry ; to stay,' to dwell, to reside ; 
silence ! 

Diyam-dij'am. Silently, without noise; 
privately, secretly. 

Diyamkan. To silence, to cause to be 

Diyat (a). The law of retaliation ; the 
price of blood. 

Doa (a). Prayer, invocation. 

Dodol. Sweet-meats. 

Dolo. Name of a bird, a wader. 

Domul. The snout of certain animals, as 
the hog. 

Donga. Foolish, simple, silly ; stupid ; 
V. Dunga. 

Donggala. Name of a place in Celebes, 
in the tei-ritoiy of Kayali. 

Dongkang (j. kongkang). A toad. 

Dongkol. Trouble, distress. 

Doi'oug (ben). To rush, to push on. 

Dosa (s). Crime ; sin. 

Dragam. Brown, very dark red. 

Drana (j). Patient. 

Dras (j). Rapid, impetuous, moving 
violently as a torrent ; v. Daras. 

Drawa (j). Syrup ; v. Darawa. 

Di-ang. To tiuk, to tinkle, to clink; v. 

Darang. ' 

Dring. To growl as a tiger ; v. During. 
Drubiksa (jay). A goblin, an evil spirit. 
Druiia (s). Name of a bramin and 

pundit in the Mahabarat ; v. Durna. 
Druyudana (s). Another name for Suyu- 

dana, one of the Kurawa, and king of 

Astina, in the Mahabarat. 
Dubar (a). The posteriors. 
Duga (j). To guess, to conjecture ; to 

estimate ; a plumb, a plummet ; a 

sounding lead ; to plumb ; to sound 

with the lead. 
Duka (j). Anger, passion ; angry, wroth. 
Duka (s). Difficult, laboi-ious ; difficulty; 

embaiTassment ; grief. 
Duka-nastapa. Trouble, misfortune. 
Dukachita (s). Sadness, sorrow, uneasi- 
ness of mind ; sad, grieved, ill at ease ; 

to gi'ieve, to sorrow, to be sad. 
Dukana (j). Lascivious, unchaste, obscene, 

Dukuh (jAv). A small village. 
Dukung. To carry or bear on the hip. 
Dukungan. A burthen carried on the 

Dulapan. Eight ; v. Dalapan. 
Dull. Dust ; foot ; claw. 
Duraba (p). A .sheep. 
Dunai. Name of the Nicobar pigeon, 

Geopkillus Nicoharicus. 
Diinya (a). The world, the earth ; 

worldly goods. 
Dunga. Silly, simple, stupid ; v. Donga. 
Dupa (s). Incense, fumigation. 
Dura (por). Duration, long time ; to 

delay, to dally. 
Dm-aka (j). Crime, guilt ; sin ; pei-fidy, 

treason, treachery ; criminal, gviilty ; 

perfidious ; treacherous. 
Durasana (s). Name of a brother of 

Suyudana, king of Astina, and one of 

the Kurawa. 
Durbiksa (jav). A goblin, an evil spirit. 
Duren (duri). The durian fniit; literally, 

" the thorny object ;" v. Duriyan ; 

Duno zibethinus. 
Durga (s). The Hindu goddess Durga ; a 

demon; danger. 
Duri (j. ari and ri). A thorn, a spine, a 

Duriyan (j). The dui-ian; v. Duren, 

Name of an island in the eastern 

part of the Straits of Malacca, giving 

name to the straits called Drj'an in the 

Durja. Countenance, face, mien. 
Durjana (j). Rogue, knave, villain, thief; 

kna\ish, villanous ; knavery, villainy. 
Durna (s). Name of a bramin in the 

Mahabarat; v. Druna. 


[44 ] 


Durpada (s). The son of Busukate, kiug 
of Maiura, and brother of Dewikuuti, 
wife of Paudu. 

Durya (t). Name of a kmd of striped 
cotton fabric. 

Duryadaua (s). The king of Astina, in 
the Mahabarat ; v. Druyudana and 

Dusana (j). Relative, blood relation, 

Dusiisana (s). Name of a brother of 
Suyudana ; v. Durasana. 

Dusun. Name of a variety of garlic. 

Du.sun. Name of a wild tribe of Borneo, 
on its north-eastern coast. 

Duta (s). A messenger. 

Duwa (j. loro). Two. 

Duwa-blah. Both, the two. 

Duwablas. Twelve. 

Duwapuluh. Twenty. 

Duwa-laki-estri. Man and wife ; an 
idiomatic expression, which, however, 
is not confined to this particular rela- 
tion, nor confined to two persons. 

Duwaratus. Two hundred. 

Duvva-ribu. Two thousand. 

Duvvau. Grandfather five degrees re- 
moved ; forefather, ancestor. 

])'aCHIN(j). A steelyard, 

D'ad'a (j. d'ad'a and jaja). The breast ; 
the thorax ; the bosom ; the heart, the 
seat of the affections. 

D"ad'a-prang (j). The centre of an army 
distinguished from the wings. 

D'adap. Name of a tree, Erytkriiia indica. 

D'ad'ap-chuchuk, or D. duri. Erylkrina 

D'ad'ap-miuak. Erythrina inennis. 

D'ad'ap-wangi. Erythrina spathacea. The 
erythrinas are used as vegetating props 
for the pepper vine, and planted with 
the coffee plants to afford them shade. 

D'ad'o (poii). Dice. 

D-agn (j). The Javanese partridge, Per- 
drix javanica. 

DakS,p (j). To embi-ace ; an embrace, a 

D-alang (j). An actor, a stage-player, a 
comedian ; a story-teller. 

D'ampa (sun). Tetter, ringworm. 

D-ampar (jav). A throne. 

Dand'an. To play on a musical instru- 

Dand'ang (jav). A crow. 

D'ang (J. a female devotee). A title of 
inferior order prefixed to the names of 
women ; a waiting-maid, a handmaid. 

Daugkal (bat). Shallow, not deep. 

Dara. A maid, a virgin. 

Darad ang. A waiting-maid, a handmaid, 

D-arat (j). Land, distinct from air or 
water, terra firma ; on foot, not con- 
veyed by any vehicle ; foot soldiers, 

D'ai'ingo (sun). Calamus aromaticus. 

D-asar (j). Ground, surface; bottom, 
ground under the water ; ground, 
floor; ground, bottom colour; gi'ouud, 
foundation, reason. 

Dataug (j). To come, to arrive ; to 
arrive at, to reach ; to arrive, to 
happen ; until, to, unto. 

D-atang-ati. To have the heart, to find 
in one's heart to do an act. 

D'ataugi; v. tr. To get at, to reach, 
to attain ; to produce, to bring for- 

D-atiingkan. To produce, to bring for- 

D-atang-kapada. Until, to the time or 
place that. 

D-atanglah. Come ! welcome ! 

Dayung (j). An oar; to row, to oar. 

D-amam. Fever. 

D'amam-katiga. Ague, intermittent fever. 

D-amam-kora. Hectic fever. 

D'amam-salang. Intermittent fever ; v. 

D'amd-ilm (j. d-am). Malice, gi-udgo, 
spite, malevolence, rancour ; envy. 

D'aud'a (s). Fine, pecuniary penalty, 
mulct ; forfeiture. 

D-iiudi. Name of a stringed instrument 
Lke a guitar. 

D angilr (J. to understand). To hear, to 
perceive by the ear ; to hear, to 
hearken, to listen, to obey. 

Dapa (j). A fathom. 

D-ilsfarata (s). The elder brother of 
Pandu, and father of the Kurawa ; v. 

Ded'es (j). Musk, civet. 

Dendang (j). To sing. 

D"end'eug (j). A wall ; name of tho 
islands at the eastern end of the Straits 
of Malacca, called in the maps Din- 

Dend-eng-ari. A kind of partition wall 
within a tomb or gi-ave. 

Didik. To boil, to seeth. 

Dim (ou. duim). An inch. 

D'iri (j). Self ; person, individual ; thou ; 
to stand, to be erect. 

D-iriamba. Myself ; litei-ally, " self- 

D'iri-kita. Myself, ourselves. 

Diri-ku. Myself 

D-iri-mu. Thyself. 

D'iri-iia. Himself; herself 

Dirikan (diri). To cause to stand ; to 
erect, to place perpendicularly ; to 
erect, to raise ; to hoist. 

r)okoh. A kind of necklace. 




D-rast'arata (s). The elder brother of 

Pandu ; v. Dast'arata. 
Duda (JAV). A bachelor or widower. 
D'ud'uk (J. d'od-ok, "to squat"). To sit, 

to be seated ; to rest, to be placed or 

situated ; to reside, to abide, to dwell ; 

to settle, to establish a residence; to 

settle, to subside, to sink, to drop ; to 

continue doing, to be engaged in 

Dud'ukan. To seat, to cause to be 

seated ; to fix, to settle, to establish ; 

to plant, to fix. 
Dudiiranau. Name of a plant, Elceagnus 

lalifolia, elcearjiius rirjida. 
D'uku (j). Name of a fruit, Lanniiim 

domesticum (a variety). 
D-ukuh (J). A hamlet. 
D ukun (j). A surgeon; a physician; a 

D-ukut (JAV.) Grass ; herb ; v. Sukat. 
Dukutwarih (jav). A name of Saka or 

Salivaua ; literally, " water-grass," or 

" water-herb." 
D'ulang (j). A wooden ti-ay or platter, a' 

charger, a trencher. 
D-ust-a (s). False, imtrue. 
D'ust'ajumilua (s). A hero of the Maha- 

barat, son of Drupada, king of Cham- 
pal a. 
D-usun (j). A village ; the countiy, not 

the town ; v. Desa. 
Duwit (Du). A doit; money. 
Duwuk (scn). Grey-coloured, as ahorse. 
D'uwuug (jav). a dagger, a poiguard, a 

Duyimg (j). The lamantin or dugong. 

LBOR. To be consoled, to be com- 
forted, to be solaced, to be cheered, 
to be soothed; consolation, comfort, 

EborkSn- To console, to comfort, to 
solace, to cheer, to sooth. 

Echo (jav). Agreeable, pleasant, savoury. 

Edan (jav). Foolish ; mad, insane ; in- 
eVjriated, drunk, intoxicated ; in love. 

Edaran. Foolishness, folly ; madness, 
iusanitv ; intoxication ; love. 

Eh. Eh! 

Ekor. Tlie tail ; r. Ikur. 

Eia. T' ■ pull, to haul ; to drag along. 

Ela. Name of a plant, UtUenia brae- 

Elak. To dodge, to shift jilacc, to move 

Eling (jav). To be mindful, to remem- 
ber ; to heed, to mind, to regard ; v. 

Elok. Beautiful, hand-some, fair, lovely ; 
fine, elegant. 

Emut (j). To remember, to care, to heed ; 
careful, attentive; v. Eling. 

Enak (a). Pleasant, gi-ateful, delicious ; 
V. Ainak. 

Encher (jav). Thin, fluid, liquid. 

Enchok (j. penchog). To limp, to halt. 

Euuhok (bat). Rhemnatism. 

Eudak (j). Raxe, precious, admirable ; 
V. Indah. 

Endahkan. To esteem, to value ; to re- 
spect, to heed. 

Ende. Name of a country and people of 
the island of Flores. 

Endi-a. Name of a class of sprites or 

Endi-a (s). The Hindu god of the air ; v. 

Endi-agiri (s). Name of a river and Ma- 
lay state on the north-eastern coast of 
Sumatra ; v. ludragui. 

Endramaya (s). Name of a district on 
the northern coast of Java, and in the 
country of the Sundas. 

Endrapui-a (s). Name of a district on 
the south-western coast of Sumatra. 

Enteng (jav). Light, not heavy, want- 
ing gravity. 

Eutero (for. intiero). Entire, complete ; 
the whole. 

Ered, or Eret (j. ered, or sered). To drag, 
to pull along the ground. 

Eriug. A vulture. 

Erot (j. perot). Wry, crooked, dis- 

Esa (s). A name of Krishna, in the Maha- 

Estiuggai'da (pok. espingurda). A match- 

Estri (s). A woman ; a wife. 

Eta (s). A corruption of asta, the fox-e- 
arm ; a cubit. 

FaIDAT, and Faidah (a). Utility, advan- 
tage, profit, benefit ; emolument. 

Fal (a). Omen, augury, presage; necro 

Farai- (a). Distinguishing, discerning. 

Farsi (a). Persian, Persic. 

Fastt(A). Wicked; wickedness; sinner. 

Faham, paham (a). Ivuowledge ; skill ; 
skilled; intelligent. 

Fajar, pajar (a). Moi-niug, dawn, day- 
break, crepuscle. 

Fakar, pikir (a). To think, to reason; 
to imagine ; to meditate. 

Fakaran. Thought, opinion, judgment. 

Fa^iiha (a). Divines, theologians, ex- 
pounders of the Koran. 

Falir (a). A faqueer, a religious mendi- 

Fallul, paduli (\). To intermeddle, to 




interpose, to interfere; to heed, to 
mind ; v. Paduli. 

Fana (a). Mortal ; frail ; corrupt. 

Farasat (s). Foreknowledge, prognostica- 
tion ; physiognomy. 

Faraj (a). The pudenda of either sex. 

Farangi. An European ; a Christian. 

Fardan, pardana (a). Sole, single, sin- 

Fardana-mantri, pardana-mantri (a and s). 
First ministei-, vizier. 

Fardus (a). Paradise. 

Fari, pari (a). A peri, a fairy. 

Farman (p). An edict, an ordinance ; a 
royal mandate. 

Farna, fiirna (a). An oven, a furnace ; 
V. Furna. 

Fasui- (a). Wicked ; fraud. 

Fasun, pasuna (p). Incantation, enchant- 
ment, fascination. 

Fasa/tat (a). Eloquence. 

Fasal (a). Chapter, title, article, sec- 

Fasi/i. (a). Eloquent. 

FatAah (a). The name of the first Arabic 
vowel mark, called by the Malays 
baris-diatas, or " the stroke over." 

Fa^imah (a). Fatimah, the daughter of 
Mahomed, and wife of Ali. 

Fatnah (a). Treachery, fraud, perfidy. 

Fetor, petor (por. feitor). A factor, a 
commercial agent. 

FihaZ-, pihak (a). Side, quarter. 

Firuz (a). Triumphant, victorious ; tri- 

Firuzah, piruz (a). The turquoise. 

Fiirna (a). An oven, a furnace ; v. Farna. 

GaBUR (ben). Name of a fish. 

Gabus (j). Name of a tree with very soft 

timber, Alstonia scholaris ; name of a 

Gachar (ben). Diarrhcea. 
Gada (s). A club, a mace. 
Gada-gada. A vane ; bunting, or the 

fabric of which flags are made. 
Gadamala (s). Name of a plant. 
Gadang (bat). To watch, to wake. 
Gad-ai (j. gad-e). To pawn, to pledge, 

to mortgage ; a pawn, a i^ledge, a 

Gad-iug (s). The tusk of an elephant ; 

ivory ; the wing of an army. 
Gad-ing-gad-ing. The floor timbers of a 

Gad'is (re). A virgin. 
Gad'og. Name of a plant, Bischqffia 

Gad'uk. To disordei-, to disturb, to con- 
fuse ; disorder, disturbance, confusion ; 

to plague, to vex. 

Gad'uh-gad'uhan. General disturbance, 
general disorder. 

Gaga (jAv). The cultivation of rice in 
dry laud, distingiiished from sawah, or 
its culture in irrigated land. 

Gagah (j). Strong, powerful, stout ; 
mighty, valiant ; might, strength ; va- 

Gagahi (gagah). To force, to compel, to 

Gagak (j). A crow, Corvus. 

Gagaug (j). A spi'out, a shoot. 

Gagap. To stammer, to stutter, to sput- 

Gagau. To grope ; to catch fish by grop- 
ing with the hand. 

Gaget (j). To start, to startle ; start, 

Gaginggal-ginggal (j. ginjal). The reins, 
the small of the back. 

Gagu. To stutter. 

Gagu (ben). Name of a fish. 

Gah. Noted, renowned, famed ; fame, 

, renown. 

Gahra. The principal fighting cock in a 
main ; the principal or elder wife. 

Gahya. Strength, power, force. 

Gajah (s). An elephant; the bishop at 

Gajah-gfimulang. Name of a flower. 

Gajah-mina (s). Name of a species of 
seal, Phoca ; literally, " elephant-fish." 

Givjah-monda (jav). Name of the fii-st 
minister of the last king of Majapahit, 
in Java. 

Gajah-putik (jav). Name of an ancient 
Javanese king ; literally, " white ele- 
phant ; " V. Jat'asura. 

Gajahtoya (s). Name of the capital of 
the kingdom of Astina, in the Maba- 

Gajih (j). Reward, recompense; pay, 
hire ; wages ; salary. 

Gaku (ben). To sing a lullaby. 

Gala. Remedy, resource. 

Galad-ag (jav). The public establishment 
of a Javanese prince, for the supply of 
labour in men and horses, being corvees 
furnished by a kind of conscription ; v. 

Gala-gala. A composition of resin and 
lime for paying the bottoms of ships. 

Galah. A pole for pushing a boat in 
shallow water. 

Galak (j). Fierce, furious, ferocious, 
wicked, vicious, mischievous. 

Galang. A chock or block placed under 
an object to keep it from the ground ; 
name of an island at the eastern end of 
the straits of Malacca. 

Galangan. A slip for ship or boat build- 

Galangan-tangan. The ball of the thumb. 




GaLos. To carry an object over the 

shoulder suspended from the end of a 

Gale. A whirlwind. 

Gali. To dig ; to bore the earth, to mine. 
Galian. A mine, a quarry. 
Galigih. To quake, to tremble. 
Galinggam. The arnotta plant and dye, 

£ixa orellana ; safilower ; minium, red 

Galuga (j). Vermillion, cinnabar. 
Galuh (jay). Name of an ancient place 

in Java, now called Kasokapura. 
Galuh (j). A princess ; a lady of high 

Galuma. Name of a plant, Rubia ja- 

Gamak. To threaten, to menace. 
Gamam (j). Perturbed, agitated, con- 
fused, not collected in thought ; boor- 
ish, clownish. 
Gaman (jay). Implement ; tool ; weapon, 

Gamat. Name of a small species of 

Gamatutan. Name of a plant, Ecliino- 

caulcs perfoliatm. 
Gamal (jay). A groom, one that tends a 

Gamalan (jay). A band of musical in- 

Gambang (j). A staccata, or musical 

trough, of which the keeps are wood. 
Gambar (j). To delineate, to design, to 

paint ; draught, delineation, picture. 
Gambas. Name of a plant, Bryonia cordi- 

Grambir (j). The plant and catechu from 

the Nauclea gambir. 
Gambung. A horse's mane. 
Gambut. A column of smoke. 
Gamit. To beckon. 
Gamit. To paw ; to finger a musical in- 

Gamit-gamitan. A mutual beckoning. 
Gampang (j). Easy, light, facile. 
Gana (s). The Hindu god Ganesa. 
Ganas (j). Restless, unquiet, impatient. 
Ganchang(j). Quick, expeditious; quickly, 

Ganda (s). Scent, odour, perfume. 
Gandapura (s). Name of a plant. Hibiscus 

Gandarusa (s). Name of a plant, Justicia 

Gandasuli (s). Name of a plant, Hedi- 

chium coronarium. 
Gandum (p). Wheat, Triticum cestivum; 

V. Gandum. 
Gandung. The outriggers of a boat ; to 

cling, to hang to. 
Gand-a. Mviltiple, equivalent to the 

English word " fold," in composition. 

Gand'a-bargand'a. Two-fold. 

Gandek (j). A messenger; a lock of false 

Gand-eng (jay). A mallet. 

Gand'era (for. bandeira). A flag, a ban- 
ner; V. Band-era. 

Gaud-is (jay). Sugar. 

Gand-ut (j. d-od-ut). Pot-bellied, swag- 

Ganja (t). Hemp, Cannahis saliva, var. 

Ganja-rami-china. Name of a plant, 
Cm'chorus capsulars. 

Granjar (j). To bestow, to give as bounty 
or gift. 

Ganjaran (j). Gift, present, bounty, do- 
nation, largess. 

Ganjil. The kidneys. 

Ganjil (j). Odd, not even. 

Ganta. Coarse, gi-oss, indelicate. 

Ganta. Enraged, furious. 

Gantang. Name of a dry measure, equal 
to about a gallon. 

Ganti (j). To ciiange, to shift, to alter; 
to exchange ; to succeed, to come into 
£lie place of another ; change, shift ; 
successor ; representative, vicar, sub- 
stitute ; alteration ; succession. 

Gantih (j. ngantih). To spin, to make 

Gantung (j). To hang, to suspend ; to 
hang, to be suspended; to hang, to 
depend upon. 

Gantungkau. To hang, to suspend. 

Gantung-layar. To take in sail ; literally, 
" to hang sail ; " a salvage for rescuing 
shipwrecked persons. 

Ganggang. To roast flesh. 

Ganggang. Quarrel, dispute, altercation. 

Gangsa (s). The goose ; v. Angsa. 

Gangsa (s). Bronze, bell-metal. 

Gauggu (j). To disturb, to perplex, to 

Gapura (t). A gate. 

Garagai (ben). A hook for taking the 

Garang. Fierce, ferocious ; violent, tyran- 

Garang. Loud, sonorous. 

Garangan. A loud noise, roaring. 

Gari (bat). A bedstead. 

Garam. Culinaiy salt. 

Garing (bat). To dry, to parch. 

Garis (j. garit). To scratch, to score ; a 
scratch, a score. 

Garjitawati (s). Name of the counti-y 
of Rama. 

Garok. To scrape in the earth, to grub. 

Gartuk. To dust, to free from dust. 

Garu (j). A comb ; a rake ; a harrow ; 
to comb ; to rake ; to harrow ; to 
claw, to scratch ; to curry a horse. 

Garud-a (s). Name of fabulous bird, the 




vehicle of the Hindu god Vishnu; 
1'. Grud'a. 

Gai'ulangit (j). Name of the brother-in- 
law of Rawana, in the Ramayana. 

Garut (j). To scratch, to claw ; to scrape. 

Garwa (jav). Spouse, consort, wife. 

Gasal (j. gangsal, "five"). Odd, not even. 

Gasap (j). Hard, rough, rugged; v. 

Gasing. A boy's top. 

Gasir (bat). To undermine, to sap. 

Gatal (.t). To itch ; itching, prurient ; 
itching, desiring, lewd, lascivious, wan- 

Gatal-mulut. Impertinent, intrusive. 

Gatotkacha (s). Name of a son of Bima, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Gawal (re). Dull, slow of under- 

Gawal (bat). To entangle ; to perplex ; 
to embroil ; to confound. 

Gawam (re). To sue, to plead, to con- 
tend at law. 

Gawe (re), v. Gawam. 

Gawe (jav). To do, to perform; work, 

Gawe-ning-wong (jav). Census of the 
land and population, estimated by the 
quantity of the former which a family 
is supposed to cultivate ; literally, " a 
man's work or labour." 

Gawerasa (gawe, J., and rasa, s., "to cause 
to feel'). To take to oneself what is 
addressed to another. 

Gawul. To mix, to compound ; to 

Gawung. A hollow soimd as in a vault ; 
a cave. 

Gawung (bat). A shady place. 

Gawung. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra, between 
Kampar and Indragiri. 

Gaya. To plan, to design. 

Gayit (j). To hook, to hold with a hook 
or crook ; a crook, a hook. 

Gayoh. Name of a wild tribe in the in- 
terior of Sumatra, in the territory of 

Gayong. A ladle having a coconut-shell 
for its bowl. 

Gilbala (s). A tender of cattle, a herds- 
man ; a charioteer; an elephant-driver; 
V. Grlmbala, Gumbala, Kambala. 

Gabang (j). Name of a palm, Corypha 

GAbang (jav). Name of a district of 
Cheribon, in Java. 

GilbAr. Checked, cross-striped. 

Gad-ang (j. g^d'e). Big, great, largo. 

Gad"is. Name of a plant. 

G&d'ogan (jav). A stable. 

Gild'ong (t). a warehouse, a storehouse ; 
1 ; any house built 

of brick or stone. This is the origin of 
the word "godown," in general use 
among Europeans in India for a ware- 

Gad'ubang. Name of a kind of sword. 

Gad-upang. The buttocks. 

Gagak. Noisy, clamorous; noise, cla- 

Gagaman (jav). Tools, implements ; 
arms, weapons ; v. Gaman. 

Gagand-en (jav). A mallet ; v. Gand'en. 

Gaganja. The upper end or capital of a 
pillar or column. 

Gaganjil. The kidneys ; v. Ganjil. 

Gagar. To vibrate, to quiver. 

Gagat. A moth. 

Gaga win (j. kaklawin). A song, a ballad, 
a ditty. 

Gagdlang (j). A song, a ditty ; name of 
a place in the province of Pranaraga, in 

Gdgali. The kidnej's ; v. Gili-gili. 

Gagaras. Voracious, I'avenous. 

Gagatai". The artificial stalk of a bouquet 
of flowers ; name of a woman's head- 

Gaginjal. The reins, the small of the 
back; v. Ginjal. 

Galaga (j). Name of a tall grass. Sac- 
cJiarum spontaneum; v. Glaga. 

Galaga (bat). To bubble. 

Galajah (t). Rapacity, greediness. 

Galak. To laugh loud continuously ; 
continuous loud laughter. 

Galamber. The dewlap of an ox ; the 
wattles of a cock. 

Galambung. Foam, froth, bubbles ; 
surge, billows. 

Galang (j). A bracelet ; armlet ; anklet. 

Galangpintu. The handle of a door. 

Galanggang. A stage for cock-fighting ; a 
field of battle. 

Oalap. Dark, obscure; darkness; ob- 

Galap-gulita. Utter darkness. 

Galar (j. order, arrangement). Title, 
appellation of honour ; name of man- 

Gillatak (lam). To babble, to tattle. 

Gali. To tickle, to titillate. 

Galinchir. To slide; slippery. 

G:iluju. Gluttonous; a glutton. 

Galuk. A coconut shell ; r. Gluk. 

G&lumpai. Thatch made of split bam- 

Gillung (j). To tie the hair in a knot on 
the crown of the head in the Javanese 
fashion ; the hair so tied. 

Galimg. A path, a footway. 

Galut (j). To embrace by taking in the 
arms ; to hug ; to wrestle. 

Gdmak (jav). A quail. 

Gamas. Hard, rough, rigid. 




Gamalunggung. Agitated, tossed, as 
water in violent commotion ; v. G4- 

Gamalutuk. To tremble, to shiver, to 

Gamam (bat). Loose, rambling, inco- 

Gamar. To rejoice, to exult ; rejoicing, 

Gamantam. The noise or clatter of foot- 

G^maratak. To clash, to clatter; clash, 

G^marchek. The sound of plumping in 

Gamarenchang (j). To clang, to clatter; 
clang, clatter ; to crash ; crash. 

Gamarlap (j. gamilap). To shine, to 
glitter, to glisten ; glitter, lustre. 

Gamarlapan. Shine, lustre, glitter. 

GftmatAr (j). To quake, to tremble; v. 
Giltar and Katar. 

Gambala (s). A tender of cattle, a herds- 
man ; a charioteer ; an elephant-driver; 
V. Giibala, Gumbala, Kabala. 

Gambat (j. gambes). A betel-box. 

Gambira (j). Wanton, sportive, playful ; 
animation, spirits ; brisk, lively. 

Gflmbong (jav). Another name for the 
province of Pasuruhau, in Java. 

Garni (jav). Frugal, parsimonious. 

G^mi (ben). Name of a parasitic fish. 

Gamilang (j). Bright, shining, lustrous, 
resplendent, effulgent. 

Gamira. Anger, wrath. 

G3,mintam. Sound or report, as of 

Gamlugut. To quake from fear. 

Gamalan (j). A band of musical instru- 
ments ; V. Gamalan. 

Gampa. An earthquake ; to quake. 

Gampal. A clod. 

Gampar. To clamour ; clamour, outcry, 

G4mpita. Loud, roaring, clamorous ; 
clamour, noise. 

Gamuk (j). Fat, plump, fleshy; fat, 
corpulent ; fertile, fruitful. 

Gamuluk. Agitated, tossed as water in 
violent commotion ; v. Gamalunggung. 

G^muruh. Loud, pealing ; clamorous, 
noisy; clamour, outcry. 

Ganal. To lay the hand on the hilt of a 
weapon in a threatening manner. 

Ganap (j). Complete, full, perfect ; en- 
tire, whole, undivided. 

Ganapi. To complete ; v. Ganapkan. 

Ganapkan. To complete, to perfect ; to 

Gandang (j). A kind of drum. 

Gilndang (bat). Foolish, idiotical, half- 

Gandarang. A kind of large drum. 

Gandcwa (s). A bow, the instrument of 

war ; in Sanskrit, the bow of Arjuna. 
Gandit. A small cord worn round the 

Gandiim (p). ^^^^eat, Triticum sativum. 
Gand-a. Multiple; v. Gand'a. 
Ganeh. The tusks of a female elephant. 
Ganitri (j). Name of a shrub the seeds 

of which are much used as rosaries, 

Ekeocarpus ancfiislifolia. 
Ganje (t). Hemp, Cannabis sativa, var. 

indica; v. Ganja. 
Gantar. Fear, apprehension ; afraid, timo- 
rous ; to fear, to apprehend. 
Gantas. To break off, to nip off, to snap 

off; to pick, to gather. 
Gantus (sun). To hit against, to collide. 
Gant-a (j). A bell. 

Gant-ing (j. gand'eng). A roofing tile. 
Gangaman (j. gagaman). Arms, weapons, 
Gangang. To roast. 
Gangam (j. gagam). The fist, the clenched 

hand; a handful ; to clutch, to clench; 

small arms, as swords, daggers, &c. 
Gapuk. A granaiy. 
Gapuk. Fat, corpulent. 
Garai. A bedstead, a couch. 
Garaji (j). A saw ; v. Gargaji. 
Garak. To move, to stir ; to move, to be 

in motion ; motion, movement. 
Giiraham. A grinder, a molar tooth; v. 

Garangan. Possibly, peradventure ; v. 

Gilrap. To grasp at, to endeavour to 

Garayang (j). To feel, to examine by 

the touch ; to grope ; to seek, to 

endeavour after. 
Garam (p). Hot, angry, enraged. 
Garandang-garandang (bat). To mumble, 

to speak inarticulately. 
Garandi (j). A grindstone. 
Garbang. The gate of a palace or castle. 
Garbag (jav). A festival, a festivity; 

a festive procession. 
Gardapati (s). The king of Saptaprabala, 

in the Mahabarat, — one of the Kurawa. 
Garechok (bat). To vex, to annoy, to 

Gargah. Name of a species of monkey. 
Gargahayu. Prosperity, good fortune. 
Gargaji (j. gdraji). A saw. 
Gargasi. A goblin, an evil spirit. 
Garoh. Loud, sonorous. 
Garoh. Accident, mishap. 
Glrok (j). Hoarse. 
Garonggong (j). A den, a cavern. 
Garsik (j. gasik). Sand, gravel. 
Gdrsik (jav). Name of a town and 

district in the eastern part of Java, 

called by Europeans Gresik. 
Gartak. To stamp, to strike the ground 




with the foot ; to knock an object 
against the ground ; to urge, to goad, 
to spiu' ; to threaten, to menace ; to 
affright, to fright. 
Gartak-gigi. To gnash the teeth ; gnash- 
ing of teeth. 
GAi-us (j). To polish, to smooth, to gloss. 
Gata (p. kat). A couch, a bed ; v. Kata. 
Gatah. Tlie sa]) of plants whether fluid, 
viscid, or concrete ; gum ; resin ; bird- 
lime ; inspissated extract. 
Gitah-parcha. The inspissated juice of 
the parcha tree, Isonandra r/utta of Sir 
William Hooker; the guttah-percha 
of commerce. 
Gatah-taban. Name of a tree yielding a 
gutta-percha, and, like the last, of the 
family of the Sapotacece. 
Gatam (ben). To bite the lips. 
Gatas (j). Brittle, fragile, crumbling. 
Gatar (j). To quake, to tremble; v. 

Katar and Gamatar. 
Gati. Name of a forest tree. 
Gaza (p). The giiz, a long measure of 

37 inches English. 
Gebang. To boast, to vaunt, to brag. 
Gebe. The island of Gibi, between Gil- 

loh and New Guinea. 
Gcd-eng (jav). A double sheaf of rice, 

25 of which make an amat ; a pair. 
Geger (jav). Uproar, tumult, distur- 
bance, turmoil, anarchy, disorder. 
Gelek. To dodge, to move aside so as to 

elude a blow. 
Geler (j. gilir). Change, relief as of a 
sentinel ; the screen in the exhibition 
of a scenic puppet-show. 
Gembol (j). A gnarr, a large knotted 
external excrescence on some trees; 
a log, a shapeless piece of wood. 
Gend'ong. To bear or carry an object in 

a sling. 
Genggoug. A Jew's harp. 
Gepeng (jav). Flat, shallow, not deep ; 

V. Lepek. 
Gerek. To bore, to pierce, to perforate, 

to drill. 
Gesek (j. gosok). To rub, to fret, to 

apply friction ; v. Gisik. 
Getck (jav). a float, a raft. 
Gibana (ben). A vagabond, a profligate. 
Gigas. A moth. 
Gigi. A tooth ; a tusk. 
Gigi-asu. The canine teeth. 
Gigi-sai-a. The front teeth, the incisors. 
Gigi-utan. The edge or outskirt of a 

Gigit (j). To bite. 
Qigitan. A bite, a bit broken off by 

biting, a morsel. 
Gila (j). Mad, insane ; foolish, weak of 

intellect ; foolishly fond, mad in love. 
Gilang. Purslane, PoHulaca. 

Gilang. Name of an intoxicating spirit. 
Gilang (j). To shine, to glitter ; to 

dazzle ; v. Gilau. 
Gilang-gilang (j). Brightness, brilliancy ; 

Gilang-gamilang. Effulgent, shining, lus- 
Gilau. To shine, to glitter ; v. Gilang. 
Gilau-gilaiian. Glittering. 
Gili (j). To loathe, to nauseate; loath- 
ing, nausea, disgust. 
Gili-gili. The kidneys. 
Gilik (j). To tickle, to titillate. 
Giling (j). To turn round, to revolve. 
Gilingan. A quern, a hand-mill, a mill. 
Giling wasi (jav). Name of a district in 

Gilip (bat). To burnish. 
Galir (j). To change, to shift ; to be 

relieved as a sentinel. 
Galiran. Change, shift, relief as of a 

watch or sentinel. 
Gilung (ben). a fagot ; any kind of 

Giudala. To impede, to obstruct, to 

Ginjal (jav). The reins, the small of the 

Gintel. A pellet. 
Gingsir (jav). To shift, to change place ; 

to recede ; to break an engagement. 
Giri (s). a mountain, a hill. 
Giri (s). Name of a place in the district 

of Gresik, in Java. 
Girinata (s). A name of the Hindu god 
Sivva ; literally, '' lord of the moimtaiu." 
Giring (bat). Glad, merry. 
Gisi-gisi. Lattice-work. 
Gisik (j. gosok). To rub, to fret, to chafe ; 

a fiddle-stick. 
Gisil. A fiddle-stick ; v. Gisik. 
Gisir (ben). To rub between the hands. 
Gitik (jAV). To beat; to whip, to 

scoui-ge ; a whip, a scourge. 
Giyang. Lewd, unchaste. 
Giyau. A sickle. 

Giyab. To be alarmed, to be disturbed. 
Glad-ag (j), v. Galad'ag. 
Glaga (j). Name of a tall species of grass, 

Saccharum spontaneum ; v. Galaga. 
Glam. Name of a tree, Gordonia ; the 
epidermis of this tree is used for en- 
velopes, and for caulking. 
Glat'ek (jav). The species of finch called 
by Europeans "the Java sparrow," 
FringiUa oryzivora. 
Glapung (jav). Flour, meal. 
Glenggaug (j). Name of a plant, Cassia 

Glatik. To tickle, to titillate. 
Glond'ong (j). A log, a billet. 
Glora. Trouble, disorder, confusion, com- 




Glud'ug (j). A thunder clap. 

Gluga (j). The amotta plant, Bixa orel- 

lana; v. Galanggam. 
Gluga (j). Vermillion, cinnabar. 
Gluga (j). Name of a tree from which 

the Javanese manufocture a native 

paper, Broussonetia pa/iyriftra. 
Glugar. Name of a plant. 
Glugur. The septs or partitions of some 

fruits, as they appear externally. 
Gluk. A coco-nut shell ; a little bucket, 

with a cord attached, made of one ; v. 

Gobah (j). To trim and arrange flowers 

into garlands or wreaths ; v. Gubah. 
Gobar (j). Name of a kind of gong. 
Gochoh (j. gocho). To box, to strike with 

the fist ; a box, a cuff. 
Godam. A sledge hammer ; to beat as 

with a hammer ; to thi-ash, to drub. 
God'ong (JAV). A leaf. 
Gogau (ben). To gulp. 
Gogoh (j). To catch fish in shallow wa- 
ter by groping with the hand, or with 

the assistance of an inverted basket. 
Goke. A name for the tokay, or noisy 

lizard ; r. Takeh. 
Gole. To hang down, to depend as a 

partially broken branch from a tree ; 

V. Kole. 
Golek (jAV). A puppet. 
Goliga. Bezoar. 
Goling. To roll ; to turn round on a 

surface ; to roll, to toss about ; v. 

Golita. Dark, pitch-dark. 
Golok. A cleaver ; a kind of hanger or 

Golong. To pursue, to chace ; v. Kolong. 
Gomol. To wrestle. 
Gompat. To slander, to calumniate; 

slander, calumny; v. Ompat. 
Gonchang. To shake, to agitate; to 

shake, to be agitated. 
Gond'a (jav). Odour, scent, perfume ; 

r. Gand'a. 
Gond-a-kusuma (jav). Name of a prince 

of Javanese story, said to have i-eigned 

in a country called Bandaralim. 
Gond-ah. Sad, heavy, melancholy, 

anxious ; sadness, heaviness. 
Gond'ok. Goitre. 
Gonja (j). Jest, joke. 
Gong (j). A gong. 

Gong-pangi-akan. A tocsin, a call-bell. 
Gonggong (bat). To bark, to bay. 
Gongsa (j). Bronze, bell-metal; v. 

Goiieh. To mumble, to chew like a 

toothless person. 
Gofioh. To rub, to apply friction; v. 

Gopoh (j). Hurriedly, precipitately, 

hastily; suddenly; haste, hurry, pre- 
cipitation; V. Gupuh. 
Gopoh-gopoh. Hastily, hurriedly. 
Gorek. To bore, to pierce by boring, to 

perforate ; v. Gerek. 
Goreng (j). To fry, to stew or seeth. 
Gorita. Having many feet ; having many 

fibrous roots. 
Goroh (jav). False, lying, mendacious; 

lie, falsehood. 
Gosok (j). To rub, to apply friction. 
Gosoki. To nib. 
Gosot. To rub, to apply friction; v. 

Goyang. To shake, to agitate ; to shake, 

to be agitated ; v. Gonchang. 
Griiam. The grinders or molar teeth. 
Graba. The flying lemur, Galeopithecus 

Gragau. To gi'ope ; to catch fish by 

groping with the hands ; v. Gogoh. 
Grab (jav). To be sick ; to be in pain ; 

sickness ; pain. 
Grahana (s). An eclipse. 
Grai. A bedstead, a couch. 
Graji (j). A saw ; v. Gdraji and Gargaji. 
Grami (jav). Name of a species of carp. 
Grantang. To affright, to terrify. 
Grang. An advei'b, which has the sense 

of "may," and mai-ks a subjunctive 

Grangan ; v. Grang. 
Grangau. To paw or claw, to use the 

foot or claws for offence or defence. 
Gram. The wooden frame of a house. 
Greb. To gnaw. 
Greja (por. iglesia). A church, a Christian 

Grenseng (j). Name of a kind of cloth. 
Greuseug. A large kind of copper caul- 
Grigi. Serrated. 
Grimis (jav). Drizzle, light rain. 
Grinting (j). Frizzly, frizzling ; woolly, 

as the hair of the negro. 
Grinting (jav). Name of a species of 

grass much esteemed for the food of 

Griug (j). To be sick ; to be in pain ; 

pain ; sickness ; v. Grab. 
Griyak. To hawk, to expectorate. 
Grobogan (jav). Name of a province of 

Java, anciently Koripan. 
Gmd'a (s). Name of a fabulous bird, the 

vehicle of the Hindu god Vishnu; v. 

Gi-uning. A name for the cameleon 

Grung. Terrified, afirighted. 
Gu. A yoke ; a couple, a pair ; fellows, 

mates ; v. Igu. 
Gubah (j). To trim or arrange, flowers 

in wreaths or garlands ; v. Gobah> 




Gubai. The sap-wood or soft wood of a 

tree, distinct from the heart or harder 

Gubal, V. Gubai. 

Gubamur (roR. gobernador). Governor. 
Gudi. A betel-stand. 
Gud'a (j). Temptation, incitement to evil. 
Gudang (t). A warehouse ; v. Gftd'uug. 
Gugah (j). To rouse, to awaken ; to 

alarm, to disturb ; alarm ; uproar ; 

sedition, insurrection. 
Gugat (sun). To accuse. 
Gugup (j). Fluri-y, precipitation, hurry. 
Gugur (j). To drop, to fall spontaneously 

or untimely; to miscarry, to have an 

Guguran. An abortion, an abortive birth. 
Gugurkan. To cause to drop ; to pro- 
duce abortion. 
Gukan (bat). To pair as birds. 
Gula (s). Sugar. 
Gula-batu. Sugar-candy; literally, "stone 

Gula-pasir. Raw sugar ; literally, " sand 

Gulai. A stew or curry ; soup, broth. 
Guiana. Troubled, grieved. 
Guling. To roll, to I'oll about, to wallow. 
Gulingkan. To cause to roll. 
Guliug-gidingk^n. To toss or roll about 

an object repeatedly. 
Gulung ( j). To roll up ; to furl ; a roll, 

the object rolled up. 
Gulung-chuchuh. Name of a plant, 

Plmniera obtusa. 
Gulung-gulung. Timbers that bind the 

rafters of a house. 
Gulungan. A roll, the thing rolled up. 
Gulunggang. Name of a plant, Cassia 

alata; v. Galenggang. 
Gumbala (s). A tender of cattle, a herds- 
man ; a charioteer; an elephant-di'iver ; 

V. Gftbala, Gambala, Kabala. 
Gumbak. A tuft of hair left on the 

crown, when the rest of the hair of 

the head is shaved. 
Gumatiir (j). To quake, to tremble ; v. 

Gatar and Gam^tar. 
Gumilang (j). Bright, shining, lustrous, 

resplendent, effulgent ; v. GAmilang. 
Gum pal (j. gampal). A clod ; a piece, a 

bit, a fragment. 
Gumuruh (j). To shout; a shout. 
Gumuti. The gomuti palm, £orassus 

Guna (s). Use, worth, value ; charm, 

spell, incantation. 
Guna-kaya (jav). Goods, effects ; wealth, 

Guna-pangasih. A philter, a love-charm. 
Gunapa (guna and apa). Why, wherefore, 

for what purpose. 
Gunawan (guna). Utility, usefulness. 

Gund'ik (j). A concubine. 

Gund-ul (j). Bald, bald-headed ; having 

the head shaved. 
Guni (s). A kind of sacking, the manu- 
facture of Bengal, from the Cmxhonis 

Gunting (j). Scissors, shears ; nippers ; 

snuffers ; to cut with scissors, to shear ; 

to clip ; to snuff the wick of a candle 

or lamp. 
Guntur (j). Thunder. 
Gunung (j). A mountain, a hill. 
Gunung-api. A mountain with a volcano ; 

a volcano. 
Gunun g-gunungan. A series of platfoi-ms 

or stages. 
Gunggung. To mouth as a dog. 
Gunggung (jav). To sum, to reckon ; 

sum, reckoning; to praise, to laud; 

praise, laud. 
Gupuh (j). Hurriedly, precipitately, 

hastily, suddenly ; to haste, to huiry ; 

haste, hurry, precipitation ; v. Gopoh. 
Gupuh-gvipuh. Hastily, hurriedly; v. 

Gupuk. Fat, stout, large. 
Gurak (ben). Scurf, foulness of skin. 
Gurami (j). Name of a species of carp, 

preserved in ponds and stews in Java, 

and suj^posed to have been originally 

brought from China ; v. Grami. 
Gurap (t). The kind of ship called by 

Europeans a grab. 
Gui-au. To toy, to trifle, to dally, to 

sport ; to joke. 
Gurd-i (j). a gimlet, an auger. 
Guri. An ewer, a water-pot. 
Gurinda (j). A grindstone; ?;. GarSnda. 
Gurindam. A i-iddle, an enigma; song; 

verse ; to sing. 
Guris (j. garis). A scratch, a score ; to 

scratch, to scoi-e. 
Gurit (jav). To sing, to chant. 
Guritan. A song. 
Guron. A wilderness, a desert. 
Gum (s). A teacher, an instructor, a 

master ; a name given to the chief deity 

of the Indian islanders while Hindus, 

and probably Vishnu. 
Guru-kaka. A monitor, an upper boy in 

a school. 
Guruh. Thunder ; the rattle of a gong 

or drum. 
Gurungtalo (bu). Name of a people, 

language, and country, in the north- 
eastern limb of Celebes. 
Gusar. Angiy, wroth. 
Gusi (j). The gtims. 
Gusong. A reef of rocks. 
Gusti (JAV). Lord, master ; mistress. 
Guwa (j). A cave, a cavern, a gi'otto ; a 

mine; a quarry. 
Guwa. I ; supposed of Chinese origin. 




Guwama (bex). The quinsey. 
Gyauar. Xame of a piincipality iu the 
island of Bali. 

CrAIB (a). To disappear, to vanish ; 
latent, concealed, invisible, obscure; 
invisible, mysterious. 

C'alab (a). Victorious; excelling, over- 
coming ; triumphant. 

(?ani (a). Rich, wealthy. 

(ralat (a). Fault, mistake, error. 

Cauam (a). Sheep ; goats ; cattle. 

6'arib (a). Foreign, strange ; foreigner, 
stranger ; docile, meek ; poor, indigent. 

Oil&t (a). To make an unexpected pre- 
datory incursion. 

6'irat, jiairat (a). Delight, joy ; delighted, 

G'uluf, kulub (a). The foreskin, the pre- 

Gurab (a). A grab, the form of oriental 
ship so called ; v. Gurap. 

Cusal (a). To perform an ablution of 
the whole body; an ablution. 

HANTBLA.N (s). The monkey general 

of Rama, in the Ramayana. 
Hablur (p). Rock crystal; mica, talc; v. 

Hadayat (a). Guide, direction; spiritual 

Hadiyah (a). Offering, present to a su- 
Haja (a). To spell ; r. Ija. 
Hajrat and Hajrah (a). The Hegira or 

Mahomedan era, the year of Christ 622, 

July 10th. 
Hamza (a). The orthographic mark com- 
monly substituted for the letter a, or 

alif, in the Arabic alphabet. 
Hanar, hunar (p). Skill, ingenuity; 

cunning, craft ; artifice, stratagem. 
Handu, Hindu (p). Hindu. 
Haudustan (p). Hindustan, India. 
Harbab (p). A violin ; a rebeck ; v. Ra- 

Hawa (a). Air; wind; breath; desire, 

inclination ; lust. 
Hiban, hibanu (a). Frightful, hideous, 

Hibat, hebat (a). Fear, appi-ehensiou ; 

fearful, awful, di-eadful. 
Hikal (a), a temple, a church. 
Hun (p). The gold coin of the south of 

India, called by Europeans the pagoda. 
Hurmuz (p). The island of Ormuz, in 

the Persian gulf. 

IlAFlh (a). To keep, to preserve, to 

^af ilkan. To retain in the memoiy, to 
have or get by heart or by rote. 

^ajat (a). Necessity, indispensableness, 
need, lack. 

ZTaji (a), a Mahomedan who has per- 
formed the pilgrimage to Mecca, or a 
Christian to Jenisalem ; a pilgi-im. 

Hakim (a;. A man of learning ; a judge, 
a magistrate. 

.^al (a). State, condition ; circumstance ; 
matter, purport ; affair, business. 

ZTal-ahawal (a). States, conditions, si- 
tuations ; aifairs ; accidents ; circum- 
stances, details; accounts, relation?^, 

^alllr (a). Present, ready, prepared. 

ZTamil (a). Pregnant, teeming, with 

ifarun (a). Aaron. 

Hsisil (a). Produce, increase ; revenue 
profit, gain ; profitable, useful. 

Habs'i (p). An Abyssinian, an Ethio- 
pian ; a negi'O. 

i/ad (a). Limit, boundary. 

ZTadamat (a). Heat, ardour; ardent, 

//adaij (a). Pollution, defilement. 

Z?adi9 (a). Traditions or sayings of the 

//aill. The menses, the catamenia. 

HMM (a). Making haste. 

7/aj (a). The pilgrimage to Mecca. 

ZTajab (a), a veil, a curtain. 

.ffakayat (a). A history, a story; a 
romance, a tale, a fable. 

.ff^akim (a). Learned, erudite ; a doctor, 
a philosopher. 

.ffakmat (a). Wisdom, knowledge; art, 
science ; charm, talisman ; medicine, 

Hak (a). Right, equity, justice ; law, 
rule; authority, right over; just, right, 

Hsl-iLdit (a). Truth, fact ; sinceritj-, up- 
rightness ; faithful, true, loyal, sin- 

Halili (a). Legitimate, genuine. 

H&lal (a). Lawful, not forbidden ; legal, 

.ETalalkan. To make la%\-ful, to legalise ; 
to allow, to authorise. 

Ha.\kah (a). A ring, a circle ; a chain. 

Halkum. (a). The windpipe; the throat; 
the gullet. 

^alwa (a). Sweet-meat.s, confectionery. 

^allrat (a). The presence ; dignity ; ma- 

^ (a). Praise, tribute of gratitude ; 




JI Ana (a). The henna plant, with which 
the Arabian and other oriental women 
stain theu" hands and nails, Lawsonia 

Zf anif (a). Firm, steady, orthodox. 

Havam (a). Unlawful, forbidden, inter- 
dicted; unclean, not ritually pure or 
lawful ; holy, venerable, sacred. 

ZTaranizadah (a and p). Bastard ; rogue, 

//arkat (a). In orthography the vowel 
marks of the Arabic alphabet. 

Hasah, liisab (a). Computation, calcula- 
tion ; account, reckoning. 

i/'asrat (a). Impatient ; impatience. 

Hhsus (a). Definite, certain. 

jETati, hata (a). To, until, even to; as 
far as ; in order that ; used only at the 
beginning of a sentence. 

iZ'eali (a). Intoxicated. 

//eat (a). Life ; living, existence. 

//eran (a). Astonished. 

Jlewan (a). An animal, a beast, a brute. 

i/iibat (a). Love. 

i/ukam (a). An order, a command ; 
a rule, a regulation ; sentence, judg- 
ment, decree ; punishment. 

ZTiikamkan. To order, to institute ; to 
sentence, to decree ; to punish. 

Huraf (a). Aid, assistance. 

Hiiraf (a). A letter, an alphabetic cha- 

Hiirmat (a). Honour, reverence, respect. 

1 BA. Sorry, grieved ; sorrow, grief. 
Ibadat (a). Adoration, worship ; v. 

.4 bad at. 
Ibarat (a). Exjilanation, gloss ; trope, 

figure, simile ; v. ibarat. 
Ibas. Name of a sjjecies of palm. 
Ibar (jav). To fly, to take wing ; 

Ibin (a). Son ; v. Abin. 
Iblis (a). An Arabian name of the 

devil ; v. Ablis. 
Ibrahim (a). The patriarch Abraham ; 

V. Abraiiim. 
Ibu (j). Mother. 
Ibu-bapa. Father and mother, immediate 

Ibu-chAngke. The ripe clove, or clove fit 

for propagation, called by Europeans 

the "motlicr clove." 
Ibu-kaki. The great toe; literally, "mo- 
ther of the foot." 
Ibu-nagri. The capital or chief town of 

a country; literally, "mother of the 

Ibu-sawan. Boils; pimples; an eruption 

on the skin ; literally, " mother of 


Ibu-tangan. The thumb ; literally, '.' mo- 
ther of the hand." 
Ibu-tangga. The side pieces of a ladder 

in which the steps are fixed, or a beam 

cut into steps to serve as a laddei*. 
Idam (j. nidam). To long for, to desire, 

to list after. 
Idang. To serve food or drink at table. 
Idangan. A dish of victuals ; a service 

of food or drink. 
Idar (j). To turn round, to go about, to 

revolve ; to veer, to turn, to change. 
Id^ri. To surround ; to cause to revolve. 
Idar-idar. Round about, circuitously, 

Idin (a). Leave, permission, licence; 

dismissal ; v. Azm. 
Idris (a). The prophet Enoch ; v. Adi-is. 
Idling (j. irung). The nose. 
Idup (j. urip). To live ; alive, living, 

quick ; life ; fresh, not stale or faded. 
Idupan. Living, livelihood. 
Id'am (j. nid'am, " to conceive, to be 

pregnant"). To long as a pregnant 

Iga (jay), a rib. 
Igal. To whirl ; curly; v. Ikal. 
Igal (j). To strut as a peacock when 

proud ; to dance slowly with the arms 

Igu. A yoke for cattle ; a couple, a 

pair ; match, fellow ; v. Gu. 
Ija (a), a syllable, to spell ; v. Haja. 
Ijin (a). Leave, permission, licence; 

dismissal ; v. Asin and Idin. 
Ijau (j. yo). Green ; mouse-colour in a 

Ijuk (j. duk). The black horse-hair-like 

substance at the insei-tion of the fronds 

of the gomuti palm, Borassus f/oviuti, 

and from which cordage is made. 
Ika (jAv). That ; v. Iku. 
Ikal. Whirl, gyration ; to whirl, to curl ; 

curly, as the haii- of the head ; v. 

Ikau. Fish; any esculent animal matter. 
Ikan-laut. Sea fish. 
Ikan-sungai. Fresh-water fish. 
Ikal (j. ukal). The hair tied in a knot 

at the back of the head ; to tie the hair 

in such knot. 
Ikitt. To tie, to fasten ; to bind ; to 

arrange, to dispose ; to shut, to close ; 

to compose ; to put together, to unite ; 

a tie, a knot, a band. 
Ikatan. Tie, fastening; arrangement, 

disposition; written composition ; song, 

Iki\t-pinggang. A girdle, a zone. To form in order of battle ; 

order of battle, battle array. 
Ikat-tangan. A gift. 
Iki (JAV). This. 


[ 55 


Iku (J at). That. 

Ikur. The tail of au animal ; lower end ; 
train of a garment ; train, retinue ; 
an idiomatic term in the enumeration 
of animals ; v. Ekor. 

Ikur-mata. The outer angle of the eye. 

Ikut. To follow, to go after ; to accom- 
pany ; to attend a.s a dependent ; to 
obey ; to copy, to imitate ; according, 
conformably to, agreeably to. 

Ikut-ikutan. Successively, in succession ; 
following in succession. 

Ilai. To laugh aloud ; loud laughter. 

Ilanun. Name of a nation of the island 
of Mindanau noted for piracy. 

Ilang (j). To lose; to be deprived of; 
to lose, not to win ; to vanish, to 
disappear ; to die, to be no more ; lost, 

Hat. To cheat in gaming ; fraud, 

liar (bat). To himger, to be hungry. 

Ilir (j. milir). To go with the stream 
or tide ; to descend a river ; the coast 
or sea-board distinguished from the 
interior of a countiy. 

Imam (a). A Mahomedan high-priest ; 
V. Amam. 

Iman (a). Faith, religious belief; v. 

Iman. Good, right, proper. 

Imbal. To follow, to go after. 

Imbas. Alike, similar. 

Impas (sun). To retaliate, to repay, to 
requite ; to pay a debt. 

Impok. Maimed, mutilated, crippled. 

Impun (j). To assemble, to be collected, 
to be gathered together ; to collect, to 
gather together; to accumulate, to 
heap, to add; to unite, to join into 

Impunan. Collection, assemblage; assem- 
bly, congregation, council. 

Impunkan. To collect; to impose, to 
lay down. 

Ina (s). Mean, of low birth or rank ; 
mean, abject, base; pollution, defile- 

Ina-dina. Pei-sons of all ranks, the com- 

Inair (a). Pleasant, delightful, delicious ; 
V. Ainai- and Enak. 

Inakarta-pati (j). Xame of one of the 
princes celebrated in Javanese romance 
under the name of Panji. 

Inang. A nurse ; the breasts, the mammce. 

Inangda. A nurse respectfully. 

Inang-paugasuh. A governess, a duenna. 

Inap (J. ngiuap). To sojourn for a 

Inchi. Master or mistress; a titular 
prefix of respect to names of per 

Inchit. To expel, to drive out. 

Inchut. Lame, halt. 

Indah. Rare, preciou.s, valuable ; admi- 
rable; V. Endah. 

Indah -indah. Very rare, most pre- 

Indahkan. To esteem, to appreciate, to 
prize, to value; to mind, to respect; 
to heed. 

Indalas. A mythic name sometimes given 
to the island of Sumatra. 

Indam (bat). To bathe oneself. 

Indap. To skulk ; to lurk ; to sneak. 

Indra (s). The Hindu god ludra; a class 
of male celestial beings ; v. Endra. 

Indrabuwana (s). The heaven or world 
of Indra. 

Indragiri (s). Name of a river and Malay 
state on the north-eastern coast of 

Indramaya (s). Name of a town and dis- 
trict of Java, in the coimtry of the 

Indrapura (s). Name of a place on the 
west coast of Sumatra, formerly an 
independent Malay state. 

Ind'u (j. idung). Mother, dam ; v. In- 

Indu-ayam. A brood hen. 

Ind'u-jari. The thumb; literally, "mo- 
ther of the fingers." 

Ind-ung (j. id'img). Mother, dam ; nidus, 

Ind'ung-kasturi. A m\isk-bag. 

Ind'ung-madu. A honeycomb. 

Ind'ung-mutyara. A mother of pearl 
shell ; a pearl oyster. 

Indung-sutra. The nidxis of the silk- 
worm, a cocoon. 

Ini (j. iki). This. 

Inilah. This it is, for this reason. 

Inintah. This. 

Injak (J. jajak, " to kick"). To tread, to 
trample; to stamp. 

Injat (bat). To strike against an object, 
to collide. 

Injin (for. engenho). Axle. 

Injot-injot (bat). To stretch a rope, to 
tighten a cord. 

Insaf, ansaf (a). Justice, equity ; modera- 

Intah. Possibly, perhaps. 

Intai (j. nginte). To peep ; to spy, to 
regard attentively ; v. Intip. 

Intalas (a). Satin. 

Intan. A diamond. 

Intika (a). End, termination, finished, 

Intik-intik (bat). Freckled. 

Intip (JAV). To peep, to peer, to 


Intit (bat). To hide, to conceal. 
Inu (jAv). Male, not female. 




luun. Yon, yonder. 

Ing (jay). In ; at ; of. 

IngAr. Noise, clamour. 

Ingfti'-bangar. Brawl, clamoiir. 

Ingat (j. engilt). To remember, to recol 
lect ; to heed, to mind ; remembrance, 
recollection ; heed, care. 

Ingat-akan-d-iri. To come to, or recover 
one's senses. 

Ingatan. Remembrance, recollection ; 
heed, care, attention. 

Ingat-iugat. Attentively, heedfully, care- 

Ingatkan. To put in mind ; to heed, to 
attend to. 

Ingati; v. Ingatkan. 

Ingga. To, as far as ; \mtil. 

Ingga-ini. Until now. 

Ingga-itu. Until then. 

Ingger (ben). To perch, to roost. 

Inggin (j. penggin). To covet, to desire 
earnestly, to long for ; desire, longing ; 
lust, sensual appetite. 

Inggris. English. 

Inggu (a). Assafoetida. 

Ingka. Frolicsome, gamesome. 

Ingsun (jAv). I ; v. Niugsun. 

Ingus. Snot, mucus of the nose ; 
mucus. ^ 

liia. He ; she ; it ; v. Na. 

Ina. A handmaid, a waiting-maid. 

Ipar (j. ipe). Brother or sister in law. 

Ipoh. Name of a vegetable poison. 

Ipu. Name of a place in Sumatra. 

Iram. Name of a flower. 

Iram. Variegated, party-coloured. 

Irap. To beat out or thresh corn. 

Irau. To meddle, to interfere. 

Iri. A rack, a manger, a crib. 

Iri. To hate; hatred. 

Iri-ati. Hatred. 

Irik. To tread, to trample ; to stamp. 

Iring (j). To follow, to go after ; to fol- 
low as a retainer ; to stand in the rela- 
tion of a bond-debtor. 

Iringan. The back, the rear ; a follower ; 
a bond-debtor. 

Iringkau. To cause to go after ; to place 
a person in the condition of a bond- 

Iris (j). To pare, to slice, to shred ; to 

Iru-ara. Confusion, uproar. 

Irung. A drinkiug-cup. 

Irup. To lap, to feed with the tongue ; 
to sip, to drink by small quantities. 

Irus (j. a ladle). To water, to irrigate ; 
to sprinkle ; v. Dirus and Jims. 

Isa (s). A name of the Hindu god Siwa, 
or Mahadewa. 

/sa (a). Jesus; v. A'lsa,. 

Isak. To sob. 

Isang. The gills of a fish ; the gums. 

Isarat (a). Wink, nod, hint, sign by ges- 
ture ; V. As'arat. 
Isam (a), a name; v. Asam. 

Isap (j. ngisap). To suck, to draw in with 
the mouth. 

Isi (j). To hold, to contain; to fill; 
full, replete ; contents. 

Isikan. To fill, to replenish ; to load. 

Isi-bumi. The inhabitants of the earth. 

Isi-buwah. Kernel, stone, or seed of 

Isi-kawin. Dower, marriage portion. 

Isi-nagri. Inhabitants of a country. Bowels, intestines. 

Isi-rumah. The inmates or dwellei-s of 
a house. 

Isisurat. Contents of a writing. 

Isi-swarga. Celestials, inhabitants of the 

Isin (jAv). Shame ; modesty. 

Isit (bat). The gums. 

Iskandar. Alexander; v. Askandar. 

Islam (a). The Mahomedan religion ; v. 

Isma (a), a name ; v. Asam. 

Istambul (a). Constantinople ; v. Astam- 

Istanggi. Incense. 

Istanja (a). To wash after evacuation. 

Ist?adat (a). Custom; customaiy ho- 
nours; compliments, ceremonious re- 
spect; V. Astaadat. 

Istimiwa. Especially, chiefly, particu- 
larly, above all, 

Istrahat (a). Quiet, repose, ease, peace ; 
V. Astara//at. 

Isuk (j. esuk). Morning; future, here- 

Isuk-ari. To-morrow, next day. 

Isuk-pagi. To-morrow morning. 

Itam. Black. 

/takat (a). Faith, the true faith ; v. 

Itik. The domestic duck. 

Itu (j. iku). That, demonstrative pro- 
noun. It sometimes stands for the 
pronoun of the third person, and some- 
times for the definite article " the." 

Itu-lah. That, that is. 

Itu-pun. Thei-eupon; therefoi'e; even 

Itung (j. etung). To count, to tell, to 
reckon, to calculate, to number ; num- 
ber, covuit, reckoning, tale. 

Itungan. Account, reckoning; calcula- 
tion ; tale. 

Ixlas (a). Sincerity, candour; sincere, 
candid ; v. Axla.s. 

lya. Pronoun of the third person ; v. 

lya (j). Yes, even so. 

lya-itu. That is, that is to say. 

lyasi. To adorn, to deck, to embellish. 


[ 57 



lyu. A shark ; v. Yu. 
Iain (a). Leave, permission, license ; 
dismissal, discharge ; v. Ann, Idin, Ijin. 

J ABA (JAv). Outside, without, abroad. 

Jaban-lawang (jay). Name of a countiy 
celebrated in Javanese romance. 

Jabang (jav). An infant. 

Jabat. To touch, to feel with the hand ; 
to handle; to manage; to wield; to 
exercise ; v. Jawat 

Jabatan (jabat). The touch ; place, em- 
ployment, office; ministi'ation. 

Jabat-tangan. To salute by touching 
hands, that is, by taking the hand of 
the person saluted between the hands 
of the party that salutes. 

Jadam. Name of an alloy of gold, silver, 
and copper. 

Jadi (j. dadi). To become, to wax, to 
grow ; to happen, to befall, to come to 
pass, to occur ; to be, to exist ; to be 
born ; to come into existence ; to do, 
to answer, to succeed. 

Jadikan. To make, to create ; to pro- 
duce, to bring forth ; to cause, to occa- 

Jadi-jadian (jadi). Metamoi-phosis, trans- 

Jae (jav). Ginger, Zinziher. 

Jaga (s). To watch, to wake, not to sleep ; 
to awake, to break from sleep ; to watch, 
to guard ; to attend, to wait on ; to 
feast, to carouse ; awake, waking. 

Jagabela (jav). A public executioner. 

Jagajaga. A watch, a guard ; a watch- 
house ; a festival, a carousal. 

Jagapati (s). A king's body-guard. 

Jagaraga (s). Name of a district in Java. 

Jaga<!atni (s). A vestibule, a portico. 

Jagad, or Jagat (s). The world. 

Jagal (j). To slaughter an animal. 

Jagalan. Slaughter-house, shambles. 

Jagatbuwara (s). The terrestrial globe. 

Jagra. Name of the hill and landmark 
in the Malay peninsula and shore of 
the straits of Malacca, called in the 
charts Parcelar. 

Jagung (j). Indian com, or maize, Zea 
maiz. Four pei-manent varieties of 
this com are cultivated in Java. 

Jabat. Bad, ill, not good ; wicked, evil ; 
mischievous?, hurtful ; evil, harm. 

Jahil (a), a fool ; foolish ; ignorant. 

Jahil (jav). Envious; envy. 

Jaib. To sew, to stitch ; sewing, stitch, 

Jaila. To veer or let out rope. 

Jajah (j). To roam, to travel. 

Jajahan (j). A province, a dependency ; 
land, territory. 

Jajang. Name of a weapon. 

Jajar (j). Rank, row; order, an-angement. 

Jajat. To mimic, to imitate. 

Jajat. Glass beads. 

Jajawi. Oxen, kine ; v. Jawi. 

Jajawi (j). Name of a fig-tree, Ficus 

Jaka (jav). A youth, an unmarried lad. 
Jakalara (jav). A name of the Hindu 

god Vishnu. 
Jakarta (s). Name of a Javanese town, 

on the site of which stands the city of 

Batavia ; v. Jakatra and Jayakarta. 
Jala (s). a fishing-net, a casting-net. 
Jala-jala. Network; the omentum, the 

Jala-rimbang. Name of a kind of small 

brass cannon. 
Jalaga (bat). Blacking. 
Jalak. To vibrate, to swing. 
Jalan (j. dalan). Way, road, path ; a 

walk ; way, means ; way, course ; 

access, approach ; to walk ; to proceed, 

to go forward ; to march. 
Jalan-mata-ari. The ecliptic. 
Jalani. To travel through, to travel over. 
Jalan-kakL Walking on foot; to go on 

Jalang. Stray, vagabond ; a strumpet ; 

whorish, meretricious. 
Jalapang. A granary, a barn ; v. Julapang. 
Jaling (j. jaring). A kind of fishing- 
Jalu (jAv). The spur of a cock. 
Jalur (ben). Name of a kind of boat. 
Jam (p). A watch, a period of time ; an 

hour; a clepsydra ; an hour-glass. 
Jamah, To touch, to feel with the hand. 
Jamak (bat). Middling, of middle rate, 

Jamang (j). A fillet for the head. 
Jamban (t). A necessary, a privy. 
Jambe (jav). The areca palm and fruit, 

Areca catechu. 
Jambi. Name of a river and Malay state 

on the north -eastei-n side of Sumatra. 
Jambu (s). A common name for several 

fruit-trees of different genera. 
Jambu-aydr. Name of a fruit, Cerocarpus 

Jambu-ayar-mawar. Name of a fmit, 

Jambosa vulgaris. 
Jambu-biji. The guava, PsicHum gujava. 
Jambu-bol. Name of a fruit, Psidium 

Jambu-china. Name of a fruit, Psidium 

Jambu-hollanda. The peach, Persica vul- 

Jambu- irung. The cashew apple, Aiui- 

cardiitm occidentale. 
Jambu-kling. Name of a fmit, Myrliis 



[ 58 

Jambumei-ah. Name of a fruit, Jambosa 

Jambu-monat. The cashew ajiTple, Anacar- 
diuin occidentale ; v. Jambu-irung. 

Jambu-jambu. A kind of ornamental 

Jamjam. Drops of water ; perspiration. 

Jambul (j). The crest or topping of 
birds ; a lock of hair. 

Jampal (j). A weight and money, esti- 
mated at half a Spanish dollar. 

Jampi (j. medicine, physic). Charms for 
laying evil spirits. 

Jampu. Impertinent, intrusive. 

Jampuk. Name of a species of owl. 

Jamu (j. tamu, " a guest "). To entertain, 
to bestow the rites of hospitality ; to 
visit ; to sojourn ; a guest ; a visiter, a 

Jamiian. An entertainment; hospitality. 

Jamurdipa (s). Name of a fabulous moun- 

Jana (s). Man. 

Janaka, or Janarka (s). A name of Ar- 

Janardana (s). A name of Krishna. 

Jand-u (s). A widow, or a repudiated 

Janjang (j). Dun colour in a horse. 

Janji (j). Agreement, engagement, sti- 
pulation ; bargain ; contract, treaty, 
league ; promise ; decree, preordina- 
tion ; to agree, to engage, to stipulate ; 
to bargain ; to enter into a contract or 
treaty ; to promise ; to decree, to pre- 
ordain ; promised ; decreed, preor- 

Janjian. Agreement ; promise, engage- 
ment, contract, treaty. 

Jantan. Male, not female, applied to the 
lower animals. 

Jantra (s). A wheel ; a machine with 
wheels ; a spinning-wheel. 

Jantra. To hang, to be pendent. 

Jantramuli. Name of a tree. 

Jantung (j). The heart ; the blossom of 
the banana ; name of a bird. 

Jantung-batis. The calf of the leg ; lite- 
rally, " heart of the leg." 

Jangau (jav). Greens, pot-herbs, vege- 

Jangan. No, or not, usually expressing 

Jangan-dikata. Unspeakable, ineffable, 
unutterable. (jangan). Not only. 

Jangan -tiyada. Undoubtedly, unques- 

Jangga (s). The neck, the throat. 

Janggal (s). Confused, indistinct, per- 
plexed ; discord ; discordant. 

Janggal (j. jenggar). The comb of a cock. 

Janggala (jav). Name of an ancient seat 

of govei-nment in the eastern part of 

Jangat (j). A thong, a strap of leather. 

Janggut (j. jonggot). The beard. 

Janggut. Aground, not floating. 

Jangka (j). A step ; a pace ; to step, to 
pace, to stride ; measure, standard ; 
compasses; v. Langka. 

Jangkang. Name of a wild race on the 
western side of Borneo. 

JangkAp (jav). Complete, finished, full, 

Jangkar (du. anker). An anchor. 

Jangkit. To be caught, to be taken, to 
be ensnared ; to be caught or seized by 
an infectious disease ; taking, conta- 
gious, infectious. 

Japan (jav). Name of a province in the 
eastern part of Java. 

Jarah. Half grown. 

Jarah. To search, to seek after. 

Jarah (j). To spoil, to plunder ; to con- 

Jarahan. Spoil, plunder, booty. 

Jarak. Wide, not close, having spaces 

Jarak (j). The palma-christi, or castor- 
oil plant, Ricinibs communis. 

Jarak-china. Name of a plant, Jatropha 

Jarak -kapri. Name of a plant, Curcas 

Jai-ak-kosta, v. Jarak-kapri. 

Jaran (jAV). A horse. 

Jaran-tamangluh (jav). In Javanese ro- 
mance, name of a brother of Panji 

Jarang (j. arang). Sparse, wide, not close ; 
open, of loose texture ; thin, rare ; rare, 
scarce, uncommon ; rarely, seldom. 

Jarang -jarang. Very seldom, very rarely; 
hardly, scarcely. 

Jaram. To pour cold water on the head, 
as a remedy in fever. 

Jaram. Pledge, token, earnest. 

Jaram-jaram. Name of a plant, Pavetfa 

Jari (J. driji and jariji). A finger or toe ; 
a finger-length. 

J iri-antu. The middle finger ; literally, 
" goblin finger." 

Ja ri-kaki. A toe. 

Ja i-kfllingking. The little finger. 

Ja.i-manis. The ring-finger; literally, 
"sweet finger." 

Jari-mati. The middle finger; literally, 
" dead finger;" v. Jari-antu. 

Jari tangau. A finger. 

Jari impi. A scom-ge. 

Jari :g (j). A toil or net for game or fish. 

Jam (bat). The posts or upright stakes 
in a fence. 

Jarum (j). A needle. 


[ 59 


Jaruman (jav). A pimp, a procuress. 

Jarung-jaruug. Name of a plaut, Ixora 

Jasa (j. yasa). Work, labour, perform- 
ance ; ci-eation ; inheritance, heir-loom, 
heritage ; property ; service, duty to a 

Jati (j). The teak tree, Tectona grandis. 

Jati (j). True, real, genuine. 

Jatikusuma (jav). Name of an ancient 
Javanese king, who reigned in a coun- 
try called Asmarakandi. 

Jatipurba (j). A name of the Hindu god 

Jatuh. To fall, to drop from a height ; 
to come, to arrive ; to happen ; to come 
by succession ; to be driven to some 
land by stress of weather ; to diminish, 
to decrease, to sink. 

Jatuhkan. To cause to fall, to throw or 
cast down. 

Jatuh-ati. Estrangement, dissatisfaction ; 
displeasure ; literally, " fall of the 

Jat'asura (s). Name of a demon in Hindu 

Jauh. Far ; remote, distant ; distance ; 
to be estranged. 

Jauh-ari. Late in the day. 

Jauh-maldm. Late in the night. 

Jauhkan. To remove away, to place at a 

Jawa (j). The island of Java ; the por- 
tion of Java inhabited by the Javanese, 
distinguished from that inhabited by 
the Sundas ; Javanese, of or belonging 
to Java. The word Jawa appears to 
be indigenous, not derived from any 
foreign source, and to be simply taken 
from the name of the tribe or people. 

Jawab (a). Answer, reply, response ; to 
answer, to reply, to respond; v. 

Jawat. To touch, to feel with the hand ; 
v. Jabat. 

Jawatan. Touch ; place, employment, 
office, ministration ; v. Jabatan. 

Jawi. The Malay language written in 
the Arabic character ; translation into 
the vernacular language ; anything fo- 
reign naturalised among the Malays ; 
bastard, of mixed i-ace. The Arabs 
call the Javanese, the Malays, and other 
natives of the Archipelago, Jawi ; and 
hence, probably, the present word. 

Jawikan. To translate or render into 
Malay ; to translate, to transfer ; to 
change, to alter. 

Jawi (j. the cow). Oxen, neat cattle, 

Jawi-jawi (j). Name of a species of banian 
or fig-tree, Ficus Eumphii ; v. Jajawi 
and Jajawi. 

Jaya (s). Victory. 

Jayabaya (s). Name of an ancient king 
of Java, who flourished about 1117 of 
Salivana or 1195 of Christ, and the seat 
of whose government was Daa, in the 
province of Kadiri. 

Jayadrata, or Jayajatra (s). Name of a 
hero of the Mahabarat, and a brother- 
in-law of the Kurawa. 

Jayakarta (s). Name of the Javanese 
town on the site of which now stands 
Batavia ; v. Jakarta and Jakatra. 

Jayakusuma (jav). Name of the person- 
age in Javanese romance called Panji 

Jayaningrat (s). A name of Arjuna, in 
the Mahabarat. 

Jayawikata (s). A name of one of the 

Jayengpati (s). A name of Panji Inakarta- 

Jabak (j). A trap or snare for wild ani- 

Jabat, zabad (a). Civet ; v. Zabad. 

Jabat, jubat (a). A robe, a gown; a 
quilted coat in lieu of armour. 

Jabril (a). The angel Gabriel. 

Jahalis (bat). Mean, vile, base. 

Jahanam (a). The Mahomedan infernal 

Jahudi, yahudi (a). Jew, Jewish. 

Jajaka (j). A youth, a bachelor. 

Jajawi (j). Name of a species of banian 
or fig-tree, Ficus Rumphii ; v. Jajawi 
and Jawijawi. 

Jaksa (jav). A judge, a magistrate. 

Jaladri (s). The sea, the ocean. 

Jalapaug. A barn, a granary; v. Jula- 
pang and Jalapaug. 

Jalas. Clear, evident, indisputable. 

Jdlatang (j. latang). Name of a stinging 

Jalad, jalid (a). Skin; roll; volume; 
binding of a book. 

jaiak (bat). Bad, worthless. 

Jaleh (j). To scream, to shriek. 

Jaling. To glance, to take a rapid 

Jalma (j. jilma). Transformation, meta- 
morphosis ; transmigration, metempsy- 

Jalujur (j. alujur). A running stitch in 

Jalutung. Name of a large forest tree, 
supposed to be a species of fig. 

Jamacli-al-awal (a). The month of Jemad, 
the fifth in the Mahomedan kalendar; 
V. Jumad-al-*\'al. 

Jamadi-al-axir (a). The sixth month; 
V. Jumad-al-awal. 

Jamah. Future; hereafter. 

Jamaja. Name of a group of islands in 
the China sea, lying between Borneo 




and the peninsula, and called the South 
Anambas in our charts. 

JSnial (a). Beauty. 

Jamala. The head. 

Jdmawa. To long for, to covet. 

Jamah (a). Refractory, vicious. 

Jiimarlang. To flash, to glisten, to glitter. 

Jama (a). Collecting, assembling; con- 
jimction ; joining; crowd, multitude; 
sum total. 

Jamad (a). Friday ; a week. 

Jamba. A measure of six cubits. 

Jdmbak. Thick with leaves or flowers, 
abounding in leaves or flowers. 

J^mbangan. An ornamental vase for 
holding water; a pleasure-house in a 

JAmbar (jay). Wide, broad, spacious. 

Jambatan. A bridge ; a wharf. 

Jambawati (s). The spouse of Krishna, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Jambar (jav). Foul, dirty. 

Jamjam. Water; fluid; sweat; tears. 

JAmpana (j. jampona). A kind of litter. 

Jamparing (jav). An arrow, a dart, a bolt. 

Jamput (J. juput). To take ; to fetch. 

Jamrat (a). Gravel; a ceremony per- 
formed near Mecca, consisting in cast- 
ing stones at a supposed demon. 

Jamu. To satiate, to satisfy ; to glut, to 
pall ; satiated, satisfied ; glutted. 

Jamiian. Satiety ; glut. 

Jilmur. To dry in the sun. 

JAn. And; with. 

Jan, jin (a). A demon, an evil spirit. 

Jftnaka. Sportive, wanton, playful ; jocu- 
lar; sport, jest. 

Jdnaka (s). The father of Sita, in the 

Janaka (s). A name of Arjuna, in the 

Janakiya. Wise. 

Janang (bat). Colour, hue, tint. 

Janazat (a). A tier ; the funeral solem- 
nities and rites. 

Janakar. Name of a fish. 

JanJlng (j. government). A comman- 
der, a chief; a deputy. 

Janang (j). A post, a stake ; adooi'-post. 

JAnas (jav). Foul, dirty. 

Janas (a). Kind, sort, species ; mode ; 
generation, family ; goods. 

JSnat (a). The Mahomedan Paradise. 

Jdndela, or Jjlnela (for. jauella). A 

Jdngat. To smooth a rattan or similar 
object by scraping. ^ 

Jangf^ala (jav). Name of an ancient 
seat of government in the eastern part 
of Java; ?;. Janggala. 

Jdng2;ar. The comb of a cock. 

Janggut. To graze, to feed on gi'ass as a 

Jangkal (j. cliankal). A span. 

Jaugkau. To reach at with the hand. 

Jangkik. To hop ; v. Jangkit. 

Jangking (j. kalajangking). A scor- 

Jangkit. To hop; r. Jangkik. 

Jdiiara (jav). Name of a district of 

Japit (bat). To bend. 

Japun. Japan; Japanese. 

Japut (j. to fetch). To pick up ; to 

Jarab. To ooze, to exude. 

Jaradik. A cake. 

Jaram. A fall, a rapid, an obstruction 
in a river ; a cascade. 

JArambak (jav). A floor ; a pavement. 

Jarat (j). A noose ; a snare ; a springe. 

Jarami. Stubble, straw. 

Jar^ug (bat). To squint. 

J3.rih. Weary, fatigued. 

Jariji (jav). A finger, or toe ; v. Jari. 

Jaring. Name of a plant. 

Jaringau (J. dringo). Name of a plant, 
Acorus terrestris. 

Jarit (j). To scream ; a scream. 

Jariyau. The .stays or side-pieces sup- 
porting the rafters of a house. 

Jarjak. The wooden posts in the frame 
of a house. 

Jarkah. To make a short angry growl 
or shout as a tiger ; to rebuke angrily. 

Jarkit. Puny, pigmy, dwarfish. 

Jarmal. A kind offish weir. 

Jarnang. Dragons'-blood, the resinous 
pigment obtained from a species of 
rattan, being the pollen of the seed. 

Jai'neh. Clear, pellucid; tranquil, un- 

J^rubung. The awning of a boat made 
of thatch. 

Jaruju (j. druju). Name of a plant, 
Dulivarca ilicifolia. 

Jaruk (j). A generic name of the citron 
family of plants, Citrus. 

Jaruk-bali. The pumplemouse or shad- 
dock ; literally, " the orange of Bali ;" 
Citrus decumana. 

Jaruk-gadang. The shaddock; v. Jaruk- 

Jaruk-japun. The Japan or sweet 
orange. Citrus aurantium. 

Jaruk-kapas. The lime ; literally, " the 
cotton orange ; " Citrus limonella. 

Jarukkarbau. The citron ; literally, " the 
bufiiilo orange ; " Cifrus medica. 

Jaruk-machan. The shaddock ; literally, 
" the tiger orange ; " v. Jaruk-bali. 

Jilruk-manis. The sweet orange; v. J§.- 
ruk-j apun. 

JAruk uipis, or tipis. The lime ; literally, 
" the thin or minute orange ;" v. Jaruk- 




Jitruk pos. The Seville or bitter orange, 
Citrus amara. 

Jaruk-pntib. Pale yellow, of a pale yel- 
low colour. 

Jawab (a). Answer, reply, response ; to 
answer, to reply, to respond ; v. Juwab. 

Jaz (a). Part, portion ; section ; v. Jus. 

Jazam (a). The orthographic mark of 
the Arabian alphabet, called by the 
Malays, "baris mati," and denoting 
the elision of the vowel to which it is 

Jazirah (a). An island. 

Jendral (eh). A general, a governor. 

Jerat. A tomb. 

Jijak (j. jajak, " to kick"). To tread, to 
set the foot on the ground ; to tread, 
to trample ; tread, track, foot-mark. 

Jika. If, suppose that ; v. Jikalau. 

Jikalau. If, suppose that ; v. Jika. 

Jila-jila. The heart-purse, the pericar- 

Jila-jila. To veer or let out rope. 

Jilat (j. dilat). To lick. 

Jjlit (a), a skin ; a roll ; a volume ; 
binding of a book ; v. Jalad. 

Jiman, or Jimat. Discreet, prudent ; 
temperate, sober, abstemious ; fnigal, 

Jimat (a). An amulet; a talisman; v. 

Jimbi. A post in th e wall of a house. 

Jimput. To take something up between 
the fingers and thumb. 

Jina (a). Adultery or fornication ; v. Zana. 

Jinak (j. jflnak). Tame, not wild ; do- 
mesticated ; docile, tractable ; easy or 
reconciled to one's position. 

Jinakan. To tame ; to break in. 

Jind-it. A fillip. 

Jinjang. Long-necked ; a crane ; one 
possessed with an evil spirit. 

Jinjang. The tnink, the body without 
the extremities. 

Jinjangan. A chief, a leader. 

Jinjing. To hold an object above water 
while swimming, in order to keep it dry. 

Jintayu. Name of a fabulous bird. 

Jintan. Common cumin, Cuminus. 

Jintik. A fillip. 

Jingga (j). Pink, pale red. 

Jingking {j. kalajangking). A scorpion ; 
V. Changking. 

Jipan (jAv). Name of a district in the 
eastern part of Java ; v. Majaranu. 

Jirus (j. iru.s). To sprinkle; to water, 
to irrigate ; v. Dims and Irus. 

Jisam (a), a body. 

Jita (bat). Fair, open, direct. 

Jiwa (s). Life; soul. 

Jiwit (jav). To pinch, to nip. 

Jiyad. Force, violence, coercion, com- 
pulsion ; to force, to coerce ; to compel. 

Jod'o (j). A pair, a brace, a couple; 
fellow, mate, match. 

Jod'okan. To pair, to match, to mate, 
to join as two. 

Jogau. A flag, a banner. 

Jogan (jav). A floor ; a pavement. 

Jogar. Name of a game resembling 
draughts ; v. Jugar. 

Joged, or Joget (j). To dance publicly ; 
a public dancer ; dancing; the dance. 

Jogi (s). A pundit, a man of learning. 

Johan. A champion. 

Johor. Name of a Malay country and 
I'iver, occupying the extremity of the 
Malay peninsula, and, consequently, of 
the continent of Asia. 

Johor. A pirate, a rover, a corsair; from 
the last word. 

Jok-jok (bat). To trot. 

Jolaug (jav). a kind of litter. 

Joli (jav). a kind of litter. 

Jolo. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern side of Sumatra. 

Jolok. To induce nausea by tickling 
the throat ; to rouse, to provoke ; to 
examine by sounding. 

Jong (j). A ship or large vessel, a j unk ; 
V. Ajong. 

Jrjngaug. Having protruding teeth. 

Jongkit. Projecting, protruding, jut- 

Jongkong. Name of a place on the wes- 
tern coast of Borneo ; a large slab or 
ingot of tin. 

Jongor. The prow or beak of a vessel ; 
to jut, to project. 

Joi-a. One skilled in cock-fighting ; a 
dexterous thief 

Jowara, v. Jora and Jura. 

Jiia. Also, likewise, too ; v. Juwa and 

Jiiapun. Even, likewise ; v. Juwapun. 

Jubung (j). The awning or canopy of a 

Jubur. The rectum or straight gut. 

Judah (a). Jeddah, on the Arabian 

Jud-i (j. jodi). To gamble; gaming, 

Jud'ipati (s). A name of Bima, one of 
the Pandus. 

Juga (j. uga). Also, likewise, too ; v. 
Jiia and Juwa. 

Jugar. Name of a game resembling 
draughts ; v. Jogar. 

Jugul (jAV). Foolish, simple. 

Jugul-mud-a (jav). Name of the minis- 
ter of Mahapugung, a king of Java, 
and to whom is ascribed a code of 
ancient customary laws. 

Juhari (p). A jeweller. 

Juja (j. duga). To sound, to fathom ; 

I V. Duga. 




Jujuh (j. to melt, to dissolve). To pour, 

to emit. 
Jujul. Stakes or palisades placed in a 

river as a defence. 
Jujur (liEj). The price paid to the 

2)arents for a wife, according to the 

custom of the Rejaugs of Sumatra. 
Juki. Name of a game resembling 

draughts ; v. Chuke. 
Jukung (j. jukut). A small boat, a skiff, 

a canoe. 
Julai. The extremity of a branch or 

Julaug. To raise and hold an object 

over the head ; to carry an object as 

a child is borne by its mother or 

Julapang. A barn or granary; v. Jala- 
pang and Jalapang. 
Juling. To squint ; to leer. 
Julok. To stuff, to thrust into. 
Juluk. To rise, to grow in height ; to 

rise in greatness; to rise in the world. 
Juluk (ben), a process for producing 

Julung (sdm). First, earliest in time. 
Julung-julung (sum). First, at first. 
Julung-julung. Name of a fish. 
Julung-julung. Name of a kind of boat. 
Julur. To move with an undulating 

motion, to wag. 
Jum. To go a-head, to ^o in advance ; a 

word used to coax cattle. 
Jiimad-al awal. The fifth month of the 

Mahompdan kalendar. 
Jumad-al-axTr (a). The sixth month of 

the Mahomedan kalendar. 
Jumantara (jav). The heavens, the fir- 
Jumantan (jav). A diamond; a pre- 
cious stone, a gem. 
Jumanang (jav). To stand, to stand 

xipright ; to reign ; to govern, to rule. 
Jumat (a). Friday ; a week. 
Juinba. A measure of 12 feet square, of 

which 20 make an orlong ; v. Urlang. 
Jumbil (j. gombel). The dewlap of an 

Jumiah (a). Total, whole, aggregate ; 

collection, assemblage. 
Jumpa. To meet, to encounter ; to meet 

with, to light on, to find. 
Jumpul. Name of a fish. 
Jumput (j. to pick up). The quantity 

taken up between the two first fingers 

and thumb, a pinch. 
Jun (jav). An ewer. 
Junjung (j). To lift, to raise, to elevate ; 

to bear, to cany ; to prop, to support ; 

to obey. 
Junjungan. Prop, support, stay ; patron, 

lord, master. 
Juntai. To dangle, to hang loose. 

Jung (jAv). Name of the largest super- 
ficial measure of the Javanese, equal 
to 4 bans or chachahs, each of these 
being estimated at the quantity of 
irrigated land that a family can till. 

Jungring-salaka (jav). The abode of the 

Jungkang. To couch or squat as a qua- 

Jungkat. To raise an object at one end, 
the other resting on the ground. 

Jungkiltan. A drawbridge. 

Jupuk (jav). To take, to take up. 

Jupul (ben). To happen, to come to 

Juput (jav). To pick up. 

Jura. One skilled in cock-fighting; a 
practised thief; v. Jora and Jowara. 

Juragan (sun. lord, master). The master 
of a ship ; a supercargo ; a merchant. 

Jural. To cut into segments, to parti- 
tion ; a line, a row ; a stripe. 

Juran. Implement; appurtenance, ad- 

Jurang (j). A ravine, a defile ; a chasm ; 
a dell. 

Jurit (jAv). War; battle, combat. 

Juroog. A betel-stand ; v. Chorong. 

Juru. A corner, an angle. 

Juru. The posts or upright stakes in a 

Juru. Artificer, artisan, artist, one 
skilled in any art or calling ; master ; 
manager, director ; v. Tukang. 

Juru-bad'e (j). A fortune-teller ; literally, 
"artist of the future." 

Jura-bahasa (j). A linguist, an inter- 
preter ; literally, " language-master." 

Juru-batu (j). A stone-mason ; the offi- 
cer of ship in charge of the anchor. 

Juru-badil (j). An artillery-man ; a can- 
nonier, a gunner. 

Juru-dapur. A cook ; v. Jura-pawon. 

Juru-gad'oug (j). A store -keeper ; a 
wardrobe-keeper ; a treasurer. 

Jui-u-kaka. A monitor, a prepositor. 

Juru-kunchi (j). A steward; v. Juru- 

Juru-mari'am (j). A canuonier, an artil- 
lery-man ; a gunner. 

Juru-minuman (j). A butler. 

Juru-mud'i (j). A helmsman, a steers- 
man, a quartermaster. 

Juru-pawon (jav). A cook; v. Juru- 

Juru-pad'ati (j). A carter, a waggoner. 

Juru-rumah. A steward ; v. Juru-kunchi. 

Juru-salin (j). A translator ; a tran- 
scriber, a copyist. 
Juru-sawah (j). A husbandman, a cul- 
Juru-sftlam (j). A diver. 
Juru-taman (j). A gardener. 


[ 63 


Jiiru-tAnun (j). A weaver. 
Juru-tinggi. A climber, one whose call- 
ing it is to climb trees and rocks. 
Juru-tulis (j). A scribe, a writer; a 

Juru-warung (jav). A shop-keeper. 
Juruh (jav). Syrup. 
Juruman. The lau" of the wild boar; 

any place made in the semblance of a 

boar's lair. 
Jurus. To water, to pour water on, to 

Jurus. To pull, to drag. 
Jurus (bat). Course, track, direction. 
Juta (s). A million ; v. Yuta. 
Juwa. Also, likewise, too ; v. Jua and 

Juwapun. Even, likewise ; v. Jiiapun. 
Jfivvab (a). Answer, reply, response ; to 

answer, to reply, to respond. 
Juwadah (p). Gates; pastry; pleasant 

things, precious things. 
Juwah. Haughty, arrogant, supercilious. 
Juwak. A follower, a retainer. 
Juwfil. To sell, to vend ; sale, vend. 
Juwal-bli. Selling and buying, traffic. 
Juwal-payal (jav). A class of evil genii, 

the authors of the diseases with which 

mankind are afflicted. 
Juwang. To fight as the larger animals. 
Juwangkan. To cause the larger animals 

to fight. 
Juwar. Name of a forest tree. 
Juwara. Skilful in cockfighting ; a pro- 
fessional cockfighter; expert, dexterous. 
Juwita (j). A woman of rank; a princess; 

fine, choice, excellent. 
Juz (a). Part, portion ; section. 

Ka. To, unto, tovrards ; after, accord- 
ing to. It is much used in composi- 
tion in the formation of other preposi- 
tions and adverbs. 

Kjiadiian (ada). Being, existence. 

Kaampat (ampat). Fourth. 

Kaampunan (ampun). Pardon, forgive- 

Kiianam (an&m). Sixth ; the six. 

Kaaudangan (audang) (bat). Hindrance, 
impediment, obstruction, stoppage. 

Kiiad-ap (adap). Before ; next. 

Kaad-4pan (ad'ap). Front, van; presence; 
future ; forwards ; next ; nearest in 

Kaasaan (asa or sa). Unity; solitude; 

Kaatas (ka and atas). Above; upon; 
upwards ; above, more than, beyond. 

Kiiarusan (ai-us). Duty, obligation. 

Kaayaran (ayar). Saturated with water ; 
water-logged ; dysentery. 

Kiialuwan (ka and dluwan). Forwards, 
a-head, before. 

Kfiambunan (ambun). Dewiness; be- 

Kaandak (iindak). Will, wish, desire; 

Kiiandaki (^ndak). To desii'e, to will ; to 
long for ; to command, to direct. 

Kaadilan (adil). Justice, righteousness. 

Kabalik (ka and balik). Beyond ; over, 

Kabangkitan (bangkit). Ascension, rising. 

Kabauakan (bafiak). Number; multitude; 
bulk; quantity; much; many; abun- 

Kabat (bat). To tie, to bind. 

Kabatangan (batang). Torpidity, numb- 
ness ; stiffness, rigidity. 

Kabawah (ka and bawah). Below, be- 
neath, underneath ; downwards. 

Kabftbangan (j). Having an abortive 
birth ; a still-born child. 

Kabajikan (j. kabachikan). Goodness, 
virtue ; good, benefit. 

KabAbalan (babal). Stupidity, doltish- 
ness; stolidness; ignorance. 

Kabaktiau (bakti). Service, duty to a 
superior ; reverence, homage ; good 

Kabalakang (ka and balakang). Behind, 
backwards, towards the back. 

KabJlnaran (b&n^r). Accuracy, correct- 
ness; truth, verity; probity; rectitude; 

Kabanchian (bS,nchi). Hatred, aversion ; 

Kabasaran (ba.sar). Greatness; magnifi- 
cence ; dignity. 

Kabatulan (batul). Straightness ; accu- 
racy, correctness; x-ectitude, upright- 

Kabijakan (bijak). Wisdom ; prudence, 

Kabi-anian (brani). Daring ; valour, cou 
rage, bravery. 

Kabratan (brat). Heaviness; weight 

Kabu-kabu. Name of a tree. 

Kabudian (budi). Wisdom, sapience 
skill ; cunning. 

Kabung. Disordered, scattered, dispersed. 

Kabuug. A piece of cloth before being 
shaped into a dress. 

Kabung. A measure of i^ cubits. 

Kabung. A name of the gomuti palm, 
Borassus gomuti. 

Kabur. Dusky, obscure, dim ; the twi- 

Kabut. Fog, mist; foggy, misty; dim, 

Kabutaan (buta). Blindness. 

Kacha (s). Glass; a mirror, a looking- 
glass ; a glass vial or flask. 




Kacha-piring. Name of a plant, Gardenia 

Kacha-puri. A stone tomb ; a mausoleum. 
Kachak. Braggart, boastful; conceited; 

Kacbang (j). A common term for pulses 

or leguminous plants. 
Kachaug-china. Chinese pulse, Phuseolus 

lunatus ; v. Kachang-mas. 
Kacbang-goreng. The ground-nut, A raclm 

hypogcea ; v. Kachang-tanah and Ka- 

Kachang-gunung. Mountain pulse, Hedi- 

sarum gangeticum. 
Kachang-ijau. Green pulse, Phaseolus 

Kachang-jdpun. The Japan or soy bean, 

Soja hispida. 
Kachang-jdriji. The lablab bean, Lablab 

Kachang-kakara, v. Kachang-j^riji. 
Kachang-kakara-gatal. Cowitch, Dolichos 

Kachang-kayu. The pigeon-pea, Cylism 

Kachang-kachil.. Rayed bean, Phaseolus 

radiatus humilis. 
Kachang-kadale (t). Hairy-podded bean, 

Phaseolus max. 
Kachang-manila. The Manilla bean, Vo- 

andzeia suhterranta. 
Kachaug-mas. Golden bean, or Chinese 

bean, Phaseolus radiatus ; v. Kachang- 

Kachaug-mifiak. Oil-bean or ground-nut, 

Aracliis hypogcea; v. Kachang-goreng 

and Kachang-tanah. 
Kaehang-mouat. Monkey-bean or snail- 
flower, Phaseolus caracalla. 
Kachang-pendek. Lowly bean, Phaseolus 

Kachang-putih. "White beau, Dolichos 

Kachang-tanah. Ground-nut or oil-bean, 

Aracliis hypogcea; v. Kachang-goreng 

and Kachang-miiiak. 
Kacharita (charita). To be told, to be 

related, to be naiTated ; told, narrated, 

Kachau. To mix, to mingle ; to jumble. 
Kachcllaan (chala). Blemish, defect; slur, 

Kacbamaran (chftm&r). Filthiness, nas- 

tiuess ; impurity, foulness. 
Kachidra (chidra) To be deceived, to 

be cheated, to be iiuposcd on ; cozened. 
Kachip (j). Forceps ; betel-crackers. 
Kachu. To mix, to blend; v. Ka- 
Kaoliu. Terra japonica, catechu, the in- 
spissated juice of the Acacia catechu. 

Our word catechu is, probably, a cor- 
ruption of the Malayan. 

Kachur'ian (churi) Robbed, stolen from ; 
theft ; robbery. 

Kachukan (kachau). Mixture ; jumble. 

KadaMm (ka and dalam). Within, inside. 

Kadang (j). Relatives, kindred, kinsfolk. 

Kadapatan (dapat). Getting, acquisition ; 
recovered ; regained ; found ; met 
with ; caught, taken, detected. 

Kadayan (j). Relatives, kindred ; de- 
pendents, retainers. 

Kadalapan (dalapan). Eighth ; the eight. 

Kadflngkian (dangki). Envy. 

Kadinginan (dingiu). To be chilled ; 
chill, chilliness. 

Kadipaten (jav). The palace of the 
heir-apparent, or pangcran adipati. 

Kadiri (jav). Name of a province in Java. 

Kadiyaman (diyam). Quiet, rest, repose ; 
dwelling, abode, residence. 

Kadudu. Name of a tree. 

KadukUan (duka) Grief, sorrow, sadness. 

Kadunan (adu). Sleeping-place, bed-cham- 

Kadut (j). A kind of matting for sails 
and sacking ; a sack or bag of such 

Kaduwa (duwa). Second; both, 

Kad'ang (j). Sometimes, now and then. 

Kad-ang-kad'ang. Seldom, not fre- 
quently, rarely ; at times. 

Kad'atangan. Coming, arrival ; event, 

Kad-aton (jav. d'atu). A palace. 

Kad' (d'angar). To be heard, to be 

Kadangaran (d'Angar). Heai-ing; audible; 
heard of. 

Kad'ud'ukan (d-ud'uk). A seat ; a post, 
a place, an office. 

Kiielokan (elok). Beauty. 

Kaesukan (esuk). The morrow, the day 
after the present. 

Kaft (a). Sufficient, enough ; efficacious; 

KafTr (a). An infidel, an unbeliever. 

Kafri (ed). A negro, an African. 

Kag.llapan (gftlap). Darkness, obscurity. 

Kagdmaran (gamar). Delight, exulta- 
tion, joy. 

Kagilmukan (g.lmuk). Fatness, corpu- 
lency ; fertility. 

Kaget (jAv). To start, to startle, to be 
alarmed ; a start, a startle. 

Kagiliian (gila). Madness, insanity ; 

Kagilian (gili). Loathing, disgust. 

Kagungan (jav). Property, goods, effects. 

Kali. An inseparable interrogative affix. 

Kai (abbreviation of kail). Fish caught 
with the hook ; v. Kail. 

Kiiidupan (idup). Living, livelihood, 
maintenance ; sustenance ; life, exis- 


[ 65] 


Kail. A fish-hook ; fish caught with the 

Kiiilaugan (Hang). The thing lost ; loss. 
miss ; lost, missing. 

Kiiiuaau (ina). Lowness ; meanness, 
baseness ; abjectness. 

Kliindriiau (indra). Heaven, the abode 
of celestial beings. 

Kajiiatan (jiiat). Badness, wickedness, 
guilt ; evil ; mischief. 

Kajadian (jadi). Being, existence; crea- 
tion, production; birth; yield, pro- 
duce ; event, incident. 

Kajaman. Name of a wild ti'ibe on the 
north-eastern side of Borneo. 

Kajang (j). A cajan, a dressed nipah 
palm leaf for a thatched roof or 

Kajatuhan (jatuh). Fall, downfall ; 
event, incident. 

Kajura (bat). The morning star. 

Kaka (j. kakak and kakang). Elder 
brother or sister; v. Kakak. 

Kakab. Name of a kind of war-boat. 

Kakabang. Name of an island on the 
south-eastern coast of Borneo. 

Kakak (j). Elder bi-other or sister. 

Kakanan (ka and kanan). To the right, 
by the right hand. 

Kakang. A bridle ; v. Kang. 

Kakap. Name of a kind of boat. 

Kakapa (jav). A saddle, a pad. 

Kakaraman (karam). Foundering, swamp- 
ing ; shipwreck ; destruction, ruin, 

Kakas. Furniture ; utensils ; v. Parkakas 
and Pakakas. 

Kakas (j). Hard, firm ; rigid, stiff. 

Kakas. To scratch as a fowl. 

Kakasih (kasih). One that is beloved; 
favourite; lover; friend. 

Kakasih-kasihan (kasih). Fi-equent ca- 

Kakatuwah. A vice, a gripe. 

Kakatuwah. A cockatoo. 

Kakawin (j. kawin). To narrate, to 
relate ; tale, story, narrative. 

Kakawinan. Tale, story, narration. 

Kakayiian (kaya). Wealth, riches ; bounty, 

Kakauda (kaka). Elder brother or sister 
respectfully, or fondly ; a term applied 
by a wife to her husband. 

Kakflp. To hug, to embrace by folding 
in the anns. 

Kaki (jav). Grandfather; ancestor, fore- 

Kaki. The foot; a paw; a foot measure ; 
foot, support ; foot, base. 

Kaki-diyan. A candlestick. 

Kaki-gunung. Foot or base of a hill. 

Kakii'i (ka and kiri). To the left, by the 
* left hand. I 

Kakrasan (kras). Hardness ; severity, 

Kakringan (kring). Dry laud, land left 
dry by the recess of the tide ; draught ; 
chyness ; withei'ing. 

Kaku (j). Stiff, rigid, inflexible; awk- 
ward, clumsy; awkward, untaught; 
torpid, numb. 

Kakuuingan (kuning). Yellow colour; 
a yellow object ; yellowness. 

Kakuraugan (kurAng). Want ; poverty ; 
scarcity, dearth, famine. 

Kakuwasiian (kuwasa). Power, force. 

Kala (.s). Time ; period, point of time ; 
era, epoch. 

Kala (s). The Hindu god Siwa or Maha- 

Kala (j). A snare, or decoy. 

Kala (j). A scorpion; v. KalajAngking. 

Kala-clurga (s). The goddess Kali of the 
Hindus, represented as a demon. 

Kalaburan (labur). A slough, a quag- 
mire ; a pit-fall. 

Kalah. Hard-mouthed as a horse, or dis- 
obedient to the band as an ox or 

Kalah (jav). To lose, not to win, to be 
defeated, to be subdued ; v. Alah. 

Kalajangking (j). A scorpion ; v. Kala. 

Kalakian (kala and kian). So often as ; 
whenever ; yet, besides ; so, thus. 

Kalaki-lakian (laki). Manhood. 

Kalakiian (laku) Proceeding, procedure ; 
conduct, deportment, behaviour; trans- 
action ; state, condition. 

Kalamaua (kala and mana). When, at 
what time. 

Kalamantan. A mythic name of the 
island of Borneo. 

Kalamkari. Coai-se calico. 

Kalang. Tin. 

Kalang (jav). Name of tribe or class 
among the Javanese. 

Kalangkung (j. langkung, "to exceed"). 
More than, exceedingly, surpassingly. 

Kalaparan (lapar). Hunger; famine. 

Kalarian (lari). Running away, flight. 

Kalau. A fifer, a flute-player. 

Kalalahan (lalah). Fatigue, weariness, las- 
situde ; dulness, sluggishness ; inertness. 

Kalilmahan (lamah). Weakness, infir- 
mity, feebleness; impotence. 

Kalambutan (Mmbut). Softness ; gen- 
tleness, mildness. 

Kalangkapan (Idngkap). Preparation ; 
equipment ; an expedition. 

KalApasan (lapas). Letting go, discharge ; 

Kalar. Name of a musical instrument. 

Kalbud (p). A mould, a matrix. 

Kalen (jav). A brook, a streamlet; a 
watercourse ; a canal. 

Kali (s). Time, implying repetition. 


1. <:" 1 


Kali (jAv). A brook; a river. 
Kaliataii (liat). Sight, spectacle ; visi 

ble, perceptible. 
Kaliki (sun). Castor oil plant, Ria'nm 

palma ChHsti. 
Kalinia (lima). Fifth. 
Kaliucbi. To slip, to slide. 
Kalintiug. A giugle-bell. 
Kaliwat (liwat). More than ; excessively, 

Kaliwon (jav). A lientenant, a doimty. 
Kaliwuiigu (^JAV. kali and wungii, " pur- 
ple river"). Name of a district in 

Kaloh. To sigh ; v. Kaluh. 
Kalong (.1). Name of a large species of 

bat, Plcropus javavicu.i, llorsficld. 
Kalonsong (bat). Husk, shell. 
Kalu. Lest, that not ; if; perhaps. 
Kalu-kalu. Probably, perchance, per- 

adventure ; if, whether or no ; lest, in 

Kahdi. To sigh ; a sigh, a moan, a groan ; 

V. Kaloh. 
Kalumbung. A mantilla, a veil. 
Kalung. A tin mine, or stream-work. 
Kalung (,j). A necklace. 
Kalurutan (lurut). A whitloo. 
Kalusnp (bat). To rub one's eyes. 
Kalut. Noise, uproar. 
Kaluwar (ka and luwar). Without, out- 
side ; beyond, besides ; excepting, 

without inclusion of. 
Kaluwari. To withdraw, to take out, to 

Kaluwai'kan. To bring forth, to bring 

out, to produce. 
Kaluwasau (luwas) Width ; extent ; 

space ; room ; openness, freedom from 

Kama (s). The Hindu god of love. 

The sexual passion ; semen maacu- 

Kamal (j). The tamarind, Tamanndus 

■indica ; v. Asam. 
Kamaliiau (malu) Shame ; modesty ; 

the padcnda. 
Kamaua (ka and mana). Where, to what 

place, whither. 
Kanianusan (manusya). Humanity, 

Innnan nature ; incarnation. 
Kamari (ka and mari). Hither, to tliis 

Kamasalah (jav). A name of the Hindu 

goddess of death. Kali. 
Kamnsan (mas). Golden. 
Kamatian (mati). Death ; decease. 
Kamati-matian. Deadly, in a niimuer 

resembling the dead. 
Kamdnangan (manang) Victory ; con- 
Kamftnftngan. Host, stop ; rest, repose. 
Kambang (jav). To Ihiat. 

Kanibangrm (jav). A duck; name of 
an island on the southern coast of 

Kambayat (t). Name of a sort of Indian 
cotton cloth. 

Kambil (jav). A .saddle, a horse-pad. 

Kambiug. A goat. 

Kambing-utan. The wild goat. 

Kambuh (jav). To relapse after reco- 
very from sickness. 

Kambus. To fill up with eai-th. 

Kameja (for. camiza). A shirt. 

Kami (j). A pronoun of the first person 
generally used in the plural, or by a 
royal personage. 

Kami-tuwah (jav). An assistant, a de- 

Kam-kam. A kind of spear or lance 
used by the Chinese. 

Kampa (sun). A press, an instrument 
for pressing. 

Kampak (j). An axe, a hatchet; r. 

Kampak (jav). A night robber. 

Kampar. Name of a Malay state on the 
north-eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Kampil (j). A small bag or sack. 

Kampuli. To join, to unite. 

Kampuh (.1). Name of the portion of 
Javanese dress worn round the loins. 

Kampung. To assemble, to meet toge- 
ther ; an enclosure, a space fenced in ; 
a village ; a quarter or subdivision of 
a town. 

Kampungkfm. To assemble, to collect, to 
bring together. 

Kamu (j). rronoim of the second per- 
son, commonly used in addressing 
inferiors ; v. Mu. 

Kamu-orfing (kamu and orS,ng). Ye or 
you ; literally, " you people." 

Kamuchak (j. puchak). Top, summit. 

Kamuka (ka and muka). In the face 
of, in front. 

Kamuliian (mula). Beginning, com- 
mencement; V. Kamulyan. 

Kamulau (jav). Name of an ancient 
seat of government in Java, in the pro- 
vince of Grobogan. 

K.anndi. To struggle, to move as in the 
action of wrestling, to -WTiggle. 

Kamulyan (mula). Beginning, commence- 
ment ; V. Kamulaan. 

Karaulyiian (mulya). Grandeur, magnifi- 
cence ; glory ; dignity. 

Kannirahan (murah). Liberality, gene- 
rosity ; clemency ; mercy. 

Kanak-kanak (anak). Child, infant, baby ; 

Kaniiihan (niiik). Carriage, vehicle, con- 
Kauan (j). The right ; right hand. 
Kanankiri. Right and left, all about. 




Kancha (b.\t). A little wave, distinguished 

from a billow or surge. 
Kanohaua (s). Gold. 
Kauchil (j). Name of a pigmy species of 

ileer. Tragidus kanchil, Grey. 
Kauchiiig ^j). A bolt, the bar of a door, 

a latch ; a button ; a clasp. 
Kauchiugkttn. To bolt, to bar, to lock ; 

to button ; to clasp. 
Kaudal (JAV). Thick, not fluid. 
Kaudi;u-an (jav). Name of au ancient 
king of Java, celebrated for his patro- 
nage of agi'iculture, the seat of whose 
government was Koripan. 
Kandiawan (jw). Name of an ancient 

king of Java who reigned in Janggala. 
Kandina (j). Name of a kind of cannon. 
Kandis. Name of a fruit-tree, Oarciiiia. 
Kanda (jAv). A story, a tale, a narra- 
tive ; to relate, to recite. 
Kand-ak (bat). A whore, a strumpet. 
Kand'ang (j). To enclose ; an enclosure; 

a pen, a fold ; a stye. 
Kand'ung (j). To bear or carry an 

object at the waist ; to be pregnant. 
Kaudimg. A bag, a piu'se, a scrip. 
Kanigara (jay). The lotos flower, 

N>/mph(fa shllata. 
Kanjar (bat). To skip, to frisk ; to strut. 
Kaujaya, v. Kanji. 
Kanji (j). Terrified, in feai-. 
Kanji (t). Rice gruel. 
Kang. A bridle ; i'. Kakang. 
Kungjaug (jay). A title of princes, 

"highness," but literally, "the foot." 
Kangiin (j). Anxious, thoughtful, soli- 
Ivanggiug (t). Name of a kind of Indian 

Kangkang. To ride, to stride, to straddle. 
Kangkong. A cock-pit. 
Kaugkong (j). Name of a plant, Convol- 
vulus nj^taiis. 
Ivauatiian (nata). Evidence, testimony; 

publication, notoriety ; explanation. 
Kapai. Name of a plant, OiModcnna 

paid 1(1 Kin. 
Kapak (j. kampak). An axe, a hatchet : 

V. Kampak. 
Ivapal (t). a ship, a square-rigged 

Kapal (jay). A hoi-se. 
Kapal -prang. A ship of war. 
Kapala (s). The head ; upper end ; first 
or best quality of any commodity ; 
headman, chief; v. Kapala. 
KapaUikau (kapala). To make leader, to 

raise to the place of chief or leader. 
Kapan (j). When, at the time that; 

when, at what time. 
Kapanasan (panjis). Heat ; heated ; over- 
heated, overcome with heat. 
Kapand ian (pande). Skill, dexterity. 

Kapand-itan (paud-ita). The endowments 

of a pundit ; learning. 
Kapang. The worm on ships' bottoms 

called the barnacle, Ten'do navalis. 
Kapapiiiin (papa). Poverty, indigence. 
Kapas (s). Cotton, Oossi/piuvi. 
Kapas-banggala. Bengal cotton, Oosay- 

pium vitij'olium. 
Kapas-basat. Tree cotton, Oossypium 

Kapas-mori. Moorish cotton, Oossijpium 

Kapas-tawuu, i'. Kapas-mori. 
Kapasuniah. Dry-field cotton, Oossypium 

Kapas-utan. Wild cotton, Uibisciis cidlo- 

Kapada (pAda). To, vuito. 

Kapfln. Cloths, garments, apparel. 

Kapdrchayiiau (parchaya). Confidence, 

trust, reliance. 
Kapfttangan (j. pfitivng, "dark"). Soldiers 

who make night attacks ; a spy, a 

Kapengin (jay). To desire, to long for. 
Kapiliiau (pilu). Tenderness, compassion. 
Kapisambawan (s). The father of Jam- 

bawati, wife of Krishua. 
Kapiran (bat). Disappointment, mis- 
Kapit (j). A companion, an associate ; 

a second, an assistant. 
Ivapitan (roii. kapitAo). Captain. 
Kaponakan (j). The relationship of undo 

and nephew, &c., &c. 
Kaprabiian (J. prabu, "a king"). Things 

a{)pertaiuing to the person of a king ; 

garments and accoutrements of a king ; 

Kajiriksiian (priksa). Inquiry, investiga- 
tion ; seai'ch, scrutiny. 
Kapuk (j). The cotton tree, Eriodaidroii 

Kapulaga (j). The cardamom, Amomuiii 

cardamomiim ; v. Puwar. 
Kapungutim (pungut). Gleanings; wind- 
Kapur (j). Lime, cah: 
Kapur-mati. Slaked lime. 
Kapur (s). Camphor. 
Kapiu'-barus. The camphor of Barns or 

Malayan camphor, the produce of tlic 

Dri/obidanops camphora. 
Kapur-chiua or japuii. The camphor of 

China or Japan; the produce of tl>e 

Laurti^ camphora. 
Kapuran. The casket in which lime is 

kept for using as an ingredient of tlio 

betel preparation. 
Kapuri. To lime, to smear with limo ; 

to white-wasli with lime. 
Kaputriian (putra). Belonging or :ipper- 

taiuing to a prince. 




Kaputusan (putus). Conclusion, termina- 
tion, end ; decision, determination ; 
judgment, decree. 

Kara. To frolic, to sport. 

Kai'iiarjan (jay). Welfare, success, pros- 

Karali. Name of a species of tortoise. 

Karajaan (raja). Royalty, kingship, 
sovereignty, kingdom ; dominion ; re- 

Karana (s). Cause, reason; for, because; 
sake, account. 

Karang (j). A coral rock or reef; any 
rock in the sea. 

Karang (jav). Cultivated esculent roots ; 

Karang (j). To set, to intersperse with 
anything ornamental ; to wi'ite, to 
comi:>ose ; setting or arrangement of 
flowers or gems; composition, writing; 
a trap or snare ; order, arrangement. 

Karaug-karaugan. Artificial rock-work. 

Karangan. The object set with flowers 
or gems; arrangement of flowers or 
gems ; writing, written composition. 

Karas. A cake ; v. Kakaras. 

Karat (j. karot). To grind or gnash the 

Karat. Rust; rasty; to rust; canker, 

Kai'atan. Rust ; canker, corrosion. 

Karaton (jav. from ratu, " a king ''). A 

Karau. To haul, to pull at a rope. 

Karawang (jav). Krawangg, a Sunda 
district in Java. 

Karilm. To founder, to sink to the bot- 
tom; to be wi-ecked; to be over- 
whelmed, to be destroyed; founder- 
ing ; shipwreck ; destruction. 

Karamkan. To cause to founder; to 
wreck; to overwhelm, to destroy. 

Karembong (bat). Cover, envelope. 

Karikil (jav). A pebble; gravel. 

Karil. The hare, Ijepus, brought to Java 
from continental India. 

Karkun. A writer, a scribe. 

Karma. Misfortune, calamity. 

Kama (s). Cause, reason ; for, because ; 
sake, account; v. Kamna. 

Karna-apa. Why, wherefore, for what 

Kama-ini. On this account, for this 

Karna-itu. Therefore, on that account, 
for that reason. 

Karot (j. karot). To make a grating or 
grinding noise. 

Karpa (s). The younger brother of Durna, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Karpus (bat). A cap, a mutch. 

Karta (s). Order, arrangement ; policy. 

Kartaniarma (s). Name of a younger 

brother of Suyudana, in the Maha- 

Kartapati (s). A name of the prince of 
Janggala, in Java, commonly known as 
Inakarta-pati, or the Pauji. 

Kartasura (jav). Name of a district in 
the province of Pajaug, in Java, and the 
seat of a former capital of the Susunan. 

Karugian (rugi). Lo^s, damage, detri- 

Kai'u-kam (ben). Name of an insect. 

Karunya (s). Favour, grace, bounty; 
gift, largess ; v. Kurniya and Karuiya. 

Karunyakan. To bestow, to make a 

Kaning (j). A sack, a bag. 

Karut. To tangle ; to scribble ; to quib- 
ble, to shufile, to prevaricate. 

Karut (j). To scratch; v. Garut. 

Kai-uwan (jav). Certain, sure ; deter- 
mined, established. 

Karuwiyak (ben). To crow as a cock. 

Kasa (sa). First. 

Kasa (s). Ether, the firmament ; v. Akasa 
and Angkasa. 

Kasai. To apply cosmetics. 

Kasakian. Thus, in this manner ; v. 

Kasakitan (sakit). Pain ; hurt, sore ; 
sickness, malady; afliiction, suffering; 
infliction, punishment. 

Kasalahan (salah). Eri-or; wrong; fault, 
offence ; sin, trespass ; mistake ; erro- 
neous ; in fault. 

Kasamaran (samai-). Disguise. 

Kasamuwa (samuwa). All, the whole. 

Kasan. Track, mark ; probably an abbre- 
viation of bakasau, from bakas. 

Kasana (ka and sana). Thither. 

Kasaua-kasiui. Hither and thither, to 
and fro. 

Kasap (j). Rough, rugged ; shaggy ; 
hard, liarsh ; coarse ; v. Gasap. 

Kasapuluh (sapuluh). Tenth ; the ten. 

Kasai' (j). Coarse, not fine ; rude, rough, 
uncivil ; uniJolished. 

Kasarta (j. sarta). Along with, together. 

Kasasar (sasar). To stray, to be bewil- 
dered ; to be puzzled. 

Kasatriyan (satriya). Valour. 

Kasau. A rafter. 

Kasablah. On the side of, on the part of. 

Kasajukan (sajuk). Chilliness; to be 
chilled ; cold, coldness. 

Kasakatan (sakat). A barrier, an obstruc- 

Kasaksian (saksi). Testimony, evidence. 

Kasilktian (sakti). Skill ; power ; super- 
natural power ; enchantment ; en- 

Kasalflngan (salang). Interval, space be- 

Kasaml)ilan. Ninth ; the nine. 




Kasampurnaan (sampuma). Consumma- 
tion, perfection. 

Kasanilngan (sfiuang). Rest, repose ; tran- 
quillity, quiet. 

Kasilrapatau (ben). Sentence, judgment, 

Kasasakan (sasak). Narrowness; strait, 
distress, difficulty. 

Kasep (j). Late, not early; late in sea- 
son, out of season. 

Kasi. To give ; to allow, to let, to permit. 

Kasigar (sigar). To be rent, to be split, 
to be cleft. 

Kasih (j). Love, affection ; kindness ; 
favour ; pity, compassion ; to love ; to 
favour ; to pity. 

Kasilian. Love, affection ; kindness ; fa- 
vour ; pity, compassion. 

Kasmi (siui). Hither. 

Kasitu (situ). Thither. 

Kasmaran (jav). Joy, delight. 

Kastila (for. Castella). Castile, Spanish ; 

Kasturi (s). Musk ; castor. 

Kasukiian (suka). Joy, gladness ; re- 
joicing, merry-making. 

Kasukaran (sukar). Difficulty, hardship ; 

Kasumba-jawa (s). Safflower, Ccirthamus 

Kasumba-kling. Arnotto, Bixa orellana. 

Kasungguhan (sungguh). Truth, verity. 

Kasur (j). A mattress. 

Kasusalian (susah). Difficulty ; distress ; 
pei'plexity, vexation ; tribulation. 

Kasut. Brackish. 

Kasut. A shoe. 

Kata (s). To speak, to say, to utter ; a 
word ; a saying. 

Kata-kata. Discom'se, talk; words, de- 

Katai. A tadpole ; a dwarf 

Katak. A frog. 

Katak-puru. A toad. 

Katakan (kata). To name, to call, 

Katakutan (takut). Fear, apprehension, 
dread, terror ; afraid, afeard, ten-ified. 

Katambahan (tambah). Increase, addi- 
tion, augmentation. 

Kataiian (tau). Knowledge ; recognition ; 
conscious, knowing one's own thoughts. 

Kat'auwi (tau). To know ; know ye, to 
wit, adv. 

Katad'uhan. A calm, stillness of the air. 

Kataguhan(taguh). Strength; firmness; 
confirmation, assurance, settlement. 

Katamu (tamu). To be found, to be met, 
to be encountered; found, met, en- 

Katantiian (tantu). Certainty, assurance. 

Katangah (tangah). The middle, the 

Kate (j). Diminutive. 

Katepan (j). Name of a plant. Cassia 

Kati (j). A weight of 1 ^ lbs. avoii-dupois, 
of which 100 make a pikul. 

Katidiian (tida). Denial, negation ; lack, 
want ; nothingness. 

Katidoran (tidor). Sleep, sleeping. 

Katiga (tiga). Third; the third season 
or period of drought in the i-ural ka- 
lendar of the Javanese. 

Katimpuhan (timpuh). Deposit, pledge ; 
i-ansom ; exchange. 

Katimiin (j). A cucumber, Cucunus melo ; 
V. Timun and Katimun. 

Katingal(jAV.tingal). Visible, perceptible 
by the eye. 

Katinggiau (tinggi). Height, elevation. 

Kath" (j). The outriggers of a small boat. 

Katuhauan (tuhan). Deity, godhead. 

Katuju (tuju). Towards, in a direction 
to ; direct, not oblique ; fortunate, 

Katujuh (tuju). Seventh. 

Katularan (j. tulai-). Infection, conta- 

Katumbuh (tumbuh). The small-pox. 

Katumbuhan (tumbuh). A shoot, a 
sprout ; a shooting, a sprouting. 

Katumbukan (tumbuk ?) A band, a com- 
pany, a troop, a body of men. 

Katuug (ben), a turtle, a tortoise. 

Katuuggu (tunggu). To bo guarded, to 
be watched ; watched, guarded. 

Katup (tutup). To be shut, to be closed ; 
V. Katutup. 

Katurunau (turun). Descent, progi-ess 
dowTiwards ; descent, lineage, gene- 
alogy, pedigree ; generation. 

Katutup (tutup). To be closed, to be 
shut; V. Katup. 

Katuwa. Title of a petty Malay officer. 

Katya. The armpit. 

Katil (t). a couch, a cot, a sofa. 

Kau. Pronoun of the second person, 
abbreviation of angkau ; v. Augkau. 

Kawah (j). A lake of boilmg mud in the 
infernal regions, according to the an- 
cient belief of the Javanese ; an ii-on 
pan, a caldron ; a kettle. 

Kawal (j). A guard, a watch ; an ad- 
vanced post, a piquet. 

Kawan. A company, a band, a troop ; a 
flock ; a covey ; a herd ; a drove. 

Kawan (j. ponakawan). A companion, a 
comrade, an associate; a confederate, 
an ally. 

Kawat (j). Wire. 

Kawi. Brown. 

Kawi (s). To nan-ate, to relate; nar- 
rative, relation, story ; the ancient or 
recondite language of Java. 

Kawin (j). Story, tale, narrative; to 
narrate, to relate. 




Kawin (p). To marry, to wed, to es- 
pouse ; espousals, maiTiage ; mati-i- 
mony; dower. 
Kawinkan. To join in matrimony ; to 

give in marriage. 
Kawon (jav). To be worsted, to be de- 
Kawul (jav). Name of a downy sub- 
stance obtained from the gomuti palm, 
and used as tinder. 
Kawula (jav). A slave ; pronoun of the 

first person. 
Kawulawarga (jav). Kin, kindred; fa- 
mily dependents, retainers. 
Kawung(su). TheSagwire palm, Sarjucras 

Kaya (jav). Like, as, in the same manner. 
Kaya. Rich, opulent, wealthy; noble, 

great, distinguished. 
Kayakan. To enrich, to make opu- 
Kay an. Name of a large river on the 
north-western side of Borneo ; name of 
a wild tribe in the same quarter. 
Kayan. A mark at a boundary, to show 

that land is under litigation. 
Kayangan (j). The abode of gods and 

celestial beings. 
Kayali (bu). Name of a state on the 

western limb of Celebes. 
Kayi-kuli (t). Wages, hire. 
Kayin. Cloth ; clothes, garments, dress. 
Kayin-basuhan. Bathing dress, bathing 

Kayin-rambut. Shawl cloth ; a shawl. 
Kay is. To move an object aside or out 

of the way. 
Kayis. To sci-ape the ground with a 

stick or the hand. 
Kayit (j. geyet). To hook, to seize or 
hold with a hook or crook ; a hook, a 
crook ; v. Gayit. 
Kayu (j). Wood, timber; a tree; an 
idiomatic term in the enumeration of 
some objects, and equivalent to " a roll " 
or " piece " in English. 
Kayu-api. Firewood, fuel. 
Kayu-api-api. Name of a tree ; literally, 

" fire-fly tree ;" ulSgiccras majus. 
Kayu-arang. Ebony; literally, "charcoal 

wood ; " Diospyros. 
Kayu-babi. Name of a tree ; literally, 

" hog tree ; " Crypteronia paniculata. 
Kayu-basi. Name of a tree; literally, 

" iron-wood." 
Kayu-budi. Name of a tree; literally, 

" wisdom-wood ; " a species of Ficus. 
Kayu-china. Name of a shrub, Smilux 

china ; v. Ubat raja. 
Kayu-d'ulang. Name of a tree ; literally, 

" salvcr-trco ; " Cassia javanica. 
Kayugabus. Name of a tree, Alstonia 

Kayu-gahru. Agila, or eagle-wood, Aqici- 

laria agallocha. 
Kayu-kuda. Name of a tree ; literally, 
"horse-wood tree;" Spondias Wistcngi. 
Kayu-kukun. Name of a tree, Ifentlera 

Kayu-kuning. Name of a tree; literally, 

" yellow-wood ; " Nauclea orienlalis. 
Kayu-manis. Ceylon cinnamon ; literally, 
" sweet-wood ; " Cinnamumum zcylanir 
Kayu-manis-china. Chinese cinnamon, 

Cinnamomum aromaticum. 
Kayu-manis-jawa. Javanese or Malay 

cinnamon, Cinnamomum iners. 
Kayu-pasir. Sand-wood, Catha montana. 
Kayu-pad*as. Name of a tree, a species 

of Sassafi-as. 
Kayuputih. The cajeput myrtle, Mela- 
leuca cajeputi. 
Kayu-raja. King-wood, Hernandia sonora. 
Kayu-kayiian. Trees ; woods, forest. 
Kayuh. To row with paddles. 
Kabal. Charmed, invulnerable, weapon- 
Kabalik (balik). Upside-do\vn, inverted. 
Kabang (ben). Coarse, not fine in texture. 
Kabaru. Name of a fish. 
Kabas. Numbness, torpor. 
Kabat (jav). Speedy, swift, ipiick ; 

speedily, quickly. 
Kabaya (for. cabaya). A loose robe ; a 

dressing gown. 
Kabayan (jav). A deputy, a lieutenant ; 
the second officer in the Javanese vil- 
lage establishment. 
Kabak. Full, replete. 
Kabam. To bite the under lip spitefully 

or vauntingly, 
Kabir (a). Great, mighty; nobility, 

eminence ; magnificence. 
Kabiri (j). Castrated, emasculated, gelded. 
Kabok. A goblet. 
Kabon (j). A garden; an orchard; a 

Kachap. To taste, to try by the mouth. 
Kachapi (j). A lute, a guitar. 
Kdche-kache. To chat, to converse fami- 
Kachewa. To miss, to fail, to be balked. 
Kachikan. The sleeve of a garment. 
Kdchil. Little, small ; young ; childhood ; 

Kacliil-ati. Ill-will, grudge. 
Kilchil-kachil. Very small, diminutive. 
Kdchubung (j). The thorn-apple. Datura 

Kachup. A kiss, a smack. 
Kiichupi. To kiss. 
Kachut (j). Sour, acid, tart. 
Kachuwa (bat). A cockchaffer. 
Kdchuwali. Except, saving, unices ; 
nevertheless, notwithstanding. 




Kachuwalikan. To i-espect, to have re 

gard or consideration for. 
Kada. Name of a fish. 
Kadah. An elephant decoy or trap ; the 
Malay state on the western coast of the 
peninsula, called by us Queda. 
Kadixi (t). A shop, a stall, a bootli. 
Kadal. Leprosy ; leprous eruption. 
Kiidang. To stretch out the aim. 
Kadangsa. The shaddock. Citrus deciir 

Kadap (ben). Close, thick, compact. 
Kadai-. Name of a fish. 
Kadara. Name of a fish. 
Kadayan (j). Dependant relations ; fol- 
lowers, retainers; v. Kadeyan. 
Kadarang (tdgarang). Name of a dye- 
Kadeyan (j), v. Kitdayan. 
Kadidi. A snipe, Scolopax. 
Kadu (s). The dragon's tail, one of the 

nodes of the moon. 
Kadu (JAV). Name of a fine province in 

the centre of Java. 
Kadudu. Name of a tree. 
Kadut. A fold, a plait ; a wrinkle. 
Kad'ap (jav). A moment, an instant. 
Kad-ali (t). Name of a pulse, Phaseolus 

■max; v. Kachang. 
Kad'ep (jav). To wink; r. Kajep. 
Kad-ik (jav). A few; a little, a small 

Kdd'ond'ong (j). Name of a tree, Panax 

Kad"ond'ong-laut. Name of a shrub, 

Panax fruticosum. 
Kafarat (a). Penitence, atonement, ex- 
Kafal (a). Convenience, utility; the 
housings of a horse or other beast of 
Kaf an (a). A shroud, a winding-sheet ; 

a coffin. 
Kaf ankan. To shroud, to put in a wind- 
ing-sheet ; to coffin. 
Kajam. To close the eyes, to di'op the 

Kajang. To stretch out, to extend. 
Kajar. To chase, to pursue ; chase, pur- 
Kaji (p). Foul, filthy; vile, impure; 

Kajep (j). To wink, to twinkle; a wink, 

a twinkle ; v. Kad'ep. 
Kajut^ To start, to startle, to be alarmed ; 

a start, a startle, an alarm. 
Kakal. Steadfast; lasting, diu^ble, en- 
during; eternal. 
Kakalan. Duration; eternity. 
Kakand-a (jav). A story, a tale ; r. 

Kakand'i (j. kand-i). A bag, a scrip, a 

Kakantung (son). A bag or pocket for 

betel, carried at the waist. 
Kilkapa(j). A saddle, a pad ; horse-gear. 
Kakaras. A kind of pancake, made chiefly 

of rice flour. 
Ivakasih (kasih). Favourite; lover; friend. 
Kakatu. The larva of the Termes, or white 

Kakar (jav). A cage, a place of con- 
finement ; silent, secret. 

Kaklib (kalib). The fii-e-fly. 

Kakora. A land tortoise. 

Kakora-kaladi. Name of a species of 

Kakora-kumbar. Name of a species of 

Kakora-padi. Name of a species of tor- 

Kakora-putih. Name of a species of tor- 

Kakud'ung (j. kud'ung, "to cover the 
head"). A hood, a veil. 

Kakumbo. Name of a forest tree. 

Kalabang (j). A centipede, Scolopcndra. 

Kalabat. Fenugreek. Ti-irjonella. 

Kalabu (j. kluwu). Ash-colour; grey. 

Kaiabu. Name of a sj^ecies of crane. 

Kalaburan (labur). A slough, a quag- 
mu-e ; r. Kalaburan. 

Kaladi. Name of an esculent aroid plant, 
Colocasia vera. 

Kalahi. Fight, combat; quarrel, strife, 

Kalak. Anon,'soon, presently, forthwith ; 
then, in that case. 

Kalak-kalak. Possibly, perhaps. 

Kalakasah. Restless, agitated ; v. Kalak- 

Kalak-antakkan. Most probably, most 

Kalam (a). A word, a speech, an oration ; 
talk, conversation. 

Kalam (s). Dark, gloomy, obscure ; dark- 
ness, obscurity. 

KAlam-kabut. Dark and misty ; a foggy 

Kalambar. _The coconut palm; v. Kd- 
lapa and Nur. 

Kalambi (j). A jerkin, a short coat. 

Kalambi-kare (jav). A coat of mail. 

Kalambir (j. krambil, "a coconut "). The 
pulp of the coconut. 

Kalambit. Name of a small species of 

Kalambu. A curtain. 

Kalamin. A pair, a couple. 

Kalamumur. Scurf. 

Kalan (j. klona). Stout, bold, valiant. 

Kalanggara. Curious, inquisitive. 

Kalana (j). To travel, to roam, to 
wander ; travel, peregrination ; roam- 
ing, wandering, en-ant ; a wanderer, a 

kAl— kAl 

[ 72 ] 


Kalantan. Name of a Malay principality 
oil the eastern coast of the peninsula. 

Kalang. Tlie furrows ou the palms of 
the hands. 

Kalapa (j). The coconut palm ; a coco- 
nut, Cocos nucifcra ; seven cultivated 
varieties are known in Java ; v. Klapa. 

Kalapa-bali. The Balinese coconut, Cocos 
nucifera, var. maxima. 

Kalapa-ijau. The green coconut, Cocos 
nucifcra, var. viridis. 

KAlapa-liiut. The Seychello or sea coco- 
nut, Lodoicea sechellarum. 

Kalapar. The testicles. 

Kalapur. Convulsion, spasm. 

K.ilarai. Matting wove in ornamental 

Kalasa (j). A carpet, a floor-cloth or mat. 

Kalasi (p). A seaman, a sailor, a mariner ; 
V. Xala^i. 

Kalat (j). A rope ; the braces of a shiiVs 

Kalat. Hai-sh, rough, astringent in taste. 

Kalat. To stick, to adhere ; to stick, not 
to pass through ; sticking, adhesive. 

Kalat. A strait of the sea ; v. Salat. 

Kalawar. Name of a small species of bat. 

Kalawi (j). Tlie bread-fruit tree, Arto- 
carpus incisa ; v. Kluwi. 

Kalakah. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Borneo. 

Kalftkasah. Perturbed, disquieted, agi- 

Kfllam (j). To sink, to go to the bottom. 

KfHilmbak (j). Eagle-wood, aloes-wood ; 
V. Kayu-gahru. 

Kalambit (ben). Name of a species of 

Kftlambiie. A snail. 

Kalamkan (kalam). To sink, to cause to 
go to the bottom. 

Kalamkari. Printed cloth, chintz. 

Kalampai. Unsheathed, naked. 

Killampang. Name of a plant, Stcrculia 

Kalang-kalang. Intervening, interme- 
diate, lying between; v. Klang-klang 
and Salang. 

KA,langi\r (j). To swoon, to faint ; swoon, 

Ki'ilangara. To pry ; to intermeddle ; 
curious, inquisitive, prying. 

Kaibusung. A covering that laps over 
at the edge ; an envelope ; the sheath 
or capsule of the maize ear. 

Killdi. An ass. 

Kaled'ek. The batata, or sweet potato, 
Convolvulus batatas. 

Kalcngkeng. The Icechi fruit, Euphoria 

Kaiewang (bu). Name of a kind of 
cutlass or sword ; v. Klewang. 

Kali. ' Name of a fish. 

KAlib. To twinkle, to sparkle; to twinkle, 

to open and shut the eyes by turns ; 

twiuk, twinkle ; a fire-fly ; v. Kalip and 

Kaliling. Around, about, encircling, 

Killiiii (j). Hem, sewn edge of a gar- 
Kalimat (a). A word ; a saying ; the 

word of god. 
Kalinchi (bat). A rabbit, a coney. 
Kalinchok. To stagger, to reel. 
Kalintau (ben). Name of a musical 

Kalintct. Clitoris; name of a plant, 

Clitoria ternatea. 
Kaling (t. Kaliugge). Telingana, or Kalin- 

gana, the country of the Telingas or 

Talugu ; Telinga or Chulia ; Hindustan ; 

V. Kling. 
Kdlingking. The little finger or toe; 

V. Klingking. 
Kalip. To twinkle, to sparkle ; to twinkle, 

to open and shut the eyes by turns ; 

twink, twinkle ; a fire-fly ; v. Kalib. 
Kalirai (j. kalu-u). Error; confusion, 

Kalis. Name of a fish. 
Kaliyan (j. galiaii). A mine, a trench for 

mineral washings or stream-works. 
Kalmarin. Yesterday ; the day jire- 

ceding any specified day. 
Killmarin-daulu. The day before yester- 
Kalongsong (ben). Tlie husks and other 

refuse of black pepper. 
Kalopak. Calyx of a flower, flower-cup. 
Kalopak-mata. The eyelids. 
Kalu. Dumb. 
Kaluh. To sigh ; v. Kaloh. 
Kalukub. Name of a forest tree. 
Kdlukus. Name of a kind of boat. 
Kaluli (t). Steel. 
Kaluntung. A Chinese hawker or 

Kahmg. To dress the hair in a knot at 

the back of the head ; the knot of hair 

so dressed ; v. Galung. 
Kalupas. To peel off', to have the skin 

Kalupur. To be convulsed, to be 

violently agitated ; v. Klupur. 
Kalupur-puyuh. Bald-headed. 
Kiiluruk (jav). To crow as a cock; v. 

Kluruk. * 

Kiimadong (jav). Magic, sorcery. 
Kamad-uh (j). Name of a plant with a 

highly poisonous and stinging leaf, 

employed to irritate the buffalo in bis 

combat with the tiger, Urtica cestuans. 
Kclinah. To make water ; urine. 
Kdmala (j). A valuable diamond : any 

gem of great value ; v. Kumala. 




Kdmand'ang (jav). An echo; to echo, 

to resound. 
Kamaudu. Name of a talisman or charm. 
Kamantan. A mythic name of Borneo ; 

V. Kalamantan. 
Kamang (ben). Name of an acid fruit. 
Kamarau. To bale or pump out water ; 

drought ; the dry season of the year. 
Kdmas. To pack up in small bulk ; to 

get ready for any cnterpi-ise. 
K;\ma.san (mas) A goldsmith. 
Kamayan. Benzoin ; v. Kamaiian and 

Kamanan. Benzoin, Styrax benzoin ; v. 

Kamar (p). A zone, a belt, a gu'dle ; the 

waist ; the loins. 
Kamarenchang. To clang, to clank, to 

clatter, to jingle; clang, clank, clatter, 

Kamarenchek. The sound of wave.? 

striking the sides of a ship. 
Kambala (s). A tender of cattle, a 

herdsman ; a charioteer ; an elepliant 

driver ; v. Gabala, Gambala, and Gum- 

Kambali (s). Name of one of Rama's 

apes, in tlie Ramayaua. 
Kambali. To return, to come or go 

back ; again, back, once more. 
Kambalikan. To retui'n, to restore, to 

give back. 
Kambalian. Returning; restoration. 
Kambang (j). A flower ; a blossom ; to 

flower, to bloom, to blossom ; to ex- 
pand, to dilate, to spread out ; to 

swell, to be swollen. 
Kilmbang-ayar-mawar. A rose ; literally, 

" rose-water flower." 
Kambang-ayar-mawar-holanda. European 

rose, Rosa multiflora. The Persian 

rose, Rosa damascena. 
Kdmbang-bangkai. The carrion flower, 

Dimorphophallus variabilis. 
Kambang-d'ed'es. The musk flower, 

Saraca arborescens. 
Kambang-kacha-piring. Name of a plant, 

Oardenia Jlorida. 
Kambang-karang. Corallines, coral ; sea- 
weed, Algce. 
Kambang-kuning. Literally, " yellow 

flower ;" Cassia planisiliqua. 
Kambang-mantega. Literally, " butter 

flower;" Taberncemontana divaricata. 
Kambaug-nagasari. Name of a plant. 

Acacia Burmanniana. 
Kambang-piies (jav). A sterile flower, 

a blossom that yields no fruit; an 

abortive birth. 
Kambang-pagi-sore. The marvel of Peru; 

literally, "the evening and morning 

plant;" Mirabilis jalapa. 

Kambang-pala. The mace ; literally, 
" flower of the nutmeg." 

Kambang -rinchik-rinchik. Literally, 

" chip-flower ;" Jloya lacunosa. 

Kambang-sataun. Name of a flower ; 
literally, " year-flower," or " annual 

Kambang-sapatu. The shoe-flower. Hi- 
biscus rosa-sinensis. 

Kambang-sisir. Literally, "the comb- 
flower ;" Tommefortia tetrandra. 

Kambang-sundal-malam. Literally, "har- 
lot of night ;" Polyanthes tuberosa. 

Kflmbang-susu-kdrbau. Literally, " the 
bufFalo-udder flower;" Taberncemontana 

Kambang-tambaga. Literally, "the cop- 
per flower ;" Lochnera vincoides. 

Kambang-tanjung. The tanjung flower, 
Minmsops elengi. 

Kambang-tongkeng. The tonquin flower, 
or Pergularia; Pergidaria odoratisstmu. 

Kambang-turi. Name of a tree. 

Kambang-wang (j). Interest of money ; 
small taxes, not principal ones ; lite- 
rally, "flower of money." 

Kdmbar (j). A pair ; a match, a fellow ; 
twins; to pair, to match; equal, 

Kambar-mayang (jav). Two bouquets 
of flowers borne in a marriage proces- 

Kambara (j. ngumbara). To travel, to 
roam ; v. Ngambara. 

Kambari (kambai-). To match ; to 

Kambayat (t). Name of a kind of Indian 

KambaU (s). Hair-cloth, coarse covering. 

Kamboja (s). The country of Camboja. 

Kamboja. Name of a tree, Pkimiera 
acutifolia; v. Samboja. 

Kambu (bat). To relapse, to have a 
recurrence of sickness. 

Kambung. To be swollen, to be pufied, 
to be inflated. 

Kamdian. After in time ; afterwards. 

Kamiling (ben). Name of a tree; v. 

Kamiii (j). Name of a tree, bearing a 
hard nut, and used in playing a game 
of chance, Aleurites moluccana. 

Kamit (jav). To keep watch at night; 
a night-watch. 

Kamkam (bat). A kind of two-handed 
sword used by the Chinese colonists. 

Kamkama (s). Saffron, Crocus sativus; 
V. Kungkuma. 

Kampa, and Kampaan (sun). A press; 
an oil-press. 

Kampah (ben). To stain, to dye, to 

Kdmpani (eu). Company, that is, the 




English or Dutch Governments of 

Kampes (bat). To diminish, to decrease 
in size ; to subside. 

Kampih (bat). Flat-nosed. 

Kampit (jav). To carry an object under 
the arm. 

Kdmpuh (ben). A work-box, or work- 

Kampul (jav). A kind of small gong. 

Kampus (bat). Barren, not prolific. 

Kamu (jav). To gargle, to riuce the 

K^muchak. Top, summit, pinnacle, 

Kamud'i (j). Helm, nidder. 

Kamukus (j.) The cubeb peppei-. Piper 
cubeba ; v. Lada-barekor. 

Kflmul (s). A coverlet, a blanket. 

Kamuuiug. Name of two different spe- 
cies of tree of the same genus, the 
wood of which, admitting of a high 
polish, is much used for kris hilts ; 
Murraya exotica and Murraya fasci- 

Kdna (j). To can, to be able ; to be 
possible ; to get, to obtain ; to reach, 
to attain ; to be applied, to be put to ; 
to be affected, to be acted on; to be 
hit, to be struck ; to suffer. It is occa- 
sionally used as an auxiliary, giving 
the radical a passive sense. 

K^naikan (nayik). Vehicle, conveyance, 
carriage ; v. Kanayikan. 

K^nakan (k^na). To aifect, to act on ; 
to hit, to strike ; to apply, to put one 
thing to another ; to put on, to invest 

Kinal. To know, to perceive ; to recog- 
nise ; to distinguish. 

Kdnal-kanalan. Acquaintance, state of 
being acquainted; acquaintance, the 
person acquainted with. 

Kauali. To make known, to ascertain. 

Kdnalkin, v. Kanali. 

Kananga (j. kanonga). The Canauga 
flower tree, Uvaria odorata. 

Kftnari (j). Name of a tree, the fruit of 
which yields a fine esculent "oil, Cana- 
rium commune. 

Ki,nari-utan. Name of a tree of the same 
genus as the last, Canariuni microcar- 

KAnayikan (nayik), v. Kaniiikan. 

Kanan. To like, to ajsprove; liking, 

K4nang. To consider, to ponder, to re- 
flect ; to remember, to recollect, to 
call to mind. 
Kancliana (s). Gold. 

Kanchana (j. ranchana). False, trea- 
cherous, perfidious. 

KAnch<1ng (j). Tight, tense ; stiff, rigid ; 

straight, even ; strong, forcible ; stout, 
firm ; right, correct. 
Kancheug. To stale, to make water. 
Kaucheng (jav). Cash, ready money. 
Kanchuh. AwTy, oblique, not straight. 
Kanchur (j). Name of a medicinal plant, 

Kcempferia galatiga. 
Kaudara. To ride; to be conveyed by 

any vehicle. 
Kandanian. A vehicle, a carriage, a con- 
veyance ; riding. 
Kandariii. To ride. 
Kaudas. To run aground, to take the 

ground, to be stranded. 
Kandati (kaandak-ati). Be it so. 
Kandati. A car, a carriage. 
Kandiua. Name of a kind of brass ord- 
nance ; V. Kandiua. 
Kandis. Name of a tree, Garcinia 

Kand-aga (jav). Name of a rattan box 
or basket, the " order" of the highest 
class of Javanese nobility. 
Kand-ak. A concubine ; v. Gundik. 
Kand'al (jav). Fat, plump ; name of a 

district in the central part of Java. 
KS,nd-ali (jav). A bridle-bit. 
Kilnd-alisad-a (s). Name of the country 
of Hauuman, in the Ramayana ; name 
of a mountain in the province of 
Samarang, in Java. 
Kandang (jav). Name of a kind of 

Kand-ang (jav). A bow-string; name 
of a range of mountains in the central 
parts of Java. 
Kaud-al (jav). Bold, daring, brave, cou- 
Kaudi (j). An ewer, a goblet, a flagon, 

urn, water-pot. 
Kand'il (jav). A cooking-pot. 
KAnd-iri (ddri). Self. 
Kand-or (j. kangdo). Loose, slack, not 

KAud'orkan. To loosen, to slacken. 
Kaud-uri (j). A feast ; an entertainment 

on a festive occasion. 
Kand'uri-butaug. Name of a plant, Aden- 

anthera pavonhia. 
Kaning. The eye-brow. 
Kauisa (a). A synagogue, a Jewish 
temple ; a Christian chvurch ; a Pagan 
Kiinjang (ben). To remain, to abide, to 

Kant'ang (jav). A potatoe, or esculent 

farinaceous root. 
KAii'tang-holanda. The common potatoe, 

Solatium tuberosum. 
Kjlnt'aug-jawa. The Javanese potatoe. 
Kant-al (j). Thick, not thin, having 
some consistency ; congealed ; coagu- 

kAn— kAp 


KAP— kAr 

Kant-ung. A kind of staccado or musical 

Kdnt'ut. Crepitus ventris ; name of a 
plant, Apocynum fcetidum. 

Kanung. A kind of staccado or musical 

Kangkau (angkau). Thou. 

Kangkau. Manifestation, revelation. 

Kaiia (s). A virgin, a maiden. 

Kafiaug. To be full, to be replete ; to 
be satiated ; to be satisfied, to be con- 

Kdiiut. To suck ; to grimace, to make 
wry faces ; grimace. 

Kilpah (ben). Name of a shell-fish. 

Kapak. To fly, flapping the wings, not 

Kapala (s). The head ; head man, chief, 
chieftain, leader. 

Kapalakan. To make or create chief or 

Kdpalang. Excessive, extreme, not mo- 

Kapara (jav). To be shared, to be 

Kaparan. To be scattered, to be thrown 
loosely about. 

Kaparat (j). Fool, blockhead; a word of 

Kapat (jav). A fan. 

Kapati (jav). Very much, exceedingly. 

Kapal (JAV). A handful. 

K^ak. Flat, level, not elevated. 

Kdpengin (jav). Desire, wish, longing. 

Kaper. To fling an offensive object from 
the hand. 

Kapet. To carry an object under the 

Kapinding. A bug, Cimex ; v. Pinding. 

Kapiui. Name of a forest tree ; name of 
an islet on the western coast of Sumatra. 

Raping. Any thin and expanded object ; 
any thing foliated, as the leaf of a 
book; an idiomatic term in counting 
such objects ; a small slab or ingot of 

Kapiran (bat). Failure; disappoint- 

Kapista. Perverse, obstinate ; wicked. 

Kapiting (jav). A crab, Cancer. 

Kaplek (jav). A kind of game with 
dice, played by the Javanese. 

Kaponakan (j). The relation between 
uncle and nephew, &c. &c. ; v. Kapo- 

Kaprabiian (jav. prabu, "a king"). Things 
appertaining to the person of a king ; 
royal gai'ments or accoutrements ; re- 
galia; V. Kaprabiian. 

Kapung (j). To be surrounded, to be 
environed, to be encompassed ; circle ; 
circuit ; sphere, orb. 

Kapungk^n. To surround, to environ, 

to encompass ; to enclose ; to 

to beleaguer. 
Kapuyuh (j). A quail, Coturnix ; v. 

Kara. Ape, monkey, a generic term ; 

V. Era. 
Kara (jav). Thin, lean, meagre, emaci- 
Karbat (ben). Servants, attendants, 

followers, retainers. 
Karah (p). A side ; an end. 
Karak. A crust, an inciiistation ; name 

of a plant, Hiiel/ia anar/allis. 
Karak-nasi. Incrustation of rice ; rice 

cinist; name of a plant, Pergularia, 

Karakat (jav). To stick, to adhere ; to 

Karamat (\). Venerable ; holy ground ; 

the tomb of a Mahomedan saint ; a 

Karandang. Name of a plant, Carissa 

Karanjang (ki'angrang). A basket, a 

hamper; v. Kranjang. 
Karang (jav). A shell ; shell-fish. 
Karangka. Name of a fish. 
Karapti. A tick, a dog-louse. 
Karawang. Lattice-work; v. Krawang. 
Karawaug (jav). Name of a Sunda 

district of Java ; v. Karawaug. 
Karab (j), v. Karap. 
Karanda. A cofiBn. 

Karantat. Dwarfish, stunted in gi'owth. 
Kantng (jav). Passionate; severe, rigo- 
Karap (j). Close, thick-set; frequent, 

often recurring ; v. Karab, Krab, Krap. 
Kartlwia (a). Caraway, Carum carui. 
Karbai (ben). A widow. 
Kirbang. A gate ; v. Garbaug. 
Karbang. Dishevelled. 
Karbau (j. kabo). A buffalo. Bos huhalus. 
Karbau-utan. The wild buffalo. 
K^rbau-romput. Name of a grass, Cyno- 

surus indicus. 
Kilrchut. A rush, flag, sedges. 
Karegol (j. regol, "a great gate"). A 

Kareta (s). A wheel-carriage ; a chariot ; 

V. Kreta. 
Kari (j. kerek). A block, a pulley; tackle 

for hoisting. 
Karig (jav). To summon, to call toge- 
Karik (j). To rub out, to efface. 
Karikal. A salvei-, a tray. 
Karikil (jav). A pebble; gravel; v. 

Karim (a). Generous, gracious, liberal : 

magnificent, splendid. 
Karis (j). A kris, a dagger ; v. Kris. 
Kdrja (s). Work, labour; deed, action; 


L 76] 


afifaii*, transaction, business; employ- 
ment, occupation, calling, profession ; 
need, want for use ; to do, to make ; 
to labour, to work. 

Kdrjakan. To jierform, to execute, to 

K&rjang. Pure, flue. 

Karkah. To mouth, to seize with the 

Karkun. A writer, a scribe ; v. Karkuu. 

K^rling. To leer, to look obliquely ; to 

Karlip. To glitter, to glisten. 

Karmuuing. Name of a tree ; v. Kamu- 

Kama (s). King of Awangga, and a hero 
of the Mahabarat. 

Karniya (s). Favovir, gi-ace, bounty; gift, 
largess ; v. Karniya and Kurniya. 

Karoh. Turbid, muddy, not clear; v. 

Karok (j). To rub, to scrub ; to curry a 

Karonchong. Hollow armlets, brace- 
lets, or anklets, that give a tinkling 

Karta (JAv). Rest, repose; tranquillity; 
fortune, luck ; success. 

Kartawadana (s and j). An adviser, a 

Kartak. To rub, to chafe ; v. Gartak. 

Kartam. To jog, to move as a horse 

Kartarta (jav). A chosen band of war- 

Kartika (s). The constellation of the 

Karumun. To collect, to assemble, to 
crowd together ; v. Ki-umun. 

Karumuui. To cause to collect or assem- 
ble ; V. Krumuni. 

Karuwiyak (ben). To crow as a cock. 

Kasak (j. dasak). To push aside, to move 
out of the way. 

Kiisat. Rough, rugged, not smooth. 

Kasal (j). Weary, tired, fatigued, jaded. 

Kased (jav). Lazy, slothful, idle. 

Kasit (jav). Wild, shy, untamed. 

Kaskul (jav). A vessel for holding wa- 
ter made from a coconvit shell. 

Kasrah (a). The second of the Arabic 
vowel marks called baris-dibawah, or 
" the stroke below," by the Malays. 

Kasturi (s). Musk, castor. 

Kdsumba-jawa (t). Safflower, Carthamim 
tinclorius ; v. Kasumba-jawa. 

Kasumba-kling (t). Aruotto, £ixa orcl- 
laiia ; V. Kasumba-kling. 

Kata (r). A bed, a couch, a throne ; v. 

Katab (a). A volume, a book ; the book, 
the Alkoran ; the Bible. 

Katam (s). A crab, Cancer ; a plane (the 

tool) ; to snip, to nip off; to reap corn 

by nipping ofl" the eai's. 
Katan (jav). Glutinous rice, Oryza sativa, 

var. (/lutinosa ; v. Pulut. 
Katapang. Name of a plant, Terminalia 

Katara (j). Disclosed, i-evealed ; mani- 
fest, obvious. 
Katilmbu. Name of a fish. 
KatAr (j). To quake, to tremble; v. Gatar. 
Katek-katek. To move with a writhing 

Katela (jav). The batata or sweet pota- 

toe. Convolvulus batatas. 
Kati (j). The cattle weight or -^^ of a 

pikul. estimated at 1^ of a pound avoir- 
Katib. To nibble, to bite by little and 

Katika (s). Time; season, period; v. 

Kiltil (t). a cot, a bedstead. 
Katimun (j). A cucumber, Cucumis melo ; 

V. Timun and Katimim. 
Katiyak. The armpit. 
Katok. A kind of staccado or musical 

trough ; to knock, to beat. 
Katok (bat). To chuck, to cluck. 
Katopong (j). A helmet, a head-piece ; 

V. Tojioug. 
Katu (jAv). A turban. 
Kiltuju. Towards, in a direction to ; 

direct, straight, not oblique ; lucli^, 

fortunate ; v. Katuju. 
Katul. A lump, a mass. 
Katularan (j. tular). Infection, contagion ; 

V. Katularan. 
Katumbai- (j). Coriander, Coriamdrum 

Katumbuh (tumbuh). The small-pox, 

Katungkul. Hindrance, stoppage. 
Katupat. Boiled rice, dressed \vith oil 

and wi-apped in leaves. 
Katut. A piece of hollow wood used as 

an alarum or tocsin. 
Kiituwa (jAv). Name of a petty Malay 

Katwal (p). An iutendant of police, a 

police magistrate. 
Kilt'ek (JAV). A monkey, an ape. 
Kati (s). One hundred thousand. 
Kat-ik (jAV). To file the teeth. 
Kat'ok (jAv). To cut off, to lop, to am- 
Kclt-ok. To tap, to rap ; to thump. 
Kat'ul (jAv). Blunt, not sharp. 
K«bah (a). The temple of Mecca, the 

Kechek (jav). Name of a game of chance; 

V. Kichi. 
Kecher (jav). To spill, to be dropped by 

little and little. 


[ 77 ] 


Keclii (eu). a ketch, a brig-rigged vessel. 

Kechu (j). A robbei- ; to rob. 

Keju (poR. queijo). Cheese. 

Kendal (jav). To stop, to cease ; to rest ; 
to be silent. 

Kekek. To laugh convulsively or hys- 

Kekek (j. keket). Name of a species of 

Keku (bat). Awkward, clumsy, unhandy. 

Keli (jav). To float with the stream or 
tide, to drift. 

Kelo-kelo. Serpentine, winding. 

Kelu (jav). To follow, to go after; to 

Kelor (j). Name of a tree, Movinga 

Kelor-gunung (j). Name of a tree, Tha- 
lictrum javanicum. 

Kenchak (sun). Calumnious, slanderous. 

Kepeug (J. gepeng). Shallow, not deep ; 
flat, level, not elevated ; an idiomatic 
word in counting certain flat objects ; 
name of a small coin. 

Keping. To keep a watch or look-out at 
sea; the side of a ship, larboai'd or 

Kera (j). To think, to opine; to con- 
sider, to i^onder ; to reflect ; to think, 
to judge; thought; opinion, judgment; 
V. Kira. 

Keraiia (kera and ua) ; adv. About, 
nearly; may expressing desire ; may it ! 
pray, prithee. 

Kere (jav). A beggar, a mendicant. 

Kesawa (s). A name of Ki-ishna. 

Keser (jav). A car, a cart. 

Kesu (s). a name of the Hindu god 

Kesut. To slide or sidle, sitting on the 

Kesut (bat). To shrink, to contract ; to 
subside ; to shrivel. 

Ketan. Name of a place on the west 
coast of Borneo. 

Kete (j. kate). Diminutive, puny. 

Ketung. Name of a fish. 

Ket'ek (jav). A float, a raft. 

Ket-el (eu). A kettle. 

Kewat. Ribbald, foul-mouthed. 

Kewuh (jav). Difiiculty ; distress. 

Keyo. Name of a language and tribe of 
the island of Floris. 

Kiili (ben). Art, knack, trick. 

Kibar. To flutter, to vibrate, to undu- 

Kibas. To shake, to be agitated. 

Kuchi. Name of a game of chance ; v. 

Kidai. Left-handed. 

Kidul (jav). The south ; south, southern. 

Kidvmg (jav). To sing; a song. 

Kidungau. Song, verse. 

Ivijang (j. kidang). Name of a species of 
deer, Ccrv%i,s manjac. 

Kikid (jav). Miserly, niggardly, ava- 
ricious ; a miser. 

Kikik. Name of a fish ; a piece or patch 
in a garment in the form of this fish. 

Kikil. 1^0 gnaw, to nibble. 

Kikil (jav). The foot of an animal; 
name of a land measm-e, the half of a 
jung, or four bans. 

Kikir (j). A rasp, a file ; to rasp, to file ; 
avaricious, miserly, penurious. 

Kikiran. Rasping, filing; avarice, nig- 

Kikis. To scrape ; to efiace, to erase. 

Kila. To wish, to desire. 

Kilah. Interstice, space between. 

Kilaui (ben). To turn. 

Kilan (jav). A span. 

Kilang (ben). To express the juice of 
the sugar-cane or other plant between 
revolving rollers. 

Kilangan. A mill with revolving rollers. 

Kilat (j). Lightning ; to lighten ; a flash, 
a gleam, a coruscation; to flash, to 
gleam ; a hint, a suggestion ; to hint, 
to suggest. 

Kilat-bau (jav). An armlet. 

Kilau. To glitter, to glisten. 

Kilau-kilaui'an. Glittering continuously. 

Kilik. To poke into a holo with a rod ; 
to stuS" iuto a hole. 

Kilik. To bear under the arm. 

Kilik-kilikan. The arm of a chair or 

Kilir. To whet, to sharpen. 

Kima. The gigantic clamp shell, Chama 

Kimbulan. The quarter-deck of a ship. 

ICimpu (ben). An ai'tificer, a workman ; 
V. Kipu. 

Kimpul (jav). a purse, a scrip, a 

Kiuabalu. Name of a mountain towards 
the north-eastern part of Borneo, esti- 
mated at between 13,000 and 14,000 
feet high ; name of a gi-eat lake neai' 
the mountain. 

Kinchub (j). A flower-bud before it is 
full-blown ; unexpanded, not blo\vn. 

Kimxab (r). Brocade. 

Kini. Now, at present. 

liinjat. To stand on tiptoe. 

Kintal (bat). Interior of a house. 

Kingang. Ore of antimony, native sul- 
phuret of antimony. 

Kipal. A lump, a clod; in lumps, in 

Kijsas (j). A fan to ventilate ; a fan to 
winnow ; to fan, to ventilate ; to ftiu, 
to winnow ; to sway, to wave in the 

Kipsigau. A pipkin, an earthen boiler. 




Kipu (ben). An artificer, a workman ; 
V. Ivimpu. 

Kira (j). To think, to consider ; to con- 
sider, to ponder, to reflect ; to judge ; 
to opine, to suppose ; to guess, to con- 
jecture; to compute, to estimate, to 
rate ; to count, to reckon ; thought ; 
opinion, notion, fancy; guess, conjec- 
ture ; computation, estimate ; v. Kera. 

Kirai. To dust, to free from dust ; to 
comb the hair; to winnow corn in the 

Kira-kira (kira). Peradventure, perhaps, 
may be, possibly ; about, nearly. 

KiraiJa (kira and iia). May, expressing 
a beseeching or imijloring; may be 
about, nearly. 

Kirap, or ELirab (j). To flap, to shake to 
and fro. 

Kirau. Of mixed colour. 

Kiri (j. kering). Left, not right; the 

Kirim (j). To send, to send away; to 

Kiriman (kirim). The object sent; a 
gift, a present. 

Kirma. Evil, mishap, misfortune. 

Kiru. To shake out, to rid or free by 

Kis (a). The silken envelope of a letter 
of ceremony. 

Kisar. To turn round; to shift about, 
to veer ; to grind as in a mill. 

Kisarau (kisar). A quern, a hand-mill. 

Kisi (j). A spindle ; a bar, a pale. 

Kisi-kisi. A rail or paling; lath-woi-k, 

Kisna (s). The Hindu god Krishna ; v. 

Kisil. To rub or scrape one thing against 

Kita (j). I ; we ; my, ours. It is most 
frequently used as a plural. 

Kitambaga. Name of a plant, Memecylon 

Kitang. Fame of a fish. 

Kita-orang. We, we people. 

Kitapang.' Name of a plant, Callicarjxt 

Kitalor. Name of a plant, XantliophyUum 

Kitdr. To turn on an axis or pivot. 

Kitor. A spitting-pot, a spittoon. 

Kiura. Name of a palm, Urania regalis. 

Kiwi. A passenger in a trading vessel. 

Kiya. Playing cai-ds. 

Kiya-kiya. Name of a fish. 

Kiyambang. Name of an aquatic plant. 

Kiyas. Hint, suggestion; intimation. 

Kiyan. Thus, so ; thus much, so much. 

Kiyong. Name of a kind of shell-fish. 

Klabang (jav). A centipede, Scolopicn- 

Klambu (j). A curtain ; v. Kdlambu. 
Klan (j. kalona). Strong, bold, valiant ; 

r. Kalan. 
Klana (jav). A soldier, a warrior; v. 

Klapa (jav). The coconut palm, Cocos 

nucifera; v. Kalapa. 
Klasa. The hump or boss of an ox. 
Klasa (j). A carpet, a floor-cloth or mat ; 

V. Kalasa. 
Klampjlr (jav). Fit, convulsion, swoon. 
Ivlang-klang. Intermedial, lying between ; 

V. Kalang-kaMng. 
Klangar (jav). Fit, convulsion, swoon ; 

V. KUmpar. 
Klapung (jav). Flour, meal. 
Kledang. Name of a tree. 
Kleh. To view, to behold. 
Klcru (jav). Obscure, confused, not 

Klewang (bu). A kind of sword, a 

hanger, a cutlass ; v. K^lewang. 
Klib. To twinkle, to sparkle ; to twinkle, 

to open and shut the eyes quickly ; v. 

Kalib and Klip. 
Kliji. Obstinate, refractory. 
Kling (t). Telingana or Kalingana ; v. 

Klingking. The little finger or toe; v. 

Klip, V. Klib. 
Klongkong. Name of a principality in 

the island of Bali. 
Klupur. To be convulsed; v. Kdlu- 

Kluron (jav). An abortive birth. 
Kluruk (jav). To crow as a cock. 
Kuwi (j). The bread-fruit, Artocarjtus 

incisa; v. Tambul. 
Kluwung (jav). a rainbow. 
Kluyu (jav). a shark ; v. Yu. 
Kob. The seat or chair of the rider on 

an elephant ; v. Kop. 
Kobar (jav). To burn, to be consumed 

by fire. 
Kochak (jav). To toss, to undulate. 
Kochak (bat). Arrogant, boastful; con- 
ceited, pedantic. 
Kochap (jav). Mentioned, expressed in 

Kod'i (t). a score, twenty. 
Kod'ok. The nape, the back of the neck. 
Kod-ok (j). A frog. 
Kok. Arrest, restraint of person. 
Kokila. Name of a bird, Gracula reli- 

Kokotak (sun). To cackle as a hen. 
Kokosan. Name of a fi-uit-tree, Lansium 

domcslicum ; v. Langsat and Langseh. 
Kokosan-mou^t. Name of a tree, Didy- 

mochiton nutans. 
Kokot (bat), a staple, a cramj^ ; a 

liandle; a hinge. 




Kole. To depend, to hang down as a 

broken branch ; v. Gole. 
Kolek. Sedentary in habits, of recluse 

habits ; addicted to the society of 

Kolek. N'ame of a kind of boat. 
Kolong. To chase or pursue eagerly. 
Komandur (eu). Commander, comman- 
dant, governor. 
Konang (j). The fire-fly ; v. Kunang. 
Kombang (j). Name of a large species 

of black bee ; v. Kumbang. 
Kompra (jav). Mean, low, vulgar. 
Koncha (jav). Companion, fellow, mate, 

Konchi (j). A bolt or bar for a door ; a 

lock ; V. Kunchi. 
Konchi-paha. The gi-oin ; litei-ally, " lock 

of the thigh." 
Konchor. Name of a plant, Kariwpjeria 

Kondam (ben). Name of a kind of ear- 
Kondur (jav). To fall back, to retire, to 

Kond'a (jav). A tale, a story, a romance. 
Kond'abuwana (j). Name of the country 

of the Hindu goddess Durga. 
Kone. The penis. 
Konjara (j). A dungeon, a prison. 
Konjuk (jAV). To offer, to present; to 

submit, to represent. 
Kont-ol (jav). The scrotum and testes. 
Konga. Name of a tribe, country, and 

language of the island of Floris. 
Kongkang (j. tukang). The sloth, Lemur 

tardigradus ; v. Kukang. 
Kongkang (jav). Name of a species of 
^ frog. 

Kongkon (jav). To send on a message. 
Kongkonan. A messenger ; an emissary, 

an envoy, an ambassador. 
Kongsi (cHix). A company, a commercial 

Konah. To mumble, to chew gently, as 

one without teeth. 
Koiioh (jav). A cosmetic. 
Kop. The seat or chair for the rider of 

an elephant; v. Kob. 
Kopak. To burst, to break open. 
Kopi (eu). Cofi"ee, Coffca aralka. 
Kopyak (jav). A cap. 
Kora. The spleen ; v. Kura. 
Korap. Name of a disease of the skin. 
Korap. Name of a tree, Cassia alata. 
Kordng (j. kiirang). To want, to be 

wanting ; to be deficient ; defective ; 

without, not having; less, not so 

much. It is often equivalent to the 

English terminal particle " less ; " 

V. Kurang. 
Korangan. Deficiency ; scarcity ; penury. 
Koning-asa. Hopeless, without hope. 

Kordngkan. To lessen, to abate. 

Korang-preksa. Uninformed, ignorant. 

Kore (jAV). The country of Bima, in the 
island of Sumbawa. 

Kored (sux). To weed, to free from 

Korek. To dig ; to bore. 

Kori (jAv). A gate ; a door. 

Korinchi. The country of Koi-inchi, hi 
the interior of Sumatra. 

Koripan (jav). Name of an ancient king- 
dom of Java, the seat of the govern- 
ment of which was in the modern dis- 
trict of Grobogan. 

Korok. To excavate the earth, to mine. 

Korok (j. ngorok). To snore. 

Korsang. A brooch. 

Kortgewas (bat). A shi-ub. 

Kos (p). The Persian league, about two 

Kasong (j). Empty, void ; vacant, im- 

Kosot. Tangled, entangled; perplexed, 

Kosotkan. To tangle, to entangle; to 

Kotor (j). Dirty, filthy, foul, nasty ; un- 
clean ; dirt, filth. 

Kot'a (s). A fort, a fortress, a castle ; a 
town, a city ; v. Kut'a. 

Kotak (jav). a box, a wooden case or 
chest without a lock; the smallest 
Javanese land measure, a perch ; an 
arable field. 

Kot'a-wariDgin (j and s). Name of a 
counti-y and river on the southern side 
of Borneo. 

Kotong (jav). Empty, void ; v. Kosong. 

Kowar (jav). Bastard, spui-ious. 

Kowe (j). Thou; thy. 

Koyak. To tear, to rend ; to lacerate. 

Koyan (j). The largest weight known 
to the Malays, and variously reckoned 
at from 27 piculs up to 40. 

Kra. An ape or monkey, a generic term ; 
V. Kara. 

Ki-abil (jAV). An ear-ring. 

Krabu (j). An ear-ring. 

Krah. To summon together; to levy, 
to muster ; levy, muster. 

Krahkan. To call together, to assemble ; 
to muster, to levy. 

Krak. Crust, incrustation; name of a 
plant, Ruellia anagallis ; v. Karak. 

Krak-nasi. Rice-crust ; name of a plant, 
Pergularia accedens ; v. Karak-nasi. 

Ki-akat (jav). Sticking, adhering ; united, 
joined; v. Karakat. 

Krama (jav). Marriage ; to marry. 

Rrama (jav). The poUte dialect of the 
Javanese language. 

Kramadaya (s). Name of a brother of 
Rawana, in the Ramayana. 




Kramau (jav). A rebel, an insiu'gent, a 
mutineer; rebellion, insuiTection, mu- 

Ki-amat (a). Venerable, revered ; holy 
gi'ound ; the tomb of a Maliomedan 
saint; v. Karamat. 

Krambil (jav). A coconut, Cocos nucifera. 

Krami (sun). An intestinal worm. 

Krana (s). Cause, reason ; for, because ; 
V. Karana and Kama. 

Kranchat. To start, to twitch. 

Kranjang (j). A basket, a hamper, a 
pannier; v. Karanjang. 

Krantai. Name of a forest tree. 

Kraug. A common term for bivalve 

Krangan. Esculent shell-fish ; v. Krang. 

Krangga (j. krangraug). Name of a large 
red trec-ant. 

Krapu (ben). Name of a fish. 

Kras (j). Hard, not soft ; forcible, vio- 
lent, strong, vehement, impetuous ; 
firm, vigorous ; severe, rigorous ; ob- 
stinate, stubborn, intractable ; force, 
strength ; foi-cibly, vehemently. 

Kras, or buwah-kras. Name of a tree, 
Aleuritis moluccana ; v. Kdmiri. 

Krasi (kras). To force, to compel ; to 
ravish, to violate. 

Krat. To cut, to cut off; a cut, a piece, 
a bit. 

Kratau. The mulberry. Mortis. 

Ivraton (jav). A i:)alacc ; v. Karaton. 

Krawak. Name of a flying squirrel, 
Sciuvus maximus volans. 

Krawang. Lattice-woi-k ; v. Karawang. 

Krawang (j). Name of a Sunda district 
in Java ; v. Kai-awang. 

Krab (j), v. Krap and Kdrftp. 

Krab-kriib, v. Krap-krap. 

Krand'a (jav). A bier ; a coffin. 

Krangga (j. krangi-ang). Name of a large 
i-ed ant ; v. Krangga. 

Krancheh. To grin. 

Kr.lp (j). Close, not wide, not apart; 
often, frequent ; quickly, briskly ; v. 
Krab, Kdrab, and K^rap. 

Krap-kr.lp (j). Often, frequently, re- 

Kratut. Crumpled, rimpled, rumpled, 
puckered, corrugated. 

Kredek. Name of a species of grass- 
hopper ; a man of puny and diminutive 

Kres (j). A kris, a dagger ; v. Kris and 

Kreta (s). A chariot, a carriage, a wheeled 
vehicle; v. Kareta. 

Kri. A kind of bill-hook. 

Krik, or Krig (jav). To scrape out, to 
erase by scraping. 

Krikil (jav). A pebble; gravel; r. Ka- 

Krikil. A small tray or salver of gold or 
silver ; v. Karikil. 

Krimim. The Carimon islands at the 
eastern entrance of the straits of Ma- 

Kriuting (j). Curled, frizzled, frizzly. 

Kring (j). Di-y, arid, not wet. 

Kringkau. To dry, to exsiccate. 

Kriugat (jav). Sweat, perspiration. 

Kris (j). A dagger, a poniard, a dirk, a 
kris ; v. K.lris and Kres. 

Krising. To grin. 

Krisua (s). The Hindu god Krishna. 

Kroh. Turbid, muddy ; v. Karok. 

Krok (j). To rub,, to curry; a curry- 
comb ; V. Kfl,rok. 

Krokot. To contract, to shrink, to 

Krokot (j). Purslane, Portulaca. 

Krongkong. The larynx. 

Krongkongan. The larynx. 

Krubuug (j. rubung). To crowd about 
some object ; to swarm ; to encompass, 
to environ ; crowd, swarm. 

Krubut. Name of a parasitic plant with 
gigantic flower, Rafflesia Arnoldii. 

Krumun. To crowd, to swarm ; to press 
round ; crowd, multitude ; v. Krabung. 

Kruping. A scab. 

Ki-ut. To wTinkle, to shrivel. 

Krutu. Rough, uneven, not smooth. 

Ki-uwi. Croee, on the western coast of 

Kruyin. Name of a tree, a species of 
Dipterocarpus, yielding an oil ; wood- 

Ku (j). I, we ; my, oxir. 

Kubang. A slough, a miry hole. 

Kubang. The flying lemur, Oalcopithccus. 

Kubah (p). Name of a kind of dnim. 

Kubang (jav). To surround, to environ. 

Kubin. The flying lizard. 

Kubis. Cabbage. 

Kubok. A pitcher, a water jar. 

Kubu. A breast-work, an iutrenchment, 
a redoubt. 

Kubu. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Kubu. Name of a wild race in the 
interior of Sumatra. 

Kuchi. Cochin, on the Malabar coast ; 
Cochinchina or Anam. 

Kuchiba. Still, motionless. 

Kuchit (ben). To exclude. 

Kuching (j). A cat. 

Kuchup. A kiss. 

Kuchupi. To kiss. 

Kuda (s. ghora). A horse. 

Kuda-batina. A mare. 

Kuda-jantan. A stallion. 

Kuda-kuda. A bench ; a wooden frame, 
a clothes-horse. 

Kuda-kuda. Name of a plant. 


[ 81 ] 


Kuda-narawangsa (s). Name of the minis- 
ter of Panji Jaya Kusuma, in Javanese 

Kudrang. Name of a tree tlie wood of 
which yields a yellow dye. 

Kudung. Mutilated, dismembered of 
hand or foot ; maimed. 

Kudungkau. To amputate, to cut off a 

Kudal (j. kud-ig). Leprosy, leprous. 

Kud-is (j). Itch, mange; pimples; erup- 
tion on the skin. 

Kuduug (JAV). A cover, a hood ; v. 

Kud'up (jAv). A fli.wer-bud not ex- 

Kuja. A goblet. 

Kukang (j. tukang). The sloth, Lemur 
t(irdi<iradus ; v. Kongkang. 

Kuku (j). Nail; claw; hoof; talon; a 

Kukubluk (sun). An owl. 

Kukuk (j). Strong, firm, staljle ; un- 
changeable, fixed, invariable; perma- 
nent, lasting, durable. 

Kukuk (j. kluruk). To crow as a cock. 

Kukur. A dove ; v. Taknkur. 

Kukur (j). To scratch, to scrape ; to 
rasp ; a rasp. 

Kukurau. A scraper ; a rasp. 

Kukuran. Name of a plant, Scutelloria 

Kukus (jAV). Smoke ; steam, vapour. 

Kukus (j). To cook by steam ; to distil, 
to obtain by distillation. 

Kukusan. The vessel in which food is 
cooked by steam ; a still, an alembic. 

Kukuwang (jav). A i-ainbow ; v. Kuwung. 

Kula (jav). a slave ; a servant ; a 
subject ; I, we ; as a pronoun it is 
in use by the Malays of Patani. 

Kula (jav). Goodness, favour, kind- 

Kulah (jav). a pipkin, a jar, an earthen 
water vessel. 

Kulah (p). A cap, a cowl, a coif 

Kulai. Broken, fractured. 

Kulak (re). Name of a drj' measure 
equal to about a gallon. 

Kulasautana (s). Family; kith, kin, 

Kulat. Mould, mother; fungu.s, 

Kulat-kayu. Name of a mushroom. 

Kulat-kul. Name of a mushroom. 

Kvdat-pad-ang. Name of a inusla-oom. 

Kulat-patah. Name of a mushroom. 

Kulat-pongsu. Name of a mushroom. 

Kulat-sisir. Name of a mushroom. 

Kulawaugsa (s). Kindred, relatives. 

Kulawarga (s). Family ; race, genera- 
tion ; kith, kindred. 

Kulam (t). a tank, a reservoir. 

Kulini. Name of a tree the sap of which 
has the odour of garlic. 

Kulina (jav). Darling, object of delight. 

Kulit (j). Skin ; hide ; pelt ; leather ; 
bark ; rind ; ; shell. 

Kulit-manis (j). Cinnamon. 

Kulit-pauu (j). Tortoise-shell. 

Kulkasir. Goods, effects. 

Kulon (jav). The west ; western. 

Kulor. Name of a species of bread-fruit, 
A rUicarpus. 

Kulab or kulup (3. a male child). Dar- 
ling, dear, a term of endearment ; v. 

Kulum. To moisten an object in the 

Kulup. The prepuce, the foreskin; v. 

Kumala (j). A diamond ; any gem of 
great value. 

Kumamang (jav). Ignis fatuus, Will- 
with-the-wisp, Jack-with-the-lantem. 

Kumad (jav). Stinty, niggardly, penu- 
rious ; sordid, miserly ; avarice ; a 

Kumang. Name of an insect that nests 
in the flesh ; an atom, a small particle ; 
a little matter, a trifle. 

Kumba. Ornamental work made of the 
fronds of the coconut palm. 

Kumbah (jav). A washer, a fuller ; to 
wash, to rinse. 

Kumbakarna (s). Name of a younger 
brother of Eawana, in the Ramayana. 

Kumbang (j). Name of a large black bee ; 
black, like this bee, raven-coloured ; v. 

Kumbi. Refuse, dregs, dross. 

Kumbili. The earth-nut, A rachis h ypogcea. 

Kumili-jawa. Name of an esculent root, 
Coleus tidjerosm. 

Kumis. Mustachio. 

Kumkuma (s). Saffron, Crocus sativum; 
V. Kungkuma. 

Kumor. To wash the mouth and throat ; 
to gargle. 

Kumpani (eu). The Dutch or English 
East India Company ; that is, the Dutch 
or English governments of India. 

Kumpi (bat). Great-gi-and-parent. 

Kumpil. Alongside, by the side of 

Kumpul (j). To heap, to accumulate; 
to add ; to gather, to assemble ; to 
meet, to unite, to come together ; a 
heap, an accumulation. 

Kumpulan. Heap, accumulation ; addi- 
tion ; sum total ; assemblage. 

Kumpulkan. To collect, to cause to as- 

Kumukus (jav). Like smoke or vapour ; 
the Cubeb pepper. Piper cubeha. 

Kumuwi. Ornamental mouldings of 


[ 82 


Kuna (JAV). Formerly, ancieuth', of old. 
Kunaug (j). The fire-fly ; v. Kouang. 
Kunang. A page, an attendant. 
Kunarpa (s). A corpse, a dead body. 
Kunclia. Name of a dry measure, equal 
to 160 gautangs, or one-fifth of a koyau. 
Kunchi (J). A bolt, a bar ; a lock ; v. 

Kunclii-paha. The groin. 
Kunchikan. To bolt, to bar, to lock. 
Kundai (t). To tie the hair in a knot on 

the crown of the head. 
Kundaug. An attendant, one of a train 

of attendants, a retainer. 
Kundangan (j). A guest, one that is in- 
vited, from undang, " to call." 
Kundangan. Name of an esculent fruit ; 

V. Sarba-yaman. 
Kundur. Name of a kind of stork. 
Kundur. Name of a kind of gourd. 
Kund'i (jAV). A potter. 
Kuning (j). Yellow. 
Kuning-mud'a. Pale yellow; literally, 

" young yellow." 
Kuning-tuwah. Deep yellow, orange- 
colour ; literally, " old yellow." 
Kuningan (j. kuning). Brass; literally, 

"yellow object." 
Kunjara (jav). A prison, a dungeon. 
Kunjung (j. ujiuig). To pay visits to 
parents on festive occasions; to visit 
the tombs of ancestors. 
Kuntara (jav). Name of the minister of 
Kandiawan, an ancient king of Java, 
and renowned in Javanese story. 
Kunti, or Dewi Kunti (s). The wife of 

Pandu and mother of the Pandawa. 
Kunting (j). Name of a kind of large boat. 
Kuntul (jAv). A heron, Ardea eyretta. 
Kung. A bow; knees, or crooked tim- 
bers in ship -building. 
Kung-palanggi. A rainbow. 
Kung-teja (j. teja, " a rainbow"). A rain- 
Kungan. The throat; the windpipe. 
Kungkang (j. tukang). The sloth, Lemur 

tardiyradiis ; v. Kongkang. 
Kungkang (j). A toad ; v. Kongkang. 
Kuugkuma (s). Saffron; Crocus sat iva; 

V. Kumkuma. 
Kungkung (j. to imprison). To stretch 

on a cross. 
Kuuah. To mumble, to chew as a tooth- 
less person ; v. Konah. 
Kuiiit (j. kunir). Turmeric, Curcuma. 
Kunit-basar. Curcuma longa. 
Kuiiit-padi. Curcuina zerumhet. 
Kuilit-santan. Curcuma purpurascem. 
Kuuung. Sudden. 

Kuuung-kunung. Suddenly, unexpect- 
edly, unawares. 
Kupak (i'). Name of a kind of drum ; v. 

Kupang. Name of a shell-fish ; a muscle- 
Kupang. Name of a country in the 

island of Timur, a Dutch settlement. 
Kupas. To peel, to decorticate ; to flay, 

to skin. 
Kuping (j. the ear). An ear-ring; the 

Kuping-mi\njangan. Name of a plant, 

Kupong (du. cupon). A copper money, 

estimated at 10 doits, or the decimal of 

a Spanish dollar. 
Kupu (jav). a butterfly, Papilio. 
Kupu-kupu (j). Name of a plant, Bau- 

hinia corymhosa. 
Kui-a. Enlargement of the spleen. 
Kura and kura-kura (j). A land or river 

Kura-kura-d-end'eng. Name of a species 

of land tortoise. 
Kura-kura-patah. Name of a species of 

land tortoise. 
Kura-kura. Name of a large kind of 

sailing vessel. 
Kura-kaki. The instep, the upper part 

of the foot. 
Kurah (bat). To wash. 
Kurai. Veined or mottled. 
Kurap. Tetter, I'ingworm ; a kind of 

cutaneous sciirf to which those who 

live much on a fish diet are liable ; 

Kurap. Name of a plant. 
Kurau. Name of a tish. 
Kurawa (s). The descendants of Kuru, 

in the Mahabarat. 
Kurang (j). To want, to be wanting ; 

deficient ; defective ; v. Korting. 
Kurimata. The Cariman islands, at the 

eastern entrance of the straits of Ma- 
Kurkur (bat). To grunt as a hog. 
Kurniya (s). Favour, grace ; bounty ; 

gift, lai'gess ; v. Karuiya and Kiirniya. 
Kuro (ben), a leprous scurf. 
Kursi, krusi (a). A chair, a stool ; the 

empyrean, the crystalline heavens. 
Kuru (s). The Kuru, in the Mahabarat ; 

V. Kurawa. 
Kurung (j). A cage ; a prison ; the after 

cabin in a ship ; the poop of a ship. 
Kurungan. A cage ; a prison. 
Kurungkan. To cage ; to imprison. 
Kurupati (s). The king of the Kurawa ; 

that is, Suyiidana king of Astina. 
Kurus (j. kuru). Lean, emaciated ; mea- 
gre, thin. 
Kurusetra (s). The field of battle in the 

war of the Mahabarat. 
Kurut. To sing, to chant. 
Kusa (s). The iron implement used by 

the conductor in guiding the elephant. 




Kusa-kusa. Name of a species of grass, 
Panicum calonam. 

Kusambi. Name of a tree, Stadmia 

Kuskus. Name of a diJelpIiine animal, 
Didelphis orienfulis. 

Kusta (s). Leprosy ; leprous. 

Kusuma (s). A flower ; an especial 
tiower; something very fragrant or 
lovely ; a woman. 

Kusujj (ben). Unsettled, in disordei". 

Kutara. Evidence, testimony. 

Kutib, or Kutip. To pick up ; to pick, 
to gather. 

Kutika (s). Time, period ; v. Katika. 

Kutika-bayik. A lucky hour, a fortunate 

Kutil (j). A wart. 

Kutok. A curse, a malediction, an im- 
precation ; to curse. 

Kutoki. To, to execi-ate. 

Kutoug. Name of a species of sea tortoise. 

Kutu. A louse. 

Kutum. A flower-bud not full blown. 

Kufa (s). A fortress ; a castle ; a city ; 
a capital. 

Kut'a-jawa. Name of an ancient settle- 
ment of the Javanese on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Kut'ai. To fortify, to surround with a 

Kutaug (sun), a corslet, a breast-plate. 

Kut'i (s). Name of a river and settlement 
of the Malays on the southern coast of 

Kut'ilang (j). Name of a species of 
thrush. Tardus hemorrhous. 

Kuwah. Broth, soup; v. Kwah. 

Kuwala. Embouchure, mouth of a river ; 
V. Kwali. 

Kuwali (j). An iron pan or cauldron ; v. 

Kuwalik (jav. walik). Upside down, in- 

Kuwaloh. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern side of Sumatra on the river 

Kuwaudang (bu). Name of a Bugis state 
in Celebes. 

Kuwaug. A generic name for the phea- 

Kuvvang-basar. The Argus pheasant, 
Anjus gujanteios ; v. Kuuau. 

Kuwang-rauting. Name of a pheasant. 

Kuwas. The flying lizard. 

Kuwasa (j). Able, having power ; power- 
ful, strong ; capable ; power, ability ; 

Kuwasiii. To empower, to enable. 

Kuwatir (jav). To distrust, to suspect; 
distrust, suspicion. 

Kuwau. The Argus pheasant, Argm 
giijantem ; i: Kuwang-basar. 

Kuwawa (jav). To can, to be able. 
Kuwelu (j. tarwelu). A rabbit. 
Kuweni. Name of a species of wild 

mango, Manri'ifera macrocarpa. 
Kuwera (s). Kuvera, the Hindu god of 

Kuwa (sun). Name of a kind of sweet 

Kuwing. Name of a class of public mes- 
sengers or heralds. 
Kuwis. To kick aside ; to flap off, to 

brush away. 
Kuwu (jAV). The head-man of a village 

in some of the western districts of 

Kuwu (jAv). Name of a volcanic emp- 

tion of saline mud in the district of 

Grobogan, in Java. 
Kuwuk. Name of a species of cat. Felts 

Ku wun g (jav) . Clear, bright, resplendent ; 

a rainbow ; v. Kukuwung. 
Kuyak. To tear, to rend ; v. Koyak. 
Kuyang. The title of a class of petty 

Kuyang. Name of a disease. 
Kuyuk(BEN). A pai-iah or unowned dog. 
Kwah. Broth, soup ; v. Kuwah. 
Kwala. Mouth or embouchure of a river ; 

V. Kuwala. 
Kwali (j). An iron pan or caiildron ; v. 

Kwaloh. Name of a place in Sumatra ; 

V. Kuwaloh. 
Kyai (jav). A prefix of respect to names 

and titles of persons ; venerable : it 

stands next in order to raden. 

^AHWlH. Coffee, Cofea arabica. 

TTamar. The moon. 

.ffandil. A lantern ; a lamp ; a candle. 

.ffarar. Confirmed, established; secure, 

.ffarib. Near, hard by, at hand. 

^armazi. Crimson ; scarlet. 

Cartas. Paper. Retaliation. 

.ffa«ad. Desire, intention, design, view. 

A'a.vaA. Story, tale, romance ; narrative. 

A'alla. To put down, to depose ; to cut, 
to lop off; to stool. 

^a<if3h. A carpet. 

Aawal, kaul. Promise ; agi-eement, con- 
tract; vow. 

.STawam, kaum. Family, kindred ; nation, 
race, tribe ; people, folk. 

.ff'awi. Strong, potent ; eSicient. 

A'aud. Sitting, remaining in one place. 

K'iaxa. Standing, erect. 

iTiamat. The rcsiu-rection ; the last 


A'las. Argument ; 

ment, opinion. 
iKTiaskan. To 



to judge of. 

K'il. Word, speech ; reply. 

A'imat. Worth, price, cost, value ; esti- 

A'ubur. A tomb. 

Aiidrat. Power, force ; ability. 

Aiidiis. Holy, hallowed, sauctitied. 

iTiiran. The Koi-an. 

Aiirbau. Otieriug. gift ; .sacrifice. 

Aiitiib. The polar star. 

A'fitun. Cotton. 

A'liwat. Strength ; force ; power ; strong, 

LaBA (s). Profit, gain, dvantage. 

Laba-laba. A spider ; v. Ldlaba. 

Labau (j). Name of a tree, Vitex 2iubes- 

Labi,n (ben). A spike nail. 
Labi-labi. The green or esculent turtle. 
Labu. A gourd, Cucurbita lagcnaria. 
Labuh (j). To drop, to let fall, to let go, 

to let down ; to anchor, to drop anchor. 
Labuh-aji (j). Name of a town in the 

island of Lombok; literally, "king's 

Labuhan. An anchorage, a harbour; 

name of an island on the north-wes- 
tern coast of Borneo, now a British 

Labuhan-tring. Name of a fine harbour 

in the island of Lombok, on the strait 

between it and Bali. 
Labuhkau. To drop, to let fall ; to let 

down ; to anchor. 
Labur (j). To daub, to smear, to 

Labur. To melt ; to smelt. 
Laburan. Plaster. 
Laburau. The object melted ; a metal ; 

Lachur (bat). In vain, to no purpose. 
Lada. Name of a large island at the 

western end of the Straits of Malacca. 
Lada (sun. pungent). A generic name 

for any peppery spice, including the 

capsicums, but most commonly applied 

to " black pepper." 
Lada-anjing. Name of a plant ; literally, 

" dog-pepper." 
Ijada-barekor. The cubeb; literally, 

" tailed-pejiper ;" Piper cubeha ; v. Ku- 

Lada-kaehil. Black pepper ; literally, 

" little-pepper ;" Piptr uiyrum. 
Lada-lada. Name of a flower. 
Lada-merab. The chili or cap.sicum ; 

literally, " red-pepper." 

instruction; judg- j Lada-^wujang 

with ; to instruct ; Lada-putih. White, 

Long-pepper, Piper Ion- 
tliat is, blanched 

black pepper. 

Ladak (jav). Haughty, arrogant; to 
apply abusive language ; to treat with 
opprobrious words. 

Ladang. Dry field, arable land. 

Ladaug. A skiff, a canoe. 

Ladeh. Curd, curdled milk. 

Lading (jav). A knife. 

Ladung. Hollow, concave. 

Laga (jav). War : fight, battle ; to fight. 

Lagam. Name of a fruit-tree. 

Lagflm (t). Tune, air. 

Lagi (j). More, to a greater degree ; 
yet, still ; now, just now, at present ; 
whilst, during the time that ; also, 

Lagi-pula. Moreover, furthermore. 

Lagi-pun. Besides, over and above. 

Lagu (j). A tune, an air, a melody; 
a metrical measure. 

Lagundi (j). Name of a shrub; Vitex 
trifoliata ; v. Lagundi. 

Lah. An inseisarable afiix which, applied 
to neuter verbs, softens the meaning, 
and to noims, adjectives, and pro- 
nouns, makes them take the sense of 
neuter verbs. 

Lai. An idiomatic word used in the 
enumeration of certain objects, thin, 
long, and slender ; v. Alai. 

Laju (j. to pass, to proceed). To fleet, 
to move quickly; to glide, to mo\e 
swiftly and smoothly ; fieet, swift ; 
gliding, moving swiftly and smoothly. 

Lajur (jav). To extend, to stretch out ; 
a line, a row. 

Lak (p). Gum-lac ; sealing-wax. 

Laka (j). Name of a red wood used as 
incense, Myrisiica iiurs. 

Lakar (j). Form, shape, frame; frame, 
what encloses something else; mate- 
rials, rough matter ; model, pattern ; 
native, native state ; nature, disposi- 
tion, character. 

Lakarkiln. To form, to shape, to frame. 

Lakai'-lakar (ben). Name of a species 
of tortoise. 

Laki (j). Male of the human race ; man, 
not woman; husband. The word is 
often applied to the male sex gene- 
rally, but not in the best Malay. 

Laki-laki. Male ; males, men ; v. Ld- 

Laking (a). But, nevertheless. 

Lakon. A story, a tale. 

Lakor. To mix, to blend. 

Laksa (s). Ten thousand. It should be 
a hundred thousand ; but in all the 
languages in the Archipelago that have 
adopted the term, the same error 




with the sole exception of that 
of the Lam23ungs of Sumatra, where the 
word is correctly ajiplied : v. Laksa. 

Laknamana (s). Name of the brother of 
Rama, in tlie poem of Ramayana. 

Laksamana. The title of the comman- 
der of the fleet in some Malay sta;cs, 
which is the same as commander of 
tlie forces. 

Laksana (s). Like, resembling ; v. Lak- 

Lakn (j). To go, to proceed ; to pass ; 
to move on ; to travel ; to succeed, to 
take effect ; to pass, to be cui-reut ; 
progress ; proceeding ; course ; way, 
mode, manner ; transaction ; action, 
deed ; conduct, deportment, beha- 
viour ; condition, state. 

Lakukan. To effect, to accomplish, to 
execute, to perform ; to conduct, to 

Laku-laku. Thus, after this fashion. 

Lalai (j. lali). To forget ; to neglect, to 
disregard ; forgetful ; negligent, inat- 
tentive ; listless ; idle, unemployed ; 
forgetfulness ; negligence, inattention; 

Lalana (jav). To journey, to travel ; to 
roam, to wander. 

Lalang (j). Name of a tall rank grass, 
Andropogon caricosum ; v. Alaug-alang. 

Lalangit (j). The palaty ; an awning, 
a canopy ; from Langit, the sky ; v. 

Lalara (j). Sickness. 

Lalat (j. lalar). A fly, Mus^a. 

Lalat-karbau. Literally, "buffalo-fly;" 

Lalat-kuda. Literally, " house-flv ; " Ta- 

Lalawa (j). A bat, Vcapcrtilio ; u Lawa. 

Lalayu (j). A pennon, a streamer, a 
banner ; v. Lalayu. 

Laleyan (jav.) A brick wall ; a name of 
Panji Inakarta-pati. 

Lalu. To go, to move, to pass ; to set 
about, to apply to, to proceed to do ; 
past, gone, not present. It may some- 
times be translated by our preterite 
" was." 

Laliii. To pass, to go beyond ; to pass, 
to go through ; to exceed, to go be- 
yond ; to resist, to oppugn ; to refuse, 
to deny ; to cross, to contravene. 

Lalukan. To cause to pass, to cause to 

Lama (j). Long ago, long since ; long, 
not for a short time : old, former, 
anterior, prior ; old, ancient ; dura- 
tion, length of time. 

Lama-lama (j). Very long ago. very 
long since ; very long time, great 
length of time. 

Lamakera (bu). Name of a small 
island lying between Flores and Ti- 
mur, colonised by the Bugis. 

Laman. The page of a book. 

Lamar (jav). A token of betrothal, or 
present from the bridegroom to the 
parents of the bride. 

Laiuaraan. Name of a place on the 
north-western coast of Borneo. 

Laman. Void, empty, unoccupied; 
room, space. 

Laman (j). Name of a kind of hanger 
or cutlass. 

Lambai. To beckon, to make a sign ; to 
wave, to brandish. 

Lambar (sun). Sheet, thin expanded 
object ; leaf of a book. 

Lambat (s). Slow, tardy, dilatory ; lin- 
gering, loitering ; late, long-delayed ; 
long, for a long time ; slowness, tardi- 
ness ; delay, procrastination. 

Lambatkan. To delay, to prolong, to 
protract ; to procrastinate. 

Lambe (jav). The lips; brim, margin, 

Lanibego (bu). Name of an island on 
the southern coast of Celebes. 

Lambung (j. the waist). Flank, side 
below the ribs ; flank of an army. 

Lambung. To throw with a jerk, or toss 
in the air. 

Lambungan. Flank, side ; v. Lambung. 

Lamin. Two, a pair. 

Lampah (jav). To go, to proceed ; 
going, proceeding ; course, way ; con- 
duct, demeanour, behaviour. 

Lampai. Slender, long and small. 

Lampas. Talkative, loquacious, gari'u- 
lous, prating, chattering, babbling. 

Lampau. To exceed, to go beyond 
limits ; to pass, to go beyond. 

Lampai'. Contagious, infectious. 

Lampas. Rash, hasty, precipitate ; rash- 
ness, temerity. 

Lampiri. To swathe. 

Lampis. A fold, a double ; v. Lapis. 

Lampor (ben). A stack or rick of corn. 

Lampu. To pa=s by. 

Lampu (eu). A lamp. 

Lampuh (bat). To exceed, to surpass, 
to excel. 

Lamjjung. Name of a country, peojile, 
and language of Sumatra. 

Lampung. A buoy, a float. 

Lampus (jav). To be killed, to be put 
to death. 

Lampuyang. Name of a plant, Ziwjiher 
cassumunar ; r. Lampuyang. 

Lamun (jav). If, suppose that ; in case, 
if it should happen ; provided that ; 
although, even if, notwithstanding : 
that, in order that. 

Lamur (jav). Purblind, dim-sighted. 




Lamus (bat). To cast off the skiu as a 

Lan (jAv). And ; with ; v. Dan. 
Lanang (jav). Male, virile ; male sex ; 

man ; husband. 
Lancha (ben). A frog. 
Lanchang. A Idud of boat, a barge, a 

Lanchang (jav). To go a-liead, to go in 

advance ; to anticipate the wish or 

desire of another ; to take something 

impertinently, witli or without leave. 
Lanchar. Quick, nimble, clever, ready. 
Lauchur. False, cotmterfoit, forged. 
Lanchur (j. manchur). To sjiout, to gush. 
Land-a. To move against the wind or a 

current of air. 
Laud'ak. Name of a country on the 

western coast of Borneo. 
Land-ak (j). The porcupine, Hlstrix. 
Land'ak-basar. Name of a species of 

porcupine ; literally, " the gi'eat por- 
Land'ak-kachil. Name of a species of 

porcupine; literallj^ "the little por- 
Land-as (j). An anvil. 
Land-asan (jav). A block or stand on 

which anything is manipulated. 
Landilp (jav). Sharp, keen, having a 

keen edge ; the edge of a weapon or 

Landap. Name of a plant, Barlcria pno- 

Land-ek. A lock of hair artificially 

Land -cyan (jav). The shaft of a lance or 

Lanjam (jav). A ploughshare. 
Laujur. To shoot straight up, as a plant ; 

to stretch the legs straight out; to 

Lanjut. To be prolonged, to be ex- 
tended ; prolonged, lengthened. 
Lanjutkan. To prolong, to extend, to 

Lantai. A lath ; lath-work ; a lath floor. 
Lantak. To ram, to drive in with force ; 

to peg. 
Lantar (J.lantaran, "way, road"). A wharf, 

a platform or terrace at a landing-place, 

a quay. 
Lantas. Through, from one side to the 

other ; direct to, straight to ; permeate, 

passing through ; forthwith. 
Lante (jav). A rattan mat. 
Lautck. To make one's joints crack. 
Lanting. To throw, to cast, to propel; to 

discharge, to project. 
Lanting-lunting. A niis.sile, a projectile. 
Lantu. Feeble, weak. 
Lanun. Name of a pimticiil pcdplo of 

tlie island of Mindaiiau ; r. Ilaiiun. 

Lang. A chest ; a cofi&n. 

Lang (J. uluug). The fishing eagle ; v. 

Langau. A large fly, a blue-bottle. 

Langdai. A ford, a shallow place in a 

Langer. A kind of acid cosmetic used 
before goinu; into the bath. 

Langgang. Solitary, retired. 

Langeri. To apply the langer cosmetic ; 
to smear with an unguent. 

Langgar (j). A domestic chapel ; a mau- 
soleum ; an academy. 

Langgar (j). To attack, to assault, to 
assail ; attack, assault ; to run against, 
to run foul of. 

Langgari ; v. tr. To attack, to assault. 

Langit (j). The sky, the firmament. 

Langit-langit. A canopy, an awning; v. 
Lalangit and Lalangit. 

Langit-langit-mulut. Tlie palate. 

Langka (s). The kingdom of Rawana, in 
the Ramayana, Ceylon. 

Langkah (s). A stride ; a step ; a pace ; 
to stride ; to step ; to pace ; v. Jangka. 

Langkahi. To step over, to over- 

Langkapuri (s.), v. Langka. 

Langkat. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern side of Sumatra. 

Laugkawi. Name of a considerable island 
at the eastern end of the straits of 
Malacca, belonging to the state of 

Langkap. Complete, perfect, full; pre- 
pared, ready, beforehand; to prepare, 
to equip, to accoutre ; v. Langkap. 

Langkung (jav). To exceed, to go be- 
yond, to outgo ; more than ; moreover, 

Langkungi (j). To surpass. 

Langkwas. Name of a medicinal plant, 
Gallingal, Kempfceria galanga. 

Langkwe, v. Langkwas. 

Langlang (jav). Patrolling, making 

Langsat (j. langsab). Name of a fruit, 
LatiMum domcsticum. 

Langseh, v. Langsat. 

Laugsung. To proceed, to advance, to go 
on one's course. 

Langung. Thoughtful, pensive ; pensive- 
ncss, musing. 

Lanau (j. lunu). Deep mud, mire, 

Lapah. To cut uj) or dismember a 
carcass ; v. Lapah. 

Lapang. Wide, roomy, spacious, ex- 

Lapang. A cucumber. 

Lapar (j. lapa). Hungry ; hunger ; to 
hunger, to desire witii eagerncs.s. 

Lapi (ben). A mat. 




Lapik. A stand ; a frame, a pedestal ; 

Lapis (j). A fold, a double, a plait; 
" fold," in composition ; lining ; sheath- 

Lapisan. Lining ; sheathing. 

Lapiskan. To fold, to double. 

Lapuk. Mould, mother; mouldy, mil- 

Lapuk. Brittle, fragile ; feeble, deficient 
in bodily strength ; v. Rapuk. 

Lar (JAV). Feather, quill ; wing. 

Lara {(jav). A virgin, a maiden ; v. 
Kara and Dara. 

Lara (j). Sick, ailing, diseased; sick- 
ness, disease, malady ; pain, ache ; 
care, anxiety. 

Lara-asmara (j and s). Love-sick. 

Larabisa (j). Love-sick ; literally, " poi- 

Larah (j. larih). To pledge, to invite to 
drink at an entertainment. 

Larahan. The cup or object pledged to 

Larah. Vendible, s.ileable, in demand. 

Larah -larahan. Mutual pledging to 

Larajunggrang (jav). The name given 
by tiie Javanese to tlie representation 
of the Hindu goddess Durga slaying 
the demon Mahesasura, and which, 
literally rendered, means " the sublime 
or exalted maid." 

Larak. Name of a parasitic plant, of 
wliich the fruit is esculent, and the 
bark yields a colouring matter. 

Larang (j). To forbid, to prohibit, to 
interdict; to prevent, to hinder; for- 
bidden, interdicted; contraband, ille- 
gal, unlawful ; rare, scarce ; dear, 

Larangan. Things forbidden ; unlawful 
things ; contraband goods ; prohibi- 
tion ; a coffin. 

Laras. Body, main part ; the tube or 
barrel of a missile weapon. 

Larat. To be able, to be capable; to 
have power. 

Larawij-ang (j. lara, "sick," and wirang, 
" shame"). Shame-sick. 

Larek. To turn on a lathe or potter's 

Lari. Length, opposed to breadth. 

Lari (j. larik). A row, a line. 

Lari. To run ; to flee ; to abscond ; to 

Larian. Pauming ; flight ; absconding ; 

Larikan. To run away with, to carry off. 
Lari-kawin. A run-away marriage. 
Larut (j. to flee). To retreat, to fall 

back ; to deviate ; to drag anchor. 
Lasa (ben). Maimed, mutilated. 

Lasam (jav). Name of a district on the 
northern side of Java. 

Lastrung (jav). The disease called 
polypus in the nose. 

Lasu. To turn sour, to become acid. 

Lat. Stranger, foreignei*. 

Lata. A peculiar morbid nervous ex- 
citability in women. 

Lata (s). To crawl, to creep. 

Latar (jav). A court, an area or open 
space before a house ; an estrade. 

Latih. To teach, to instruct. 

Lati-lati. Name of a bird. 

Lati'i (jav). Night. 

Latu (jav). Fire. 

Latung (jav). Petroleum, earth-oil. 

Lat'a (jav). Name of a yellow cosmetic. 

Lat-i (jav). The lips. 

Lat'i (jav). To blacken the teeth in- 
delibly, according to the practice of 
the Indian islanders. 

Laung. Long, slow, tedious ; late, tardy ; 
a long time. 

Liiung. To halloa, to call or shout to. 

Laut (j). The sea, the ocean. 

Laut-kidul (j). The south sea, the 
.southern ocean ; the sea south of the 
Indian islands. 

Liiut-pulau. Name of an island on the 
southern coast of Borneo. 

Liiutan (j). The high sea, the open sea. 

Liiuti. To put to sea, to go in a boat or 

Lawa (jav). A bat. 

Lawad (j). To inquire after a person, to 
pay a visit of inquiry. 

Lawah. A joke, a jest ; a figment. 

Lawa-lawa. A spider. 

Lawan (j). To match, to mate, to equal ; 
to compete ; to rival ; to resist ; to 
oppose ; match, mate, equal ; rival, 
competitor ; antagonist, opponent ; 
enemy, foe ; rival ; opposite, against ; 
contrary; adverse. 

Lawanan. A match, a side, a party ; op- 
position ; rivalry. 

Lawani. To match, to mate ; to oppose, 
to contend against. 

Lawang. Wink, twinkle. 

Lawang, or kulit-lawang (j). Clove^f)ark ; 
the bark of a tree having the odour of 
cloves, and an object of trade, Laurus 

Lawang (jav). A gate, a door. 

Lawas (jav). Old, ancient ; long time ; 
long ago. 

Lawat. To walk as in a procession. 

Lawat (bat). To walk in a funeral pro- 
cession ; to visit the friends of a 
deceased person ; to visit the sick. 
Lawat (bat). A shadow, representation 
of an object by partial e.-iclusion of 



lAb— lAk 

Lawe (JAv). A thread, yarn ; a string, a 

cord ; to strangle with a cord, to bow- 
Lawet (JAv). The swallow that produces 

the esculent nest, Hirundo es'ulenta. 
Lawu (jAv). Name of a mountain in the 

central parts of Java, containing many 

remains of Hindu antiquities. 
Lawuk (j). Fish, flesh, or other esculent 

eaten with rice to give it a relish. 

Scottice, "kitchen." 
Lavning (jav). The shaft of a spear. 
Lawung (jav). Name of a mountain in 

Laya (jav). The abode of the gods ; v. 

Layah (j. nglayang). To bend the body 

Layan. To bait, to put meat to tempt 

Layani (j. ladeni). To serve, to attend. 

to wait, to minister to. 
Layang (j). To fly without flapping the 

wings, to glide through the air. 
Layang (jav). A letter, an epistle ; a 

book ; a writing. 
Layangan (j). A paper kite. 
Layang-layang. Name of a species of 

Layar (j). The sail of a ship ; to sail ; to 

Layar (j). Name of a species of shark. 
Layar-agung. The mainsail of a ship. 
Layar-pangapoh. A topsail. 
Layar-pauurung. The mizen sail. 
Layar-samandera (for. 9evedeira). A 

Layar-tupang. The foresail. 
Layaran. Sailing, navigation ; voyage. 
LayaX- (a). Suitable, fitting, proper; 

Layam. To brandish, to sway. 
Layam. To prance. 
Layin. Other; different. 
Layinkan. To make different, to alter ; 

to change ; to separate, to jiart. 
Layinua (layin and iia). Others, other 

persons or things ; otherwise. 
Layon (jav). A faded or withered leaf 

or flower ; the corpse of a great per- 
Lnyor. To dry by fire, to exsiccate by 

artificial heat. 
Layu (j. layung). To wither, to fade ; to 

■iroop, to languish, to pine. 
Layur (bat). Page of a book. 
Lazwardi (p). Lapis lazuli. 
Labah. A honey-bee. 
Lal)ah (j). To fall ; v. Rabah. 
Labai (t). a holy man ; a devotee. 
LSbak (JAV). A hollow; a dale ; aval- 
Laban (a). Olibanum, Juniperns Lycia. 

Labaran (bat). A festal day. 

Labam. A bruise, a contusion ; to bruise, 
to contuse. 

Labat. (j. deep, profound). Thick, close, 

Labih (j. luwih). More, to a greater de- 
gi-ee ; more, greater quantity, or de- 
gree ; over, above, beyond, besides. 

Labihkan. To make more, to add, to 

increase ; to exceed. 
1 jabih-labihan. Excess, superfluity. 

Labu (j). Dust, light earthy particles; 
a mote. 

Labu-talampakan. Dust of the sole of 
the foot, used as a pronoun of the 
second person in aildressing a king. 

Labuh. Charnel ground, ground for the 
reception of refuse ; the outskirts of a 
market-place, town, or village. 

Labur (j). To dissolve, to melt, to 
liquefy ; to ruin, to destroy. 

Lnburan. Dissolution, liquefaction ; ruin, 
destruction ; the object dissolved or 
melted ; a metal. 

Laburgongsa (jav). Name of the country 
of Kumbakarna, in the Ramayana. 

Lachah. Mire, mud. 

Laga (j). Wide, roomy, spacious ; clear, 
open, free from obstruction ; empty, 
unoccupied, unpossessed ; idle, unem- 
ployed ; liberal, geuero\xs. 

L^gak. To bubble, to boil, to rise in 

Lagen (jav). Palm wine, the sap of 
palms : v. Lagi. 

Lagi (jav). Sweet. 

Lagundi (j). Name of a shrub, Vitex 
trifoliata; r. Laguudi. 

La//ak (a). An interior cavity in the side 
of a grave where the corpse is laid. 

LahaZ; (a). Continuation ; joining; ad- 

Lakah. A fissure, a crevice, a crack. 

Lal<am. Name of a fruit-tree. 

Lakap. To stick, to adhere ; v. Lakat. 

Lakas (j. to begin, beginning, first). 
Quick, speedy ; quickly ; speedily. 

Lakaskiln. To hasten, to speed. 

Lakat. To stick, to adhere, to cleave; 
to stick fast, to be immovable ; viscid, 
glutinous ; tenacious, adhesive. 

Lakatkan. To cause to adhere ; to fasten ; 
to apply, to put to any particular pur- 

Laker. Name of a tortoise. 

Lakok (j). A hollow, a ravine, a dell. 

Laksa (s). Ten thousand ; v. Laksa. 

Laksana (s). Like, resembling ; v. Lak- 

Lflksilmana (s). The brother of Rama ; 
v. Laksamana. 

IjSksamana. Commander of the fleet ; 
V. Laksamana. 



Lal-ad (a). Altogether, entirely. 

La^-lak (a). A stork. 

Lalaba. A spider; v. Laba-laba. 

Lalabong. A sentinel ; a scout. 

Lalah (j). Slow, tardy; sluggish; weary, 

fatigued ; fiiint, langiiid ; fatigue. 
Lalahi (a). By, to, or for god. 
Lalaki. Male; man; v. Laki and Laki- 

Lalakon (j). Proceeding, advancement, 

going forward ; affair, transaction, bu- 
siness; V. Laku. 
Lftlana. Name of a plant. 
Lalang. To stare, to gaze. 
Lalangen (j. langi, "to swim"). A pool or 

pond for bathing ; a bath. 
Laiangit (j). An awning, a canopy ; the 

palate ; v. Langit-langit and Lalangit. 
Lalangsai. Tapestry, aiTas, hangings. 
Lalau. A kris or dagger with a ser- 
pentine blade. 
Lalayang (layang). Name of a species of 

.swallow ; r. Layang-layang. 
Lalayu (j). A pennon, a streamer, a 

banner; v. Lalayu. 
Lalab (j. slow, tardy). To forfeit through 

lapse of time. 
Lali. To pluck, to gather, to crop; a 

plucking, or gathering. 
Laiomba. A porpoise, Delphinua; v. 

Lalona (jav). Roaming, peregrination, 

Lamah (3. Mmas). Soft, not hard ; pliant, 

flexible ; supple, limber ; v>'eak, feeble, 

debilitated ; impotent sexually. 
Lamah-lambut. Soft, gentle, tender ; 

weak, feeble. 
Lamak. Fat ; grease ; suet ; tallow. 
Lamang (j). Name of a viand made of 

the glutinous variety of rice. 
Lamas. To stifle, to smother, to choke, 

to suifocate; desperate, i-educed to 

desperation ; hopeless. 
Lambaga. Custom, habit, fashion. 
Lambah (j. labak). Hollow, concave ; a 

hollow ; a valley, a dale. 
Lambang (j. Mbak). A valley ; v. Lam- 
Lambar. To 
Lambaran. The pole or lath to the ends 

of which the burthen is suspended for 

carrying on the shoulder. 
Lambek (j). Soft, not hard or firm; 

Lambing (j). A javeline, a short spear. 
Lambu (J). Kiue, oxen, horned cattle. 
Lambu-batina. A cow. 
Lambu-jautiin. A bull. 
Lambu-utan. The wild cow or bull. 
Lamburu (bex). Name of a sea fish. 
Limbiit (j). Soft, not hard ; ductile, 

flexible ; minute, subtle, impalpable ; 

gentle, mild ; timorous, effeminate ; 
slow, indolent. 

Lambut (jav). A sprite, a spirit. 

Lambutkan. To soften. 

Lampatu (ben). Name of a bird. 

Ldmpadu. The gall-bladder ; gall, bile. 

Lampit (jav). To fold, to double up, to 
plait ; 17. Lapis and Lampis. 

Lampuh. Maimed, halt, lame, crippled. 

Lampung. Light, buoyant ; a float, a 

Lampuyang (j). Name of a plant, Zingi- 
ber cassumimnr. 

Lampuyang-utan. Name of a plant, 
Glohba marantina. 

Lamu (jav). Fat, plump ; fat, corpulent. 

Lamu. Nauseous, loathsome. 

Lamukut. The broken or fragmentary 
grains of husked rice distinguished 
from the whole ones. 

Landung. An eel. 

Land'er. Slime, viscid mud. 

Land'i (jav). Name of a fish. 

L4nga (j. oil). The sesame plant, Sesa- 
mum indicuni. 

Langai. Slow, tardy, sluggish. 

Langas (j. tala.s). Wet, moist, damp. 

Langaskan. To wet, to moist, to damp. 

Langan (j. the upper arm). The fore or 
lower ai-m ; sleeve. 

LAngar (bat). Bald, wanting hair. 

Langd'ai. A ford, a shallow part in a 

Langgak (j. longgok). To be tossed. 

Langgak. A barn, a granary. 

Langgana (s). Disinclined, unwilling, 

Langgawai. A large kind of betel-box. 

LAnguh (j). To sit ; v. Lungguh. 

Langka (s). The kingdom of Rawana, 
Ceylon; v. Langka. 

Ldngkara (JAv). Improbable; impos.sible; 

Lankari. To protect, to .shield, to shelter. 

Laugkawa (Jav). A rainbow. 

Laugkawi. Name of an island at the 
western entrance of the straits of Ma- 
lacca, belonging to the State of Queda ; 
V. Langkawi. 

LSjigkap (j). Complete, perfect, full ; 
prepared, ready before-hand ; to pre- 
pai-e, to equip, to accoutre ; v. Lang- 

Langkung. Curved, bent, bowed ; arched, 
vaulted; hollow, concave. 

Langlang (jav). Surprise, astonishment. 

Langlang-buwana (jav). Name of a my- 
thical personage, supposed to ti'avel at 
intervals over the earth. 

Languk. Sad, gloomy, melancholy. 

Langung, v. Languk, 

Laiiap (j). To vanLsh, to disappear ; evan- 
escent ; V. liiMp. 



LEL— Lie 

Lapah. To dismember, to cut up a car- 
case ; V. Lapah. 

Lapas (j). To loose, to untie ; to liberate, 
to free, to release, to disengage ; to 
discharge, to let off; to unburthen, to 
exonerate, to clear ; to quit, to leave ; 
untied, loose ; free, released ; disci larg- 
ed, fired off; besides, beyond, over and 
above; except, excluding; ago, past. 

LS,pns (JAV). Far, remote, distant. 

Lapaskan. To free, to liberate, to let go ; 
to discharge, to let off; to leave, to 
quit, to abandon, to forsake ; to release. 

L&pas-lapasan. The object set free, or 
let loose ; name of a garland of flower- 
petals, so made that it falls to pieces 
when touched in a particular way. 

Lapas-Aawal. To discharge a vow or en- 

Lapok (bat). To plaster, to smear. 

Laras (jav). Straight ; right, correct, 
accurate; right, just, equitable. 

Lasan (a). Language, speech. 

Lasmana (s). Name of the brother of 
Rama; v. Laksamana. 

Lastari (jav). Uninterrupted ; fortunate, 
lucky, happy. 

Lasu (j). Faint, languid, weary; feeble. 

Lasung (j). A mortar. 

Las'kar (p). An army. 

Lata. Blemish, imperfection ; blemished, 
injured, spoilt, damaged. 

Latah (J. latuli). Turbid, foul, muddy. 

Latak. To put, to lay, to place, to set ; 
to set down. 

Lataki. To lay down, to establish, to 
settle, to appoint. 

Latakan, v. Lataki. 

Lateh. Weak, feeble, languid ; v. Lftsu. 

Lateh-lasu. Languid and weary ; fatigue, 

Lateh-longlai. Prostrated by fatigue, un- 
able to stand from fatigue. 

Latok (ben). To crackle, to decrepitate ; 
V. Latup. 

Latum. To boom, or give out a booming 

Latup, and Latub. To crackle, to decre- 

LSsat (a). Pleasant, delicious, savoury ; 
pleasui-es, delights. 

Lanat (a). Curse, malediction, impreca- 

Lea (j. leda). Inattentive, not prompt 
to obey. 

Lebar. Broad, wide ; breadth, width. 

Lebarkan. To widen, to make broad. 

Leber. The neck ; the throat ; cape or 
collar of a garment. 

Leja (j). Name of a kind of silk fabric. 

Leka. Idle, not employed ; dilatory. 

Lekak. An amatory intrigue. 

Lekin (a). But, nevertheless, however 

Lela (s. sport, game). To fence with a 
sword ; to flourish, to brandish ; r. Lila. 

Lela (j. nialela). Steel ; a plain kris blade 
without damask. 

Lela (j). A swivel cannon. 

Leleh. Patent, open, unfolded. 

Leleh. To flow, to run, to stream. 

Lelong (for. leilao). An auction. 

Lembat (J. lumbat). Name of a fresh- 
water iish. 

Lemeh (jav). Ground, floor, bottom; 
floor-mat, carpet. 

Lempar. To throw, to fling, to cast. 

Lempar-angsuka. Name of a kind of 
fine cloth. 

Lena (j. negligent, careless). To sleep ; 
to dally, to delay, to procrastinate ; 
slowly, tardily. 

Lenang. To trickle, to fall in drops; 
tearful, having the eyes suffused with 

Lentaug. Across, athwart; breadth op- 
posed to length. 

Leutangkan. To cross, to place athwart. 

Lcntaug-bujur. Oblique, diagonal. 

Lentang-payar. The offence of crossing 
the king's ships at sea. 

Lentaug-pukang. Helter-skelter, in dis- 
order, tumultuously. 

Leng (j). A hole, an aperture; eye, 
small perforation. 

Lengah. Long, not for a short time; 
lasting, durable. 

Lenggaug. To sv^ing, to wave to and 
fro ; to roll as a ship. 

Lenggok (j.) To toss, to be tossed about. 

Lengket (jav). Fastened, joined, linked 
close, iinited ; v. Blengket. 

Lengkok. Crooked, curved. 

Leiiek. To bruise. 

Lepek (jav). Flat, shallow, not deep; 
V. Gepeug. 

Lepen (jav). A river ; a brook, a rivulet. 

Lepentangi (jav). Name of a district in 
Java, the same as Kaliwungu, and both 
meaning " purj^le river." 

Lerang. A bier. 

Lesan (jav). The mouth ; a butt, a target. 

Lesus (jav). a tornado. 

Lewa. Name of a river on the southern 
coast of Borneo, on which stands the 
town of Portiauak. 

Lewat. Foppisli, coxcomical. 

Lower. Loose, lax ; a harlot, a strumpet. 

Leyaran. Name of a kind of shell-fish. 

Liat. To see, to look, to perceive, to 

Licliat (j. bAnchut). Hurt, sore, bruise. 

Lichi (chin). Name of a fruit, Euphoria 
lichi; V. Kaleagkeug. 

Lichik (j). To fight and flee by turns. 

Lichik. To mash, to beat into a con- 
fused mass. 

Lie— LIM 



Lichin. Smooth, soft, not rough ; po- 
lished, having a gloss ; slippery. 

Lid'ah (j). The tongue ; speech. 

Lid'ah, or Ikau-lid'ah. The sole fish. 

Lid'ah-ayam. Name of a plant, Sperma- 
coce scaherrima. 

Lid'ah-api. Flame; literally, "tongue 
of fire." 

Lid'ah-bad-ak. Name of a species of 
Opuntia ; literally, " rhiuoccros' 

Lidah-bebek. Name of a rubiaceous 
plant ; literally, " duck's tongue." 

Lid'ah-buwaya. The aloe, Agave v'lni- 
fera ; literally, "alligator's tongue." 

Lid'ah-lid-ah. Name of a plant, Bauhi- 
nia corymhosa. 

Lidang. Name of the highest mountain 
of the Malay peninsula, called by 
Europeans, Ophir. 

Lid'i. Name of the mid-rib of the frond 
of the coconut palm. 

Lidi. Name of a snake. 

Ligas. To amble, to pace. 

Ligat. To whirl, to twirl. 

Ligor. Name of the most southerly pro- 
vince of Siam, bordering on the coun- 
try of the Malays, called by the 
Siamese, " Lakon." 

Likas (JAV). To reel yai'n. 

Likasan. A reel. 

Likat. Thick, viscid. 

Likur (j). An idiomatic term which, 
when affixed to the digits, express 
the numbers between twenty and 

Lila. To flourish, to brandish ; to fence 
with a sword ; v. Lela. 

Lila (j). Liberal, bounteous, generous. 

Lilin (j). Beeswax ; a candle, a taper. 

Lilin-mantah. Crude beeswax. 

Lilit. To coil, to roll in spiral folds. 

Lima (j). Five. 

Limablas. Fifteen. 

Liman (jav). An elephant. 

Limapuluh. Fifty. 

Limaratus. Five hundi-ed. 

Limaribu. Five thousand. 

Limau (p). The citron family of fruits, 
Citrus ; V. Jaruk. 

Limaukau. To rub the skin with lime 
juice as a cosmetic. 

Limbah. A sink, a cesspool. 

Limbai. To swing the arms in walking ; 
to flourish, to brandish. 

Limpa (j). The liver. 

Limpah. To run over, to overflow; to 
abound, to exuberate; abundant, co- 
pious, plentiful. 

Limpai. To wave, to be agitated as 
plants by the wind. 

Limpung. The air-bladder or sound of 

Limun. Name of a country on the south- 
western side of Sumatra. 
Limur (J. limun). Dark, obscure. 
Liua (jav). To die, to expire. 
Linar (ben). To twist back and forward. 
Linchin. Smooth, not rough ; v. Licliin. 
Lindir. Slimy ; slippery. 
Lindung. Shade, shadow ; shade, shel- 
ter ; to shade, to shelter from the sun ; 
to shelter, to protect ; to conceal. 
Lindungi. To shade ; to shelter ; to 

protect ; to conceal. 
Lindungkan, v. Lindungi. 
Lintah (j). A leech, Hirudo. 
Lintang (jav). A star ; v. Bintang. 
Lintar. Thunder ; v. Alintar. 
Lintas. To move quickly by, to glance 

by ; a glance, a quick view. 
Lintrik (jav). Playing cards. 
Lintu (jav). To exchange, to barter; 

V. Liru. 
Linu (j. lind'u). An earthquake. 
Lingga. Name of an island at the 
eastern end of the straits of Malacca, 
called in the maps Lingen. 
Linggangan (bat). A sling ; v. Ali-ali and 

Linggi. The beak or prow of a boat. 
Lingkab. To injure, to spoil, to damage. 
Lingsam (jay). Shame; modesty. 
Lingsir (jav). To wane, to decline ; to 

Linap (j). To vanish, to disappear ; eva- 
nescent ; V. Laiiap. 
Liiiok (jAV). False, lying. 
Lipai. Name of a kind of coarse home- 
made umbrella. 
Lipan. A centipede, Scolopendra. 
Lipas. The cockchaff"er, Blatta. 
Lipat (j. lapit). To fold, to lap, to lay 

in plaits. 
Lipatan. A fold, a plait. 
Lipur (j). To soothe, to console, to 

Liput. To overspread, to cover over; 

to enclose, to envelope. 
Liran (bat). A day and night, twenty- 
four hours. 
Liru (jAv). To exchange, to barter; v. 

Lisah. Restless, unquiet, fidgetty, un- 
easy ; uneasiness, restlessness. 
Lisah (jAV). Oil. 
Lisut. To suck. 

Litar (ben). To chatter, to tattle. 
Liwan, and Liwanan (ben). A corpse. 
Liwat (j). To exceed, to go beyond ; to 
excel; to sui'pass; beyond, above, ex- 
Liya, and Liyan (jav). Other, different ; 

Liyang (j. leng). A hole, a cavity ; aper- 
ture, orifice, opening. 



Lor— LUD 

Liyaug-id-uug. The nostrils. 
Liyar. Wild, not tame ; untamed, not 
broken in ; wild, shy, suspicious ; shy, 
not docile. 

Liyat. Tough, tenacious, cohesive ; duc- 
Liyor. Slaver, drivel. 

Liyu (bat), a brick-kiln, a manufactory 
of bricks. 

Liyuk. Name of a particular gymnastic 

Loba (s). Avarice, covetousness ; avari- 
cious, covetous. 

Lobak (j). Name of a species of I'adish, 
Haphunus cauclatus, 

Lobi-lobi-asam. Name of a tree yielding 
an esculent fi-uit, Flacourtia sapida. 

Lobi-lobi-manis. Name of a tree, a va- 
riety of the last. 

Lobi-lobi-sapat. Name of a tree, Fla- 
courtia Jangomas. 

Loching. A bell. 

Lodra (jav). Angry, wroth ; name of a 
Hindu deity among the Javanese, pro- 
bably Durga. 

Lod'aya (jav). Name of a district of the 
pi-ovince of Kadiri in Java. 

Logam (t). Place, region. 

Lo^at (a). Idiom, dialect ; glossary. 

Lok. The wavy edges of a serpentine 
kris blade. 

Loka (s). Place, region ; world ; (most 
frequently used in composition). 

Lokan. A generic name for bivalve shells. 

Lokek. Dilatory in paying debts. 

Loklek. To roll the eyes wildly. 

Lola (jav). An orjihan. 

Loma (jav). Liberal, generous, bountiful. 

Lomba. To strive, to endeavour, to make 
an effort ; v. Lumba. 

Lomba-lomba. A porpoise, Delphinus. 

Lombok (jav). The Chili pepper. Cap- 

Lombok. The island of Lomboc, called 
also Sasak, the second in a line east of 

Lombongan (jav). Artificial fireworks. 

Lompat (j). To jump, to leap, to skip, 
to bound, to spring ; v. Lumpat. 

Lompat-lompatan. Bounding, leaping 

Lon (jAv). Soft, gentle ; slow, not fast ; 
lingering ; calm. 

Lonchur. To launch, to push from shore. 

Lontar. To throw, to toss, to pitch ; v. 

Lontar (j). Name of a palm, Borassus 
flahellij'ormis ; v. Rontal and Tal. 

Lont-e (jAv). A courtesan, a harlot. 

Long (jAV). Artificial fireworks ; a rocket. 

Longgar. Loose, lax, not fitting ; roomy, 
large, wide. 

Longlonan (jav). Artificial fireworks. 

Lopak. The track or footstep of animals. 

Lopak. A pool. 

Lopak. A kind of rice cake. 

Lopak-lopak (j). A kind of betel-bos. 

Lor (JAV). North ; northern. 

Lor-kulon. North-west. 

Lor-wetan. North-east ; all around, from 

north to east. 
Lorah. A gi-ove, a clump of trees. 
Lorak. A district, a province. 
Loreh (jAv). Veined ; variegated. 
Loreng (jav). Striped, streaked ; dapple, 

Loro (jAV), Their, theirs. 
Lorod (jav). To wane, to decline; to 

fall, to descend. 
Lorodan (jav). The scraps or relics of a 

Lorog (jav). a valley, a dale ; name of a 

district in the eastern part of Java. 
Lorong (jav). To smear. 
Lorong (j). A path ; a road ; a lane ; a 

street ; an avenue ; v. Lurung. 
Lotar. To throw, to cast, to pitch, to 

fling, to project. 
Loteug. A loft ; a garret. 
Loting. Name of a kind of fire-arms. 
Loto. To i-ap or tap with the knuckles. 
Lowak (jav). A valley, a glen. 
Loyang (j). Brass ; metal. 
Lu. Thou (said to be Chinese). 
LiJai'. Out, without, not within, abroad, 

forth, out of doors; exclusive of; v. 

Liias. Wide, broad, spacious, extensive ; 

V. Luwas. 
Liiat. To loathe, to nauseate, to be dis- 
gusted with ; V. Luwat. 
Lubak (j. lowak). A valley, a glen. 
Lubaug (j. luwang). Hole, perfoi-ation ; 

aperture ; cavity ; hollow ; pit ; bur- 
row; excavation. 
Lubang-bftdil. A port-hole, an embrasure. 
Lubaugkan. To make a hole ; to exca- 
Lubaug-panggalak. The touch -bole of 

Lubaug-pasumbu. Touch-hole. 
Lubang-talinga. The external auditory 

Luber (jav). To overflow, to run over ; 

redundant, superabundant. 
Lubor. To thrash or beat corn from the 

Lubuk. A pool or deep hole in the sea, 

or in a lake or river ; a reach in a river 

before it trends. 
Luchu (jav). a droll, a buffoon, a jester. 
Luchut (j. maluchut). To slip, to move 

or fly out of jilace; to get loose; to 

drop, to let go. 
Ludah. Spittle, saliva. 
Ludahkftn. To spit. 




Ludira (jav). Blood. 

Luga (s). Place, region ; v. Loka. 

Lugas (jav). Bare, naked, unadorned. 

Lugam (t). Place, region; v. Logam, 

Lugora (jav). Name of a fabulous wea- 

Lugu (jav). Stock, capital. 

Luh (jav). a tear. 

Luh (a), a tablet. 

Luji (a). The ocean, the deep. 

Luka. A wound; an open sore, an 

Lukah. A kind of weir or fish-ti-ap. 

Lukiii (luka). To wound, to inflict a 
wound ; v. Lukakun. 

Lukakan. To wound; v. Lukai. 

Lukis. To draw, to design; to work 
figures with the needle. 

Luku (j). Abbreviation of waluku, " a 

Luiang (ben). To perish. 

Lulo (bat). Dirt, mire, mud. 

Lulong (BEx). To howl; r. Lulong. 

Lulu (p). a pearl ; a gem, a jewel. 

Luluh (j). To dissolve, to be melted, to 
be liqmfied ; to be reduced to powder 
or atoms ; pulverised ; to be digested, 
to be concocted in the stomach. 

Luluhkan. To dissolve, to liquify; to 
reduce to atoms. 

Lulum. To lick, to lap. 

Luhmg (bat). To howl ; v. Lulong. 

Lulur (jav). To cleanse the skm by 
friction and cosmetics. 

Lulur (bat). To swallow. 

Lulus (J). To pass, to go, to go on, to 

Luluskan. To cause to pass ; to accom- 
plish, to execute, to perform ; to per- 
mit, to suffer, to allow. 

Lulut (j. lulm-). To rub the skin with 
cosmetics ; to smear, to daub. 

Lulut (jAV). Love, affection, kindness. 

Lumas. To smear, to daub. 

Lumat. Powder, dust ; meal, flour. 

Lumatkan. To pulverise, to reduce to 

Lumba (jav). To plunge or bound as a 

Lumba. To strive, to contest, to con- 
tend ; V. Lomba. 

Lumba-kuda. A horse-race. 

Lumba-prau. A boot-race. 

Lumbak (j. labak). A valley, a glade ; v. 

Lumbar. To twist. 

Lumbi (bat). To dig. to delve. 

Lumbu (ben). To roll as waves, to swell 
as the sea. 

Lumbung (jav). A barn, a granary. 

Lumintu (jav). Frequent, incessant ; 
ever, always. 

Lumpang (j. lumpat). A mortar for 
husking rice. 

Lumpat (j). To jump, to leap; to skip; 
to bound ; to spring; v. Lompat. 

Lumpuh. Palsied ; incapable of loco- 
motion from debility ; numb. 

Lumpur. Mud, mire, slime. 

Lumrah (jav). Common, public, cun-ent ; 
open, notorious. 

Lumur (j. scab, cicatrix). To soil, to 
foul, to stain. 

Lumut (j). Name of an aquatic plant, 
Limnophila sessilijiora ; slime; moss; 

Lunak. Soft, not hard or firm, flabby ; 
slack, loose ; mild, indulgent, easy. 

Lunas (jav). To finish, to complete ; to 
put to death by judicial sentence. 

Lunas (j). The false keel of a ship. 

Lunchip (j. lungid). Point; pointed, 

Lunda (j). Name of a plant. 

Luntas. Name of a plant, Pluchea indica. 

Luiiut (bat). Wide, broad, spacious. 

Lunggar. Weak, feeble. 

Lungau (bat). Fetters, shackles. 

Lunggoh (j). To sit, to be seated ; to 
hold a place or post ; a seat ; a place 
or post. 

Lungid (jav). Sharp, having a keen edge, 
having a sharp point. 

Lungseng (j). The warp in weaving. 

Lungsur (jav). To descend, to fall, to 
sink ; to lower, to cause to fall or sink. 

Lungsur (j). To move or slide down an 

Lunu (j). A bog ; slippery, not affording 
firm footing. 

Lupa (s). To forget, not to recollect ; to 
forget, to neglect; foi'getfulness, ob- 
livion ; neglect, omission ; forgetfvd ; 

Lupa (jav). Weary, faint ; listless. 

Lupa-lupa. Fish maws, or, correctly, 
fish sounds, an article of commerce. 

Lupit (jav). Narrow ; name of a Ja- 
vanese land measure, being the one- 
eighth of a jung, or largest measure. 

Luput (j). To escape, to be freed, to be 
rid from ; to lapse, to pass away. 

Luputkan. To free, to discharge, to ex- 
onerate; to loosen, to unbind. 

Luput (j). To fail, to miss, to omit; 
failing, lapse; mistake, error; fault, 
defect, imperfection; fault, offence, 
ti-ansgression ; misdemeanour ; crime. 

Lurah. A groove, a channel ; a canal. 

Lurah (jav). Head, head-man ; village 
chief ; a title of the third order. 

Lurik (j). A weaver's loom ; name of a 
striped cloth. 

Lm-uh. To drop spontaneously; to shed ; 
to fall. 

LUR— L'lL 



Lui-uh (jaV). To seek after, to search. 

Lurung (j). A path, a road, a way ; a 
laue, a street ; v. Lorong. 

Lurus (j. laras). Straight, not crooked ; 
plain, straightforward, unambiguous, 

Lurus (jAv). Fine, delicate. 

Lurut (j. lorod). To be strip t, to be 

Lusa. The day after to-morrow, two 
days hence. 

Lusoh. To consume, to waste away, to 
be exhausted. 

Lusuh. To be rumpled, to be ci-ushed ; 
not fresh or new, second-hand. 

Lut. To pierce, to penetrate. 

Lutung. Name of an ape, Presbytes 
pyn-hus of Horsfield. 

Lutut. The knee. 

Luwak (jAv). A small subdivision of a 

Luwak (jAV). Name of a species of 
Vivci'ra, called by Europeans the cofFee- 
rat, Paradoxunm musanga ; v. Musang. 

Luwang (jav). A hole in the earth, a 
burrow; v. Lubang. 

Luwar (jav. freed, set loose). Out, with- 
out, not within ; abroad, forth, out of 
doors; exclusive, excepting; v. Liiar. 

Luwari (jav). To liberate, to set free. 

Luwarkan. To put out, to turn out, to 
expel ; to exclude. 

Luwas. Wide, broad, spacious, extensive ; 
large, ample ; v. Liias. 

Luwaskan. To widen, to extend. 

Luwat. To loathe, to nauseate ; loath- 
ing, disgust ; V. Liiat. 

Luwuk (bu). Name of a Bugis state in 

JjLAMAH (a), often pronounced damah, 
the third of the vowel marks of the 
Arabic orthography, called by the Ma- 
lays baris diad'apan, or " stroke be- 
fore," and representing the sound of 6, 
or of u short. 

Llarab (a). Striking, smiting. 

Llarurat (a). Violence, compulsion, 
force, constraint ; want, indigence, ne- 

Llaif (a). Weak, feeble ; frail, impotent ; 

Jj AHIR (a). Open; manifest, visible ; to 
be born ; birth. 

L'SlTm (a). Oppression, tyranny ; op- 
pressive, tyrannical. 

L'll (a). Shade, shadow; shade, protec- 

M A. Mother ; dam ; v. Ama and Ama. 

Ma-angkat. Mother by adoption. 

Ma-chi. Paternal aunt ; literally, " little 
mother," the chi being only an abbre- 
viation of kachil. 

Ma-inang. Foster mother. 

Ma-mud'a. Maternal aunt; literally, 
" young mother." 

Ma-tiri. Step-mother. 

Miial. Deal', high-priced ; scarce, uncom- 
mon, rare. 

Mabuk. Drunk, intoxicated, inebriated ; 
drunkenness, intoxication, ebriety. 

Mabuk-darah. Faint from loss of blood. 

Mabuk-ombak. Sea-sick; literally, "wave- 

Mabur (jav). To fly, to take wing. 

Macha. Name of a species of shell-fish. 

Macha (jav). To read, to chant; v. Bacha. 

Macham. Sample, muster, specimen, 

Machan (jav). A tiger; a generic term 
for the larger feline animals. 

Muchan-kombang. The black leopard 
(a variety). 

Machan-tutul. The common or spotted 

Machanan (jav). A tiger-house, a place 
for keeping tigers. 

Machang. Name of a species of mango, 
Mangifera fcetida ; v. Bachang. 

Machapat (jav). The adjoining town or 
village, a neighbourhood. 

Madali. To speak, to say (poetical). 

Madat. Opium prepared for smoking. 

Madarda (s). Name of an imaginary lake 
in romance. 

Madrim (s). The younger of the -two 
wives of Paudu, daughter of Chandra- 
wati, king of Maudaraka. 

Madu (s). Honey. 

Madu (j. maru, " balance, counterpoise "). 
One of a man's wives in relation to 

Madura (s). Name of the covmtry of 
Baledewa, in the Mahabarat ; the island 
of Madura on the north-eastern side of 
Java ; the western portion of that island 
distinguished from the eastern, called 

Madj'a (s). Middle, midst. 

Madya-gantang (jav). The zenith. 

Madyapada (s). The earth, the world. 

Mad'and-a (s). Name of a Hindu country 
occurring in Javanese story. 

Magada (s). Name of a Hindu country. 

Magal (bat). A distillery. 

Magong. Name of a fish. 

Maha (s). Great ; lofty, sublime ; most, 
exceedingly. (I have preserved the 
aspirate in this and a few of the follow- 




ing words, althougb, as the initial of a 
word or syllable, it is not pronounced, 
or written in any native alphabet). 

Maha-agung (j). Most great. 

Maha-basar. Most great. 

Maha-kras. Most severe, most relentless. 

Maha-mulya (s). Most magnificent, most 

Maha-pand'ita (s). A most learned man, 
a gi-eat pundit. 

Mahapugung (jAv). Name of an ancient 
king of Java. 

Maha-raja (s). A king, a monarch. 

Maharaja-bunii (s). Name of a public 

Maharaja-karma (s). Name of a public 
officer ; the chief astrologer. 

Maharaja-lila. Crimes exhibiting con- 
tempt or disrespect of the royal autho- 
rity ; treason. Lila, in Sanskrit, means 
" sport, game." 

Maharisi (s). A gi'eat or distinguished 

Maha-suchi (s). Most pure. 

Maha-tmggi. Most higli. 

Mahesa (s). A buffalo. Bos bubalus. 

Mahesasura (s). The demon in form of 
a buffalos lain by the Hindu goddess 

Maheswara (s). Name of the Hindu god 
Mahadewa, or Siwa. 

Mairi. Name of a small Malay settlement 
on the north-western coast of Borneo. 

Maja (JAv). Name of a fruit-tree, yielding 
a sweet strong-scented fruit, ^ijle mar- 

Majapait (jav). Name of the capital of 
the largest kingdom in Java during the 
14th and 15th centuries, and destroyed 
by the Mahomedans in a.d. 1478. The 
word signifies "the bitter maja." 

Majaranu (jav). A name of the province 
of Jipang, in Java, from maja, the tree 
above-named, and ranu, " a lake or 

Majoh (j). To devour greedily; greedy, 

Maju (jav). To advance towards, to ap- 
proach to, to draw near to. 

Maka (j. mangka). And ; now ; then. It 
is used rather to mark the beginning of 
a sentence or clause of a sentence, than 
as a substantive word with a definite 

Makan (j. mangan). To eat, to take 
food ; to devour, to consume ; to cor- 
rode ; to use, to make use of; to make 
a move at chess, or similar game. 

Makan-darah. To backbite ; literally, 
" to eat blood." 

Makan-gaji. To receive wages. 

Makan-pardmpuan. To have connection 
with a woman. 

Makara (s). A prawn ; a crab ; the sign 
Cancer in the zodiac ; v. Mangkara. 

Makasar (bu). The nation and country 
of Macassar, in Celebes, called by the 
natives Mangkasara. 

Makau. The Portuguese settlement of 
Macao, in China. 

Maki. To rail ; to apply foul language ; 
to scold ; abuse, reproachful language. 

Makin. The more, by the greater degree ; 
still more ; over and above, plus some- 
thing; V. Mangkin. 

Maksih (jav). Yet, still ; v. Taksih and 

Makut'a (s). A crown, a diadem, a tiara. 

Mala (jav). Sick ; sickness, malady. 

Malah (j). The more that. 

Malaka (j). Name of tree and fi-uit, Em- 
blica officinalis; the town and territory 
of Malacca, on the western shore of the 
Malay peninsula, founded by the Ma- 
lays, A.D. 1252, and conquered by the 
Portuguese in 1511. 

Malakat. The royal signet, the great seal. 

Mai am (jav). Beeswax. 

Malanau. Name of a wild race inhabiting 
the north-western side of Borneo. 

Malaug (jav). Name of a province to- 
wards the east end of Java. 

Malang (jav). Across, athwart, trans- 
verse; unlucky, cross, unfortunate, 

Malang (ben). Title of a Malay officer. 

Malang. Name of a kind of eel. 

Malapastaka. A curse, a malediction. 

Malau (j. tambalu). The nidus of the 
lac insect and its dye ; v. Ambalu. 

Malawati (por. baluarte, "a bulwark"). 
A rampart ; a bastion, a tower. 

Malam (j). Niglit. 

Malfim-ari. Night-time. 

Malam-esuk. To-morrow evening. 

Malam-ini. To-n'ight. 

Milam-siyang. Day and night, through 
day and night. 

Malas (jav). To reply, to rejoin; to 
answer; to requite, to retort, to reta- 
liate ; V. Balas. 

Malas (j). Lazy, slothful, indolent ; dis- 
inclined, averse, unwilling, reluctant. 

Mali (s). A necklace of gems or flowers. 

Maligai (j. maligit). A palace. 

Malih (jAV). To alter, to change; to 
shift, to vary ; v. Alih. 

Malih (jAV). Again, anew, once more. 

Maling (j). A night-robber, one that 
thieves at night. 

Maling-maling. Thievishly, furtively, 

Malor. Name of a place ou the western 
coast of Borneo. 

Malu. Shame; disgrace, ignominy; affront; 
reproach; bashfulness, modesty; to be 




ashamed ; to be respectful, to be sub- 
missive ; to be bashful or modest. 
Malu-malu. Bashfullj% modestly. 
Malu-maluan. Modestly, bashfully. 
Maludu. Name of a great baj* and country 

at the northern end of Borneo. 
Maluka. Name of a people and country 

in the island of Gilolo, from which i.s 

probably taken the word " Molucca," 

so familiar to the European reader. 
Mam. To suck the breast or dug. 
Mamah (j). To chew, to masticate. 
Mamai (j). To rave, to talk incoherently 

as in sleep. 
Mamak (t). Maternal uncle or aunt, 

older than one's mother ; v. Uwak. 
Mamanukan. Name of a plant, Panax 

Mamang (j). Doubt, distinist, hesitation ; 

to doubt, to hesitate ; doubtful ; dim, 

not clear, not perspicuous. 
Mamar. To be disabled by a hurt ; 

bruise, contusion. 
Mamanda. Maternal uncle, politely or 

respectfully; a term of respect to an 

elder person. 
Mamb^ng. A cycle of twelve years. 
Mambi-uk. Name of the crown pigeon 

in the language of the island of Wa- 

geou, near New Guinea. 
Mambu (ben). The bamboo cane. 
Mambu (jav). To smell, to scent. 
Mami (jav). Pronoun of the first pei-sou. 
Mampawa. Name of a Malay state on 

the western side of Borneo. 
Mamp&lam (x). The mango, Mangtfcra 

Mampus (j). To die, to expire. 
Mana. Where, at the place which ; 

where, at what place; who, which, 

what; how, in what manner; where- 

ever, wheresoever ; whoever; whatever. 
Manah (s). The heart, the mind. 
Manak. Name of a place on the western 

coast of Sumatra, called Manna in the 

Manakala (mana and kala). When, at 

what time. 
Mana-mana. Wherever, wheresoever. 
Manching. To fish with a line and hook; 

V. Panelling. 
Manchung (bkn). Tapering to a point, 

as a sword or other weapon, with one 

sharp edge only; v. liimching. 
Manchur (j). 'i"o spout, to gush ; to 

flanh ; to glitter. 
Mandaki. To climb, to scale. 
Mandalika (j). Name of a tree, Artocar- 

pun rigida ; name of a small island off 

the north-eastern coast of Java. 
Mandalika. Chiefs, chieftains. 
Mandang-mandang (ben). By degrees, 

gradually, in course of time. 

Mandar. Name of a Bngis state on the 
western side of Celebes. 

Mandaraka (s). Name of the kingdom of 
Chandi-awati, father of Dewi Madrim, 
second wife of Pandu. 

Maudi (j). Equal, like, similar. 

Mandi (jav). Poison ; poisoned, embued 
with poison, envenomed. 

Mandi. To bathe, to use the bath. 

Mandikan. To bathe, to wash by 

Mandor (for. mandador). An overseer, a 

Mandras. The city of Madras, in Hin- 

Mandul. Barren, unprolific, sterile, un- 

Mandur. Name of a Chinese settle- 
ment on the south-western side of 

Mandura (jav). Sweet, luscious ; plea- 
sant, agi-eeable. 

Mandura. Name of a kind of dance. 

Mand'apa (s). A porch, a portico, the 
front part of a house ; v. Mand'apa and 

Mand'iki. The water melon, Cucurhita 

Mand'ira (jav). Name of a species of fig- 
tree, Ficus Rumphii. 

]\Ianeh (jav). Again, yet, still ; besides. 

Maui (jav). Tlie woof of a web. 

Maui (jav). Semen mascuVmwm. 

Maniburi. Name of an island lying off 
the south-eastern coast of Borneo. 

Manik (s). A gem, a precious stone. 

Manikain (t). A gem, a precious stone. 

Mani-mani (ben). Beads. 

Manikmaya (s). The heaven of gem^. 

Manila. The city of Manilla, the capital 
of the Philippines. 

Manira (jav). Pronoun of the first per- 

Manis (j). Sweet, luscious ; mild, gentle. 

Manisan. Sweets, confectionery. 

Mauis-muka. Having a gentle expression, 
of a sweet countenance. 

Manja. Indulgent. 

Manjangan (jav). Name of a species of 
deer, Cervm rusa ; v. Rusa and Man- 

Manjapada (s). The terrestrial globe, the 
solid earth. 

Manjungau. Name of a sort of boat. 

Manjur (j). To glide, to stream, to flow 
gently; eloquent. 

Manjur (bat). Poisoned, imbued with 

Manon (jav). The soul. 

Mantab (j. maiitah). Raw, not ripe; raw, 
not cooked. 

Mantan (jav). A diamond ; v. Int^n. 

Mantega (for. manteiga). Buttei-. 




Mautik (bat). To germinate, to sprout, 

to spring from seed. 
Mantra (s). A spell, a charm, an incan- 
Mantradak. Name of a Malay state on 

the south-western side of Borneo. 
Mantri (s). Counsellor, minister. Among 

the Malays it is applied to the highest 

class of public officers ; but in Java its 

original sense is degraded, and it is the 

title of an inferior class. 
Mantu (JAV). Son or daughter-in-law. 
Mautiik (jAv). To return, to come back ; 

to retire. 
Manuk (jav). A bird, a fowl. 
Manuk-dewata (j and s). The bird of 

paradise ; literally, " the bird of the 

Manuk-gTeja (j., and igreja, for). The 

common house-sparrow ; literally, " the 

church bird." 
Maniiugsapada (s). The earth, the abode 

of men. 
Manusiya (s). Man, mankind. 
Manut (jav). To follow ; to attend ; to 

Mangah. To pant, to palpitate. 
Mangalu-alu. To go to meet a person in 

token of welcome. 
Mangarai. Name of a nation and country 

of the island of Floris. 
Maugareb. To scream. 
Mangdrana. To swindle, to cheat. 
Mangga (sun). The mango, Mmirjifcra 

Mauggih (jav). To find, to meet ; to en- 
counter ; to experience. 
Manggi-manggi. The mangrove, EMzo- 

Mangis (j). The mangostin, Garcinia 

Mangusta. The mangostin ; v. Mangis. 
Maugigau. To rave, to talk in one's 

Mangkal (bat). Unripe, not mature. 
Mangka (jav). Now; at present, just 

Mangkara (s). A prawn ; a crab ; the 

sign Cancer in the zodiac ; v. Makara. 
Mangkas. Hard, not mellow or ripe ; not 

sufficiently cooked, under-cooked. 
Mangkasar (bu). The nation, country, 

and language of Macassai", in Celebes, 

called by the natives Makasara. 
Mangkat (j). To depart, to set out; to 

die, to depart life , defunct, deceased ; 

ohire, Latin. 
Mangkin. The more, by the gi-eater 

degree; v. Makiu. 
Mangkok (j). A porcelain bowl or 

Mangku (jav). To hold on the lap or 

knee ; v. Pangku. 

Mangkubumi (mangku, j, and buini, s). 
The title of the first minister in some 
states, but in Java a jiersonal name or 

Mangkudu (j. kudu). Name of a tree, 
Morinda citrifolia ; v. Bangkudu. 

Mangkung(jAv). Eefractory, disobedient. 

Mangkur. A litter, a palan<pun. 

Mangkurat (jav. mangku, "to liold on 
the lap," and rat, "the world"). A 
titular name of persons. 

Mangkurkan (mangkur). To bear or 
carry in a litter. 

Mangraug. To gi-oan. 

Mangsa (s). Time, period, season. 

Mangsi (jav). Ink. 

Mangu(j). Wonder, amazement ; dismay, 

Maiiak (be^). Many ; much ; v. Banak. 

Mara (s). Calamity, misfortune ; .injury, 
mischief; a hurt. 

Mara (j). To advance, to go forward ; 
firm, resolute. 

Mara (jav). To divide, to part a whole. 

Mara-bahaya (s). Jeopardy, danger, peril. 

Marah. Angry, wroth ; anger, wrath. 

Marahkan ; v. tr. To be angiy with, to 
be displeased at. 

Marak. To light, to kindle, to set on fire. 

Marapi (jav). Name of a high mountain 
in the central parts of Java \vith an 
active volcano. 

Maratuwa (j). Father or mother-in-law ; 
name of an island lying off the south- 
eastern coast of Borneo. 

Marchapada (s). The earth; the terres- 
trial world. 

Marchika (s). A scorpion ; v. Matsika. 

Mardawangsa (s). Of mature age. 

Mardika (j). Freed, emancipated ; v. 

Margi (s). Way, road, path; way, course; 
access ; approach ; means, medium. 

Mari. To come ; come ! hither, here. 

Mari (jav). Cured, healed, whole. 

Mari'au (bat). A mine. 

Mai'icha (s). Black pppper, Piper nigrum. 

Marika. People, persons; a pronoun of 
the third person plural, applied to 
persons only, and commonly followed 
by the demonstrative pronoun "itu," 
frequently abbreviated " marikitu." 

Maritauau. Martaban, in Pegu. 

Marma (jav). Pity, compassion ; mercy. 

Maru (jav). Having two or more wives. 

Marudu. Name of a great bay at the 
northern extremity of Borneo ; v. Ma- 

Maruta (s). A gentle air, a zephyr. 

Mas (j). Gold; an epithet applied to 
the names of persons as a title in Java ; 
name of a weight in Sumatra equal to 
nearly 40 grains, being the 1-1 Gth of a 




tiiil ; name of a small gold coin of Achiu, 

weighing 9 grains, and worth Is. 2d. ; 

V. Amas. 
Mas-juwita (j). A term of fondness to a 

woman ; literally, " gold of a woman 
Mas-kawin (j and i'). Dowry, gift of the 

husband to the wife. 
Ma.s-masan. Golden. 
Mas-merah. A term of endearment; 

literally, "red gold." 
Mas-pichis (j). Gold coin. 
Mas-urai. Gold dust ; vii-gin gold, gold 

unalloyed ; literally, " loose gold," or 

"gold not in ma-ss." 
Masa (s). Time ; season, period. 
Masa (for. mas). Forsooth, in tmth. 
Masak. Ripe, matm-e, not raw ; cooked, 

dressed, not raw; ripe, perfect in 

Masakan. Indeed, possible ! why ! how 

possibly ! wherefore ? 
Masaug. Name of a place in Sumatra. 
Masap (bat). Soui% sharp, acid. 
Masam (j. asam). Sour, acid; crabbed, 

Masam -muka. Ill -humour, vexation; 

frowning, frown; gruff; literally, "sour- 
Masih (j. maksih). Yet, still. 
Maain (j. asin). Salt, briny; brackish; 

Masing-masing (asing). Each, every one. 
Mastiga. The carbimcle ruby. 
Masuk. To enter, to go in. 
Masuki. To penetrate, to enter. 
Masiii. Name of an aromatic bai-k used 

as a cosmetic, the Cortex onlnius of 

Masukkan (masuk). To cause to enter ; 

to introduce ; to insert. 
Masulipatani (t). The sea-port and town 

of Masulipatam, on the Coromandel 

Mat (]'). Check-mate at the game of chess. 
Mata (j). The eye, the organ of vision ; 

mesh, interstice of any reticulated work; 

the blade of a weapon; kinds, sorts, 

varieties ; a point of tlie comiiass. 
Mata-ai'i (j and s). The sun; litei-ally, 

" the eye of day." 
Mata-ari-idup. The east ; literally, " the 

sun living." 
Mata-ari-jatuk. The west ; literally, " the 

fallen sun." 
Mata-ari -masuk. Sunset; literally, "the 

sun gone within." 
Mata-ari-mati. The west ; literally, " the 

sun dead." 
Mata-ari-nayik. Sunrise. 
Mata-ari-tarbit. Sunrise; literally, " the 

sun issued out." 
Mata-ari-turun. Sunset; litcx-ally, "the 
8Un descended." 

Mata-ayar. A spring, a fountain; lite- 
rally, " the water's eye." 

Mata-banda. Goods, effects; treasure, 
wealth ; literallj% " eye of property." 

Mata-buta. Name of a plant, Exccecaria 
agallocha ; literally, " blind eye." 

Mata-dagangan. Goods, merchandise. 

Mata-itam. Ii'is of the eye. 

Mata-jalan. Outpost, picket; advanced 
guard ; Uterally, " eye of the road." 

Mata-kaki. The ankle ; literally, " eye of 
the foot." 

Mata-kuching. The cat's-eye gem ; name 
of a plant, Mephitidia cyanocarpa. 

Mata-mata (j). A spy, a scout ; a watch- 
man; a constable, a policeman; quasi 
" eyes-eyes." 

Mata-pimai. The interstices of rattan 
network ; rattan network ; literally, 
" pigeons' eyes." 

Mata-putih. "White of the eye, sclerotic 
coat of the eye. 

Mata-susu. The ducts of the breast- 

Mata-tung. A bung-hole. 

Mata-wang (j). Specie, hard cash. 

Matan. Name of a Malay state on the 
south-western coast of Borneo. 

Mataram (jav). Name of one of the cen- 
tral provinces of Java; name of the 
chief town and state in the island of 

Matawuu (jay). The name of Mataram 
in the ceremonial language of Java. 

Mati (s. mriti; Pali, mati). To die; 
death ; dead, deprived of life ; dead, 
inanimate, insensible, without sensa- 
tion ; torpid, benumbed ; spent, ex- 

Matikan. To put to death, to kill, to 

Matros (eu). An artilleryman, a gunner, 
a cannonier. 

Matsika (s). A scorpion ; v. Marchika. 

Matsya (s). A fish. 

Matu. Name of a river on the north- 
western coast of Borneo. 

Matu (t). a touchstone for testing gold, 
of which the scale consists of 10 de- 
grees, each of which is called a m\itu, 
as our own arc called carats. 

Milu. To will, to desire, to wish; to 
mean, to pui'pose, to design; will; 
would; could; auxiliary of future 

Miiung (ben). Fresli, sweet. 

Mawar, or Mawar (j). A rose, Rosa indica. 
The rose is not indigenous in any of the 
Indian islands, and is most generally 
called "the rose-water flower," from 
which perliaps it is to bo inferred that 
the drug was introduced before the 
plant. The word is neither Arabic nor 


[ 99 ] 


Persian, and may possibly be a corrup- 
tion of ma\vur, '• to scatter or disperse," 
the allusion being to the application of 

Mawiu- (JAV). To scatter, to disperse. 

Maya (s). An illusion, a dece^^tiou; a 
phantom, a spectre. 

Mayam. Xame of a gold and silver 
weight of the Malay peninsula of 52 
grains, containing 12 sagas or scarlet 
beans, and 16 of which make a bungkal 
of two Spanish dollars weight. 

Mayang (j. the flower of the areka or 
betel palm). The flower of palms. 

Mayin. To play, to sport, to frolic; to play, 
to toy ; to dally amorously ; to game, 
to gamble; play, sport, amusement; 
toying, dalliance, caressing ; artifice, 
contrivance ; gaming, gambling, play. 

Mayin-mayin. To play or sport on, to 
sport continuously ; playfully, sport- 

Mayin-mayinan. Play, sport, amuse- 
ment ; toy, plaything. 

Mayiu-sanjata. To exercise with arms ; 
literally, " to play at weapons." 

Madangai. Xame of a forest tree. 

Mada/t (a). Eulogy, encomium. 

Madi (jAv). A sprite, an apparition. 

Madinah (a). Medina, in Arabia. 

Madrasah (a). A college, an academy, a 
public school. 

Madura (j). The island of Madm-a; v. 

Mad'ang (jav). To cut with a sword, to 

Mad'ang-kamolan (jav). Name of an 
ancient kingdom celebrated in Java- 
nese romance. 

Maf awah (a). Loquacious, full of talk. 

^lafhum (a). Understood, perceived, 
comprehended ; contents, tenor, sense 
of a letter. 

Magah. Famed, renowned ; v. Gah. 

Magah (bat). Haughty, an-ogant. 

Magat. A Malay title ; a young noble ; 
noble by the mother's side. 

Ma^lub(A). Conquered, subdued, over- 

Ma^rab (a). The west; countries west of 

Ma,'tabat (a). Love, afifection; friend- 

Ma^amad (a). Mahomed, the founder of 
the Mahomedan religion; a frequent 
proper name of men, meaning one 
deserving commendation. 

Ma/tarab (a). The most elevated pai't of a 
mosque where the preacher stands. 

Maharam (a). The first month of the 
Arabian yeai'. 

Majad (a). Glorious, sublime ; glory, 
grandeui-, gi-eatness. 

Majalfis (a). An assembly, a meeting, a 

Majnim (a). Mad, crazy. 
Makar (jav). To blow, to bloom, to 

Makasar (bu. maugkasara). Macassar, in 

Makayangan (jav). The abode of tho 

gods; V. Kayangan. 
MSkah (a). Mecca, in Ai-abia. 
Makeh (j. bakik). To scream, to shriek, 

to shout. 
Makmal (hin). Muslin. 
Maki-amat (a). Honom", glory, dignity ; 

liberaUty, gcnei'osity. 
Makrub (a). Sorrowful. 
Makruh (a). Hated, odious, abominable. 
Maksa (jav). To force, to compel; v. 

Maksih (jav). Still, yet ; v. Maksih and 

Maktub (a). Written ; a letter, a writing ; 

Makut'a (s). A crown, a coronet, a dia- 
dem; V. Makut'a. 
MaAam (a). Place, situation; resident, 

staying, stopping. 
MaX;amkan. To bury, to inter. 
Mai-adas (a). Holy, sacred, sanctified, 

Mai-im (a). An inhabitant ; a district or 

Maksud (a). Intention, wish, inclmatiou, 

Malabar (eu). Malabar. 

Malaikat (a). Angels ; an angel. 

Malaka (j). Name of a tree, Emhlica qfi- 
cinalis ; Malacca ;' v. Malaka. 

Malaku (laku). To pass, to go, to proceed. 

Malakukan (laku). To cause to go, or pass; 
to execute, to accomplish, to effect; 
to do, to perform; to conduct, to 
manage ; to treat, to use. 

Malaliii (lalu). To pass, to go beyond, 
to pass through ; to exceed, to sur- 
pass ; to ©Impose, to contravene ; to 
transgi-ess ; to traverse, to wander over. 

Malamarkan (lamar). To demand in 

Malambai (lambai). To beckon ; to wave ; 
to brandish. 

Malambai-lambai. To beckon repeatedly. 

Malambaikau ; v.' tr. To wave, to brandish. 

Malambatkan (lambat). To prolong, to 
put off; to delay, to defer ; to procras- 

Malanchong (jav). To play, to toy, to 
trifle ; to lounge, to idle, to loiter. 

Mdlanjut (lanjut). To extend, to lengthen. 

Malantak (lantak). To peg, to fasten 
with a peg or nail ; to ram, to drive in. 

Malantas (lantas). To pass through, to 
permeate ; to pass on, to speed on. 


[ 100 ] 


Malanger (lauger). To apjily or use cos- 
Malanggai* (langgar). To make an attack, 

to make au assault. 
Malaugkah (laugkah). To step, to pace, 

to stride. 
Malanguug (langung). To be pensive, to 

be thougbtful, to muse. 
Malapaug (lapaug). To extend, to widen. 
Malapuh (j. mklpuh). A burn, a scald. 
Malar (jav). To spread, to extend, to 

Malaralikau. To challenge to di'ink. 
Malarangkftu (larang). To prohibit, to 
forbid, to interdict ; to prevent, to 
hinder ; to make dear, to enhance in 
Malarikan (lari). To carry ofl', to inin 

away with. 
Malarikan d"iri. To escape, to save one- 
self; literally, "to run away with one- 
Malarikan-uawa. To escape, to save one's 
life ; literally, " to run away with one's 
Malarut (larut). To retreat, to fall back ; 
to turn aside out of the right path or 
course, to deviate. 
Malas (bat). A small leak. 
Malata (lata). To creep, to crawl. 
Malati (s). The Indian jasmine, Jasmi- 

num sambac. 
Miilati-gambir-utau. Name of a species 

of Jasmine, Jasminum glabriusculuni. 
Malati-tongkeng. Name of a flower ; li- 
terally, "the jasmine of Tonquin;" 
Pergulana odoratissima. 
Malatus. A blain, a "blister. 
Miilaut (laut). To go to sea, to put to 

sea, to be at sea. 
Malauti. To put to sea ; to navigate by 

Malawan (lawan). To oppose, to act 

against ; to resist. 
Malawi. Name of a place on the western 

coast of Borneo. 
Miilayaiig (layang). To fly gliding without 
flapping the wings; to pass through 
the air. 
Malayangkan. To cause to pass through 
the air gliding ; to discharge a missile. 
Malayar (layar) To sail 
Miilayarkan. To cause to sail ; to navi- 
Malayin (layin). To differ, to be distinct 

MalayinkAn (layin). But, except ; unless, 
save ; literally, " to cause to be other, 
or different." 
Malayor (layor). To dry by the applica- 
tion of heat. 
Malayu (.i.w). T.. run, to walk quickly ; 
to run, to floe. 

Mfilayu (j). Malay; Malayan. 
Malilbilikan (labih). To increase, to add 
to ; to multiply ; to magnify ; literally, 
" to make more." 
Maiakatkau (lakat). To apply, to cause 

to adhere. 
Malalaug (j. malongo?). To stare, to 

look with fixed eyes. 

Malambutkan (lambut). To soften, to 

make soft ; to mitigate, to mollify, to 

assuage ; to make timid or effeminate. 

Mali\ngguh (j. luugguh). To sit. 

Malangkap (laugkap). To prepare, to get 

Malaugkapi. To equip, to furnish. 
Malauguk (j. languk). To be sad, to be 

forlorn ; to be deserted. 
Malapaskan (lapas). To loose, to liberate, 
to release, to set free ; to dischai-ge, to 
let off a missile. 
Malatakkau (latak). To place, to set, to 
lay ; to lay down, to establish ; to ap- 
point, to fix, to determine ; to use, to 
make use of. 
Malela (jav). Steel ; v. Baja. 
Maleleh (leleh). To lay open, to unfold. 
Malemparkan (lempar). To throw, to 

fling, to cast ; to pelt. 
Malentaug (lentang). To cross, to trans- 
verse, to place athwart ; to cross, to 
thwart, to contravene. 
Miileuggang (lenggang). To swing, to 

rock ; to roll as a ship. 
Maliaat. To ^dew, to see. 
Maliati. To view, to inspect. 
Malik (a), a king. 
Malila (lila). To flourish, to brandish. 
Mdlimbaikan (limbai). To swing, to wave 

to and fro. 
Malimpahkan (limpah). To cause to over- 
flow ; to make abundant. 
Malindung (liudung). To shade, to sha- 
dow ; to shade, to sheltei". 
Malindungkan ; v. tr. To shade, to shadow ; 

to shelter, to protect ; to hide. 
Maliput (liput). To include, to enclose, 
to envelope; to include, to compre- 
Malit (bat). Curious, inquisitive. 
Maliyau. Name of a place on the western 

coast of Borneo. 
Malompat (loinpat). To jump, to leap ; 

to skip, to bound; to caper. 
Malotarkan (lotar;. To fling, to throw, 

to pelt ; to reproach, to upbraid. 
Maludah (ludah). To spit, to eject saliva. 
Maludahi. To spit at or upon. 
Maluka (luka). To wound, to inflict a 

Maluka. Name of a place in the island 
of Ceram, from which is probably de- 
rived tlie European name, " Moluccas," 
for the Spice islands ; v. Maluka. 


[101 ] 


Maluku (vvaluku). To plough. 
MiUuluskau (lulus). To execute, to 

Malumatkau (lumat). To powder, to 

pulverise, to reduce to dust. 
Maluuggoh (lunggoh). To sit, to be 

Malupa (lupa). To forget. 
Maliu" (j. manur). Jasmine, Jasminum 

samhac; v. Malati. 
Malutut (lutut). To knock or .strike with 

the kuees. 
Mallarat (a). Detriment, injury, mis- 
chief, hurt, damage. 
Mam. To .suck the breast or dug. 
Mamiiat (ptiat). To chisel, to cut with a 

Mamabukkan (mabuk). To make drunk, 

to intoxicate, to inebriate. 
Mamacha (baclia). To read ; to chant. 
Mamachak (pachak). To spit, to put on 

a spit. 
Mamachu (pachu). To drive with a whij) 

or goad. 
Mamadam (padam). To quench, to put 

out, to extinguish. 
Mamad-a (pad'a). To be alike, to be 

similar ; to be equal. 
Mamad-iii. To equal ; v. Mamad'akan. 
Mamad'akau. To equal, to equalize ; to 

satisfy, to content. 
Mamagari (pagar). To fence, to hedge ; 

to enclose. 
Mamagut (pagut). To peck as a bu-d ; to 

bite as a snake. 
Mamakai (pakai). To clothe ; to wear ; 

to invest, to put on ; to use. 
Mamakai (pakal). To caulk. 
Mamakankan (makau). To eat up, to 

Mamalih (palih). To divide in two. 
Mamaling (paling). To turn away, to avert 

the face. 
Mamaling (maling). To rob by night. 
Mamalis (palis). To avert the face ; v. 

Mamalu (palu). To beat, to strike ; to 

Mamanah (pauah). To shoot with a bolt 

or arrow. 
Mamanahkan. To discharge an arrow. 
Mamanchar (panchar). To gush. 
Mamanchiug (panching). To fish with a 

line and hook. 
Mamanchung (panchimg). To loji. 
Mamaudang (pandang). To look at, to 

view, to behold. 
Mamandikan (mandi). To bathe, to 

cause to bathe. 
Mamaniran. Name of a plant, ^Eschyno- 

mcne pum'da. 
Mamaniran-putih. Name of a plant, Por- 

tulaca qiuuh-ifida. 

Mamanjang (panjang). To lengthen, to 
elongate ; to draw out, to prolong. 

Mamanjat (panjat). To cUmb. 

Mamantukkan (mantuk). To cause to 
return, to return, to send back. 

Mamanggal (pangal). To chop off. 

Mamanggil (panggil). To call, to sum- 

Mamangku (pangku). To take on the 
lap or bosom,- to govern, to rule, to 

Mamaraug (parang). To chop, to hew, 
to hack, to cut with a cleaver. 

Mamarik (parik). To light, to kindle. 

Mamasak (pasak). To peg, to fasten with 
a peg. 

Milmasang (pasang). To apply, to put 
to, to put to use. 

Mamatah (patah). To bi-eak, to fracture ; 
to snap. 

Mamatikan (mati). To cause to die, to 
kill, to put to death, to slay. 

Milmatuk (patuk). To peck as a bird ; to 
bite as a snake. 

Mamatutkan (patut). To make fitting or 
proper, to make suitable. 

Mamachah (pachah). To break ; to burst. 

Mamadaskan (padas). To make hot or 
pungent ; to exasperate. 

Mamadi (jav). A goblin ; a scarecrow. 

Mamadil (badil). To discharge fire- 
arms ; to discharge missiles. 

Mamagang (pagang). To catch, to lay 

Mamflkek (bakek). To scream, to shriek. 

Mamanasakan (banasa). To spoil, to in- 
jure ; to min, to destroy, to lay waste ; 
V. Mambanasakan. 

Mamanohi (panoh). To fill, to make re- 
plete ; to fulfil. 

Mamangkis. To speak reproachfully or 
contemptuously, to upbraid. 

Mamarang (prang). To fight; to war, 
to make war. 

Mamarchik (parchik). To sprinkle. 

Mamarchik-marchik. To sjJiinkle often 
or continuously. 

Mambacha (bacha). To read, to chant. 

Mambahagai (bahagai). To divide, to 
portion, to share. 

Mambalas (balas). To answer, to reply, 
to respond ; to requite, to retaliate. 

Mambalit (balit). To entwine, to twist 

Mambanting (banting). To beat, to 

Mambantu (bantu). To help, to aid, to 

Mambantut (bantut). To render in- 
effectual ; to interrupt. 

Mambang. Name of an order of super- 
natural beings ; name of a cycle of 
twelve years. 




Mdmbangun (Tjangun). To arise, to get up. 

Manibangunkan. To erect, to elevate ; 
to build, to construct ; to plan, to de- 

Mambasuli (basuh). To wash, to rinse. 

Mambawah (bawah). To yield, to submit, 
to surrender. 

Mambayikki (bayik). To mend, to repaii", 
to put right ; to trim, to adjust. 

Mambachara (bachara). To consider, to 
consult, to deliberate. 

Mambacharakiln. To advise, to give ad- 
vice, to counsel. 

Mambalah (biilah). To split, to rive, to 
cleave ; v. Mamblah. 

Mambalakaugi (balakang). To follow, to 
go after ; to set below in value, to de- 
l^reciate, to degi-ade; to put off, to 
postpone ; to hesitate, to waver. 

Mambalakangkcln. To place behind, to 
place in the rear. 

Mambali (ball). To buy, to purchase ; v. 

Mambanasakan (banasa). To spoil, to in- 
jure; to ruin, to destroy. 

Mambanarkan (banar). To correct ; to 
veiify, to attest. 

Mambanchauakan (banchana). To injure ; 
to corrupt, to seduce, 

Milmbarkas (barkas). To bundle; to 

Mambarkatkau (barkat). To bless, to con- 
secrate by a prayer. 

Mambasai-kan. To magnify, to enlarge ; 
to extol. 

MAmbasarkan-diri. To vaimt, to boast, 
to brag, to glorify oneself. 

Mambatuli (batul), v. Mambatulkan. 

M^mbatulkan. To straighten, to make 
straight ; to rectify, to make right. 

Mambilangkan (bilang). To reckon, to 
count ; to value, to appreciate ; to 

Mambli (bli). To buy, to purchase ; v. 

Miimbrang. Tlio otter, Aonyx leptonyx 
of Horsfield. 

Mambri (bri). To give, to bestow. 

Mambrita (brita). To report, to give 

Milmbujurkan. To stretch out length- 

Miimbuka (buka). To open, to unclose ; 
to open, to begin. 

Mambuni (buni). To hide, to conceal. 

Mambunoh (buuok). To kill, to slay; v. 

Mambunoh-d iri. To kill oneself, to 
commit suicide. 

Mambuugkar (bungkar). To weigh, to 
heave up ; v. Mamungkar. 

Mambuugkuskan (bungkus). To wrap, 
to envelope ; to pack. 

Mambuiii (buni). To sound, to emit a 

Mambimikiln. To sound, to cause to 
make a noise ; to play on a musical in- 

Mambutul (butul). To pass through ; to 
pass from one side to the other. 

Mambuwang (buwang). To throw away, 
to cast away; to reject ; to discard. 

Mambuwangkau. To cause to be thrown 
away ; to put to death, to make away 

Mamikul (pikul). To bear, to cany as a 
burthen on the back. 

Mamilih (pilih). To choose, to select. 

MamTlik (miliA). To own, to possess. 

Mamimpin (pimpin). To lead ceremoni- 
ously by the hand. 

Maminang (pinang). To ask in marriage, 
to court, to make addresses. 

Mamiud-ah (piad'ah). To change place, 
to move from one place to another ; to 
flit, to migi-ate. 

Mamiujam (pinjam). To bori'ow, or to 

Maminta (minta). To ask, to petition, 
to beg. 

Mamintal (pintal). To braid. 

Mamifiak (miiaak). To oil, to anoint. 

Mamitik (pitik). To strike the cords or 
bars of a musical instrument. 

Miimlehrak/iu (plchera). To nourish, to 
chei-ish, to protect. 

Mamluh (paluh). To hug, to embrace by 
taking in the arms. 

Mampawa. Name of a Malay state on the 
western side of Borneo. 

Mampald (t). A bridegi-oom. 

Mamparsambahkau (sambah). To pre- 
sent with an obeisance ; to represent, 
to submit, to lay before. 

Mdmpir (ampir). To approach, to draw 

Mampuiiai (puna). To appropriate, to 
take possession of, to make one's own ; 
to own, to have in property. 

Mamrali (pi'ah). To squeeze, to press 
out ; to milk. 

Mamrang (jjrang). To war, to fight, to 
battle ; V. Mamprang. 

Mdmreksai (prcksa). To inquire into, to 

Mamreksakau, v. Mamreksiii. 

Mamrentah (prentah). To order, to com- 
mand; to rule, to govern; to super- 
intend, to direct ; to dispose, to put in 

Mamrugul (rugul). To ravish, to deflower. 

Mamotong (potong). To cut off, to lop, 

Miimuji (puji). To praise, to laud; to 
compliment ; to flatter ; to glorify, 

Milmukat (pukat). To with a seine 
or drag-net. 




Mamukul (pukul). To beat, to strike. 
MamuUii (mula). To commence, to make 

a begluning. 
Mamulaiig (pulaug). To restore, to re- 

tui-n, to render, to give back. 
Mamulih (pvilib). To restore, to retrieve. 
IMamulyakau (mulya). To extol, to cele- 
brate, to glorify. 
Mamuuoh (bimoh). To kill, to slay; v. 

Milmimgkar (bungkar). To weigh, to 

heave up ; v. Mambungkar. 
Mamungut (pungut). To pick, to gather ; 

to cull, to choose, to select. 
Mdmusuhkan (musuh). To act in hos- 

• tUity to, to oppose, to contravene. 
Mamutdr (putar). To turn, to revolve. 
Mamutarkan. To cause to turn, to make 

to revolve ; to rule, to govern. 
IVLtmuun (miiun). To leave. 
Mamiiunkan. To grant leave ; to excuse, 

to let off. 
Mamuwaskan (puwas). To satisfy, to 

Man (a). Name of an Arabian weight. 
Maniian (tiian). To bear, to endiu-e, to 

support ; to forbear, to refrain. 
Maniiani. To detain, to keep back ; to 

restrain ; to withhold ; to arrest. 
Manabor (tabor). To strew, to shed, to 

scatter ; to sow, to scatter seed gi-aiu. 
Manada (bu). Name of a state in Ce- 
Manadakan (tada). To negative, to deny, 

to abnegate; to nullify, to bring to 

Manad-ah (tad'ah). To hold out the 

open hands. 
Manad'ahk&n. To receive or catch some- 
thing dropping, with the open hands. 
Manafai- (a). A hypocrite; hypocritical, 

Managih (tagih). To dun, to claim a 

debt unportunately. 
Manajam (tajam). To sharpen, to whet. 
Manakut (takut). To fear, to reverence, 

to respect. 
Manakuti. To frighten, to terrify. 
Manamakan (nama). To call, to name, 

to bestow a name. 
Manambah (tambah). To increase. 
iLinambat (tambat). To bind, to tie fast. 
Manampar (tampar). To slap, to strike 

with the open hand. 
!Maoanak (tanak). To boil, to seeth. 
Manauam (tauam). To bury, to put in 

the ground ; to bury, to inter the dead ; 

to plaut ; to sow. 
Mananduk (tanduk). To butt or gore 

with the horns. 
Mauand'akan (tand'a). To mark, to im- 
press with a mark ; to make a signal ; 

to exhibit, to display. 

Mdnandiii, v. Manand'akiiu. 

Manani. To be becalmed, to be an'ested 

by a calm. 
Mananti (nanti). To await; to bide, to 

Manantikdn. To cause to await, to de- 
tain ; to await, to wait for. 
Manang (j). To win, to conquer; vic- 
tory; conquest. 
Mdnangga (tangga, " a stair "). To visit 

neighboui-s, to gossip. 
Manauggalkan (tanggal). To strip, to 

peel, to decorticate ; to strip, to make 

Manaugis (tangis). To weep ; to lament ; 

to complain. 
Mdnangiskan. To lament, to bewail, to 

bemoan, to grieve for. 
Manangkabau. Name of a Mslay coun- 
try in the centi'al part of Sumatra, 
llanangkap (tangkap). To catch, to 

seize, to lay hold of, to apprehend ; to 

apprehend, to conceive. 
Manaugkiskan (taugkis). To ward, to 

fence off, to parry. 
Manaiiai (taiia). To question, to inter- 
Manapa (apa). To question, to ask, to 

Manapak (tapakV To pash or shove with 

the open hand. 
Mauar (a). A minai-et ; the tower of a 

Manarat (a), v. Manar. 
Manarek (tarek). To draw, to drag, to 

Manai-i (tai-i). To dance. 
Manaruh (taruh). To put, to lay, 

to place; to lay up, to deposit, to 

store ; to stake, to bet ; to commit, to 

MAnatas (tatas). To cut, to slice. 
Maniiim (taun). To do anything by the 

Manawan (tawan). To be a prisoner, to 

be a captive. 
Manawaukau. To make prisoner, to take 

Manawar (tawar). To charm, to apply a 

charm ; to cure by charms ; to bid for, 

to bid a price ; to seduce a woman. 
Mauawimg (nawviug). To be .shaded, to 

be shadowed; to be sheltered, to be 

Manawungi. To shade; to shelter, to 

protect ; to shade, to overshadow. 
Mauayikkan (nayik). To i-aise, to elevate, 

to erect, to cause to mount ; to build, 

to construct. 
Manabang (tabang). To fell and clear 

the ground of timber trees. 
Manabas (tabas). To clear land of gra.?s 

and underwood. 


[ 10^ ] 


Manabmng (sabrang). To ford, to cross 
water; v. Mauabrang. 

Manabus (tabus). To ransom, to redeem ; 
to manumit, to emancipate ; to buy a 
slave or captive. 

Manabut (sabut). To tell, to mention, to 
name; v. Maiiabut. 

Managa (taga). To stand, to be erect. 

Managakrm. To erect, to cause to stand ; 
to build, to construct. 

ManAgabkto (tagah). To forbid, to pro- 
hibit ; to restrain, to control. 

Mfinagar (tiigar). To assure, to confirm. 

Managor (trlgor). To call ; to accost ; to 

Mauilguhkan (ttigub). To strengthen, to 
establish, to confirm, to settle firmly. 

Mdnajuk (sajuk). To cool, to be re- 

Mauajukkdn. To cool, to refresh. 

Manak^nkan (takau). To press down, to 
act upon with weight. 

Milnalan (talan). To gorge, to swallow. 

Manambim (tambun). To heap, to jpile ; 
to accumulate. 

Mauamput (amput). To beat, to knock 
against ; to copulate. 

Manantukan (tantu). To assure, to make 
certain ; to certify ; to verify ; to con- 
firm ; to attest. 

Manang (j). To rest ; to cease, to stop ; 
to desist ; to be silent ; repose ; tran- 
quillity ; rest ; calm ; silence ; silent. 

Mdnangah (tangah). To be in the middle, 
to be in the midst of. 

Manangahkan. To divide in two, to 

Mftnangar (d'angfir). To hear; v. Man- 

Mananggala (tanggala). To plough. 

Mandpi (tapi). To border; to put on a 
border ; to coast, to sail along a shore. 

ManArangkan (traug). To clear, to 
brighten; to clear, to free from ob- 
scurity, to make perspicuous, to ex- 
plain, to illustrate. 

Manarbang (tarbaug). To fly, to take 

MauarbangkAn. To cause to fly or take 

Manarima (tarima). To accept, to I'eceive. 

M<ln.lrkam (tarkdm). To rush upon, to 
fall iipou, to assault. 

Manarum (tarum). To couch, to squat. 

Miinatapi (tatai»). To establish, to settle, 
to fix; to encourage, to assure, to 
make confident. 

Man«lu/i;kan (taluJc). To make depen- 
dent, to render subject. 

Manbar (a). A pulpit, a reading-desk. 

Manchabut (chabut). To pluck, to draw, 
to pull up by the roots ; to draw or 
unsheath a weapon; to subtract or 

deduct ; to cashier, to remove from 

Miluchangkul (changkul). To hoc, to 

Manchapi (chap). To mark, to impress 
with a mark, to stamp ; to seal, to apply 
a signet. 

Manchari (chari). To seek, to seai'ch. 

Mancharita (charita). To narrate, to re- 
hearse, to relate. 

Manchalakau (chala). To blame, to find 
fault with, to upbraid, to reproach. 

Manchalup (clialup). To dip, to immerge 
in a fluid ; to dye, to tincture by immer- 

ManchAmftri (chamdr). To dirty; to 
pollute, to defile, to foul, to soil. 

Manchamdri-kainpung. To seduce a wo- 
man; literally, " to defile the village," 
that is, to insult it. 

Manchamarkdn. To dirty, to foul, to 
make filtliy. 

Manchuba (chuba). To try, to essay. 

Manchubai. To try, to tempt. 

MAnchuri (churi). To steal. 

Mancliuri-churi. To take stealthily, to 
pilfer ; stealthily, stealiugly. 

Manchyum (chyum). To smell, to snuS", 
to scent ; to kiss. 

Manchyum-jari. To salute by kissing 
the hand of another ; literally, " to 
scent or smell the fingers." 

Mandamaikan (damai). To pacify, to 
restore peace between parties. 

Mandaudani (dandan). To put in order, 
to set right ; to prepare, to make ready. 

Mandapatkan (dapat). To find ; to find 
out, to discover ; to meet, to encounter. 

Mandiiului (diiulu). To precede, to go 
before ; to anticipate. 

Mandah (p). A pitcher. 

Mandilm (j). Drunk, inebriated, intoxi- 

Mandam-bii'ahi. Love-drunk; joyfullj% 

Mandam. Name of an utensil used in 
the bath. 

Maudarita (darita). To endure, to sus- 
tain, to suffer, to support ; to with- 
stand, to resist. 

Mandi. A pair, a couple. 

Mandikai (t). The water-melon, CUrulhus. 

Milndiyamkan (diyam). To silence, to 
still ; to quiet, to appease ; to still, to 
calm, to make motionless. 

Mandra. A handmaid. 

Mandru. To roar, to make a loud noise, 
as the surge against the shore. 

Milndram. A hollow rolling noise, as of 
distant thunder. 

Mandung (j). Dark, lowering, cloudy, 

Mand'akap. To embrace, to hug. 


L105 3 

mAn— mAn 

Milud-.ang (jav). Dust. 

Mand-aug-mand-ang. Gradually, by de- 

Mand-apa (j). A porch, a portico ; v. 
Mand'apa and Pand'apa. 

Mftnd'ataugi (d-atang). To come upon ; 
to attack, to assault, to assail, to in- 

Mand'atangkan (d'atang). To cause to 
come or arrive. 

Mand-flngar (dangar). To hear, to per- 
ceive by the ear : v. Manangar. 

Mand-id'ik. To boil, to seeth. 

Mand-ira (jav). Name of a species of 
fig-tree, Fkus Rumphii ; v. Waringin, 

Mrind-irikau (diri). To erect, to place 
upright, to raise or hoist as a banner 
or flag ; to erect, to build. 

Mand-ud-ukkan (dud'uk). To seat, to 
cause to sit down ; to place, to lay. 

Mauehrap (tehi-ap). To lie pi-one, to lie 
on the face. 

Manembak (tembak). To shoot, to dis- 
charge a missile ; to discharge fire- 

Manengok (tengok). To view, to spy. 

Manfat (a). Profit, gain, benefit, emolu- 

Mani (a). Sperm, seed. 

Mauidakiin (tida). To reject, to treat as 
nought ; to nullify. 

Manika/(kan. To marry, to give parties 
in marriage. 

Manikam (tikam). To stab, to puncture, 
to pi'ick. 

Manikas (ben). To roar as a wild animal. 

Manila (s). The sapphire. 

Manila. The city of Manilla, the capital 
of the Philippines; v. Manila. 

Manilai (uilai). To appraise, to value. 

Manilik (tilik). To gaze at ; to value, to 
regard, to view with favour. 

Mauimaug (timang). To fondle, to dandle. 

Manimba (timba). To bale, to lave; to 
draw water. 

Manimbang (timbang). To weigh ; to 

Manimbulkan (timbul). To cause to 
emerge, to bring to the surface; to 
produce, to exhibit. 

MAnimpiln (simpan). To reserve, to 
•store, to lay by. 

Maninjau (tinjau). To behold, to survey. 

Maninjo. Name of a plant, Gnctum 

Mauinju (tinju). To strike vfith. the fist, 
to give a box. 

Maninggalkan (tinggal). To leave, to quit, 
to forsake. 

Maninggi (tinggi). To elevate, to exalt. 

Maninggikan. To heighten, to make 
higher, to exalt. I 

Mdnipu (tipu). To cheat, to trick, to 
circumvent, to deceive. 

Manira (jav). I. 

Maniris (tiris). To leak, to let out water ; 
to ooze. 

Manitahkan (titah). To order, to com- 

Mdnitik (titik). To drop, to shed by 

Maniyup (tiyup). To blow, to make a 
current of air. 

^lanjabat (jabat). To touch, to feel ; to 
touch, to handle. 

Manjadi (jadi). To be, to exist; to be- 
come, to wax ; to happen, to take place ; 
to come into existence ; to be born. 

Manjadikau. To make, to create, to cause 
to exist ; to generate, to beget ; to pro- 
duce, to beai-, to bring forth ; to pro- 
duce, to yield, to furnish. 

Mdnjala (jala). To fish with a casting-net. 

Manjalan (jalan). To walk ; to progress, 
to proceed. 

MAujalani. To travel, to jom-ney over. 

Manjalankan, v. Manjalani. 

Manjalar. To ci-eep. 

Mdnjalma (jalma). To undergo a change 
of form, to be metamorphosed ; v. 
Manjalma and Maiialma. 

Manjamu (jamu). To feast, to entertain ; 
to refresh or bait on a journey. 

Manjangan (jav). Name of a species of 
deei', Cervus rma ; v. Manjangan. 

Manjapada (s. mahya-patha). The terres- 
trial world. 

Manjarangkan (jarang). To widen, to 
make wide. 

Manjatuhkan (jatuh). To throw down, 
to overturn. 

Manjaukan (jau). To remove, to put 
away ; to divorce. 

Manjawikan (jawi). To translate, to ren- 
der into the vulgar tongue ; to change, 
to alter one thing for another. 

Maiijillis. Graceful. 

Manjalma (jalma). To undergo a change 
of form, to be metamorphosed; v. 
Manjalma and Maiialma. 

Manjongan. Name of a kind of boat. 

Manjunjung (junjung). To prop, to sup- 
port ; to support on the head. 

Maujuwal (juwal). To sell, to vend. 

Manolak (tolak). To shove, to push ; to 
put or push aside ; to deduct or sub- 

ManolakkAn. To push away, to drive off, 
to repel ; to deduct or subtract. 

Manombak (tombak). To spear, to pierce 
with a spear. 

Manongkat (tougkat). To walk or bo 
supported with a staff. 

Manor (jav). Jasmine, Jasminum samhac ; 
V. Malati and Manur. 


[ 106 ] 


Milnta. Em-aged, furious, applied to the 

Mautah (jav). Raw, crude, unripe. 
Mantalif (a. talif). To join, to connect. 
Milutapa (tapa). To perform religious 

penance and austerities. 
M^utas (j). To laud, to go on shore, to 

Mantik. To germinate, to sprout, to 

M&ntika. Bezoar; v. M^tika. 
M^ntil (jav). Knob, nipple. 
Mantuwah. Father or mother-in-law. 
Manflfc (a). Discourse ; reasoning ; elo- 
Manuba (tuba). To poison fish with the 

tuba plant. 
Manud'uh (tud'uh). To accuse, to charge, 

to impeach. 
M^nud-ung (tud'iing). To cover, as with 

a lid ; to cover, to conceal. 
Manuji (suji). To embroider; v. Maiiuji. 
MAnuju (tuju). Towards, in the direc- 
tion of. 
Manukar (tukar). To change, to exchange, 

to barter. 
Mdnukas (tukas). To charge, to accuse, 

to impeach. 
Manulihkan (tiilih). To gaze at, to look 

intently on. 
Manulikan (tuli). To deaf, to deafen. 
Manulls (tulis). To delineate, to paint, 

to figure ; to write. 
Manulung (tulung). To help, to aid, to 

Manumpang (tumpang). To take accom- 
modation, as lodging, passage, or freight 

of goods ; to lodge, to dwell m a house 

or ship. 
Manumpat (tumpat). To choke up, to 

block up. 
Mdnunang (tunang). To afiiance, to bc- 

Milnundukkiln (tunduk). To bow, to 

bend the body. 
Manunjuk (tunjuk). To show, to exhibit. 
Manunjukkan. To point out, to explain, 

to expound. 
Miinuutut (tuntut). To claim, to demand, 

to exact. 
Manunu (timu). To bura, to be on fire. 
Mauunukan. To burn, to consume with 

Mdnunggang (tunggang). To ride, to 

travel by a vehicle. 
M.lnunggii (tunggu). To watch, to keep 

giiard ; to keep, to tend, to have care 

of, to guard. 
Manungguhkan (sungguh). To verify, to 

confirm, to prove true, to attest; v. 

Manunggiii (tunggu). To guard, to watcli 

for security. 

Manungkus (bungkus). To pack, to bun- 
dle up. 

MAnur (jAv). The jasmine, Jasmimim 
sambac ; v. Manor. 

Milnurun (turun). To descend ; to wane, 
to fiill, to descend ; to happen, to come 
to pass. 

Manurunkan. To cause to descend ; to 
lower, to let down; to ti-anscribe, to 

MAnutupkan (tutup). To shut, to close ; 
to cover, to envelop. 

Manutur (tutur). To say, to speak ; to 
tell, to relate. 

Manuwai (tuwai). To reap com with a 

Manga (jav). Open, patent, unfolded. 

Mangabisktln (abis). To finish, to termi- 
nate, to end, to conclude ; to expend, 
to exhaust, to bring to an end. 

Mangadiii (ada). To cause to be ; to 
execute, to cany into effect. 

Mangailakan (ada). To produce, to fm-- 
nish ; to exhibit, to display. 

Milngadu (adu). To submit, to repre- 
sent ; to make complaint. 

Mangadu (adu). To fight, to contend. 

Mangadukdn. To cause to fight or con- 

Mangad-angkfln (ad'ang). To intercept, 
to way-lay. 

Milngad'tlp (ad'ap). To be before, to be 
in front ; before, in front. 

Mangad apkan. To face, to front ; to con- 

Mangail (kail). To fish vrith a hook. 

Mangajak (ajak). To urge, to incite. 

Mdngajari (ajar). To teach, to instruct. 

Mangaji (aji). To read religious books, 
or recite or chant prayers. 

Mangaku (aku). To confess, to admit, 
to acknowledge ; to warrant, to declare 
on surety ; to become bail for, to be 
responsible for. 

Mangala (ala). To direct, to point to- 

Milngalahkcln (alah). To vanquish, to 
conquer, to overcome ; to excel, to 
surpass, to beat. 

Mdugalauk.ln (alau). To drive, to cause 
animals to move along ; to guide a ve- 
hicle ; to chase, to pursue. 

Mangali (j. ningali). To see, to look. 

Mdngalih (alih). To change, to shift. 

Mangalihk.ln. To cause to change, to 
shift, to move. 

Mangalir (alir). To flow, to stream. 

M.angalu. To receive or welcome a guest. 

Mangaluh. To sigh ; to moan, to make 

Mangaluu (alun). To rise in waves or 

Miiugalusi (alus). To try, to assay, to 




test, to examine ; literally, " to fine, or 

Mangamati (amat). To reconnoitre, to 
observe attentively ; perhaps, literally, 
" to make much of." 

Mangambaug (j. kambang, " to float, to 
swim on the suiface "). Moonrise. 

Mangambil (ambil). To take. 

Mangambuh. To soar, to fly aloft. 

Mangampimi (ampun). To pardon, to 

Mangampunkan, v. Mangampuni. 

Maugampungkan (kampung). To collect, 
to bring together. 

Mangamuk (amuk). To run a muck. 

Mangauching (kanching). To bolt; to 

Manganchur (anchur). To melt, to dis- 
solve, to be liquified ; to break to 
atoms; to soften to tenderness, to 

Manganchurkan. To melt, to dissolve, to 
liquify ; to smelt ; to reduce to atoms ; 
to pulverise ; to soften to tenderness, 
to mollify. 

Maugand-ang (kand'ang). To pen, to 
fold, to put vvithiu an enclosure. 

Maugand'ung (kand-ung). To bag, to put 
in a bag ; to bag, to swell as a full 
bag ; to teem, to be pregnant ; to bear 
or carry an object at the waist. 

Maugantik (antik). To spin, to make 

Mangantuk (antuk). To nod, to decline 
the head ; to be drowsy. 

Mangantup (antup). To sting as an in- 

Manganyaya (anyaya). To oppress, to ty- 

Mangaugatkan (angat). To heat, to warm. 

Milngangguh. To roar as a tiger. 

Manganginkan (angin). To ventilate, to 
fan with \vind ; to air. 

Mangangkat (augkat). To lift, to raise, 
to take up. 

Mangangkitkan (bangkit). To cause to 
rise or get up ; to raise, to elevate, to 
exalt, to dignify, 

Manganguskan (angus). To burn, to 
consume with fire. 

Mangapa (apa). Why, wherefore ; what. 

Mangapakan (apa). To effect, to achieve, 
to accomplish. 

Mangapala (kapala). To head, to lead, 
to conduct, to guide. 

Mangai'ang (karang). To set, to inter- 
sperse with ornaments; to arrange 
flowers or gems ; to compose, to wi-ite. 

Mangaras (j). Redolent, diffusing per- 

Mangaram (karam). To sink, to founder. 

Mangaramkdn. To sink, to swamp; to 
destroy, to overwhelm. 

Mdngarapkan (arap). To trust, to coiJfide 

Mangarti (arti). To understand, to com- 

Mangarung (arung). To wade, to pas.s 
water by walking. 

Mangarung (karuug). To sack, to bag, to 
put in a sack or bag. 

Mangaruskan (arus). To make suitable ; 
to approve, to sanction. 

Mangarut (karut). To tangle ; to quib- 
ble, to prevaricate. 

Mangasi (kasi). To give ; to allow ; to 
let, to jiermit. 

Mangasih (kasih). To love ; to favour, 
to hold in regard. 

Mangasihani (kasihan). To pity, to com- 

Mangata (kata). To speak, to say. 

Mangatakan. To address, to accost; to 
announce; to tell, to narrate, to say, 
to relate. 

Mangata\vi (katawi). To know, to have 
knowledge of. 

Mangatm- (atur). To arrange, to set in 

Mangawal (kawal). To guard, to keep 

Mangawan (kaw^an). To accompany, to 
associate, to herd. 

Mangawan (kawan). To tend, to serve, 
to wait upon. 

Mangawin (kawin). To marry, to wed. 

Manggayuh (kayuh). To row with pad- 
dles, to paddle. 

Mangayun (ayun). To swing, to rock, to 

Mangayunkau. To cause to rock or 

MS,ngabala (gabala). To tend cattle ; to 
drive a chariot ; to guide an elephant ; 
V. Mangambala. 

Mangachupi (kachup). To kiss, to smack. 

Mangadiyan (kamdiyan). To follow, to 
come after ; v. Mangamdiyau. 

Mangadiyankan. To put after ; to post- 
pone; to defer, to adjourn. 

Mangajar (kajar). To chase, to pursue. 

Mangajut (kajut). To start, to be star- 

Mangajutkan. To startle, to cause to 

Miiugalapur (kalapur). To be convulsed, 
to be affected by spasms ; v. Manga- 

Mangaiasaikan (salasai). To settle, to 

Mangaliling (kaliling). To go round ; to 

Mangililingi. To sui-round ; v. Mangali- 

MangaUlingkEln. To surround, to environ, 
to encompass, to encircle. 


[ 108 

mAn— mAn 

Mangalis. To observe, to look out. 
Mangiilupas (kalupas). To peel, to de- 
corticate ; to skill, to flay. 
Mangiilupur (kalupur) . To be convulsed ; 

V. Maiigalapur. 
Mangaluvvar (kaluwar). To pass out, to 

Mangaluwarkau. To extract, to draw 

out; to bring forward, to produce to 

view ; to turn out, to exclude. 
Mangambala (kambala). To tend cattle ; 

to drive a eliaiiot; to guide an ele- 
phant ; ■('. Mangabala. 
Mangambalikiln (kambali). To cause to 

return, to send back. 
Maugilmbang (kambang). To blossom, to 

blow ; to spread, to expand. 
Maugaiubara (j. iigumbara). To roam, 

to travel. 
Mangambari (kambar). To match by 

pairs ; to fight in pairs. 
Mangambus (ambus). To blow, to make 

a current of air. 
Mangambuskan. To blow, to cause a 

current of air. 
M^ugamdiyaukan (kamdiyan). To put 

after ; to put off, to postpone. 
Mangampar (ampiar). To spread out, to 

expand on the ground or sui-face. 
Mangampir-clmpir. To approach or go 

nigh to by degrees. 
Maugampurnakan (sampurna). To perfect, 

to complete. 
Mangana (kiiua). To be affected, to be 

acted on ; to be struck, to be hit ; to 

be invested with. 
Manganiii. To aflect, to act on ; to hit, 

to strike ; to invest, to put on. 
Mang^nakan (kaua), v. Mangauai. 
MangAnal (kanal). To know, to perceive 

with certainty ; to recognise ; to dis- 
Maugcluang (kanang). To consider, to 

ponder, to think upon, to muse. 
M&ngauftp (ganap). To complete. 
Mangandaki (andak). To will, to desire; 

to seek after. 
Miingaudara (kandara). To ride, to be 

conveyed by a vehicle. 
Mangandariii ; v. tr. To ride, to sit so as 

to be carried. 
Mangdntar (antar). To send, to dispatch. 
Mangantarkan. To send ; to escort. 
Miingantas (gitntas). To nip, to cut off; 

to cull, to pluck, to pick. 
Milugauang (kfinang). To satiate. 
Maugapala (kapala). To head, to lead, to 

conduct; v. Mi\ngapala. 
Mtingapung (kapung). To surround, to 

environ, to encompass; to besiege, to 

Milngarahkiln (krah). To call together, 

to muster. 

Mangaraji (gdrgaji). To saw, to cut with 

a saw. 
Miingilrak (garak). To shake, to be agi- 
tated ; V. Manggarak. 
Mangai-akkan. To shake, to agitate. 
Mangaram (ram). To brood, to hatch. 
Mangarasi (ki-as). To harden, to render 

hard ; to force, to coerce, to compel ; 

to ravish ; to ovei'jjower ; to tyrannise. 
Mangarat (krat). To lop, to cut off. 
Mangaring (kriug). To dry, to grow 

Mangaringkan. To dry, to exsiccate. 
Milngarja (karja). To do, to make ; to 

laboui', to work. 
Mangarjakan. To perform, to execute, 

to accomplish. 
Mangarling (kdrling). To leer, to look 

ai'chly ; to ogle. 
Maugarok (ngrok). To snore. 
M^ngarti (arti). To understand, to com- 
prehend ; V. Miingarti. 
Mangarubung (krubuug). To crowd 

round, to swarm round. 
Mangarumun (krumuu). To assemble, 

to gather together. 
Mangaruiia (karuiia). To bestow, to give 

in bounty. 
Milngatam (katam). To nip; to reap 

corn by nipping of the ears. 
Mangatawi (katawi). To know, to have 

knowledge of; to make known. 
Maugatar (gatir). To quake, to tremble. 
Mitngatarkflu. To cause to quake; to 

frighten, to intimidate. 
Mangechu (kechu). To rob ; to cheat, to 

defraud ; to swindle. 
Mangeja (haja). To spell, to put letters 

together to make words ; v. Mangija. 
Mangelakau (ela). To pull, to haul, to 

Mangeling (eling). To heed, to attend, 

to keep in mind. 
Milngestrikan (estri). To wed a wife. 
Manggagahi (gagah). To overpower, to 

force, to compel ; to tyrannise ; to 

ravish, to deflower-. 
Mdnggala (s). First, foremost in rank ; 

a soldier ; an elephant. 
Manggamit (gamit). To beckon. 
Milnggautikdn (ganti). To succeed, to 

take the place of another. 
Manggarami (garani). To salt, to pickle. 
Maiiggaris (garis). To score, to mark by 

a line ; to scratch. 
Manggaru (garu). To scratch, to claw ; 

to comb ; to curry ; to harrow, to rake. 
Manggamt (garut). To scratch, to scrape. 
Manggambala (gambala). To tend cattle ; 

to drive a chariot; to guide an elephant ; 

V. Mangambala. 
Mangganapi (ganap). To fulfil, to accom- 
plish, to complete. 

mAn— mAn 

[ 109 J 


Mdnggaraji (giirgaji). To saw, to cut 

with a saw ; v. Maugaraji. 
Mauggarak (garak). To shake, to be agi- 
tated; V. Mdugarak. 
Manggarakkau. To shake, to agitate ; v. 

Manggatah (gatah). To gum, to daub 

with gum or birdlime. 
Mauggonchaug (gouchang). To shake 

about, to toss ; v. Mangonchang. 
Manggosok (gosok). To rub, to fret ; to 

use the bow of a stringed instrument. 
MAnggosok -gosok. To rub ofteu. 
Mauggoyaug (goyaug). To be shakeu, to 

be agitated, to be put iu motion. 
Mauggoyangkan. To shake, to agitate. 
Manggurau (gurau). To toy, to trifle ; to 

dally; to joke, to jest. 
Mangguraukan. To mock, to deride, to 

laugh at. 
Miiugi (JAV). Asthma. 
Mangibas (kibas). To vibrate, to quiver ; 

to waver, to play to and fro. 
Maugibaskau. To cause to quiver or 

vibrate ; to cause to waver. 
Milngidam (idam). To long, to have a 

longing for. 
Mangidaug (idaug). To serve victuals, to 

serve dishes at table. 
Mangidar (idar). To veer, to turn about, 

to go roimd. 
Maugidari. To round, to encircle; to 

cause to revolve or roll round. 
Mangiduug (iduug). To speak with a 

nasal accent, to speak " through the 

Mangiduug (kidung). To siiig a song or 

Mangidup (idup). To live, to be alive; 

to live, to pass life in any manner. 
Maugidupi. To keep alive ; to support, 

to maintain ; to cause to live, to bring 

to life. 
Maugidupkan, v. Mangidupi. 
Maugigal (igal). To sti-ut as a proud 

peacock ; to strut or dance iu imitation 

of the peacock. 
Mangigau (ngigau). To rave, to be deli- 
Mangija (liaja). To .spell, to put letters 

together; v. Mdngeja. 
Mangikat (ikat). To tie, to bind ; to 

fasten ; to put together, to join ; to 

arrange, to dispose; to compose, to 

write; to recite a tale, to narrate a 

Mangikil (kikil). To gnaw. 
Mangikut (ikut). To follow, to go after ; 

to obey ; to imitate ; to copy. 
Mangilai. To laugh convulsively. 
Mangilangkau (ilaug). To cause to dis- 
appear ; to do away, to remove ; to 


Mangimpuu (impun). To assemble, to 
meet together. 

Mangimpunkan. To cause to assemble, 
to gather together; to collect; to ac- 

Manginakdn (ina). To make mean, to 
debase, to degrade. 

Mangiuap (j. nginap). To lodge or tarry 
for a night. 

MangincUng. To sorn, to live idly at the 
expense of another. 

Mangiutaikan (intai). To spy, to look 
narrowly, to observe attentively. 

Mangintang (tiutang). To view, to be- 

Mangiug&tkan (ingat). To remind, to put 
in mind ; to warn, to caution, to ad- 

Mangipas (kipas). To fan, to cool with 
a fan ; to ventilate. 

Mangirai (kirai). To winnow, to part the 
gi-ain from the chaff. 

Miingiring (iring). To follow, to come 
after or behind ; to depend, to be in a 
■state of dependence or clientship ; to 
stand in the relation of a debtor to a 
creditor, serving until the liquidation 
of a debt. 

Mangiringkan. To follow, to go after; 
to place iu a state of dejJeudeuce. 

Mangiruskan (irus). To sprinkle, to wa- 
ter, to irrigate. 

Mangisar (kisar). To turn round ; to 
shift about ; to giind as in a mill. 

Mangisap (isap). To suck. 

Mangisi (isi). To be full; to hold, to 

Maugisikan. To fill, to make full. 

Mangitar (kitar). To turn roimd, to re- 

Maugiyasi (iyasi). To ornament, to em- 
bellish, to adom, to deck, to decorate. 

Mangkak. To swell, to be swollen ; v. 

Mangkal. Half ripe, imperfectly ripe, 
fresh gathered, not mature. 

Mangkarung. Name of a large lizard. 

Mangkis. To call aloud, to vociferate, to 

Mangku (jay). To encircle, to enclose 
in a ring or orb, to surround. 

Mangkudu (j). Name of a tree, Monnda 
umbellata; v. Bangkudu. 

Mangku wang (j). Name of a plant. Pan- 
danm furcatus. 

Mangluwai-i (luwar). To expel, to drive 

Mangomong (j. ngomoug). To be loqua- 
cious, to prate, to babble. 

Mangompat (ompat). To slander, to 

Mangonchang (gouchang). To shako 
about, to be tossed ; v. Mauggonchaug. 




Mangonchangk^n. To shake, to toss. 
Manonlngkau (korang). To lessen, to 

MiiDgorek (korek). To bore or pierce the 

Maugorok(ugorok). To suore; v. Mangrok. 
Maugosot (kosot). To be tangled, to be 

entangled ; to be i^erjilexed. 
Mangosotkan. To tangle ; to perplex. 
Mitngoyang (goyaug). To be shaken, to 

be agitated ; v. Manggoyang. 
Mangrahkan (krah). To levy, to raise, 

to muster. 
Mangrahkan (srah). To deliver up, to 

yield, to surrender ; v. Maiiarahkau. 
Maugi-asakan, v. Mangrasiii. 
Maugrasi (kras). To make bard, to 

harden ; to force, to coerce, to compel ; 

to ravish. 
Mangrat (krat). To cut off, to chop off, 

to lop. 
Mdngraung (raung). To bowl. 
Mangrap (krap). To be frequent, to 

occur often ; to be close, to be without 

Mangring (kring). To dry, to grow dry ; 

V. Mangdring. 
Mangringkan. To dry, to exsiccate. 
Mangrok (ngrok). To snore; v. Mau- 

Mangubah (ubab). To change, to alter, 

to undergo change ; to shift, to shuffle. 
Mdngubahkdn. To change, to alter; to 

contravene a promise or engagement. 
Mangubat (ubat). To be charmed, to be 

under the power of a charm ; to take 

medicines or remedies. 
Milngubati. To charm; to physic, to 

administer a remedy. 
Manguchab (uchab). To speak, to pro- 
nounce, to utter. 
Mcluguchai) (uchap), v. Manguchab. 
Mangudung (kudung). To dismember, 

to mutilate by cutting off a member, 

to maim. 
Mdugugu. To ruminate, to chew the 

cud ; to ruminate, to muse. 
Mangujud (pujud). To strangle, to 

Mangujut (pujut), v. Mdngujud. 
Mangulik (ulik). To lull to sleep, to put 

to sleep. 
Mdngulurkan (ulur). To slacken, to 

cause to hang loose; to lower down 

by making slack ; to pay or veer rope. 
Manguma (uma). To till dry laud, or 

land not irrigated. 
Mangumpul (kmnpul). To collect, to 

come together, to bo assembled. 
Mangumpulkan. To collect, to gather 

together, to cause to assemble. 
MdnguDJuk (unjuk). To show, to repre- 

Mangunting (guntiug). To clip, to sheai', 
to cut with shears; to snuff, to crop 
a lamj) or caudle. 

Mangunus (unus). To unsheath, to draw 
fi'om the scabbard. 

Mangupah (upah). To hire, to engage for 

Mangupamakcln (upama). To liken, to 

Maugupas (kupas). To peel, to skin, to 

Manguraikan (urai). To loosen, to un- 

Mangurap (urap). To smear, to daub. 

Mangurniyai (kurniya). To bestow bounty, 
to grant a largess. 

Mangiu-uukan (kurung). To cage, to 
shut up in a cage; to shut up, to 
confine, to imprison. 

Mangurus (kurus). To emaciate, to be- 
come lean. 

Manguruskan. To emaciate, to deprive 
of flesh. 

Mangusahakau (usaha). To labour, to 
work at, to toil at. 

Mdngusir (usir). To pursue, to chase. 

Mangutang (utang). To lend, to give on 

Maugutas (utas). To file, to string on a 

Mangutok (kutok). To cui-se, to exe- 

Mangutoki, v. Mangutok. 

Mangutus (utus). To send a message, or 

Mangutuskan. To depute as a messen- 
ger or ambassador. 
Maiiabrang (sabrang). To pass from 

one side of the w.ater to another, to 

pass from one shore to the opposite 

Mauabrangkan. To convey across water 

from shore to shore ; to ferry. 
Maiiabut (chabut). To pluck up, to 

draw, to force up ; to cashier, to I'e- 

move from a post ; to subtract ; to 

Mauadakan (tada). To nullify, to annul. 
Maiiaga. To trade, to trafiic. 
Mdtiaji (saji). To dish and serve up 

Manakar (chakar). To claw, to scratch 

with the nail or claw. 
Mauakit (sakit). To sicken, to grow sick ; 

to be pained, to undergo pain. 
Mauakitkan. To cause pain, to pain, to 

afflict, to torment ; to punish. 
Manakitk5,n-ati. To irritate, to provoke, 

to exasperate. 
Manala (fiala). To flame. 
Maualah (salah). To eri', to mistake ; to 

fail, to miss ; to sin. 
Maualahk.ln. To make wrong, to put at 




fault ; to blame, to impute a fault : to 
falsify, to confute ; to fi-ustrate. 

Manalak (salak). To bark, to bay. 

Maualut (salut). To over-lay, to coat. 

Mafiama (sama). To even, to be even, to 
be equal. 

Maiiamai. To equalise, to make even ; 
to liken, to compare. 

Maiiamar (samar). To mask, to be dis- 

Maiiamarkan. To mask, to disguise. 

Maiiambar (sambar). To swoop, to fall 
upon as a bird of prey. 

Maiiambut (sambut). To take, to re- 
ceive ; to receive a guest. 

Maiiampaikkan (sampai). To reach, to 
arrive at ; to attain, to gain ; to cause 
to reach ; to deliver ; to offer. 

Maiiamuu (saniun). To rob, to plunder. 

Maiian (.t). Benzoin, Styrax benzoin; 
V. Kamaiian and Miiian. 

Maiiani. To fumigate with benzoin. 

Maiiangkal (sangkal). To deny, to dis- 

MauaiJi (iiani). To sing. 

Maiiapa (sapa). To ask, to enquire. 

Manapakdn (sapa). To question, to in- 
terrogate ; to address, to accost. 

Maiiapu (sapu). To wipe ; to sweep ; 
to brush. 

Maiiarak (sarak). To separate, to dis- 
unite ; to wean ; to part ; to divorce. 

Mafiarat (sarat). To load, to lade, to 

MaSaring (ilaring). To scream, to cry 
aloud shrilly. 

Mauarungkan (sarung). To sheathe, to 
enclose in a case or scabbard ; to en- 
velop, to put in an envelope or 

Mauatakan (iiata). To make evident ; to 
prove, to demonstrate; to clear, to 
explain, to illustrate. 

Ma,ilaut (stiut). To answer, to reply, to 

Maiifiuti. To answer to, to reply to, to 
respond to. 

MaSayang (sayang). To pity, to com- 
passionate, to commiserate. 

Mauayit (sayit). To snip. 

Maiiabak (kabak). To be full, to be full 
to repletion. 

Manablah (sablah). To cleave in two, to 
split in two. 

Mauabut (sabut). To mention, to express. 

Manabutkan. To mention to, to tell to, 
to express to. 

Mi'madar (sadar). To be conscious, to 
know from recollection. 

MaMdiya (sadiya). To get ready, to be 

Mauildiyakan. To prepare, to make 

Manad-iipkan (sad-ap). To make agree- 
able, to render pleasant; to gladden, 
to rejoice; to solace. 

Maiiagah (chagah). To forbid, to inter- 

Maiiagukkan (tdguh). To strengthen ; to 
confirm, to assure, to give confidence. 

Maiiagakan (taga). To erect, to place 
perpendicularly, to make firm or 
steady ; to steady. 

Maiiaja (saaja). To mean, to intend, to 

Mdiiajukkan (sjljuk). To cool; to calm, 
to quiet, to tranquillise. 

Manalap (salap). To surprise, to seize 
by surprise. 

Maiialat (saiat). To be interposed, to be 
placed between. 

Maiialatkan. To sunder or part, leaving 
an interval or gap between. 

Maiialilm (salam). To dive, to plunge. 

Mdiialamkan. To dive for, to explore by 

Manahtng (salang). To be placed at in- 

MAiialilngkan. To place at inteiwals, to 
dispose with interstices. 

Miiialasaikan (salasai). To settle, to ad- 
just ; v. Mangaldsai. 

Maijalma (jalma). To undergo a change 
of form, to be metamorphosed ; v. 
Manjalma and Manjalma. 

Manalmakan. To transform, to meta- 
morphose. ■ 

Manalup (chalup). To dip, to immerge 
in a fluid; to dye, to colour by im- 
merging in a fluid. 

Mauilmbah (.saml>ah). To make an obei- 
sance, to make a reverence ; to adore, 
to worship ; to do homage. 

Mdiidmbahkan. To submit, to represent 

Mariambaleh (sambdleh). To sacrifice, 
to immolate with religious rites. 

Maiiambor (sambor). To spout, to 

Manampal (sampai). To stop up, to cork 

Mafiampuma (sdmpurna). To perfect, to 

Maiianang (sandng). To be quiet, to be 
still, to rest ; to repose, to rest in con- 

Maiianangkdn. To still, to quiet; to 
tranquillise, to calm. 

Manilndang (sandang). To girdle, to 

Maniandir (sandir). To jeer, to mock, to 
flout, to ridicule. 

Maiiangat (sangat). To sting as an in- 

Manangkal (sangkal). To deny, to dis- 


[ 112 ] 


M^iidngsara (sangsara). To torture, to 

Mauapit (sapit). To pinch, to hold with 

pincers, nippers, or tongs. 
Maiiarah (sarah). To surrender, to yield, 

to give in. 
Mandrahi. To surrender, to deliver up ; 

to commit, to entrust. 
Mfiuarakan, v. Mafiarahi. 
Manarang (sarang). To assault, to attack, 

to fall upon. 
Mandrbu (sarbu). To chai-ge, to make 

an assault on. 
Maiiarbukan. To cause to charge. 
Maiiaring (spring). To hum as a bee 

sipping a flower. 
Milnarta (sarta). To accompany, to asso- 
ciate; to concert, to league, to agree 

Manartiii. To agree with, to accord with, 

to go along with ; to accompany. 
Mfliiaru (saru). To shoixt, to call aloud. 
Manarupa (sarupa). To resemble, to be 

Maiiarupai. To resemble, to be like to, 

to have the appearance of. 
Maiiasak (sasak). To be narrow ; to be 

close ; to be confined ; to be straitened ; 

to be in straits or difficulty ; to be in 

Manasakkiln. To narrow ; to straiten, to 

confine; to obstruct; to distress, to 

put to difficulty. 
Manasal (sasal). To repent, to regret. 
M.liiasat (stisat). To stray, to go astray, 

to wander; to stray, to err. 
Maiiasatkan. To lead astray, to mislead ; 

to deceive; to bewilder. 
Maiiigra (sigi-a). To be in haste. 
Mauigrakan. To hasten, to quicken, to 

speed, to accelerate. 
Mfinilakan (silakau). To welcome. 
Maniksa (siksa). To punish, to chastise. 
Maiiimpang (simpang). To diverge, to 

turn aside, to move out of the way. 
Maiiimpan (simpan). To lay by, to re- 
serve ; to store. 
Mauindir (sindir). To mock, to gibe. 
Maiiingsing (singsing). To tuck up one's 

Maiiiram (siram). To sprinkle witli water, 

to water, to irrigate. 
Manisih. To miss, to go wide of, not to 

hit an object aimed at. 
Manisir (sisir). To comb. 
Milfiolo (solo). To spy, to reconnoitre; 

V. Manulu. 
Maiiongsong (songsong). To escort, to 

convoy, to guard from place to place. 
MArniclii (cliuchi). To cleanse ; to purify. 
MHuuchur (chuchvu-). To pour, to stream. 
Maiiuchiu'kan. To pour, to cause to 


Manudah (sudah). To end, to be com- 
pleted, to be terminated. 

Maiiudahkftn. To finish, to complete, to 

Maiiud'i (sud'i). To assay, to try by fire ; 
to refine by fire ; to juggle for the dis- 
covery of a theft. 

Mafiugrahi (anugraha). To endow witli 

Maiiuji (suji). To embroider; to orna- 
ment with needlework. 

Manuka (suka). To be glad, to be happy, 
to be pleased. 

Manukakan. To gladden, to delight, to 

Maiiukat (siikat). To measure, to com- 
pute by measure, not by weight. 

Maiiuku (suku). To part, to separate, to 
be distinct. 

Mfluukukan. To part, to separate, to set 

Mauuknr (chukur). To shave. 

Mailula (sula). To impale, to spit on a 

Mauulam (sulam). To darn ; to make 
ornamental patch-work. 

M.liiulap (sulap). To conjui-e, to juggle, 
to play tricks by sleight of hand. 

Manulu (sulu). To spy, to scout ; v. Ma- 
il olo. 

Mafiuluh (suluh). To light with a torch ; 
to inspect with torchlight. 

Maiiulur (sulur). To creep, to crawl ; 
to move stealthily on some object. 

Mfliiumbat (sumbat). To bung, to stop, 
to close up. 

Maiiumboh (sumboh). To heal, to 

Manumpah (sumpah). To swear, to take 
an oath ; to vow, to make a vow. 

Mailumpahi. To swear, to administer an 
oatli ; to curse, to execrate. 

Mfiiiumpit (sumpit). To use a blow-pipe ; 
to shoot missiles from a tube by blow- 

Maiiuugging (sungging). To ornament 
or embellish with figiu-ed work. 

Mauungguhkan (sungguh). To verify, to 
confirm, to prove true, to attest ; v. 

Maunungkil (chungkil). To prick, to 

Manura (jav). The peacock, Paro java- 

Miliiurat (a. surat). To write. 

Maiiuruh (suruh). To order, to bid, to 

Mafiusahkiln (susah). To trouble, to 
afflict, to distress : to vex, to tease, to 
annoy, to incommode, to molest, to 

Manusor (susor). To move close to, to 
be by the side of. 



mAr— mAr 

Maiiusu (susu). To suckle, to draw from 
the breast or udder. 

Mafiusiii. To suckle, to give suck. 

Mauusukan, v. Manuslii. 

Mauuwab (suwab). To feed another 
from the hand. 

Mapar. Name of an island at the eastern 
entrance of the sti-aits of Malacca. 

Milraba (raba). To grope, to feel without 

Mfiragai. Name of a bird. 

Marajakan (raja). To make king, to raise 
to the throne, to entlirone. 

Marajinkfiu (rajiu). To labour at, to work 
diligently at, to apply with assiduity to. 

MArak (j). The peacock, Pavo javanicus. 

Marakilt (rakat). To stick, to adhere. 

Marakatkan. To stick, to cause to adhere. 

Milrakit (rakit). To use a raft or float ; 
to dance a pai'ticular kind of dance. 

Maraksi (raksi). To use perfumes, to 

Marakuli (ben). Name of a tree. 

M;\ramas (ramils). To knead. 

Marambas. To cut as with a sword, to 

Marampas (rampas). To wrest ; to extort 
by violence ; to pillage, to plunder, to 
lay waste. 

Mtlrampuugkan (rampung). To cut oiF, 
to decide. 

Maraud -a (for. varanda). A balcony, an 
open gallery ; v. Wdrand'a and Bu- 

Marantaikan (rautai). To chain, to link 
with a chain ; to fetter, to shackle. 

Marang (j). Straw, stubble. 

Maranggau. To pledge a wife in the 
house of a ci-editor as a bond debtor. 

Miirauggu. Name of a kind of small 

Maranggung (rangguug). To crouch, to 
squat, to cower. 

Maranggungkan. To cause to crouch, to 
make to squat or cower. 

Marangkak. To move on all fours, to 
move as a quadruped. 

Marangkap (rangkap). To fold, to dou- 
ble ; to pair. 

Marapat (rapat). To lie close ; to join, to 
be continuous ; to congregate, to assem- 
ble, to come together ; to fit, to suit. 

Marapatkan. To make close ; to put to- 
gether ; to compact. 

Milrapi (j. api). Name of one of the 
highest of the mountains of Java, ^«th 
an active volcano, whence its name. 

Marasa (rasa). To taste ; to feel ; to per- 
ceive ; to experience. 

Marasiii ; v. tr. To feel, to experience. 

Milratak. To choose, to select. 

Maratakan (rata). To level, to make 
even, to smooth. 

Mdratilp (ratftp). To bewail aloud, to set 
up a lamentation, to bemoan. 

Marawankan (rawan). To delight; to 
melt to tenderness. 

Marawat (rawat). To pare, to whittle. 

Marawung (rawung). To howl. 

Mdrayah (rayah). To spoil, to plunder ; 
to corrupt, to adulterate. 

Marayap (rayap). To climb or creep up 
as a scandeut plant. 

Mai-aJ^ut (rabut). To snatch, to seize by 
violence ; to jDillage, to plunder. 

Marampan. To be enraged, to be in a 

Milrandahkfin (randah). To lower, to 
bring low ; to depress, to humble. 

Marilndahkan-diri. To humble oneself; 
to act with humility. 

Marazaki (razaki). To eat, to feed. 

Marbau. Name of a timber tree, Metro- 
sideros amboinensis. 

Marbok. Name of a species of dove. 

Marbot (jav). A potter's wheel. 

Marcha. Swoon, faint, trance ; to swoon, 
to faint ; v. Murcha. 

Milrchu. Summit, top, pinnacle. 

Marchun. Fireworks. 

Mardeka (j). Free, not enslaved ; manu- 
mitted, emancipated. 

Mardekakau. To free, to manumit, to 

Mard'u (s. soft). Melodious, harmonious. 

Mard'uwangsa (s). Middle-aged. 

Mare. The gullet, the oesophagus. 

Mareje (bu). The name given by the 
people of Celebes to the northern coast 
of Australia, where they carry on the 
tripang fishery. 

Marentah (prentah). To order, to com- 
mand ; V. Mamrentah. 

Mareutang (lentang). To cross, to thwart ; 
V. Mrentang. 

Marep. To rave, to talk incoherently. 

Margu (s). Wild beasts, beasts of the 

Margu-satwa (s), v. MS.rgu, 

MarXum (a). One that has found mercy ; 
a saint, a holy man ; the late, the de- 
parted, the defunct. 

Mariam (a). The Virgin Mary. 

MAriam (for'?). A cannon, a great gun. 

Mariam-barkareta. A field cannon. 

Mdriamkan. To cannonade. 

Mariba (riba). To take on the lap. 

Maricha (s). Black pepper. Piper ni- 

Marid (a). Disciple, pupil, scholar. 

Marika, They, the men or women ; per- 
sons, people. 

Marika-itu. Those men or women, those 
pei'sons, those people ; they. 

Marimbas. Name of a kind of chopper 
or cleaver. 




Maringankan (rhigan). To lighten, to 
make less heavy : to make light of, to 

Maritanau. Mai'tabau, in Pegu. 

Mariyau. A mine. 

Marjan (a). Precious coral. 

Marka (j. murka). Angry, wroth ; anger, 

Marka. Cracked, fissured. 

M3,rkai. To auger, to excite anger. 

Marmar (a). Marble. 

Marongot. To tattle, to prate. 

Mdrpati. A pigeon, Columba. 

Marpayan. Name of a forest tree. 

Marsek. Clear, canorous, sounding dis- 
tinctly ; loud, shrill. 

Marta (s). Living, quick, alive ; life. 

Martalulut (marta, s., "life," and lulut, 
JAY., " aifection "). The public execu- 

Martamu (jav). To visit, to pay a visit 
as a guest. 

Milrtapura (s). Name of a river on the 
southern side of Borneo. 

Martabat (a). Step, degree ; rank ; stage, 
story ; office, employment. 

Martad (a). An apostate, a renegade ; a 

Mai-tuwa (j). Father or mother-in-law ; 
V. Maratuwa. 

Marubuhkdn (rubuh). To throw down, 
to subvert, to overthrow. 

Marugi (rugi). To lose, to suffer loss ; to 
be impaired, to suffer detriment. 

Marugikan. To cause to lose, to damage, 
to impair, to harm. 

Maiiinggi (j. mrunggi). Name of a tree, 
Moringa pieinr/os^ierma. 

Mdrupakiln (rupa). To shape, to form ; 
to transform ; to assume an appeai-ancc. 

Marusakkan (rusak). To spoil, to injure. 

Maruwang. To wash a corpse. 

Masara. Ration, daily allowance ; daily 
expenses ; food ; fodder. 

Masi/(a (a). The Messiah. 

Masijm. Gunpowder. 

Masjid (a). A mosque. 

Maski (roR. mas que). Although, not- 

Maskin (a). Poor, needy, indigent. 

Masrat (a). Cheerfulness ; gladness, joy, 
pleasure ; lucky, fortunate. 

Mastaka (jav). The pinnacle of a mosque 
or temple ; the bead of a king or great 

Mastajab (a). Heard ; acceptable, agree- 
able ; accepted. 

Mdstfir (en). Master ; Sir. 

Mastaad (a). Ready, prepared, sot in 
oi'der; able, capable. 

Mdstika. A gem, a precious stone. 

Mastuli. Name of a kind of coarse cotton 

Mdst'i (j). To be sure, to be certain ; sure, 
certain ; surely, certainly ; v. Past'i. 

Masu^ (a), a salve, an ointment, an un- 

Masul. Name of an island lying off the 
north-western coast of New Guinea, 
the Mysole of the majis. 

Maslahat (a). Stratagem, subtlety, craft, 

Mas'awiirat (a). Counsel ; consultation ; 
advice ; to consult, to advise. 

Mas'f/ul (a). Troubled, imeasy, anxious, 
chagrined; trouble; uneasiness; chagrin. 

Mas'hur (a). Published, divulged ; noto- 
rious ; famed, renowned. 

Mas'raX'. The east. 

Mas'tri (a). The planet Jupiter. 

Matawuu (jay). A name for the pro- 
vince of Mataram, in Java, in the polite 
dialect of that island. 

Matriya (s). The name of a pundit, oue 
of the personages of the Mahabai-at. 

Maiit (a). Death. 

Mawarta (warta). To acquaint, to inform, 
to rej)ort, to give news. 

Mayat (a). A corpse, a dead body. 

Mazmur (a). Psalm, canticle. 

Ma2a.kar(A). Praising; commemorating. 

Mazba^. (a). An altar. 

Ma^hab (a). Sect, religious order. 

Maaf (a). Pardoned, forgiven ; spared ; 
absolved; exempt; pai-dou, forgive- 
ness ; absolution, exemption. 

M«afkan. To pardon, to foi-give ; to ab- 
solve ; to spare. 

Mabiia (a). Adored, worshipped. 

Majazat (a). A miracle ; miracles. 

Ma/i;ul (a). Just, reasonable. 

Malaf (a), a crib ; a manger. 

Malim (a). A leadei-, a guide ; a pilot ; 
mate of a vessel. 

Malum (a). Known, understood ; cer- 
tain, ascertained; notorious, remark- 

Mamar (a). Abundant ; prosperous ; 
populous; cultivated, inhabited, peo- 

M«ni, and Mana (a). Sense, meaning, 
signification, import, drift. 

Marafat (a). Cognizance, knowledge. 

Ma«iTit (a). Disobedience ; rebellion. 

Matabtr (a). Respectable, venerable, 
noble, illustrious. 

Medan (a). A plain, an open field. 

Mega (s). a cloud ; erysipelas ; Foul 
island, on the south-west coast of Su- 

Mcga-drawila (s and j). A lowering cloud. 

Mega-malang (s and j). A crossing or 
passing cloud. 

Mega-mandung (s and j). Name of a, 
mountain in the country of the Sundos, 
in Java ; literally. " murkj- — clouded." 




Meja (p). A table ; v. Meza. 
Meja. Name of a plant, Musa bchai. 
Melanau. Name of a wild tribe of Borneo. 
Melu (j). To follow ; v. Milu. 
Memang. Former, formerly ; of old ; 

always, ever, evermore. 
Mempar (jav). Like, near, closely re- 
Mencho (jAv). Name of a bird, tiiu 

speaking minor, Omcula rcligiosa. 
Menda (jav., probably from the San- 
skrit medha, "a sheep"). A goat, 

Menggok (j. to slant, to bend). Crooked, 

uneven, not straight. 
Merah. Red ; the ruby ; bay colour in a 

Merah-dalima. The garnet. 
Merah-mud-a. Paleor light I'ed; literally, 

"young red." 
Merah-padam. Dull red ; literally, " red 

Merah-tuwah. Dark red ; literally, " old 

Merang (jav). Shame ; bashfulness ; 

Merot (jav). Awry. 
Meru (s). The Olympus of the Hmdus. 
Mesan (bat). A tomb-stone, a stone or 

piece of wood to mark the head and 

foot of a grave. 
Mesam (jav). To smile. 
Metar. To take aim, to point a weapon. 
Meyang. Name of an island on the 

south-eastern coast of Borneo. 
Meyong (jav). The house cat. 
Meza (p). A table ; v. Meja. 
Mibar (j). To fly, to move through the 

air with wings; to wing, to take 

Midar (j). To circle, to move cu'cularly. 
Mijil (jav). To issue, to move out. 
Miju-miju (ben). Lentils, pot-herbs. 
Mika. Thou. 

Mikail (a). The angel Michael. 
Mil (a), a league. 
Mila (eu). a mile. 

Mila (jav). Beginning ; cause ; because. 
Milih (j). To choose, to select, to cull ; 

V. Pilih. 
Milik (a). Possessions, goods, property, 

Milir (jav). To flow, to run as water ; 

to proceed with the stream, not against 

it ; to descend a river. 
Milu (jav). To follow, to go after; to 

obey; to comply, to consent. 
Milan. Name of an order of superna- 

tiu'al beings. 
Mimis (jav). A bullet, a ball ; shot. 
Mimis-mariaiii (j). A cannon-ball. 
Mimis-panambor (j). Small shot. 
Mimpi (j. ngimpi). To dream ; a dream. 

Mimpiu. To lead by the hand ceremo- 
niously; V. Pimpin. 

Mimpis (j). Thin, not thick ; v. Mipis 
and Nipis. 

Miua (hin). Name of a bird, Gracula 
religiosa ; v. Mencho and Kokila. 

Minangkabo (jav). Manangkabau, in 
Sumatra ; v. Manangkabau. 

Minatu (jav). A washer, a fuller. 

Minang (pinang). To ask in maniage; 
to betroth, to aiBauce ; v. Maminang. 

Minchit (ben). A rat ; v. Munchit. 

Mindanau. The island of Mindano or 
Majindanau, one of the Philippine.s. 

Minta (j). To ask, to petition; to l)eg, 
to request ; to solicit ; to entreat ; to 
need, to want ; to beg, to ask alms. 

Minta-minta. A beggar, a mendicant. 

Mintaraga (s). Name of a cave in which 
Ai'juna performed religious penance. 

Miutira. Name of a wild tribe in the 
Malay peninsula. 

Miuum (j. nginum). To drink ; to im- 
bibe ; to take in, to receive ; to inhale 
incense or the fume of uai-cotics. 

Miuuman. Liquors, strong drinks, pota- 

Mbiggah (jAV). To mount, to ascend. 

Minggat (jav). To abscond, to run 

Minggo (poR. domingo). Sabbath, Lord's 

MiGak. Oil. 

Miiiak-sapi. Butter ; litei'allv, " cow's 

Miiiak-tanah. Earth-oil, Petroleum. 

ilinan (j). Benzoin, Styrux benzoin ; v. 
Kamanan and Miulan. 

Mipis (j). Thin, not thick ; v. Tipis and 

Miring (j). To slope, to slant, to decline ; 
to lean, to incline ; to heel ; sloping, 
slanting, declining, oblique, leaning. 

Misa. To inhale the fume of nai'cotics. 

Misanan (j). Collateral relationship, the 
relation of cou.sins. 

Misi (t). Mustaches. 

Misih (j). Yet, still. 

Mis^ar (a). A ruler, an instrument for 
drawing lines. 

Ml6ar (a). Egypt. 

MTs'kal (a). The Arabian gold weight 
called the miscal, equal to about 72 
English grains, reckoned by tlie Ma- 
lays at 36 sagas, or scarlet beans, or 
li mas. 

Mituna (jav). Name of a species ef crab. 

Miwah (j). Besides, over and above, 
moreover ; plenty, abundance. 

Miya (ben). Name of a species of ape. 

Miyas. The Borneau name for the 




Miyara (ben). To create. 

Mlaka (j). Name of a tree, Emhlica 
officinalis; the town of Malacca; v. 

Mlarat (jav). Needy, destitute; want, 

Mlawati (jav). The khigdom of Ang- 
lingdarma, in Javanese romance. 

Mlayu (j). To mn, to walk quickly; to 
i-un away, to flee ; v. Malayu. 

Mliwis (jav). Name of a species of 
teal indigenous in the Indian islands, 
Dendrocygna armata, Cuv. 

Mlompat (j). Tojump, to leap ; to skip, 
to bound ; to caper ; v. Malompat. 

Modal (t). Capital, stock in trade; v. 

Modar (jav). To die, to lose life. 

Mogah. Name of a sort of silk cloth. 

Mojar (jav). To say, to speak. 

Mojo (jav). Name of a fruit ; v. Maja. 

Majopait. Name of the chief state in 
Java before the conversion to Maho- 
medauism, overthrown a.d. 1478 ; v. 

Moko-moko. Name of a i^lace on the 
soutli-v.-estern coast of Sumatra. 

Molek. Delicate, choice, excellent. 

Momong (jav). To nurse, to tend; to 
foster, to nourish, to rear. 

Momot (jav). To load, to lade, to bur- 

Momotan. Load, burden, cargo. 

Monclia (jav). Various, different. 

Monchlima (jav). The adjoining neigh- 
bourhoods of a town or village. 

Mouchanagara (jav and s). The out- 
laying provinces of a kingdom. 

Monchapat (jav). The immediate neigh- 
bourhoods of a town or village. 

Monda (jav). To stake, to bet. 

Mondalika (jav). Name of a small island 
on the north coast of Java, and near 
the Cape of Japara. 

Mondaraka (s). Name of the kingdom of 
Salya, in the Mahabarat. 

Mondra (jav). To go round, to move in 
a circle. 

Mond'ok (j). A stage, a resting-place on 
a journey; to put up at a stage or 
resting-place ; v. Poud'ok. 

Montrawiscsa (s). Name of a king of 
Telingana, celebrated in Javanese ro- 

Mong (jav). a tiger. 

Mongkil. Tumid, swollen, puffed up. 

Mongmong (j). A public crier's gong. 

Monat (sun). An ape, a monkey. 

Morabangun (jav). A name of the prince 
known in Javanese story as the Panji, 
called also Jayakusuma and Ngroua- 

Moi-ai. The dial bird, Lanius musicus, 

Turdiis minda/nensis, Gracula saularis, 

Mori (for. mouri). Moorish, belonging 
to IMahomedans, generally understood 
of Hindustan. 

Moiin (j. miiun, " to weep "). To beg, to 
ask leave ; leave, permission. 

Mouukan. To give permission, to grant 

Moyang. Great-grandfather ; ancestor, 

Mrugi (rugi). To cause loss, to injure, 
to damage ; v. Mai-ugi. 

Mrugol (j). To ravish, to deflower ; lite- 
rally, " to throw down." 

Mrentang. To cross, to thwart ; v. Ma- 

Mu (j). Thou. 

jMiia. Name of a species of pheasant. 

Miiafakat. Agreement; to agree, to as- 

Muara (j). The mouth or embouchure 
of a river, whether at its confluence 
with another river or with the sea; 
V. Muwara. 

Mubang (j). To go round, to move in a 
circle; to tui-n, to revolve, to move 

Mubangkan. To turn, to cause to re- 

Mudah. Easy, facile ; liberal, generous. 

Mudahan. Easiness, facility. 

Mudahkan. To facilitate, to make easy. 

Mudah-mudah. Easily, \^'ithout diffi- 
culty ; easily ; haply, possibly, may 

Mudaya. Resource, expedient, device. 

Mudal (t). Capital, stock in trade ; v. 

Mudu (ben). Sober, abstemious. 

Mud'a. Young, not aged ; unripe, imma- 
ture, not pei-fected by age or art ; light, 
not deep in colour; junior. 

Mud-a (jAv). Foolish, weak of intellect ; 
silly, witless. 

Mud-a-baiiya. Youthful, in the prime of 

Mud-ik. To proceed against a stream or 
current ; to ascend a river ; to proceed 
into the interior of a country ; the in- 
terior or inland, ojiposed to the coast 
or sea-board ; its correlative is " ilir." 

Mud'un (jav). To descend, to come 

Muga (jav). To desire, to entreat, to 

Muga-muga (j). Desirous, entreating; 
may, expressing desii-e ; hoping, ex- 
pecting with desire. 

Muja (s). To pray, to supplicate ; to beg, 
to entreat. 

Mujud (a). Present, existing. 

Mujur (j). Lengtliwisc, not thwart, 




not ti-ansverse ; straight, direct, right ; 
lucky, fortunate. 

MujurL To make lucky, to make for- 
tunate, to win. 

Muka. Name of a place on the north- 
western*of Borneo. 

Muka (s). The face, the visage, the coun- 
tenance ; front, forepart, van ; favour, 
countenance, support; surface, super- 

Sluka-papan. EfFi-ontery, impudence ; 
brazen-faced, impudent, shameless ; 
literally, "board-faced." 

Muka-piutu. Front of the door-way. 

Muka-tabal. Impudent ; literally, " tliick- 

Mukah. Adultery; fornication. 

Muka-muka. Injustice, wi'ong. 

Mukim. A small division of a country, 
computed at 44 families. 

Mukir (j). To deny, to disavow ; v. Mung- 

Mukul (j). To beat, to strike ; v. Pu- 

Mukadas (a). Holy, hallowed. 

Mula (s). Som-ce, origin, beginning, 
fountain ; cause, reason ; because ; 
therefore, on that accoimt; in early 
times, of old. 

Muliii (mula). To commence, to begin, to 
make a beginning. 

Mida-mula. First, at first, at the begin- 
ning ; because. 

Mulana (a). A Mahomedan doctor, an 
expounder of the Mahomedan law ; a 

Mulang (jay). To teach, to instruct. 

Mulas. Bowel complaint, cholic, gripes. 

Mulek. Fair, beautifid ; v. Molek. 

Muli (a). Lord, king, sovereign. 

Mulur. To stretch, to prolong, to length- 
en out. 

Mulut. The mouth ; opening, aperture ; 
talk, prattle. 

Malut-manis. Persuasion ; persuasive ; 
literally, " sweet-mouthed." 

Mulut-panjang. Babble, tale-telling; bab- 
bling, addicted to disclose secrets ; 
literally, " long-mouthed." 

Mulya (s). Grand, noble; magnificent; 
potent ; glorious. 

Mumin (a). The faithful, the tme be- 
lievers in Islam ; orthodox. 

Mumbul (jAv). To emerge, to come to 
the surface. 

Mumbung (j. munjung). To heaji, to 
pile; surplus, ovei-plus. 

Muua (bu). Name of an island between 
Celebes and Bouton, called in the maps 

Muucliing (ben). Tapering to a point on 
one side ; v. Runching. 

Munchit (ben). A rat: v. Minchit. 

Munchung. Snouty, having a projecting 

Munduk. A rat. 
Muudur (jAv). To return, to come back ; 

to recede, to retu'e ; to retreat, to fall 

Mund'ing (sun). A buffalo. Bos bubalus. 
Mundingsari (j and sun). Name of a 

king of Pajajarau, in Java, celebrated 

in Javanese stoi-y. 
Muni (j). Sound, noise; subject or mat- 
ter of a writing ; v. Buni. 
Muniwara (s). A man of learning ; a saint. 
Muniudra (s). A great saiut. 
Muns'i (a), a writer, a scribe ; a teacher 

of languages. 
Munta. Fierce at the period of rutting, 

applied to the elephant. 
Muntah (j). To vomit, to spew; v. 

Mangkir (j). To deny, to disavow; v. 

Mungkur. A wooden case or box. 
Mung-mung (j). A public crier's gong ; 

V. Mong-mong. 
Mungsuh (j). An enemy, a foe ; an op- 
ponent, a rival ; v. Musuh. 
Mimgut (bat). To reel, to stagger. 
Miir (a). Myrrh. 
Murah (j). Cheap, not dear; liberal, 

Murah-ati. Generous, liberal, open- 
handed ; generosity, libei-ality. 
Murai. The dial-bird, Lanius musicus, 

Gracula saulaiis, Lin. 
Murab (j. murub, "to flame"). Pied, 

Muram (j. sur^m). Obscure, dark, 

cloudy, gloomy, lowering; gloomy, 

Murap, V. Murab. 
Murcha (j. to vanish). To faint, to 

swoon ; faint, swoon, trance. 
Murda (j). The head. 
Murdaka (s). A name of Laksamana, the 

brother of Rama. 
Murdaningkung (jat). Name of an 

ancient king of Koripau, in Java. 
Muri (roR. mouri). Moorish ; v. Mori. 
Muri. Name of a soi-t of cotton cloth 

brought from India. 
Muri. A parrot ; v. Nuri. 
Miiiid (a), a disciple, a pupil, a scholar. 
Murka (s). Greedy, covetous, avaricious ; 

rapacious ; avarice, covetousness ; rapa- 
city; fui'ious, outrageovis, angiy, wroth. 
Muininggi. Name of a tree, Moi-infja 

ptenffosperma ; v. Kelor. 
Murut. Name of a wild tribe on the 

north-eastern side of Borneo. 
Musang (j). Name of a species of Viverra, 

Paradoxums miisa/nga of 



1 118 ] 


Musai'a. Ration, daily allowance, daily 
expenses; food, provisions; fodder; 
V. MAsara. 

Musi. Name of a conntiy on the western 
side of Sumatra. 

Musi, musa (a). Moses. 

Musika (s). A mouse. 

Musim (a). Time, season ; monsoon, 
from the Portuguese "mon9ao. ' 

Musim-barat. Tlic westerly monsoon. 

MusTm-timur. The easterly monsoon. 

Miislira (a), a Mahomedan. 

Musna (jav). To vanish, to disappear. 

Musuh (j). An enemy ; a rival, an op- 
ponent; V. Mungsuh. 

Miista/al (a). Impossible, impracticable. 

Musta/ia/i; (a). Worthy, deserving, en- 
titled to. 

Mtistajab (a). Agreeable, acceptable. 

Miist'ika (jav). A gem, a precious stone. 

Miis/iaf (a), a book, a writing, an in- 
scription; the Koran. 

Mus^ati (a). To choose, to select. 

Miis'kil (a). Difficult ; intricate. 

Mut (b). Dnmk, intoxicated; mad as 
the elephant in the rutting season. 

Mutah (j). To vomit, to spew; v. Muutah. 

Muti (s). A pearl. 

Muting. Stain, sjiot, soil. 

Mutrai (t). A seal, a signet. 

Mutu. To be silent. 

Mutu (t). Name of a weiglit, equal to 
the loth part of a mayam and 160th 
of a bungkal; the touch for gold, of 
which the scale is 10 degrees, so that 
10 mutus fine is eciual to 24 carats, or 
pure gold. 

Mutya (s). A pearl. 

Mutyara (s). A pearl. 

Mii<alak (a). Absolute, general; pure, 

Muwa. Presumptuous, insolent. 

Muwara (j). The mouth or embouchure 
of a river, whether at its confluence 
with another rivei-, or with the sea ; v. 

Muwat (j. mot). To load, to lade, to 
burthen ; to bear or cari-y a load ; load, 
burden, cargo ; loaded, laden, bur- 

Muwatau. A load, a burden, a cargo. 

Muwatkan. To load, to charge, to j^ut 
on a burden. 

Muwun (jav). To weep. 

Muyaug. Great-grandfather or mother ; 
ancestors, forefathers; v. Moyang. 

NaDAR (jav). To vow, to make a so- 
lemn promise. 

Nadi (s). The pulse, vibration of an 

Nadirat (a). A rarity, a cuiiosity. 

Naga (s). A fabulous serpent or dragon 
of Hindu mythology; a serpent, a 

Nagapapa (s). Name of the weapon of 
Sambu, in the Mahabarat. 

Nagara (s). A city ; a couutiy, a region ; 
V. Nagri. 

Nagai-i (s), v. Nagara. 

Nagasari (s). Name of an ornamental 
shriib, Mesiui ferrca. 

NagTi (s), V. Nagara and Nagri. 

Niiik. To rise, to get \\\i ; to rise, to 
mount, to ascend ; to increase, to aug- 
ment ; increase, augment ; rising, get- 
ting up ; ascent ; upward, more than ; 
V. Nayik. 

Naik-basar. To become great, to rise to 
greatness, to attain high rank. 

Niiik-bulan. Moonrise. 

Niiik-d'arat. To land, to disembark. 

Niiik-/taji. To perform the pilgrimage to 

Niiik-kuda. To mount a horse, to ride a 

Niiik-layar. To hoist or make sail. 

Niiik-mata-ari. Sunrise. 

Niiik-mampalai. To become a bride- 
groom ; to celebrate nuptials. 

Niiik-priiu. To embark, to go on ship- 

Niiik-raja. To become king, to ascend 
the throne. 

Nfiik-rata. To be carried in a chariot. 

Niiik-surat. To compose a writing; to 
indite a letter. 

Niiik -turun. Rise and fall ; up and down. 

Naikkan. To cause to rise; to elevate; 
to lift ; to erect, to set upiight ; to 
erect, to build, to construct. 

Niiiki, V. Niiikkan. 

Najir (a). Sultry. 

Nakal (j). Wicked, bad, vicious, naughty; 
mischievous, malicious; froward, ^&x- 
verse; roguish, waggish; wickedness, 
vice; mischief, malice; naughtiness. 

Nalayan (s). A iisherman; v. Ndlayan 
and Tulayan. 

Nalcndra (s). A king; v. Nai-endra. 

Nalih. Name of a dry measure, 16 of 
which make a gantaug. 

Nalika (j) . When, at the time that. 

Nama (s). Name ; title ; fame, renown ; 
matter, thing, object. 

Nama-daging. Name of a person in child- 
hood and adolescence, before manhood. 

Namili. To name, to call, to denominate. 

Namnam. Name of a fruit, Vynwnctra 

Nan. Who, which, that ; v. Neu. 

Nanah (j). Pus, purulent matter. 

Nanas (eu). The ananas or piue-applo, 
Ananasm saliva ; v. Ananas. 


[ 119 


Nanas-ijau. The gi-een ananas, a variety, 

Ananassa viridis. 
Nanas-koudai. A variety, Ananassa poly- 

Nanas-surat. The variegated ananas, a 

variety, Ananassa script». 
Nanas-t.imbaga. The copper- coloiu'ed 

ananas, Ananassa ruhens. 
Nanasturapang. A variety, Ananassa 

Naning. Name of a Malay state in the 

interior of the peninsula. 
Nanti. To stay, to wait, not to depart ; 

to wait, to stay in expectation ; shall, as 

an auxiliary. 
Nautikan. To await, to expect, to wait 

Nantiyasa. Always, perpetually, con- 
stantly ; ever, eternally. 
Nangi. A pig, the young of the sow. 
Nangis (j). To weep, to wail, to lament. 
Nangka (j). The jack fruit, Artocarpus 

intcr/rifoUa ; name of an island on the 

south-eastern coast of Borneo, and of 

three in the straits of Banca. 
Nangluug. A scaffold, a platform, a 

Napal. Soapy eai-th, steatite. 
Napas (sun). Sorrel colour in a horse. 
Napuh. Name of a diminutive species of 

deer, Moschus javanicus. 
Nara (s). Lord. 
Naradipa (s). A king. 
Naraka (s). Tlic infernal regions of 

Hindu mythology ; hell ; v. Naraka. 
Naranata (s). A king, lord of lords. 
Narapati (s). A king, lord of lords. 
Xarawangsa (s). Name of a i^rincess of 

Kadiri, queen of Panji Jayakusuma, 

celebrated in Javanese romance. 
Xarawiistu ( j). Name of a grass with odo- 
riferous roots, which are much used as 

a perfume, Andropogon muncatits. 
Xarayana (s). A name of the Hindu god 

Narendra (s). A king ; v. Nalendra. 
Nanin (ben). Name of a species of fish. 
Nasi. Cooked rice ; bread. 
Np^ur. A cancer, a cancerous sore. 
Nam' (a), a defendsr, a protector, an 

Nata (s). Lord, master ; prince, king. 
Nata-brama-kusuma (s). Name of a prince 

renowned in Javanese stoiy, and said 

to have reigned in a country of Con- 

tinentiU India called Baratmajwa. 
Natang. A loophole. 
Natar(j.d-asar). Ground, .surface ; ground 

under the water; bottom, floor, ground; 

ground, bottom colour ; v. D'asar. 
Xat-nat (bat). A mite ; a weavel. 
Xartk (a). Rational, ha^ong the faculty 

of speech. 

Nawung. Shade, shadow ; shade, shelter ; 
protection, asylum. 

Nawungkan. To shade, to shadow; to 
shelter, to protect, to screen. 

Naxuda (p). The master of a merchant 

Nayab (jav). An open- day robber ; to 
rob in open day. 

Nayah. Many, numerous. 

N'ayaka (s). A grandee, a noble, a coun- 

Nayam (bat). A coulter, a ploughshai-e. 

Nayik. To rise, to ascend, to mount, to 
climb, to go up, to move upwards ; to 
get upon or into any vehicle ; to em- 
bark ; to increase, to augment ; v. 

N'ayik-bulan. Moom-ise. 

Nayik-d-arat. To land, to disembark. 

Nayik-^aji. To perform the pilgrimage 
to Mecca. 

Nayik -kareta. To ride in or be conveyed 
by a carriage. 

Nayik-kuda. To ride, to go on horse- 

Nayik-layar. To set sail. 

Nayikmata-ai'i. Sunrise. 

Nayik-mflmpalai. To be a bridcgi'ooni. 

Nayik-prau. To embark, to go on ship- 
board, to take ship. 

Nayik-raja. To ascend the throne, to 
become king. 

X'ay i k-turun. Up and down ; rise and fall . 

Nayiki. To raise, to lift, to heave ; to 
erect, to set upright; to elevate, to 
exalt ; to increase. 

Nayikkan, v. Nayiki. 

Nayub (jav). A carousal, a festival; to 
feast, to carouse. 

Nabi (a), a prophet. 

Nadi-ang. To sound as a trumpet; v. 

Nafas (a). Labour, child-bearing, partu- 

Naf as (a). Breath ; breathing, respira- 
tion ; soul, spirit ; lust. 

Nafi (a). Inhibited ; rejected, inter- 
dicted, proscribed. 

Nafiri (p). A trumpet ; a fife, a flute. 

Nafi-ah (a). Necessary expenses of liv- 
ing, livelihood, maintenance. 

NafX-at (a), v. Naf kah. 

Nafsu (a). Lust, carnal desii-e; appe- 
tite; caprice ; passion, choler; v. Nafas. 

Nagara. Name of a kind of drum; v. 

Nagara (s). A city, a capital town ; realm, 
kingdom ; a land, a country ; a region. 

Ndgi-i (s), V. Nagara. 

Nahi (a). Prohibited, interchctcd; pro- 

NahuT (a). Grammar. 

NajTs(A). Fold, filthy; unclean, defiled. 


[ 120] 

NID— NU// 

polluted, impure ; filth ; pollution ; 

Naj um (a). The stars ; a horoscope ; as- 

Nakara. Name of a kind of di-um; v. 

Ndkulasa-dewa (s). Name of twin bro- 
thers, sons of Pandu, in the Mahabarat. 

Nfllayan (s). A fisherman ; v. Nalayan. 

Nam (j). Six ; v. Auam. 

N.impak. To be seen, to be visible, to 
appear; v. Tampak. 

Nampang. Now, at this time, at the 
same time. 

Namu (j). To meet, to encounter ; to 
find, to got, to obtain ; v. Tilniu. 

Nanda. Eoyal grandfather. 

Njlnggal (s). The tail or handle of a 

Nilngkok. The nape of the neck ; v. 

Napas. Name of a tree. 

N.iracha (j. naraju). A balance, scales. 

Nilrada (s). The messenger of the Hindu 

Naraka (s). The Hindu infernal regions ; 
hell ; V. Naraka. 

Narawastu (j. larasatu). Name of a large 
grass with scented roots, which are 
used as a perfume ; v. Narawastu. 

Ndrpati (s). A king ; v. Narapati. 

Nflsta. Low, mean, vile. 

Nastakdn. To debase, to degrade. 

Nastapa (j). Penance; curse, maledic- 
tion ; calamity, misfortune. 

Nasir (a), a vulture. 

Nas (a), a text or dogma of the Koran. 

Nasib (a). Fate, destiny ; lot ; fortune. 

Nasi/iat (a). Counsel, advice, admonition. 

Nasrani (a). A Nassarine, a Christian. 

Na<as (a). Ingenious; learned, intelligent. 

Nasar (a). A vow ; a votive offering. 

Naam (a). An ostrich. 

Namat (a). Delicious, pleasant, grateful 
to the taste; delicacies, dainties, lux- 

N«na (a). Mint, apear-mint. 

Nen. Who, that, relative iironoun. 

NeuAnda, v. Nenda. 

Ncnda. Grandfather or grandmother 

Ncnek (j. nini). Grandfather or grand- 

Neuek-moyang. Forefathers, ancestors. 

Nera. The sap of palms before fermenta- 

Nerai. Name of a littoral tree. 

Nias. The island of Nias, on the western 
coast of Sumatra; v. Niyas. 

Niat (a). Intention, design, purpose, re- 
solution, will. 

Nibimg. Name of a palm, Caryota nrem ; 
r. Anibung. 

Nidarang. To sound as a trumpet v. 

Nika/i (a). Marriage ; nuptials. 

Nika/i-lari. Runaway marriage. 

Nikumba (s). A personage of the Rama- 
yana, nephew of Rawana. 

Nil (a). The river Nile. 

Nila (s). The indigo dye ; indigo blue; 
the sapphire. 

Nilai. To appraise, to value, to price. 

Nilakanta (s). An epithet of the Hindu 
god Siwa. 

Nilakanda (s). Name of a gem. 

NiMm (t). The sapphire. 

Nilas (ben). To run with hurried steps. 

Nilur (p). Crystal ; v. Balur. 

Nin. Indeed, in reality (vulgar); v. Ni- 

Niugrat (jav. ing, "of," and rat, "the 
world ; ") often occurring in Javanese 
titles of nobility. 

Ningwang (jay). I, me, we, us. 

Nipa (j). Name of a lowly i^alm, the 
leaves of which are the most usual 
material for thatch, Nipafruticosa. 

Nipis (j. tipis). Thin, not thick, not 
deep ; thin, fine, slender ; v. Tipis. 

Ninai. To move in a row, to march in a 

Niri. Name of a forest tree. 

Nirmala (s). To fade, to droop, to wither. 

Nischaya (s). Certainly, indubitably, un- 
doubtedly, without question, unques- 

Nist-a (j. poor, moan). Railing, abuse. 

Nist'akan. To abuse, to rail at. 

NTs'an (p). Sign, signal, mark ; index. 

Nit'ih (j. nitis). Metamorphosis, trans- 

Niya. Collar of a garment. 

Niyaga (j). A musician. 

Niyaka (s). A chief, a iioble, a grandee ; 
a councillor ; v. Nayaka. 

Niyas. The island of Nias, on the west- 
ern coast of Sumatra ; v. Nias. 

Nivan. Indeed, in reality (vidgai-) ; v. 

Nobat (p). The state or royal drum ; a 
large kettle-drum. 

Noua (pou. nona, "a nun?"). An unmar- 
ried European lady. 

Nona, or biiah-nona. Name of a species 
of custard apple; i. e., Fructus virgi- 
nal is ; Anona muricata. 

Nono. Pudendum muliebre. 

Noiiton (j). To look, to see, to behold. 

Noiia (pub. dona, "a lady"). An Eu- 
ropean married lady. 

Nugrah (s). A gift, a present, a largess ; 
bounty, favour, grace. 

Niigrahi. To bestow, to give a present ; 
to favour. 

Nu/i (a). The patriarch Noah. 


[ 121 ] 


Nujum (a). The stars; horoscope; 

Nuiiah (a), a point, a dot. 
Nun. That, those, yonder. 
Nurbisa. Name of some kind of poison. 
Nuri (j. nori). The loory parrot ; a paiTot. 
Nusa (jAv). An island ; v. Nuswa. 

Like pulo, it is often prefixed to the 

names of islets in several parts of the 

Niisa-bara (jav). A name sometimes 

given to the island of Madura. 
Nusa-brambang (jav). Name of a small 

island off Cheribon in Java. 
Nusa-kambangan (jav). Name of an 

island off the southern coast of Java ; 

sometimes it is applied to Bali. 
Nuswa (jav). An island ; v. Nusa. 
Nii^a/- (a). Eloquent. 
Nuwala (s). A royal letter ; a rescript. 
Nuwun (jav). To beg, to pray, to 


^ GAGAOR (sun). To mew, to cry as 

a cat. 
Ngali (bat). Gall, bile. 
Ngalir. To flow, to stream ; v. Alir. 
Ngamam (j). To confuse, to perturb, 

to perplex ; to disconcert ; to alarm. 
Nganga. To gape. 
Nganggit (jav). To file, to string; to 

compose, to write. 
Ngangut (bat). To pine, to languish ; 

to mope ; to dote, to be in one's 

Ngapa (apa). To ask, to question; 

question, demand. 
Ngariiung (riiung). To howl. 
Ngati-ati (jav). Heedful, careful, cautious. 
Ngayub (jav). To shade, to shadow ; 

to shelter, to screen, to give refuge. 
Ngalu (j). Dizzy, giddy ; vertigo, giddi- 
ness; headache. 
Ngaluh. To sigh. 

Ngambara (jav). To roam ; v. Kambara. 
Ngarana. Sad, grieved, distressed, 

afHictcd. "^ 

Ngari. Terrible, dreadful, frightful ; 

terrified, frightened ; v. Ngri. 
Ngarin. Angi-y, indignant ; v. Nring. 
Ng^rok (j). To snore; v. Ngi-ok and 

Ngigau. To rave, to be delirious ; 

raving, delirium. 
Ngilu (silu). To have the teeth on 

Ngiyun. To mew, to cry as a cat. 
Nglana (jav). To roam. 
Ngomong (jav). Talkative, garrulous. 
Ngorok (j). To snore; r. Narok and Ngrok. 
Ngreni (jav). Name of the queen of 

Morobangun or Jayakusuma, king of 
J.anggala, a heroine of Javanese and 
Malay romance. 

Ngri. Ten-ible, dreadful, frightful ; terri- 
fied, frightened ; v. Ngari. 

Ngrin. Angry, indignant ; v. Ngarin. 

Ngrok (j). To snore; v. Narok and 

Ngrouakung (jav). A name of Panji 
Jayakusuma, king of Jauggala. 

Nguwap (j. angob). To yawn. 

JNa (j). He; she; it; — always an 

_ inseparable affix ; v. liia. 

Nah. Out, away, begone, hence, off ! 

Nai (jav). Grandmother ; matron ; lady. 

Nala. Flame, blaze ; to flame ; to blaze. 

NaMng (ben). To awake, to arouse from 

_ sleep. 

Nali (bat). Gall, bile ; v. Ngali. 

Naman. Well, sane, sound, healthy. 

Namok. A guat, a mosquito, Culex. 

Naiiah (bat). To broil, to roast on the 

^ coals. 

Naiii. To sing ; singing, song. 

Naiiikan. To lull, to put to sleep by 

_ singing. 

Naring. Loud, shrill. 

Naris (J. slowly, gently). Almost, nearly. 

Nata (j. true, real, genuine). Manifest, 

clear, plain, open, apparent, evident; 

conspicuous, obvious ; certain ; plainly, 
_ clearly, distinctly. 
Natakan. To clear, to make manifest; 

to prove, to demonstrate. 
Nawa (j). The life ; the soul ; the breath. 
Naya (ben). To slander, to calumniate. 
Nabur (bat). To leap or skip in the 
_ water. 

NAdar. Sound, fast (as to sleep). 
Nailulung. Name of a sea-fish. 
Nilih (jav). To borrow. 
Ningning. A mouse. 
Niru. A fan, a sieve for winnowing. 
Nudanta (j and s). Name of a small 

variety of coconut ; literally, the 
_ " ivory coconut ; " a woman's bosom. 
Nung. A kind of titular prefix to names 
_ of persons of inferior condition. 
Nur (j. nu). The coconut tree and fruit, 
_ Cocos nucifera. 
Nur-dai-ah. Name of a variety of the 

coconut ; " blood coconut." 
Nur-gad'ing. Name of a variet;^of the co- 
_ conut; " ivory coconut;" v. Nur-danta. 
Nur-karah. Name of a variety of the 
_ coconut ; " tortoise coconut." 
Nur-manis. Name of a variety of the 
^ coconut ; " sweet coconut." 
Nur-maraki. Name of a variety of the 



[ 122] 


Nur-putih. Name of a variety of the 

coconut ; " wliite coconut." 
Nur-rambai. Name of a variety of the 

coconut ; " tasselled coconut." 

ObONG (jav). To btu-n. 

Obor (jav). a torcli. 

Obrapuspa (s). Name of one of the horses 

of Krishna's chariot. 
Olah (j. ulah). Conduct, behaviour ; v. 

Olak (j). To whirl ; to eddy ; v. Ulak. 
Olakan. An eddy, a whirlpooh 
Olek. To dandle, to fondle ; v. Ulik. 
( )mbai. A fringe ; a flounce ; a valance ; 

a tassel. 
Ombak (j). A wave, a billow. 
( )mbal. Wet, moist. 
(Jmbar (jav). Spacious. 
Ompat. Slander, calumny, backbiting. 
Ompik. The angles of a weir or fish-ti-ap. 
Onde. A lot, chance by lot. 
( )nd-a (jav). A ladder, a stair. 
( >ntaboga (s). Name of a fabulous snake ; 

the seventh sphere of Hindu mj-thology. 
<')ntapat-i (s). An ei^ithct of the Hindu 

god Siwa. 
Ongkawijaya (s). Name of a son of Ar- 

juna, in the Mahabarat. 
Ora (jAv). No ; not. 
•Jrak. To bale, to discharge the water 

from a shi]> ; the seaman whose si^ecial 

office it is to bale. 
Orak-orak. A token, in form of a wooden 

fish, handed from the watch relieved 

to the relieving watch in a ship. 
Orap. Name of a kind of cosmetic. 
Orang (j. wong). Man, human being ; 

mankind ; person ; individual ; people, 

men, persons in general. 
Orang-anu. A certain person. 
Orang-baharu. A new man, a novice. 
Orang-desa. A countryman, a villager, a 

swain ; a rustic, a clown. 
(>rang-d-usun, v. Orang-desa. 
Orang-gunung. A mountaineer ; rude pei"- 

son, rustic, clown ; literally, " man of 

the mountains." 
Orang-ilir. An inhabitant of the sea 

coast, distinguished from an inhabitant 

of the inland country. 
Orang-kaluwaran. A stranger ; literally, 

" man of the outside." 
Orang-kaya. A person of distinction ; a 

chieftain; liteially, "a rich man." 

The Malays politely use it in address- 
ing the Chinese. 
Orang-kadai. A shopkeeper, a huckster. 
Orang-laki. A man, a male human being. 
Or&ng-liiut. A man of the sea, a name 

given to certain Malay tribes that dwell ' 

chiefly in their boats, and live pi-inci- 

pally by fishing. 
Orang-oi'ang-mata. The pupil of the eye. 
Orang-orAngan. A puppet. 
OrAng-parampiian. A woman, a female 

of the human species. 
Orang-ulu. An inhabitant of the interior, 

distinguished from an inhabitant of the 

sea coast. 
Oi-ang-upahan. A hired person, a day 

Orang-utan. A wild man, a savage; a 

rustic, a clown ; literally, " man of the 

woods or forest." 
Orlang. A superficial measure of 80 

English yards to a side ; v. Raiung. 
Orloji (du. horlogie). A watch, a clock, a 

Otar-otar. A shield, a buckler ; v. Utar- 


Pa (j. pak). Father. 

Piiah. The thigh; the limb or quarter 
of a slaughtered animal; the foui'th 
part of a tail, or 145 grains troy. 

Piiak. A valley, a dell. 

Piiang. Name of a Malay state on the 
eastern side of the peninsula. 

Piiar. A kind of brass salver with a 

Ptiat. A chisel. 

Piiatkiln. To chisel ; to chase, to enchase. 

Pabelan (bela). Place of concremation ; 
literally, " place of retribution." 

Pabeyan (beya). Toll-house, custom- 
house ; literally, "place of toll or duty." 

Pabidangan (sun). A frame or loom for 
working embroidery. 

Pabikangan (sun). A caldron. 

Pabila. When ; whenever. 

Pabuan. The yard or spar that supports 
a ship's sail. 

Paehak. A spit, a skewer. 

Pachal. A slave. 

Pachar-china. Name of a plant, Lawsonia 

Pachar-kuku. Name of a plant, Balsamina 

Pachat (j). Name of a small leech in- 
festing foi-ests. 

Pachi(pa-kachil). Uncle, father's younger 
brother ; literally, " little father." 

Pachinan (China). The quarter of the 
Chinese in a town. 

Pachu. To manage, to conduct, to guide, 
to drive (horse or chai-iot). 

Pachul (j). A hoe. 

Pachundang. Overcome, defeated, worsted. 

Pada (s). The foot ; a verse, a stanza. 

Padam. To quench, to put out, to extin- 
guish fire; to destroy life; extin- 


[ 123 ] 


giiished, quenched; embarrassed, per- 
plexed ; dull, not bright. 

Padam (x). Name of a gem, the jacinth. 

Padesan ( The country distiuguidh- 
ed from the town. 

Padi (j. pari). Rice, Oryza sativa. In the 
Kanara language of Soiufchern India the 
word is bati ; and, introduced by the 
Portuguese, may be the padi and pari 
of the Malays and Javanese. 

Padi-pulut. Glutinous rice, Onjza r/lic- 

Padi-sawah. Rice gi-owu in water-field. 

Padi-umah. Dry-field or mountain rice. 

Padma (s). The lotus flower, Nelumbiuin 
apeciosumj v. Tarate. 

Padmi (s). The Hindu goddess of this 
name ; in Java, a man's eldest wife. 

Padri (POR. padre). A Christian priest. 

Padu. To mingle, to blend ; to compare, 
to estimate. 

Padu (JAV). Altercation, debate, dis- 
pute, quarrel. 

Paduka (j). Lord, master , a titular ex- 
pression equivalent to " highness." 

Paduli. To intermeddle, to interfere, to 
interpose ; to heed, to mind ; a corrup- 
tion of the Arabic word fallul. 

Paduman (j). The mariner's compass. 

Padupan (dupa). A censer, an incense pot. 

Pad -a (J). Same, equal, equivalent ; equal, 
even, level ; adequate, proportionate ; 
competent, sufiicient; to suffice, to 

Padakan. To equalise, to make even; 
to balance ; to satisfy, to content. 

Pad'an (pad'a). An equal, a fellow, a peer ; 
a companion, a comrade ; a goal ; a 
boundary inark. 

Pad-ang (jay). Bright, clear, light, shin- 
ing ; clear, peispicuous. 

Pad'ang. A plain, a clear piece of gi-ound, 
an open field; name of a place on the 
south-western coast of Sumatra. 

Pad'usuuan (d'usuu). The country dis- 
tinguished from the town. 

Paga. A ceiling. 

Pagcllaran (jay). The part of the alun- 
aluu or open square in front of a Ja- 
vanese palace, in which the chiefs sit 
before the king ; literally, " the place 
spread with mats." 

Pagar (j). A fence, an enclosure; a 
hedge ; a wall. 

Pagar-bata. A brick wall. 

Pagar-batu. A stone wall. 

Pagar-bulan. Halo round the moon. 

Pagar-buluh. A bamboo fence. 

Pagar-idup. A live or quickset hedge. 

Pagarkan. To fence, to enclose, to wall. 

Pagar-rayung (j). Name a place in the 
interior of Sumatra. The word ra- 
yung is Javanese, and means " gi-ass." 

Pagar-uyung (j). Name of the chief 
place of the Malayan state of Manang- 
kabiiu, in Sumatra. 

Pagi. Morning ; early. 

Pagi-ari. Early, by-times ; in the uioi-ning. 

Paguuungau (gunung). A mountain 

Pagut. To peck as a bird ; to bite as a 
snake ; v. Patuk. 

Pagut-matuagut. To peck continuou.sly. 

Pahala (s). Merit, desert; reward, re- 

Paham (a). Knowledge; skill; skilled; 
intelligent ; v. Faham. 

Pai. To go ; a colloquial corruption of 

Paigu. The country of Pegu ; v. Pigu. 

Pailak. Wretch, miserable mortal. 

Pait (j). Bitter. 

Pajajai-an (jay). The seat of an ancient 
kingdom in Java in the thirteenth cen- 
tury, situated in the Suiida district of 
Bogor ; the word means, '• the place 

Pajang. Hangings, cloth furniture. 

Pajang (jay). Name of one of the 
finest of the central provinces of Java. 

Pajar (a). Morning, dawn ; v. Fiijar. 

Pajaratan (jay). A Vjurying ground ; ;i 
cemetery ; v. Pajaratan. 

Pajag (jay). Fixed, invariable ; settled 
tax, established impost. 

Pajak (j. pajag). A licence, a privilege, 
a monopoly. 

Pajaksan (jay). A judicial tribunal. 

Pakachangan (kachang). Field or place 
in which pulses are grown. 

Pakai. To wear, to use, to make use of, 
to put on ; to dress, to clothe; v. Pake. 

Paka'ian. Any thing used or worn ; in- 
vestment, cloths, dress, raiment, ap- 
parel ; accoutrements ; equipage ; tra^i- 
piugs, equipment ; implements ; v. 
Pakean and Pakiiin. 

Pakal (J. pakam). To caulk ; the material 
used for caulking. 

Pakalongan (jay). Name of a province 
on the northern side of Java. 

Pakan. The woof in weaving ; woven in, 
embroidered ; studded, ornamented 
with studs. 

Pakan (J. pakam, "a book !"). A charm to 
make invulnerable. 

Pakanira (jay). Thou ; v. Pakanira. • 

Pake, V. Pakai. 

Pakiian (pakai). Cloths, dress, raiment ; 
V. Pakiiin. 

Pakewuh (jAV). Difficulty, distress, per- 

Pakis (jay). A fern, the family of 

Pakriti (s). Nature, temper, disposition; 
conduct, behaviour ; v. Pakarti. 




Paksi. A moveable spindle in any 
machine ; axis.. 

Paksi (JAV). A bird, a fowl ; v. P§,ksi. 

Paku (pakis). A fern, the family of 

Pakii (j). A nail, a spike. 

Paku-aji. A cycas palm ; litei'ally, " royal 
fern ; " Cycas rcvoliUa and Cycas cir- 

Pakubumi (j and s). A royal title ; 
literally, " nail of the world." 

Pakubuwana (j and s) ; v. Pakubiuni. 

Pakuwon (jav). A stage, a resting- 

Pala (jav). To beat, to strike. 

Pala. The Javanese Marabou. 

Pala (s). Fruit; the nutmeg, Myristka 

Palana. Tlie gear of an elephant; a saddle. 

Palang (j). A bar, a piece of wood laid 
crossways to obstruct. 

Palang (bat). A threshold. 

Palanggai. A rainbow. 

Palangi (palang). To bar, to place a bar 
or cross-beam. 

Pala-pala. Altogether, wliolly, entirely. 

Palar-palaran. A modesty piece, a piece 
of silver or other metal worn by chil- 
dren to conceal the nudities. 

Palat. Membritm virile (in the dialect 
of Patani). 

Palawang (bu). The island of Palawan, 
the most westerly of the largo i:<lands 
of the Philippine group. 

Palembaug (j. limbaug, "to drain"). Name 
of a state towards the southern end of 
Sumatra and ojiposite the island of 
Banca, established by a Javanese co- 
lony in the twelfth century. 

Palered (jav). Name of a district in 
Java, in the province of Mataram ; v. 

Palguna (s). A name of Krishna. 

Pali. Name of a place on the south- 
western coast of Sumatra. 

Palih (j). To divide in two. 

Paling. To turn ; to turn about ; to turn 
away ; to deviate. 

Paling (bat). Very, most. 

Palis. To turn, to turn about; v. 

Palit. To .«niear, to streak or lay on 
with the finger. 

Palitar. A talc, a fable. 

Palonasuta (s). A name of Hanuman, in 
the Ramayaua. 

Palu (j). To beat, to strike ; to hammer; 
stroke, blow, knock ; a club, a mace ; 
a hammer. 

Palu (bu). Name of a Bugi.s state on the 
west coast of Celebes. 

Palugon (jav). Field of battle. 

Paluug. A trough. 

Palupu (sUN). a floor. 

Palwa (j). a boat. 

Pamachanau (machan). A tiger-house, 
a place for keeping tigers and leopai'ds. 

Pamah. Low or level gi-ound at the 
foot of a hill. 

Pamajagan (jav). Crown land, land not 
assigned as stipend, but paying rent 
direct to the sovei'eign. 

Pamakasan (jav). Name of a district of 
the island of Madura. 

Pamalang (jav). Name of a district in 

Paman (j). Uncle, parent's younger bro- 
ther ; term of respect in addi-essiug a 

Pamatah. Skill acquired from instruc- 

Pamatuk (sun). Bill, beak of a bird. 

Pambarap (jav). First-born child ; 
literally "fii-st hope." 

Pambarisan (baris). Field of exercise, 
place for exercising soldiers, a jjarade. 

Paniit (jav). To ask leave to depart; 
leave to depart. 

Pamond'okan (jav. mond'ok). A caravan- 
sera, a house of reception for travellers. 

Pamor (j). The flower, water or damask 
mark on the blade of a weapon. 

Pampas. A fine or compensation for 

Pamud'a. Maternal uncle younger than 
one's mother. 

Pamuji (s. puji). Prayer, entreaty ; 
praise, laiidation ; compliments. 

Panah (j). Tlie bow, the insti-ument of 
war ; to shoot with a bow. 

Panai. Name of a river and Malay set- 
tlement on the north-eastern coast of 

Panakawau (j). Domestics, retainers, 

Panambang (jav). A ferry-boat. 

Panarima (jav. tarima). Thanks, acknow- 
ledgment of obligation. 

Panas (j). Hot, warm ; vehement, eager ; 
warm, passionate, choleric; heat. 

Panaskan. To heat. 

Panau. Incrusted or covered over with 

Panambahau (jav). A Javanese title ; 
literally, " the object of an obeisance." A ray of light ; a sunbeam ; daz- 

Panarka (s. tarka). Divination, conjuring ; 
an enigma ; v. PAuArka. 

Pancha (s). Five ; v. Poncha. 

Panchadriya (s). The five senses ; the 
external senses. 

Panchala. A piece of chequei'ed clotli 
used in playing the game of draughts. 

Panclialima (s). Astrology. 


[ 125 ] 


Panchalogdm (t and s). Name of a gem. 

Pauchang (j. chanchang). A stake, a post 
fixed in the ground ; a palisade. 

Pancbap.u-sada (s). A bath-room, a bath- 
hoiLse; v. Ponchapai-sada. 

Pauchar (j. panchur). To gush, to flush, 
to spout ; to flash ; v. Panchur. 

Pancharuba (s). The variable winds be- 
tween the monsoons ; the season when 
such winds prevail. 

Pancljas (jav). To lop, to cut off, to 

Panchawarna (s). Many-coloured; lite- 
rally, " five-coloured." 

Panchindra (s), v. Panchadriya. 

Panching (j). A hook; a fish-hook; to 
fish with a hook. 

Panelling. Fastidious, nice, squeamish. 

Panchingan. Fastidiousness, squeamish- 

Panchung. To cut off, to lop ; lap, flap, 

Panchuug-talinga. Tiie tip of the ear. 

Pancliur (j). To gush, to, to spout ; 
to shed light ; v. Pauchar. 

Panchuran. A gush ; a spout, a water- 

Panchut. To gush, to flush ; v. Panchur. 

Pangdahan. Name of a kind of dart or 

Pandaug (j). To view, to survey ; to 
gaze, to stare ; to see, to look at. 

Pandangan. View, sight; opinion, notion, 
idea, conception. 

Pandiat. A pit-fall for taking theelephant. 

Pandu. To bum, to set fire to. 

Panduman (j). The mariner's compass. 
The name is probably Javanese, from 
the verbal root dum, " to divide or sub- 
divide," and the literal meaning Lu this 
ca-e would be "the object subdivided;" 
V. Paduman. 

Pandung (jav). A night-robber, a night- 
thief; to rob or steal by night. 

Pandupan (dupa). A censer, an incense- 
pot ; V. Padupan. 

Panduwa (duwa). A smaller kris worn 
with a larger. 

Pand'abar (bat). A spear, a lance. 

Pand-ai (hin). Skilful, skilled; expert; 
cunning, knowing ; an artificer, a crafts- 
man ; an adept ; a goldsmith ; a black- 
smith; V. Pand"e. 

Pand-ak (j). Short, not long, wanting 

Pand-au (j). Name of a tribe of plants. 

Pandan-liiut. The sea pandan, Mar- 
qv.artia globosa. 

Pand'an-pud'ak. The sweet-scented pan- 
dan, Pandanus moschatm. 

Pand-an-putih. The white-leaved pandan, 
Pandanm leucacanthus. 

Pand'an-rampai, v. Pandan-pud'ak. 

Pand-an-wangi. The sweet-scented pan- 
dan; V. Pandan-pud'ak. 

Pandawa (s). The sons of Pandu, in the 
poem of the Maliabarat. 

Pand'e (j). A blacksmith, a cutler. 

Paud'ita (s). A pundit, a doctor, a sage ; 
a teacher, an instructor. 

Pand'ita-sabrang. A foreign pandit — that 
is, a Hindu pandit ; literally, " a pundit 
of the opposite side of the water." 

Pand-u (s). The father of Arjuna and 
the other Pandus. 

Pand-u-dewa-nata (s). The name of the 
last pei-souage at length ; literally, 
" Pand-u, the god-king." 

Pane. Name of a river and Malay set- 
tlement on the north-easl;ern side of 
Sumatra ; v. Panai. 

Pauen (jav). Harvest, reaping-time. 

Panitau. The correct name of Prince's 
island, in the straits of Simda. 

Paniti (bat). Steel. 

Panjaug (j). Long, not short ; tall ; 
length ; name of an island towards the 
western entrance of the straits of Ma- 
lacca ; name of an island off the south- 
eastern coast of Borneo. 

Panjang-nipis. Lank, slender. 

Panjangkan. To lengthen, to elongate ; 
to lengthen, to prolong, to pi'otract. 

Paujarwa (jav). An interpreter, a trans- 

Paujat (j). To climb, to mount with the 
aid of the hands and feet. 

Panjauangan (jav). The body, the pei-son. 

Paiijdnangan-dalam (jav). The royal per- 
son ; a frequent expression in address- 
ing persons of high rank. 

Panjar (j). Earnest, instalment in part 
jjayment, handsel. 

Pauji. A banner, a flag. 

Panji (jav). Drawers, small-clothes, 

Punji (j). Name of a king of Java, the 
seat of whose government was J^ng- 
gala, and who is, also, known by the 
names of Jay akusuma and Inakarta-pati . 
This personage, who is famous in Ja- 
vanese and Malay romance, appears to 
have reigned about the year i:319. 

Fanjoged (jav. joged). A public dancer. 

Pantai. The strand, the beach, the sea- 
shore ; the coast, the sea-board. 

Pantang. Forbidden, interdicted ; curbed, 
bridled, checked, restrained. 

Pantat. The fundament ; bottom, lower 

Pantas. Quick, swift, nimble, agile, active, 
ready; exj^ert. 

Pantasau. Nimbleness, activity. 

Pantas (jav). Proper, fit, becoming, be- 
seeming ; neat, clean, tidy. 

Pautek. To drive, as a nail or peg. 


[ 12« ] 


Panti (jAv). Dwelling, abode, house. 

Pantun. An eiiigrara. 

Pauuwuu (jAV). Entreaty, solicitation ; 
name of a prince of Koripan, in Java, 
celebrated in Javanese romance. 

Pangalasau. A messenger, an emissary ; 
V. Panglasau. 

Pangannik (amuk). A muck, a desperate 

Panganan. Name of a kind of sweetmeat 
or pastry ; it is the Javanese word for 
" food," generally. 

Pangandika (jav). The speech or words 
of the great ; an order, a command. 

Panganteu (jav). A bride or bridegroom. 

Paugawinan. A halberdier, a class of 
officers bearing lialberts or lances. 

Pangerau (j). A prince. In Java, it is 
a title of the highest nobility, and 
usually confined to the king's sons and 
brothers; with the Sundas, it means 
" master," " lord," and " god." In 
some Malay states it is applied to 
feudatory or tributary princes ; v. 
Pangran, Paugeran, and Pangrau. 

Pangeran-adipati (jav). The title of the 
heir-apparent in Java. 

Panggal (bat). To lop, to chop ofif. 

Panggang (j). To roast or toast ; roasted, 

Panggil. To call, to summon ; to invite ; 
to convoke ; to name, to denominate. 

Panggilau. A guest, the party called or 

Panggiliiigan (j. giling). A wheel; any 
machine with wheels or rollers ; a mill. 

Panggul (bat). Second-born child. 

Panggul (bat). The hip. 

Panggung (j). An elevated stage, a plat- 
form ; a look-out house ; a watch- 

Pangikat (ikat). Tie, fastening ; binding, 
ligature; writing, composition. 

Pangkal. Butt-end ; base ; near end, hither 
extremity ; fund, stock, capital. 

Pangkal-mata. Inner corner of the eye ; 
literally, " base of the eye ;" v. Ikur- 

Pangkal-paha. The hip ; literally, " butt- 
end of the thigh." 

Pangkalan (pangkal). Funds, assets, pro- 
perty ; a ferry, the place from which 
passage across water is effected ; lite- 
rally, " near or hither end." 

Pangkat (j). Tier, row, rank ; stage, 
story, floor; step, degree, gradation; 
class, order ; rank, station ; rank, dig- 
nity ; high 2)lacc. 

Pangkeng (sun). A room, a chamber, an 

Pangku (j). The lap, the bosom ; Latin, 
gremium ; v. Mangku. 

Paugkiiau (pangku). The lap, the bosom. 

Pangkur (ben). A hoe, a mattock. 
Pangla.san. A messenger, an emissary ; 

V. Pangalasan. 
Paugling (j). To forget. 
Paugling (bat). To gaze, to look with 

Pangling. Name of a species of aquatic 

Pangot (jAV). The iron style used for 

writing on the palm-leaf. 
Pangran (j). A prince ; v. Pangeran. 
Pangrasa (j and s). Feeling; opinion, 

Pangsan. Swoon, fainting ; to .swoon, to 

Pangsi. A flag, a banner. 
Paugulu (ulu). Leader, headman ; over- 
seer; in Java, a chief Mahomedan 
priest ; v. Pangulu. 
Pangulu-bandaari. Treasurer. 
Pangvilu-gad'ong. Storekeeper ; keeper of 

the wardrobe. 
Papa (j). Poor, indigent, needy, neces- 
Papakrama (j). Retribution, retaliation, 

Papan. A board, a plank ; table, tablet ; 

Papan-chatur. Chess-board. 
Papan-chuki. Draught-board. 
Papar (ben). To levy contributions. 
Paparan. Contributions, levies. 
Papas. To take off, to throw off, to cast 

aside, to remove. 
Papas (bat. jav. papag). To meet, to 

Paprangan (prang). Fight, battle, com- 
bat; warfare. 
Paprentah (prentah). Order, command, 

mandate ; v. Parentah and Prentah. 
Paprentahan. Dominion, authority ; go- 
vernment, rule. 
Papu^^'ah (j). Frizzled ; frizzle or woolly- 
headed; a negrito of the Indian islands ; 
an African negro ; v. Puwah-puwah. 
Papuyu (sun). The womb, the uterus. 
Para. A loft, the part of a house between 
the beams and roof; a stage for drying 
Para (jav). A share, a portion; to share, 

to i)ortion, to divide. 
Para (j). All, the whole, a prefix to nouns 

expressing plurality or multitude. 
Para-bujang. Youths, all the youths. 
Para-niantri (j and s). Nobles, grandees, 

chieftains ; councillors. 
Para-uata. Kings. 
Para-nayaka (j and s). Nobles, chieftains, 

Para-uai (jav). Waiting women, ladies 

in waiting. 
Para-priyayi (jav). Chieftains, grandees. 
Para-putra (j). I'rinces collectively. 




Para-i3utri. Princesses collectively. 

Para-ratu (j). Kings collectively. 

Para-rara. Handmaids. 

Para-tapa (j and s). Hermits, recluses. 

Parah (p). A dry measure, reckoned at 
10 gan tangs or gallons. 

Parak (j, near, close to). Between, in- 

Parakkan. To part, to sunder so as to 
leave a space between. 

Parambanan (JAv). Name of a place in 
the province of Pajang, in Java, con- 
taining the most remarkable remains 
of Hindu temples of the island, the 
oldest of which is stated to have been 
built in 1266 (probably the root is 
bi-amana) ; v. Prambanan. 

Paran (para). The ridge pole of a house 

Parantian (rantai). One that is chained 
or fettered, a convict. 

Parang. To blot out, to obliterate. 

Parang. Name of a plant, Mimosa 

Parang. To hew, to chop, to hack; a 
cutlass ; a chopping-knife, a cleaver. 

Para-para. Soot. 

Parara (j. para, " all," rara, " maids "). 
Handmaids, waiting - women ; v. Par- 

Paras (j). To shave, to pare close to the 

Paras. The face, the countenance ; 
beauty of featm-es. 

Parau. Hoarse. 

Parau (j). The lungs ; v. Paparau. 

Parawan (j). A virgin, a maid ; v. Prawan. 

Pare. Name of a forest ti-ee yielding 

Parental! (j). Ordei', command, man- 
date ; to order, to command ; v. Pareu- 
tah and Prentah. 

Pareutahan. Dominion, authority; do- 
minion, government. 

Parewarna (s). The heavens, the abode 
of the gods. 

Pari. Lot, chance ; a die. 

Pari. The ray or skate fish. 

Pari-bintang. The name of a species of 
ray ; literally, " the star ray." 

Pari-dadap. Name of a species of ray ; 
literally, " the buckler ray." 

Pari-lalat. Name of a species of ray ; 
literally, " the fly ray." 

Pari-laug. Name of a ray ; literally, " the 
eagle or kite ray." 

Parik. To kindle, to light. 

Pariksa (s). To inquire, to examine, to 
investigate ; to search ; inquiry, examin- 
ation ; in Javanese, it means, to com- 
pi-ehend, to conceive, to understand; 
understanding; v. Priksa aud Preksa, 
and Pareksa. 

Pariksaan. Searcli, inquiry; examination, 

Pari-pari (bu). Name of a port and set- 
tlement in Celebes. 

Paris (JAV). A shield, a buckler. 

Paristawa. A time, a particular time. 

Parit. A ditch, a moat ; a trench, a canal. 

Paroh. The beak or bill of a bird. 

Parok. A rasp, a coarse file ; voracious, 

Paron (jAv). An anvil. 

Parsi (p). Persian. 

Parta (s). A name of Arjuna. 

Partipeya. Name of one of the chiefs of 
the Kurawa, in the Mahabarat. 

Parung (sun). Fordable, capable of being 
passed on foot. 

Parut. A scar, a blemish; scarred, 
marked with scars. 

Parvvara (j). Handmaids, waiting-maids ; 
V. Parara. 

Parwata (s). A moimtain. 

Pasa (j). Fast, abstinence ; to fast ; the 
Mahomedan Lent ; v. Puwasa. 

Pasai. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern side of Sumatra, usually called 

Pasak (j. to drive, to force). A pin, a 
peg ; a native, one born in the country. 

Pasakitan (jav. sakit). Imprisonment ; a 

Pasal (a. fa^al). Chapter; article; title 

Pasanakan (jav. sanak). Brethren, kin- 
dred, kinsfolk; friends. 

Pasang. Flood-tide ; to flow as the tide ; 
the tide. 

Pasang. A pair, a couple. 

Pasang. Name of a game resembling 

Pasang. To apply, to put to use ; to give 
action to. 

Pasang-api. To kindle a flre. 

Pasang-badil. To discharge cannon oi- 

Pasang-gadang. High water. 

Pasang-kdreta. To put horses or oxen 
to a carriage. 

Pasang-kring. Low water. 

Pasang-layar. To make sail. 

Pasang-pdlita. To light a lamp. 

Pasang-parnama. Spring-tide, the spring- 
tide of the full moon. 

Pasang-tauang. Slack water; literally, 
" still water," or water not in motion. 

Pasanggrahau (jav). A stage, a resting- 
house on a journey. 

Pasapati (s). Name of the spear of 

Pasar (a. bazar). A market, a bazar. 

Pasaran (pasar). The market week or 
week of five days in Java. 

Pasawat. A particular kind of cordage. 


[ 128 ] 


Pasamah. Name of a district on the 
south-westei'n side of Sumatra. 

Pasdman. Name of a place on the 
south-western side of Sumatra ; name 
of a high mountain near it, commonly 
called Ophir by Europeans. 

Paseban (s. sewa, " to appear before a 
superior"). The waiting apartment or 
place where the chiefs attend before 
going into the presence ; a saloon, a 
hall, a pavilion ; v. Pagalaran and 

Paser. Sand ; the strand. 

Paserkan. To bring a vessel to the shore 
or to the sands. 

Pasetran (jav). Place for exposing the 
dead according to the ancient practice 
of the Javanese. 

Paseyar (bat). To walk, to go on foot. 

Pasilan (bat). Extraneous, adventitious; 
alien, foreign. 

Pa.sir. Name of a Malay state on the 
southern side of Borneo. 

Pasisir (jav). The sea-coa-st, the sea- 
board ; the strand. 

Pasisiran, v. Pasisir. 

Pasmat (du. Spaansch munt). The 
Spanish dollar, piastre, or piece of 
eight, the current money throughout 
the Archipelago, and which ought to 
contain 370'9 grains of silver, and be 
of the sterling value of 4s. 3|rf. 

Pasong. The stocks. 

Pasongan. Imprisonment in the stocks. 

Pasongkan. To put in the stocks. 

Pasti (j). Certain, sure ; indubitable ; 
positively, certainly, surely, assuredly, 
V. Past'i. 

Pasu. A pan or pot for holding water. 

Pasu. A troop, a company, a band, a 
body of men ; to unite in a troop or 
body, to troop, to band. 

Pasuk. Uncle, younger than father or 

Pasukan (pasu). A troop, a band. 

Pasuk-pasukan. By troops, in bands. 

Pasuna (p. fasun). Enchantments, in- 
cantation ; fraud, deceit. 

Pasunden (jav). The country of the 
Sun da nation in Java. 

Pasundian (jav). Name of a province 
towards the eastern end of Java ; 
meaning literally, " place of the betel 
pepper vine." 

Patah. To break, to fracture, to snap ; 
broken, fractured ; a bit, a fragment, 
a piece ; a word, a single part of 

Patah -kfimudi. Name of a plant; lite- 
rally, "broken rudder;" Emilia sonchi- 

Patah-tulang. Name of a plant ; literally, 
"broken bone;" Euphorbia tirucalli. 

Patala (s). The Hindu infernal regions ; 
V. Patala. 

Patani. Name of the most northerly of 
the Malay states on the eastern side 
of the peninsula. 

Patarana (j). A couch, a sofa, an otto- 
man ; V. Patrana. 

Patam. A bodkin for the haii". 

Pati (jAV). Death. 

Pati (s). Lord, supreme master. 

Patih (s). A minister ; a delegate, a 

Patik (j). A slave ; a servant ; pronoun 
of the first person addressing a su- 

Patopan (bat). A gambler ; gambling. 

Patra (s). A leaf. 

Pati-a-mas. Gold leaf, gilding. 

Patrap (jav). Order, disposition ; way, 
manner; conduct, behaviour; judicial 
sentence ; judicial punishment. 

Patu (ben). Pudendum muliebre. 

Patuk. To peck as a bird ; to bite as a 
snake ; v. Pagut. 

Patul. A kind of basket. 

Patulai (ben). A tribe. 

Patung. A puppet, an automaton; an 
image, an idol. 

Patut (j). Fit, proper, suitable, meet, 
right ; fit, qualified ; befitting, be- 

Patutkan. To suit, to fit, to adapt. 

Patut-mamatut. Suitably equipped. 

Patuwi (chin). Playing-cards. 

Pat-i (jAv). Vegetable extract ; any 
thick fecxila ; name of a district in the 
eastern part of Java. 

Pa-uwa (j). Uncle, fathei-'s elder bro- 

Pawai. Young girls appointed to head 
a procession. 

Pawaka (s). Fire. 

Pawan. Name of a plant, Clcrodendron 

Pawana (s). The wind ; the Hindu 
regent of the winds. 

Pawarta (warta). News, intelligence, 

Pawang. One that hunts by charming 
wild animals. 

Pawi (ben). Rotten, decayed, decom- 

Pawon (jAV). A place for cooking ; a 
furnace, a stove. 

Pawong (for. pao). Bread. 

Pawongsanak (jav). Brethren, friends, 

Pawn (ben). To cut, to lop. 

Pawuh (j. poll). Name of a wild fruit, 
Mmu/ifcra macrocarpa. 

Pawukon (jav). A book of judicial 

Pawus. A whale, Buhnia. 

PAW— pAD- 



Pawut. To seize, to catch, to lay hold 
of, to grasp. 

Pawut (ben). To bow, to bend the 

Paya. A marsh, a morass, a bog. 

Payah. Hard, difficult, arduous ; severe, 
painful ; dangerous, hazardous. 

Payau. Brackish. 

Payer. To cruise as an armed vessel. 

Payon (jav). A roof, a covering. 

Payu (j). To pass, to be enacted ; to be 

Payudan (s and j). Battle; field of 

Payudara (jav). A woman's bosom. 

Payung (j). An xmibrella ; a parasol. 

Payung-karajiian. A royal or state um- 

Payungkan. To screen with an umbrella. 

Pabacharaan (s. bachara). Place of con- 

Pabatun. The rising or wall-plate of a 
partition wall. 

Pabanchi (banchi). Hate, hatred, detest- 

Parband-aaran (band'aara). Stewardship. 

Pachachal. The slave of a slave. 

Pachah (j). To break; to be broken ; to 
burst ; broken, routed ; ^vl•ecked. 

Pilchah-balah. Routed, shattered. 

Pachakan. To break ; to rout, to defeat. 

Pachah-piring. Name of three species 
of plants. Gardenia Jlorida, Gardenia 
yrandiflora, and Gardenia radicam. 

Pachat (j. pochot). To cashier, to re- 
move from office ; v. Pochot. 

Pachat. To spur or goad a horse. 

Pachu. A goad, a whip, a scourge. 

Pachukan. To drive cattle with a goad. 

Pdda. On ; at ; in ; to ; for ; towards ; 
by ; according to ; with. 

Pada-antara. Among, amongst. 

Pada-kabawah. Below, Ijeneath. 

Padagang (dagang). A merchant. 

Padah. An omen, a prodigy, a portent ; 
a sign, a token. 

Padaka. A kind of necklace. 

Pĕ,dal. Maw, stomach ; gizzard ; v. Am- 

Padalaman (daldm). Abode, residence, 

Padar. Harsh, rough, austere to the 

Padaya (daya). Cheat, imposture, impo- 
sition ; fraud ; wile, stratagem, trick. 

Padeh. To ache, to smart ; ache, smai-t, 
pain ; sore, smai-ting, painful. 

Padikir. A public dancei*. 

Padir. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Paduta (s. duta). A public messenger, 
an emissary. 

PAd'ang (j). A sword. 

Pad'ang-karajaan. A sword of state. 

Pad-ati (j). A cart, a car ; the wheel of 
a carriage. 

Pad'andang. Name of a kind of silk 
tissue ; taffeta. 

Pad -as. Pimgent, acrid, biting. (jav). Separate, asunder ; separa- 
tion ; divorce. 

Pagab. To pant, to breathe hard and 

Pagang. To catch, to lay hold on with 
the hand ; to clutch, to gripe ; to hold, 
to keep, to retain ; to hold, to possess, 
to enjoy; to catch, to seize. 

Pilgangan. Hold, gi'ipe, seizure ; juris- 
diction ; office, place ; service, attend- 

PAgar. Name of a species of jsheasant 
common in the Malay peninsula. 

Pagan. Visible, perceptible. 

Pilgat (jav). To part, to sever; to di- 

Pagawai (j. a doer, a worker, from gawe, 
"to do"). An implement, a tool ; ma- 
terials ; furniture ; name of a class of 
Malay officers personally waiting on 
the king. 

Pagawan (j. bagawan). A pleader, an 

Pagal (jAv). Benumbed, cramped. 

Pagalangan (galang). A slip for ship- 
building; V. Pargalangan. 

Pahalwan (p). A champion. 

Piijagan (jaga). A guard-house, a watch- 

Pajajaran (jav). Name of an ancient 
kingdom of Java ; v. Pajajaran. 

Pajal. Plump, firm, fleshy. 

Pajaratan (jav). A cemetery, a burying 
ground ; v. Pajaratan. 

Pajam. To close the eyes, to drop the 

Pakaclia. A term of endearment. 

Pakaian (kayin). Dress, clothes, raiment, 
apparel ; accoutrements ; trappings ; 
equipage ; appm'tenance, appliance. 

Pakak. Stone-deaf. 

Pakakas. Furniture; moveables, chat- 
tels ; materials ; implements, utensils ; 
V. Parkakfts. 

Pakanira (jav). Thou ; v. Pakanira. 

Piikapur (kapur). A box or casket for 
holding prepared lime, to mix-ndth the 
ai-eca and betel. 

Pdkarangan (karang). Snares, generally 
for taking fish. 

Pakasam (asam). Pickled or presei-ved 

Pakat. Lees, dregs, sediment; thick, 
gi-umous, feculent. 

Pakatek (jav). A horse-gi'oom. 

Pakan (j). A market. 

Pakan. With the word bunga, " flower," 


[ 130] 


before it, ia applied to the jasmine; 
literally, " market flower." 

Pakarjtian (s. karja). Work; business; 
act, deed ; affair, transaction ; office, 
cliarge, trust. 

Pakarti (s). Nature, temper, disposition ; 
conduct, behaviour ; v. Pakriti. 

Pakiriman (kirim). A messenger. 

Paksa (j). Force, compulsion, constraint, 
violence ; to force, to compel, to con- 

Paksa. Fortunate, lucky, auspicious, 
fiivourable ; fortune, luck. 

Paksakau. To constrain, to compel, to 

Paksi. To prepare, to make ready for a 
purpose, to arrange. 

Paksi (JAv). A bird. 

Paksi-dewata (j and s). The bird of 

Paksiua. The left hand ; the north. 

Paku. A string or file of the small coins 
called pichis. 

Pakulun (jay). Thou. 

Pakung. An ulcer on the legs. 

Pdlabagdi (bagai). Various, manifold, 

Pfllabaya. A public executioner, a hang- 

Palabuhan (labuh). An anchorage, a har- 
bour ; V. Labuhan. 

Palabur. Food, provisions, rations. 

Palaga (j. laga, " war"). To fight ani- 
mals, to make them contend. 

Pillajar (ajar). A scholar, a learner. 

Palajari. To teach, to instruct. 

Palambiln (ben). A slight biidge ; a foot- 
way over a marsh. 

PAlamin (lamiu). A bridal bed ; a bridal 

Palana (r). A saddle. 

Palandok. Name of a diminutive species 
of doer, Moschus meminna. 

Palantak (lantak). A rammer, a ramrod. 

Palantar (j. lantar). A wharf, a platform 
at a landing-place ; v. Plantar. 

Palantaran, v. Palantar and Lantar. 

Palanting. Prostrate, lying on the ground. 

Pillanting (jav). The small-pox, variola. 

Palang (.t). Piebald, dappled. 

Palangi. Striped, in stripes. 

Palangka (jav). Piebald, dappled. 

Palangki (jav). A litter, a sedan. 

Pillari (lari). A runaway, a fugitive. 

Pillarian. Flight, running awaj'. 

Pillata. Name of a fish. 

Palatai'an (jav). A court, an area, a 
lawn before a house ; v. Latar. 

PAlatuk (j). A woodpecker ; v. Balatuk. 

Palawan (p). A champion ; v. Pahalvvan. 

Pdlayau (ben). A hut, a booth, a tem- 
porary habitation. 

Pillayarau (layar). Sailing, navigation ; 

sail, distance sailed; seafaring; v. PAr- 
Pfllakuh. To spring on prey as a tiger. 
Palai-a. The mango ; v. Mampalam. 
PaMpasan (lapas). Discharge, liberation. 
Palehra. To nourish, to cherish, to bring 
lip, to rear; to tend, to guard; v. 
Palek. Strange, new, novel, out of the 

Palembang (j). Palembang, in Sumatra ; 

V. Palembang. The Javanese write the 

word Palambang. 
Paler (j. pdli and palir). Penis; pizzle. 
Paler-itik. A screw. 
Pales (du. flesh). A bottle, a flask. 
Paleset (j. plesed). To slide ; to trip, to 

slip ; V. Pleset. 
Paleset. A witch. 
Palikat. Pulicat, on the Coromandel 

Palimau. Name of a kind of bath. 
Palipah. The frond of a palm ; v. Pilpah. 
Palipis (j. pilis). The temples. 
Palipisan. The temples, the region of 

the temples. 
Palit (bat). Niggard, parsimonious. 
Palitah (p). A lamp ; the wick of a lamp. 
Pilliyas. Invulnerable, charmed against 

wounds ; v. Panglij-as. 
Paliyas (ben). Forbid it ! Far be it ! 
Pillong. The bed or channel of a river. 
Palongan. A cistern, a reservoir. 
Palotar (lotar). What is thrown, cast 

forward or projected. 
Palubor (lubor). A threshing floor. 
Paludahan (ludah). A spit-box. 
Paluh. Sweat, perspiration; condensed 

vapour; exudation. 
Paluk (j). To hug, to embrace in the 

Palumban (ben). Crystal. 
Palupuh (j). A bamboo cane, split, 

flattened, and applied to the purpose 

of a lath or plank ; v. Plupuh. 
Palupuk-mata. The eyelids ; v. Ksilupak. 
Pilluru (POR. pelouro). A cannon ball ; a 

PAlus (bat). To sink in mud. 
Pilmabukan (mabuk). A drunkard. 
Pamadam (padam). An extinguisher. 
Pamakal (pakal). Matei-ial for caulking 

the seams of a ship. 
Pamalas (balas). Return, requital, retri- 
bution, retaliation; reward, recom- 
pense ; atonement ; v. Pambahls. 
Pamali. An evil omen, a portent ; 

ominous, portentous, inauspicious. 
Pamali (bat). Bad, vicious, corrupt. 

This word is probably the same with 

the last. 
Pamalingan (maling). Robbery or theft 

by night. 


[ 131 ] 

pAm— pAn 

Pamalu (palu). A mace, a club ; a ham- 
Pamauali (ixanali). An archer, a bow- 
Pamauchingau (panchiug). A jomt, an 

Pamandaug (pandang). Look, view ; gaze; 

view, opinion, notion. 
Pamandangan. Opinion, notion, view. 
Pilmandian (mandi). Bathing, act of bath- 
Pamanis (manis). The ring-finger ; v. Jari- 

manis; sweetness, gentleness. 
Pilmaujaugan (panjang). Name of a 

hall or chamber in a palace. 
Pamangan (taugan), Handling. 
Pamangis (tangis). A weeper, a moiu-ner. 
Pamangku (mangku). Title of an officer, 

literally, " he who has on the lap." 
Pdmangsen (jav. mangsi). An ink- 
Pamarap. A servant whose office it is to 

lull his master or mistress to sleep. 
Pamatah. Mark, indication. 
Pamatang. A dam, a dike ; a cause- 
PAmaton. Name of a mountain on the 

southern side of Borneo. 
Pclmayang. A kind of boat with out- 
riggers, the prau mayang of Java. 
Pamarang (prang). Warfare ; slaughter, 

Pamarentah (i^rentah). One that issues 

orders or commands, a commander. 
Pamarentahan. Orders, commands, in- 
Pambahagi (bagi). Division, apportion- 
Pambajau (bajau). A corsair, a pirate. 
Pambalasan (baMs). Return, requital, 
retribution, retaliation, recompense, 
reward ; atonement ; v. Pamalas. 
Pambawa (bawa). Bearer, carrier ; act 

of carrying or bearing. 
Pambawiian. Carriage, transportation, 

Pambayar (bayar). Payment, liquida- 
Pambdchara (bachara). An adviser, a 

Pambacharaan. Consultation, delibera- 
tion ; advice, counsel. 
Pambanastian (bana-sa). Ruin, destruc- 
Pambegal (begal). A highway robber, a 

Pambegalan. Highway robbery. 
Pambl'ian (bli). A purchase, the thing 

Pambrian (bri). A gift, a present, a 

Pambujuk (bujuk). A flatterer, a whcedler, 

Pitmbujukan. Flattery, coaxing, wheed- 

Pambunoli (bunoh). Killer, slayer, 
murderer ; v. Parbunoh. 

Pambunohaii. Killing, slaying ; murder; 
execution, putting to death. 

Pilmburu (burn). Chaser, ])ursuer ; hun- 
ter, huntsman. 

Pamburiian. Chase, pursuit ; chace, hun- 
ting ; chace, game ; v. Parburiian. 

Pambuwat (buwat). Actor, doer, per- 
former ; V. Parbuwat. 

Pambuwatan. Deed, act, performance, 
woi'k ; V. Parbuwatan. 

Pamidangau. A frame. 

Pamilihan (pilih). Choice, the thmg 
chosen, selection. 

Pamimpin (pimpin). An usher, a con- 
ductor; a guide; a tutor; literally, 
" one that leads by the hand." 

Pilminangan (pinang). A stand for 
serving the areca and betel pi-eparation. 

Paminum (minum). A druiker. 

Paminggir (jav). Border, margin ; boun- 
dary, frontier. 

Paminggiran. Frontier ; v. Paminggir. 

Pilmluk (paluk). A hug, a close embrace. 

Pamoun (miiun). Leave, permission ; 
entreaty, supplication. 

Pamreksaan (preksa). Investigation, en- 
quiry, scrutiny. 

Pamreutah (prentah). Governor, com- 

Pamuja (puja). Praise, laudation; adora- 
tion, worship. 

Pamujangan (bujang). Name of a hall 
or chamber in a palace; literally, 
" place of immarried youths." 

Pamuji (puji). Praise, compliments ; 
worship ; prayer, entreaty. 

Pamukat (pukat). A fisherman ; literally, 
" one that fishes \vith a seine." 

Pamukul (pukul). A hammer; a mallet. 

Pamurvis. A blunderbuss ; a musketoon. 

Pamutar (putar). A turnscrew. 

Panabur (tabur). A sower, one that sows 
seed. At Bata\da the word is used for 
" small shot." 

Panah ; correctly, Parnah. Ever ; usually 
along with the negative, tiyada, mean- 
ing " never." 

Panajam (tajam). A grindstone, a whet- 
stone, a hone. 

Piinaka. As, like to, like as. 

Pauakut (takut). A coward, a poltroon. 

Panakutan. Fear; cowardice. 

Panambah (tambah). Increase ; addition. 

Panambang (tambang). A ferryman; a 

Pdnambangan. A ferry. 

Pflnangkap (tangkap). A cubit, reckoning 
from the elbow to the knuckles ; lite- 
rally, " a catch." 



pAn— pAn 

Panarakan (arak). A processional car. 

Pauarek (tarek). Pulling, hauling ; draw- 
ing, draught. 

Panari (tari). A public dancer. 

Panariau. Dancing, dance. ' 

Pdnaruh (taruh). Depository ; stake- 
holder ; pledge, deposit, pawn. 

Panaruhan. A repository, a place of 
deposit ; stake, dejiosit. 

Panat. Weary, fatigued, tired. 

Pauawar (tawar). A charm against poison; 
an antidote, a remedy. 

Panabahan (tdbah). A threshing-floor. 

Panabus (tabus). A ransom; the price 
paid for a slave. 

Panaugahau (tangah). Middle, centre; 
the fire-place in a ship. 

Panangar (d-augar). Hearing, faculty of 
hearing; v. Pand'angar. 

Pandngaran. What is heard, i-eport. 

Pananggala (tanggala). A ploughman. 

Pduiingkilan (j). The waiting apartment 
or place where the chiefs meet before 
going into the presence ; v. Paseban and 

Panarka (s. tarka). Divination, conjuring; 
puzzle, enigma, riddle ; v. Panarka. 

Panatauiin (tiiu). Knowledge, informa- 
tion ; cognizance, privity. 

Panchak. To wrestle ; to struggle, to 

Pancha-karna. A particular mode of 

Pauchalang. Name of a kind of boat. 

Panchaug. To walk in a devious manner, 
not to walk straight on. 

Pauchdraiiin (charai). Separation, aliena- 
tion ; V. Pclrcharaian. 

Panchari'an (chahari). Livelihood, mainte- 
nance, means of living ; literally, " the 
thing sought for." 

Pilnchil (j). A stray animal from a flock 
or herd, a straggler; a stranger; a 

Panchindar. The powers or faculties of 
the mind. 

Panchuba (chuba). Trier ; tempter, en- 

Piinchuchuh (chuchuh). A bodkin ; a 

Pilnchuk (j). Name of a kind of 

Pancliukai (cliukai). A toll-gatherer; a 
collector of tolls or customs. 

Panchungkil (chungkil). A pricker, a 
probe ; a tooth-pick. 

Panchui-i (churl). A tliief, a robber. 

Pilnchnrian. Tlieft, robbery. 

Pauchurit (churit). A thief, a robber. 

Panchyum (chyum). The smell, the 
sense of smelling; smell, scent. 

PAndangan (pandang). Sight, view, ken; 
opinion, notion. 

Pilndapat (dapat). Finding; apprehen- 
sion, conception, opinion. 

Pandapatan. Acquisition; goods, pro- 
perty ; oj)inion, judgment. 

Pandikar. One skilled in the use of 
weapons ; one skilled in any art. 

Panding. The clasp or buckle of a gir- 
dle, one of the chief ornaments of Malay 

Panduga (j. duga). Guess, conjectm-e. 

Pandukung (dukung). The act of carry- 
ing on the hip. 

Panduwa (duwa). Companion, match, 
fellow; a second kris worn with the 
principal one. 

Pand-ak (jav). A cycle, a revolution of 

Pand-apa (j). A portico ; a pavilion. 

Pand-arat (d-arat). A hawser or small 
cable for mooring a ship to the shore. 

Pand'am (jav). To commit to the earth; 
to plant ; to bury. 

Pand-flmap (bat). A glutton. 

Pand-£lngar (d-augai-). Hearing, the fa- 
culty of hearing ; v. Panangdr. 

Paud-ita (s). A pundit, a doctor ; a sage ; 
a teacher ; v. Pand'ita. 

Pand-ok (jav). The ornamental metallic 
sheathing of a kris scabbard. 

Paud-usta (d'usta). A liar. 

Panembak (tembak). A shooter, a marks- 

Panikut (ikut). A follower. 

Paniujau (tiujau). A watchman, a looker- 

Pdning. Giddy, dizzy ; giddiness, vertigo. 

Paninggal (tinggal). Quitting, departure. 

Paninggalan. Remains, relics ; remnant, 
residue ; memorial, keepsake ; heritage, 

Paninggawan (J. gawa, "to carry, to con- 
vey " "i). A messenger or an emissary ; 
an envoy. 

Panipu (tipu). A deceiver, a cheat, an 
impostor ; a betrayer ; a traitoi-. 

P;tniti (por. alfinete). A pin. 

Pauitan. The island in the straits of 
Sunda called in the charts Prince's 
island ; v. Panitan. 

Paujabat (jabat). The touch, the sense 
of feeling. 

PAnjait (jait). A tailor ; a sempstress. 

Panjajab. Name of a kind of boat. 

Pdnjalang. Name of a kind of boat ; v. 

Panjalma (s). Metamorphosis, change of 
shape; transformation, ti-ansfiguration ; 
incarnation, or descent of a Hindu 
deity. The Sanskrit word janma, 
"birth," is in Javanese janma and 
jalma, and this appears to bo the 

Panjaparsada (s). A five-storied palace. 


[ 133 ] 


Pelujara (p. pinji-ah, "a cage"). A pri- 
son, a j)lace of confiuement often in 
the form of a cage. This etymology, 
although on the authority of AVilkius 
and Mai sden, may be doubtful, for the 
Javanese have the same word, as pau- 
jara and paujaran, kunjara and kun- 

Panjarakan. To imprison, to put in pri- 
son, to incarcerate. 

Panjud-i (judi). A player; a gamester; 
a gambler. 

Panjuuan. A potter. 

Panjurit (j. prajurit, from jurit, "war"). 
A warrior, a soldier; v. Prajmit. 

Panjuru. Outward angle, outer comer. 

Paujuwal (juwal). Seller, vender. 

Panomah. The money and other gifts 
given to the parents for a wife. The root 
may be the Javanese word somah, " a 
married pair," or " man and wife." 

Pautang (j). A cross, a gibbet ; to punish 
by exposing on a cross. 

Pantas. A raised seat ; base, pedestal. 

Pantakok (takok). A hammer. 

Pautung (jAv). A club, a mace. 

Pantuwah (tuwah). A senior, an elder. 

Pant'il (JAV). A little knob ; the nipj)le. 

Pant'ol (jAV). A lai'ge knob. 

Panud'uh (tuduh). An accuser. 

Panud-uug (tud'uug). A lid, a cover. 

Pauuh (s). Full, replete; full, complete. 

Pauuhi. To fill, to make full ; to fulfil ; 
to complete. 

Panuhkan, v. Panuhi. 

Pitnuku- (ukir). A carver, an engraver. 

Panulung (tuluug). Aid, assistance, help. 

Pclnunggu (tuuggu). A warder ; a guard, 
a sentinel ; a porter. 

Pilnunggu-pintu. A door-keeper, a gate- 

Panurut (turut). A follower. 

Panutup (tutup). A lid, a cover. 

Pangabakti (jav., s. bakti). Duty; 
homage, respects; reverence, obei- 

Pangabisan (abis). End, termination, 

Pangad'aug (ad'aug). An obstructor; a 

Pangad'augan. Obstruction, intercep- 
tion ; waylaying ; stoppage, hindrance. 

Pangad'apan (ad'ap). Front, forepart; 
the court, the royal presence; audi- 
ence hall, presence chamber. 

Pdngagung (aguug). Great persons, per- 
sons of rank, gi-audees. 

Pangiiil (kiiil). A fisherman that fishes 
■nith hook and line. 

Pangajak (ajak). Excitement, provoca- 
tion; challenge. 

Paugajar (ajai'). A teacher, an instructor; 

Pi,ngajaran. Instruction, teaching; learn- 
ing, doctrine; advice, counsel; in- 
struction, precepjts. 

Piiugajian (aji). Keligious instruction, 

Pangajuk (ajuk). A mimic. 

Pangaku. A surety, a bondsman. 

Pangalasau (j). A messenger, an emis- 

Pangalir (aUr). Fish-hooks baited and 
laid in the stream from bank to bank. 

Paugampu (ampu). A tutor, a guardian, 
a governor. 

Pangamuk (amuk). One that runs a- 

Panganan. Pastry; (in Javanese, food, 
victuals, fi-om mangan, " to eat "). 

Panganchiug (kanching). A bar, a bolt, 
a latch. 

Pilnganjar (anjar). A mUitaiy leader, 
an officer. 

Panganten (j). A bride or bridegroom ; 
a marriage festival. 

Pangauten-laki. A bridegroom. 

Pangauteu-parampuan. A bride. 

Pangangkat (angkat). Elevation, raising, 

Pdugapa (apa). An Lnqui-sitive person. 

Pangapit (apit). A shutter. 

Pangapit (jav). A canine or eye-tooth. 

Pangarap (arap). Wish, desire; longing; 
hope, expectation ; trust, reliance. 

Pangasih (kasih). A philtre, a love- 

Pilngasihau (kasih). Favour, kindness ; 
love, affection. 

Pangasoh (asoh). A nurse. 

Pangawal (kawal), A watchman, a guard, 
a sentinel. 

Pangawiuan (j). A class of ofiicers at- 
tendmg the king, ai-med with hal- 

Pangayun (ayun). A swmg ; a cradle. 

Pauganal (kanal). Acquaintance, know- 
ledge; acquaintance, the person with 
whom one is acquainted. 

Panganan (kauan). Things approved; 
agi-eeable things. 

Paugautar (antar). Gifts from the bride- 
groom to the father of the bx-ide ; lite- 
rally, " things sent." 

Pilngar (ben). The thwart or thaft of a 

Pangarti (arti). Meaning, signification. 

Pangatam (katam). A sickle. 

Pangataman. Reaping, harvest. 

Pangatawan (tau). Knowledge, informa- 

Pangebor (ebox-). A comfortex', a con- 

Paugeboran. Comfort, consolation, so- 
Pangompaug (jav). A fish-pond, a stew. 


[134 ] 


Pangera (kera). Thought, opinion, judg- 
Pangeran (j). A prince; v. Pangeran 

and Pangran. 
Pangeran-adipati (j and s). Heir-apparent ; 

V. Pangeran-adipati. 
Panggagahan (gagah). Force, violence, 

compulsion ; oppression, tyi'anny. 
Pclnggali (gali). A digger, a delver, an 

excavator, a miner ; a spade ; any tool 

for digging or excavating. 
Panggaris (garis). Any implement or 

tool with which a stroke or scoi'e is 

made ; a scarifier ; a harrow. 
Panggaru (garu). A rake. 
Panggawa (j). A grandee, a noble ; v. 

Punggawa. In Javanese it is the title 

of the five chief councillors of state, 

and seems to be derived from the root 

gawa, " to bear or carry." 
Pilnggawa-pintu. Warder of the gate, 

title of an officer. 
Pdnggawan (j). An emissary, an envoy ; 

an advocate, a pleader, — probably 

from the same root as the last 

word but one. 
Panggayit (gayit). A hook, a crook. 
Panggalangan (galang). The wrist. 
Panggflrtak (gartak). A goad, a spm-. 
Panggerek (gerek). A borer, a piercer; 

any tool for boring ; a drill. 
Pauggiling (giling). A roller ; a quern ; a 

Pfinggugat (gugat). An accuser. 
Pangguling (guling). A roller ; the 

pangolin or ant-eater, Manis javanica ; 

V. Tanggiling and Trdnggiling. 
Panggulu (j). Second-born child. 
Pangiring (iiing). A follower, a retainer ; 

any object that follows or attends. 
Pangiringan. Accompaniments ; things 

following in a train ; train, retinue. 
Pangiris (u-is). A whittle; a knife for 

slicing and shredding. 
Pilngirisan, v. Pangiris. 
Pangisar (kisar). A grinder, one that 

grinds ; a miller. 
Pangkal. The crown or part of the stem 

of a tree immediately above ground ; 

butt, lai'gc cud ; origin, beginning ; 

fund, stock, capital. 
Pangkalan (pangkal). Funds, property ; 

a quay, a wharf. 
PAngkasan (j). A messenger ; v. Panga- 

PAngkur (ben). A hoe. 
Pdnglasan (j). A messenger; v. P4nga- 

Pangliat (liat). Sight, vision. 
PAngliatan. Sight, view, ken ; opinion, 

judgment, notion ; sight, spectacle. 
Pdnglima. Commander, leader; com- 
mander or captain of a sliip. 

Pangliyas. Channed, invulnerable, wea- 

Pangompat (ompat). A slanderer, a 
backbiter, a calumniator. 

Pilngrah (krah). Summons, call to arms ; 
levy, muster. 

Pangrasa (rasa). Taste, the sense of 
taste ; feeling, perception ; thought, 
opinion, judgment, notion. 

Pangi-asaan, v. Pangi-asa. 

Pangsa. Hollow ; a hollow, a cavity. 

Pilngsi. A flag, a streamer. 

Pangubung (ubung). Junction, union, 

Panguchap (uchap). A plaintiff, a prose- 
cutor ; literally, " a speaker." In 
Javanese its meaning is " speech, lan- 

Pangudut (udut). A smokiug-pipe. 

Paugiiker (uker). A carver, an engraver ; 
V. Panuker. 

Pangulu (ulu). Headman, leader ; in 
Javanese " a head priest." 

Pangusahan (usaha). Application, dili- 
gence, laboriousness, assiduity. 

Pangusung (usung). A carrier or bearer ; 
a litter or sedan bearer. 

Panguwasa (kuwasa). Power; posses- 
sions, property. 

Paiiakit (sakit). Sickness, malady, dis- 
ease, disorder ; pain. 

Pailamar (samar). One in a mask, one 
disguised ; a masker ; a spy. 

Paiiamun (samun). A robber, a plun- 
derer, a freebooter. 

Piliiapu (sapu). A sweeper, one whose 
business it is to sweep. 

Paiiauk. A hand-net. 

Paiiabrang (sabrang). A ford, a ferry. 

PaG^ngat (Sclngat). The sting of an 
insect ; name of a species of wasp or 

PAiiapit (sapit). Forceps, nippers. 

Pauariian (sru). A loud cry ; loud 
calling, shouting. 

Paiiu (j). Name of the species of sea 
tortoise yielding the shell of com- 

Panudah (sudah). Conclusion, termina- 

Paiiukur (chukur). A razor. 

PAiiulam (sulam). An embroiderer. 

Paiiulap (sulap). A juggler, a conjurer. 

Paiiulu (sulu). A scout, a spy. 

Panurat (a. surat). A wi-iter, a scribe. 

Paiiuruh (suruh). A messenger, an emis- 
sary, an envoy ; v. Pasuruli. 

Pcluurung (kurung). The poop or after- 
part of a ship. 

Pauusu (susu). A wet-nurse. 

Papak. To chew, to masticate. 

Pilpat (j. pftpak, " complete, not defect- 
ive";'). Uniform, regular, equal, even. 


[ 135 ] 


Pdpatah (patah). A fragment, a bit ; a 
word ; a rule, an order. 

PApatih (s. patih). Minister, deputy. 

Papat-el (j. pat'el). An adze. 

Papaya. The papaw fig, Carica papaja. 

PApalik. Name of a kind of ear orna- 

Papalingan (j. pilingan). The temples. 

Pilpeda. Name of a plant, Dialium java- 

Pilpeda-papuwah. Name of a plant, Panax 

Papilis. The temples ; v. Palipis. 

Paprangan (prang). Warfare, fight ; com- 
bat, battle. 

Papundi. A satchel, a scrip ; v. Pundi- 

PSpuyu. The womb ; v. Papuyu. 

Papuwah. Frizzled ; the island of New 
Guinea; an inhabitant of that island 
being of the uegrito race ; v. Puwah- 

Parabisau (abis). Completion; end, ter- 

Pilrabiskan. To terminate, to end, to 
finish, to complete, to accomplish. 

Paradiian (adu). A regal bed; bed-place; 
bed-room, harem. 

Parai. To pursue a circuitous course ; 
to sail by tacking ; v. Prai. 

Paraikan. To tack a ship, to navigate 
her by tacking. 

Parakat (rakat). Cement, glue ; v. 

Paramati (amat). To gaze at, to look 
earnestly on. 

Pai-ampas (rampas). A plmiderer, a pilla- 

Pilranak (anak). To beget, to generate, 
to procreate. 

Paranakan. The womb ; birth, act of 
being born ; offspring, issue ; race ; 
native, original inhabitant. The word 
is most commonly used to express tlie 
mixed races, that is, children of a fo- 
reign fixther; v. Parnakan and Prankan. 

Paranakkan. To beget, to generate, to 

Parantaran (antara). Boundary, confines 
of two countries. 

Pai-antuk (antuk). To clash, to knock 
one thing against another. 

PArang (j). War ; to war, to make war ; 
V. Prang. 

Paranginan (angin). A pleasure-house, 
a summer-house. 

Parangkap-angkapan (angkap). A ban- 
quet, a carousal, a festival. 

Parapat (jav., from rapat, "close"). A 
neighbourhood, the nearest house or 
village ; vicinage. 

Pararakan (arak). A procession ; a pro- 
cessional or triumphal car. 

Parasa (rasa). The sense of taste ; v. 

Parasiian. Feeling, perception ; opinion, 
judgment; v. Pangi-asaan. 

Parasat. Opinion, judgment. 

Parasapan (asap). A censer, a pan for 

Pflrasingan (asing). Alienation, state of 
being alienated. 

Paraturan (atur). An-angement, array, 
order, disposition. 

Parawan (j). A maid, a virgin; v. 

Paramba (amba). To serve, to be a 
servant or slave. 

Parambaan. Service, attendance of slave 
or servant ; obedience, submission. 

Parambakan ; v. tr. To serve ; to sub- 
mit, to present respectfully ; to I'cpi'e- 
sent, to submit. 

Pilrambatan (ambat). Pursuit, chase. 

Parambusan (^mbus). Bellows. 

Parampat (dmpat). A quarter, a fourth 

Parampiian. A woman, a female of the 
human race ; a wife. 

Paranti'an (anti). Stop, cessation of mo- 
tion or action, rest ; place of stopping 
or resting. 

Paras (j). To squeeze out a fluid by 

Parastawa. Time, particular time ; v. 
Paristawa and Paristawa. 

Parbandingan (banding). Comparison, 
the act of comparing. 

Parbakal (bakal). Outline ; trace, mark. 

Pdrbani (s). Slack water, the period be- 
tween ebb and flow ; tide ; v. Purbani. 

Parbantahan (bantah). Contention, strife, 
wrangle, altercation, dispute. 

Parbauak (banak). To multiply, to grow 
in number or quantity. 

Pai'baiiakkan. To multiply, to cause to 
increase in number or quantitj'. 

Parbauaki, v. Parbauakkan. 

Parbaya. A noble, a grandee. 

Parbayiki (bayik). To advantage, to 
benefit; to set right, to arrange, to 
prepare, to put in order. 

Parbakalan (b3,kal). Stores, provisions ; 

ParbS,rian (bli). Buying, purchase ; mar- 
ket ; magazine, store where goods are 

PArbanasakan (b^nasa). To destroy, to 
lay waste. 

Parband'aharan (band'ahara). A trea- 
sury ; treasure ; a royal wardrobe ; 
royal warehouse. 

Parbediian (beda). Difference, distinction. 

ParbidJian, v. Parbediian. 

Parbujangan (bujang). Chamber or apart- 
ment of the unmarried. 


[ 136 ] 


Parbunohan (bunoh). Place of execu- 
tion; murder, killing; v. Pambu- 

Parburu (burn). Chaser, pursuer; hunter, 
huntsman ; v. Pamburuh. 

Parburiiati. Chase, pursuit ; chace, hunt- 
ing ; chace, game ; v. Pamburiian. 

Piirbuwatan (buwat). Deed, act, per- 
formance; work, workmanship. 

Parbuwatan-orAng. Woi-k of man ; arti- 
ficial, not natural creation. 

Parbuwatkftn. To perform, to make, to 

Parcha. Name of the forest tree which 
yields some of the guttah of commerce. 

Parchah (p). A rag, a tatter. This word, 
with pulo, " island," prefixed, is some- 
times applied to Sumatra, the supposed 
meaning being '' ragged island." The 
epithet, however, is not applicable to 
the formation of the land; and if the 
word be Persian, it certainly does not 
suppose an ancient name, as this is 
imagined to be. 

Parchaya (j). To believe, to credit; to 
trust, to confide in, to rely upon ; be- 
lief, faith ; trust, confidence, reliance : 
V. Prachaya. 

Pilrchayaan. Belief, faith, credit ; trust. 
confidence, reliance. 

Parchara'ian (charai). Separation ; di- 
vorce ; alienation ; v. Pancharaian. 

Parchik. To sprinkle, to scatter in drops. 

Parchin. Pudendum midiebre. 

Parchintaan (chiuta). Anxiety, solici- 
tude, care ; gi-ief, sorrow, afiliction. 

Parchubiian (chuba). Trial ; temptation. 

Pardamian (damai). Peace, tranquillity. 

Pardana-mantri (a and s). First minister 
of state ; v. Fardana-mantri. 

Pardiyamkto (diydm). To silence. 

PArdapati (dapat). To observe, to per- 
ceive, to notice. 

Pardu. A bush, a thicket. 

Parduli (a). To intermeddle, to inter- 
fere ; to heed, to mind (con-uption of 
f aluli ; V. Paduli). 

Pilredarkan (edai-). To push about ; to 
push round ; v. Paridarkiin. 

Pareksa (s). To inquire, to examine, to 
investigate, to search; inquiry, exa- 
mination, search, investigation ; v. Pa- 
I'eksa, Pariksa, and Preksa. 

PAreksiian. Search, inquiry, examina- 
tion, investigation. 

Parental! (j). Order, command, mandate, 
injunction ; authority, legal power ; 
government, administration ; jurisdic- 
tion ; to order, to command, to enjoin ; 
to govern, to rule; v. Parentah and 

Parentahan. Authority; jurisdiction; 

Parestrikan (estri). To wive, to take to 

Pargajah (gajah). To execute or put 
to death by the tread of elephants. 

Pargalangan (galang). A dry dock ; 
shps or chocks for ships; ball of the 

Pargam. A dove. 

Pargautian (ganti). Change, shift, relief; 
exchange ; succession ; substitution ; 

Pargalangan (galang, "a, bracelet"). The 
wrist ; a slip for ship-building ; v. Pa- 

Pargi. To go ; going, the act of going. 
The word is usually pronounced as if 
the r were mute. 

Pargi-balik. Backwards and forwards, to 
and fro. 

Pargi-balik-mari. To go and return again. 

Pargi-d'atang. Going and coming. 

Pargi-ka-sungai. Alvum exonerare ; li- 
terally, " to go to the river." 

PArgi-mari. To and fro ; to go and come. 

Pargi-pargian. Journeying. 

Pargi-pulang. To go back and forward. 

Pilrguniian (guna). AVorth, value ; use. 

Pargunakau. To esteem, to set a value 
on, to value. 

Pari (p and A. pari and fari). A peri, a 

Pariasan (lyas). Adornment, embellish- 
ment ; V. Pariyasan. 

Pariasi. To adorn, to ornament, to gar- 
nish, to deck, to embellish. 

Paridaran (idar). Turn, act of turning ; 
veering ; revolution, rotation. 

Paridarkan. To cause to turn round ; 
to cause to veer ; to cause to i-evolve ; 
to push round, to send round. 

Pariksa (s), v. Pareksa and Preksa. 

Pariksiian, v. Pareksiian and Prekslian. 

PArikut (ikut). To follow after; to 

Pitrimpunan (impun). Collection, ga- 
thering ; accumulation ; assemblage ; 
multitude, crowd. 

Parindu (rindu). Pining, languishment 
with desire. 

Paringgiian (ingga, " until"). Boundary, 
limit, frontier; v. Pranggan. 

Paristawa. Time, particular time, occa- 

Pariyasan (iyas). Ornament, embellish- 
ment, decoration ; furniture. 

Pilrjagiian (jaga). Watch, vigil ; watch- 
ing place, watchhouse. 

Parjalauan (jalan). Course, progress; 
way; jovirney. 

Pilrjamu (jamu). A host; to feast, to 

P.arjamUan. A feast, 4in entertainment, a 
symposium ; hospitality. 




Parjamukan. To entertain a guest. 
Parjanji'au (janji). Bargain, contract, 
engagement, stij^ulation; treaty_, league, 
convention, agreement. 
Parjurit (j. prajurit, from jurit, "war"). 
A warrior, a soldier; v. Panjurit and 
Paijuwalan (juwal). Sale, rent, rendi- 

Parkakas. Furniture ; moveables, chat- 
tel.s ; materials ; tools, imiilemeuts ; 
appurtenances ; apparatus ; v. Pakaktls. 

Parkara (s). Affair, thing, matter, busi- 
ness, transaction ; cause, case, suit ; 
section, division, head, title; way, 
manner, mode, method ; v. Prakara. 

Parkasa (j. prakoswa). Power, strength ; 
valour, corn-age ; strong, powerful. 

Parkasih (ka-sih). Love, affection. 

Parkatiian (kata). Speech, discourse ; a 

Parkanan. To approve, to like; appro- 
bation, approval. 

Parkanankan. To approve, to give appro- 

Parkat (rakat). Cement, glue ; v. Parakat. 

Parkiraan (kira). Thought ; imagination ; 
account, reckoning, calculation. 

Pilrkiriman (kirim). A gift, a present. 

Parkutut (JAV). A dove, Colwmba banta- 

Parliian. Slow, not quick; slowly, not 
quickly; not hastily, deliberately; 
softly, gently. 

Pilrliian-laan. Very slowly; very softly, 
very gently. 

Parlaan-parlaan, v. Parlaan-lcian. 

Parlabiian (laba). Profit, gain. 

Pilrlak. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra, called in our 
maps Diamond Point. 

Parlambatan (lambat). Delay, deferring, 
procrastination ; prolongation. 

Parlambatkan. To delay, to defer, to 
put ofl', to procrastinate ; to prolong. 

Farlaminan (lamin). A bridal couch or 

Parlayaran (layar). Sailing; navigation; 
seafaring; v. Palayaran. 

Parlayinan (layin). Difference, con- 
trariety; distinction. 

Parlayinkdn. To make different ; to 
separate ; to distinguish. 

Parian. To swallow, to take down the 

Parlente (j). Dissolute, debauched, pro- 
fligate, licentious ; a libertine. 

Parliug (j. pai-lik). To gleam, to glisten, 
to sparkle as the eyes ; to glister. 

Parlipatan (lipat). A fold, a double; a 
wrinkle, a ci-ease. 

Parlis. Name of a place on the western 
side of the Malay peninsula. 

Parmai. Beautiful, fair, handsome ; deli- 
Parmaisuri (s). A queen. 
Pilrmana (s). Measure, rate. 
Parmaniii. To measiu-e, to rate; to 

value, to compute. 
Parmandian (mandi). Bathing, taking 

the bath ; a bath. 
Parmata. A gem, a jewel, a precious stone. 
Pannatang. A rising ground, a ridge. 
Parmayinan (mayin). Play, sport, game, 
amusement; plaything, toy; play, 
gaming, gambling ; game, feat, exercise. 
Parmildani. A carpet. 
Parmintiian (minta). Demand, request ; 

Parmudahkan (mudah). To make light 

of; literallj', "to make easy." 
Parmulih (pulih). A restorative, a re- 
medy to give health and strength. 
Pdrmulyakan (mulya). To extol, to laud, 

to celebrate ; to glorify. 
Purmuwat (muwat). To load, to lade. 
Parna (bat). To call, to denominate, 

to name, to entitle. 
Parnah. Evei-. It is pronounced usually 
as if tlie r were elided, and is chiefly 
employed with the adverbs tiyada, 
" no " and balum, " not yet," meaning, 
" never " and " not yet." 
Parnakan (anak), v. Paranakan and Prana- 

Parnama (s). The full moon; v. Piu-- 

Parnawungan (nawung). A shadow. 
Parniagaan (s). Trade, traffic. 
Parompak (rompak). A pirate, a corsair, 

a rover. 
Parompakan. Piracy. 
Parpati. A pigeon, Columba ; v. Marpati. 
Parsada (s). A room or chamber belong- 
ing to a bath. 
Parsagi (j). An angle ; a square ; angled, 

angular, square ; v. Pasagi. 
Parsalahkan (salah). To condemn, to 

censure, to blame. 
Parsalin (salin). Change, shift ; a change 
of di-ess ; a dress of ceremony presented 
by a king. 
Parsalinan, v. Parsalin. 
Parsalini. To copj^, to transcribe ; to 
translate, to render from one language 
into another; to invest with a dress 
of ceremony. 
Parsantapan (santip). Entertainment, 
convivial provision, food, meal, repast. 
Parsai-ai (sara). To deal out rations or 

Parsangka. A comer or remote part of 

the world. 
Parsambahan (sambah). An offering, a 
present, a gift to a superior ; represen- 
tation, respectful declaration. 




ParsilmbalikAn. To represent, to submit, 
to lay before. 

Parsih (j). Clean, pure ; v. Bansih. 

Parsilakan (silakan). To invite, to ask, 
to bid ; to welcome. 

Parsimpangan (simpang). A by-way; 
way, route. 

Pili-singgahan (singgali). A resting-place 
on a -voyage or journey ; a stage- 

Parsiyang (siyang). To clean or dress 
food preparatory to cooking it. 

Parsiyapkan (siyap). To prepare, to 
make ready. 

Parsudahkan (sudah). To finish, to 

Parsukakan (suka). To gladden, to make 

Parsumpahan (sumpah). An oath ; a 
curse, a malediction. 

Pilrsundalan (sundal). "\Alioredoni. 

Parsunting (simting). To adorn the liead 
with flowers behind the cars. 

Partama (s). First, the ordinal of one ; 
beginning, commencement. 

Partanak (tauak). A boiling, a seething. 

Partand'a (tand'a). The public crier, 
and in the same person the public 
executioner; a collector of taxes. In 
Javanese the word means " seal or 

Pdi-tapa (tapa). An ascetic, an anchoret, 
a recluse, a hermit. 

Partapiian. Penance, religious austerities ; 
penance, a place where penances are 
performed ; an anchorite's cave or cell. 

Partaguhkan (taguh). To strengthen ; 
to confirm. 

Partamiian (tamu). Meeting, encounter ; 
interview; junction. 

Partangahan (tangah). Middle, midst, 

Partanggohan (tanggoh). Tarrying, wait- 
ing, biding; delay. 

Purtatapkan (tatap). To assure, to con- 

Pdrtidoran (tidor). A bed, a sleeping- 

Partiga (tiga). Third ; a third. 

Partikaman (tikam). A warrior; literally, 
" a stabber." 

Partinggi (tinggi). Name of the village 

head-man in some parts of Java. 
Partinggikan. To raise, to lift up, to 

elevate ; to enhance. 
Pilrtitah (titah). Order, command. 
PartukarkAn (tukar). To exchange, to 

Piirtunjukkan (tunjuk). To show, to 

display, to exhibit, to demonstrate. 
PArtuwan (tuwan). To serve, to have a 
master ; rule, dominion, sway ; v. BAr- 

Pai-tuwanan. Rule, dominion, sway ; 

lordship ; rulers, nobles. 
Partuwankan. To rule, to sway, to 

govern ; to lord. 
Parubungan (ubvmg). Connexion ; union ; 

junction ; binding. 
Parugal (i-vigal). Rape or attempt to 
deflower; to abduct, to carry off by 
Pilrulih (ulih). To get, to find, to 

obtain, to acquire. 
Parulihan. Acquisition, acquirement. 
Paiiimiian (uma). Upland culture ; the 

harvest of upland corn. 
Parusah (s. usaha ?). To make, to build, 

to construct, to fabricate. 
Parusahan (s). Labour, toil, work ; 

Parusung (usung). A litter, a vehicle 

carried by porters or carriers. 
Parwara (j). Handmaids, waiting women, 
female attendants of a prince; pro- 
bably composed of the two Javanese 
words para, " all," and rara, " a maid ; " 
V. Pararara, Parwara. 
Pasagi (j). An angle, a square; angular, 

square ; v. PArsagi. 
Pasan. A centipede, Scolopendra. 
Pasantren (jAV.,from santri, "a disciple"). 
A school, a seminary ; an academy, a 
Pasanggrahan (jav). A resting-place on a 

journey ; a stage-house. 
Pasara (a). A market; v. Pasar. 
Fasawat. Name of a particular kind of 

cordage ; memhrum virile. 
Pasamah. Name of a country on the 
south-western coast of Sumatra ; t\ 
Pasaman. Name of a place on the south- 
western side of Sumatra ; name of the 
adjacent high mountain, called by 
Europeans " mount Ophir." 
PAsAn. A message, an errand ; a man- 
date, an injunction ; a charge, a com- 
mission ; to despatch ; to charge, to 
Pasanan. Injunction, command. 
PAseban (jav). The waiting apartment 
in which the chiefs attend before 
going into the presence ; a saloon ; 
a hall ; a pavilion ; v. Pasebau. 
PAseyang. To clean or dress food pre- 
paratory to cooking it ; v. Parsiyang. 
PAsilau (bat). Extraneous, adventitious; 

alien, foreign ; v. Pasilan. 
PAsok. A hole, a perforation ; holed, 

PAstaka (j. book, writing). Divination ; 
necromancy ; enchantment, conjura- 
tion; a book of divination or necro- 
mancy; V. Pustaka. 
Pasfc'i (j). Certain, sure; indubitable. 

PAS— PAt- 

[ 139] 


positive; certainly, surely; assuredly, 
indubitably, positively ; v. Past'i. 

Past-ikan. To assure, to make certain. 

Pilst-ul (Eu). A pistol. 

Pasuna (p). Magic, spells, encliautment, 
sorcery, secret ai-ts ; v. Fasuua. 

Pasundalan (sundal). Harlotry, prosti- 
tution ; whoredom. 

Pilsm-uli (suruh). A messenger, an emis- 
sary ; an envoy ; an apostle. 

Pasuruhau, v. Pasuruh. 

Patai (j. pate). Name of an esculent 
bean with a fetid odour, the pro- 
duce of an acacia-like tree, Parkia 

Patala (s). The Hindu infernal regions; 
V. Patala. 

PatanL Xame of the most northerly of 
the Malay states of the peninsula on 
its eastern coast. 

Pataruh (taruh). A deposit, a pledge, a 
stake, a pawn. 

Patai-uhkau. To deposit, to pledge, to 
stake, to pawn. 

Patasan (sun). Tinder, touchwood ; a 

Patam. Name of a flower. 

Patam. Name of a frontlet or ornament 
for the forehead. 

Piltanuug (tanung). A soothsayer, a for- 
tuue-teller ; a sorcerer. 

Patdng (j. dark). Evening, dusk. 

Pater. A thimder-clap. 

Patinggi (jay). A head-man, commonly 
applied to the village chief. 

Patma (s). The lotus flower, Ntlumldum 
speciosum ; v. Padma. 

Patra (s). Prince, son of a person of 
i-ank; v. Putra. 

Pati-aua (j). A sofa, a couch, an ottoman, 
a royal seat, a throne ; v. Patarana. 

Patri (s). Princess ; daughter of a per- 
son of rank ; v. Putri. 

Piitri (j). Solder; to solder. 

Patuwanan (tuwan). Nobles, rulers ; v. 

Pafa (j). Model, pattern, example ; 
draught, delineation, sketch; picture, 
representation ; map, chart. 

Pat-ak (j). An enclosed field. 

Pat'akau, v. Patak. 

Pat-ek. A fillip, a jerk \s-ith the finger ; 
to fillip ; to touch or finger the chorcLs 
of a musical instrument. 

Pat-ek (JAV). To pick, to cull. 

Piit-eka. The water-melon, Citrullus 
edulisj V. Samangka. 

Patikan (jav. patek). A select collec- 
tion of written composition. 

Pat'el (j). An adze. 

Pat'i (j). A box, a coffer. 

Pat'ola. Name of a species of bitter 

Pat'ola-ulai'. Name of a species of cu- 

Pelad (jay). Inai-ticulate, indistinct in 

Pelak. Unlucky, luckless, unfortunate. 

Pelaug. A barge, a galley, a pinnace. 

Pelet (jay), a charm, a philtre. 

Peuchoug (bat). Crooked, zig-zag, not 
in a direct line. 

Peuchoug. Flap, loose part of a garment. 

Peuchong-talinga. Flap of the ear. 

Pend-ek (j, chend'ek). Short, low in 

Pentang. Consequence, moment, im- 
portance ; emergency ; important, mo- 

Pengkar. Bandy-legged. 

Pepe (jav). To dry, to exsiccate in the sun. 

Pepeh. Flat, level, not elevated; v. 

Perak. Silver. 

Ptrak. Name of a Malay .state on the 
western side of the peninsula. 

Peraug. Light bro%vn ; tawny ; pale ; v. 

Peres. To strike, as in measiu-ing corn. 

Pesak. A goar, a gusset. 

Petak. Voluble, talkative. 

Petak (j). A plot of ground, a bed in a 
garden ; a compartment or subdivision 
in the hold of a ship ; a bin, a chest, 
&c. ; an apartment, a chamber. 

Petam (t). Fits, convulsions. 

Petam-babi. Epilepsy. 

Pi'as. A breadth, the width of a web ; 
V. Piyas. 

Plat. A du-ect descendant in the fifth 
degi-ee; v. Piyat. 

Pichak (ben). Narrow, confined, not 

Pichat. To spur or goad an animal. 

Piche (ben). Mire, mud ; miry, muddy. 

Pichis (j). Small coiu, small change ; 
money of coppt- r, brass, or tin ; money, 
coin. It was the ancient coin of Java, 
and also the only one of the Malays 
when first seen by the Portuguese. 

Pichit (j). To nip, to pinch; v. Pijit. 

Pichu. The lock of a gun. 

Pichuwat (sun). A kind of crane by 
which water is raised from a well. 

Pidali. Name of a flower. 

Pidii'. Name of a Malay state on the 
north-eastern side of Sumatra. 

Pigu. The country of Pegu ; r. Paigu. 

PihaZ; (a). Side, quarter ; v. FiAai-. 

Pijad. The house bug, Cimex ; v. Fin- 
ding and Kapinding. 

Pijak (j). To tread, to trample ; v. 

Pijar (j). Borax, or tiucal. 

Pijdr. Intent, diligent. 

Pijar. Over-boiled oil. 


[ 140 


Pijit (j. pijad, or pijat). To nip, to pinch ; 
to champoo. 

Pijitan (j. pijatan). Name of a fruit, a 
variety of Lansiiim domeiticuni. 

Pikau. A shuttle. 

Pikat. A gad-fly. 

Pikat (j). A decoy or trap for animals ; 
to decoy, to entrap. 

Pikau. Name of a bird. 

Pikir (a. f akar). To think, to reflect, to 
consider, to meditate, to muse, to 
pondei-, to weigh ; to suppose, to ima- 
gine; thought, reflection, considera- 
tion, meditation; imagination, suppo- 
sition, opinion ; v. Fakar. 

Pikiran (pikir). Thought, reflection, con- 
sideration : opinion. 

Pikul (j). To carry on the back; to 
beai', to carry a burthen ; to bear, to 
wear ; to undertake, to assume ; a man's 
burthen; a weight, estimated at 100 
Cliinese catties, and equal therefore to 
133^ pounds avoirdupois. 

Pikun (JAV). Dotmg, superannuated ; a 

Piladu. Name of a bird. 

Pilak. A wretch, an unlucky wight. 

Pilak (bat), a rheum, a cold. 

Pilang (bat). A rammer for beating the 
eail;)! in making a floor or road. 

Pilang. A barge, a galley, a pinnace ; v. 

Pilat (bat). To inquire, to look after, to 

Pilih (J. milih, and pilih). To choose, to 
select ; to pick, to cull ; to glean ; 
chosen, picked, selected. 

Pilihan. Choice, the thing chosen. 

Pilih-pilih. Choicely, scrupulously. 

Pilin (ben). To twist, to form by twisting. 

Pilpah. The frond of a palm ; v. Palipah. 

Pilu. To melt, to soften to love or ten- 
derness; tender, compassionate; ten- 
derness, comjiassion ; sympathetic ; 

Pilu. A Chinese boat, — most probably a 
corruption of the Malay prau. 

Piuipiu. To lead by the hand cere- 
moniously; V. Mimi^in. 

Pinangkap (tangkclp). A kind of cubit ; 
the length of the ann from the elbow 
to tlie knuckles. 

Pinang. The betel-nut or areca palm 
and fruit, Areca catechu; the British 
island of Penang, or Prince of Wales's, 
at the western end of the straits of 

Pinangkan. To demand in marriage ; to 
affiance, to betroth. 

Pinang-bulan. Name of a variety of 
areca palm ; literally, " moon areca." 

Pinan;; luaminang. To ucgociato a mar- 

Pinang-mud'a. A bawd, a procuress; 
literally, " a young areca nut." 

Pinang-pinang. Name of a fish. 

Pinang-randah. Name of a species of 
]^alm, Areca pumila ; literally, "lowly 

Pinang- wangi. A variety of the cultivated 
areca, Areca odorata; literally, "fra- 
grant areca." 

Pinchang (jAv). Lame, halt, limping, 

Pinclier. Family, race, lineage ; pos- 
terity, descendants. 

Pinding. The house bug ; v. Kapinding 
and Pijad. 

Pindis. Name of a forest tree, — some- 
times, from the hardness of its timber, 
called kayu-basi, or "iron-wood;" v. 

Pind'ah (j. mindah). To remove, to 
change place; to flit, to migrate, to 

Pind'ahan. Remove, change of place, 
flitting, migration ; ti-anslation. 

Pind'ahkan. To remove, to change from 
its place ; to copy, to transcribe ; to 
translate, to render from one language 
into another. 

Piniti (PORT, alpinete). A pin. 

Pinituwa (jav). An elder, a senior. 

Pinjal (jAv). A flea. 

Pinjam. To borrow, to take on credit ; 
to lend, to give on credit. It means 
equally to borrow or to lend, and the 
sense depends on the context. Thus 
bri pinjam is "to lend," and ambil 
pinjam is " to borrow." Perhaps the 
word " credit," in its commercial sense, 
would be the most correct translation. 

Pinjamau. Borrow, the thing borrowed ; 
a borrowing ; loan, the thing lent ; a 

Pinjamkan. To borrow ; to lend. 

Pinji. To tease, to comb as cotton. 

Pinjul (j. puujul). Surplus, excess; ba- 
lance, remainder. 

Pinta (j). To ask, to beg, to petition, to 
■pray ; to request ; to solicit, to entreat ; 
request, petition, solicitation, prayer. 

Pintai. To ask of, to solicit from, to 
demand of. 

Pintai. To braid, to twine ; to sj^in. 

Pintas. A short cut in a joui-ncy. 

Pintitr (jAv). Skilful ; cunning, knowing. 

Pintu (j). A door ; a gate ; a wicket ; 
door, entrance, portal; passage; port, 
harbour ; toll-gate. 

Pintu-jalan. Head or entrance of a road. 

Pintu-karbang (j). A gate, a gi'cat door, 
as of a fortress. 

Pintu-maliug. A wicket or window at 
which the Malay women sit for recrea- 
tion ; literally, " thieves' door." 


[ 1-11 ] 


Pintu-suwarga (j and s). The gates of 

Pingai. Fair, beautiful ; goodly. 
Pingaa (j). Porcelain, china-ware; a 

bowl or cup of porcelain. 
Piuggang. The waist, the smallest part 

of the body ; the loins ; waist of a ship. 
Pinggir (j). Border, margin, verge, rim ; 

brim; bouudaiy. 
Pingit. To trim the hair. 
Piugit. To guard vigilantly; jealous. 
Pipi (j). The cheek ; the side of a door 

or gate. 
Pipis (j. plipis). To mash, to bruise 

into a pulp. 
Pipit. A wliistle ; name of a small 

Piraug. Tawny, light-brown; pale; v. 

Piri. To reduce to powder, to pulverise. 
Piring (j). Porcelain, china-ware; a 

plate or dish of porcelain ; a saucer. 
Piruzah {v). The turquoise ; v. Firuzah. 
Pisa (ben), a weaver's loom. 
Pisah (JAV). To separate, to part; to 

be disunited ; to be divorced. 
Pisang. The cultivated banana, Musa 

paradisiaca. There are about forty 

varieties of this fruit, each with an 

appropriate epithet. 
Pisang-mas. Name of a variety of 

banana; literally, " golden banana." 
Pisaug-susu. Name of a variety of banana; 

literally, " dug-sliaped banana." 
Pisang-pisang. The bends of a ship. 
Pisau (j. peso). A knife. 
Pisau-rampagi. A kind of knife. 
Pisau-i-awut. A knife for paring and 

Pist-i (j). Sure, certain ; v. Pasti. 
Pisuh (jAv). Scolding, abuse, vitupera- 
Pita. Pleased, cheerful. 
Pita (a. fitah). Ribbon, tape. 
Pitah. Witty, ingenious. 
Pitam (t). Giddiness, vertigo. 
Pitis (j. pichis). Small coin, small 

change ; v. Pichis. 
Piutang (utang). An out-standing debt ; 

a creditoi'. 
Piyalah (p). A cup, a bowl. 
Piyalang. Name of a kind of barge or 

boat ; V. Pelang and Pilang. 
Piyanggang. Name of a large kind of bug. 
Piyara (s). To rear, to bring up, to nou- 
rish, to cherish ; to fondle, to cai-ess. 
Piyarit (ben). A fish-spear. 
Piyas. A breadth ; the width of a web 

of cloth ; V. Pi'as. 
Piyasa. Name of a place on the western 

side of Borneo. 
Piyat. A direct descendant in the 

fifth degree ; v. Piat. 

Piyatu. An orphan. 

Piyu. A direct descendant in the sixth 

degree, beyond which relationship is 

considered extinguished. 
Piyud. A direct descendant in the fourth 

Piyud-jDiyat. Posterity, descendants. 
Plantar (j. platar, " a fort, a rampai-t " ?). 

A porch ; a lodge in front of a house ; 

a wharf, a landing-place consisting of 

a platform. 
Plataran (j). A lawn, an open space 

before a house; an estrade. 
Platuk (j). The wood-pecker; v. Pala- 

tuk and Balatuk. 
Plehra. To nourish, to cherish; to 

nurse up, to rear ; to tend, to guard ; 

rearing, raising, educating ; v. Palehi-a. 
Plek. Strange, novel. 
Plupak-mata. The eyelids ; v. Kalupak. 
Plered (jav). Name of a district in 

Java in the pro\-ince of Matai-am. 
Pleset (j). To slide, to slip, to trip ; v. 

Pochak (j). Summit, top ; extremity ; 

point, end ; v. Puchak and Puchuk. 
Pochoug (jAv). A rice-sheaf. 
Pochot (jAV). To pluck, to pull up by 

the roots, to eradicate ; to cashier, to 

discard, to remove from a post. 
Podi (t). To break in bits ; seed gems ; 

V. Pudi. 
Poduh. Name of a tree yielding a sort 

of vegetable wax. 
Pokok (j). Trunk, stock, or stem of a 

tree; a tree; trimk or body of an animal; 

source, origin ; capital, stock, fund. 
Polah. Crafty, wily, cunning, trickish ; 

craft, cmining, trick, artifice, evasion. 
Polaug. The mother- clove, the ripe clove 

fit for seed ; v. Ibu changke. 
Polan (j. polah). Conduct, behaviour, 

demeanour, comportment; way, man- 
Polo (jay). The brain. 
Pomahan (jav., from pomah, "certain, 

absolute"). Homestead, the ground on 

which a house stands, with that around 

the house. 
Pombak. Name of a species of pigeon. 
Pon (jav). Name of the third day of 

the Javanese week of five days. 
Poncha (s). Five. 

Ponchaparsada (s). A bath-room, a bath- 
house ; V. Panchaparsada. 
Ponchawala (s). Name of a son of 

Yudistira, in the Mahabarat. 
Ponchawati (s). Name of the kingdom 

of Rama. 
Pond-ok (j). To halt and put up at a 

stage on a journey ; a stage-house ; 

to encamp ; an encampment ; v, Mon- 





Poud'okau. A stage-house; a pavilion, 
a temporary building. 

Ponokawau (j). A follower, a retainer. 

Poutianak (j). Name of a Malay town 
aud state on the south-westeru 
of Borneo ; v. Puutianak. 

Ponto. An armlet, an ornament worn 
on the arm. 

Pong (ben). Name of a bird, Gracula. 

Pongah. Trickish, deceitful, fraudulent. 

Ponggong. The buttocks, nates ; v. Puug- 

Pongsu. A hillock, a knoll ; an ant-hill. 

Pora-pora (j). To pretend, to feign, to 
make a show of, to simulate ; pretence, 
feint, simulation ; v. Pura-pura. 

Porak-parek. Dispersed, scattered ; part- 
ed, divorced. 

Portugal. Portugal. 

Potoug. To cut ; to slaughter an animal 
for food. 

Poun. A tree ; a shrub ; trunk, stem, 
stock ; origin, source, fountain ; cause ; 
basis, foundation ; stock, lineage, race ; 
beginning, commencement; principal, 
not accessory or auxiliary ; v. Pium. 

Pouu-kayu. A timber tree, a large tree. 

Poun (J. miiun). Leave, permission. 

Pra. In composition is an abbreviation 
of pai'a, " all," in Javanese. In words 
borrowed from the same language it 
seems also to be equivalent to the in- 
separable prefix, par, in Malay ; and in 
borrowed Sanskrit words it is equiva- 
lent to the Latin prepositions 2^i'(e aud 
piv; V. Para. 

Praan. The upper plate of timber which 
connects the wall with the roof of a 
building ; v. Prabatuu. 

Prab. Pugnacious, inclined to show fight 
as a hen in defence of her chickens ; 
to afi'right, to intimidate ; v. Prap. 

Prabachoua-suta (s). A name of Hanu- 
man, in the Ramayana. 

Prabatun. The wall-plate of a building ; 
V. Priian. 

Prabat (jav). Implements, tools, instru- 
ments, utensils ; weapons, accoutre- 
ments ; furnitui-e, geai- ; materials, 

Prabat (bat). A chisel. 

Prabu (s). A king. 

Prabu-anom (sandj). The crown prince, 
the heir presumptive ; literally, " the 
young or junior king." 

Prabungan. The ridge-pole of a house- 

Prachaya (j). To believe, to credit ; to 
trust, to confide in, to rely iipon ; be- 
lief, faith ; trust, confidence, reliance ; 
V. Parchaya. 

Prachik (j). A fowler ; a snare or gin to 
catch birds; v. Rachik. 

Pradada (jav). A regal tribunal, a royal 
court of justice. 

Pradesa (desa). The country distinguish- 
ed from the town. 

Prad'a (for. prata, "silver"). Tinsel; 
leaf or thin plate of metal ; metallic 

Prad'a-pudiug. Name of a flower, Justicia 

Praga (jav). Name of a river of the pro- 
vince of Kadu, in Java, on the banks 
of which stands the great Hindu ruin 
of Boro-budor. 

Pragota (jav). Name of a mountain of 
Java, in the province of Samarang. 

Prah. To squeeze out a fluid, to express ; 
to milk. 

Prahara (s). A storm. 

Prai. To pursue a circuitous course, to 
go zigzag ; to sail by tacking ; v. Parai. 

Praikan. To sail a ship by tacking. 

Praja (s. subject). The court, the resi- 
dence of the king ; a realm, a kingdom. 

Prajurit (j. pra, and jurit, "war"). A 
soldier, a warrior; v. Paujurit and Ptlr- 

Prakara (s). Affair, matter, business, 
transaction ; cause, ease, suit ; section, 
division, head, title; way, manner, 
mode ; v. Parkara. 

Prakasa (j). Power, strength ; valour, 
courage ; strong, powerful ; v. Parkasa. 

Prakat (rakat). Cement, glue; v. Pilrkat. 

Praku (bat). Weak, feeble. 

Prakutut (jav). Name of a species of 
l^igeon, Columha hantamcns'is. 

Pramantri (mantri). The nobles, the no- 
bility collectively. 

Prauakan (anak). In a manuscript Ja- 
vanese dictionary in my possession, ex- 
plained in Javanese, the definition of 
this word, literally translated, is " one 
whose father aud mother are of dififer- 
ent countries ;" v. Paranakan. 

Pranaraga (jav). Name of a pi'ovince in 
the eastern part of Java. 

Prang (j). War ; battle, fight ; military 
array; forces; to war, to make war; 
to fight, to engage. 

Prang-pijar. Name of a gj'mnastic sport. 

Praug-tiltar. Name of a gynniastic sport. 

Pi-angan. A battle, an engagement, an 
action, a conflict. 

Pranganbuta (prang, and buta). Fu- 
I'ious battle, hot engagement ; literally, 
" blind fight." 

Prangai. Nature, projierty, quality ; dis- 
position, temper. 

Pranggu (j. prangkad). A Bet, a suit. 

Prangiiau ; v. Pranggu. 

Prangkap (tangkap 1). The body of a 
trap, or portion in which the prey is 




Prangpnis (sux). Stem, severe; frowning. 

Prangwatang (jav). A tilt, a tournament ; 
a mock fight. The first part of this 
word is obvious enough, prang, "war;" 
the second may be derived from wa- 
tang, " the shaft of a lance or spear," 
or from a word with the same letters, 
meanmg, "the ceremony of the king 
exhibiting himself publicly when there 
are mock fights." 

Prap. Pugnacious, quarrelsome : v. Prab. 

Prapat (jav). A quarter, a fourth part ; 
the place where two roads cross each 

Prapatan (j. rapat). A neighbourhood; 
the nearest house or village. 

Pras (bat. -J. paras). To press or squeeze 
out a fluid, to express. 

Prast'a (s). Name of the minister of Ra- 

Prat. Rancid. 

Pratala (s). The earth ; the land. 

Pratela (jav). Clear, evident ; explana- 
tion, interpretation, elucidation. 

Pratapiian (tapa). Place of religious pe- 
nance or retirement, hermitage. 

Pratond'a (jav. from tond'a). Mark, 
token ; proof. 

Prau (j). A boat or ship. It is the ge- 
neric name for any kind of vessel ; the 
castle at chess. 

Prawan (j). A maid, a virgin ; a woman 
that has not been married. 

Prawata (s). A mountain. 

Prawira (s). A warrior, a hero; brave, 

Prayang (jAv). A ghost, manes, shade. 
In a manusci'ipt Javanese dictionary, 
the definition, literally translated, is, 
" dead men wandei-ing." 

Prayaugan. The name of certain moun- 
tain districts in the countiy of the Sun- 
das, in Java; literally, "place of ghosts." 

Prayayi (j). A chief, a noble, a grandee ; 
V. Priyayi. 

Prayoga (s). Fit, suitable, becoming. 

Praj'uga. Fortunate, happy, lucky. 

Pran. The second and final burning of } 
woodland for cultivation after the 
felling and bui-ning of the lai'ge tim- 
ber ; V. Prun. 

Preksa (s). To examine, to inquire, to 
make examination, to investigate ; to 
search out, to enquire for ; examina- 
tion, enquiry, investigation, search ; in- 
quest, inquisition. There is a curious 
discrepancy in the difiercut senses given 
to thi.s Sanskrit word in Malay and Ja- 
vanese, for in the latter it means " to 
know or understand ;" v. Priksa. 

Preksaan. Search, enquiry, examina- 
tion, investigation. 

PreksiiL T examine, to enquire into. 

Prentah (j). Order, command, mandate; 
order, rule, regulation ; to order, to 
command ; v. Parentah and Parentah. 

Pi-entahan. Dominion, authority; do- 
minion, government. 

Pri. Mode, style, manner, fashion ; 
state, condition ; nature, property, 
quality; form, method, way; subject, 
matter, affair; event; how, by what 
means. It is often equivalent to the 
Arabic word Jial, which is joined to it, 
by a pleonasm common in the Malay. 

Prigi (j). A well, a spring, a fountain. 

Prikan (pri). To tell, to relate, to state. 

Priksa (j), V. Preksa. 

Priug (jAv). A bamboo, Bamlusa. 

Pringgat (ben). Name of a species of 
wild grape, Vitis sylvestris. 

Pringgi (f arangi, " frank " ?). A pumpkin, 
Cucurbita pepo. 

Prisai (t). A shield, a buckler. 

Priya. Name of a culinary vegetable ; 
Momordica charantia. 

Priyaman. Name of a place on the western 
coast of Sumatra. 

Priyayi (j). A chief, a noble, a grandee ; 
V. Prayayi. 

Priyuk. An earthen cooking-pot. 

Priyuk-api. A mortar, a howitzer ; lite- 
rally, " a fire pot." 

Proatin (re). Title of certain chiefs 
among the Rejang nation of Sumatra. 

Prongos. Passionate, easily moved to 
anger, irritable. 

Prun. The final burning of woodland 
for cultivation ; v. Pran. 

Prusa (jAv). Force, compulsion, con- 
straint; oppression. 

Prut. The belly, the abdomen, the 
paunch ; the stomach ; the intestines, 
the guts ; viscera ; the womb ; the 
hold of a ship. In commercial lan- 
guage it is used to express the middle 
quality of an article, as distinguished 
from the, kapala, "the head," and 
the inferior, kaki, " the foot." 

Prut-kra-s. Costiveness; literally, "hard 

Prut-lingar. The small guts, the small 

Prut-sani, v. Prut-lingar. 

Prutak. Name of a plant, Myrmecodia 

Piialam (t. poMm). Marble, alabaster ; 
V. Puwalam. 

Puchak (j). Summit, top; extremity, 
point ; end, crown, head ; v. Pochok 
and Puchuk. 

Puchang-babar (jav. puchang, " the areca 
palm," and laabar, "to unroll or un- 
fold "). Name of the country or king- 
dom Laksamana, brother of Rama, in 
the Javanese romance of the Ramayana. 


[ 144] 


PuchAt (j). Pale, wan. 

Pucbat-ijuchat. Veiy pale, very wan. 

Puchuk. Summit, top ; v. Puchak. 

Puchuk. A term used in the tale or 
enumeration of certain objects. 

Puchuk. Name of a plant, aloe. 

Puchung (ben). Name of a sea-bird. 

Pudi (t). To break in bits ; seed gems ; 
V. Podi. 

Puding. Name of a plant, Justicia picta; 
V. Prad'a-puding. 

Pud'ak (j). Name of a plant, Pandanus 

Pud'aksatdgal (jav). Name of a country 
of Baratmajwa or Hindustan, celebrated 
in Javanese romance ; literally, " the 
paudan field." 

Pugar (jav. a stake or post). Name of 
a province in the eastei-n pai-t of Java. 

Puja (s). Prayer, supplication ; petition, 
request ; adoration, worship. 

Puji (s). Praise, laud, commendation; 
compliment ; adoration, worship ; to 
jDraise, to laud, to commend ; to com- 

Puji-pujian (s). Commendation, lauda- 
tion, praise ; compliments. 

Pujongga (jav). Unmarried, living in 
celibacy ; a bachelor ; a scholar, a 
man of learning; v. Bujangga. 

Pujud. To strangle with a coi-d ; v. 

Pujuk. To coax, to flatter ; v. Bujuk. 

Pujut, V. Pujud. 

Pukang. The sloth, the slow-paced 
lemur, Loris tardigradus. 

Pukang. A short wooden bar with a 
line attached to the middle and 
which is baited for catching the alli- 

Pukas. Name of a forest tree. 

Pukas. A peculiar state of nervous exci- 
tability in women ; to amuse oneself 
in wishing, to play at wishes. 

Pukat. A seine, a drag-net. 

I'ukau. Name of a narcotic drug pre- 
pared from the datura or thorn- 

Puki. Pudendum muliebre. 

Puki-anjing. Name of a fruit, Cynometra 

Pukul (j). To beat, to strike, to knock, 
to smite, to hit ; to punish by striking; 
to beat or sound a musical instrument; 
to attack, to assault ; a blow, a stroke. 

Pukul-mamukul. To deal continuous 
blows ; to deal mutual blows. 

Pukulun (jAv). Lord, master; thou, to 
a superior. 

Pula. Also, likewise, too ; again, more ; 
still, in continuance. 

Pula-pula. Over and over again, witli 

Pulali. To recover, to rally ; v. Pulih. 

Pulai. Name of a tree, the buoyant 
wood of which is used as floats for 
fishing nets. 

Pulan. Such a one, such a person. 

Pulang. To return, to go or come back ; 
to return, to revert ; to restore, to 
give back ; return, act of coming back ; 
restoration, act of giving back ; back, 
again, in return. 

Pulangan. Return, act of sending back ; 
return, requital ; return, profit, advan- 

Pulangkan. To cause to return, to send 
back ; to restore ; to remand. 

Pulas. Name of several species of nettle 
(Urtica), from the fibres of the stems 
of which a cordage is manufactm-cd ; 
the cordage so prepared. 

Pulasari (j). Name of a plant, Alyxia 

Pulasari-laki. Name of a plant, Cldlo- 
cai-pus suaveolens. 

Pulau (j). An island ; v. Pulo. 

Pulas (j. pulir). To wring, to twist, to 
contort ; to oppress. 

Pulas. To turn aside, to turn out of the 

Pulih (j). To recover, to be restored 
from sickness ; to rally, to recover 
from disorder or flight. 

Pulihkan. To repair, to mend, to re- 
store ; to rally, to restore to order. 

Pulir (bat). To turn, to turn round. 

Pulo (j). Island, isle, islet ; hill or 
mountain in an islet. It is prefixed to 
the names of all the small islands, and, 
indeed, forms an integral part of their 
names, as in our own and other lan- 
guages. It may be observed that many 
of the annexed words are old or ob- 
solete Malay, and sevei'al, Javanese or 

Pulo-arau (arau, Cassuarina muricata). 
Name of several islands extending from 
tlie straits of Malacca to New Guinea. 

Pulo-awai-. Literally, " bamboo island," 
awar being the name of a particular 
species of large bamboo ; the name of 
the island in the China Sea called in 
the charts Pulo Aor. 

Pulo-ay3,r. Litf'i-ally, " water island ; " 
the name of several islands on the 
western coast of Sumatra, and other 
l^arts of the Archipelago. 

Pulo-babi. Literally, " hog island ;" name 
of at least four islands variously si- 
tuated from Sumatra to the Moluccas. 

Pilo-baiiak (j. banak, "a goose"). Name 
of two adjacent islets on the western 
coast of Sumatra. 

Pulo-barahla, or brahla. Literally, " idol 
island ;" name of four different islands, 


[ 145 ] 


extending from Sumatra to- Camboja, 
and called in the charts Varela. 

Pulo-brambang(j.brambang, "an onion"). 
Name of a small island off the coast of 
Cheribou, in Java ; v. Nusa-brambang. 

Pulo-buntuig. " Pregnant island ;" name 
of one of three islets on the coast of 
Queda, the nearest to it being called 
Songsoug, which means "to escort," 
and the furthest Bidan, which is " mid- 

Pulo-bungoran. The island called in the 
charts the Great Natura, between the 
peninsula and Boi-neo. 

Pulo-datu or datuk. " Chiefs' island ;" 
name of au island on the south-western 
coast of Borneo. 

Pulo-durian. " Durian island " {Du7-io 
Zibethiniis) ; name of an island lying in 
the midst of the cluster between Su- 
matra and the extremity of the Malay 
peninsula, called Dryon in the charts. 

Pulo-dewa. The Maldive islands ; literally, 
" islands of the gods." 

Pulo-jarak. " Palma Christi island ; " 
name of a small island in the straits 
of Malacca, the Pulo-jan-a of the charts. 

Pulo-jarjak (jarjak, " the upright pofsts 
of a house"). Name of a small island 
towards the eastern end of the straits of 
Malacca, the Pulo-jarajah of the charts. 

Pulo-kambaug or kambaugan (j. kambang, 
" to float on the surface," and kam- 
bangan, " a duck," or the object that 
floats on the surface). Name of an island 
lying off the southern coast of Java. 

Pulo-kambing. " Goat island ; " name 
of an island lying between Wether, 
Omby, and Timur. 

Pulo-labuhan. " Auchoi-age island ; " the 
small island on the north-eastern coast 
of Borneo, now a British settlement. 

Pulo-lada. " Pepper island ; " name of a 
considerable island towards the western 
end of the straits of Malacca, belonging 
to the principality of Queda. 

Pulo-langkawi. Name of a large island 
towards the western end of the straits 
of Malacca, belonging to the princi- 
pality of Queda; the Lancava of the 

Pulo-liiut. " Sea island ; " name of one 
of the islands off the eastern coast of 
the Malay peninsula, and within the 
China sea; the South Natuna of the 

Pulo-lombok (j. lombok, " the capsi- 
cum"). The island of Lomboc, the 
second east of Java. 

Pulo-marak. " Peacock island ; " name 
of au island on the western coast of 
Sumatra ; the Marra of the charts. 

Pulo-nangka (uangka, "the jack," /4 r^ocar- 

pus integrifolia). Name of an island on 
the eastern coast of Borneo, and of 
three islets in the straits of Banca. 

Pulo-fiamuk. "Mosquito island;" name 
of an island on the western coast of 

Pulo-pandan. "Pandanus islet;" name 
of one of two islands in the straits of 
Malacca, called The Brothers in the 

Pulo-panjang. " Long island ; " name of 
not fewer than eight islands in various 
parts of the Archipelago, from Sumatra 
to Celebes. 

Pulo-paugkal (pangkal, "butt end," 
"stock"). Name of au island on the 
western coast of Sumatra. 

Pulo-paugkur. " Mattock island ; " name 
of the two islands called in the charts 
Dinding, which means " a wall," and is 
itself the name of a place on the op- 
posite shore of the peninsula. 

Pulo-pamuja (s. puja, "prayer, worship, 
adoration"). Name of au islet on the 
north-eastern coast of Banca. 

Pulo-paranfian (parantian, " halting- 
place"). Name of an island in the 
gulf of Siam, and off the shore of the 

Pulo-pinang. " Areca palm island " ; 
the British settlement of Piuang, or 
Prince of Wales's island. 

Pulo-pisang. " Banana island ; " name of 
six different islands in various parts of 
the Archipelago, fi-om Sumatra to the 

Pvdo-raja. " King's island ; " name of an 
island near Junk, Ceylon, and towards 
the western entrance of the straits of 

Pulo-rakat. " Close or Near island ; " 
name of an island on the western coast 
of Sumatra, near Natal. 

Pulo-i'akit. " Raft island ; " name of a 
small island towards the western part 
of the north coast of Java. 

Pulo-rond'o (s. rand'a, " a widow"). Name 
of an island off Achin head, Sumatra. 

Pulo-salah-nama. " Miscalled island ; " 
one of the two islands called in the 
charts The Brothers. 

Pulo-sapatu (for. ^apato). " Shoe island ; " 
name of an island in the China sea, 
lying off the coast of Cochin-China. 

Pulo-sasak. " Wattle or Hurdle Lsland ; " 
name of a small island near Celebes, 
and sometimes given to Lomboc. 

Pulo-satu. " Islet One ; " one of a gi'oup 
of islands, seven in number, and named 
accordingly, on the coast of Sumatra, 
near Padang. 

Pulo-sayaug. " Compassion island ; " an 
island between Gilolo and New Guinea. 




Pulo-sAmaja (samaja, "merely, simply, 
solely"). Name of the group of islands 
between the Malay peninsula and Bor- 
neo, called in the charts the South 

Pulo-sambilan. " The Nine isles ; " name 
of a group of islands conforming in 
number to their name, in the straits 
of Malacca, called in the charts " The 

Pulo-sftrasau. Name of one of the many 
islands between the Malay peninsula 
and Borneo. 

Pulo-siyautan. Siyantan is the name of a 
plant ; name of the group of islands 
between the peninsula and Borneo, 
called the North Anambas. 

Pulo-subi. Name of an island lying be- 
tween the peninsula and Borneo, and 
which, -N^-ith all the others, belong to 
the principality of Jehore. 

Pulo-sumba. This is the name which 
the Bugis give to the remote island 
called in the charts Sandal-wood island. 

Pulo-talor. " Egg island ; " name of an 
islet on the western coast of Sumatra, 
near Natal. 

Pulo-timbalau (timbal, " opposite, over 
against"). Name of a group on the 
western coast of Borneo, called in the 
charts the Tambelan and Nonsuch 

Pulo-tinggi. "High island;" name of 
an island on the east coast of the Malay 
peninsula, and not distant from the 
entrance of the straits of Malacca. 

Pulo-tiyoman. Name of a considerable 
island not distant from the last-named, 
called in the charts Timun. 

Pulo-ubi. " Yam island ; " name of an 
island off the Cape of Camboja, called 
in the maps Oby. 

Pulo-uwi. " Yam island ; " name of three 
islands, — one off Achin head, in Su- 
matra ; one in the gulf of Siam ; and 
one in the Banda sea, called in the 
charts Pulo Way. This and the last 
name are essentially the same. 

Pulo-ular. " Snake island ; " name of an 
island on the western coast of Sumatra. 

Pulo-wayang. '' Puppet island ; " name of 
an island lying in the Gilolo passage, 
or between Gilolo and New Guinea. 

Puluh (j). Ten, the decimal ; but like 
ratus, " hundred," and ribu, " thou- 
sand," requiring the digits before it. 

Puluh-bitrpuluh. By tens. 

Pulur. The pith of plants ; meal, farina. 

Pulut (j). Gum ; bird-lime ; name of a 

■ glutinous variety of rice, called kdtan 
by the Javanese, Onjza glutinosa, or 

Pun. An inseparable affixed jiarticle, 

which seems intended rather to im- 
prove the sound than add to the sense. 
It may sometimes be translated " too, 

Punai. Name of a large species of green 
pigeon, feeding chiefly on the fruit of 
various fig-trees. 

Punai-andu. Name of another species of 
green pigeon. 

Punai-jambu. The Jambu pigeon ; name 
of another species of green pigeon. 

Puuai-tanah. Ground pigeon ; name of 
another species of green 2>igeon. 

Punan. Name of a wild tribe on the 
south-western side of Borneo. 

Puncha (j. ponchot). The skirt of a gar- 

Punchak (bat). Top, summit ; v. Puchak 
and Puckuk. 

Pundi-pundi. A satchel, a scrip, a money- 
bag ; V. Papundi. 

Pund-ak (j). The shoulder. 

Puni-puni (bat) ; v. Pundi-pundi. 

Puujut. To gather up and tie the cor- 
ners of a piece of cloth so as to make a 
bag of it ; to tie the mouth of a sack 
with a sti-iug. 

Puntang. Striped, marked by alternate 

Puntul (JAV). Blvmt, dull in the edge, 
not sharp. 

Puntuug. A log, a billet. 

Punuk (j). An excrescence on the neck 
of oxen, from the fiiction of the yoke ; 
an excrescence on the shoiilders of 
porters from the friction of the bearing- 

Pungah. Pride, haughtiness, arrogance. 

Punggah. To unload, to unlade, to uu- 

Punggawa (j). A public minister, a coun- 
cillor of state ; official designation of 
the five chief ministers of the Javanese 
government. The root is probably the 
Javanese verb gawa, " to carry or 

Punggok. Docked, or wanting a tail; 
name of a small species of owl. 

Punggong. The buttocks, the posteriors. 

Pungkur (j). Behind, at the back part ; 
breech, hinder part. 

Pungiit. To pick, to take up, to gather, 
to collect ; to pick, to cull, to choose, 
to select ; to glean. 

Pungutau. The thing picked up ; selec- 
tions; gleanings, windfall; waif; found- 

Pungut-pungutau, v. Pungutan. 

Pungut-chukai. To collect tolls or taxes. 

Pungut-layar. To take in or shorten 

Pungut-salah. To find out faults; lite- 
rally, " to pick or cull faults." 


[ H7] 


Puna (ampuua). To own, to possess; 
an affix which after a noun or pronoun 
makes a possessive genitive. It is an 
abbreviation of anipuiia, " master or 
owner," and is for the most part con- 
fined to the oral language. 

Puiiiii. To own, to possess. 

Pupu. Consanguinity, relation by blood ; 
generation, filiation, lineage ; genera- 
tion, single succession. 

Pupiian. Connexion by blood, cousinsliip. 

Pupuh (j. to strike, to fight ; war). To 
prepare to fight, as a cock by strutting 
and clapping the wings ; to fight cocks 
without artificial spurs. 

Pupul (ben). The harvest of pepper and 
other fruits, but not of corn. The 
word may be an abbreviation of pang- 
iimpul, "a collection or gathering," 
from the verb kumpul, " to gather or 

Pupur (j). Name of a cosmetic powder. 

Puput. To blow, to make a current of 

Pura (s). In Malay used only in com- 
position, as in the word Siugapura, 
" lion city," but in Javanese it means 
" city " or " palace," as an independent 

Pui'a-paranda. Broken, shivered ; routed. 

Purak-parik, v. Pura-paranda. 

Pura-pura (j). To pretend, to feign, to 
make a show of, to simulate ; pretence, 
feint, simulation ; v. Pora-pora. 

Purba (s). P'irst, former ; origin, source ; 
beginning ; cause ; v. Purwa. 

Purbakala (s). Former times, yore, olden 
time, days of old, antiquity. 

Purbani (s). Tide, stream. 

Pureh. A wooden pricker or skewer. 

Pui'i (s). The private apartments of a 
palace or great house distinguished 
from the public. 

Purnana (s). The full moon. 

Puru. A sore, an ulcer. 

Puru-ayal. Cancer. 

Puru-baka. Scrofulous sore. 

Puru-kochi. The ulcer of Cochin, the 

Purun (JAV). To dare ; to attempt, to 

venture ; daring, bold, valorous. 
Purwa (s). Beginning, commencement; 

origin, source ; cause, reason ; the east ; 

the Hindu deity Durga ; v. Purba. 
Purwagond'a (s). Name of the kingdom 

of Arjuna, in the war of the Mahabarat. 
Pusaka (j). Inheritance, patrimony ; he- 

reditai'y property ; heir-loom. 
Pusaugkara (s). The Hindu god of the 

sun, or Surya. 
Pusar (jAV). The navel. 
Pusaran. The circular arrangement of 

the hair on the crown of the head. 

Pusat (j). The navel; middle, midst, 

Pusadah (jav). Name of the author of 
a Javanese poem called the Bratayuda, 
thought to have been written a.d. 1079. 

Pusing. To turn round, to revolve; to 
veer, to twirl, to twist ; dizzy, giddy. 

Pusingkan. To cause to revolve, to make 
to go round. 

Pusing-kapala. Vertigo, giddiness. 

Puspa (jav). a flower ; name of a par- 
ticular flower, Gordonia Wallichii. 

Puspa-iiidra (jav). Name of a flower, 
Calpandria canceolata. 

Puspita (jav). a flower. 

Pustaka (j. a book). Divination, enchant- 
ment ; wile, ti-ick. 

Putar (jav). Name of a species of pigeon, 
Coluniba Hsoria. 

Putar-lUut (jav). Name of a species of 
tern. Sterna grisea of Horsfield. 

Putar. To tui-n, to move round ; to re- 
volve, to wind, to twist ; to equivocate, 
to prevaricate ; equivocating, prevari- 
cating; fraudulent, deceitful. 

Putilrau. The thing that turns round; 
a windlass ; prevarication, equivoca- 
tion ; deceit, guile. 

Putar-balik. To turn or twist back ; to 
prevaricate ; prevarication. 

Putek. The germ of fruit. 

Putih (j). White; pale, not deep co- 
loured ; candid, frank ; young, growdng, 
as fruit that is forming or setting. 

Putihkan. To whiten. 

Putih-kuning. Pale yellow. 

Putih-talor. The white of an egg. 

Puting. End, extremity ; the iron spill 
of a weapon that fixes it in the handle. 

Puting-baliyung. A whirlwind. 

Putiug-damar. The venereal disease; 
literally, " torch end." 

Puting-susu. The nijiple of the breast. 

Putra (s). A son ; a prince. 

Putri (s). A princess ; the daughter of 
a man of rank. 

Putri, or dawim-putri. Name of a plant, 
Mussana frondosa. 

Putu (jav). a gi-andchild. 

Putung (jav). To break, to snap. 

Putus (j). To break, to part in two ; to 
end, to conclude; broken, divided in 
two ; ended, concluded, terminated ; 

Putusan. A breaking, a parting, a di- 
viding ; rupture ; end, termination, 
conclusion ; decree, judgment, sen- 

Putus-asa. Hopeless ; literally, " rupture 
of hope." 

Putus-iiawa. Death ; termination of life ; 
literally, "rupture of life." 

Putuskan. To break, to divide by vio- 




lence ; to end, to terminate ; to decide, 
to decree. 

Piiun (j. moun). Leave, permission ; to 
ask, to entreat, to beg. 

Piiun. A tree ; a shrub ; trunk, stem, 
stock ; origin, source, fountain ; cause ; 
basis, foundation ; stock, lineage, race ; 
beginning, commencement ; a principal, 
not accessorj', or auxiliary ; v. Poun. 

Piiun-mata. The inner corner of the 
eye ; literally, " beginning or source of 
the eye." 

PUun-rambut. The roots of the hair. 

Piiun-talinga. The ear at its attachment 
to the head. 

Puwadi. A bridal throne, or seat of 
honour for the bride and bridegroom 
at a marriage ceremony. 

Puwalam (t. polam). Marble or ala- 
baster; V. Piialam. 

Puwan. A tray or salver for betel. 

Puwah-puwah (j). Frizzled or woolly; a 
negro. It is applied to anything 
with a frizzled or woolly coat. Thus, 
a particular variety of the common 
fowl with ruffled plumage is called 
ayam puwa-puwa ; v. Papuwa. 

Puwar. The cardamom, Amonmm carda- 
momum ; v. Kapulaga. 

Puwar-laku. Name of a species of car- 
damom, Amomum gradlc. 

Puwas (j). To be content, to be sa- 

Puwasa (j). Fast, abstinence from food ; 
religious abstinence ; the Mahomedan 

Puwaskan. To satisfy, to satiate, to 
content ; to assuage. 

Puyuh (j). The quail, Coturnix. In 
Java it is applied to the female only. 

Puyung (bat). Empty, barren, as a 

EaADEN (j). a Javanese title; v. 

Riiang. The jaws, the upper and lower jaw. 

Riiat. A sjjinniug-wheel. 

Rab. Tamed, broken in ; trained. 

Raba. To feel, to perceive by the touch ; 
to search by feeling ; to handle, to 
feel with the hand ; to grope. 

Raban. To snuffle, to speak through the 
nose ; to dote as an old person ; to 

Rabi (jAv). To marry ; marriage. 

Rabit. To tear, to lacerate, to rend, to 

Rabok. Tinder, touchwood ; any com- 
bustible for kindling a fire ; fire- 

Rabu. I'lio lungs. 

Rabun. To charm by fumigations ; to 
fumigate as a cure for diseases. 

Rabun. Dim-sighted, purblind. 

Rabung (j. wuwung). The ridge of a 
house roof. 

Racliik (j. prachik). A snare, a gin, a 

Rachun (j). Poison, bane, venom. 

Rachuni. To jjoison. 

Rad (du. raad). Council board. 

Rada. To assuage, to mitigate, to allay. 

Radak. To spear from beneath, to 
spear by stabbing upwards. 

Radap. Name of a kind of dinim ; v. 

Raden (j). A Javanese title, properly 
applied to persons of royal blood only ; 
V. Riiaden. 

Raden- adipati (j and s). Title of the prime 
minister in the Javanese government. 

Raden-ayu (jay). A queen ; any lady of 
high rank; literally, "the beautiful 

Raga (jAv). The body, the person. 

Raga. Wicker-work ; a basket ; a hamper. 

Ragang (j. rangsang). To climb, to mount 
without a ladder. 

Ragang. To stretch, to extend, to spread; 
to rack, to stretch. 

Ragastina (s). Name of the kingdom of 

Ragam (s). A tune, a melody ; a musical 
mode or style. 

Ragam (s). Inclination, will ; caprice. 

Ragas. To scramble, to seize at eagerly. 

Ragits (j. gagas). To cut off the hair of 
the head as a punishment : to dock ; 
V. Ragas. 

Ragi (j). Yeast, barm. In Javanese, it 
more frequently means " spiceries." 

Ragi. A stripe in cloth. 

Ragu. Confused, perplexed. 

Ragukan. To confuse, to perplex. 

Ragum. A vice, a gripe. 

Raguwati (s). Name of the mother of 
Ramachandi'a in the Ramayana. 

Rahasj'a (s). A secret, a mystery ; secret, 

Rahu (s). The constellation of the Dragon 
in Hindu astronomy ; a serpent or dra- 
gon supposed to be attempting to devour 
the sun or moon dui-ing an eclipse, a 
belief nearly univei-sal among the na- 
tions and tribes of the Archipelago, 
testified by the beating of the stampers 
in the rice mortars over a whole 
country, from the beginning to the end 
of an eclipse. 

Rai (jAv). The face, the countenance. 

Riiimah. Crumbs, fragments of a meal 
or feast. 

Riiimas, v. Riiimah. 

Rais. To draw an object towards one 


[ 149 ] 


with the hand ; to sweep from a sur- 
face ^vith the hand ; v. Rayis. 

Raja (s). A king ; a prince, a monarch. 

Raja-di-raja. A catafalque, an orna- 
mented bier. 

Raja (dawun-raja). Name of a plant ; 
literally, " king's leaf" 

Raja (kayu-i-aja). Name of a tree, Cassia 
javanica ; litei-ally, " king's wood." 

Raja-mud'a. The heir presumjitive, that 
is, " the young king." 

Raja-pati (jay). Murder, homicide. 

Raja-panoma. The price or gift given 
to the parents for a wife. 

Raja-parampiian. A queen ; literally, 
" woman king." 

Raja-raja (s). Princes collectively ; little 
princes, tributary kings. 

Raja-singa. The venereal disease; lite- 
rally, " king of lions." 

Raja-tatu (jav). The crime of wounding. 

Rajan. Ambiguous, doubtful, problema- 

Rajakan (raja). To make king, to raise to 
the throne. 

Rajatmaya (s). Name of one of the 
heroes of the war of Barat, the same as 

Rajawali. An eagle. 

Rajan (j. majau). Bloody flxix, dysentei'y. 

Raj in. Diligent, industrious, assiduous, 

Rajuk. Sullen ; heavy, dull ; sorrowful. 

Raka (bat). To echo, to resoimd ; echo, 

Rakan. A comrade, an associate; a 
partner in trade ; a share or division 
in a trading adventure. 

Rakan. Name of a river and Malay settle- 
ment on the north-eastern side of Su- 
matra, belonging to the principality of 

Rakat (j). To stick, to adhere; adhe- 
sive ; joined, united ; cement, glue. 

Rakat (s). The scarlet weighing bean, 
Abrus precatorius; equal in weight to 
about 2^ grains English, 6 making a 
mas, and 12 mas a tola, which is 179 

Rakit (j). To an-ange, to put in regular 

Rakit. Name of a dance. 

Rakit (j). A pair, a couple ; a match, 

Rakit. A scaffold for workmen. 

Rakit. A raft, or float of timber or 

Rakitan (j). Arrangement ; a pair, a 
couple. The last five meanings are 
most probably taken from the first, 
which is generally a Javanese sense of 
the word. 

Raksa (s>. To watch, to guard. 

Raksasa (s). A demon or gobhn of Hindu 
mythology; v. Rasaksa. 

Raksi. To prepare or compound perfumes. 

Rakus (bat). Greedy, gluttonous. 

Rakut. To shuffle, to prevaricate. 

Ram (j. angi-am). To brood, to hatch ; 
to crouch, to lie down. 

Ram. A bundle of leaves baited, and 
used as a trap to catch shrimps. 

Rama (j). Father ; v. Ramak. 

Rama (s). The Hindu demigod Rama, 
the hero of the Ramayana. 

Ramadj'a-pati (s). A name of Hanuman, 
in the Ramayana. 

Ramah. Intimate, familiar. 

Ramai (j. rame). Merry, jocund ; popu- 
lous, crowded; v. Rame. 

Ramaikan. To collect in numbers; to make 
populous and prosperous ; to render 
meriy or jocund; to make prosperous. 

Ramai-ramai. Merrily, gaily, jovially. 

Ramaji (j. rama, s. aji). Royal father. 

Ramak (j). Father ; v. Rama. 

Rama-rama. A butterfly, Papilio. 

Ramas (j). To knead, to work up ma- 
terials by pressure of the hands. 

Rambai. A tassel. 

Rambang. To hazard, to try the chance. 

Rambu. Fringe; thependentedge of cloth. 

Rambun (bat). Hail, hailstones. 

Rambut (j). The hair of the human 
head ; the hair of the mane and tail 
of animals. 

Rambutan (rambut). A fruit which 
takes its name from its shaggy coat, 
Nephelmm lappaceum. 

Rambuti. Made of hair, having hair for 

Rambut (dawun rambut). Name of a 
plant; literally, •' hair -leaf," Q/j/t/o- 
derma pendulum. 

Rambut-putri. Name of a plant, Cassyta 
filiformis J literally, "princess's hair." 

Rame (j), v. Ramai. 

Rame-rame (jav). A feast, a festival. 

Rami (j). Name of a nettle of which 
cordage is made, Urtica cestuans. 

Ramih (s). Pleasant, delightful, giving 

Ramiya. Name ,of a plant. 

Ramos. The beard. 

Rampai. Name of a plant, Pandanus 

Rampak (j). Expanding, spreading out, 
extending; expansive. 

Rampas (j). To seize, to take possession 
of by force; to wrest, to extoi-t by 
violence ; to plunder, to pillage, to rob, 
to sack ; to confiscate. 

Rampasan. Plunder, spoil, booty, pil- 
lage ; extortion ; confiscation. 

Ramping (j). Thin, slender, slim, deli- 
cate of shape. 


[150 ] 


Rampog (jAv). To stab with many 
spears or lances ; to make a general 
charge with spears or lances. 

Rampiing (j). To cut off, to separate by 
cutting ; to decide, to determine. 

Rampungan. Decision, determination ; 

Rampus. To interrupt, to speak abruptly 
or unseasonably. 

Ramu. An assemblage of odds and ends, 
a collection of heterogeneous matters. 

Ranchah (sun). A marsh, a bog ; marshy, 

Rana (s). A field of battle ; v. Rona. 

Ranchana (s). Copy, transcript ; draught, 
sketch ; v. Ranchana. 

Ranchung. To slice, to pare ; to lop, to 

Randung. To step on or over an object. 

Rand'a (s). A widow, a woman who has 
lost her husband or is divorced ; v. 

Rand-a-jawa. Javanese millet, Panicum 

Rand'u (j). Name of a tree, the silk 
cotton, Erlodendron anfractxMsmn, or 
Bombax pentandrum. 

Rand'u alas or utan (j). Name of a tree, 
Salmalia malabarica. 

Ranch. Name of a plant, Licojiodium 

Ranjau. A palisade, a shaii) pale. 

Ranjung. To crouch, to squat. 

Rantai (j). A chain; a fetter; v. Rante. 

Rantaikan. To chain ; to fetter. 

Rantaka (j. kalataka). Name of a kind 
of small brass ordnance ; v. Rantaka. 

Rantam. To hit or knock against ; v. 

Ran tang. Straight, stretched out; straight, 
tense, tight; v. Rantaug. 

Rantangkan. To straighten, to make 
straight ; to straighten, to make tense, 
to tighten. 

Rantau. The reach of a river or sea- 
shore; the portion of a road or lane 
between its windings ; a district or 
department of country ; restless, 
roving, wandering ; name of an island 
on the north-eastern coast of Sumatra, 
divided from the mainland by a very 
narrow channel. 

Rante (j). A chain ; a fetter ; v. Ran- 

Ranting. A twig, a shoot, a small branch, 
a sprig, a spi-ay. 

RcUiu (jAV). Water; a lake, a meer. 
This is, no doubt, the same word as 
danau and danu of some of the other 
languages of the Archipelago ; v. Danau. 

Ranum. Ripe, full ripe, mellow. 

Rangas. Name of a tree, Gluta beiir/Iia.s ; 
V. Rftngas. 

(j. rongga). Title of an inferior 
class of public officers in Java. 

Rangga. The panniers of an elephant 
used for burthen. 

Ranggung. To squat, to sit in a squatting 

Rangka (j. warangka). A sheath, a scab- 
bard ; a case, a covering, an envelope ; 
the body in relation to the soul; a 
mould, a matrix; a house without a 
woman ; a man in poverty or destitu- 

Rangkai (j. rangke). Tied, bound toge- 

Rangkap (j). A double, a fold ; a pair, 
a couple. 

Rangkas. A sprig, a spray, a twig, a 

Rangking (bat). A hamper with a lid. 

Rangsaug (jav). To scale, to climb. 

Rapat. Close, near ; compact, coalescing ; 
joining, uniting. 

Rapatan. Seam, juncture, joining. 

Rapatkan. To join, to unite ; to cause 
to coalesce. 

Rapek. Familiar, vmceremonious ; to 
clatter, to talk impertinently or idly. 

Rapili. A bit, a fragment ; to crumble, 
to break into small pieces. 

Rapuh (j. rapuh). Brittle, fragile, crum- 

Rara (jav). A maid, a virgin ; v. D'ara. 

Rarawestu. Name of a grass with 
scented roots ; v. Narawastu. 

Rasa (s). Quicksilver, mercury. 

Rasa (s). To taste, to perceive by the 
palate ; to taste, to smack, to have a 
taste; to feel, to perceive by the 
touch ; to feel, to perceive ; to feel, to 
be conscious ; to think, to conceive ; 
to judge, to consider ; to ponder, to 
reflect; to imagine, to fancy; to ex- 
perience, to know by practice; taste, 
smack ; touch, sense of feeling ; feel- 
ing, perception ; sensation ; thought, 
judgment, opinion, notion; meaning. 

Rasiian. Feeling, sensation ; thought ; 
opinion, judgment. 

Rasiii. To feel, to perceive by the touch ; 
to try, to experience, to essay, to have 
experience of 

Rasamala (s). Name of a plant, Liquid- 
ambar altingiana. 

Rasilksa (s). A demon or goblin of Hindu 
mythology ; v. Raksasa. 

Rase (j). Civet, musk ; the civet cat, 
Viverra rase of Horsfield. 

Rasukan (jav. from rasuk, " to have, to 
possess ; to wear, to be clad"). A coat, 
a jerkin. 

Rasukan-rante (j). A coat of mail ; li- 
terally, a " chain-coat." 

Rat. To draw or pull tight. 


[151 ] 


Rat (jAv). The world ; country, region, 

■ — as rat-Jawa, " the connti'y of Java." 
Rata (s). A car, a chariot. 
Rata (j). Flat, level ; plain, smooth ; 

even, uniform, equal ; flat, prostrate ; 

throughout, in every part; thorough, 

Ratakan. To level, to reduce to equal 

height ; to smooth ; to equalise, to 

make even. 
Rata-rata. Winged insects ; a swarm of 

Ratab. To lament aloud, to wail ; wail, 
loud lament. 

Ratak. To choose, to select. 

Ratap, V. Ratab. 

Ratapi. To bewail, to beweep, to la- 

Ratna (s). A gem, a precious stone ; v. 

Ratu (jAv). A king; a queen. This 
word, which, of many syuonymes for 
"sovereign" is the most frequent in 
Javanese, has probably the same ori- 
gin as datu, " a chieftain." This 
may be inferred from its derivative, 
" palace or residence of a king," being 
written, indifferently, karaton or ka- 

Ratus (j). Hundred. 

Rawa (j). A morass, a feu ; a lake ; name 
of a central province of Java ; name of 
a central country of Sumatra. The 
two last words are most probably taken 
from the first. 

Rawai. To fish with lines secured to the 
bank of a river. 

Rawan. Gristle, cartilage ; a term used 
in the tale or numeration of certain 
objects, as cordage. 

Rawang (j. krawang). Lattice, reticulated 

Rawan. Pleasure, joy, delight; 
rapture; tenderness, sensibility 

Rawat. To cut, to slice, to pare, to trim. 

Rawit. To implicate or involve in an 

Rawung (j. bayung). To howl. 

Raya (achin). Great. 

Raya. Name of a tree, called also bunga 
sapatu, or " the shoe-flower," Hibiscus 

Rayah (j). To spoil, to plunder, to pil- 
lage ; to confiscate ; to adulterate, to 

Rayahan. Plunder, pillage, spoil ; booty, 
confiscated property ; confiscation. 

Rayap. To climb as a vine or other 
scandent plant. 

Rayap (j). The white ant, sometimes 
called also samut putih, which is a 
literal translation of the English name. 

Rayih. To embrace by taking to the 

Rayis. To draw an object towards one 
with the hand; to sweep from off a 
surface with the hand ; v. Riiis. 
Rayu. To coax, to wheedle. 
Rayu. Uneasy, ill at ease. 
Rayukan. To trouble, to disquiet. 
Rab (a). Lord, master; ruler; possessor. 
Rabab (p). A violin, a fiddle. 
Riibabu (jAV). Name of one of the 
highest mountains of Java, situated in 
the centre of the island. 
Rabah (j). To tumble, to fall ; v. Rubuh. 
Raban (rabah). Tumble, fall. 
Raban. A fowl-house, a hen-roost. 
Rabana (t). A tabour, a small drum. 
Rabat. To block up, to barricade. 
Rabia (a). The spring ; vernal. 
Rabia-al-axir (a). The fourth month of 

the Mahomedan year. 
Rabia-al-awal (a). The third month of 

the Mahomedan year. 
Rabuug. The young and esculent sprouts 

of the bamboo cane. 
Rabus. To stew, to seethe. 
Rabut. To snatch, to seize hastily; to 
seize, to take by force ; to pilfer ; to 
pillage, to plunder; to scramble, to 
catch eagerly. 
Rabutan. A snatch, a hasty catch ; 
seizure, the thing seized; pillage, 
Rabyat (a). Usury. 
Racha (jay). An idol, an image. 
Radana (jav). Money. 
Radap. A kind of small di'um or tabour ; 

V. Radap. 
Radi (jav). A mountain. 
Radi (jav). Name of the village head- 
man in some parts of Java. 
Radik. To rebuke, to reprove. 
Radum. Obscure, gloomy, cloudy, lower- 
Rfldum. An ahatis of trees ; to barricade 

a road or passage with felled trees. 
Raga (s). Price, value, worth ; v. Arga. 
Ragang. A frame for stretching any- 
thing on ; the rack ; the cross. 
Ragangkan. To rack, to stretch out ; to 

execute on a cross. 
Rdgas. To crop the hair of the head as 

a punishment ; to dock ; v. Ragas. 
Ra/am (a). Mercy, compassion ; merciful, 

Ra/tmau (a). Merciful, compassionate. 
Raja (jav). Flourishing, prosperous as 

a well-governed country. 
Rajah (p). Series, order; vestige; amu- 
lets consisting of written words on 
slips of paper. 
R^jang. The nation and language of the 
Rejangs, on the western side of Sumatra. 




Rajang. Astrology, fortune-telling, divi- 

Rdjasa (j). Name of a tree, EUeocarpus. 

Rajasa (jav). Tin. 

Rajab (a). The seventh month of the 
Mahomedan year. 

Riljdng. Costiveness, constipation of the 

Rajim (a). Stoned, pelted with stones ; 
execrable, accursed. 

Rajuna (s). The Hindu demi-god Arjun ; 
V. Arjuna. 

Rakat (a). A bowing of the head and 
body in prayer. 

Raksa (s). To guard, to watch ; to look 
after, to take care of; v. Raksa. 

Rdlung. Name of a superficial land- 
measure of 80 yards square ; v. Orlang. 

Ralla (a). Will, pleasure, desire ; con- 
sent, acquiescence. 

Rallwani (a). Paradisaical, suited to 

Ramaja. Bordering on the age of pu- 
berty, verging on puberty. 

Ramak. Let, allow, suffer, permit. This 
word is seldom, if at all, found in the 
written language. 

Ramal (a). A stratum of sand on which 
figures are drawn for fortune-telling ; 

Rilmang (j). Darkness, gloom, cloudi- 
ness ; gloomy, cloudy. 

Ramba. To walk abreast, to walk side 
by side. 

Rambang. Directly in the midst, right 
in the middle ; due, exactly. 

RAmbang. To spring, to rise out of the 
earth and grow ; to spring, to arise, to 

Rdmbang (j). Name of a district on the 
northern side of Java. 

Rambas. To smite with a sword or si- 
milar weapon. 

Rambat (bat). To grow luxuriantly ; to 
spread out diffusively. 

Rambat. The bends, or substitute for 
them, in boat-building. 

Rambaya (j). A state barge. 

Rambas (j). To ooze, to exude. 

Rainbiya. Name of the true sago palm, 
Metvoxylon sagun. 

Rambiya. A fringe, a flounce. 

Rambu, and Rfimbau. Name of a 
Malay state in the interior of the 
Malay peninsula, established directly 
from Mauangkabau in Sumatra. 

Ramis. Name of a species of shell- 

Ramllan (a). The ninth month of the 
Mahomedan year ; the Ramadan or 
Mahomedan Lent, usually called by the 
islanders puwasa, or "the fast.'' 

Rftmpaji. A kind of knife or razor. 

Rampah-rampah. Si)iceries, condiments; 

V. Rampak. 
Rampak. Spreading out, extending, not 

crowded or condensed. 
Rdmpauai (sun. kilampani). Name of a 

genus of plants, .ird/sia, of which there 

are several species. 
Ramuk. To break to pieces, to shatter. 
Rana (jav). Joy, delight ; glad, happy. 
Ranang. To swim ; v. Bamang. 
Ranang (j). Gloomy, cloudy; gloom, 

darkness ; v. Ramang. 
R3,nchana (s). Sketch, draft, delineation, 

plan, contrivance ; copy, transcript. 
Rauchanakan. To draft, to sketch, to 

delineate ; to frame, to contrive, to 

plan ; to copy, to transcribe. 
Randall. Low, not high, not elevated ; 

modest, not proud. 
Randahkan (raudah). To make low ; to 

humble, to abase. 
Randam. To steep, to soak. 
Randang. To fiy, to cook by frying. 
Rand-ang (jav). The wet or rainy sea- 
Ranjang (bat). A bedstead. 
Rdntaka (j). Name of a long swivel 

cannon of small calibre. 
Rfin^ang. Straight, tense, tight. 
Rantangkan. To straighten ; to stretch, 

to make tense. 
Rantam (bat and ben), v. Rantang. 
Ranti. To cease, to stop ; v. Baranti. 
Rantung. To burn, to consume by fire ; 

a burn, an injury from burning ; burnt, 

over-roasted in cooking. 
Ranum. Mellow, fvdl-ripe ; 7\ Ranum. 
Rangas. Name of a tree yielding a resin ; 

its resin used as a varnish ; v. Rangas. 
Rangat. Flux, dysentery. 
Rangat (jav). A crack, a flaw, a fissure. 
Rangga. The panniers of a carriage 

elephant ; v. Rangga. 
Ranggang (j). Wide, disjoined, not close, 

not compact. 
Rangut. To twitch, to snatcli ; a twitch, 

a spasm. 
Rangkas. A twig, a spray. 
Rclngkiug. A hamper. 
Rangkung. The windpipe. 
Rilngkuugan. The throat, the windpipe 

and gullet. 
Raiiah (j). Brittle, fragile ; friable. 
Rariah. Laborious, assiduous. 
Raiiai. Drizzling, continuous rain. 
Rapang. To cut horizontally ; to file the 

crown of the teeth even, one with the 

Rapen (jav). A song, a ballad. 
Rapuh. To tie or bind an animal for 

Raput. To rot, to decay. 
Rasaliit (a). A mission, a legation. 


[ 153 ] 


Rasam (a). Law, rule, regulation, injunc- 
tion, precept. 

Rasdung. An ulcer. 

Rasdung-kochi. The venercixl • 
that is, the ulcer of Cochin. 

Rasi (s). A saint, a person of holy and 
retired life. 

Ra.sik (j). Clear, pure ; clean ; pure, up- 
right ; V. Barsik. 

Rasik Kata3Ti (jav). Name of an ancient 
king of Koi'ipau, in Java, father of 
Panji Dewa Kusuma, the hero of Java- 
nese romance. 

Rasvd (a), a ines.seDger, an apostle ; 
applied eminently to Mahomed. 

Ratak. A crack ; cracked. 

Rateh. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra, between 
Jarabi and Indragii-i, inhabited by a 
colony of the Lauuns of Mindano. 

Rati (s). Meaning, significance ; v. Arti. 

Ratna (.s). A jewel, a gem. 

Ratna-chdmpaka (s). The topaz. 

Rawayat (a). NaiTative, story, tale. 

Razafc (a). Riches, good fortune. 

Razaii (a). Food, victuals. 

Rayat (a). A subject, a va.ssal. 

Regol (jav). a gate, a gi-eat door. 

Reka (j). To pi-oject, to contrive, to 
plau, to scheme ; project, scheme, plan, 
design, contnvance ; cunning, craft. 

Rembas. Name of a kind of adze. 

Renchang (jav). A servant, a follower, 
a retainer. 

Reuda (for). Gold or silvet lace. 

Rendang. Leafy, abounding in foliage. 

Rendu. To long, to pine with desire ; 
a longing, a pining ; v. Rindu. 

Reujong. Tall, high iu stature. 

Repot (jav). Weak, feeble, impotent; 
poor, indigent, needy. 

Repus, To tie up or bind things toge- 

Reta (s). A car, a cart ; v. KAreta. 

Rewana (s). Rawaua, king of Ceylon, 
the enemy of Rama. 

Rewasa (s). Time, age, period ; v. Dewasa. 

Re-ft-ang. To sail by tacking, to beat on 
a wind. 

Reyal (for. real). The ordinary Spanish 
dollar, or the Dutch Rix dollar of 48 

Ri (jav). a prickle, a thorn; a fish- 
bone ; V. Duri. 

Ria (a). Hypocrisy, deceit, dis.simula- 

Riba. The lap or bosom ; to place on 
the lap or bosom. 

Ribiian. The lap or bosom. 

Ribali (j). To fall down, to tumble ; 
V. Rabah and Riibuli. 

Ribakan (riba). To place on the lap. 

Ribu (j. ewu). A thousand, 

Ribut. A .storm, a tempest; a gale, a 

Ridi. A kind of sedan of matting. 

Rikat. Mud, puddle. 

Rimah. Crumbs, fragments; v. Raimah. 

Rimas ; v. Rimah. 

Rimau. A tiger ; v. Arimau. 

Rimba. A forest. 

Rimpah. To be overthrown, to be over- 

Rina (s). Day ; v. Din a. 

Rinah. To trickle, to fall in drops. 

Rinchi. The title assumed by the leaders 
of the new religionists of Sumati-a, 
called the Padri. 

Riuchik. A chip ; a bit, a small piece. 

Rindi. A girdle. 

Rindu. To long, to pine, to languisli ; 
V. Rendu. 

Rinjani. The native name of the moim- 
tain called by marinei's the peak of 
Lombok, 13,000 feet high. 

Riutek. Large distinct rain-drops ; spots, 
specks ; spotted, speckled. 

Rintik (bat). To moan or groan as a sick 

Ringat (bat). The breast. 

Ringan. Light, not hea\'y ; light, unen- 

Ringankan. To lighten, to make light. 

Riuggit (jav). a representative, a de- 
puty ; a player, an actor ; a public 
dancer and singer ; a scenic figure or 
puppet ; a play or drama. 

Riuggit (jav). a name of Bima, one of 
the heroes of the Mahabarat. 

Ringgit (j). A Spanish dollar, probably 
from the resemblance of the device to 
those on the old coins of Java, which 
were scenic represent;xtions. 

Ringkas (jav). To compress, to force 
into a narrow compass ; to abridge. 

Risa. A wen, a steatome ; a bump. 

Risau. A rogue, a rascal ; a profligate, a 

Risu (ben). To rumple. 

Riya. Playful, sportive, wanton, frolic- 
some; sport, play, frolic; joy, plea- 

Riyak (j). Phlegm ; to hawk, to force 
up phlegm. 

Riyang. Name of a noisy gi-asshopper 
called by Europeans "the tnimpeter." 

Riyang (bat). A caterpillar. 

Riyau. The Dutch settlement of Rhio 
in the island of Bintang, at the ea.stern 
end of the straits of Malacca. 

Riyuh. Loud, noLsj^, boisterous ; noise, 

Riyuk. Inclining, bending, leaning, not 

Rob (jav). The flood tide ; full. 

Robek (bat). To tear, to rend. 


[ 154 ] 


Rodok (ben), a rake, a scraper. 

Rod-a (por). a wheel. 

Roka. Name of a tribe aud language of 
the island of Floris. 

Rokok (du. rook, "smoke"). A scgar, or 

Rombai. A fringe ; a flounce ; a valance ; 
V. Ombai. 

Rombak. To, to destroy. 

Rompah-rompah (j). Spices, spiceries; 
V. Rumpah-rumj)ah. 

Rompak (j). To plunder at sea, to 
commit piracy. 

Ron (jAv). A leaf; v. Dawun. 

Rona (s). A field of battle ; v. Rana. 

Rond'a (s). A widow, a woman who is 
either divorced from her husband or 
whose husband is dead ; v. Rand'a. 

Rand'a (for). Military rounds or patrols. 

Ronot. To follow, to go after. 

Rental (j. ron, "a leaf," aud s. tal, "a 
species of palm "). The Borassii,s jla- 
belliformis, the leaves of which are used 
as a material for writing on ; v. Lontar 
and Tal. 

Rong. Gamboge, the inspissated juice of 
Oaircnia Camboja. 

Rongga. Scull, cranium. 

Rongga (j. rong). A hole, an aperture ; 
a hollow, a pit. 

Rongga (.TAv). A Javanese title of no- 
bility of the third class. 

Roiiggcng (jAv). A professional dancer 
or singer. 

Rongkak (bat). Proud, vain, arrogant ; 
V. Bongkak. 

Rongkong. The windpipe ; v. Rdngkong. 

Rongkongan. The throat, the windpipe 
and gullet ; v. Rangkougan. 

Rongot. Talkative, loquacious, prating. 

Rotad-and'a (s). Name of a class of 

Rotajanggala (s), v. RotadAnd'a. 

Rotan. The rattan, Calamus rotanrj. 
The root is probably the verb rawut, 
"to pare and trim," and the meaning, 
therefore, is, " the oliject pared and 
trimmed." In the Hortus Bogoricnsis 
seven species of the rattan are de- 
scribed, with five that are doubtful. 

Rotan-jarnang. The dragon's blood 
rattan, Calamus draco. 

Rotan-salak. Name of a rattan pro- 
ducing an esculent fruit, Salacca edulu. 

Rotan-utan. Name of a plant, Fla;/ellaria 

Roti (hin). Whoaten bread. 

Rowang (jav). A companion, a comrade, 
an associate. 

Rliak-riiak. Name of a bird. 

Riiak-riiak-bangkai. Name of some car- 
rion bird. 

Ruak-riiak-putih. Name of a bird. 

Ruba (.iav). a gift ; a fee ; a bribe. 

Ruba. Name of an island on the 
south-eastern coast of Borneo. 

Ruba-ruba. Anchorage fees, harbour 
dues paid by sti-angei-s. 

RubS,d (jav). Knotty, perplexed, diffi- 

Rubek (bat). To tear, to rend ; v. Subek. 

Rubiug. The gunwale of a ship or boat. 

Rubuli (j). To tumble, to fall, to come 
violently to the ground. 

Rubuhkan. To fall, to throw to the 
ground, to throw down. 

Rubung (j). To crowd round an object, 
to swarm, to throng, 

Rubyat (a). Usury. 

Rucha. The mob, the vulgar; any- 
thing low or mean. 

Rudi (ben). The ankle ; v. Mata-kaki. 

Rudus (ben), a kind of sword or hanger. 

Rugi. Loss, damage, detriment. 

Rugul. To ravish, to deflower, to com- 
mit a rape. 

Ruhara (jav). Desolation, extreme dis- 

Ru/t (a). Spirit ; soul ; life ; a temi of 
endearment, life, darling. 

Ru/i-al-A'udiis. The holy spirit, the holy 

Ru/taui (a). Spiritual, holy ; agreeable, 

Rukam (j). Wild fruit. 

Rukam-asilm. Nameof a plant, Flacour- 
tia sapida. 

Rukam-badak. Name of a species of 
caper, Capparis. 

Rukam-manis. Name of a plant, Fla- 
courtia cataphracta. 

Rukam-sapat. Name of a plant, Ocymum 

Rukan (a). Aid, support. 

Rum (j). Fragrant, odorous, sweet- 
smelling ; V. Arinn. 

Rum (a). The Turkish empire; Con- 

Ruma (s). A hair, a pile ; the pores of 
the skin. 

Rumah (j. umah). A house ; dwelling, 
habitation, abode ; Iiome, residence. 

Rumah-bftchara. A public hall ; a court- 
house, a tribunal, a court of justice. 

Rumah-kuda. A stable. 

Rumah-tangga. A household, a family ; 
literally, "a ladder-house," that is, a 
house having access by a ladder. 

Rumaja (s). Maturity ; puberty. 

Ruman. The peraon, the body; per- 
sonal air. 

Ruman. Rice straw. 

Rumbang-rambing (bat). Tattered, torn 
to shreds. 

Rumpah-rumpah (j). Spices, spiceries; 
V. Rompah-rompah. 


[ 155 ] 


Rumpang (j). Blemished, defective, im- 
perfect, mutilated. 

Rumpaiigkan (j). To mutilate. 

Rumpun. A sprout or vegetable shoot 
proceeding from the root ; a bush. 

Rumput (J. dukut). Grass. Uuder this 
uame, however, as iu om- owu language, 
are included many plants which are 
not true grasses ,• plant, vegetable. 

Rumput-lalang. The lalang, a well- 
known rank grass and troublesome 
weed, Andropor)<m caiicosum. 

Ruraput-kamaliian. The sensitive plant. 
Mimosa pudica ; literally, " modesty 

Rumput-karbau. "Buffalo grass," Cyno- 
surus indicus. 

Runiput-kuda. " Horse grass," Panicum 

Rumput-laki-laki. " Man grass," Verna 

Rumput -lari-larL " Runaway grass," Spl- 
nifex squarrosus. 

Rumput-lid'a-ayam. " Hen's-tougue grass,' ' 
Spermacoce scabemma. 

Rumi)at-mas. "Golden gi-ass," Riidlia 

Rumput-prasman, Eupatorium ayapana. 

Rumput-.sAkti. " Potent gi-ass," Nastur- 
tium indiciim. 

Rimiput-sarai. "Lemon gi"ass," Andro- 
j)ogon schamanthus. 

Rumput-s'eteu. " Devil's grass," Lcucas 

Ruuching (ben). Tapering to a sharp 
point on both sides, as a kris blade ; 
V. Munching. 

Runtuh (j). To fall, to drop, to tumble. 

Runtun. To pluck, to pull forcibly, to 
wrench, to wrest. 

Ruuut (ben). Trace, track 

Rung. A hall, chamber, apartment ; v. 

Ruuggu (ben). To squat pensively. 

Rimgkul. To embrace by taking in the 

Rupa (s). Form, shape ; appearance, 
show ; hue, complexion ; look, coun- 
tenance, air ; sort, kind, species. 

Rupa-i-upa (rupa). Various, divei's, se- 
veral, sundry. 

Rupakan. To liken, to compare. 

Rupaiia. Apparently, seemingly. 

Rupat. Name of an island on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Rupiyah (v). A i-upee coiu, about two 
English shillings. 

Rusa. Name of a species of deer, Ctrvus 

Uusak (j). To spoil, to injure; to spoil, 
to plunder, to pillage, to sack ; to ra- 
vage, to lay wa^tc, to deviistate; to 
ruin, to destroy ; to deflower, to ravi^. 

Rusak-ati. AfHiction. 
Rusuk. The ribs ; the side, the flank. 
Rutbat (a). Greatness, gi-andeur, mag- 
Ruwah. To holla to ; to summon, to 

call together. 
Ruwah. To throw out, to cast away. 
Ruwai-ruwai (ben). Name of a carrion 

Ruwak-ruwak (ben). Name of a bird. 
Ruwang. The spaces between the wooden 

po.-its or pillars of a ; the spaces 

between the timbers or ribs of a ship. 
Ruwang. A hall ; always pronounced 

rung, and probably derived fi'om the 

last word ; v. Rung. 
Ruwas (j. ros). The joint or ai-ticulation 

of an animal body ; the joint of a cane, 

reed, or grass. 
Ruwat (j). To recover the natural form 

after a metamorphosis. 
Ruwit (j. difficult, arduous). The barb 

of an arrow, fishing-hook, &c. 

OA (j). One; the indefinite article "a." 
As an inseparable jjrefix it is much 
used in composition. 

Saabis (abis). Utmost, in the highest 

Siiabisiia. Utterly, fully, completely. 

Siiada (ada). Whole, totality. 

Siiadaiia. AVholly, totally. 

Siiaja (s). Only, merely, simply ; wilfully, 

Siian. A kind of large earthenware 

Siiari (ari). A day, one day ; a certain 
day ; once, one time ; the first day of 
the moon or month. 

Siiari-ari. Daily, every day ; always, con- 

Siiarusiia (arus). Properly, fitly, be- 

Saati (ati). Of one mind, of one opinion . 

Saampu" (ampu"). Nearly, closely. 

Siiamar (a. amar). Life, lifetime ; while, 

Saat (a), a moment, an instant, a twink- 
ling ; an hour. 

Saba (j). To take recreation by visit- 
ing, &c. 

Sabagai (bagai). Like as, as if 

Sabagaimana (bagai, "as," and naaua, 
" where "). How, in what manner, by 
what means, after what manner. 

Sabagai-pula. Moreovei-, furthermore, 

Sabahage (bahage). A piece, a portion. 

Sabahagaiila. So much. 

SabaiJak (baiiak). So many ; so much. 

Sabanak-bauak. The utmost number or 


[ 15(J 


Sabaiiak-lagi. As many, or ass much 
more ; so many more. 

Sabar (j). Bitterly, severely. 

Sabarang (j. barang). Whatever, any- 

Sabarang-barang. Anything soever; some, 
some one ; ordinary, of common i-ank. 

Sabawan. A playmate, a comrade. 

Sabaya (baya). Equal, alike, similar. 

Sabayik-bayik (bayik). Luckily, fortu- 
nately ; correctly, truly. 

Sabtlcbara (bachara). Unanimous, of one 

SabMum (balnm). Ere, before, sooner 

Saban (jay). Every, each one. 

Sabanasa (b^nasa). Rogue, miscreant, 
profligate ; a tei-m of abuse. 

Sabanar (banar). Of a truth, in truth,, 

Sabilnar-banar. Truly, veritably, most 

SabAnaiTia. Indeed, in truth, in verity ; 
truly, justly. 

Sabaudrang. Over against, ojjposite. 

Sabantar. A moment, a minute, a short 
while ; immediately, straightway. 

Sabautar-ini. Just now, this moment. 

Sabdntar-itu. That moment, that instant. 

Sabantar-lagi. Presently, in a short time 
hence, by-and-by. 

Sabarana. Entire, comiilete. 

Sab.lrmula (mula). First, at fir.>3t, at the 
beginning. An adverb used to indicate 
the commencement of a paragraph or 

Sabatul (batul). Truly, rightly, correctly. 

Sabda (s). To say, to speak ; a word, 
speech ; to ordei-, to command ; order, 
command, mandate. 

Sabiji (biji). One of any small round 
bodies ; literally, " one seed." 

Sabit. A sickle. 

Sablah (blah, " to split ").• One of two 
sides; one of two objects; one half; 
side, quarter, direction ; close by, hard 
by ; apart, separate ; the sole fish. 

Sablah-kanan. Tlie right side. 

Sablah-ku-i. The left side. 

Sablah-sana. That side, thither, yonder. 

Sablah-sini. This side, hither. 

Sablas (j). Eleven. 

Sabi-ang (j). On the opposite side of the 
water ; on the opposite shore of a sea, 
lake, or river ; foreign, outlandish ; any 
country beyond the sea, in reference to 
the Archipelago, esi)ecially the country 
of the Hindus ; v. Sabraug. 

Sabuk (j). A girdle, a waistband. 

Sabulih (bulih). Ability, power, capacity. 

Sabulih-bulih. T5y all possible means, by 
every endeavour. 

Sabulih-bulihiia. Possibly, by po.ssibility. 

Sabun (POR. sabao). Soap. 

Sabung (j). To fight, to conflict ; a game- 

Sabung. Name of an island in the sti-aits 
of Malacca. 

Sabung-milnabung. To fight reciprocally, 
to engage in mutual conflict. 

Sabut. The fibrous husk of the cocouut. 

Sachakar (chakar). A scratch, a scrape; 
a line. 

Sachara (cliara). Having the same man- 
ners or customs. 

Sachukup (chukup). Enough, a sufti- 

Sachurang. Name of a kind of native- 
made cannon. 

Sadab. Eue, Rata graveoJens. 

Sadakala (s). Yore, oldeu time; long 
ago ; usual, wonted ; constantly, con- 
tinually; always; v. Sadiyakala. 

Sadaliiuggam (t). Minium, red lead, 
sulphuret of lead. 

Sadapat (dapat). Possible ; possibility. 

Sadapat-dapat. By all possibility, by 
every efibrt, ^by every endeavour. 

Sadapatiia. Possibly. 

Sadaya (jav). All, the whole. 

Sadar (j). Sal ammoniac, muriate of am- 

Sadewa (s). Name of one of the Paudus, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Sadikit (j. sad'id'ik). A little, a small 
part ; a few, a small number. 

Sadingin (dingin). Name of a plant. Co- 
tyledon lacmiata. 

Sadiya. Genuine, real, natural, not coun 
terfeit ; v. Sadiya. 

Sadiya. Former, past, ancient, oldeu. 

Sadiya. Ready, prepared. 

Sadiyakan. To prepare, to get ready, 
to make i-eady. 

Sadiyakala (s). Oldeu time, usual; always; 
V. Sadakala. 

Sadulur (jav). Brother or sister. 

Sadung. Name of a place on the north- 
west coast of Borneo. > 

Sadup (ben), a sickle. 

Sad'atang (d-ataug). Arrival. 

Saga (j). The scarlet weighing bean, the 
rutty of the Hindus, equal to grains 
3'33, Abrm jwcecalorim. 

Saga-kayu. Name of a large scarlet bean, 
Adenanthcra pavonina. 

Sagala (s). All, every one. 

Sagala-sasuwatu. Every one. 

Sagara (s). The sea, the ocean. 

Sagara-kindul (jav). The South sea, the 
sea south of Java. 

Sagantung. Name of a mountain in the 
territory of Malacca. 

Saganap (ganap). The whole, the totality ; 
each, every one. 

Saganggdm (ganggam). A handful. 


[157 ] 


Sagi. The side of a square or other an- 
gular figure. 

Sagu (j). The esculent pith of the sago 
palm, Meiroxylon sago ; v. Rambiya. 

Sagu (gu). A yoke of oxen ; a pair, a 

Sah (j). Broken, interrupted. 

Sah (p). King ; v. S'ah. 

Sa/tir (a), a sorcerer, a magician ; sor- 
cery, magic. 

Saidangan (idangan). Eating from the 
same dish, eating at the same table. 

Siiikat (ikat). A bunch, a cluster. 

Siiimbat. A back stroke with a weapon. 

Siiing. To sail in company, to sail in a 
fleet ; to travel any way in company ; 
V. Saymg. 

Satngan (siiing). A companion ship. 

Saingga (ingga). Unto, until, as far as ; 
saving, excepting. 

Siiir. To say, to speak. 

Sairkan. To tell, to inform. 

Siiisah. To wash cloths by beating on a 
stone or board. 

Siiisi (isi). The whole, all ; the whole 
contents ; inhabitants, the population. 

Saja. Simply, merely ; v. Saaja. 

Sajati (j). General, not special. 

Sajamat (jamat). A week, a se'imight. 

Sajehtra. Peaceful, still, quiet; secure ; 
peace, quiet, tranquillity ; rest ; safety, 
security ; contentment. 

Saji (s). To pi-epare and lay out an en- 

Sajian (saji). An entertainment. 

Sajumput (jumput). The quantity that 
can be taken up between the fingers 
and thumb, a pinch. 

Sajm'us. Throughout, right through. 

Saka. Hereditary, descending from an- 

Saka (JAV). A post or pillai' in a building. 

Saka (s). The person alleged to have 
introduced the Hindu era of Salivahna 
into Java, a.d. 79. 

Sakiiandak (andak). AVill, pleasure, dc- 
su'e, intention, wish. 

Sakadndakua. At will, at pleasure. 

Sakadau. Name of a Malay settlement 
on the western coast of Borneo. 

Sakaduwa (duwa). Both, the two. 

Sakai. A dependent, a retainer, a fol- 
lower ; an associate. 

Sakai. Name of a kind of boat. 

Sakai. To thrash, to thump. 

Sakakala (s). The era of Saka, or Sali- 
vahna; V. Sangkala. 

Sakai. A slight blow or stroke ; to slap. 
Sakai. An advei-se or head ^vind. 
Sakala (s). Once, on a time; always; 

Sakali (kali). Once, a single time ; at 
once, at the same time ; very, in a high 

degree ; utterly, completely, entirely, 
Sakalian (kali). All, every one. 
Sakaliatan (liat). Sight, prospect, object 

of view. 
Sakali-kali. At all, by any means; at 

once ; ever. 
Sakali-kali tiyada. Never ; not at all, by 

no means. 
Sakali-lagi. Once more, again. 

Sakali-pjlrastawa. Once on a time. 

Sakali-puu. Even, although, notwith- 
standing ; at all, once ; even ; entirely, 
wholly, ever so much. 

Sakalurga (kalurga). Of the same race 
or family, liaving relationship. 

Sakampung. Of the same town, village, 
or quarter; fellow-townsman or vil- 
lager; neighbour. 

Sakapur (kajjur, "lime"). A mouthful 
of the betel ingredients limed and 
ready for use; the time taken in 
chewing it. 

Sakai-ang. Now, at present. 

Sakai-ini. Name of a mountain in Java. 

Sakasih-kasihan (kasih). Compassion- 
ately ; affectionately. 

Sakati. Name of a bird. 

Sakatika (katika). A moment, an instant, 
a short while ; immetliately, forthwith, 
at once ; while, whilst, during. 

Saka wan (ka wan). A flock; a herd; a 
company ; together, in company. 

Sakachap. The twinkling of the eye ; a 
twinkle, a moment, an instant. 

Sakajep (kajep), v. Sakicliap. 

Sakan (sa). To liken, to resemble ; lite- 
rally, "to make one." 

Sakarba (s). Name of a Hindu goddess. 

Sakard'a (s). Name of the abode of 

Sakarling (karling). A leer ; a glance. 

Sakat. To tease or plague a child. 

Sakatika. A moment ; v. Sakatika. 

Sakera (kera). According, agreeably to, 
conformably with. 

Sakera-kera. Nearly, about, by guess; 
according to, in a manner suitable to. 

Sakit (j). Sick, afflicted with disease; 
sore, painful ; hurt ; to be sick ; to be 
pained ; to be diseased ; sickness ; 
disease, malady, distemper; pain, ache; 
soreness ; pain, punishment, infliction. 

Sakitan. Pain ; punishment, infliction ; 
a convict, one that is subjected to 

Sakiti, V. Sakitkan. 

Sakitkau. To punish ; to pain ; to 
straiten, to distress. 

Sakit-ati. Grief; irritation, provocation ; 

Sakit-bulan. An eclipse of the moon ; 
literally, '' sickness of the moon." 




Sakit-gigi. Toothache. 

Sakit-kdpala. Headache. 

Sakit-mata-ari. An eclipse of the sun. 

Sakit-payah. Sorely sick ; gi-ievou.sly sick. 

Sakiyan (kiyan). So much ; so many, as 
much, as many. 
* Sakiydniia. All. 

Sakiyan-kiyan. Quantity, amount. 

Sakrat (krat). A cut, a part cut off, a 
bit, a piece, a fragment. 

Saksi (s). Witness, evidence; v. Saksi. 

SaksTau. Evidence, testimony, proof. 

Saku. A pocket. 

Saku-saku. Privatelj', secretly, not openly. 

Sakunvmg-kufiung (kufiung). Suddenly, 
unexpectedly, unawares. 

Sakutu. Associate, fellow, companion ; 
a partner. 

Sakutuk (kutuk). Accursed, damned. 

Sakuwasa (kuwasa). With the utmost 
power, with the gi-eatest exertion ; 
strenuously, stoutly, vigorously, power- 

Sakadar (a. kadar). Degree, rank, condi- 
tion ; about, nearly, on or about ; 
merely, only. 

Sakiiwat (A.kiiwat). Strenuouslj^, stoutly, 
vigorously, powerfully. 

Sala (jAv). Usually pronounced Solo ; 
the original name of the place which 
is now, midcr the name of Surakarta, 
the capital of the native prince of 
Java, called the Susuuan ; v. Solo. 

Salagi (lagi). While, as long as. 

Salah. Individual, single, particular. 

Salah (j). Wrong, erroneous, faulty ; 
differing, disagreeing ; guilty, criminal ; 
contrary, foul, adverse ; error, mis- 

. take ; fault, transgression ; offence, 
harm, injury; guilt, crime, ein ; to 
err, to mistake ; to fail, to miss ; to 
disagree, to differ; to transgress, to 
offend ; to sin. 

Salahan. Error ; sin, crime. 

Salahi. To contravene, to oppose ; v. 

Salahkau. To put at fault, to contravene, 
to oppose ; to defeat, to frustrate ; to 
divert ; to incriminate. 

Salah-kana. Inconsistent, incomi^atible. 

Salah-laku. Name of a tree, Cissm quad- 

Salah-silah. Offence, tx'ansgression. 

Salah-suwatu. Even one. 

Salai. To cure fish or flesh by smoking. 

Salak. To bark, to bay, to yelp. 

Salak (j). Name of a fruit, Balaccu 
edulis; v. llotan salak. 

Salaku (laku). Like, in this manner, 
thus, so ; as if, so as. 

Salalu (lalu). Past, beyond ; throughout. 

Salam (j). Name of a i)lant, Syzygiu 

Salama (lama). Whilst, as long as ; 

since, from the time that. 
Salama-ini. All this while. 
Salama-lamaua. For ever, evermore, 

always, etei'nally. 
Salamafia. Ever, always ; as long as, 

Salang. A sling for carrying a load. 
Salang. The island at the western en- 
trance of the straits »f Malacca, called 
in the majis Junk Ceylon, a word sup- 
j^osed to be a corruption of Ujung- 
salang, " Salang point or headland." 
Salapan (sun). Nine. 
Salapis (lapis). A fold, one-fold. 
Salarak (bat). The rails or horizontal 

pieces of a fence, wall, or partition. 
Salasar. A gallery, a portico. 
Salatiga (jay). Name of a place in the 
central provinces of Java, towards the 
base of the mountains Marapi and 
Salawat (bat). A present in money sent 
to the relatives of a deceased person 
by parties invited to the funeral who 
do not attend. 
Salayin (layin). Excepting, saving. 
Salamah (bat). A cold, a rheum. 
Salamba. Impertinent, pert. 
Saliingkap (langkap). Completeness, per- 
fection ; a suit, a set ; a suit of clothes. 
Salebar-lebar (lebar). As broad as, as 

wide as. 
Saleh. To proceed ; a way, a road. 
Salekan. To summon, to call to come. 
Salendro (jAv). Name of a kind of 

gamalan or staccata. 
Salidik. Dihgeuce, assiduity. 
Saligi (j). A wooden dart or javelin. 
Salimbau. Name of a place on the 

western coast of Borneo. 
Salimpai. A scarf. 

Salimpaiknn. To put on a scarf, to in- 
vest with a scarf 
Salin (j). To change, to alter, to shift ; 
to copy, to transcribe ; to translate, to 
render from one language into anothcx-. 
Salinan. Change, alteration, shift ; copy ; 

Salin-nabi. To change one's religion ; 
to apostatise ; literally, " to change 
Saluruh (luruh). All, the whole; all over. 
Saluwar (a. sarwal). Drawers, trowsers. 
Salwa. Salya, one of the heroes of the 

Saliya, v. Salwa. 

Sama (s). Same, not different; equal, 
like another; like, alike; similar, re- 
sembling; fellow, equal, peer; with, 
in company of; together. 
Samabarang (baraug). Whatever, what- 




Sama-juga. All one, all the same, all 

Samakan. To equalize ; to liken, to 

Samaua. With, together. 

Sama-rata. Equal, on an equality; on 
a level ; equally, without distinction ; 
even, level. 

Sama-sama. Together, along with ; mu- 

Samacham (macham). Of the same pat- 
tern ; like, alike. 

Sania-tara. An ecpial, a match. 

Samak (.i). Bark, tannin; to tan, to 
imbue with bark ; to curry and dress 
a hide. 

Samalam (malam). Last night, last even. 

Samalam-malamfia. Nightly, every night. 

Samalaman. By night, nightly. 

Samama. Name of an island on the 
south-eastern coast of Borneo. 

Samana-mana (mana). Anywhere, where- 
soever; anyhow, howsoever. 

Samantara (s). While, whilst, during; 
meanwhile ; straightway, forthwith ; 

Samantra. The island of Sumatra; v. 
Sumatra and Samantra. 

Samar (j). Seci-et, occult ; disguised ; 
counterfeit ; masked ; obscured, con- 
cealed ; indistinct, obscure ; delusion, 

Samar (s). A name of Bima, in the Ma- 
habarat ; a noted character in the Java- 
nese drama. 

Samarkan. To disguise ; to obscure, to 

Samasta (s). All, the whole. 

Samata (mata). A point of the com- 

Samata (s). Wholly, entirely. 

Samata-mata. Completely, thoroughly ; 
absolutely, entirely. 

Samataiia. Each, every one. 

Samatan. Name of a place on the south- 
western coast of Borneo. 

Samati (mati). The dead, the deceased. 

Samba (s). A name of the Hindu god 
Siwa; v. Sambu. 

Sambang. A honeycomb. 

Sambang (j). A patrol, a night-watch. 

Sainbarap. Prejiared, made ready. 

Sambas. Name of a Malay state on the 
western coast of Borneo. 

Sambat (jav). To complain, to utter 

Sambal (j). Name of a sjiiced condiment 
in general use. 

SamVjar (j). To pounce, to swooi>. 

Sambar-manambar. To pounce recipro- 
cally and continuously. 

Sambar (bat). Hoarse, rough-sounding. 

Samb^rilen (jav). The diamond beetle. 

Sambil (j). While, at the same time that. 

Saiubilau. Nine ; v. Sambilan. 

Sambu (s). A name of the Hindu god 

Siwa or Mahadewa ; v. Samba. 
Sambung (j). To join, to piece, to unite ; 

to fasten, to link, to put together; to 

Sambung. A topmast; that is, a mast 

fastened on. 
Sambui-ua. Gold-coloured. 
Sambut (j). To take, to lay hold of; to 

take, to receive ; to receive eeremo- 

niou.sly; v. S8,mbut. 
Sambutan. The act of receiving ; the 

thing received ; import duties, customs 

on imports ; v. SAmbutan. 
Sami (s). The title or name given by 

the Malays to the priests of the Bud- 
dhist religion. 
Samir. The leaves of the nipah palm 

stitched together with filaments of 

rattan, and used as thatch. 
Samodal (modal). A partner in trade ; 

literally, " one stock." 
Sampah. Light rubbish ; a mote. 
Sampai (j. sampe). To arrive, to reach 

a place by travelling ; to happen, to 

fiiU out, to befall, to come to pass ; to 

reach, to attain ; to amount ; sufficient, 

enough ; unto, till, until. 
Sampaikan. To cause to an-ive ; to 

cause to happen, to bring about ; to 

accomplish, to effect, to fulfil, to exe- 
cute, to cause to reach ; to deliver, to 

offer, to present. 
Sampak. The ring at the insertion of 

the blade of a weapon in the hilt. 
Sampan (j). A little boat, a canoe, a 

Sampang (j). Name of a tree yielding 

varnish ; varnish ; name of a district 

in the island of Madura. 
Sampar (sun). A pestilence, a murrain. 
Sampat. To be able, to be competent ; 

V. Sampat. 
Sampat. To overtake, to come up to, to 

Sampeyan (jav). Pronoun of the second 

person in addi'essing a personage of 

high rank; literally, "the feet." 
Sampejmn-pukulun (jav). Lord, master; 

literally, "the feet of the lord." 
Sampi (j). Kine, oxen ; v. Sapi. 
Samping. A kind of drum. 
Samping (bat). Side, flank, lateral part. 
Sampok (bat). To respond, to reply, to 

rej oin. 
Sampurna (s). Perfect, complete, con- 
summate ; faultless, unexceptionable ; 

perfection, completion, consummation; 

V. Sampurna. 
Sampuwah (bat). To flap, to beat with 

a flap. 


[ 160 ] 


Samsam. Name given by tlie Malays to 
the mixed race between the Malays 
and Siamese, and also to parties who 
have adopted the language, manners, 
and dress, although not the religion, 
of the opposite race ; v. Samsam. 

Samudra (s). The sea, the ocean. 

Samuga-muga (muga-miiga). May, ex- 
pressing desire ; hoping, desiring. 

Samugaua (muga). Properly, fitly, suit- 

Samuka (muka). To confront, to face ; 
face to facej like, resembling. 

Samukakau. To confront, to put face to 
face ; to liken, to compare. 

Samim. To I'ob, to plunder, to pillage. 

Samuwa (s). All, the whole. 

Samuwaiia. The whole, all of it. 

Sana. There, in that place ; v. Situ. 

Sana-sini. Here and there, hither and 
thither ; to and fro. 

Sanai. Name of a large timber tree. 

Sauajan (jav). Though, although. 

Sanak (j). Pain, cramp, spasm. 

Sanak (j). A relative, a blood relation. 

Sanak-sanak. Kin, kindred, kinsfolk. 

Sanama (uama). Of one name, of the 
same denomination ; namesake. 

Sanan. There; v. Sana. 

SanajTs (nnjis). Foul rogue, dirty fellow ; 
a term of abuse. 

Sanantiyasa (s). Ever, always ; for ever, 
evermore, perpetually ; continually. 

Sandilr (j). To lean, to rest against ; to 
be propped, to be bolstered, to be 

Sandaran. A prop, a support, a stay, a staff, 
a fulcrum ; a pledge, a gage, a pawn. 

Sandari. To support, to prop. 

Sandi (jav). Secret, clandestine ; furtive ; 
a thief. 

Sandipura (s). Name of a place in the 
eastern part of Java. 

Sandung (bat). To trip, to stumble. 

Sand-ang (jay). Cloth ; clothes. 

Sand-ang (j). A scai-f, a piece of dress 
worn loosely over the neck and 

Sand-angan (jav). Clothing, dress; the 
vowel chai-acters of the Javanese al- 
phabet — that is, " the clothing " of the 

Sand-ing (j). Near, close to, nigh. 

Sanischaya (s). Certainly, of a certainty, 
positively, assuredly. 

Sanitan (son). Name of a tree, Castanca 

Sanjata (j). Arms, weapons ; the short 
vowel points and other orthographic 
marks of the alphabet — the arms, as it 
were, of the consonants ; v. Sanjata. 

Santaji. A thong, a leather strap. 

Santan. Name of a plant, Ixoru incamalu. 

Santana (s). Family, race; relationship. 

Santap. To eat, to take refreshment. 

Santapan. Food, refreshment. 

Santiln (j). An emulsion of coconut 

Santanau (jay). A name of the province 
of Pat'i, in Java. 

Santar (j). Violent, forcible, impetuous. 

Santiyasa. Ever, always ; evermore, for 
ever; v. Sanantiyasa. 

Santri (s). A disciple, a scholar ; a priest ; 
a merchant. 

Santosa (s). Easy, quiet, restful, tran- 
quil, peaceful ; ease, quiet, rest, tran- 
quillity, repose ; peace ; contentment. 
In Javanese it means " steady, firm ;" 
V. Santosa. 

Santubung. Name of a headland on the 
south -■western coast of Borneo. 

Santun (j). Civil, polite, respectful. In 
Javanese, " a flower ; beauty ; an 

Sang (jay). A relative pronoun. 

Sang. Snot, mucus of the nose. 

Sang (jay). A titular prefix to names of 
l^ersonages, chiefly mythological. In 
a native Javanese dictionary, its literal 
meaning is explained by the different 
synonymes for " a flower." 

Saugagung (agung). " The great or ex- 
alted one," a title of royalty. 

Sangaja. Design, purpose, intention ; 
to design, to purpose, to intend; de- 
signedly, purposely, intentionally ; v. 

Sangaji (saji). A king, a monarch, — 
that is, " the king." 

Sangal. Rheumatism. 

Sangangin. Name of a fish. 

Saugau. Name of a Malay principality 
on the western coast of Borneo. 

Sangawad-i (sun). A stirrup; v. Sdnga- 

Saugat (j). Vei-y much, in a great i 

Sangga (j). To guard, to ward, to pro- 
tect, to fend. 

Sanggakala (bat). The trumpet of the 

Sanggar (jay). An idolatrous temple. 

Sanggrah (for. sangrar). To blood, to 
let blood. 

Sanggu. Name of a Malay state on the 
western coast of Borneo. 

Sanggul. The hair dressed in a knot and 
tied at the top of the head. 

Sanggup (j). To promise, to engage, to 

Sangit. A hand-maid, a waiting-maid. 

Sangka (s). To think, to muse, to medi- 
tate ; to suppose, to fancy, to imagine ; 
to conceive, to imagine ; opinion, no- 
tion, judgment ; v. Sftngka. 


[lei ] 


Sangkak. To forbid, to hinder, to pre- 

Saugkal. To denj', to abnegate, to dis- 
avow, to disown ; to refuse. 

Saugkala (kala). Era, epoch ; date ; v. 
Sakala and Sangkala. 

Sangkang. Across, athwart ; a cross-bar ; 
a gag ; a kind of ornamental framework 
in a house. 

Sangkap. To pull laterally, to draw aside 
as a curtain. 

Sangkar. Diameter, breadth. 

Sangkil (bat). To carry over the hip. 

Sangklapa. Name of a plant, Gardenia 
florida; v. Pachah-piring. 

Sangku (j). A bowl. 

Sangku (bat). A scull-cap. 

Sangkup. Able, competent. 

Sangkut. Fixed, fastened, made fast ; 
stuck fast ; impeded, hindered, ob- 
structed ; bound by affection. 

Sangkutau. Obstacle, obstruction, hin- 

Sangkutkdn. To fix, to fasten ; to im- 
pede, to obstruct, to hinder. 

Saugkuwang, and Sangkwang. The tra- 
chea, the windpipe, the larynx. 

Sangnata (s. nata). A king, a monarch. 

Sangpi'abu (s. prabu). A king, a monarch. 

Sangsam (jay). A deer, a stag; Cervus 
rusa; v. Mangjangan. 

Sangsara (s). Trouble, affliction, suffer- 
ing, misery ; calamitj", misfortune ; 
torment, misery ; difficulty, distress. 

Sangsarakan. To pain, to afflict, to tor- 
ment ; to distress, to harass, to make 

Saugulun (jav. sang, "a flower," and 
ulun, "our"). King, lord, monarch. 

Sangyang (jAv). A god, a deity. In the 
Javanese native dictionary the syno- 
nyme is the vSanskrit word dewa, "a 
god;" V. Ywang. 

Sangywang (jav). A god ; God, the 
Deity ; v. Sangyan and Ywang. 

Sangywang-asmara (s. asmara, " love "). 
The god of love, the Hindu god 

Sangywang-manon (s. manon, "life"). 
Kala, the Hindu destroying power. 

Sangjwang-sukma (s. sukma, " the soul "). 
God, the Deity. 

Sangywang-widi (s. widi, " high, exalted"). 
God, the Deity. 

Saolah. As, like, according to. 

Saolah-olah. Like, as if; accordingly. 

Saorang (orang). A man, a person ; an 
individual ; alone, single ; alone, soli- 
tary; each, every one. 

Siiorang-anu. A certain person. 

Siiorang-d'iri. All alone, by oneself, 
without company. 

Saorang-d'iriku. Alone, by myself 

SaorAng-or<lng. Every one, every per- 
son ; a certain person. 

Siiordng-orangiia. Alone, all alone. 

Sapa (j). Who? which? v. Siyapa. 

Sapala-pala (pala, abbreviation of kapala, 
"the head"). Every person, every 
one, all ; altogether, wholly, entirely. 

Sapaujang (panjang). During ; along, 
alougst; through, throughout, all 

Sapantan (ben). As, like, resembling. 

Saparo (jay. paro, "to divide in two"). 
One half 

Sapasang (pasang). A pair, a couple ; a 

Sapatah (patah). A fragment, a bit ; a 

Sapa-tau. Who knows 1 possibly, per- 

Sapato (for. 9apato). A shoe. 

Sapatutiia (patut). Properly, fitly, suit- 

Sapad-as (pftd-ds). Ginger ; literally, " the 

Sapamanah (panah). The distance of a 

Sapaninggal (tinggal). Since leaving, 
since departure. 

Sapanuh (panuh). The full, the whole, 
the total. 

Sapanuh-panuua. Fully, completely, en- 

Saparampat (ilmpat). A fourth, a quarter. 
Similar fractions are formed with the 
other cardinal numbers. 

Sapartauak (tanak). The time that the 
rice-pot takes to boil. 

Saparti(J). Like, resembling ; like, equal 
to ; as to, with respect, concerning, re- 
lating to ; as, as if ; according to ; v. 
Sapurti, Saparti, and Sapurti. 

Saparti-mana (mana). Like unto, alike, 
resembling; according to; accordingl j»^ ; 
V. Sapurtimana. 

Sapartiua. Likeness, resemblance, simi- 
litude ; suitableness, fitness ; v. Sapur- 

Sapi (j). Kine, oxen ; Bos taurus. The 
Malays apply the word to the wild 
cattle, and the Javanese to the do- 

Sapi-karbau. Kine, horned cattle, — that 
is, oxen and bvifialoes. 

Sapi-limbu. Kine, horned cattle of all 
ages and both sexes. 

Sapih (jav). To pai-t, to separate; to 
wean, to put from the breast. 

Sapinampang. Circumference, periphery, 
as of a city wall. 

Sapri-pri (pri). Alike, agreeing. 

Saptaprabala (s). Name of the kingdom 
of Gardapati, one of the Kurawa, in 
the Mahabarat. 


[ 162 ] 


Sapu. To sweep, to clean with a besom ; 
to wipe ; to brush ; to rub, to scour ; 
to stroke, to rub geutly with the hand ; 
to smear, to besmear; a broom, a 
besom ; a brush. 

Sapu (JAV). To whip, to scourge, to flog, 
to hish. 

Sapu-tangan. A handkerchief; literally, 

Sapuluh (puluh). Ten ; literally, " one 

Sapupu (pupu). Of one blood, of the 
same kindred ; cousins. 

Sapupiian. Kindi-ed, filiation, consan- 
guinity; cousinship. 

Sapurti, v. Saparti, Siip^rti, and Sdpurti. 

Sapurtimana, v. Sapili-timana. 

Sapurtina, v. Sapartifia. 

Saputangan (jav). A name of Hanuman. 

Sapuwas (puwas). Repletion, satiety ; 

Sapuwi-sapuwi. Blowing gently, blow- 
ing softly ; V. Sapuwi-sapuwi. 

SaZ;adar (A^adar). Only, merely. 

Sara. Provision, food, provender, vic- 
tuals ; sustenance, maintenance, sup- 
ply of necessaries ; rations, allowance 
of victuals ; allowance of money ; al- 
lowance of tonnage made by custom to 
the crew of a vessel ; to issue an allow- 
ance of food or money. 

Sara (jav). Sharp-pointed. 

Sariii (sara). To distribute an allowance 
of food or money. 

Saragani (j. sara, "sharp-pointed," and 
8. gclni, "fire"). Fire-arms; a soldier 
that wields fire-arms ; an artilleryman. 

Sarak. To part, to separate; to be di- 
vorced, to be repudiated; to be weaned, 
to be put from the breast ; separation ; 
divorce, repudiation ; weaning. 

Sarak -idup. Divorce by the act of the 

Sarak-mati. Divorce by death. 

Sarakkan. To separate, to part; to di- 
vorce, to repudiate ; to wean. 

Sarakah (jav). A potter, a manufacturer 
of earthenware. 

Sarakit (j. rakit). A pair, a couple ; a 
match, fellows. 

Sarampang (bat). To throw a stick at 
an object with a view to hit it. 

Sarang. A nest, nidiis. 

Sarang-burung. A bird's nest ; the escu- 
lent nest of the swallow. 

Sarang-lawa-lawa. A sjjider's web, a cob- 

Sarang-madu. A bee-hive ; a honeycomb. 

Sarapuh (rapuh). A crumb ; a small bit. 

Saras (jav). Convalescent, recovered 
from sickness; healed, cured; hale, 
sound, sane. 

Sarasa (rasa). Like, resembling. 

Sarasiljya (jav). The lotus flower, A^e/itm- 
hiiun speciosum ; v. Padma and Tarati. 

Sarat (j). Loaded, laden, full. 

Saratan. A load ; a cargo. 

Saratkan. To load, to lade ; to fill. 

Saratus (ratus). One hundred. 

Sarawak. Name of a district on the 
north-western side of Borneo, remark- 
able for its abundant mines of anti- 
mony, and of which the sovereignty is 
at present vested in an English gen- 
tleman. Sir James Bi-ooke. 

Saraya (j. sarya). Whilst, at the same 
time that. 

Sarayang-saroyang (bat). Staggering, 

Sarang ( j) . Together, in company , j ointly, 

Sare. Middle, midst. 

Sare (jav). To sleep ; asleep ; sleep. 

Sarek. Hoarse. 

Sari (jav). A flower ; a woman. 

Saribas. Name of a wild tribe on the 
north-western side of Borneo. 

Saribu (ribu). One thousand. 

Saribu. Name of a palm, Saribus ro- 

Saring (j. to filter). To drag for fish 
with a net. 

Sarira (s). The body, the person. 

Saroja (s). The lotus flower, Nelumhmm 
sjKciosum ; the betel-box of a man of 
rank; v. Saroja. 

Sarondong. To butt, to strike with the 

Sarpa (s). A snake. 

Sarpakdnaka (s). Name of a sister of 
Rawana, in the Ramayana. 

Sarsar. Crazy, crack-brained. 

Sarta (s). With, along with, together ; 
and ; whilst, at the same time ; v. Sarta. 

Sartakau. To put together ; to join, to 

Sarunai (j). Name of a musical wind 

Sarunai-gunung. Name of a plant, Wol- 
lastonia (jluhrata. 

Sarunai -liiut. Name of a plant, Wollas- 
tonia aspemma. 

Saruni (ben). To fence, to play with 

Sarung (j). A case, a covering, a sheath ; 
a scabbard ; an envelope, a wrapper ; 
the body cloths or main part of dress, 
consisting of a single piece of cloth 
wrapped round the lower part of the 

Sarung-ampAdu. The gall-bladder. 

Sarung- ban tal. A pillow-case. 

Sarung-jari. A thimble. 

Sarung-kaki. Stockings, hose. 

Sarung-kris. A kris scabbard. 

Sarung-pild-ang. A sword scabbard. 


[ 163 ] 


Sarung-surat. The bag or envelope in 

which a letter is enclosed. 
Sarungan. A case, a covering, a sheath. 
Sarungkan. To sheath, to envelope. 
Sarujia (rupa). Like, resembling ; like, 

equal ; alike, similar ; same, identical ; 

seemingly, in appearance. 
Sarupafia. Similarity; of all sorts, of 

every kind ; all tho whole. 
Saruwah (niwah). A call's distance, the 

distance at which the voice is heard. 
Sarwa (s). All; *. Sarwa and SAru. 
Sarwa (s). Together, conjunctly. 
Sasa (s). Strength ; strong, iirm. 
Sasah. To scourge, to whip. 
Sasakan (sasa). To strengthen. 
Sasiiat (a. siiot). A moment, a twinkling. 
Sasak. A hurdle, a wattle ; the portion 

of a fence between the upright posts. 
Sasak (jav). A raft ; a temporary bridge 

of bamboo. 
Sasak (j). A name of the island of 

Sasiiordng (orjlng). Every one, every 

person, each person; any one, any 

Sasar (j). To stray, to lose the way, to 

be bewildered ; bewildered, puzzled, 

embarrassed, perplexed. 
Sasawi (t). Mustard; v. Sttsa\vi. 
Sasi (s). The moon ; a month ; date, 

Sasiyaugan (siyang). By day, in the day- 
Sasisih (jav. sisih). One side ; one half 
Sasmika (jav). Prediction, foretelling. 
Sastra (s). A letter of the alphabet ; 

written characters. 
Sastra wan (s). An astrologer, a sooth- 
Sasudahiia (sudah). Finally, lastly. 
Sasungguh (sungguh). Really, truly. 
Sasungguhiia. The truth ; verily, in 

truth, of a truth. 
Sasuwatu (suwatu). Some, something; 

any, some ; more or less ; every, each. 
Satakurawa (s). The hundred Kurawa, 

in the Mahabarat. 
Sataug (j). A pole for pushing a boat or 

raft along in shallow water. 
Satangga (tangga, "a stair"). Belonging 

to the same house, living under the 

same roof; of the same family. 
Satau (tau). Knowledge, privity. 
Satalah (talah). When, at the time that ; 

as soon as ; after, in succeeding time. 
Satalah-sudah. Then, after; literally, 

" when done." 
Satangah (tangah). One half; some, 

more or less ; a portion, a part. 
Satangahkan. To halve. 
Satar. A line of writing; the score 

marked for writing a line. 

:; like, 
by any 

Satara (tara). Like, 

equal ; at all, in any manner, 

Sitiyap (tiyap). Each, every one. 

Sato (jav). a wild beast ; a wild quad- 
ruped ; V. Satwa. 

Satravvan (s). An astrologer, a sooth- 
sayer ; a magician ; a horoscope ; v. 

Satriya (s). Princes, descendants of 
kings ; military chiefs ; soldiers, war- 

Satru (s). An enemy, a foe ; an adver- 
sary, an opponent, an antagonist ; a 
rival, a competitor. 

Satruau. Enmity, hostility; rivalship. 

Satu. One ; a or an ; v. Suwatu. 

Satu-sabagai (bagai). One and the same, 

Satubuh (tubuh). To copulate, to come 
together as different sexes. 

Saturun-turun (turun). Descendants, 
posterity; lineage. 

Saturunan. Lineage, generation ; pro- 
geny, I'ace. 

Satwa (j). A wild beast, a wild quad- 
ruped ; V. Sato. 

Satya (s). True, sincere ; faithful, trusty; 
sincerity ; fidelity, loyalty. 

Satyaki (s). The king of Lesanpura, and 
brother-in-law of Krishna, in the Ma- 

Satyawan (s). Faithful, loyal, trusty. 

Satyawati (s). The wife of Salya, in the 

Sau (ben). To shut, to close ; a cover. 

Saudara (s). Brother or sister ; a friend ; 
V. Sudara. 

Saudara-barsaudara. Brother with bro- 
ther ; in a brotherly or friendly way. 

Siiulu. The Suloo islands east of Borneo. 

Siiupama (upama). Like, as if. 

Saut (j. saur). To answer, to reply, to 
return an answer, to respond ; to re- 
turn, to make answer ; answer, reply, 

Siiut-sautan. Responsive, answering over 
and over. 

Siiuti. To reply to, to answer to; to 
make a return ; to retaliate. 

Sawah (j). Irrigated land, land that is 
regularly laid out as water-field, dis- 
tinguished from dry-field, or arable 
land that cannot be flooded. 

Sawai. Name of a bird. 

Sawan (j). Convulsions, fits, spasms; 
the convulsions of infancy. 

Sawan-babi (j). Epilepsy, falling sick- 
ness ; literally, " swine fits." 

Sawan-bangkai. Apoplexy ; literally, 
" dead body fits." 

Sawan-gila. Paroxysms of insanity ; lite- 
rally, " mad fits." 




Sawau (JAV). Soot. 

Sawaiig (ben). T)ie shoal water near the 
coast distinguished from the deep or 
blue sea. 

Sawara (s). Sound, noise ; report, reper- 
crission ; voice ; note, tune ; v. Swara 
and Suwara. 

Sawarang (warang). A partner, an asso- 

Sawarga (s). Heaven, the abode of gods 
and spirits ; the abode of the blessed ; 
V. Surga, Swarga, and Suwarga. 

Sawat. To sling or throw something 
loosely over the bodj-. 

Sawat (bat). A rope or halter for lead- 
ing animals. 

Sawat (bat). To appear small to the 
eye from a distance. 

Sawi (t). Mustard ; v. Sasawi. 

Sawiji (s. wiji). One, one only; lite- 
rally, " one corn or seed." 

Sawindu (windu). A cycle of eight 

Sawu. The island of Savu, near Timur. 

Sawuh. An anchoi*. 

Saya. A slave ; personal pronoun of the 
first person. 

Sayang. Pity, compassion, commisera- 
tion; love, affectionate regard; anxiety, 
solicitude ; compassionate ; anxious, 
solicitous ; pity, alas ! wo is ! 

Sayangkfln. To pity, to compassionate, 
to commiserate ; to love. 

Sayangiia. Beseechingly, imploringly. 

Sayakti (jav. yakti). Truly, verily. 

Saydp. The wing of a bird or insect. 

Saying. To sail in company, to sail in a 
fleet ; to travel in any way in company; 
V. Siiing. 

Sayir. To say, to speak. 

Sayirkan. To tell, to relate. 

Sayit. To slice, to slice off. 

Sayogyaua (s. yogya). Becomingly, fit- 
tingly, decently ; it behoveth, it is 

Say oj ana (s. yojana). The distance that 
the eye can see ; the eye's reach. 

Sayu. Sorrowful, sad, gi'ieving. 

Sayub, or Sayup. Distant as to sight or 
hearing; barely visible; barely audible; 
indistinctly seen or heard ; tardy, late, 
long delayed ; cast down, dejected. 

Sayur. Greens, pot-herbs, esculent vege- 

Sababar. Name of the island called in 

the maps Timur-laut. 
Sabak. Full, overflowing. 
Sdbal. Chagrin, vexation ; vexed, trou 

bled, afflicted. 
Sabar (j). To strew, to scatter. 
SaV)awa. Handsome, beautiful. 
Sabaya. Name of a mountain in the in 

terior of Sumatra. 

Sabab (a). Cause, reason, motive ; be- 
cause, on this account, for. 

Sabab-apa. Why, wherefore. 

Sabab-ini. For this reason, on this 

Sabab-itu. Therefore, for that, for that 

Sabak (j. kabak). Full, replete. 

Sabam. Soiled, sullied, stained ; having 
a pensive and sorrowful look. 

Sabda (s). To speak, to say ; to order, 
to direct, to command ; order, com- 
mand, mandate, commandment; de- 

Sabeh. Name of a plant, Canna pulchra. 

Sabat. A sickle. 

Sabhau (a). Worthy of praises. 

Sabil (a). Way, road, path; mode, 

Sabtii (a). The seventh day of the Jewish 
and Mahomedan week, Saturday ; the 

Sabut (j). To call, to name, to deno- 
minate ; to mention ; to invoke, to call 
upon ; to affirm, to declare. 

Sacliang (jav). Sappan wood, Ccesalpinia 
sappan ; v. Sapang. 

Sadak. Titillation in the throat. 

Sadal (bat). Sharp, sour, acid. 

Sadar. To recollect, to call to mind ; to 
be conscious ; to become conscious, to 
come to one's senses ; to revive ; con- 
scious, self-possessed. 

Sadarkan. To make conscious, to call to 
mind ; to inform. 

Sadayu (jav). Name of a district in the 
eastern part of Java. 

Sadarana (s). Moderate, temperate, not 
excessive, of middle quality. 

Sadasada (bat). Near, close at hand ; 
nearly, almost, 

Sadikit. A little, not much ; a few, not 

Sadingin. Name of a plant. Cotyledon la- 

Siidiya. Former, past ; original, pristine ; 
ancient, old, not modern ; long, for a 
long time ; real, true, genuine, not 
fictitious ; ready, prejjared. 

Sadiyakala (s). Former times, olden 
times, yore ; olden ; long established, 
customary; always, continually, con- 

Sadu. To hiccup ; hiccup ; to sob. 

Sildu (bat). To steep or infuse in warm 

Sadang (j). Whilst, during the time 
that; whilst, at the same time that; 
then, that time; since, seeing that; 
middling, of middle quality ; fitting, 
suitable ; ripe, mellow, in season. 

Sadangkan. Wliile, at the same time that ; 
even, as well ; since, because that. 


[ 165 ] 


Sad-anglagi. Yet, still ; while, as long 
as ; whilst, while j'et. 

S^dvap (j). Pleasant, gi-ateful, agree- 
able ; pleasing, of agi-eeable manners ; 
pleased, gratified, delighted. 

Sad'apau. Delicacies, dainties, things 
that give pleasure. 

Sdd'ap-ati. Pleasure; content, satisfac- 

Sad'apkan. To please, to gratify ; to con- 
tent, to satisfy. 

Sad'eh. Irritated, provoked. 

Sdd'ih (j). Sad, sorrowful, grieved ; grief, 
sadness, sorrow. 

Sad'ut. Estrangement, alienation of afifec- 

Sad'ut (j). To smoke, to inhale smoke. 

Saga. Name of the common rattan of 
commerce, Calamus viminalis. 

Sagala (s). Each one; every one; all, 
the whole ; v. Sagala. 

Sagantung. Name of a mountain in the 
territory of Malacca ; v. Sagantung. 

S4gara (s). The sea, the ocean ; v. Sa- 

Sagara-kidul (s and j). The southern 
ocean, the sea south of Java. 

Sagaran (sagara). A reservoir ; an arti- 
ficial lake. 

S3,g4n. Lazy, slothful. 

Sagar (j). Fresh, new, not stale, not faded 
or vapid ; refreshed ; refreshing. 

Saguk (bat). To sob ; v. Sad'u. 

Sftjarah (jav). A chronicle, a history, 
annals ; a book, a writing. 

Sajat. To dry by wiping up or shaking 
out moisture. 

Sajati (j. jati, "true"). Truly, veritably, 

Saja (a). Rhyme ; metre ; poetry. 

Sajehtra. Security, safety ; peace, rest, 
quiet; peaceable, not turbulent; per- 
fect, free from defect. 

Sajud (a). Adoring; act of adoration by 
prostration to tlie ground ; to bow, to 
bend the body in token of respect. 

Sajuk. Cold, not hot ; cold, chill ; cool ; 
cooling, refreshing ; contented ; cold, 
coldness ; chill, chilliness ; cool, re- 
freshing ; coldly, without ardour. 

Sajukkfln. To cool, to make cold; to 
content, to make contented. 

Sajuk-ati. Content, contentment ; good- 

Sajukkan-ati. To content, to please, to 

Sakadau. Name of a Malay state on the 
south-western side of Borneo. 

Sakal. Name of a dry measure, two of 
which make a chupah (chupak), and 
equal, at Peuang, to three cubic inches 

Sakam. Husks; chaff; bran. 

Sakana. Name of an island at the eastern 
end of the straits of Malacca. 

Sakar (jav). A flower; metre, verse; 
a metrical measure ; poetry. 

Sakar-taji (jav). Name of the wife of 
Panji Inakarta-pati, king of Janggalala, 
in Java ; literally, " the flower with 

Sakarang. Now, at present; present, 
not past or future. 

Sakarang-ini. Just now. 

Sakarang-itu. Just then. 

Sakat. A bar ; a barrier, a barricade ; 
the bar or bank causing an obstruction 
at the mouth of a river ; an obstruction, 
an obstacle. 

Sakatkan. To bar, to barricade ; to ob- 

Sakati. Name of a bird. 

Sakati (j). Name of a musical insti'u- 
ment, a kind of staccata. 

Sakarat (a). Agony ; fainting. 

Sakinat (a). Repose, ease of mind. 

Sakot. Charms or forms of incantation 
used by thieves. 

Saksi (s). a witness, an evidence; v. 
Saksi and S'^ksi. 

Saksian. Evidence, testimony, proof. 

Siikti (s). Powerful, mighty, potent; 
supernaturally gifted; potent fi'om 
charms ; power, might ; supernatural 
power ; enchantment. 

Saktian. I'ower, might ; supernatural 
power, superhuman skill. 

Sakarlat (a). Woollen cloth; purpet. 

SaA-sama (a). Investigation, diligent en- 

SJlla (j). Interval, space unoccupied. 

Salada (for). A salad. 

Saladang. Name of an undescribed kind 
of wild cattle of the forests of the 
Malay peninsula. 

Salaka (Jav). Silver. 

Salam (j. silam). To immerge, to plunge ; 
to dive. 

Salam (a). Peace; salutation, salute. 

Salamat (a). Peace ; safety. 

Salamat-jalan. Compliments of the jour- 
ney, a happy journey. 

Salamat-pulang. A happy return. 

Salamat-tinggal. A happy parting, a 

Salampai. To wear a piece of dress 
loosely over the neck and shoul- 

Sillampuri (s). Name of a kind of Indian 
cotton fabric. 

Salandap. Name of a liliaceous i^laut. 
Or ilium asiaticum ; v. Bakung. 

Salantcng (j). Name of a supposed spe- 
cies of wild cattle. 

Salaug. Interval, space between ; within, 
not later than ; between, betwixt, in 


[ 166 


the iutermediate space ; interstice : al- 
ternate ; alternately ; a bay, a bight. 

Salangkan. To place at intervals. 

Salang-salang. Alternately, by turns. 

Salanggnr. Salangore, a state on the 
western side of the Malay peninsula. 

Salangin. Name of an esculent fish. 

Salangkar. To rummage, to search 
among a heap of things. 

Salang-sali. Name of a mvisical mea- 

Salang-saling (j). Alternate; motley, 

Salap. Insensible, in a state of insensi- 

Salapan (sdn). Nine ; v. Salapan. 

Sfilaput. An animal enveloping mem- 
brane, as the pei-icardium ; the cicatrix 
of a healing wound. 

Salara. To bi-and, to mark with a hot 
iron ; a brand. 

Salasi (s). Sweet basil, Ocymum lasili- 
cum ; V. Sulasi. 

Sdlat. A strait, a frith, a narrow sea. 

Salatan. The south ; south, southern. 

Salatan-daya. South-south-west. 

Salatan-tanggara. South-south-east. 

Salayut. A scare-ci-ow; a contrivance 
for frightening birds. 

Salampang. Timid, timorous, fearful. 

Salampiku. Name of a bird. 

Salap. To insert, to stick in, to interpose ; 
V. Salat. 

Salapa. A tobacco-box, generally me- 
tallic ; V. Chalapa. 

SS,lasai. To .settle, to adjust, to arrange, 
to put in order ; to decide, to bring to 
a conclusion. 

Salasima. An obsti-uction of some of 
the secretions of the body. 

Salat, V. Saldp. 

Salend'ang (j). A scarf, a sash ; a veil ; 
V. Salindang. 

Saligi (j). A wooden dart or javelin ; v. 

Salimat (ben). A cold, a rheum. 

Salimbada. Name of an insect. 

Salimbar. Name of a large parasitic 

Salimpai. A scarf; v. Salimpai. 

Salimpaikan. To cover the shoulders 
with a scarf. 

Salimpat. To turn off, to turn aside, to 
turn out of the way. 

Salimut. A coverlet, a bed-cover. 

Salindung (lindung). Sheltered, shaded ; 
sheltered, protected. 

Salind'ang (j). A scarf, a veil ; v. Salen- 

Salind'it (j). Name of a small species of 
parrot ; Psittacus galgulus. 

Salir (jay). To choose, to select; a 
concubine, or iis the Javanese dictio- 

nary explains the word, " a lower or 
subordinate wife." 

Siiliran. An ornamental border. 

Sillisih (j). To differ, to varj^, to disagree; 
difiering, disagreeing. 

Salisih. To pass by another on the 

Salisik (bat). To hunt the head for 

Salit. To insert, to stick in, to inter- 
pose ; V. Salap and Salat. 

Saliyung. At once. 

Saloka (s). A stanza, a verse ; a saying, 
a proverb ; a saw, an axiom, an adage ; 
a trope, a figure. 

Salokan (bat). A canal, a water-course, 
probably a corruption of Sarokan. 

Salongkar (j. blokar). To institute an 
enquiry, to make a scrutiny, as for 
stolen goods. 

Salomprak (jav). Name of a kind of 

Salompret (jav). A trumpet. 

Salsalah (a). A chain, a series ; succes- 
sion, pedigree, genealogy. 

Sfllsjlmah. A cold, a rheum, a catarrh. 

Salubung. Hooded, having the head 

Saluk. To grope, to fumble in a hole 
with the hand, to poke. 

Salukong. A kind of long shield or 

Sillumu. The cast-off skin or slough of 
a snake. 

Salur (jav). To proceed in a continuous 
or unbroken line. 

Saluran (j. salur). A gutter, a water- 
course, a canal, a brook, a streamlet ; 
V. Suluran. 

Salusuh. A remedy to promote parturi- 

Salut (j). To coat or cover over, to 
oyerlay with some material different 
from the substratum. 

Sdluwar (a). Drawers; trousers, panta- 
loons ; V. Saluwar and Saliuvar. 

Sdmai. A seed-bed, a nursery ; v. Simai. 

Samaja. Only, simply, merely ; even, 
although, notwithstanding; assuredly, 
certainly, indubitably. 

Samaja. Name of an island in the China 
sea towards the straits of Malacca. 

Samak. Underwood, coppice, brush- 
wood ; foul from brushwood, over-run 
with coppice. 

Sflmantara (s). Meanwhile ; while, whilst, 
during; v. Samantara. 

Samantra. The island of Sumatra; v. 
Sumatra and Sumantra. 

Samang. A name given by the Malays 
to a diminutive race of negroes, in- 
habiting some of the mountains of the 
Malay peninsula. 


[ 167 ] 

sAm— sAm 

Sflmaugat. Ghost, manes, spirit ; soul ; 
high spirits ; health ; v. Sumangat. 

Samangatkfln. To affright, to terrify. 

Sdmangka (j). The water-melon, C'Urullus 

S3,mar (s). A name of Bima, in the 
Mahabarat ; v. Samar. 

Samarang (jav). The town and province 
of Samarang, in Java. 

Samayam. To sit in state as a king. 

Sdmdna-mana (ben). Without cause, 

S^m§,nda (ke). A mode of marriage 
when the parties are of equal rank. 

Sdmandera. The bowsprit of a ship. 

Sdmarbak. To give out a sweet scent ; 

Sdmbada (jav). Becoming, decent, 

Sambadra (s). The wife of Arjuna and 
sister of Krishna. 

Simbah (j). An obeisance ; a reverence; 
homage ; respectful declaration, re- 
presentation submitted ; adoration, de- 
votion ; to make an obeisance, to bow ; 
to adore, to worship. 

Simbah-maiiambah. To make reciprocal 
obeisances, to give mutual compli- 

Sdmbahyang (j). Prayer ; worship ; to 
pray, to worship. Sfimbah, in its 
sense of adoration or devotion, and 
yang or ywang, "a god," in Java- 
nese, may be the derivation of this 

SAmbangan. Name of a bird. 

S4mbar&p. Ready, made up, prepared 
for use ; complete ; a made up dress, 
or suit of clothes. 

Sambarit. A tray with feet ; v. Sim- 

S4mbalih (j). To sacrifice ; to slaughter 
an animal with religious forms. 

Silmbaiihan. A victim ; a sacrifice. 

Sambilan. Nine ; v. Sambilan. 

Sambilan-blas. Nineteen. 

Sambilan-puluh. Ninety. 

S4mbilan-i-atus. Nine hundred. 

Sambilan-ribu. Nine thousand. 

Sambilu. A cutting instrument made 
of bamboo. 

Samboja (j). Name of a tree, Plumiera 

Sambrama (jav). Joke, jest, drollery ; 
to joke, to jest ; sportive, wanton. 

Sambrana (jav). Heedless, inattentive, 

Sambrani. An imaginary race of horses, 
horses of a pure breed. 

Sambubur. Name of a fish. 

Sambuh. Cured, healed, well, whole. 

S^mbung. The stroke of a cock in 

Sambung. Name of a plant, Pluchca 

Sdmbuiii. Hidden, concealed, secret; 
mysterious ; stealthy, clandestine. 

Sambuiiikan. To hide, to conceal, to 

Sambur (j). To gush, to sj)0ut; to 
shoot, to emit. 

Samburan. The object shot or emitted ; 
small shot. 

Samburna. Gold-coloured. 

Sambut (j). To take, to lay hold of; to 
take, to receive ; to receive ceremo- 
niously ; V. Sambut. 

Sambutan. The act of receiving; the 
thing received ; customs on imports ; 
V. Sambutan. 

Sambuyan. An alarum, a tocsin. 

Samedi (jav). Adoration, worship ; God, 
the Deity. 

Samigit (jav). A corruption of sa, " a " 
or " one," and masjid, " a mosque." 

Sampai (j. sampir). To hang up, to 
hang out. 

Sampai. A stopper, a stopple, a plug; 
to stop, to close up, to plug, to bung. 

Sampalkdn. To stop up, to plug, to cork. 

Sampana (j. sampona). Some fanciful 
but prized quality in a kris. 

Sampat. To be able, to be equal or 
competent to. 

Sdrnpat. Opportunity, fit time. 

Sampana. A blessing, a benediction ; to 

Sampar. Plague, i^estilence. 

Samparna, v. Sampurna and Sflmpurna. 

Samparong (bat), v. Sdmprong. 

Sampit (j). A back-stroke with the hand 
or with a weapon. 

Samprong (jav). An artificer's blow- 
pipe ; a bamboo tube used as a bellows 
for kindling a fire. 

Sampur. Name of a plant, Colbertia 

Sampur-aydr. Names of two plants, 
Dillenia macrophylla and Dillenia spe- 

Sampurna (s). Perfect, complete; fault- 
less; consummate, finished; v. Sam- 
purna and Samparna. 

Sampurniian. Perfection ; completion ; 
fulfilment ; consummation. 

Silmpurnakan. To complete, to perfect. 

Samsam. A name given by the Malays to 
the mixed race between Malays and 
Siamese, and also to parties who have 
adopted the language, manners, and 
dress, although uot thereligion of the 
opposite party ; v. Samsam. 

Samu (j. seeming, appearing ; secret, 
enigmatical). Guile, fraud, deceit ; 
artifice, trick, machination. 

S4mu (jAv). Countenance, pliysiognomy, 


[ 168 ] 


expression of face. The definition 
given in tlie native Javanese dictionary 
is, " the heai-t or mind coming out in 
tlie face." 

Samukau (samu). To beguile, to betray. 

Samu-asam (jav). A morose or sour 

Samu-mauis (jav). A mild or gentle 

S&mudra (s). The sea, the ocean ; v. 

Samut (j). An ant, a pismire. 

Samut-putih (j). The white ant, Tennes ; 
V. Rayap. 

Samuwa (s). All ; v. Samuwa. 

Samuwaiia. The whole, all of it. 

Sanaja (jav). Though, although, not- 
withstanding, nevertheless. 

Sanajan (jav), v. Sdnaja. 

Sanam. Gymnastic exercises. 

Sanam. Verdigris ; verdigris green. 

Sanangiu-basar. Name of an esculent 

Sanangin-padi. Name of an esculent 

Sdnapang (du. snappaan). A musket, a 

Sanawi. One of the crew of a vessel. 

Sanah (a). A year ; v. Sauat. 

Sdnak (j). A pain in the pit of the 
stomach, cramp in the stomach. 

Sauantiyasa (s). Ever, always ; for ever, 
perpetually ; continually ; v. Sauan- 

Sdnang (j). Quiet, still, free from dis- 
turbance ; quiet, tranquil, peaceful ; 
easy, facile ; repose, rest, quiet ; peace; 

Sdnangan. Quiet, rest, repose ; tran- 
quillity; peace. 

Sdnangkan. To quiet, to tranquillise ; 
to pacify. 

Sdnang-ati. Peace of mind; content- 

Sauat (a), a year ; v. Sanah. 

Sanda. To joke, to jest; to dally, to 
fondle, to frolic ; frolic ; sport. 

Sdndal. To shore, to prop. 

Sandaran. A pledge, a pawn. 

Sandawa (j). Saltpetre, nitre ; in Javanese, 
also gunpowder. 

Sander. To mock, to jeer, to flout. 

Sanderan. Mockery, jeer, ridicule. 

Sdndi (s). Joint, articulation. 

Sandikiln. To form with joints, to joint ; 
to articulate. 

Sandung. A stake to tie cattle to ; fut- 
tock timbers in ship-building. 

Sandus (p). Brocade, silk wrought with 
gold or silver. 

SandAl (j). To snatch, to pull hastily. 

Sandiri. Self; own ; v. Diri. 
Sdnd'irina. Alone, by oncsulf ; }>y itself. 

Sdnd-uk (j. send'ok). A spoon, a ladle ; 

a shovel ; v. Suduk. 
Sandning (bat). To trip, to stumble. 
Sani. Small, minute, diminutive, little. 
Sanin (a). Monday. A corruption of 

Sanjata (j). Arms, weapons ; v. Sanjata. 
Santagi (ben). A halter; a strap ; a lace. 
Santak (bat). To rebuke or upbraid by 

word of mouth. 
Sdntana (s). Family, i-ace, relationship ; 

V. Santana. 
Santanu (s). The father of Bisma, in the 

Santanuputra (s). The son of Santanu, 

a name of Bisma. 
Santiyasa (s), v. Sandntiyasa. 
Sdntosa (s). Rest, repose, tranquillity ; 

tranquil, quiet, still, peaceful ; v. San- 

Santuh. To touch, to come in contact 

with ; to stumble against, to strike 

against by chance. 
Santuhan. Contact ; stumbling. 
Silntuhkan. To hit against. 
Sdntuki (s). Name of a personage of the 

Mahabai-at, brother-in-law of Krishna. 
Santul (j). Name of a fruit tree, Sando- 

ricum indicum. 
Sdntung. A kind of pen or inclosure. 
Sanunoh. Modest, bashful ; decent, 

temperate ; reasonable. 
Sangab. Silent, still ; silence ; stillness ; 

V. Sauap. 
Sangaja. Purposely, designedly, inten- 
tionally ; purpose, design ; to jiurpose, 

to design ; v. Sangaja. 
Sangaugin. Name of a fish ; v. Sdnangin. 
Sangat. The sting of an insect or reptile ; 

to sting. 
Sangawadi (sun). A stirrup ; v. Sanga- 

Sanggal. Name of a specific disease in 

the limbs. 
Sangguk. To nod drowsily. 
Sanggiit (j). To twitch, to snatch; v. 

Sail oh. 
Sangka (s). To think, to opine, to ima- 
gine, to fancy, to conceive ; opinion, 

notion, judgment ; v. Sangka. 
Sdngkakan. To suppose, to imagine, to 

conceive ; to believe as true. 
Sdngkala (kala). Era, epoch; date; v. 

Sakala and Sangkala. 
Sdngkala (s). Fetters, shackles, especially 

the shackles of an elephant. 
Sdngkdlap. To purloin, to pilfer. 
Sdngkdr (j). To cage ; to confine, to im- 
prison ; a cage. 
Sdngkdran (j). A cage ; a coop ; a pen. 
Sdngkil. Having the teeth on edge. 
Sangkling. Convolved, twisted on one 





SAngkuni (s). Name of a personage of 
the Mahabarat, maternal uncle of Su- 

Sangsai (ben). Beside oneself, or losing 
control of oneself from some strong 
emotion of joy, terror, or surpi-ise. 

Sangsara (s). Trouble, affliction ; v. Sang- 

SaiJa (ben). Verily, in truth, of a truth ; 
an abbreviation and corruption of Sa- 

Saiiampang. Happily, luckily, fortu- 
nately; opportunely. 

Sanap. Still, quiet, silent, noiseless; v. 

Safioh. To snatch, to twitch ; v. Sangut. 

Saiiuh, v. Sauoh. 

Saiium. To smile ; a smile. 

Sapah. Refuse of the betel mixtui'e after 

Sapah-bulan. The slow-worm. 

Sapah-ijutri. Name of a small bird. 

Sapah-raja. A name of the bird of Para- 

Sapanul (eu). Sjjain ; Spanish. 

Sapaug (j. sachang). Sappan wood, Cces- 
alpinia sajipan. 

Sdpapu. Name of a place on the western 
coast of Borneo. 

Sapat. Name of a fish. 

Saparti (j), v. Saparti, Sapurti, and Sa- 

Sapai-timana, v. Sapurtimana. 

Sapai-tiria, v. Sapartiiia. 

Sdpat (j). Bitter — astringent. 

Sapit (j. supit). Nippers, pincers, forceps ; 
tongs ; the claw of a crab. 

Sapitkan. To nip with forceps ; to hold 
with nippers or tongs. 

Sapok-sapok. Softly, gently, mildly. 

Sapuh. To temper metals. 

Sapuh (JAV). Old, aged. 

Sapurti (j), v. Saparti, Sapurti, and Sa- 

SApurtimana, v. SipArtimana. 

Sapurtiua, v. Sapartiiia. 

Sdpuwi-sapuwi. Blowing softly, blowing 
gently ; v. Sapuwi-sapuwi. 

Sar (p). Wish, longing, desire ; v. Sir. 

Sarab. To sponge, to sorn, to live at 
another's cost; anything got without 
toil or expense. 

Saraga. A sofa cushion. 

Sarah (j. srali). To yield, to submit, to 
give in, to surrender ; surrender, sub- 
mission, yielding ; v. Srah. 

Sarap (bat)). Red. 

Sarahi. A flask, a flagon. 

Sarahkan (sarah). To yield up, to render, 
to give up ; to surrender, to deliver up ; 
to resign ; to make over, to commit, 
to intrust, to give in charge or trust ; 
V. Srahkin. 

Sarai. To sip honey from a flower with 
a hum (the bee). It is more fiequently 
used with the verbal prefix, as M^- 

Sarai (p). A public building ; a palace. 

Sarak (j). Hoarse. 

Stlrak. Name of a species of fresh-water 

Sdrak. Name of a species of owl. 

Saram. Contraction of the skin from 
cold or fear, — goose-skin. 

Sarambi (j). A vestibule, a porch ; a hall, 
or front outer room ; the vestibule of 
a mosque used as a court of justice ; 
V. Srambi. 

Sfirampang (j). A hai-poon ; a fizgig ; v. 

Sarampang (bat). To throw a wooden 
javelin ; to pelt with a stick. The 
word is, probably, the same as the 

Sdrana (j. si'una). Enchantment, spells, 

Sarang (j). To assault, to attack, to 
charge, to fall upon ; to invade ; an 
assault, an attack. 

Sdrapa. A curse, an imprecation, a ma- 

Sarapah. To mutter, to mumble. 

Sarapih. To chip or tear off a bit ; a 
chip, a splinter ; chipped. 

Sarasah (p). Name of a kind of cotton 

Sarasan. Name of an island in the China 
sea, towards the straits of Malacca. 

Sarawat (bat). Giddy, dizzy. 

Sarampak. Confined for space, restrained 
for room ; v. Srampak. 

Sarandip (p). The island of Ceylon. 

Saranggara-wulan (jav). Name of a 
Hindu princess, daugliter of an Indian 
king called Mantra ^^'lsesa, queen of 
Dewa Kusuma, king of Jangala, in 
Java, and mother of Panji Inakarta-pati. 

Saranggani (jav). Name of a kind of 
musical instrument. 

Sarangi. Name of a flower. 

Sar^ngi (bat). Sad, sorrowful, grieving, 

Sftr^pa. Reasonable in price ; to prefer, 
to favour, to treat with partiality. 

Saraiau (a). The sign Cancer in the 

Sarba (s. sarwa). All, every ; various, 
manifold, of many kinds, miscellane- 
ous ; varieties, various sorts ; furniture, 

Sarba-nika. Varieties, various sorts, all 

Sdrba-salah. Peevish, irritable. 

Sarba-yaman. Name of an esculent fruit. 

Sarban (p). A turban; correctly, Sar- 




S&rbu. To rush ; a rush, a violent move- 
ment ; to charge, to fall upon. 

Sarbukan. To cause to rush ; to charge, 
to fall upon. 

Sarbuk (j. bubuk). Powder, dust ; pow- 
dered, pulverised. 

Sarbukkan. To bray, to powder, to pul- 
verise ; to comminute ; to bruise, to 
reduce to a pulp. 

Sardar (p). A chief, a leader, a com- 
mander, a captain. 

S4rdawa. To belch ; an eructation. 

Sardam. A kind of flute. 

Sardi. To cut or polish gems. 

S^rd-ang (j. sad-ang). Name of a palm ; 
name of a place on the eastern side of 

Sare. The incisor, or cutting teeth. 

Sarek. To entreat pardon for an offence, 
promising amendment ; v. Srek. 

Sargap (JAV). Active, diligent, indus- 

Sari. Drawn, equal, neither winning nor 

Saria/t (a). A girth, a surcingle ; a horse- 
cloth ; a coverlet. 

Striding. Name of a fish. 

Saridad-o (POR. soldado). A soldier ; v. 

Sarigala (s. the jackal). The Malay wild 

Sarikaya (j). The Asiatic custard apple, 
Anona asiatica. 

Sarindit (j). Name of a small species of 
parrot, Psiitacus galgulus ; v. Salind'it. 

Saring. To sip a flower humming (the 
bee) ; v. Sarai. 

saring. To braid, to twine. 

saring (j. asring). Often, frequently, 
oftentimes ; v. Sriug. 

Sariyawan (bat). Name of a disease, a 
kind of thrush. 

Sariyap. Name of a large species of 

Sangkab. A fish-spear ; a kind of trap 
or gin for beasts and fowl. 

Sarkub. To spring or rush upon; to 
charge, to make an assault. 

sarkub. To invert a vessel, to tuni it 
upside down. 

Sarlah. Bright, resplendeut. 

Sarlong. A slough, a muddy hole. 

SSrmad (a). Eternal, perpetual. 

Saroja (s). The lotus flower, Nelutnbiuin 

speciosum ; v. Saroja. 
Sarokan. A drain, a watercourse; a 

canal ; a brook, a streamlet. 
Sarond'ol (jav). Name of a district in 

the central part of Java. 
Sarpa (ben). To receive or welcome a 

guest at the door. 
Sarsah (j. rAsak). A weed, an useless 

Sarsar (p). Mad, foolish, silly. 

Sai-ta (s). With, along with; together; 
and ; whilst, at the same time ; v. Sarta. 

Sarta-daugan. Along with, at the same 

Sartakan. To put together, to join, to 
unite ; v. Sartakan. 

Saru (j). Loud, noisy ; to cry, to speak 
aloud ; to exclaim. 

saru (s), V. Sarwa and Sarwa. All ; this 
is the most frequent pronunciation. 

Sarukan (j. saru). To cry, to proclaim ; to 
call aloud to ; to summon by ciying ; 
to invoke, to call upon. 

Sarul. Loose, distinct, disintegi-ated ; 
not cohering, not agglutinated; inco- 

Sarumpu. Name of a kind of boat. 

Sarunai, v. Sarunai. 

Sarune, v. Saruni. 

Sarut (bat). A plane (the tool). 

Sarutkan. To plane, to smooth with a 

Saruwal (a). Drawers, trowsers. 

Sitrwu (a), a cypress. 

Sasak (j). Close, naiTow, not ynde ; con- 
fined for room, crowded; straitened, 
deprived of room ; straitened, distress- 
ed ; closeness, narrowness, straitness. 

Sasakkan. To straiten, to make narrow ; 
to cramp ; to crowd ; to distress, to in- 

Sasak-d'ad'a. Shortness of breath ; lite- 
rally, "straitness of chest." 

Sasal. To repent, to regret, to remem- 
ber with sorrow; repentance, I'egret, 

Sasar. A butt, a mark to shoot at, a 

Sasat. To stray, to wander, to rove, to 
roam ; to err, to go astray ; astray. 

Sasatkan. To lead astray, to mislead. 

Sasawi (t). Mustard; v. Sasawi. 

Sasagau. Name of a bird. 

Sasalanggan. The clavicle, the collar- 

Sasama. A cold, a rheum, a catarrh. 

Sastrawan (s). An astrologer, a sooth- 
sayer, a magician; v. Satrawan and 

Sasunan (jav). A title of the Javanese 
sovereign whose court and capital is 
Solo or Sui-akarta, in the province of 

Sati (a), a lady ; a matron. 

Satinggar (for. espingarda, " a fusil "). 
A matchlock ; v. Estingarda. 

Satisik (sun). To hunt the head for 

Satori (for. historia). Stoi-y, fiction, 

satrawan (s), 7>. Sastrawan, Satrawan, and 




Satya (s). Ti-ue, sincere ; faithful, trusty ; 

sincerity, fidelity, loyalty ; v. Satya. 
Sawantana (s). Name of a hero of the 
Mababarat, son of the Bramiu Dui-ua ; 
V. Swantana. 
Sayarat (a). The planets. 
Sayid (a). The title of the descendants 
and supposed descendants of Mahomed. 
Seksa (s). Punishment, chastisement; 

V. Siksa. 
Seksakan. To punish, to chastise. 
Sela (for. sella). A saddle. 
Sela (s). A stone ; a gem. 
Selan. The Malay name of Prince's 

island, in the straits of Sunda. 
Selan (poR). The island of Ceylon. 
Selaparang. A name sometimes given to 

the island of Lombok. 
Selaprawata (s). Name of a Javanese 
king in the polite language, being a 
Sanskrit translation of Watu-gunung, 
his name in the vulgar tongue, mean 
ing, " gem of the mountain." 
Sembor. To dash, to throw water in 

Sena (jav). A slave, a servant. 
Senapati (s). A general ; literally, " com- 
mander of the ai-my ; " a title taken by 
the principal sovereigns of Java. 
Senda. I, we, &c., (obsolete). 
Send-ok (jav). A spoon ; a ladle. 
Senta. The horizontal timbers in the 
hull of a boat which support the 
Sentak. To twitch, to snatch, to pull 

Sepak (bat). A gutter, a little ditch. 
Sepak (j). To kick ; a kick. 
Sepak-raga. The game of foot-ball ; the 
ball with which the game is played and 
which i.s made of wicker, as the last 
term of the compound imports. 
Sei-ah (ben). Red ; v. Merah. 
Seram (j). To sprinkle, to shed water; 
to water, to irrigate by hand labour; 
V. Su-am. 
Serang. The island of Ceram in the 

Molucca sea. 
Serat. The edge of the gums where they 
meet the teeth ; the skin where it 
meets the nails. 
Serat. To net, to make net-work. 
Seret, or Sered (j). To drag, to trail, to 
pull along the ground ; the flounce or 
lower edge of a garment. 
Sero (bu). Name of a Bugis state on the 

south-western limb of"Celebes. 
Serokan. A brook, a streamlet ; a head 

of water ; v. Sarokan. 
Seta (s). Name of a chief of the Pandus, 

in the Mahabarat. 
Setra (s). The custom of exposing the 
bodies of the dead iu the manner of | 

the Guebres, and occasionally of the 


Sewa (j). To hire ; to rent ; hire ; rent. 

Semakan. To rent, to let, to put to hire. 

Si (j). A particle inseparably prefixed 

to nouns, especially to names of 

persons, and denoting familiarity or 


Sianu (anu). Such a one. 

Siapa (apa). Who ? 

Siapa-siapa. Whoever, whatever person, 
any one, any person. 

Siapakac (apa). To question, to interro- 
gate, to ask after. 

Sibar (j. sabar). To shed, to scatter. 

Sibanasa (banasa). Mischief-maker, a 
word of abuse. 

Sibur. The segment of a coconut with a 
handle used as a ladle. 

Sichalaka (chalaka). Wretch, worthless 
person, miscreant. 

Sichandala (chandala). Foul person, 
immodest person, a word of abuse. 

Sida-sida. Pages of honour, officers in 
personal attendance on the king, con- 
sisting of the sons of noblemen. 

Sidai. To exsiccate without direct ex- 
posure to heat. 

Sidang. A noose, a snare, a gin. 

Sidangk^n. To snare, to catch in a 

Sidaya (jav). Name of a province in the 
eastern part of Java. 

Sidap-dap. A word of abuse. 

Sidik (j). To scmtinise, to examine 
closely ; to ransack. 

Sid-ang (j). An assembly, a congi-ega- 

Sifalluli (falluli). A meddler, a busy- 

Sigai. A long ladder, a scaling ladder. 

Sigar. To split, to rend. 

Sigen. A notched bamboo used as a 
ladder; the steps and man-ropes used 
for ascending a ship's side. 

Sigi. To point at with the finger, or 
touch another person with the finger 

Sigi. Name of a resinous tree ; a torch 
made from its wood. 

Sigi-a (s). Quickly, speedily ; haste, 
speed, quickness. 

Sigi-akan. To hasten, to urge on. 

Sigung. To elbow, to push with the 

Siji (jay). One; an abbreviation and 
conniption of sa-wiji, " one grain or 
Sika (ben). Here. 
Sikap. Ready, prepared. 
Sikapan (j). Name of a kmd of jerkin 
or tight coat; it is most probably 
taken from the last word. 


[ 1T2] 


Sikapkan. To make ready, to prepare. 
Sikat (j). A brush. 
Sikatkan. To bi-ush, to scrub. 
Sikap. Pei-sonal shape, bodily form ; 

Sikap (JAV). A labourer, a working man. 

Sikil (jAV). The foot; bottom, lowest 
part, base. 

STkin (a). A knife. 

Siksa (s). Punishment, chastisement ; v. 

Siksakan. To punish, to chastise ; v. 

Siku (j. sikut). The elbow; a flexure, 
an angle; having the hands behind 
the back, the elbows necessarily pro- 

Sikukan. To pinion by binding the arms 
to the sides at the elbows. 

Sikutuk (kutuk). Miscreant, accursed 

Sila. To call, to invite, to bid ; to 

Sila (j). To sit, to squat. 

Sila-panggung (j). To sit with one leg on 
the opposite thigh. 

Silah. To tuck, to gather into a nari'ower 

Silah. The canine teeth. 

Silak. To snatch, to seize hastily. 

Silak. To bare, to uncover. 

Silakau (sila). Prithee, please ye, be 
pleased, be prevailed on ; to invite, to 

Silang-salisih. To clash, to run one 
against another; to clash, to contra- 
dict, to oppose. 

Silangi (ben). Name of a fish. 

Silap (j. silib). Wrong, erroneous; mis- 
taken; mistake, eiTor; omitted, over- 

Sila-sila. Genealogy, pedigree. 

Silat. Name of a Malay state on the 
western side of Borneo. 

Silau. Dim, obscure. 

Silaya (ben). Name of a small species of 

Silam. Dusk, evening twilight ; night. 

Sileda. Name of a place on the western 
side of Sumatra. 

Silih (j. to borrow). To reimburse. 

Silimbau. Name of a Malay state on the 
western side of Borneo. 

Siliran. An ornamental border. 

Silo (j). Dazzling, overpowering with 
light; dazzled, overpowered with light; 
weak-eyed ; ashamed, abashed. 

Sima (jAV). A tiger. Probably a cor- 
ruption of the Sanskrit singa, "a lion." 

Simai. A seedling, a young plant ; v. SS,- 

Simbarit. A kind of tray or salver. 

Simbat. A back stroke. 

Simpai (ben). Name of a species of 

Simpai. A hoop ; the ornamental ring of 

the hilt of a weapon. 
Simpaikan. To bind with a hoop. 
Simpang (j). To deviate, to turn from a 

direct course; to decline; to turn 

aside or out of the way ; to diverge, to 

fork off; name of a place on the south- 
western coast of Borneo. 
Simpangan. Deviation; the bifurcation 

of a river or road ; a lane, a by-way ; a 

Simpan (j). To keep, to preserve ; to 

lay by, to reserve for future use ; to 

deposit, to hoard, to lay up, to store ; 

to reserve, to conceal ; to husband. 
Simplah. The refuse of the coconut 

kernel after the expression of the oil. 
Simplek (bat). Cracked, burst. 
Simpoh. Name of a forest tree. 
Simporan (bat). Seed-rice. 
Simpul. A knot. 
Simpulkan. To knot, to tie or bind with a 

Sinai (bat). To threaten, to menace. 
Sinan. Here ; v. Sini. 
Sinangi. Name of a fish. 
Sinaugsraya (s). Name of the forest in 

the Mahabarat to which the Kurawa 

retreated after their defeat. 
Sinagar. Name of a species of palm, 

Pinanga coronata. 
Sinar (j. sunar). Light ; shine, lustre ; 

beam ; to shine, to give light ; to 

glitter, to gleam, to glisten, to beam. 
Sinar-bulan. Moonlight. 
SinAr-mata-ari. Sunshine. 
Sinaran (sinar). Name of a gaudy female 

head ornament. 
Sindat. Narrow, not spacious, confined, 

circumscribed ; the lower plate of 

timber in house building. 
Sindil (ben). In pairs, in couples. 
Siudir. Mockery, ridicule ; irony ; jest, 

jeer; to mock, to jeer, to deride. 
Sindu-kapur. Name of a plant. 
Smduraja (s). Name of one of the chief 

personages of the Mahabarat. 
Sini. Here, in this place. 
Sinisuta (s). Name of a chief of the 

Pandus, in the Mahabarat. 
Sinja (s). The evening. 
Sinjakala. Evening tide. 
Sinjang (jay). Cloth, woven fabric of 

Sinta (s). The spouse of Rama, in tho 

Sintang. Name of a place on the western 

coast of Borneo. 
Sintar (ben). Name of a bird. 
Sintok (j). Name of a tree, a species of 

cinnamon, Cinnumomum sintok. 




Siniiun (jav). A title of the principal 
sovereigns of Java ; literally, " the 
besought, the entreated." 

Singa (s). A lion. The definition given in 
the native Javanese dictionary is, "a 
sort of tiger," 

Singadapah. Name of a plant, Bragantia 

Singanagara (s). Name of one of the 
two state executioners in the govern- 
ment of Java ; literally, " the lion of 
the city." 

Singapura (s). Name of the island said 
to have been colonised by the Malays 
of Menangkabau, in Sumatra, in 1160, 
and now the flourishing British settle- 
ment of Singapore; literally, "lion 

Singasari (s). Name of an ancient capital 
in Java, attested as a place of conse- 
quence by numerous relics of temples 
and other remains of Hinduism. 

Singet. To slant, to heel, to lean to one 
side ; slanting, leaning. 

Singetkan. To cause to slant or heel; 
to heave down a boat or ship for re- 

Singah. To tarry for a brief time ; to 
halt, to stop on a march or journey ; 
to call, to make a short stay ; to lodge. 

Singgara (ben). Prepared. 

Singahsana (s). A throne. 

Singgala (s). Name of the country of 
"WibLsana or Bibisana, the brother of 
Eawana, in the Ramayaua. 

Singgong. To strike against, to jostle 
or run against, as in a crowd. 

Singgugu (sux). Name of a plant, Clero- 
dendron serrafum. 

Singkab (j). To open, to unclose; to 
draw, as a curtain. 

Singkap, v. Singkab. 

Singkaran (bat). A kind of open cage or 
frame, to which pari-ots and other pet 
bii-ds are secured. 

Singkat. Shoi-t, brief, not long ; to 
shorten, to make short ; to abbreviate, 
to abridge. 

Singkel. Name of a river and port on 
the western coast of Sumatra. 

Singkep. Name of an island at the eastern 
end of the straits of Malacca, productive 
in tin. 

Singketa (ben). A law-suit. 

Singsing. To tuck, to gather up. 

Sipaduli (f alluli). A meddler, an imper- 
tinent person, a busybody. 

Sipah (p). An army. 

Sipahi (p). A soldier, a sepoy. 

Sipasan. A centipede. Scolopendra. 

Sipat (j). To aim, to direct as to a mark ; 
to measvire with a line ; aim, direction 
to a mark ; a measuring-line. 

Sipanambang (tambang). A feri-yman. 
Simpanchuri (churi). Thief, rogue ; a 

word of abuse. 
Sipit (ben). Name of a species of fig, a 

climbing plant. 
Sipulan. Such a one. 
Siput. Shame, abashment ; ashamed, 

Siput. A periwinkle ; a imivalve shell ; a 

volute, a scroll. 
Sir (a). Wish, longing, desire ; v. Sar. 
Sirah (s). The head. 
Su-am (j). To sprinkle, to shed water; 

to water, to irrigate with the hand; 

to bathe (confined in this sense to 

royalty) ; v. Seram. 
Siran. A stripe in cloth ; striped. 
Sirap (j). A form of incantation prac- 
tised by thieves before robbing a 

Sirap (jAv). A shingle or wooden roof- 
ing tile ; a roof of shingles. 
Sirap. A fish-fin. 

Sisa (s). Fragments, scraps ; offal, re- 
mainder ; leavings, remains. 
Sisate. Minced meat, meat chopped. 
Siser. A comb ; to comb. 
Siserkan. To comb. 
Sisih (j. sisih, " one half, one side "). Side, 

quarter; beside, alongside. 
Sisik (j). Scales, the animal tegument. 
Sisik-ikan. Fish-scales. 
Sisik-paiiu. Tortoise-shell. 
Sisip. To insert, to place between, to 

Sisuk. To file the teeth. 
Sita-dewi (s). The spouse of Rama, in 

the Ramayana ; v. Sinta, 
Sitak. A scrip, a wallet. 
Sitaka. Name of a plant. Plumbago rosea. 
Siti (s). Land, ground, soil ; a country ; 

the earth. 
Sitinggil (jav. an abbreviation of siti 

inggil, " high gi-ouud"). Name of a 

terrace within the palace, from wliich 

the Javanese princes give audience to 

their subjects. 
Siti-sandari (s). The wife of Bimaiio, 

and daughter of Krishna, in the Maha- 

Situ. There, in that place ; v. Sana. 
Siwa (s). The Hindu god Siwa or Ma- 

Siwah. Name of a kind of kris or dagger, 
Siwakan (jav). A stew, a fish-pond. 
Siwalan (jav). Name of a species of palm. 
Siwibima (s). Gatotkacha, a hero of the 

Mababarat ; literally, " the son of 

Siyak. The water-carrier and sweeper of 

a mosque. 
Siyak. Name of a river and Malay state 

on the north-eastern side of Sumatra. 




Siyal (J. difficult). Unlucky, not suc- 
Siyam (jav). To fast ; a fast. 
Siyani. The country and people of Siam ; 

Siyauiang. Name of a species of monkey. 

Siyantan. Name of a numerous group 

of islands in the China sea, fronting 

the straits of Malacca, and called in our 

maps the North Anambas, this word 

being, perhaps, a corruption of aiiam- 

blas, "sixteen," which may be about 

the number of the more considerable 

of them. 

Siyantung. Name of a bird. 

Siyang (j). Day ; daylight ; clear, free 

from impediment or incumbrance. 
Siyang-malam. Day and night, at all 

times, without inten-uption. 
Siyangi (siyang). To clear from incum- 
Siyap. Prepared, ready. 
Siyapkan. To prepare, to make ready. 
STyasat (a). Chastisement, punishment. 
STyasatkan. To chastise, to punish. 
Siya-siya. Vain, idle, trifling; useless, 

worthless, unprofitable. 
Siyowa. The vulture, VuUui: 
Siyul. To whistle ; a whistle. 
Siyuman. Sane, in possession of one's 

senses and faculties. 
Siyuug (j). A tusk, a fang ; a camne 

Slisih (j). To differ, to vai-y ; differing, 

varying ; v. Salisih. 
Socha (jay), a gem ; the eye of a king. 
Sogeh. To carve, to engrave; fine 

Soka (s). Distress, calamity, misfortune; 

Soka (jAv). Name of a flower, Ixora 

Sokapura (jav). Name of a place in 
Java, formerly Galuh, an ancient seat 
of government. 
Sokarimbi (jav). Name of a mountain 

in Java. 
Sokong. To prop, to shore; a prop; 

the binders in timber framework. 
Solah (jav). Conduct, demeanour, be- 
Solek. Foppish, coxcomical. 
Solo. A scout, a spy ; to spy, to recon- 
noitre; V. Sulu. 
Solo (jav). Pronounced by the Malays 
" Sala." The original name of the i)lace 
which is now Surakarta, the capital 
of tlie Javanese prince called the Su- 
sunan ; r. Sala. 
Solor. Name of an island lying between 

Floris and Timur. 
Somali (jav). A married pair, a man 
and wife. I 

Sombong. Pride, vanity ; proud, vain. 
Soua-kambang (j). Name of a tree. 
Sona-kling (j). Name of a tree. 
Soujab (bat), a .squirrel. 
Sontok (ben). The whole ; entire. 
Songkok (jAv). A kind of cap or bonnet. 
Songsang (j). To place upside down ; to 
put the feet before the head; to in- 
vert; to move in a reverse order; v. 
Songsong. To send one messenger after 
another, in order to expedite him; 
escort, convoy. 
Songsong (jav). An umbrella. 
Sopak (j). To split or cleave in the di- 
rection of the fibre. 
Sopak. Leprous-spotted ; sj^otted or 

mottled as cattle. 
Sopi (bat). Ardent spirits, strong waters. 
Soraug (sa and orang, abbreviated). One 

person ; alone ; v. Saor3,ng. 
Sore (jAv). Evening ; afternoon ; v. 

Sori (jAV). A queen ; v. Suri. 
Srah (j). To yield, to submit, to give in, 
to succumb, to surrender; surrender, 
submission, yielding ; v. Sarah. 
Srahkan. To yield up, to render, to give 
up ; to surrender, to deliver up ; to 
resign ; to make over ; to commit, to 
entrust ; to give in charge or trust. 
Srambi (j). A vestibule, a porch ; a hall 
or front outer room ; the vestibule of 
a mosque used as a court of justice ; 
V. Sarambi. 
Srampang (j). A harpoon, a fizgig. 
Srani (a). A Christian, a Nazarinc ; a 

corruption of na«rani. 
Sraya (j). Aid, help, assistance, succoiu-, 

Srampak. Confined for space, restrained 

for room ; v. Sarampak. 
Srek. To entreat pardon for an offence, 

promising amendment ; v. Sarak. 
Sri (s). Auspicious, august; fortunate, 

lucky ; gracious ; regal. 
Sri (s). Colour, glow in the fixce. 
Sri (s). The Hindu goddess Sri or Padma ; 

the spouse and energy of Vishnu. 
Si'i-muka (s). Complexion, physiognomy. 
Sribalai. A royal hall of audience. 
Sribopati (s). A king, a monarch. 
Srid-ad-o (for. soldado). A soldier; v. 

Srigad'ing (j). Name of a plant, Nye- 

tanfhes arhor trislii, 

Srigala (s. the jackall). The Malay wild 

dog. In Javanese, it is one of several 

names for the domestic dog; v. Sarigala. 

Srikaiidi (s). Name of one of the wives 

of A rj una, in the Mahabarat. 
Srikawin (jav). The money gift paid by 
a husband to the parents of his wife. 




Srikaya (j). The Asiatic custard-apple, 

A nona asiatica ; v. Sarikaya. 
Srimala. A carpenter. 
Srimanauti (jav). The third and inner- 
most court of a Javanese palace. 
Srinalendra (s). A king, a monarch. 
Srinaradipa (s). A king, a monarch. 
Srinarendra (s), v. Srinalendra. 
Srindit (j). Name of a small species of 
parrot, Psittacus yalgulm ; v. Sarindit 

and Salind-it. 
Sring (j. asring). Often, frequently, often 

times; v. Saring. 
Sriyawan (bat). Name of a disease, a 

kind of thrush. 
Sroja (s). The lotus flower, Nelumbium 

speciosum; v. Saroja. 
Srond'ol (jav). Name of a district in 

the central part of Java ; v. Sarond'ol. 
Sru (s). All ; v. Sarwa, Sarwa, and 

Sru (j). Loud, noisy; to cry, to speak 

aloud; v. Saru. 
Sruka,n. To ciy, to proclaim; to call 

aloud to; to summon by crying; to 

invoke, to call upon. 
Srul. Loose, distinct, disintegrated, not 

cohering, not agglutinated ; v. Sarul. 
Si-unai (j). Name of a musical wind in- 
strument ; V. Sarunai and Sarunai. 
Siial (a). Question, interrogation. 
Siianii (s). Lord, master ; husband ; v. 

Suwami and Swami. 
Subadi-a (s). Name of one of the wives 

of Aijuna, a sister of Krishna. 
Subali (s). Name of a son of Gotama, in 

the Ramayana. 
Subaug (j. suwang). An ear-jewel. 
Subek. To tear, to rend ; v. Suwek. 
Subi. The os coccyx ; name of an island 

in the China sea, fronting the entrance 

of the straits of Malacca. 
Suchi (s). Clean, free from filth ; pure, 

imsullied ; clear, not inud Jy ; pure, 

guiltless, innocent. 
Suchian. Cleanness, purity; innocence. 
Suchi-ati. Pm-ity of heart, candour; 

Suchikan. To cleanse, to purify. 
Suda. A caltrop, a crowsfoot. 
Sudagar (p). A merchant. 
Sudah (s). Past, gone; spent; done; to 

end, to come to an end, to be finished, 

to teiTuinate; to end, to cease; enough. 

It is the auxiliary in most use to ex- 
press a preterite or past sense. 
Sudah-itu. Then, after that ; literally, 

"that done." 
Sudahan. End, conclusion, termination ; 

completion, accomplishment, consum- 
SudahkSn. To end, to terminate ; to 

complete, to accomplish, to fulfil. 

Sudah-tiyada. Not to be, not to exist, to 
be no more ; non-existent. 

Sudara (s). Brother or sister ; a brotlier, 
a friend ; v. Saudara. 

Sudasuda. Name of a plant, EupJtorbia 

Sudi (j). Willing, consenting, inclined 

Sudi (s). To refine, to free from dross 
or impurity ; to assay ; to try, to exa- 
mine ; to practise juggles for the de- 
tection of theft. 

Sud'uk (j. suru). A spoon; a ladle; a 
spade or shovel; a spud, or weeding 
implement ; to ladle ; to .skim. 

Sud'ukati. The lower extremity of the 
sternum or breast-bone. 

Sud'ut. A comer, an angle. 

Sugata (s). A holy man. 

Sugata (jav). A treat, an entertainment; 
hospitality ; v. Suguli. 

Sugi (a). To scour, to bmsh the teeth ; 
coiTectly, suk. 

Sugih (jav). Rich, wealthy, opulent, 
affluent; abimdant, coi)ious. 

Sugihan. Riches, wealth, opulence. 

Sugriwa (s). a brother of Subali and 
son of Gotama, in the Ramayana. 

Suguh (jav). To entertain, to treat; 
entertainment ; hospitality ; v. Su- 

Suh. Vital heat, the natural warmth of 
the body. 

Suh. To lower or drop the sail of a 

Suka (.s). Glad, happy, cheerful, gay; 
glad, pleased, rejoiced; glad, joyful; 
satisfied, content ; joy, pleasure, glad- 
ness ; pleasure, approbation. 

Suka-ati. Gladness, joy, pleasure; satis- 

Suka-chita (s). Joy, delight, pleasure, 
gladness ; delighted, rejoiced. 

Sukakan. To please, to rejoice, to 
delight, to gladden; to satisfy, to 

Suka-sukaan. Mutual rejoicing, a re- 
joicing, a meri-y-making. 

Sukadana (s). Name of a Malay state on 
the south-western side of Borneo. 

Sukanala (s). Name of a mountain in 
the interior of Sumatra. 

Sukarwa (s). Name of the father of 
Rawana, king of Langka. 

Sukat. Measure of quantity or extent ; 
a measure, a stated quantity. 

Sukatkan. To measure. 

Sukat. Name of a large parasitic plant. 

Sukat (jav). Grass ; herb ; v. Dukut. 

Sukar (jav). Filth, foulness; the cato- 

Sukir (j). Difficult, hard, not; 
arduous ; troublesome. 




Sukar-kasakitau. Pain and difficulty ; 
trouble, affliction. 

Sukaran. Difficulty, pains, trouble. 

Sukarkan. To make difficult ; to em- 
barrass, to perplex. 

Suklat (a). Woollen clotli ; v. Saitarlat. 

Sukma (s) Life ; spirit ; the soul. 

Sukonta (s). Name of one of the horses 
of Krislina'.'? chariot. 

Suku (JAv). The leg, the foot ; bottom, 

Suku (j). One fourth, a quarter; a 
section or portion of a nation, generally 
dwelling separately from the parent 
stock ; a tribe ; separate, apart. 

Sukukan. To separate, to sunder. 

Suku-suku. Sepai-ately, distinctly. 

Sukun (j). The bread-fmit, Artocarpiis 
lev is. 

Sula (s). A spit, a pale, a stake. 

Sulakan. To spit ; to stick on the point 
of a weapon ; to impale. 

Sulah (bat). Bold, intrepid. 

Sulak. Bald, wanting hair. 

Sulam (j). To embroider ; to darn ; to 
patch ; to repair by the substitution of 
new for old materials. 

Sulang. To hand about the cup at a feast. 

Sulang-maiiulang. To hand about the 
cup mutually at a feast. 

Sulap (j). Juggle, sleight of hand, leger- 
demain, conjuring ; to juggle, to play 
tricks by sleight of hand, to conjure. 

Sulasi (s). The plant sweet basil, Ocj/- 
mum hasiUcum. The phrase " bunga 
sulasi," or " the sulasi flower," means, 
to have drank freely, or to bo the 
worse for liquor, to be muddled. 

Sulastri (j). Name of a plant, Calophyl- 
lum soelastri. 

Sulib (j. salib, "juggle"). Secret, occult, 

Suligi (j). A wooden spear ; v. Saligi and 

Siiliman (a). Soloman. 

Suling (j). A flute, a musical pipe; to 
Round a wind instrument. 

Sulit (bat). Scarce, rare. 

Sulit (achin). Solitary, retired, un- 

SuUan (a). Monarch, sovereign, sultan. 

Sulu. A scout, a spy; to spy, to re- 
connoitre ; V. Solo. 

Suluh (j). A torch, a link, a flambeau. 

Suluk. The island of Sooloo, lying 
between Borneo and the Philippines, 
and from which is taken the name of 
the whole group of islets in this 
quarter, as given in our maps. It is 
sometimes written Sulu and Saiilu, 
and the Spaniards of the Philippines 
call it Jolo or Yolo (iolo). 

Sulukong (bat). A shield, a buckler. 

Sulung. First or eldest born. 

Sulup (bat). To gild or plate, to coat 
or overlay with metal. 

Sulur (j). To creep ; creeping, repent ; 
a scion, a sprout, a shoot ; name of 
cei-tain cai-ved oi-naments on furniture ; 
a creeping plant. 

Sulur. An agent, a representative. Pro- 
bably derived from the last word. 

Suluran (sulur). A gutter, a watercourse, 
a canal. 

Sulur-suluran. A creeper, whatever 

Sumangat. Ghost, manes, spirit; good 
spirits ; health. 

Sumatra. The island of Sumatra; pos- 
sibly from Su-maha-rashtra, meaning 
in Sanskrit, " very great kingdom." 

Sumad'ang (sun). Name of a district in 
Java in the country of the Sundas. 

Sumba (bu). Name of an island called 
in our maps Sandal-wood, in latitude 
10° S., and lying directly south from 
Sumbawa and Floris. 

Suuibang. Incest. 

Sumbawa. Name of the third of the 
chain of islands east of Java. 

Sumbar (jav). A spring, a fountain. 

Sumbat (j. sumpal, and sumpat). To 
stop up, to close an aperture ; to bung, 
to cork ; a stopper, a stopple. 

Sumbing (j). Notched, gapped ; a notch, 
a gap; name of one of the highest 
mountains in Java, and with Sundara 
forming the two which in the maps 
are called " the brothers." 

Sumbu (j). A match, a fuse ; the wick 
of a lamp or caudle. 

Sumbu. The hoi-n of the rhinoceros. 

Sumbuli. The horn of the rhinoceros ; 
V. Sumbu. 

Sumpah (j). An oath; a vow; ordeal, 
trial by fire or water ; curse, impreca- 
tion, malediction ; to swear, to take an 

Sumpahan. Eelics or other objects on 
which an oath is taken. 

Sumpahkan. To swear, to «administer an 
oath ; to curse, to imprecate, to bestow 
a malediction, to execrate. 

Sumpah-api. The ordeal by fire. 

Sumpah-aydr. The ordeal by water. 

Sumping (bat). Side, flank. 

Sumpit (j. supit). Narrow, straight, con- 

Sumpit. To discharge any thing from 
the mouth by a forcible expiration, to 

Sumpitan. A pipe or tube for discharg- 
ing missiles by blowing with the 

Sumpitk&n. To shoot with a blow-pipe. 

Sumpit-sumpit. Name of a shell-fish. 


[ 177] 


Sumiu' (j). A spring, a well, a fountain. 

Sumutan (bat). Cramp of the hands or 

Sunan (jav). A title of the principal 
sovereigns of Java. The word is an 
abbreviation of Susimau, itself from 
the root siiun, " to beseech, to entreat," 
and the meaning, " the object besought 
or entreated ; " v. Susunan and Susiiu- 

Sunapang (du. snappaan). A musket, a 
firelock; v. Sanapang. 

Sunat. Name of a small kind of boat. 

Sunat (a). Lawful, authorised, allow- 

Sunat (a). Circumcision. 

Sundara (jav). Name of one of the 
highest mountains in Java, forming 
with Sumbiug the two called in the 
maps " the brothers." 

Sundal (s). A strumpet, a harlot, a 

Sundalan. Whoredom, fornication, har- 

Sundal-malam. Name of a flower, the 
tuberose, Polyanthes tuberosa; literally, 
" the harlot of night." 

Sundol. To gi-ub, to turn the earth up 
with the snout ; v. Sungkur. 

Sund-a (sun). The people and country 
of Sunda in Java. 

Sund'a-kulou (jav). The western por- 
tion of the Sunda country. 

Sund-a-wetan (jav). The eastern por- 
tion of the Sunda countiy. 

Svmd'uk (j). A spoon, a ladle ; a shovel ; 
a spud, or weeding tool ; to skim ; to 
deal with a ladle ; v. Sud'uk. 

Sunti (bat). Name of a hot aromatic 

Sunting (j. sumping). To deck the 
ears with flowers or other ornaments ; 
flowers placed behind the ears for 

Suntingmali. A term of endearment. 

Suntung (ben). Name of a marine 

Sungai. A river ; a ri\'ulet, a brook. 

Sungga. A crow's-foot, or caltrop. 

Simgging (jAv). To ornament, to deco- 
rate, to embellish with coloured fi- 
gures in painting or embroidery. 

Sunggorah. Name of a Siamese province, 
the next to the Malay states on the 
side of the gulf of Siam. 

Sungguh. True, not false ; veritable, not 
erroneous ; real, genuine ; veracious ; 
honest, not fraudulent ; certain, .«ure, 
indubitable ; earnest, serious, not a 
jest ; truly, really ; indeed, in truth ; 
assuredly, certainly. 

Sungguh-ati. Truly, sincerely : earnestly ; 
truth ; sincerity ; earnestness. 

Sungguhi. To verify, to confii-m; to 

assure, to make certain. 
Sungguhpun. Verily, truly. 
Sungguhkan, v. Sungguhi. 
Sungguh-sungguh. Earnestly, seriously; 

assuredly, undoubtedly, indubitably. 
Sungkan (jav). Loth, im willing, dis- 
1 inclined. 

; Sungkur. To fall forwards from a sit- 
ting posture ; to fall prone. 
Sungkur. To grub, to turn up the earth 

with the snout ; v. Sundol. 
Sungsang (j). Upside down, bottom 

upwards, heels over head; to invert, 

to turn upside down ; v. Songsang. 
Sungsum (j). Marrow. 
Sungsung (jav). To go against the 

stream ; to ascend a river ; to present, 

to represent to a superior; v. Song- 
Sungu (j). a hom. 
Sungul. To murmur, to gi-umble; v. 

Sungut, V. Sungul. 
Sungut (j). Whiskers, mustachios ; hair 

of the upper lip of the feline tribe ; the 

feelers of fishes and insects. 
Suiiasaki (s). Name of one of the horses 

of Krishna's chariot. 
Suiii (s). Still, silent ; solitary, lonely, 

retired, sequestered. 
Supa (jav). Name of a renowned cutler 

or kris maker of Java. 
Supan. Shame ; ashamed ; modesty ; 

modest ; affable, courteous ; courtesy, 

civility, good breeding ; courteous, 

civil, well-bred. 
Supan (bat). Low, near the ground. 
Supana (j. a road, a route). An ascent 

by a flight of steps. 
Supata (jav). An oath ; a vow ; a curse, 

a malediction ; to swear; to vow; to 

curse, to execrate. 
Supaya (j). For, for this reason that, 

in order that, to the end that, so 

Supaya-jangan. So that not, in order 

that not. 
Supit (jav). Nan-ow, strait, confined ; v. 

Supraba (s). Name of a Hindu goddess, 

daughter of Indra. 
Sura (s). Bold, brave, valiant. 
Surabaya (jav). Name of a province and 

town in the eastern part of Java, from 

sui-a, " brave,'' and baya. " danger." 
Surabi (j. meat, food). A cake; a steak, 

a coUop. 
Surah. Narrative, story, tale. 
Sural. To disentangle, to disengage, 

to separate; broken up, separated, 

Surak (j). A shout ; to shout. 



SUS— suw 

Surakarta (s). Name of the capital of 
the Javanese prince usually called the 
Susunan or emperor of Java; literally, 
" brave woi-k ; " v. Solo. 

Suralaya (s). Heaven, the abode of the 
Hindu gods. 

Surati (hin). The town of Surat, in the 
province of Gujerat. 

Suram (j). Gloomy, obscure, dusky ; 
dark; dim ; gloom ; darkness; dimness. 

Surat (a). a writing; a letter, an 

Surat-pad-ang (bat). A passport, that is, 
" a clear or distinct letter." 

Surga (s). Heaven, the abode of the 
Hindu gods; the Mahomedan heaven. 

Suri (j. sori). A queen ; a woman ; v. 

Suri (j. sore). Evening ; v. Sore. 

Suri (jAv). A horse's mane. 

Suri (jAV). A comb. 

Surud (j). To ebb ; the ebb-tide ; to 
fall, to decline, to dimhiish ; to pine, 
to fall away, to waste ; v. Surut. 

Suruh (jAv). The betel pepper, Piper 
hetle ; v. Sirih. 

Suruh (j). To order, to bid, to com- 

Suruhan (suruh). A messenger ; literally, 
" one that is bid." 

Suruh-maiiuruh. To order backwards 
and forwards. 

Suruh-suruhan. One that is sent back- 
wards and forwards ; a pimp, a procu- 

Suruk. To hide, to conceal. 

Surung (j). To shove, to push forward 
before one. 

Suruugan. A bribe. This word is, most 
probably, taken from the last. 

Surut (j), V. Surud. 

Surya (s). The sun. 

Susah (j). Trouble, perplexity, uneasi- 
ness ; hardship, inconvenience ; diffi- 
culty, hardness ; distress ; cai'e, con- 
cern, solicitude, anxiety ; sorrow, grief, 
affliction ; troubled, perplexed, uneasy ; 
difficult, not easy ; painful ; distressed ; 
anxious, solicitous ; sad, sorrowful. 

Susahau. Trouble ; difficulty ; distress ; 
care, anxiety ; sorrow, affliction, grief. 

Susahkan. To trouble, to disturb; to 
annoy, to incommode ; to grieve, to 

Susah-ati. Heart-ache ; anguish of mind. 

Susor. By, beside, near to ; edge, border, 

margin, skirt. 
Susorkan. To approach, to bring near. 
Susu (j). Breasts, bosom, dugs ; udder ; 

Susiian (susu). Fosterage. 
Susiii. To suckle. 
Susuk.ln. To mickle ; v. Susiii. 

Susuh. Crooked ; bent ; a crook ; tlie 
natural spur of a cock ; the ribs of a 
vessel ; the frame of a vessel ; v. 

Susuk, V. Susuh. 

Susul (jAV). To follow, to go after, to seek ; 
to go in quest of. 

Susun (j). Stratified, in beds or layers ; 
in rows ; piled, in layers ; double as 
flowers ; strata, layers, beds ; rows ; 
tiers; .stages; stories. 

Susunkan. To pile in layers ; to arrange 
in rows ; to build a ship, as much as 
to say, to put plank over plank. 

Susunan (jav), v. Sunan and Susiiunan. 

Susup. To thi-ust between, to interjiose. 

Susut. To waste, to dwindle ; to decline. 

Susiiunan (jav). The fii'st syllable of the 
word is Sanskrit, and means "excel- 
lent," " superlative ; " and the second, 
" the object entreated or petitioned." 

Suta (s). Offspring, progeny. 

Sutra (s). Silk. 

Suwa. To encounter ; to meet face to 

Suwab. A morsel, a mouthful ; a fee, a 
bribe; v. Suwap. 

Suwaka (j). An asylum ; refuge, shelter, 
protection. Sewaka, in Javanese, means 
" to present oneself before a superior," 
and may be the origin of the word. 

Siiwal (a). Question, interrogation. 

Suwala (btj). The swalloe, tripang, or 
sea-slug, Holothurion. 

Suwalang. A bee-hive ; v. Tuwalang. 

Suwam. Tepid, lukewarm. 

Suwami (s). Lord, master ; husband ; v. 

Suwang (ben). Twilight ; gloom, dull 

Suwanggi (ben). Magical ; preternatural, 
monstrous ; awful ; romantic ; witch- 
craft, sorcerj^ magic. 

Suwap. A morsel, a mouthful ; a fee ; a 
bribe; v. Suwab. 

Suwapi. To feed with morsels ; to hand- 

Suwapkan, v. Suwapi. 

Suwara (s). Sound, noise ; report ; reper- 
cussion; voice; note, tune; v. Sawara 
and Swara. 

Suwarga (s). Heaven ; v. Sawarga, Surga, 
and Swarga. 

Suwari. The cassawary or emeu, StrufJdo 

Suwasa (j). An alloy of gold and copper 
in about equal parts. 

Suwatu. One ; a or an ; certain, in the 
sense of some. The word is probably 
an abbreviation of sa, " one," and batu 
or watu, " a .stone " (calculm), with an 
euphonic change in the first syllable ; 

V. Satu. 



-SIF— S'tJK 

Suwatu-pun-tiyada. Nothing, nothing 

whatever ; literally, " not even one." 
Suwatu-arL A certain day, a particular 

Suwatu-punt-tiyada-apa. Nothing, nothing 

at all. 
Suwatu-sabagai, v. Satu-sabagai. 
Suwe (ben). Severe, harsh. 
Suwelachara. Name of an ancient king 

of Java. 
Swami (s), v. Suwami. 
Swandana (s). A carriage, a vehicle. 
Swara (6), v. Suwara. 
Swarga (s). Heaven ; v. Sawarga, Surga, 

and Suwarga. 
Swargaloka (s). The Hindu heaven ; v. 

Swasa, V. Suwasa. 
Swantana. Name of a chief of the Ma- 

habarat, son of the Bramin Durna ; v. 

Suw-uu (JAY). To beg, to beseech, to 

entreat ; wTitten also siiun. 
Suwung (JAY). Empty, void ; vacant ; 

uuiahabited ; desolate. 
Suyudana (s). The king of Astina, and 

chief of the Kurawa, in the Mahabarat. 

>S'aBUN (a). Soap. 

6'adik (a). True, just. 

5aAib (a). Lord, master; owner, pos- 

Sailih (a). Good ; apt, fit, proper. 

/Sabar (a). Patience ; forbeaiance ; pa- 

S&huh (a). The dawn. 

SadiiM (a). Alms, charity. 

iSadaA-atkin. To bestow alms, to give in 

jS3dar (a). The breast; the thorax; 
chief, supreme ; the government. 

Sat (p). A row, rank, order, array. 

(Safar (a). Name of the second Arabian 
mouth, — usually pi-onounced " sapar." 

/S'aA (a). Sound, entire ; the warning to 
the antagonist at the game of chess — 
'• check." 

/Sa/tib (a). Companions, fellows, asso- 

iS'ahifat (a). A book ; a leaf, a page ; a 

5alah (a). Peace, tranquillity ; concord. 

«Salat (a). Prayer; blessing, benedic- 

Salih. A cross ; a cinicifix. 

Samim (a). Pure, unmixed; sincere. 

iSSnubar (p). A fii-, a pine. 

Sarfii (a). Grammai", etymology, acci- 

-Sifat (a). Quality, attribute, property ; 

look, air, mien ; appearance, semblance. 
-Sohabat (a). Friendship ; a friend, an 

ally, a confederate. 
-Suf (a). Camlet cloth. 
Surahi (a). A goblet, a flagon. 

b AH (p). A king, a sovereign, a mo- 

S'ahbandar (p). Intendent of a sea-port ; 
superintendent of trade. 

S'afaat (a). Intercession, mediation. 

S'ahadat (a). Testimony, evidence. 

S'aharat (a). Celebrated, renowned, 
famous ; renown, fame. 

S'ahid (a). A witness ; a martyr. 

S'ahidaan. Moreover, ftu-thermore. This 
word, beginning with a consonant 
which is not, and ending in an affix 
which is Malay, cannot be either pure 
Malay or Arabic. Its root may be 
sahid, "a ^sdtness," and its literal 
meaning equivalent to that of the 
English intei-jection '■ witness ! " It is 
employed only to indicate the begin- 
ning of a paragi-aph, and confined to 
the written language. 

S'ak (a). Doubt; suspicion, distrust, 

Sakar (p). Sugar. 

S'aksi (s). A witness, an evidence ; pro- 
noimced Saksi ; v. Saksi and Saksi. 

S'ams (a). The sun. 

S'ams'ir (p). A sabre, a scimetar. 

S'arah (a). Desire, inclination ; appetite ; 

S'araA (a). Explanation, declaration. 

S'araf (a). Condition, stipulation ; regu- 
lation, law, rvile. 

S ariat (a). Law, justice, equity. 

S arif (a). Noble ; a noble, a xerif ; a 
descendant of the prophet. 

S'arik (a). A partner in trade ; an asso- 

Safar (a). A leaf, half a sheet ; a page. 

Sawal (a). The tenth month of the 
Arabian year. 

S'aar (a). Poetry, verse ; a poem. 

S'aban (a). The eighth month of the 
Arabian year. 

S"ĕ<an (a). Satan ; the devil ; a devil, a 

S'ex (a), a sheik, or chief of a tribe ; an 
elder, a senior, a respectable old man. 

S'iksa (s). Punishment. 

S'iksakan. To piniish. 

S'u^rul (a). Care, trouble, uneasiness, 
anxiety ; troubled, uneasy, anxious. 

S'ukai* (a). Praise, gloiification. 


[ 180 ] 


QaBAT (a). Established, confii-med, 
proved ; clear, authentic ; constancy, 

Calasa (a). Tuesday. 

Calja (a). Snow. 

(,anin (a). Monday; v. A9nin. 

C^agal (a). Heaviness, weight, burthen. 

iA. No, not; an abbreviation of tada 
and tiyada. 

Ta-dapat-tiyada. Indispensable; literally, 
" not to find no." 

Tfiang (sun). A pail, a bucket. 

Tiiar. To ride out a storm ; to be kept 
in suspense. 

Taba (bat). Bold, intrepid. 

Tabah. To beat, as to beat the breast. 

Tabanan. Name of a principality of the 
island of Bali. 

Tabek. Salutation, compliments, gi-eeting. 

Tabir. A veil, a curtain. 

Tabir (ben). Narrow, wanting breadth. 

Tabvili. To beat, to strike a musical in- 
strument ; a drum ; a watch or divi- 
sion of the night, because announced 
by beat of drum. 

Tabuk (JAV). To slap, to strike with 
the palm of the hand. 

Tabung. A water-can composed of a 
single joint of the bamboo cane. 

Tabung-bruk. Name of a plant; lite- 
rally, " monkey-can," Nepenthes distil- 
latoria, or N. (jymnamphora. 

Tabur (j. tawur). To be scattered, to be 
strewn, to shed. 

Tabm-kan. To scatter, to strew, to shed ; 
to sow broad-cast. 

Tabut (a). The ark of the Covenant. 

Tada or Tadak. No, not; abbreviation 
of tiyada. 

Tadi. Now, a little while ago ; lately, 
not long ago ; last, as " last month," 
or " last year." 

Tadung. To justle, to clash, to push 

Tad-ah (j). To catch, or intercept fall- 
ing; to uphold, to uplift. 

Tad-ahan (jav). Arable land watered by 
the periodical rains, and not by arti- 
ficial irrigation. 

Tad'ahi. To prop, to support, to hinder 
from falling. 

Tad-ahkan, v. Tad'ahi. 

Tad'ahkan-tangan. To hold up the hands, 
as in prayer or supplication. 

Tagan. A stake, the thing wagered. 

Tagar. Thunder. 

Tagih (j). To dun, to claim a debt im- 

Tagog (s). Name of a dependant of Ra- 
wana, in the Ramayana. 

Tagu-tagu (j. d'agu). The Javanese par- 
tridge, Perdrix jaranica. 

Tab. An inseparable afiSx signifying in- 

Tahan (j). To bear, to endure, to sup- 
port, to abide, to brook ; to forbear, 
to refrain, to abstain ; to last, to hold, 
to endure ; to cease, to be still. 

Tahani. To restrain, to hold in, to stop, 
to arrest; to repress; to detain, to 

Tahankan, v. Tahani. 

Talma. Pride, haughtiness. 

Tai (j). Ordure, dung ; excrement ; se- 
diment, dregs ; refuse ; rust ; dross. 

Tai (kayu-tai). Name of a tree, the wood 
of which has a very fetid odoui-, 
Sterculia fcetida. 

Tai-anjing. Lichens, moss. 

Tai-ayam. Name of a plant of the family 
of Loranthacem. 

Tai-basi. Iron i-ust. 

Tai-burung. Name of a plant of the 
genus Tagetas. 

Tai-lalat. Freckles. 

Tai-talinga. Ear-wax. 

Tai-tambaga. Verdigris. 

Tail (j). The native name for a Chinese 
weight, being the sixteenth part of a 
catty. The tahil of the Malayan pe- 
ninsula weighs 23 drachms, and as a 
gold weight is considered equal to the 
bungkal, which is 882 gi-ains troy. 

Taioli (t). Mean, base, vile ; used only 
as a term of abuse ; v. Tayuli. 

Taj (p). A crown, a diadem, a tiara; 
V. Taj a. 

Tajak. Name of a kind of bill-hook or 
weeding implement. 

Tajan. Name of a place on the western 
coast of Borneo. 

Tajam. Sharp, having a keen edge; 
sharp, having an acute point ; sharp, 
acute, quick of sight or hearing ; sharp, 
keen, intense, as pain ; sharp, acute of 

Tajamkan. To sharpen, to give a keen 
edge or acute point. 

Taji. The artificial spur of a game-cock. 

Taj in (j). The scum from the boiling of 

Taju. A bag, a sack. 

Tajii (p). A crown, a diadem, a tiara; v. 

Tajuk. The rib-timbers of a vessel. 

Tajuk. A posy, or bunch of flowers made 
up in a particular shape; name of a 
head ornament. 

Tajuk-mali, v. Tajuk. 

Tak. No, not ; an abbreviation of tadak. 

Takar (j). To measure by capacity, not 


[181 3 


by weight ; measure by capacity ; the 
vessel employed for measuring by ca- 
pacity ; a measure, a stated quantity. 

Takar-turun (jav). Extra taxes beyond 
the fixed and usual ones. 

Taksih (j). Yet, still. 

Taksina (s). The right hand ; the south. 

Takuk. A notch, a nick; to notch, to 

Takuug. To settle, to subside, to deposit ; 
a sediment. 

Takut (j). To fear, to be afraid ; to fear, 
to apprehend ; to fear, to dread ; afraid, 
terrified, afeard, frightened; fearful, 
timorous, timid ; pusillanimous, cow- 
ardly ; fear, dread, terror ; fear, appre- 
hension ; awe, reverential fear ; lest, 
for fear, 

Takuti. To frighten, to terrify ; to fear, 
to reverence, to respect. 

Takutkdu, v. Takuti. 

Takut-manusiya (j and s). The sensitive 
plant, Oxalis sensitiva; literally, "man- 

Tal (s). Name of the palm the leaves of 
which are used as material to write on, 
Borassus Jlabelliformis ; v. Rental and 

Talak (s). To tune a musical instrument. 

Talam (j). A tray, a salver. 

Talang. To abandon or forsake a woman. 

Talang. To bespeak the refusal of a 

Talang. Name of a fish. 

Talang (ben). A hamlet. 

Talang (j. tala). A beehive ; a honey- 

Talas (j). Name of a plant, Colocaaia vera. 

Tali (j). A rope, a string, a cord ; a line ; 
a ligature, a tie, a band, a bandage ; a 
sash, a belt ; the string or chord of a 
musical instrument. 

Tali. Name of a small silver coin, equal 
in value to one-eighth of a Spanish 
dollar, and consequently to about thir- 
teen English pence. It is probable that 
the word is derived from the last, and 
has reference to the practice of filing 
a certain number of small coins on a 
string, which, judging by the hole in 
the centre of all ancient Javanese coins, 
appears to have prevailed in the Archi- 
pelago as well as in China. 

Talik4n. To bind with a cord, to cord. 

Tali-anjing. Name of a plant, Acalyphes 

Tali-ayAr. The perinaum. 

Tali-bawatan. The braces of a ship's 

Tali-kail. A fishing-line; literally, "the 

Tali-ki-is. The kris or dagger belt. 

Tali-kulu (ben). A legal term belonging 

to the ceremony of mai'riage, said to be 
borrowed from Malabar, tali in that 
part of India being applied to small 
gold images of the god Ganesa, hung 
by the bridegroom over the neck of 
the bi-ide. 

Tali-malan (jav). A thong of buffalo hide. 

Tali-pandai-at. A hawser ; literally, 
" a shore rope." 

Tali-panding. A zone, a girdle; lite- 
rally, " the buckle band." 

Tali-prut. The intestines ; literally, "belly 

Tali-sawat (bat). A halter, a string to 
lead cattle by. 

Tali-sawuh. A cable; literally, "the 
anchor rope." 

Tali-tali. Name of a plant, Ipomma 

Tali-tud'ung. Whiskers; literally, "the 
strings of an umbi-ella hat." 

Tali-tumali. A ship's cordage or rig- 

Taling. A goad for driving cattle. 

Taling. The shelving bank of a river. 

Talinga (j. talingan). The ear; v. Tĕ.- 

Talu (jAv). Beginning, commencement. 

Talu-bartalu. Incessantly, quasi begin- 
ning over and over again. 

Taman (j). A flower garden. 

Tamau. Name of a place on the western 
coast of Borneo. 

Tarnan-sari (jAv). A flower garden; v. 

Tamak. Covetous. 

Tambadu. Name of a quadruped resem- 
bling a buffalo, stated by the Malays 
to exist in the forests of Borneo. 

Tambah (j). To increase, to augment, 
to grow more or gi-eater. 

Tambahan. Increase, augmentation; addi- 
tion, growth ; besides ; moreover, more 
than that. 

Tambahi. To increase, to augment, to 
make more or greater ; to add. 

Tambahkan, v. Tambahi. 

Tambah -bartambah. To be accumu- 

Tambah-bartambahkan. To accumulate. 

Tambahan-pula. Moreover, besides, over 
and above. 

Tambaga (s). Copper ; v. Tambaga. 

Tambaga-kuning. Brass; that is, " yellow 

Tambaga-putih. Zinc or speltre ; that is, 
" white copper." 

Tambak (j). A dike, an embankment, a 

Tambak (jav). A fishpond, a stew, a 

Tambak. To prepare a floor or court- 
yard by strewing it with sand. 




Tambako. Tobacco, Nicoftana. lu tbe 
Hortus Bogorieusis, six species are 
stated to be cultivattd iu Java. 

Tambang (ben). A mine. 

Tanibang (jay). A rope, a string; to 
bind with a rope or string. 

Tambaug. To be conveyed or ti-ans- 
ported by water. 

Tambangan. Conveyance or transport 
by water ; freight ; passage money ; a 
cargo-boat ; a passage-boat ; a ferry- 
boat ; a ferry. 

Tambangi. To transport by water, to 
carry cargo or passengers. 

Tambangi. To unfurl the sails prepara- 
tory to making sail. 

Tambangkan. To transport by water; 
V. Tambangi. 

Tambang-bini (j. tambang, " to tie with a 
cord"). To bind a wife not to mairy 
after separation. 

Tambar (j). Impotent, deprived of 

Tambat (j). To bind, to fasten ; bound, 
fastened ; tethered ; a tether. 

Tambatan. Binding, fastening ; con- 

Tambiln. Name of a fish. 

Tambang (jav). Obstinate, headstrong. 

Tanibirang. The shrouds or standing 
rigging of a ship ; v. Tamirang. 

Tambol. Magic, sorceiy, secret arts ; to 
practise sorcery. 

Tambra. Name of an esculent fish. 

Tambul. Food, meat, victuals. 

Tambuni-basar. The umbilical cord. 

Tambuni-kachil. Tlie jjlacenta. 

Tambur (por. tambor). A war drum. 

Tameng (j). A .shield, a buckler. 

Tamiyang. Name of an island at the 
eastern entrance of the straits of Ma- 

Tamirang. The shrouds or standing 
rigging of a ship ; v. Tambirang. 

Tampa (jAV). To receive, to get. 

Tampa. To forge, to form by the ham- 
mer ; to mould ; v. Tampa. 

Tampak (bat). The measles. 

Tampal (j. tambal). A patch. 

Tampalkan. To patch. 

Tampalis. Name of a place on the north- 
eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Tampang. Becoming, fit, meet. 

TamiiHiig. A slab or ingot of tin. 

Tauipar (j. tampcl). A slap with the 
fiat of tlie hand ; to slap. 

Tamparan-iiamu. The shoulder-blade. 

Tampari. To slap. 

Tamparkan, v. Tampari. 

Tampar-tangan. The custom of striking 
hands in token of the conclusion of a 
bargain, said to have bccu borrowed 
from the Telinggas. 

Tampih (j. tampah, and tampeu). A fan, 
an implement for winnowing ; to fan, 
to winnow. 

Tampinis. Name of a timber tree. 

Tampok. The flower-cup or calyx of a 
plant ; v. Tapok. 

Tampoyak. Name of an esculent fruit. 

Tampu. Pressed, squeezed, crushed. 

Tampuk&n. To press, to squeeze, to 

Tampung (ben). To catch, to intercept 

Tampuwi. Name of a wild fruit. 

Tamu (jav). A guest. 

Tanah (s. thana 1). Earth, land, gi'ound ; 
soil, ground ; land, country, region, 
territory ; ground, fundamental colour 
in a pattern. 

Tanah-arab. The land of Arabia. 

Tauah-idup. Land under culture ; Hte- 
rally, " live land." 

Tanah -iran. Persia. 

Tanah-jawa. The land of Java. 

Tanah-kling. The country of Teling- 

Tanah-mati. Fallow land ; literally, 
" dead land." 

Tanah-malayu. The country of the 
Malays, the Malayan peninsula. 

Tanah-manangkabau. The country of 
Menangkabo, in Sumatra. 

Tanah-pilih. Name of the chief town of 
the Raja of Jambi, in Sumatra ; lite- 
rally, '• chosen land." 

Tanah-putih. Name of a Malay settle- 
ment on the liver Rakan, eastern side 
of Sumatra ; literallj', " white ground." 

Tanchap. To stab, leaving the weapon 
in the wound. 

Tani (jav). To till the gi-ound ; a hus- 
bandman ; a rustic. 

Tanak (j). To cook food by boiling or 

Tauau. Name of a place in Pegu. 

Tanau (j. tanu). The chameleon lizard. 

Tanam (j). To commit to the earth, to 
put in the ground ; to bury, to inter ; 
to plant ; to sow ; to set, to estab- 

Tauilmau. Cultivation ; a plantation ; 

Taramkiln. To inter; to put in the 
gi'Ound ; to bury ; to plant ; to sow ; 
to establish. 

Taniim-tanaman. Plantage, cultivated 
plants generally. 

Tandan. A bunch, a cluster. 

Tandang. To visit, to frequent. 

Tandup. A kind of litter or palan- 

Tandil. Name of a petty officer at a 
Malay court, a kind of messenger. 

Tanduk. A horn. 


[ 183 ] 


Tandukkan. To butt or to gore with 
the horns. 

Tand-a (j. tond'a). Mark, token, sign, 
memorial; stamp, impression; proof, 

Tand'akan. To mark, to impress with a 
token ; to sign. 

Tand'a-asta. Written signature ; lite- 
rally, " hand-mark." 

Tand'a-taiigan, v. Tand'a-asta. 

Tand-ak (j. a dancing gii'l). To dance ; 
dancing; a dance. 

Taud-ak-mandura. Dancing after the 
fashion of Siam. 

Tand-ing (j). To compare; to tally, to 

Tandingan. Comparison ; match, tally, 

Tandingkan. To match, to equal ; to 
match, to oppose as an equal. 

Tand-u (j). A litter, a palanquin. 

Tanjak. Name of a kind of oblique fore 
and aft sail. 

Tanjang (ben). To branch out, to shoot 
into branches. 

Tanjung. A point of land, a headland, 
a tongue, a cape, a i)romontoiy. 

Tanjung. Name of a flower, Mimusops 

Tantaka (s). Name of a son of Rawaua, 
in the Ramayana. 

Tantang (j). To challenge, to provoke 
to fight ; to encourage. 

Tang. To look directly at, — an abbrevia- 
tion of tantang ; v. Tautang. 

Tangan (j). The hand. 

Tangan-kanan. The right hand. 

Tangan-kiri. The left hand. 

Tangas. A kind of steam bath. 

Tangga. A ladder, a stair ; a dwelling- 
house, because every Malaj' dwelling- 
house is furnished with a stair; a 
family or household. 

Tangga. A wedge or ingot of the pre- 
cious metals. 

Tanggal (jav). The moon; the day of 
the lunar month ; date. 

Tanggal. To shed, to let fall, to drop, to 

Tanggal kan. To draw or pull off, to 
strip, to divest ; to peel. 

Tanggalung (sun). Name of a species of 
Viverra, Paradoxurus musawja ; v. Mu- 
sang and Tanggalung. 

Tanggiling. Name of a plant, Tacca 

Tanggiling (j). The Javanese ant-eater, 
Manis javanica ; v. Taranggiling, Pfing- 
giling and Tanggiling. 

Tangglung. A hanging lamp, or a lantern. 

Tanggoh (bat). To roar. 

Tangguh. To wait, to stay, to tarry ; to 
delay ; stay ; delay ; v. Tanggoh. 

Tangguhkan. To stop, to delay, to stay ; 
to defer. 

Tangguh-bartangguh. Procrastination, 

Tangguk. A basket for catching small 
fish by groping in shallow water ; to 
fish with such a basket. 

Tanggung (j). To bear, to carry, to have 
about one ; to bear, to support, to sus- 
tain; to bear, to endure; to bear, to 
suffer ; to engage, to undertake ; to be 
incumbent, to be obligatory; to be 
charged, to be entrusted. 

Tangguugan. Burthen, task, imposition ; 
obligation ; duty ; charge, office ; un- 
dertaking, engagement ; bail, security. 

Tanggungkjln. To keep, to guard, to 
hold ; to experience, to know by prac- 

Tangir. Name of a tree, the bark of 
which is used as a detergent. 

Tangis (j). To weep, to shed tears ; to 
cry, to utter lamentations ; to lament, 
to moum ; to wail ; weejjing, lamenta- 
tion, wailing, mourning. 

Tangisan. Weeping; lamentation, wail- 
ing ; mourning. 

Tangisi. To lament, to mourn ; v. Tang- 

Tangiskan. To lament, to bewail, to 
mourn for. 

Tangkai. Stalk, stem of a plant ; haulm ; 
pedicel, foot-stalk. 

Taugkai-ati. A word of endearment ; 
literally, " stem or stalk of the heart." 

Taugkal. A charm, charms. 

Tangkalang. Name of a tree of Borneo, 
the nut of which is productive in oil. 

Tangkas. Fleet, swift of pace; to dis- 
appear, to vanish. 

Tangkab (j. to close, to shut in, to con- 
fine). To catch, to seize, to apprehend, 
to lay hold of; to apprehend, to con- 
ceive ; V. Tangkap. 

Tangkaban. Seizure ; the object caught ; 
a snare, a trap. 

Tangkdb-manangkab. To grapple, to 
seize reciprocally. 

Tangkab-tangkaban. Grappling, contend- 
ing by seizing each other. 

Tangkap (j), V. Tangkab. 

Tangkapan, v. Tangkaban. 

Tangkerung. Name of a fish. 

Tangking. To rebuke, to reprove. 

Tangkis (j). Warded, fenced oflF, driven 
off, pushed away. 

Tangkiskan. To ward, to fence off; to 
fend, to keep off; to parry, to push 
away, to push aside ; to avert. 

Tangsi. Lank, not plump ; catgut. 

Tafia (j). To ask, to inquii-e ; question, 
inquiry, interrogation. 

Tanai. To question, to interrogate. 




Tauakan, v. TaCai. 

Tapa (s). Penauce, austerity, mortifica- 
tion ; religious retirement. 

Tapai (j). A kind of beer made from 
boiled rice ; r. Tape. 

Tapak. To tap with the hand. 

Tapak (j). The palm of the hand or 
sole of the foot ; a palm or hand- 
breadth ; a foot-length. 

Tapak -kaki. The sole of the foot. 

Tapak -tangan. The palm of the hand; 
signature, sign-manual. 

Tapakan-tangga. The landing-place of a 

Tapat (ben). A cliff. 

Tape (j), V. Tapai. 

Tapen-liiut. Name of a plant, a species 
of Mdiacea. 

Tapi (j). But, yet, however, neverthe- 
less; V. Tatapi. 

Tapih (t). Name of a kind of Indian 

Tapih (jAv). A petticoat. 

Tapis. To strain, to filter. 

Tapis. To ward off, to repel. 

Tapis (bat). To withdraw the hand 
when another offers his. 

Tapisan. A strainer, a filter. 

Tapok. The flower-cup or calyx of a 
plant; v. Tampok. 

Tapuk. To clap, to slap with the open 
hand ; a slap. 

Tapus (bat). To press, to squeeze. 

Tara. Equal, neither superior nor in- 
ferior ; level ; an equal, a peer. 

Tarak. To stretch, to widen. 

Tarak,1n (tara). To make level with a 

Tari. To dance ; a dance, dancing. 

Tarik (j). To draw, to pull, to haul ; to 
drag ; to inhale ; to draw (a weapon) ; 
to veer, to draw round, as the wind. 

Tarik-layar. To hoist sail, to make sail. 

Tarima (j). To receive, to take ; to ac- 
cept ; V. Tarima. 

Taring. The tusk of a boar ; the prong 
of a fork ; a claw. 

Tarix (a). Date, epoch ; chronicle, an- 

Tarub (jav). Name of a district in the 
eastern part of Java; literally, "the 

Taruh. To i)ut, to place, to lay, to set ; 
to lay by, to reserve ; to hoard, to 
store ; to liave, to possess ; to deposit, 
to lay down ; to stake, to hazard ; to bet. 

Taruhan. A stoi-e, a repository ; a pledge, 
a stake, a deposit. 

TaruhkS,n. To surrender, to deliver up, 
to hand over; to commit, to give in 

Taruh-d'iri. To b^■have oneself, to con- 
duct oneself properly. 

Taruk (j. taru). A shoot, a sprout, a 

Tarum (j. torn). The Asiatic indigo 
plant, Indignfcra tinctoria. 

Tarum-akar. The climbing indigo plant, 
Marsdenia parviflora. 

Tai-um-kambang. The American indigo 
plant, Indigofera anil. 

Taruua (s). Young; v. TAruna and 

Tasik (j). The sea, the ocean ; a great 
lake or inland sea. [u Javanese it 
means the sea, and also the strand or 

Tata (s). Order, disposition, arrange- 
ment, array. 

Tatab. To inquire attentively, to exa- 
mine, to make diligent enquiry; v. 

Tatabuhan (j. tabuh). Musical instru- 
ments that are struck, as drums and 

Tatah (j). To chisel, to engrave ; to in- 
lay ; to stud, to enchase. 

Tatah. A throne. 

Tatak. To drive or force an object into 
the gi'ound. 

Tatal (j). A chip of wood. 

Tatampan. A scarf or any part of dress 
thrown loosely over the shoulders. 

Tatanagara (s). Affairs of state, govern- 
ment, administration ; literally, " ar- 
rangement of the country." 

Tatang. To bear an object on the palms 
of the hands. 

Tatang. Name of the river of Palem- 
bang, in Sumatra. 

Tatap, V. Tatab. 

Tatarup (j. tarub). A booth, a hut, a 

Tatas (j). To cut off, to separate by 

Tatas. Name of a wild tribe on the 
northern side of Borneo. 

Tatasan. A breach made by cutting, a 

Ta-tiiu. Know not, — an abbreviation of 

Tate (jav). Accustomed, habituated ; 
practised ; experienced ; skilled. 

Tating. To support an object by hold- 
ing it with the hand above it. 

Tatkala (s). Time ; when, at the time 
that ; while, whilst, during tlie time 

Tatkala-itu. Then, at that time. 

Tatrap (jav). Way, manner; conduct, 

Tatrap (jav). To inflict, to punish. 

Tatu (jav). a wovind ; to wound. 

Tau (j. used to, habituated). To know, 
to understand, to comprehend ; know- 
ing, skilful ; intelligent. 


[ 185] 


Tau-malu. To be modest ; literally, " to 
know shame." 

. Taulan. A companion, an 
confederate, an ally ; a friend. 

Taulanan. Friendship ; league, alliance. 

Tiiun. A year. 

Ta-usah. Useless, needless ; never mind ; 
(an abbreviation of tadak usah). 

Tawan (j). Captive, made prisoner; a 
captive, a prisoner. 

Tawanan. A captive, a prisoner; cap- 
tivity, bondage. 

Tawankan. To capture, to take prisoner ; 
to imprison. 

Tawang (jay). The sky, the heavens, 
the firmament. 

Tawar (j). Fresh, not salt ; insipid, 
vapid, mawkish, flat. 

Tawar (j). To bid a price, to make an 
offer to buy, to bargain or treat for a 
purchase ; to intrigue for the seduc- 
tion of a woman — that is, to bid a 
price for her. 

Tawar (j). To charm for the cure of 
diseases ; to practise incantations as an 

Tawas (j). Alum. 

Tawon (jav). A generic term for the 
bee tribe. 

Tayau. Name of a river and Malay state 
on the western coast of Borneo. 

Tayang. To hold up in the hands, as a 
book in reading. 

Tayuli (t). Mean, base, vile ; used 
only as a term of abuse ; v. TaYoli. 

Tabadiil (a). Changing, transposing ; 
interchange, transfer. 

Tabah (j). To beat out, to thrash out. 

Tabal. Thick, deep ; thick, dense, co- 

Taban. Name of the forest tree which is 
the chief source of the gutta percha. 

Tabang (j). To fell trees, to cut down 
large trees. 

Tabangan. A fall of large trees. 

Tabas. To clear the ground of underwood 
and grass. 

Tabar (p). An axe, a hatchet. 

Tabdri (jav). Industrious, diligent, la- 

Tabeh (ben). An artificial lake, a reser- 

Tabing. The bank of a river ; the brink 
of a well ; the margin of a lake or re- 
servoir ; the margin of the sea, above 
high-water mark. 

Tabu (j). The sugar cane, Sacckarum 

Tabung. The opium pipe, the instru- 
ment with which prepared opium is 

TS,bur. Spread out, unfolded, as a net 
before being 

TAburan. The object spread out, as the 
swell of a sail. 

Tabus (j). To ransom, to redeem ; to 
emancipate, to manumit ; to purchase 
a slave ; a ransom. 

Tabusan. The person or thing i-ansomed 
or redeemed ; a slave that has been 

Tabuwan (j. tawan ?) A hornet, a wasp. 

Tadbir (a). Order ; design ; govern- 
ment; deliberation, council. 

Tadori. The island of Tidore, one of tlie 

Tad-uh (j). Calm, serene, still ; to grow 
calm, to grow still ; to rest, to be still ; 
to cease, to be at an end ; shady, um- 
brageous ; shade, umbrage ; cloudy, 
obscured by clouds ; sheltered, covered 
from external injury ; sheltered, pro- 
tected, afforded refuge; shelter, se- 
curity from external injury ; shelter, 
refuge, protection. 

Tad-uhkan. To calm, to still, to quiet ; 
to shelter, to protect. (aI. Investigation. 

Tafkur (a)'. To think, to reflect, to con- 

Tafsir (a). Explanation, interpretation ; 
commentary; paraphrase. 

Taga. To stand, to be on the feet ; erect, 

Tagakan. To erect, to set up ; to build. 

Tagah (j. chagah). Hindered, stopped, 
prevented ; forbidden, prohibited. 

Tagahkan. To hinder, to prevent ; to 
restrain, to repress; to prohibit, to 

TS,gal. For, because of, by reason, on 
account of. 

Tagal (jav). A field ; a plain ; dry ara- 
ble land distinguished from irrigated. 

Tagalarum (jav). Name of one of the 
scenes of the Mahabarat; literally, 
" the scented field." 

Tagalkuru (j and s). The field of battle 
in the Mahabarat ; literally, " the field 
of the Kurawa." 

Tagar. Hard, not soft ; hard, fii-m, strong ; 
hard, stiff, rigid, indurated ; stubborn, 
obstinate, contumacious ; dull, slow of 

Tagarkan. To harden, to indurate ; to 
stiffen, to make stiff. 

Tagar-ikur. Name of a fish; literally, 
" stiff tail." 

Tagalichik. A slip, a slide, a false step. 

Tagaliyat. A sprain, a wrench; a dislo- 
cation of the joints. 

Tagap. Stout, strong-built, lusty. 

Tagas (jav). Signification, meaning, in- 

Tagor. A draught of liquor, the quantity 
of drink taken at a breathing ; v. Taguk. 



[ 186 ] 


Tdgor. To call to, to challenge as a 
sentinel; to accost, to address; to 

TSgor. To admonish, to reprove, to re- 
buke ; to advise. 

Tagoran. Admonition ; reproof, rebuke. 

Tdgorkan. To control, to restrain; to 

Taguh (j). Strong, firm, compact ; fast, 
firm, permanent, lasting, durable, safe, 

Tdguhkdn. To strengthen, to make 
strong; to strengthen, to confirm, to 
ratify ; to fasten, to make firm ; to en- 
courage, to make confident. 

Tflguh-tagiih. Firmly, strongly, immova- 

Taguk. A draught, the quantity of 
liquor taken at a breathing; v. Ta- 

Ta/tabiis (a). Imprisoned, confined. 

TaAmid (a). Praising, la\iding. 

Ta^rim (a). Prohibited, interdicted. 

Tajali (a). To shine, to glitter, to illu- 

Taka. Posterior opening of the mouth 
below the arches of the palate. 

Tiikan. To press, to squeeze, to crush, 
to force down. 

Takat. Embroidery ; to embroider. 

TakabSr (a). Arrogant, proud, haughty, 
presumptuous ; arrogance, presump- 
tion, pride. 

Takalebat. To wave, to play loosely. 

Takan (j). A staff, a walking-stick. 

T;\kek (.j). The tokay, or noisy house 

Taki. A puzzle, an enigma, a riddle. 

Takrim (a). Honour, respect, reverence. 

Takuk (bat). To hammer, to beat with 
a hammer or mallet. 

Takukur (j. darkuku). Name of a species 
of pigeon, Columba tigrina. 

Ta/.-dir (a). Fate ; predestination, inevi- 
table decree. 

Talab. To ooze, to flow imperceptibly. 

Talad-an (j. talad'a). Model, ai'chetype ; 
exemplar, pattern for imitation. 

Talah. To predict, to foretell, to prog- 
nosticate, to prophesy. 

Talah. Ago, past, already, some time 
past; then. It is chieflj' used as an 
auxiliai'y expressing past time. 

Talah. When, as soon as ; v. Satalah. 

Tillah-itu. Then ; literally, " tliat past." 

Tillah-lama. Long ago. 

Tiilah-svidah. Already. 

Tillaga (s). A pool, a pond, a bashi, a 
reservoir, a tank, a small lake ; name 
of a Sunda district in Java with a beau- 
tiful lake, from whicli it takes its 

Tfllakong. Name of a kind of coarse 

cloth ; a veil worn by women out of 

doors which covers the head and per- 
Talale (jav). The tnmk or proboscis of 

an elephant. 
Talanjang. Naked, bare, uncovered ; 

vinsheathed ; v. Tilrlanjang. 
Talampakan (bat). The palm of the 

hand or sole of the foot; v. Talapak 

and Talapakan. 
Talap. A box for holding perfumes. 
Talapak (j). The palm of the hand ; the 

sole of the foot. 
Talapakan, v. Talapak. 
Talasang (ben). A waistband. 
Talatah (jav). Earth, laud, gi-ound ; a 

province, a dependency. 
Talatas. Name of a species of grass, 

Talawat (a). Meditation ; reading, study. 
Talakan. To support or bear up the 

body by leaning on the hands ; to rest 

the head on one or both hands. 
Talau. To swallow, to take do^\Ti the 

throat ; to suppress, to conceal, not to 

Talantang. Supine, lying on the back. 
Talantaugkiin. To place on the back 

with the face upwards. 
Taled'ek (jav). A dancing girl, a female 

singer and dancer. 
Taleleh (leleh). Open, exposed ; dis- 
closed, revealed, notorious. 
Talelehkan. To disclose, to reveal ; to 

expose ; to publish. 
Talibung. Name of an island at the 

north-western end of the straits of 

Tillidur (bat). A rogue, a scoundrel. 
Taliug. The shelving bank of a river. 
Taling. The rod or goad with which the 

buffalo is driven. 
Talinga (j. talingan). The ear ; the han- 
dle of a vessel. 
Talinga-bad'il. The pan of fire-arms. 
Talipak. Name of a flower. 
Talipuk. A shed, a booth. 
Tillipuk. Name of an aquatic flower. 
TaU-in (a). To teach, to instruct; the 

person that reads the funeral service at 

the gi'ave. 
Talor. An egg, the eggs of birds and 

insects ; the eggs or spawn of reptiles ; 

roe of fish. 
Talor-timbul. A rotten egg ; that is, an 

egg that floats. 
Taluh (jav). Magic. 
Taluhbraja (jav). An imaginary meteor, 

fancied to destroy persons while 

asleep ; literally, " magic weapon." 
Tilluk. A bight, a cove, a small bay. 
T.ilunjuk (tunjuk). Tiie forefinger, the 





Talut. A peculiar sitting posture ap- 
proaching to kneeling. 

Tarn (a). It is finished. Finis; v. Ta- 

Tamam (a). Entire, complete, finished. 

Tamamkan. To complete, to finish. 

Tamandang (j). Completely dressed or 

Tamangu. To muse, to ponder. 

Tamaram. Bright, effulgent. 

Tamas'a (p). Entertainment, show. 

Taman (j. tme, loyal, faithful .')• A com- 
panion, a comi-ade ; a follower, a re- 

Tamdnggung (j. tanggung, "to bear, to 
support "). The title of a public func- 
tionary, a kind of minister of the in- 
terior or director of police. The word 
is, most probably, Javanese, and in 
Java is the title of a class of nobles, 
and not the name of an office. 

Tamangkul (j. tumvmgkul). To stoop, 
to bend forwards. 

Tamat (a). Finished, concluded, Finis ; 
V. Tarn. 

Tambaga (s). Copper ; v. Tambaga. 

Tambaga-kuning. Brass, — that is, "yel- 
low copper." 

Tambaga-putih. Zinc or speltre ; that is, 
" white copper." 

Tambako. Tobacco, Nicotiama ; v. Tam- 

Tambang (jav). An air, a tune; song, 
singing ; metre, measure, verse ; poetry; 
to sing, to cliant. 

Tambaug-tambaugau. Singing ; music. 

Tambarah (j. tombra). Name of a fish. 

Tdmbikar. A potsherd. 

Tambora. Name of a people and countiy 
of Sumbawa, as also of the mountain 
fi-om which proceeded, in 1815, the 
gi-eatest volcanic emption on record. 

Tambul. The bread-ft-uit, Artocarpus in- 
cisa; v. Kluwi. 

Tambun. To be heaped, to be piled ; a 
heap, a pile ; abundant. 

Tambuuan. A heap, a pile. 

Tdmbunkan. To heap, to pile. 

Tambun. Fat, plump. 

Tambunkan. To fatten, to make fat. 

Tambus. Holed, perforated. 

Tambusan. A perforation ; a tunnel ; a 
sieve, a screen, a riddle. 

Tamikai (t). The water-melon, Cucumis 

Tilmirang. The standing rigging of a 
vessel ; the shrouds. 

Tamu'ing. The edge of an angulai- body. 

Tamnung. Name of a fish. 

Taujpa. To forge, to form by the ham- 
mer : to fixshion, to mould ; v. Tampa. 

Tampak. To appeal-, to be seen, to be 
visible ; v. Nampak. 

Tampak (sun). The measles. 

Tampap. A hand-breadth. 

Tampat. Place, position, situation; lo- 
cality ; ground, room ; depositoiy. 

Tampat-diyam. Dwelling-place, residence. 

Tampat-lilin. A candlestick. 

Tampat-sirih. A betel-stand. 

Tampat-tidor. A sleeping-place, a bed. 

Tampawan (tampa). Beaten out, fox'ged; 
the object beaten out, or forged. 

Tampayan. A kind of large jar. 

Tampalik. Confutation, refutation. 

Tampalikkan. To confute, to refute. 

Tampik. To shout ; to scream, to cry 
shrilly ; a shout ; a scream. 

Tampil. To advance, to proceed, to move 

Tampiling (j). A slap or buffet with the 
open hand. 

Tampiyas. Spray or rain driven by the 

Tampoyok. Name of a species of Termes, 
or white ant. 

Tampu. A blacksmith. 

Tampuh (j). To attack, to charge, to 
fall upon. 

Tampuh. To frame or forge with the 
hammer, to fabricate ; to maniifacture 
earthenware, or form with the potter's 

T4mpuh. To reject and return an object 
received ; to throw back on the hands 
of a seller or giver. 

Tclmpuling (j. champuling). The barb of 
an arrow or other weapon. 

Tampm-ung. The shell of a coconut ; a 
human scull. 

Tampui-ung-lutut. The knee-pan. 

Tampuwa. The tailor-bird. 

Tampuwi. Name of a fruit. 

Tamra. Astrology. 

Tamu (j). Name of a plant, a species of 
turmeric. Curcuma zerumbet. 

Tamu-giring. Name of a plant, Cmcuma 

Tamu-kunchi. Name of a species of tur- 
meric, Xcempferia pandurata. 

T§,mu (j). To meet, to encounter ; to 
meet with, to light on ; to find, to ac- 
quire by seeking ; to find, to obtain, to 
get ; to join, to imite. 

Tamiian. Meeting, encounter; union, 

Tamuluk. The crop or craw of a 

Tamuluki, v. Tamuluk. 

Tamungkul. To yield, to submit, to 
give in. 

Tamui-un (j). To descend, to come 
down. In Javanese it is used by itself, 
but in Malay only as a compound with 
turun, having the same meaning. 

Tanaga (jav). Conduct, way, manner. 




Tanang (j. ma,n4ng, "to rest"). Still, 
quiet, motionless, stagnant. 

TAndas (ben). A dunghill ; a priv'y. 

Taud'aug (j). To kick ; to spurn ; kick ; 

Tdnd-as (j. and'as, and tand'as, "the 
head "). To behead, to decapitate. 

Tanju-tampasang. Name of a kind of 

Tilntadu (ben). Name of a kind of worm, 
or maggot. 

Ttlntang. To look at, to view, to behold ; 
to concei-n, to i-elate to. 

Tantangan. Viewing, considering, re- 
garding, having reference to ; concern- 
ing, relating to. 

Tantra (j. tontra). A host, an army. It 
is usually united to the Sanskrit word 
bala, with the same meaning, making 
the compound word balatantra. 

Tantu (j. tamtu). Certain, sure, indubi- 
table, undoubted ; detennined, fixed, 
settled ; certainty, assurance ; cer- 
tainly, surely, assuredly, indubitably, 

Tantukan. To ascertain, to make certain, 
to establish ; to fix, to settle ; to appro- 
priate, to assign ; to assure. 

Tanun (j). To weave, to work with a 

Tanuuan. A web, the object woven. 

Tanunkan. To weave, to make by 

Tanung (j). To tell fortunes, to foretel 
events, to soothsay. 

Tanungan. Foretelhng, predicting; sooth- 

Tanur (a). An oven, a stove, a furnace. 

Tiinuran. Baking, making with an oven 
or furnace. 

Tangadah. To look upwards, to look 

Tangah (j). Mid, middle, centre; half, 
moiety ; half, in part, partly ; while, 
during the time that, at the same time 

Tangah-ari. Midday. 

Tilngah-daMm. In the middle, in the 

Tiingah-dina. Midday. 

Tangah-duwa. One and a half. This is 
an idiom, and extends to other num- 
bers, up to thousands. Thus, pre- 
ceded by tangah, the numerals for 
thirteen, forty, three hundred, and 
three thousand, mean, respectively, 
twelve and a half, thirty-five, two hun- 
dred and fifty, and two thousand five 
hundred. It applies only to even 
numbers, and the effect of the word is 
to reduce to one half its nominal value 
the last figure, whether unit, ten, hun- 
dred, or thousand. 

Tangah-jalan. Midway. 

Tdngahkan. To halve, to divide in two. 

Tdngah-liiut. At sea, on the high seas ; 
literally, " mid-sea." 

Tangah-malam. Midnight. 

Tangiii (j. tangik). Rancid, rank. 

Tanggala. A plough. 

Tanggalung (j). Name of a species of 
Viverra, Paradoxurm miisanga ; v. Mu- 
sang and Tanggalung. 

Tanggam (t). The figure-head of a ship. 

Tanggara. The south-east. 

Tanggalam (j. kalam). To sink, to foun- 
der, to go to the bottom. 

T4ngg9,iamkan. To sink, to cause to sink. 

Tdnggiling (j. giling). The Javanese ant- 
eater, Manis javanica ; v. Tauggiling, 
Taranggiling, Tranggiling, and Pang- 

Tanggiri (j. ta,ngiri). Name of a fish. 

Tangguh. To wait, to stay, to tarry ; to 
delay, to defer; stay, delay; v. Tangguh. 

Tangguk. A kind of hand-basket for 
catching shrimps and other small fish 
by groping. 

Tanggulung. Will-with-the-wisp, Jack- 
with-a-lantern, an ignis fatuus ; a 
wizard, an evil spirit. 

TAngkada. Name of a species of beetle. 

Tangkal. An amulet, a written charm. 

T§,ngkai' (j. tukai-). To wi-angle, to squab- 
ble, to altercate; WTangle, squabble, 

Tilngkerung. Name of a fish. 

Tangkok. The nape of the neck ; v. 

Tangkora. A scull, cranium. 

Taugku. An abbreviation of tuwauku, 
" my lord." In this abbreviated form, 
it is the title among some Malay 
ti-ibes of the sons and brothers of a 
sovereign, and may be translated 
" prince ; v. Tungku. 

Tangkuluk. A particular form of turban 
worn by some Malay tribes, as the 
people of Patani and Achin. 

Tangsa (ben). To beat an alarm. 

Tangsai (ben). Lank (as hair). 

Tilngwai. The chameleon lizard. 

Titpanggang (bat). A blain, a blister. 

Taparang-danau. The lake of Taparang, 
a large lake in the island of Celebes. 

Titpat. Direct, straight, not oblique or 
winding ; due, directly, exactly. 

Tapawus. Care, attention, diligence. 

Tapalechok. To slip, to make a false step. 

Taparling (parling). Gleaming, glisten- 
ing, sparkling ; v. Parling. 

Taparmaniii. Countable, capable of being 
reckoned ; v. Tarparmanai. 

Tapi (j). Border, edge, margin ; brink, 
brim ; skirt ; selvage ; side, quarter ; 
shore, coast. 


[ 189] 


Tapi-langit. The horizon. 

T&pi-laut. The coast, the sea-shore ; sea- 

Tapi-prau. The margin of the deck 
where it joins the gunwale. 

Tapi-sungai. A river bank. 

Tapis (j). Bordei', edge ; v. Tapi. 

Tapis. To put aside with the hand ; to 
ward off, to repel. 

Tapiswiring (jav). Bonndaiy, limit, fron- 

Tflpiyanuli. Name of a spacious bay on 
the south-western coast of Sumatra, 
called in the maps Tapanuli. 

Tapung (j. glilpung). Flour, meal. 

Tapung-bumi, v. Tapung-tawar-bumi. 

Tapung-tawar. Rice flour prepared as a 

T&pung-tawar-bumi. An expiatory fine 
for shedding blood ; v. tawar. 

Tilrahan (ben). Name of a bird. 

Taraju (j). A pair of scales, a balance ; 
V. Traju and Naraju. 

Taraniaya (aniaya). Most oppressive, 
highly tyrannical. 

Tarantuk (autuk). Knocked against, 
hit against, collided, clashed. 

Tclrang (j). The light ; light, not dark ; 
bright, clear, luminous ; clear, fair, 
serene ; clear, perspicuous, evident, 
obvious, plain, manifest ; clear, clean, 
quite, entirely ; v. Trang. 

Tarangkan. To enlighten, to illuminate ; 
to clear, to free from obscurity, to 
make obvious or perspicuous. 

Tarap (bat). To shut, to close. 

Tarapang. A kris with a gold scab- 

Tarapit (apit). Squeezed, pressed be- 
tween two bodies. 

Taratak (j. taratag). A hut, a house ; a 
tabernacle, a tent ; a booth. 

Taratak. To drive, to force an object 
into the ground. 

Tilrate (j). The lotus flower, Nelumlium 

Tarate-kachil. Name of a water lily, 
Nymphcea stellata. 

TArate-gunung. Name of a plant, 6'itJt- 
nera macrophylla. 

Taramboran (ambor). Scattered, dis- 
persed, dissipated. 

Tarantar (antar). Dispatched, sent, trans- 
mitted ; conveyed, transported ; lying 
down, laid on the ground. 

Taranti (anti). Stopped, an-ested. 

Tarangganu. Name of a Malay state 
on the eastern side of the penin- 

Taranggiling (j), v. Tanggiling and Paug- 

Tarbalik (balik). Overset, turned bottom 
upwards; inverted. 

Tilrbang. To fly, to take wing ; to fly, 
to move quickly. 

Tarbangkan. To waft, to carry through 
the air. 

Tarbayang (bayang). Shadowed, repre- 
sented imperfectly. 

Tarbayik. Best, excellent, surpassing 

Tarbalas (balas). Answered; reqmted. 

Tarbil. A kind of small shield. 

Tflrbil. A cross-bow for shooting earthen 

Tarbis (ben). A bank, a dam ; a sluice, 

Tdrbit. To issue, to come out, to ema- 
nate ; to go out, to go forth ; to spring, 
to arise, to appear ; to rise, as the sun, 
moon, or stars ; to escape, to be extri- 
cated from. 

Tarbitkan. To issue, to send forth. 

Tarbuka (buka). Open, exposed, un- 
covered, naked ; disclosed. 

Tarbuni (buni). Hidden, concealed ; 
occult, secret. 

Tarbuwang (buwang). Ejected, cast 

Tarchangang (changang). Sm-prised, 

Tarchuchuk (chuchuk). Pierced, stabbed; 
strung, filed. 

Tarchukor (ckukor). Shaved, shorn of hair. 

T;lrchuri (churi). Stolen, purloined. 

Tardiiulu (daidu). Foremost. 

Tardirus (dirus). Watered, iri'igated. 

Tard'ad'a (d'ad'a). Naked-bosomed, bare- 
breasted, having the breast uncovered. 

Tard-iri (diri). Standing ujj, erect. 

Targantung (gantung). Suspended, hmig 

Targoyang (goyang). Shaken, tossed, 

TarAiil (a). A journey; departing; mi- 

Tilrikat (ikat). Bound, tied ; fettered ; 
aiTanged, disposed in order. 

Tarikut (ikut). Successively, in suc- 

Tarima (j). To take, to receive ; to ac- 
cept ; to admit, to allow ; content, 
satisfied ; v. Tarima. 

Tarima-kasih. To thank, to return thanks, 
to express an obligation ; thanks ; li- 
tei-ally, " to receive kindness." 

Tarinchit (inchit). Expelled, driven out. 

Tarindap - indap. Stealthily, clandes- 

Tariyak. To cry, to roar, to make a loud 
noise; to complain, to represent a 

Taringga (ingga). Limited, bounded ; 

Tarjaga (jaga). Awake, not sleeping. 

Tarjal. A cliff, a steep rock, a precipice. 

Tarjang (j. to tread, to trample). To 

TlR— tAR 



kick foi'wai'ds ; to i^aw the ground as 

a horse. 
Tarjumah (a). lutei-pretation ; transla- 
Tiirjuuiahkan. To interpret ; to translate. 
Tarjun. To jump down ; to leap from a 

Tarka (s). To divine, to coujui'e ; to 

guess, to conjecture; to suspect, to 

imagine guilt; to charge, to accuse. 

In the two last senses it is found only 

in the Javanese, and hence in the 

Malay of Java. 
Tarkad'ang (j. kad'ang). Sometimes, now 

and then, occasionally. 
Tarkam. To rush or spring upon fu- 
riously, as a beast of prey on its quarrj'. 
Tarkapa-kapa. To staii. from alarm and 

Tarkarang (karang). Set, interspersed 

with ornaments; composed, written. 
Tarkajut (kajut). Startled, alarmed; 

suddeuly, unexpectedly, unawares ; 

surprised, astonished. 
Tarkambang (kdmbang). Blown as a 

flower ; spread out, expanded. 
Tarkana (kana). Hit, struck, smitten; 

touched, affected. 
Tarkas' (p). A quiver. 
Tdrkira (kira). Thought, imagined ; 

countable, capable of being counted; 

conceivable, imaginable. 
Tax-kumpul (kumpul). Heaped, accumu- 
lated ; assembled, met together. 
Tarlalai (lalai). Insensible, in a state of 

Tarlalu (lalu). Passing, surpassing, very, 

Tarlaujang. Naked, bare, uncovered; 

drawn, imsheathed; v. Tfllanjang. 
Tarlabih (labih). Most, in the greatest 

degree ; exceedingly. 
Tarlelch (Icleh). Naked, exposed ; open, 

Tarlompat-lompat (lompat). Leaping, 

bounding, frisking, gamboling, caper- 
Tarmanis (manis). Exceedingly sweet, 

most sweet. 
Tarmangu (mangu). Amazed, astounded ; 

Tarmangu-mangu. Exceedingly amazed; 

greatly di-smayed. 
Tarmasa (i-. tamas'ah). A public show; 

spectacle; sport; festivity; to rejoice, 

t(j make glad, to make rejoicing. 
Tarmagah (magah). Most famed, most 

Tarnama (nama). Famed, renowned. 
Tarnang. An ewer, a water-pot. 
Tilrnete. The island of Ternate, one of 

tlic Moluccas. 
Tilruilai (nilai). Valued, appraised. 

Tariiata (nata). Most distinct, most 

clear, most evident. 
Tiu-pa (bat). To stumble, to run against 

an object. 
Tarpaat (piiat). Chiseled; hewia; sculp- 
Tarpakai (pakai). Clothed; used, em- 
ployed; vested, invested. 
Tarpandang (pandang). Beheld, viewed. 
Tarpaksa (paksa). Constrained, compell- 
ed, forced, under constraint. 
Tai-palanting (palantiug). Prostrate, 

thrown to the ground. 
Tarpfirchik (parchik). Besprinkled. 
Tarparling (parliug). Glittering greatly. 
Tarparmanai. Countable, capable of 

being reckoned. 
Tarplehra (plehra). Noui-ished, cherished. 
Tarpri (pri). Usual, ordinary ; modei-ate, 

in a moderate degree. 
Tarsangka (sangka). Conceivable, likely, 

Tarsabut (s3,but). Mentioned, named, 

stated, told. 
Tarsabut-parkatiian. It is told, the story 

goes, — an idiom. 
Tarsddar (sadar). Conscious, sensible, 

restored to mind or recollection. 
Tarsakat (sakat). Barred, barricaded ; 
stranded or grounded on the bar of a 
Tarsalat (salat). Straitened, hemmed in. 
Tarsambuiii (sambuiii). Hidden, con- 
Tarsaiium (saiium). Smiling, wearing a 

smile ; to smile. 
Tdrsasak (sdsak). Straitened, pressed 
for room; straitened, distressed, in 
Tarsula (s). A trident, a three-pronged 

spear ; v. Trisula. 
Tarsurat (surat). Written, inscribed. 
T5,rtanam (tan4m). Planted; buried, 

Tartawa. To laugh. 
Tartawak^n. To laugh at, to mock, to 

ridicule, to deride. 
Tartawa-tawa. To laugh on, to laugh 

Tilrtawan (tawan). Captive, taken pri- 

Tartib (ben). Name of a kind of shell- 
Tartib (a). Order, disposition, arrange- 
ment, method. 
Titrtra (tra). Stamped, marked, im- 
pressed, printed. 
Tartunu (tunu). Burnt ; baked, hardened 

by fire. 
Tftrtutup (tutup). Enveloped, wrapped 

up ; shut, closed. 
Tartuwang (tuwaug). Cast, moulded, 
formed in a mould. 




Tarum (j. jarum). To squat, to cower, 
to couch. 

TArumkau. To cause to squat or couch, 
as iu making the elephant kneel for 
its load. 

Tarumpah (j). A kind of wooden san- 
dals; V. Tinimpah. 

Taruna (s). Young, youthful ; a youth ; 
V. Truna. 

T^runjam (unjam). Stuck in, fixed, 
planted in. 

Tarung (j. terong). The egg-plant, So- 
lanum melongena. 

Tarurai (urai). Loose, not tied ; loose, 
not coherent. 

Tai-us (j). Through, from one side to 
another; v. Trus. 

Tartutama. Rather, preferably. 

Tarwelu. A rabbit, a coney ; v. Kuwelu. 
The rabbit was most probably brought 
into the Archipelago by the Portu- 
guese ; and the above words are pro- 
bably corruptions of the Portuguese 
word coelho. 

Tasalsub (a). Series, succession, conca- 

TasbiA (a). Praise, prayer ; a rosary, a 
chaplet of beads. 

Taslim (a). Salutation, greeting. 

Tasma (p. chas'mah). Spectacles. 

Tas'did (a). Corroboration ; corrobo- 
rating, confirming. 

Tasdik (a). To attest, to verify. 

Tatak. To cut with a vertical stroke. 
In Javanese, most probably taken in 
recent times from the Malay, it means 
" circumcision." 

Tatakan (bat). Any object placed imder 
another to support it, in the manner of 
a pedestal, as the paucer of a cup, &c. 

Tatampan. A scarf, any piece of dress 
thrown loose over the shoulders; v. 

Tatamu (jav). A guest, a visitor. 

Tatapa. Flesh dried in the sun, the jerk 
beef of American commerce ; v. Balur 
and Dendeng. 

Tiltapan. A yellow scarf worn by at- 
tendants at processions and other cere- 

Tatapi (s). But, yet, however, neverthe- 
less ; V. Tapi. 

Tatanip (j). A hut, a booth ; v. Tanib 
and Tarup. 

Tatal. Close woven, of close tex- 

T4tap (j). Fixed, fast, firm, stable ; im- 
movable, unshaken, steadfast ; certain, 
sure, indubitable ; secure, easy, as- 
sured, confident; bold, resolute, de- 

Tatapkan. To fix, to make fast or firm ; 
to establish, to settle ; to secure, to 

make certain ; to assure, to give con- 
fidence ; to confirm. 

Tatap-ati. Confidence, assurance, se- 

Tatas (j). To penetrate the skin without 
wounding; to break the shell for the 
emission of the chick (the hen) ; to 
break into. 

Tatiro. The snipe, Scohpax. 

TatoDgga (jav). The next village ; the 

Tawakul (a). Confidence, trust ; resigna- 

Taali, pronounced taala (a). Exalted, 
most high. 

Tabir (a). Explanation, interpretation. 

Tftjab (a). Surprised, astonishpd ; sur- 
prise, astonishment. 

TaliJk (a). Dependent, subject, tributary ; 
a province, a dependency. 

Tal'im (a). Reverence, respect, vene- 
ration ; a reverence, an obeisance ; 

Tarif (a). Notification ; verification. 

Teban. A stake at play; the money 
paid by the bridegroom to the parents 
of the bride. 

Tebur (bat). Spread out, expanded as a 

Teburk^n (bat). To cast a net. 

Teh (chin, of Canton). Tea, Thea. 

Tehko (chin). A teapot. 

Tehrap. Prone, lying with tlie face 
downwards ; inverted. 

Tehrapkan. To lay on the face ; to in- 

Teja (jav). The light. 

Teja-langkawa (jav). A rainbow. 

Teki (jav). Religious penance; religious 

Telor. Inarticulate, indistinct in utter- 

Tembak. To aim at, to take aim ; to 
shoot, to discharge a missile. 

Tembok (jav). A stone or brick wall. 

Tempel (bat). To fix on, to attach, to 
paste, to fasten with paste ; to placard. 

Tempang. Defect, impei-fection, blemish. 

Tempo (FOR. tempo). Time. 

Tenang. Astrology, divination. 

Tengok. To see, to look, to view, to 
spy ; to behold. 

Tepok. Palsy; paralytic. 

Ter (TEL). The castle at the game of 
chess ; a castle ; v. Tir. 

Teram (j). An oyster ; v. Tiram. 

Tetek. The breasts, the mammce. 

Tezi (p). A high-bred horse. 

Tiba (j). To fall, to diop from a height ; 
to befall, to happen, to come to pass, 
to arrive ; to arrive, to reach a place. 

Tiba-tiba (tiba). Suddenly, unawares, 
unexpectedly ; by chance. 




Tiba-jampi (jav). A mulct for wounding ; 
literally, " ai-rival of a remedy." 

Tida. No, not ; v. Tidak and Tiyada. 

Tidak, v. Tida. 

Tidor. Sleep, slumber ; to sleep ; asleep, 

Tidorka,n. To put to sleep, to set asleep. 

Tidun. Name of a place on the southern 
coast of Borneo. 

Tid-ar (jav). Name of a hill in the pro- 
vince of Kadu, in Java. 

Tiga (j). Three. 

Tiga-blas. Thirteen. 

Tiga-parampat. Three-fourths. 

Tiga-puluh. Thirty. 

Tiga-ratus. Three hundred. 

Tiga-i-ibu. Three thousand. 

Tiga-suku. Three-quarters. 

Tikal. The tical or silver coin and weight 
of Siam, weighing 225^ grains English. 

Tikar. A mat. 

Tikam. To stab ; to pierce, to prick ; a 
stab, a prick. 

Tikam-manikam. To stab mutually and 

Tike (j). A pellet or bolus of prepared 
opium. The word is probably of 
Chinese origin. 

Tiku. Name of a place on the western 
side of Sumatra. 

Tikus (j). A rat or mouse. 

Tikus-kasturi. The musk rat. 

Tilar (jav). To leave, to quit; to die. 

Tilaran (jav). The estate of a deceased 
person; inheritance. 

Tilas (jav). Print, mark, impression. 

Tilasan. Relics, remains; ruins. 

Tilam (j). A bedding, a mattress or 
carpet for sleeping on. 

Tilik (j. to inquire after). To gaze, to 
look at earnestly, to regard wistfully, 
to spy; favour, regard, affection, in- 
dulgence, consideration. 

Tilik. Incantation, magic. 

Timah (j). Tin. 

Timah-itam. Lead; literally, "black 

Timah-putih. Tin ; literally, " white 
tin," in contradistinction to "black," 
or lead. 

Timah-sari. Fine or pure tin ; literally, 
"flower tin." 

Timang. To fondle, to dandle. 

Timang-timangau. An object of delight; 
a fondling; a toy, a plaything; lite- 
rally, "the object fondled." 

Timba (j). To draw or discharge water 
with an utensil ; a bucket. 

Timba-ruwang. The well of a ship, the 
chamber in which the water is col- 
lected to be baled or pumped. 

Timbal. To requite, to make reciprocal ; 
to balance, to counterpoise. 

Timbalan. Balance, counterpoise ; name 
of an island between Borneo and the pe- 
ninsula, called in the maps Tambalau. 

Timbang (j). To weigh, to examine by 
the balance ; to balance, to countei'- 
poise ; to balance, to trim as a boat ; 
to weigh, to balance in the mind, to 
consider ; to estimate, to compare ; to 
rate, to appreciate. 

Timbangau. Weight ; weights ; balance, 
counterpoise ; comparison, estimate ; 
match, fellow. 

Timbang-timbangan. Alias, otherwise. 

Timbu. To plank a boat or vessel, to 
put the planks on the frame ; to build 
upon or raise a boat by additional 

Timbul. The bread-fruit, Artocarpus hi- 
cisa ; V. Kluwi and Tambul. 

Timbul (j). To emerge, to rise to the 
surface ; to rise, to appear in view ; to 
float, to swim on the surface ; to shoot, 
to germinate, to spring, to grow ; to 
accrue, to arise ; rising, appearing ; 
floaty, buoyant; cui'rent, present, now 

Timbulan. A float ; a buoy. 

TimbulkAn. To cause to appear ; to dis- 
cover, to bx'ing to light. 

Timbun (j). To heap, to pile, to accu- 
mulate ; flat, plumj) ; a heap, a pile ; 
V. Tambun. 

Timbunan. A heap, a pile, an accumu- 
lation ; a mound. 

Timbusu. Name of a tree. 

Timiyang. Name of a place on the 
north-eastern coast of Sumatra. 

Timoro. Name of a trading port on the 
island of Muna, lying between Celebes 
and Bauton. 

Timpa. To beat, to strike ; to beat out, 
to hammer, to forge ; v. Tampa. 

Timpa. To fall, to drop ; to sink, to be 
overwhelmed, to be distres.sed. 

Timpiian (timpa). A handsel. 

Timpakan. To throw down, to over- 
throw, to overwhelm. 

Timpang. Lame, halt, crippled. 

Timpawus. Name of a quadruped. 

Timpuh (j). To sit with the legs imder 

Timpuh. A ransom, an equivalent. 

Timpuhk.ln. To ransom, to redeem ; to 
give an equivalent. 

Timukus (bat). The cubeb pepper, Piper 
cubeba; v. Kamukus. 

Timun (j). A cucumber, Cucumis sativus. 

Timur (jav). Young. 

Timur. The island of Timor, the most 
southerly of the large islands of the 

Timur. The east, the orient. 

Timur-Iaut. North-east. 




Timur-samata-utara. East -north -east; 
literally, " east, one point north," the 
compass being divided into 16 parts 

Timur-tanggara. East-south-east. 

Timur-tapat. True east, or due east. 

Tind'Sa (j). To press, to squeeze. 

Tindik (J). To bore the ears. 

Tind-ik (jat). A head-man. 

Tind-ik (j). Incumbent, imposed, laying 

Tind-ik-ma,nindik. Laying one on top of 
the other. 

Tinjau (j. tinjo). To view an object from 
a distance, to spy. 

Tinju. The fist. 

Tinjukan. To strike with the fist, to 
deal fisticuffs, to bos. 

Tinta (for). Dye, colour, tint, hue; 
paint; ink. 

Tintang. To behold, to look at ; to espy, 
to descry. 

Tmting. To sift, to bolt. 

Tinggal (j). To remain, to continue, to 
wait, to stay ; to dwell, to reside ; to 
remain, to be left, to rest over; to 
omit, to leave out ; continuing, lasting, 
permanent ; adieu, farewell ! 

Tinggalan (j). Remnant, residue, re- 
mainder; inheritance, heritage. 

Tinggalkan. To cause to be left, to effect 
a quitting ; to quit, to leave ; to re- 
linquish, to abandon, to forsake ; to 
die (quit life, or the world) ; to omit, 
to neglect ; to avoid, to shun. 

Tinggar (for. espingarda). A matchlock 
gun ; V. Satinggar and Estingarda. 

Tingger. To perch or alight as a bird ; 
to sit uneasily on the side or edge of a 
seat ; to tarry for a short time. 

Tinggeran. A perch, a roost. 

Tinggi (j). High, lofty, tall ; high, dear ; 
high, elevated in rank ; high, advanced 
as in age ; height. 
, Tinggian. Height, elevation. 

Tinggikan. To heighten, to i-aise higher, 
tq elevate ; to exalt. 

Tingging. Name of a fish. 

Tinggong. To sit on the heels. 

Tingkah. To sound a musical instrument. 

Tingkah. Trickish, artful. 

Tingkah (j). Conduct, behaviour, de- 
meanour, deportment ; gait, way, man- 

Tingkal. Borax. 

Tingkar (j. tukar ?). To dispute, to wi-an- 
gle ; to contradict. 

Tingkat. A floor : a story ; the deck of 
a ship. 

Tingkap. A window, a casement. 

Tipar (jav). Cultivation of the land by 
felling and burning the forest, and 
snatching a single crop ; v. TJmah. 

Tipis (j). Thin, not thick, not deep ; 
thin, fine, slender, delicate ; v. Nipis. 

Tipoh. Hemiplegy ; palsy ; paralytic. 

Tipu. Wile, trick, deceit, cheat, fraud ; 
cunning, stratagem, art; to trick, to 
cheat, to deceive. 

Tipukan. To trick, to deceive, to cheat, 
to defraud, to circumvent, to beguile. 

Tir (tel). a castle; the castle at the 
game of chess ; v. Ter. 

Tirai. A curtain; hangings, arras, ta- 

Tir am (j). An oyster; v. Teram. 

Tiri. Relationship by marriage ; equiv.v 
lent to the prefix " step " in English. 

Tins. To leak out, to let a fluid escape 
from not being stanch ; to ooze. 

Tiru (j). To follow, to imitate, to copy ; 
to copy, to transcribe. 

Tii-uk. Name of an insect. 

Tisi. (bat). To darn. 

Titah (j). Command, mandate, precept, 
rescrijit, edict, decree, order; the royal 
word ; to order, to command, to en- 
join, to prescribe ; to speak (the king). 
The primaiy meaning of the word in 
Javanese is "to make, to create," and 
fifom this may be derived its flattering 
significations in Malay. It is one of 
five words appropriated to royalty ; 
the others are, patek, " a slave," as the 
pei-sonal pronoun of the first person ; 
murka, " wToth ; " kurniya, " grace, fa- 
vour," and anugi-ah, "a gift." The 
three last are Sanskrit, and the other 
two, most ILkelv, Javanese. 

Titah (jiial titah). To forge the royal 
signet, or to make a criminal use of 
the king's name ; literally, " to sell the 
royal word." 

Titahkan. To order, to command. 

Titer (j). To beat or tap a drum. 

Titi. To walk over a single plank or tree ; 
a single plank or tree placed across a 
stream for a footpath ; a bridge ; a 
wharf ; a quay. 

Titian. Abridge; a wharf ; a quay. 

Titik. A drop ; a spot, a speck ; to drop, 
to trickle. 

Titir. To walk on a single plank ; v. 

Titimongsa (jat). Date, epoch ; literally, 
" exact time." 

Tiwas (j). Worsted, beaten, defeated, 
overcome ; defeat, discomfiture ; defi- 
cient, failing, wanting. 

Tiyada. No, not; v. Tida, Tidak, and 

Tiyada-barputusan. Uninterrupted, un- 
broken, continuous. 

Tiyada-dapat-tiyada. Indispensable; v. 

Tiyada-jamah. Never. 




Tiyada-mdngapa. It matters not, never 

Tiyada-pdrna. Never. 

Tij'ada-sakali. Not in the least, not at 
all ; literally, " not once." 

Tij'ada-tarkera. Countless, innumerable. 

Tiyang (jav). A man, a human being. 
This word belongs to the ceremonial 
language, and is, I have no doubt, 
derived from the next word, meaning 
a post or i^illar, a sense in which it 
does not exist in Javanese. 

Tiyang (j). A pole ; a post ; a shaft ; a 
pillar ; a mast. 

Tiyang-agung. The main mast, —a literal 

Tiyang-band'era. A flag-staflf. 

Tiyang-balah. The partial and incom- 
plete discharge of a debt, a kind of 
bankruptcy ; literally, " split mast." 

Tiyang-paiiurung. The mizen mast ; 
literally, " the shoving or pushing on 

Tiyang-raat. A distaff. 

Tiyang-topang. The foremast. I have not 
been able to discover the dei-ivation of 
the last word. 

Tiyamiim (a). Rubbing with sand or 
dust instead of the prescribed Maho- 
medan ablutions when there is no 

Tiyap. Every, each. 

Tiyap-tiyap, v. Tiydp. 

Tiyap-ari. Daily. 

Tiyap-malam. Nightly, every night. 

Tiydp-suwatu. Every one, each one. 

Tiyap-taiin. Yearly. 

Tiyung. Name of a bird, a starling. 

Tiyung-batu. Name of a species of star- 

Tiyuug-blachan. Name of a species of 

Tiyung-mas. Name of a species of star- 
ling ; literally, "the golden starling." 
Tliis is the hill minar of India, Gracula 

Tiyup. To blow, to make a current of 
air ; to sound as a musical wind instru- 

Tiyupkan. To blow, to drive by wind ; 
to blow, to sound a musical wind 

Toh (jav). a stake ; a deposit at play. 

Tohor. Lime, quicklime. 

Tohor. Shallow, not deep; shallow, 
intellectually superficial. 

Tohorkan. To run a vessel a-ground in 
order to repair her. 

Tohtohan (toh). Wager, bet; play, gam- 

Tokak. To gnaw; ei-ysipelaa. 

Tokong. Shaving the head ; shaved (a 

Tolak (j. tulak). To push, to shove ; to 
repel ; v. Tulak. 

Tolak-bara (j). Ballast. 

Toli-toli (bd). Name of a place in Ce- 

Tom (jav). The indigo plant, Indigo- 
fera tinctoria ; v. Tarum. 

Tomba (jav). Remedy, medicine, phy- 

Tombak (j. tumbak). A spear, a lance, 
a pike ; v. Tumbak. 

Tombong (jav). The fundament. 

Tombra (j). Name of a fish. 

Tonda. To be led by a halter; to be 
towed as a vessel; drifted, driven, 
carried on involuntarily; to follow 
servilely ; v. Tunda. 

Tondong (bat). To dismiss, to discard ; 
to extrude, to drive out. 

Tonton (bat). To behold, to look at. 

Tontong. Name of a species of fresh 
water tortoise. 

Tong. A cask ; a tub. 

Tongkang. Name of a large kind of 

Tongkat. A staff, a walking-stick. 

Tongkau. A fire-place consisting of three 
stones on which the cooking utensil 
rests ; v. Tongku. 

Tongking. The kingdom of Tonquin. 

Tongkop. A canopy, a cupola. 

Tongku, V. Tongkau. 

Top. The designation of the smaller 
class of junks or vessels of Chinese 
build, whether Chinese, Cochinchinese, 
Siamese, or colonial. 

Topekong. Name given by the Javanese 
and Malays to the principal idol of a 
Chinese temple. 

Topeug (j). a mask, a visor, a vizard ; 
a jplayer that acts in a mask, a masker, 
a mummer. 

Topong (jav). a kind of crown or tiara 
worn by the princes of Java. 

Towak. To chip. 

Tra. Stamp, impression ; name of a 
small tin coin. This is probably an 
abbreviation of the Sanskrit word yatra, 
"coin" or "monej'," in which form 
and sense it is found in Javanese. 

Trah. To chip. 

Trah (jav). Source, root ; ancestry, 
lineage, pedigree. 

Traju (j). A balance, scales. 

Tran. To make an effort to expel, as in 
the throes of parturition. 

Trang. Name of a place in the northern 
jiart of the Malay peninsula. 

Trang (j). Light ; the light ; light, not 
dark ; bright, cleai-, luminous ; clear, 
fair, serene ; clear, perspicuous, evident, 
plain, manifest; clear, clean, quite, 
entirely; v. TArang. 


[ 195] 


Trangkan. To enlighten, to illuminate ; 

to clear, to free from obscurity, to 

make obvious or perspicuous. 
Trap. Name of a species of Artocarpus 

yielding a glutinous juice used as 

Trap (jAv). Way, manner; rule, order, 

Tras. The heart of timber ; the choice 

part of anything. 
Trasi (jav). A condiment of bruised 

and pickled prawns and other small 

fish, the blachan of the Malays. 
Trasub. Desire, inclination. 
Trate (j). The lotus flower, Nelumbium 

speciosum ; v. Tarate. 
Tranggalung (j), v. Tanggakmg. 
Trangganu. Name of a Malay state on 

the eastern side of the peninsula ; v. 

Tranggiling, v. Tarangiling. 
Tranggulung, v. Taranggulung. 
Trigata (s). Name of a personage of the 

Ramayana, daughter of Wibisana and 

niece of Rawana. 
Trigo (for). Wheat, Triticum vulgare. 
Trihaya (s). Name of a son of Rawana, 

in the Ramayana. 
Trima (j), v. Tarima. 
Trinil (jav). A snipe, Scolopax. 
Tripang. The bech de mer, Holothurion ; 

V. Suwala. 
Trisirah (s). Name of a son of Rawana ; 

literally, "the three-beaded." 
Trisula (s). A trident, a three-pronged 

spear ; v. Tarsula. 
Triwaneh (s). Name of a son of Rawana, 

in the Ramayana. 
Triujung (s and j). Three-pointed; a 

Triyak. To ciy, to roar; to make a 

complaint ; v. Tariyak. 
Tropong (j). A blow-pipe, used chiefly 

as a bellows for kindling a fire ; a 

telescope. The name of the European 

instrument is obviously taken from the 

rude native one. In Javanese the 

primary meaning is not a blow-pipe, 

but a weaver's shuttle. 
Tropong-abu. Blow-pipe for kindling a 

fire ; literally '' ashes blow-pipe." 
Trubuk. Name of a fish, the cured roes 

of which are a large object of native 

trade. The chief seat of the fishery is 

the river of Siak on the north-eastern 

side of Sumatra, to which the fish 

resort for spawning. 
Ti-uk. The sound made by rending, tear- 
ing, or similar disruption. 
Trum. To squat, to cower, to couch ; v. 

Trumbu. A dangerous hidden rock in 

the sea. 

Trumpah (j). A kind of sandals; v. 

Truna (s). Young, youthful; a youth; 
V. Taruna. 

Truug (j. teroug). The egg plant; v. 

Tiningku (jav). To imprison. 

Trus (j). Through, from one side to the 
other, right through; throughout, in 
every part; thorough, complete; wholly, 
entirely, perfectly; to pass through, 
to pervade, to permeate. 

Trusan (j). Permeation ; a canal ; a 
branch stream from oue river to 
another; a path leading from one 
village to another ; a thoroughfare. 

Trus-gunung. Name of a tree, Hartigh- 
sea excelsa. 

Trus-mata. Prescience, foreknowledge, 
knowledge of future events ; prescient, 
prophetic, gifted with the power of 
foretelling ; foretelling. 

Ti-usi. Green vitriol, sulphate of iron. 

Trust-i. Name of a Hindu deity. 

Trutau. Name of an island towards the 
western end of the straits of Malacca. 

Tiian. Lord, master; v. Tuhan and 

Tuba (j). Name of a plant the sap of 
which stupefies fish, Dalbergia. 

Tuban (jav). Name of a maritime pro- 
vince in the eastern part of Java. 

Tubat (a). Repentance, contrition ; mercy 
on us ! an expression of surprise. 

Tuber. Deep, having great depth, pro- 
found ; depth, profundity ; an abyss ; a 
precipice ; the precij)itous bank of a 

Tubi-tubi. Successively, uninterruptedly. 

Tuboh. The body, the person. 

Tubok. To perforate, to bore. 

Tubu-tubu. A kind of kris hilt. 

Tucha (jav). Silk ; v. Sutra. 

Tud'ak. Name of a fish. 

Tud-ing (j). To point at with the finger ; 
to indicate. 

Tud-uh. To show, to point out ; to 
accuse, to charge, to impeach. 

Tud-uhan. Indication ; charge, accusation. 

Tud'ung (j). A cover; a lid ; a hood ; 
an umbrella hat, or a hat with a very 
broad brim worn by some tribes; to 
cover ; to shut. 

Tud'ungan. A covering ; a hood. 

Tud-ungkan. To cover, to conceal by a 
covering ; to hood. 

Tud-ung-liyar. Name of a small snake ; 
literally, " wild hooded-snake." 

Tud'ung-mata-ari. Name of a small yel- 
low snake ; literally, " hooded-snake of 
the sun." 

Tud'ung-panas. An awning; literally, 
" heat-covering." 


[ 106 ] 


Tud'ung-priyuk. Name of a fish ; lite- 
rally, " pot-lid fish." 

Tud'ung-sala. Name of a large snake ; 
literally, "hooded snake of space or 

Tud'ung-sand'uk. The cobra, or hooded 
snake ; literally, " the snake with the 
ladle-shaped hood." 

Tufii- (a). Help, aid ; giiidance, leading. 

Tugar (j). Tillage without irrigation, 
dry field culture. 

TugAl (JAV). To lop, to cut off. 

Tugor. To address, to accost ; v. Tdgor. 

Tugu (jAv). A column, a pillar; a 
boundary mark, terminus. 

Tuguk. A gulp ; to gulp. 

Tuhan. The lord, god, the creator. The 
word in this sense is always written 
with the aspirate, to distinguish it 
from ttian or tuwan, " lord " or " mas- 
ter," which is obviously the primitive 
meaning. There is no word in the 
native languages for the deity, as might 
be expected, and this Malay word 
which is now current throughout the 
Archipelago seems to have been adopted 
by the apostles of Mahomedanism. 

Tuhu (jAv). True, sincere; just, up- 

Tuju (j). To aim, to level at, to direct, 
to point against ; to regard, to look 
towards ; to aim, to attempt, to endea- 
vour ; aim, direction ; course, progress ; 
aim, endeavour; towards, in a direc- 
tion to. 

Tujlian. The object aimed at ; a mark, 
a butt, a target. 

Tujuh. Seven. 

Tujuh-blas. Seventeen. 

Tujvih-puluh. Seventy. 

Tujuh-ratus. Seven hundred. 

Tujuh-ribu. Seven thousand. 

Tukak (bat). A soi-e, an ulcer; an im- 

Tukal. To dibble, to plant by dibbling 
or making holes for the seed. 

Tukang (j). An artificer, an, a 
Wright, a craftsman, a manufacturer; 
an adopt ; master or mate of a ship. 
In the native Javanese dictionary, the 
word "juru" is given as its syuonyme, 
which is gencrallj', but not always, 
true in Malay also. 

Tukangan. Art, trade, craft. 

Tukang-agung. A master artificer, or 

Tukang-basuh. A washer ; a fuller, 
washerman; washerwoman. 

Tukang-bata. A bricklayer, a mason. 

Tukaug-batu. A stonemason. 

Tukang-basi. A blacksmith. 

Tukang-chat. A painter. 

Tukang-chahip. A dyer. 

Tukang-chukor. A barber, a shaver. 

Tukang-dapur. A cook. 

Tukang-gambar. A painter, a delineator. 

Tukang-gurinda. A cutler. 

Tukang-jaib. A tailor. 

Tukang-kanan. First mate of a ship. 

Tukang-kapal. A shipwright. 

Tukang-kaj'u. A carpenter, a joiner. 

Tukang-kiri. Second mate of a ship. 

Tukang-kris. A kris-maker. 

Tukang-kumbah (jav). A washer; a 

Tukang-larik. A turner. 

Tukang-mas. A goldsmith. 

Tukang-mariam. A cannonier, a gunner. 

Tukang-parampuan. A procuress; a pimp. 

Tukang-tanun. A weaver. 

Tukang-ubat. A doctor, a physician. 

Tukang-wayang. An actor, a player. 

Tukar (jav). To quarrel, to brawl, to 
dispute, to wrangle. 

Tukaran. Quarrel, brawl, dispute, alter- 

Tukar. To change, to shift, to alter; 
to barter; change, shift, alteration; ex- 
change, barter. 

Tukarkan. To exchange, to barter. 

Tukar-manukar. Barter, bartering, mak- 
ing exchanges. 

Tukar-chinchin. To betroth, to contract 
for a marriage ; literally, " to exchange 

Tukas. To accuse, to charge with an 
offence ; accusation. 

Tukal (j). A hank, a skein. 

Tukal. Contradiction, incongruity; un- 

Tuku (j. to buy?). A shop, a work- 

Tukuh. To pin do-wn, to make fast ; 
the contrivance for attaching a Malayan 
vessel's rudder. 

Tukul. To strike, to beat ; v. Pukul. 

Tukun. Rocks in the sea visible above 
water ; a reef, a chain of rocks. 

Tukung. Having the hair croi^ped ; 
bare, naked, without wood. 

Tula. Three days hence, the second day 
after to-morrow. 

Tulad-an (j). Model ; exemplar, pattern 
for imitation ; v. Talad'an. 

Tulah. A judgment, a curse, a maledic- 
tion for impiety or sacrilege. 

Tulak (jav). The practice of certain 
ceremonies to avert evil. The word is 
probably the same as the next. 

Tulak (j). To shove, to push ; to propel, 
to push forward ; to push b}% to thrust 
aside ; to deduct or subtract ; to sail, 
to put to sea ; that is, to push from 
shore ; v. Tolak. 

Tnlakkfln. To repel, to drive back; to 
avert, to turn off; to expel, to eject; 


[ 197 ] 


to discharge, to dismiss, to remove 
from place or office. 

Tulak-bara. Ballast ; v. Tolak-bara. 

Tulak-sanjata. A ransom paid to avert 
hostility; literally, "averting arms." 

Tulang. A hone ; bone ; a cubit, reckon- 
ing from the elbow to the wrist. 

Tulang-kring. The shin-bone; literally, 
" the di-y bone," perhaps from being 
less covered with flesh than any other. 

Tulang-muda. Gristle, cartilage j lite- 
rally, " young bone." 

Tulayan (s). A fisherman ; v. Nalayan 
and Nalayan. 

Tuli. Deaf, hard of hearing. 

Tulih. To look askance, to leer. 

Tulis (j). To draw, to delineate, to 
paint, to picture, to figure ; to write, 
to represent by letters ; drawing, deli- 
neation : writing. 

Tulisan. A drawing, a delineation ; a 
writing ; a picture. 

Tuluk. An esaminatiou of weights and 
measures by authority. 

Tulung (j). Help, aid, assistance, support, 
succour; to help, to aid, to assist, to 
support, to succour, to second. 

Tulus (j). Sincere, true ; trusty, loyal, 
faithful ; sincerity ; fidelity ; trust, 

Tulus (j). Prosperous, fortunate ; pros- 

Turn (dct. toom). A bridle. 

Tuma (j). A tick ; a louse. 

Tumandang (j). According to, agreeably 

Tumandur. Name of a Malay principality 
on the western coast of Borneo. 

Tumang. To forsake, to desert. 

Tumang. A stake or post to which cattle 
are bound. 

Tumanggung (j), v. Tamanggung. 

Tumbak (j). A spear, a lance, a pike ; 
V. Tombak. 

Tumbakkan. To spear ; to pierce or 
wound with a spear. 

Tumbang. To fall, to tumble down. 

Tumbangi. To cause to fall, to throw 
down ; to cast. 

Tumbeu (bat). First, earliest. 

Tumbuh (j. tuwuh). To gi-ow, to germi- 
nate, to shoot, to vegetate ; to gi'ow, 
to spring up ; to arise, to proceed, to 
spi-ing from. 

Tumbuh an. Vegetation ; shoots, sprouts ; 
anything that spiings up ; a troop, a 
band of retainers. 

Tumbuk (j). To pound, to stamp, to 

Tumbung. Seed of plants. 

Tumbung. Prolapsiis uteri vel ani. 

Tumbung-aiiut. Name of a plant. Can- 
Ihium Rheedii. 

Tumbung-bulu. Name of a plant. Can- 
thium Cornelia. 

Tumbang-lichin. Name of a plant. Can- 
thium horridum. 

Tumolok. The craw or crop of a bird. 

Tumis. To stew, to seeth ; a dish cooked 
by seething. 

Tumit. The heel. 

Tumpah. To spill, to shed, to pour out. 

Tumpang (j). To be accommodated with 
room in a house for person or goods; 
to be accommodated with carriage or 
transport by land; to be accommo- 
dated with passage or freight ; to 
lodge, to dwell in a lodging. 

Tumpangan. Accommodation ; lodging ; 
store-room ; carriage, transport ; pas- 
sage, freight. 

Tumpat. Choked, stopped up ; crowded, 
filled with people. 

Tumpatkan. To shut up, to close; to 
choke, to block up ; to suppress, to 

Tumpas (j). Exterminated, extirpated, 
rooted out, destroyed. 

Tumpaskan. To exterminate, to root 
out, to destroy. 

Tumpu. Adjoining, adjacent, contiguous. 

Tumpu. To spring, to bound from the 
ground with a spring. 

TumpUan. The foot-board of a bed, the 

Tumpuk (j). To heap, to pile, to stack. 

Tumpidian. A heap, a pile ; a stack, a 

Tumpul. Blunt, dull on the edge or 

Tumurun (j). To descend, to come 
down ; to alight. 

Tun. A titular prefix to the names of 
persons of inferior rank. 

Tuna (jAv). Loss; detriment. 

Tunai. Ready money payment ; prompt 
payment ; coined money, specie ; cash ; 
V. Tune. 

Tunang. To betroth, to affiance, to con- 
tract for a marriage. 

Tunangan. The party betrothed in mar- 
riage ; betrothing, marriage. 

Tunas. To shoot, to sprout, to vegetate ; 
a shoot, a sprout. 

Tunam. A match, a light to kindle. 

Tunda. To be led by a halter, to be 
towed as a vessel ; to be drifted or 
carried involuntarily; to follow ser- 
\alely ; v. Tonda. 

Tunduk (j). To bow, to bend the body, 
to stoop ; to yield, to submit. It is 
known in the last or figurative sense 
only in Javanese. 

Tundukkan. To bow, to cause to bend. 

Tundukkan-d'iri. To humble oneself 

Ttmdun. Thepvhes; mons Veiieris. 


[ 198 ] 


Tund'a (jav). A layer, a sti-atum, a bed ; 

a step, a degree ; a floor, a story ; a 

stage ; the deck of a ship. 
Tund-au (jav). A stage ou a journey; 

relays of horses or men ou a journey. 
Tune, V. Tuuai. 
Tunjuk. To point out, to indicate ; to 

show, to demonstrate. 
Tunjukkan. To show, to exhibit to 

view ; to guide, to direct ; to submit, 

to represent. 
Tunjuk-langit. Name of certain upright 

beams in a house roof; literally, " sky- 
Tunjung. Name of an ornamental tree, 

Talaunia Candolki. 
Tuntang (jav). Name of a river running 

through the province of Samarang, in 

Tuntun (j). To lead, to guide by the 

hand ; to lead by a bridle or halter. 
Tuntung. Name of a sjiecies of fresh- 
water tortoise. 
Tuntut. To demand, to claim ; to ask 

for, to require, to demand. 
Tunu (j). To burn, to be consumed by 

fire ; to burn, to consume with fire. 
Tunukiln. To consume with fire. 
Tuugau. Name of an insect. 
Tunggal (j). One, sole, single, only; 

Tunggal (jav). Name of the principal 

deity of the Javanese in the time of 

Tunggang. Inverted, turned upside down. 
Tunggang (j). To ride, to be conveyed 

by any vehicle. 
Tunggangan. Vehicle, carriage. 
Tunggang-lenggang. To fall heels over 

head ; to run helter-skelter. 
Tunggcng. Inverted, turned \ipside 

down. This is the pronunciation in 

Bencoolen ; v. Tunggang. 
Tungging. Having the lower part jutting 

out ; having the part which ought to 

be below, uppermost. 
Tunggu. To watch, to keep guard ; to 

watch, to observe. 
Tunggiii. To guard, to watch over. 
Tunggul. The bare stump of a tree ; 

stock, trunk ; destitute, in want. 
Tunggul. An ensign, a banner. 
Tungking. Tonquin ; v. Tongking. 
Tungku. An abbreviation of tuwanku ; 

V. Tangku and Tuwanku. 
Tungkup. A kind of litter or sedan. 
Tupai. A squirrel ; cleets or bits of wood 

nailed to the sides, or to the masts of a 

vessel, to ascend by. 
Tupai-jinjing. Name of a species of 

Tupai-uandmig. Name of a species of 


Turaja (bu). Name of a wild people of 
the interior of Celebes. 

Turak. A shuttle. 

Turap. To overlay, to coat ; to plaster ; 
to pave. 

Turas. To imprison, to put in confine- 

Tures. To slash, to make incisions. 

Turi. Name of a tree, Aj/ati grandiflora. 

Turid (a). The Pentateuch, the books 
of Moses. 

Tiirk (A). Turcoman. 

Turn (jav). To sleep ; asleep. 

Turun (j). To descend, to come or go 
down ; to alight ; to dismount ; to 
laud, to disembark; to set, to fall 
below the horizon ; to descend, to pro- 
ceed from an ancestor; to fall, to 
decrease, to diminish ; to sink, to sub- 
side ; to abate, to grow less ; to happen, 
to occur; descent, coming or going 

Turunan (j). Descent, birth, extraction ; 
lineage, pedigree, genealogy; copy, tran- 

Turunkan. To lower, to cause to de- 
scend ; to take down, to dismount, to 
throw from an elevation ; to launch a 
ship ; to copy, to transcribe ; to trans- 

Turun-layar. To lower, or take in the 

Turun-manvirun. A common passenger 
in a ship. 

Tm-un-tumurun (j). From generation to 
generation, in a succession of genera- 

Turns. The posts or upright stakes of 
a fence ; trees planted to give shade 
and support to scandent plants, as to 
the black and betel peppers ; a post, a 

Turuskan. To stake, to fasten with 

Turut (j). To follow, to go after; to 
succeed, to follow in order ; to obey, 
to comply, to conform; to assent, to 
consent, to comply ; to imitate, to copy ; 
to resemble, to take after ; to sail free, 
not close on a wind ; following, accord- 
ing to. 

Turut-turut. Successively. 

Tu.suk (bat). To stick, to stab. 

Tusuk-tusuk. To incite, to instigate, to 
stir up, to egg on. 

Tutuli (j). To lop, to prune, to trim. 
In Javanese it means also, " to upbraid, 
to reproach." 

Tutuk (J. tutu). To pound, to stamp, to 

Tutul (jAv). A speck, a spot ; speckled, 

Tutup (j). To shut, to close, to stop ; 


[ 199 ] 


to shut, to enclose, to confine ; to enve- 
lope, to wrap, to cover ; to overspi'ead ; 
to include, to enclose; to suppress, to 
keep in, not to let out ; shut, closed, 
stopped; enclosed, confined; enveloped; 
covered over ; a cover ; a stopper ; a 
lid ; a wrapper, an enveloi^e ; closure, 
end, termination ; rear. 
Tutupan. A cover; a covering; a veil, 

a hood ; closure ; rear. 
Tutupkan. To shut, to close, to stop; 
to shut, to confine ; to envelope, to 
enwrap ; to cover over, to overspread. 
Tutupi, V. Tutupkan. 
Tutur (j). To say, to speak, to utter ; to 
talk, to converse ; to tell, to relate, to 
recite, to narrate ; speech, language, 
talk, conversation; relation, narration, 
Tutui-i. To relate, to narrate. 
Tutur-nidnutur. To converse, to talk 

mutually; conversation, talk, chat. 
Tuwah (j. tuwa). Old, aged ; old, ancient ; 
old, not new ; ripe, mature, perfected ; 
deep in colour, not light-coloured ; 
pure, of a fine water, as a gem ; fine, of 
a high touch, as gold. 
Tuwah. Lucky, fortunate. In this sense 
the word is not known to the Java- 
nese, and although of the same sound, 
is probably distinct from the last 
Tuwai. The instrument used in reaping 
corn ; the Malay sickle ; to reap corn 
with a sickle. 
Tuwaine (bu). Name of a Bugis state in 

Tuwaju (bu). Name of a Bugis state and 

tribe in Celebes. 
Tuwak (j. warak). The extracted sap of 

palms, palm wine. 
Tuwala (for. tuhala). A towel. 
Tuwalan (j. tala). A bee-hive ; a honey- 
Tuwam (bat). To foment, to apply fo- 
Tuwan (j). Lord, master ; owner, pro- 
prietor; thou, in addressing a supe- 
Tuwan-dmba. My lord, my master; lite- 
rally, " master of the slave," used as a 
pronoun of the second person. 
Tuwanku. My lord, or more literally, 
" lord of me ; "' v. Tangku and Tungku. 
Tuwang. To pour out; to pour into; to 

cast in a mould. 
Tuwas. To lift by a lever. 
Tuwasan. The basket of a fishing weir 
which is raised by a lever ; the weir or 
fishing stakes in which such basket is 
Tuwaliit (a). Calamity, misfortune. 
Tiiwariik (a). To sit at prayer on one 

hip, the right leg under the left thigh, 

and the left leg extended. 
Tuwe. To lift by a lever ; v. Tuwas. 
Tuwi. Name of a shell-fish. 
Tuwuk (jav). Full, satiated. 

T'ATIT (jav). Lightning. 

T-ole (jav). Darling, pet; a term of en- 
dearment to a child. 

T'olek (jav). a boy, a lad. 

T-ukul (j). To shoot, to germinate ; a 
shoot, a sprout. 

Tutuk (j). To tap, to knock; to pound, 
to stamp. 

T-uyul (JAv). A harlot. 

lAAT (a). Obedience to the service of 

Tahir (a). Clean, pure, unsullied ; chaste ; 

Tabak (a). A bowl, a dish. 

rabal (a), a drum, a tambourine. 

Tabalkan. To di-um ; to make a proces- 
sion with drums. 

Tabai (a). Natural; nature, tempera- 
ment, quality. 

Tabib (a), a physician. 

Talak (a). Divorce, repudiation. 

2%\a,h (a). To ask, to demand ; to peti- 
tion, to pray for ; to seek. 

Tama (a). Avarice, covetousness. 

Tarik (a). Way, path ; order ; rite. 

Tambur (tue). A drum, a tambour- 

Tliwaf (a). To go round, to go about. 

Tir (a). Levity of mind. 

yufan (a), a tempest, a hurricane. I 
suspect the word typhoon, usually ap- 
plied by Europeans to the equinoctial 
tempests of the Indian seas, is but a 
corruption of this word, most probably 
taken from the Malays, the first Indian 
people with whom our traders became 
acquainted. The word "ty-foong," 
used by the Chinese of Canton, is most 
probably also a corruption of the 
Arabic word, through Europeans. 

Tiiil (a). Long in duration ; length, ex- 
tent, duration. 

UbAH (j. owah). To change, to alter, 
to shift, to vary ; to deviate, to swerve 
to equivocate ; to prevaricate ; change, 
altei'ation ; variation, mutation ; de 
viation, swerving ; equivocation ; pre 

UbahkAn. To change, to alter, to pro 


[ 200 ] 


duce alteration, to shift ; to deviate 
from, to depai't from. 
Uban (j. uwau). Grey hair, gi-ey-haired, 

Ubau. A hermit, an ascetic. This may 
probably be the same word as the 
Uban-uban. The crown of the head ; 

V. Ubun-ubun. 
Ubar. Name of a red wood used for 
dyeing and tanning sails and fishing- 

Ubar (j. ud'ar). To loose, to unbind, to 

Ubar (bat). To chase, to pursue ; to 
repel, to drive off. 

Ubat. A spell, a charm, an incantation ; 
remedy ; medicine, physic, drug ; gim- 

Ubatan (ubat). Conjuring, charming; 
the pi'actice of incantations. 

Ubati. To charm, to conjure ; to physic, 
to administer medicines. 

Ubat-ubat. Formulas for incantations; 
medical prescriptions ; treatise on the 
art of medicine. 

Ubat- bad il. Gunpowder ; literally, 
" charm or medicine of missile wea- 

Ubat-raja. Name of a shi-ub, Sniilax 
Zeylonica ; v. Kayu-china. 

Ubaya. By all means, above all things ; 
to all intent. 

UbAng (JAV). To turn round, to revolve ; 
circumference, circle. 

Ubi (j. uwi). A general term for fari- 
naceous esculent roots, equivalent to 
our word " corn " in reference to the 
Cerealia; most probably applied first 
to some species of yam, or Dloscorea. 

Ubi-ara. Name of an escuksnt root, an 

Ubi-badak. Name of a yam, Dioscorea 
spiculata; literally, "rhinoceros yam." 

Ubi-balanda or -walanda. The American 
potatoe. Solarium tuberosum ; literally, 
"the yam of Holland." 

Ubi-butung. Name of a yam, Dloscorea 
alata ; literally, " yam of Bouton." 

Ubi-gad'ung. Name of a yam, Dioscorea 

Ubi-jawa. The Batata, or sweet potatoe ; 
literally " the yam of Java," Convol- 
vulus batatas. This name is confined 
to the Malays and Javanese, but there 
is no ground, on this accomit, for be- 
lieving the plant to be indigenous in 
Java. It is probably derived from the 
root being cultivated principally in 
that island. 

Ubi-kS,ntang. Name of an esculent root, 
Ocimum tuberosum. 

Ubi-kastila or -katela. The Batata, or 

sweet potatoe, Convolvulvs batatas; v. 
Ubi-lilin. Name of a yam; litei-ally, 

" waxy yam ;" v. Ubi-butung. 
Ubi-upas. Poison yam, Dioscwea bulbi- 

Ububan (jav). Bellows. 
Ubun-ubim. The c;rown of the head ; 

the fontanel ; v. Uban-uban. 
Ubung. To join, to unite, to connect, to 

link, to piece ; to splice. 
Ubuugan. Joining, junction, union, bind- 
ing ; connexion, link ; league. 

Uchap (j). To speak, to utter words, to 
pronounce, to express. 

Uchat. Unseemly, improper. 

Uchul (jav). Loose, untied, set free, 

Udah. Ugly, ill-favoured. 

Udanagara (j and s). Public laws, insti- 

Udar. Aged, advanced in years ; v. Adftr. 

Udara. The sky, the firmament ; the at- 

Udayaua (jav). Name of an ancient 
king of Java. 

Udud (j). To smoke, to inhale smoke. 

Ududan. A smoking pipe. 

Ud'ang (j. urang). A prawn, a shrimp. 

Ud'ang-busung. Name of a species of 

Ud-ang-satang. Name of a species of 

Ud-ang (bui-ung-ud'ang). A king-fisher ; 
literally, " the prawn-bird." 

Ugahari. Experienced, wise by long 

Ugut. To bluster ; to threaten, to me- 

Ujan (j. ud'an). Rain. 

Ujan-abu. A shower of ashes, a fall of 
volcanic ashes. 

Ujan-batu. Hail ; literally, " stone-rain." 

Ujan buboh. Mist, drizzle ; literally, 
" rain laid down." 

Ujana (s). The distance that one can see, 
distance measured by the visual hori- 
zon ; V. Yujana. 

Ujani (ujan). To rain. 

Ujar (j). To speak ; speech, language. 

Ujat (t). Crafty, cunning; skilful; con- 
trivance, invention. 

Uji (j). To try by the touch-stone ; to 

Ujung (j). Point, sharp end ; projecting 
corner, point of land, a headland ; 
extremity, utmost point. 

Ujung-langit. The forthest end or re- 
motest corner of the heavens. 

Ujung-mata. External angle of the 

Ujung-salang. Name of a headland or 
promontory in the island of Junk- 


[ 201 


To fumigate ; fumigation. 
To measure. 
Measure ; measurement ; etau- 

Ceylon, and of which the European 
name of the island itself is supposed 
to be a coiTuption. 

Utir (j). To carve, to engi-ave ; the ob- 
ject carved or engraved. 

Ukii-an. Carving ; engraving ; sculpture ; 
a kris hilt, from being elaborately 

Ukup (j). 

Ukur (j). 


Ulah (j). Conduct, behaviour, manner ; 
actions; state, condition; v. Olah. 

Ulai (bat). To stir about, to agitate. 

Ulam (j). Di-essed vegetables eaten with 
rice. In Javanese it means "fish or 
flesh," and also, whatever is eaten with 
rice to flavour it; Scott ice, "kitchen.'' 

Ulam (j. i.ilang and ulam). Mixed, njin- 
gled, blended. 

Ulang. Repeated, iterated, done again. 

Ulangan. Repetition, iteration. 

Ulangi. To repeat, to iterate, to reite- 
rate ; to frequent. 

Ulang-ulang. Repeatedly, over and over. 

Ulang-ulang. A name of the banian tree, 
Fictis racemosa. 

Ulap (bat). To dazzle. 

Ulap (bat). To beckon. 

Ular (j. ula). A serpent, a snake. 

Ular-ayar. A water-snake. 

Ular-bakau. Name of a snake : literally. 
" snake of the mangi'ove." 

Ular-balalai-gajah. Literally, "elephant's 
trunk snake." 

Ular-biludak. Name of a snake. 

Ular-chinta-mauik. Xame of a fabulous 
snake, believed to bring good fortune 
to the finder. It is described as of the 
size of a small banana, and of a bright 
gold colour. 

Ular-danu. A rainbow; literally, "ser- 
pent of the lake." 

Ular-garang. Xame of a snake ; literally, 
" fierce snake." 

Ular-kapak. Xame of a snake ; literally, 
"axe snake," from the shape of the 
head. It has foiu- poison-fangs. 

Ular-katam-tabu. Xame of a snake ; 
literally, " sugar cane sickle snake." 

Ular-kasih. Xame of a snake ; literally, 
" love-snake." 

Ular-lidi. Xame of a snake. Lidi is the 
niid-rib of a palm frond. 

Ular-lirang. Xame of a snake. Lirang 
is the name of a plant, and lerang, 
which may be the word intended, " a 

Ular-muru (ben). Xame of a snake, a 

Ular-nipah. Xame of a snake ; literally, 
" the nipah-palm snake." 


Ular-paku. Name of a snake ; literally, 
" fern snake." 

Ular-puchuk. Xame of a snake ; literally, 
"' peaked snake." 

Ular-punti. Xame of a snake. 

Ular-sawah-chandai. Xame of a snake. 

Ular-sawah-laker. Xame of a snake. Ljl- 
ker is the name of a species of tortoise. 

Ular-sawah-randam, Xame of a snake ; 
literally, "the snake of the soaked 
water field." This and the two last 
are gigantic snakes of the family of 

Ular-tai-kS.rbau. Xame of a snake ; lite- 
rally, " buffalo-dung snake." 

Ular-tampung-ari. Xame of a snake 
litei-ally, "day-intercepting snake." 

LHar-tanah. Xame of a lizard ; literally 
" gi-oimd snake." 

Ular-tikus. Xame of a very small snake 
literally, " mouse snake." 

Ular-tiyung-batapa. Xame of a tree 
snake which coils itself in very com 
pact folds ; literally, " the starling 
hermit snake." 

Ular-tud-ung-liyar. Xame of a snake 
V. Tud'ung-Uyar. 

Ular-tud'ung-mata-an-i. Xame of a snake 
V. Tud'ung mata-ari. 

Ular-tud-ung-sala. Xame of a snake ; v 

Ular-tud ung-sand'uk. Xame of a snake 
V. Tudung-sanduk. 

Ular-umbaka. Xame of a snake. 

Ular-ular. A pennon, a streamer. 

Ulat (JAV). Countenance, air. mien. 

Llaula (JAV. ula, "a snake"). The spine, 
the back-bone. 

Ulak (j). To whirl, to run in an eddy ; 
V. Olak. 

Ulakan. A whirlpool, an eddy. 

Ulas (j). A case, a cover, an envelope, a 
sheath ; integument ; a coverlet ; a 
mantle; a shroud; a clove, or subdi- 
vision of a fi-uit, because enveloped. 

Ulaskan. To case, to cover, to sheathe, 
to envelope ; to mantle, to shroud. 

Ulat (j. ular). A grub, a maggot, a worm. 

Uler. A screw. 

Uler-itik. A corkscrew. 

Uli. To knead. 

Ulih (j. olih). To obtain, to get, to gain, 
to acquire, to procure. 

Ulih. By ; Latin a or ab ; from ; for, be- 

Ulih-itu. Therefore, for that, for that 
reason; literally, " for that." 

Ulih-kama. Wherefore, for which rea- 
son, because ; literally, "by cause." 

Ulihna. Wherefore, for which reason. 

Ulik. To dandle, to fondle; to put to 
sleep, to lull to sleep ; v. Olek. 

Uling. Crank, top-heavy. 



[ 202 ] 


Ulu (j). The head ; liead, upper or fore- 
part ; interior of a country distin- 
guislied from the sea-board ; a foun- 
tain ; the source of a river; hilt, handle, 
heft. It is rarely used in Malay to ex- 
press the head of an animal, and never 
in Javanese, but in Sunda it is the 
usual word. 

Uluati. The pit of the stomach ; lite- 
rally, " the fountain or source of the 

Ulu-ayar. A water-head, a fountain, a 
spi-ing ; name of a river on the north- 
western coast of Borneo. 

Uhibalang. A chosen warrior, a champion ; 
probably derived from the words ulu, 
meaning " front," and balang, " to 
throw, pitch, or cast." 

TJlubangsa (j and s). A tribe, a family ; 
literally, " source of family or race." 

Ulun. I, we. It is used by the people of 
Patani, on the eastern side of the 

Ulung (jAv). The ^fishing eagle, Falco 
pondierianus ; v. Alang. 

Ulur. A legal fine or mulct; loss of 
personal liberty in expiation of a 

Ulur (j). To veer, to let out ; to give 
rope, to pay rope. 

Ulurkan. To slacken, to make slack ; to 
cause to hang down ; to lengthen, to 
prolong by letting out ; to stretch out 
as the hand. 

Uma. Dry arable land, dry field distin- 
guished from watered or irrigated laud. 
Its correlative is sawah ; a cultivated 
field, arable land ; to reap corn. 

Uma (s). The Hindu goddess Dewi, the 
consort of Mahadewa. The Javanese 
native dictionary gives widyadari, or 
" a Hindu celestial nymph," as its syno- 

Umah (jAV). A house, a dwelling, a 
residence. This is, no doubt, the 
same as the Malay rumah of the same 

Umar (a). The Caliph Omar, the third 
in succession to Mahomet; v. Am.a.r. 

Umat (a), a sect, people of the same 
religion; v. Amat. 

Umbang (bat). Distant, far away. 

Umbara (jay). Tiic firmament. 

Umbi. A tap, or spindle root. 

Umbi. Tassel, fringe ; v. Ombai. 

Umpak (jAV). Base, foundation, pedes- 
tal, stand. 

Umpan (j. ampan). A bait. 

Umpfit (jAV). To hide, to conooal ; to 
keep secret. 

Ump.ltan. A secret. 

Umpuhan. Flood, inundation ; v. Ani- 

Umum (a). Common, general; uncer- 
tain, indefinite; v. Amum. 

Unak. Name of a prickly plant. 

Uuam. A snail, Murcx. 

Unan (ben). A fair, a periodical mar- 

Unchang. A scrip, a little bag, a purse. 

Undan. The pelican, Pelicanv^ onocro- 

Undang (j). To call, to summon, to 

Undangan. A call, a summons ; an invi- 

Undang-balik. To call back, to recal. 

Unde. Lot, die ; v. Onde. 

Undur. To recede, to retreat, to fall 
back ; to retire, to withdraw. 

Undurkan. To cause to retreat, to repel, 
to repulse, to drive back. 

Und'ang (j). To command, to decree, 
to ordain. 

Und"ang-und"ang. Commands, decrees, 
ordinances, edicts, proclamations. 

UnjAm. Stuck in, fixed in, planted. 

UnjamkAn. To stick in, to fix, to 

Unjuk (j). To show, to exhibit; to re- 
present, to submit; to present, to oflfer ; 
to stretch out, to extend. 

Unjur. To extend or stretch out the 

Unta (s). A camel. This quadruped is 
wholly unknown except by name, in 
every part of the Archipelago. 

Untal (j). To swallow without mastica- 

Untang-anting. To swing, to wave to 
and fro hanging loosely, to waver. 

Until. A pellet ; small instalments in 
payment of a debt. 

Unting. To throw, to pitch, to cast, to 

Untung (j). Fortune, luck, chance, lot ; 
accident ; destiny ; gain, profit, advan- 
tage ; prosperity. 

Untungkan. To prosper, to make pros- 
perous, to favour. 

Untung-bayik. Good fortune, good luck, 

Untung-jahat. Ill-luck, adver.'iity. 

Untung-malang. Bad luck, that is, lite- 
rally, " cross fortune." 

Untut. Leprosy, elephantiasis. 

Unus (j). To draw, to pull out ; to 
draw a weapon ; to draw or manufac- 
ture wire. 

Unggas. Wild fowl, fowls of the air, 
birds generally. 

Unggul (ben). To nod, to decline the 
licad ; to pitch as a ship. 

Unggul (bat). To run, to gallop. 

Ungu (j. wungu). Purple; it is also 
applied to a reddish brown colour. 


[ 203 ] 


Upachara (s). Equipage, accoutrements ; 

Upah (j. opah). Reward, recompense ; 
hire, wages, pay, salary ; a bribe. 

Upahkan. To reward, to recompense; 
to pay wages, to defray. 

Upak (ben). To stir up, to agitate ; to 
excite, to irritate, to provoke. 

Upam. To burnish, to polish, to furbish. 

Upama (s). Like, resembling ; likeness, 
similitude ; simile, comparison ; a pro- 
verb, an adage ; a parable. In the 
native Javanese dictionary, the Arabic 
abarat is given as a synonyme. 

Upamakau. To liken, to compare. 

Upar. To prepare a medicament by rub- 
bing it between the hands. 

Upas (j). Poison, venom, bane. 

Upas. A runner, a messenger ; a police- 
man. I am not aware of the origin of 
this word, which, although in general 
use in Java and its dependencies, is 
neither genuine Malay nor Javanese. 

Upat. To blame, to censure, to impute 
a fault ; to slander, to calumniate. 

Upaya (s). Device, scheme, plan, con- 
trivance ; resoui'ce, means. 

Upayakan. To devise, to contrive, to 

Upat (JAV). A match, a light. 

Upati (j). A tax, a contribution; tribute ; 
V. Upti. 

Upih. The sheath at the insertion of 
the fronds of palms, which has some- 
thing of the texture of coarse canvas, 
and is used for wrappers and other 

Upik (Manang in Sumatra). A girl that 
has not attained tbe age of puberty. 

Upti (j). Tax, contribution ; tribute ; 
V. Upati. 

Ura (j). Difiused, extended, widely 

Urai. The placenta, the after-birth ; 
derived probably from the next word. 

Urai (j. ure). Loose, unbound, untied; 
loose, unconnected, not cohering, in- 

Uraikan. To loose, to untie, to un- 

Urak (ben). To air, to expose to the 

Ura-ura (j). To sing. 

Uran-uran (jav). A song, a ditty. 

Urap (bat). To moult ; to shed feathei-s 

or hair period icallj'. 
Urat. The fibre of a root ; a muscle ; a 

ligament ; a blood vessel ; the penis. 
Urawan (jAv). Name of an ancient 

kingdom of Java. 
Urap. To daub, to smear. 
Urdi (eu). Orders. 
Urip (j). To nod, to doze, to be drowsy. 

Urita (3). News, tidings, intelligence ; 

V. Brita and Warita. 
Uritakan. To report, to recount, to 

Uriiara (j. riiara). Tumult, uproar, dis- 
turbance ; sedition. 
Urugi (jAV). To level ground by filling 

up with earth. 
Urung (j. wurung). Abortive, coming to 

Urungkan. To render abortive, to nullify, 

to annul. 
Urup (j). To exchange ; exchange. 
Unit (j). To stroke, to rub, to chafe ; 

to shampoo. 
Usah. Mindful, heedful, attentive ; heed, 

Usahkan. To mind, to heed, to attend 

Usahkan. So far from that. 
Usaha (s). Labour, exertion, paiua, 

Usahakan. To labour, to work, to toil 

at ; to elaborate. 
Usang. Old corn, corn of the previous 

Usap (jav). To wipe, to brush. 
Usaya (s). Age, period of time ; v. 

Usik. To tease, to annoy, to worry, to 

Usir (j). To chase, to pursue; chace, 

Usung (j). To bear or carry between 

two or more with a pole. 
Usuugan. The object borne between 

two or more with a pole ; a litter, a 

sedan or similar vehicle. 
Usur (ben). Duty, toll. 
Utak (j. utak). The brain; the spinal 

Utak-tulang. Marrow ; literally " bone 

Utak-utak. Marrow, essence, essential 

part ; literally, " brains-brains." 
Utama (s). Excellent, eminent, perfect. 
Utan. A forest, a wood ; the woodland 

or wild country distinguished from the 

cultivated ; wild, propagated by nature, 

not cultivated; wild, not tame, not 

domesticated; wild, savage, not civi- 
lised ; rude, untaught, unmannered. 
Utang (j). Debt ; loan ; credit. 
Utangkan. To lend, to give credit. 
Utara (s). Name of a hero of the Maha- 

barat, son of Mangsapati, king of 

Utara (s). The north. 
LTtara-barat-laut. North-north-west. 
Utara-samata-timur. North-north-east. 
Utari (s). Name of a heroine of the 

Mahabarat, daughter of Mangsapati, 

and wife of Abimanu. 


[ 204 ] 


Utar-utar. A shield, a buckler ; v. Otar- 

Utas. A string, a line, a file. 
Ut&s. A carpenter, a joiner. 
Uteh. A bib worn by young children 

without other clothes. The word is 

supposed to be Chinese. 
Utus (j). To send, to despatch. 
Utusan. A messenger ; an emissary ; a 

message, a mission ; an embassy ; a 

Utuskan. To depute, to send on a 

special commission. 
Uwa (j). An vuicle or aunt being elder 

than one's parent ; v. Wa. 
Uwak (j), V. Uwa. A term of respect in 

addressing an elder. 
Uwang. A palace, a royal residence ; v. 

Uwaug (j. uwong). Man ; v. Wang. 
Uwang. A valley, a dell ; v. Wang. 
Uwang (j). Money ; treasure ; wealth ; 

V. Wang. 
Uwang-angus. Money expended or given 

away ; litei'allj', " money burnt." 
Uwap. Vapovir, exhalation ; steam. 
Uwa-uwa (j. wawa). Name of an ape, 

Hylobates luciscm. 
Uyah (j. " salt " ?). Name of a river on 

the north-western side of Borneo. 
Uyung. To toss, to be tossed; to roll 

as a ship. 
Uyungkan. To toss, to agitate. 
Uyung-goyang. Tossing about, rolling 


Wa (j). An uncle or aunt elder than 
one's parent ; v. Uwa and Uwak. 

Wadana (s). The face ; front, van ; a 
chief of liigh rank ; a Javanese title. 

Wadaui. Names of two plants, Quis- 
qualis puhescens and Quisqualis glabra. 

Wadung. An axe, a hatchet. 

Wadya (s). The people ; a host, an 

Wah (a). Alas ! 

Wahana (s). Carriage, vehicle. 

Wai (a). Wo ! 

AVajan (jav). An iron pan, or caul- 

Wajib (a). Necessary, proper, incum- 
bent, obligatory ; worthy, fit, right, 

WajTbi (wajib). To bind, to oblige, to 
make obligatory. 

Wajuk. Name of a tribe or division of 
the Bugis of Celebes, at present the 
most eiitei'[irising and commercial peo- 
])le of the Archipelago. The word is 
often written and always pronounced 
without the k. 

Walang (j). Giief, trouble ; giievedj 

Walang (jav). A grasshopper. 

Walang-angin (jav). A locust ; literally, 
" wind grasshopper." 

Walahi (a). By god ! 

Wall (a), a tutor, a guardian. 

Wall. Name of a kind of scarf. 

Wall (jAv). A graving tool, a kind of a 
small knife for carving ; a burin. 

Walimaua (jav. wilmoua). A kind of 
haiijy, represented with the head of a 
demon and the wings of a bird. In 
Javanese the word is composed of wil, 
" a demon," and mona, " to speak." 
In the Javanese version of the tale of 
the Ramayana, it is represented as the 
vahan, or " vehicle " of Rawana ; v. 

Wan. A titular prefix to Malay names 
of persons of some consideration. 

Wana (s). A forest. 

Wande (jav). Failure, abortion, abortive 

Wande (jav). A shop, a stall for goods. 

Wandu (jav). A hermaphrodite, or 
rather, a man with the mental attri- 
butes of a woman ; effeminate. 

Wand 'an (jav). Woolly-haired; a negro. 

Wanti-wanti (jav). Uninterruptedly, 

Wang. A palace, a royal residence ; v. 

Wang (j. wong). A man ; man ; v. 

Wang. A valley, a dell ; v. Uwang. 

Wang (j). Money, treasure ; wealth ; v. 
Awang and Uwang. 

Wang-angus. Money expended, or given 
away ; v. Uwang-angus. 

Wangi (j). Fragrant, sweet-smelling, 
perfumed, odorous. It is sometimes 
erroneously written and pronounced 

Wangkang (j), A Chinese junk or ship. 

Wangsul (jav). Answer, reply. 

Wangun (jav). Shape, figure, form ; v. 

Warang. A partner, a fellow, an asso- 

Warang. To apply stuffs to a kris blade 
to preserve it. 

Warangan (jav). Orpiment, sulphuret 
of arsenic. 

Warangan-putih (jav). AVhite oxyde of 

Waring (bat). A kind of fishing net. 

WarT9 (a). An heir, an inhei-itor; a 

Warkudara (s). A name of Bima in the 

Warna (s). Colour, hiie, dye ; appear- 
ance, look; form, shape: sort, kind. 

WAK— WiLff 

[ 205 ] 


Wama-warua. Of various sorts, va- 

Warta (s). News, tidings, intelligence; 
report, rumoiu" ; v. Urita and Brita. 

Wartakan. To recount, to relate; to 

Waru-gunung. Name of a tree, Paritium 

Waru-land'ak. Name of a ti'ee, Abel- 
moschus mutahilis. 

Warung (JAv). A daily market ; a shop, 
an open stall for goods ; a name of 
the district of Wirasari in Java. 

Warwar (J. uwar). To cry, to proclaim. 

Warwarkan (bat). To report, to pub- 

Wasangka. Doubt, hesitation, wavering ; 
to doubt, to hesitate. 

Wasir (a). Piles, hemorrhoids ; v. Bawasir. 

Wasit (a). Intermediate ; a mediator. 

Wasil (a). Joined, connected ; accrued ; 

Wa«ilkan. To cause to arrive, to cause 
to come to pass. 

Wat. An idolatrous temple. 

Watang (j. the shaft of a spear). A 
spear, a lance. 

Watang (jav). The ceremony of the 
Javanese princes presenting themselves 
to the people on Saturday. 

Watangan. The place where the Java- 
nese sovereign presents himself; v. 

Watas (jav). a limit, a boundary. 

Watu (jav). a stone ; a gem ; v. Batu. 

Watu-gunung (jav). Name of an ancient 
king of Java ; literally, " gem of the 
mountain ; " v. Selaprawata. 

Wawu. A paper-kite. 

Wayah (jav). A gi-andchild. 

Wayang (j). A puppet, a phantasma- 
goric figure ; a public actor ; a public 
dancer ; acting, scenic representation, 

Wayangan. Playing ; the drama. 

Wayang-ramayan. The drama represent- 
ing the story of Rama. 

Wabad (a). And after that ; then. 

Wadak (j). Name of a kind of cosmetic 
powder; v. Badak. 

Wafat (a). Death. 

Wafati. To kill, to slay. 

Wajah. Countenance, visage, face ; as- 
pect, appearance. 

W5jud (a). Existence ; substance ; es- 
sence ; body, person, individual. 

Wakil (a). An agent, a representative, 
an attorney ; a proxy, a deputy ; an 

envoy, an 

Wakilkan. To depute, to appoint as 

Wa^•tu (a). Time ; season ; term, pe- 

Wilanda. Holland ; Dutch ; v. Balanda. 

Walakin (a). But, nevertheless, how- 
beit, yet. 

Wall (a), a friend, a favourite ; a ser- 
vant, a slave. 

Wall (a). An eagle or falcon. 

Wallu (a). Partial ablution, ablution of 
part of the person distinguished from 
that of the whole ; v. Giisal. 

Wanang (jav). Able, powerful, potent. 

Wanara (jav). An ape. 

WarH (a). Wealth, riches. 

WarHt (a), a written paper, a scroll ; 
a letter, an epistle. 

Wasayat (a). Testament, last will ; pre- 
cept, mandate. 

Wasi (a). An executor, a guardian, a tutor. 

Wasiat (a). Heritage, inheritance. 

Wasil (a). Conjunction; attachment; 
enjoyment ; v. Waslah. 

Waslah, v. WaiTl. 

Wazir (a). Vizier, prime minister. 

Wod (a). Promise, engagement ; vow. 

Wegiii. Name of the island called in 
our maps Waygiou, lying near the 
north-western end of New Guinea. 

Weh (a). Alas ! 

Wetan (jav). The east ; eastern. 

Wetar. The island of Wetar, lying near 
the north-eastern end of Timur. 

We we (jav). Name of a class of evil 
spirits believed by the Javanese to 
carry off children. 

Wibisana (s). Name of the brother of 
Rawaua, in the Ramayana. 

Widara (j). The jujube, Zizyphusjujuha ; 
V. Bidara. 

Widara-kachil. Name of a plant, Zlzy- 
phiis xylopyras. 

Widi (s). Exalted, sublime ; an epithet 
of the chief god of the Javanese in the 
time of Hinduism, and now applied to 
tho deity. 

Widura (s). Name of the younger bro- 
ther of Pandu, in the Mahabarat. 

Wijaya (s). Victorious. 

Wijaya-malu (s). Name of a plant. 

Wijaya-mulya (s). An epithet of Krishna, 
in the Mahabarat. 

Wijen (j). The sesame or oil plant, 
Sesamum orientale. In Javanese it has 
the epithet of, alas, " wild," or " of the 

Wijen-kachil. Name of a plant, Achi- 
menes sesamoides. 

Wiku (j). A sage, a man of learning ; v. 

Wil (jav). a demon, a goblin, an evil 
spirit. In the native Javanese dictio- 
nary, the Sanskrit words buta and 
raksasa are given as synouymes. 

Wilmana (j. wilmona). Name of a fabu- 
lous monster ; v. Walimana. 


[ 206 ] 


Wilis (JAV). Name of a mountaia in 
Java. The word means, " green." 

AN'indu (j). Name of a cycle or period 
of eight years. 

AYintaraja (s). An epithet of Arjuna, in 
the Mahabai-at. 

Wiraga (j). To deck or adorn the 

AV^ira (s). Brave, valiant ; a hero. 

Wirang (jav). Shame ; a.shamed ; mo- 
desty ; modest. 

Wirasaba (s) Name of a district in the 
eastern part of Java. 

Wirasari (s). Name of a district in the 
eastern i^art of Java. 

Wirasougka. Name of a younger bro- 
ther of Sita, in the Mahabarat. 

Wisnu (s). The Hindu god Vishnu. 

Wit (jav). a tree ; trunk, stock, stem ; 
source, origin, beginning; foundation, 
reason, cause ; ancestry, pedigree. 

Wong (jAv). Man, human being. 

Wringin (jav). Name of a fig tree in 
great repute with the Javanese for 
ornament, and two of which are in- 
variably planted in front of every 
palace, Ficus pisocarpa and Ficus hen- 

Wugi (bu). The proper name of the 
Bugis nation in their own language ; 
V. Bugis. 

Wujud (a). Existence ; substance, es- 
sence ; existing ; individual. 

Wuku (jav). Name of a period of 30 
weeks or 210 days. 

Wuiigkal. Name of a mountain in the 
story of the Ramayana. The meaning 
of the word in Javanese is " a hone." 

Wungu (jav). Purple. In the native 
dictionary the word is defined "red 
united to black," which would make a 
very dark blood colour, or nearly a 
light brown ; v. Ungu. 

Wurang (jav). To foil, to come to no- 
thing, to prove abortive ; v. Urung. 

XaFI (a). Secret, liidden. 

Xali (a). Empty, void; unemployed. 

Xaa (a). Pure, unmixed, unadulterated ; 

select, choice. 
Xatam (a). A seal ; a ring. 
Xabar (a). News, tidings, intelligence. 
Xabarakan-d-iriua. Sensible, conscious, 

in one's senses. 
Xabarkan. To inform, to insti'uct ; to 

tell, to relate. 
Xadmat (a). Service, employment, office ; 

to serve. 
Xair (a). Good. 
Xairat (a). Good things ; good deeds, 

meritorious actions. 

Xala/; (a). The Creatoi*. 

XalaiZ; (a). Creatures, created beings. 

Xa.las (a). Free, liberated ; candid, frank, 
sincere; salvation. 

Xalasi (p). A seaman, a mariner. 

Xalaf (a). Opposition, antithesis ; con- 
tradiction ; rebellion ; refractory ; care- 
less, negligent. 

Xalat (a). Nature, property, quality. 

Xalat (a), a robe of honour. 

Xalifah (a). The caliph ; vice-regent ; 
king, sovereign. 

Xalil (a), a fi-iend. 

Xalfcah (a). A link ; a ring. 

Xalwat (a). SoUtude, retirement. 

Xamar (a). Wine ; a wine-jar. 

Xamir (a). Leaven, yeast, barm. 

Xamis (a). Thursday. 

Xanduri (t). Funeral rites performed at 
the grave. 

Xanjar (a). A dagger, a poniard, a hanger. 

Xansi, xausa (a). A hermaphrodite. 

Xarajat (a). Tribute; impost; tax; 

Xarma (p). The date palm and fruit. 

Xalam (a). Conchisiou, termination ; 

Xatan (a). Circumcision. 

Xatankan. To circumcise. 

Xa« (a). Hand-writing ; signature. 

Xaibat (a). An oration, a sermon, a 

Xa^ib (a), a preacher. 

Xaiifah (a). Cloth ; satin ; velvet ; a 
carpet, a floor-cloth. 

Xial (a), a phantom, a spectre, an ap- 
pai'ition ; fancy, imagination. 

Xiali (a). Inebriated, intoxicated, di-unk. 

Xianat (a). Perfidy, treachery, disloy- 

Xilaf (a). Negligent, inconsiderate ; for- 
getful ; negligence. 

Xojah (p). A man of distinction ; a great 
merchant ; an eunuch. 

Xorasani (p). Steel of Korassan. 

Xuwatlr. Doubt, disti-ust. 

Ya. Oh I 

Yama (s). The Hindu god of death ; 

Yama-widura (s). Name of one of the 
Kurawa, in the poem of the Mahabarat. 

Yang (jAv). A god, a deity ; v. Ywang. 

Yangyang. A picture, a painting, a por- 
trait, — probably the same word as 
Yang and Ywang. 

Yangyung (j. yunyun). To swing, to 
vibrate loosely. 

Yasa (j). Work, labour, performance ; 
creation; inheritance, heritage, heir- 




Yatim (a). An orphan ; v. Yatim. 

Yatra (s). Money. 

YShudi (a). Jew, Israelite ; Jewish. 

Yaksa (j). A demon, a goblin. In the 
native dictionary the words buta and 
dElnawa are given as synonymes. 

Ya^•in (a). Certainty ; certain ; truth ; 
evidence ; knowledge ; the ti'ue faith. 

Yang. The relative pronoun, who, which 
that ; whatever. It is also used occa- 
sionally in the sense of a definite arti- 

Yang-d-atang. Ensuing, future ; literally, 
" the coming," or " that which is com- 

Yang-di-piramba. The correlative of the 
next word; literally, "he who is in 
sen-ice or in a .state of servitude." 

Yang-dipartuwan. The king, the i-uler; 
literally, "he who is in lordship or 
in authority." 

Yangmana. ^iiliichever; whoever; where- 
ever ; whatever ; who, which, what ; 
the which, that. 

Yatim (a). An orphan ; a pupil, a 

Yakub (a). Jacob. 

Yani (a). To wit, that is to say, 

Yogia (a). Fit, proper, becoming. 

Yu (j. kluyu). A shark ; v. lyu. 

Yu-arimau. Name of a species of shark ; 
Uterally, "tiger shark." 

Yu-bengkong. Name of a species of 
shark ; literally " crooked shark." 

Yu-gabuk. Name of a species of shark. 

Yu-parang. Name of a species of shark ; 
Uterally, " the cleaver shark." 

Yu-rimbus. Name of a species of shark. 

Yuda (s). War ; battle ; arms, wea- 

Yudanagara (s). Customary laws, insti- 

Yudanta (j and s). Name of an esteemed 
variety of the coconut, often used as a 
simile in poetry ; literally, " the ivory 
coconut," corrupted from the Javanese 
fiu, "a coconut," and the Sanskrit danta, 
" ivory." 

Yudipati (s). An epithet of Bima, in 
the Mahabarat. 

Yud-istira (s). Name of the eldest of 
the Pandu brothers, — the same with 

Yudiswara (s). Name of an ancient 
king of Java who reigned in Galuh. 

Yugya (s). A corruption of Ayudya, the 
name of the kingdom of Rama, in the 
Ramayana ; r. Agugya. 

Yugyakarta (s). Name of a city in Java, 
the capital of one of the two native 
princes, situated in the province of 
Mataram and near the centre of the 

island. The word means, "Ayudya, 
the fortunate or auspicious." 

Yujana (s). A measure of distance, rec- 
koned to be the extent to which the 
eye can see, or the visual horizon. The 
Javanese call this ten thousand fa- 
thoms, which, as the Javanese fathom 
must be smaller than our own, propor- 
tioned to the stature of the race, would 
make about 10 English miles. 

Yum (a), a day, 24 hours ; time. 

Yun (JAV). To swing, to rock ; v. 

Yun-yunan. A child's cradle ; v. Ayun- 

Yusiif (a). Joseph. 

Yuswa (s). Age, period of time ; v. Usaya. 

Yuta (s). A million. 

Ywang (JATj. A god, a deity. It has the 
same meaning as bat'ara. Usually be- 
fore it is placed the ancient relative 
pronoun sang, having in this case the 
sense of the definite article. 

Ywang - asmara, or Sang - ywang - a.smara 
(j and s). The god of love. 

Ywang -guru (j and s). Name of the chief 
deity of the islanders of the Archipe- 
lago in the time of Hinduism. The 
literal translation is " Spiritual teacher 
god," or, it may be, " god of the spi- 
ritual teachers," in reference to the 

Ywang-kui-apa. Name of a god. 

Ywang-kuwera (j and s). Kuwera, the 
Hindu god of riches. 

Ywang-manon. The Hindu god Kala, 
"time," or Siwa; literally, "god of 
lives or souls." 

Ywang-pusangkara. A name of Surya, 
the Hindu deity of the sun. 

Ywang-sukma (j and s). God, the deity ; 
literally, " God of souls." 

Ywang-widi (j and s). A name of the 
chief god in the time of Hinduism ; 
God, the deity ; literally, " the exalted 
or most high god." 

Ywang-yama. The Hindu god of death ; 
V. Yama. 

ZaDAH (p). Child, offspring. 

Zahid (a). A hermit, a recluse, a de- 

Zabad (a). Civet. 

Zabarjad (a). The topaz. 

Zabib (a). The seedless i-aisin or kismis ; 

Zabur (a). The Psalms of David ; writ- 
ing ; a book. 

Zahara (a). Bright, shining, flaming; 
beautiful, blooming. 

Zakat (a). The legal alms prescribed by 


[ 208 ] 


the Koran, distinguished from volun- 
tai-y charity; v. Sadakat. 

Zaman (a). Time; age; period, season ; 
the world. 

Zamriid (p). The emei-ald. 

Zamzam. The holy well in Mecca, — 
Hagar's well. 

Zana (a). Adultery ; fornication. 

Zangi (p). An Ethiopian ; a negro. 

Zirah (p). Mail, armour. 

Zit (a). Olive oil. 

Zuada (a). Store, stock, provision. 

Zulixa (a). The wife of Potiphar, cele- 
brated in the poetry of the Arabians 
and Persians. 

is AT (a). Essence, substance ; person ; 
sect, caste. 

Zahar (a). Male, masculine; membrum 

Zakar (a). Memory ; commemoration ; 
reciting the Koran by heart. 

Zalil (a). Mean, base, abject ; con- 

Zarat (a). A particle, an atom. 

Zariat (a). Descendants, posterity. 

Zu (a). Having possession of; endowed 
with ; lord, master. 





A, AN. Sa, satu, suwatu. 

Aback, backwards. Balik. 

Abaft. Di-buritan. 

Abandon, to give up, to quit. Lapas, 

lapaskan, m;dapas, malapask^n. 
Abandon, to forsake, to leave. Tinggal, 

Abase, to depress, to bring low. Maran- 

Abasement, depreciation. Siput. 
Abashed, ashamed. Malu, barmalu, 

siput, silo. 
Abate, to lessen. Korangkan. 
Abate, to grow less, to diminish. Turun. 
Abatis. Radum. 
Abbreviate, to abridge. Singkat, .singkat- 

Abdomen. Pnit. 
Abcrring, wandering. Kasasatau. 
Abhor, to detest. Banchi, iri. 
AbhoiTcnce. Banchi, kabanchiiin, iri. 
Abide, to bear, to endure. Tiian, nianaan, 

manaaui, darita, mandarita. 
Abide, to stay, to dwell. D'ud'uk, diyam, 

tinggal, maninggal. 
Abide, to wait. Nanti, niananti. 
Ability, power, capacity. Sabulih, kuwasa, 

Z:iiwat, ^'udrat. 
Abject, mean. Ina. 
Abjectness. Kainilan. 
Able, powerful. Kuwasa, /;iiwat, Z;iidr"it. 
Able, capable. Larat. 
Able, competent. Sampat. 
Able to, can. Bulih, dapat, bisa, k^na, 

Ablution. Basuhan, kamandian. 
Ablution, religious (general). 6'usal. 
Ablution, religious (partial). Wallu. 
Abnegate, to deny. Sangkal, raaiiangkal, 

mukir, mungkir. 

Abode, habitation. Rumah, kad'ud-ukan, 

kadiyS,man, padalaman. 
Abolish, to efface. Ampus, ampiisk&n, 

Abominable, foul, unclean. Kaji, najis. 
Abominate, to hate. Biinchi, mamb^nchi, 

iri, mangiri. 
Abortion. Gugiu-an. 
Abortion, a premature birth. Anak- 

Abortive, failing, miscarrying. Uruug. 
Abortive, to render. Urungkan, mang- 

ui-ung, mangurungkan. 
Abound ( to). Lirnpah. 
Abound (to cause to). Limpahkan, ma- 

Abounding. Limpah, barlimpah. 
About, around. Kaliling, barkaliling. 
About, nearly. Kera-kera, keraua, .saHdar. 
About, concerning. Atas, dalam. 
Above, in a higher place. Atas, diiitaa, 

Above, more than. Atas, labih-daripada. 
Above all, chiefly. Astamiwa. 
Above-cited, above - mentioned. Yang 

Abridge (to). Singkat, singkatkan. 
Abroad, without, not within. Luwar, 

diluwar, kaluwar. 
Abruptly, hastily. Gopoh-gopoh, tiba- 

tiba, kuiiung-kuuung. 
Abscond, to rvm away. Lari. 
Abscond, to hide. Sambufiikan. 
Absent. Ta-ada, tiyada-ada. 
Absolute, general. MiifalaZ;. 
Absolute, complete. Ganap, chukup. 
Absolutely, entirely. Samata-mata, sapa- 

nuh-pauuhiia, sakali-kali, ti-us. 
Absolution, forgiveness. Ampun, kii- 

ampunan, maaf. 




Absolve, to acquit, to pai-dou. Ampun, 

ampunkan, ampuni, iu«af, maafkau. 
Abstain (to). Tahan, manalian, tagab. 
Abstemious. Jiinat, jiman, tahau. 
Abstract, to take from. Tolak, manolak, 

chabut, m;incbabut. 
Abstruse, hidden. Sambuui, buni, tar- 

buni, samar, bartu. 
Abstruse, difficidt. Susah. 
Abundance, plenty. Kalimpahan, kaba- 

Abundant. Limpah, b.^rtambah, mamur. 
Abundantly, amjily. Bartambah-tamba- 

Abuse, to violate. Ba,nasa, mamauasakan, 

mambanasakan, nisak, marusakan. 
Abuse, to deceive. Tipu, manipu, tipu- 

Abuse, to rail. Maki, mamaki, nist'akan. 
Abuse, reproach. Maki, nist'a, chincliala. 
Abusive, reproachful. Nist'a. 
Abyss. Tuber. 
Abyssinia. Z^abs'a. 
Abyssinian. Hahs'i. 
Academy, school. Langgar, madrasah. 
Accede, to assent. Tui'ut, manurut, ikut, 

mangikut, milu. 
Accelerate, to hasten. Sigi'akan, maiii- 

gi-akan, lakaskan. 
Accept (to). Tarima, manarima. 
Acceptable, grateful. Sadap, mastajab. 
Access, means of approach. Jalan, 

Accident, chance. Untung. 
Acclivity. Churu, chorain. 
Accommodate (to). Patutukan. 
Accompany, to be with another. Barsarta, 

mafiarta, mauartai. 
Accompany, to associate. Barkawan, 

m^ngavvan, bartamSn. 
Accomplish, to execute fully. Abis, abis- 

kan, mangabiskan, parabiskan, sam- 

paikau, maiiampaikan, lakukukan, 

malakuk&n, sudahkan, mauudahkan. 
Accomplished, fully executed. Tarabis- 

kan, tarsudahkan. 
Accomplished, having elegant qualifica- 
tions. Bahari. 
Accomplishment, full execution. Piira- 

Accord, to concur with. Mailftrtai. 
Accord, to gi'ant. Bri, bir, kasi. 
According as. Sapurti, silolah. 
According to. Ka, pada, bagai, ikut, turut. 
Accordingly. Bagitu-juga, saj^urtimaua, 

Accost, to approach. Mampir, niangam- 

pir, Anipiri, ampirkan, dakati, dakatkan. 
Accost, to address. Miingatakan, mniiap- 

akAn, tiigor, tugor. 
Account, to reckon. Itung, bilang, 

mSngitung, niAmbilang, Aasabkan. 
Account, to esteem, to think. Kira, sanka. 

Account, computation. Itung, itungan, 

Account, opinion. Kira, sangka, p/irki- 

Account, reason, consideration. Kai-na, 

Account (a ininning). Piiitang. 
Accoxmtant. Juru-itung. 
Account-book. Daftar. 
Accouple, to join, to link. Ubung, 

mangubung, sambung. 
Accoutre, to equip. Pakai, mamakai, 

iyasi, mangiyasi. 
Accoutrements. Pakean, pari3-asan, ka- 

langkapan, upachara. 
Accrue, to arise, to spring from. Timbul, 

Accumbent, leaning, sloping. Miring, 

Accumulate, to heap, to pile. Impun, 

impunkan, mangimpun, tambun, tam- 

buukan, inangambun, kumpul, kum- 

Accumulated. Impun, barimpun, tam- 
bun, bartambun, kumpul, barkumpul. 
Accumulation. Tambun, tambunan, im- 

punan, parimpunan, kumpulan. 
Accuracy, exactness. Kabatulan, kaba- 

Accurate, exact. Batul, banAr, patut. 
Accurse, to execrate. Kutok, kutoki, 

mangutok, mangutoki, sumpah, sum- 

pahkan, mauumpah, maiiupahi, ma- 

Accursed, one that is accureed. Si- 

Accusation. Tud'uh, tudaihan, tukas, 

Accuse, to charge. Tud'uh, manud'uh, 

tukas, mAnukas. 
Accuser. Panud'uh. 
Accustom, to be wont. Biyasa. 
Accustomed, usual. Sadakala, sadiya. 
Ache, pain. Sakit, sakitan. 
Ache, to be in pain. Sakit, mauakit. 
Achieve, to perform. Lakukan, miila- 

kukan, sampaikan, maiiampaikan. 
Achin. Acliih. 
Aching. Sakit, barsakitan. 
Acid, sour. Asam, masam, kachut. 
Acknowledge, to own knowledge of. 

Kiinal, inanganal. 
Acknowledge, to own receipt of. Tarima, 

Acknowledge, to confess. Aku, raangaku, 

akiii, mfmgakiii. 
Acknowledgment, of a thing received. 

Acknowledgment, confession. Akiian, 

Acijuaint, to inform. Taiiwi, mangatauwi, 

bri-tau, mfimbri-tau. niawartaknn, ma- 
il unk an. 




Acquaiutauce, knowledge. Kdnal, kana- 

Acquaintance, person acquainted with. 

Kanal-kaualan, panganal. 
Acquainted. BArkaual, barkaual-kanalan. 
Acquiesce. A'abul. 
Acquire, to attain. Ulih, bulih, barulih, 

parulih, dapat, mandapat. 
Acquisition. Parulihau, kadapatan, buli- 

Acquit, to set free. Lapas, lapaskan, 

malapas, malapaskan. 
Acquit, to clear. Lapaskan, malapaskan, 

ampuni, ampunkau. 
Acquittal. Lapasan, kalapasan, ampunan. 
Acrid, biting. Pad'as. 
Across, athwart. Lentang, sangkang, ma- 

lang, ampang, salib. 
Act, deed. Buwatan, pambuwatan, par- 

buwatan, karja. 
Act, to do. Buwat, mambuwat, karja, 

Act, to play the drama. Barwayang, 

Act on (to). Kanakan, manganiii, maug- 

Acted on. Kana, tarkana. 
Acting, play-acting. Wayang, wayaugan. 
Active, nimble, quick. Pantas, chajiat. 
Actor, performer, doer. Pambuwat, par- 

Actor, stage-player. -Dalang, wayang. 
Actuate, to put iu action. Pai-buwatkan. 
Acute, ending in a point. Tajam. 
Acute, ingenious, penetrating. Tajam, 

Adage, proverb. Siloka, upama. 
Adam. Adam. 

Adapt. Rapatkau, patutkau, mamatutkan. 
Add (to). Tambah, mrlnambah, tambahi, 

Addition. Tambahau, katambahan, pa- 

Address, to accost. Mangatakan, mau- 

apakau, tagor, manager. 
Addi'ess, manner, behaviour. Laku, kala- 

kiian, ulah, olah, polS,n, tingkah, bahasa, 

pakai-ti, pi-akriti. 
Address, supei-scription. .41amat-siu-at. 
Adduce, to bring forward, Kaluwarkan, 

Adept. Pand'ai, tukang. 
Adequate, equal to. Sama, bai-sama, 

satara, sabaya, pad'a. 
Adhere, to stick to. Lakat, ta,kap, rakat, 

kalat, malakat, marakat. 
Adhere (to cause to). Lakatkau, lakap- 

kan, rakatkan, malakatkan. 
Adhering. Barlakat, barakat. 
Adhesive. Lakat, lakap, rakat, kalat. 
Adieu. Tinggal. 

Adjacent, adjoining. Tumpu, damping. 
Adjourn, to defer. Mangadiyankan. 

Adjudge, to adjudicate. BarAiikumkan, 

Adjure, to impose an oath. Barsumpah- 

kau, maiiumpahkau. 
Adjust, to put right. Banarkan, bayiki, 

mambayiki, salasaikan. 
Administer, to conduct public affairs. 

Mamangku, ampukan, pareutah, paren» 

tah, prentah, mamrentah, mamrentah- 

kau, mamutarkan, partuwankan. 
Ad^ninistration, government. Parentah, 

paprentah, paprentahan, ampUan, par- 

Administrator, governor. Pamrentah. 
Admirable. Eudah, iudah, endah-endah, 

Admiral. Panglima-laiit, laksamana. 
Admiration, wonder. Changang, mangu, 

Admire, to wonder. Changang, barchang- 

ang, Aeran, mangAeran. 
Admit, to suffer to entei'. Birmasuk. 
Admit, to allow a position. Tarima, 

manarima, mangaku. 
Admit, to allow. Bir, bri, kasi. 
Admonish, to reprove. Ajar, ajari, iijar- 

kan, mangajar, mangajarkan, manging- 

atkan, tagor, tugor, managor. 
Admonition. Ajaran, pangajaran, tagor, 

tugor, tagorau, tugorau. 
Adolescence. Bujangan, haiif/. 
Adolescent. Bujang, balTf/. 
Adopt, to make son or daughter. Augkat, 

Adoption. Angkatan. 
Adoptive. Angkat. 
Adoration, homage. Sambah, sambahan, 

parsambahan, puja, puji-pujian, pa- 

muja, pamuji, pamujian. 
Adoration, worship. Sambahan, puji, 

Adore, to worship. Mauambah, mamuji, 

Adorn, to embellish. lyasi, maugiyasi. 
Adorn, to deck the person. Winaga. 
Adornment, embellishment. Pariyasan. 
Adrift. Aiiut, taraoiut, touda, taram- 

Adroit, dexterous. Chapat, pand'ai. 
Adulation, flatteiy. Bujuk, pambujukan. 
Adulator. Pambujuk. 
Adult, grown up. Dcwasa. 
Adulterate, to contaminate. Rayah, 

Adulteration, contamination. Rayahan. 
Adultery. Mukah, zanah. 
Adulteiy (to commit). Barmuka, bar- 

Advance, to proceed. Laugsung, tampil, 

anjar, lanchang, mara, bardaulu. 
Advance, to forward. Langsungkau, 

lanchangkan, malanchangkan, bardau- 

lukan, anjarkau. 




Advaucc-guard. Mata-jalan. 
Advaucemcut, going forward. Laug- 

sungan, lanchangaii, lalakoii. 
Advantage, profit. Laba, bat'i, untuug, 

fidat, fidah (faidah). 
Advantage, opportunity. Sampat. 
Advantage, to benefit. Pai-bayiki. 
Advantageous, profitable. Barlaba, bar- 

Adventure, to dare. Braui. 
Adventure, to hazard. Rambang. 
Adventurous, bold. Brani. 
Advonturousness, boldness. Kabranian. 
Adversary, opponent. Satru, musuh, 

muugsuh, lawan. 
Adverse, contrary. Lawan, salab. 
Adveitsity, calamity. Chalaka, karma, un- 

tung-jaliat, bala. 
Advert, to attend to. Ingat, mangingat, 

ingati, ingatkau. 
Advertise, to inform. Bri-tau, mambri- 

tau, mangatauwi, mambiitakan, ma- 

Advice, counsel. Bacliara, pambacbaraan, 

ajaran, paugajaran, nasi/iat. 
Advice, deliberation. Pambacliariian, 

Advise, to counsel. Ajar, ajari, ajarkan, 

mangajarkan, bS,charakan, mambacha- 

rakan, nasi/<atkan. 
Advise, to deliberate. Bacliara, mam- 

bachara, barbachara, mas'awarat. 
Adviser. Pambachara. 
Advocate, pleader. Pagawan. 
Adze, axe. Kapak, banchab, pafel, pa- 

pafel, rombas. 
Afar. Jauli. 

Afeai-d. Takut, bartakut. 
Affability. Supan, laku-manis, muka- 

Affable. Supan, manis. 
Affair, business. Karja, pAkarjaan, par- 

kiu-a, prakara. 
Affect, to act on. Kanakan, mangauai. 
Affect, to feign. Achu, piira-pura. 
Affected, to be acted on. Kana, barkana. 
Affected, acted on. Tarkana. 
Affected, touched with affection. Barati. 
Affection, love, kindness. Kasih, kasihan, 

pangasihan, parkasib, tilik, balas, ba- 

AflFectionatc. Barkasih-kasihan. 
Affectionately. Sakasih -kasihan. 
Affiance, to betroth. Tmiang, manvniang, 

miniing, maniinaug. 
Affianced, betrothed. Bartunang, bartu- 

Affianced, the party betrothed. Tu- 

Affiancing, a betrothing. Tunangan. 
Affiliation, adoption. Angkatan. 
Affinity, relation by marriage. Binus. 
Affirm, to declai'e. Sabut, manabut. 

Affirm, to i-atify. Taguhkau, maiiaguh- 

Affirmation, confirmation. Partagiihau. 
Affirmed, declai-ed. Tai-sabut. 
Affix, to fasten. Ikat, mangikat. 
Affix, to attach. Buboh, mambuboh. 
Afflict, to put to pain. Sakitkan, maiia- 

kitkan, sangsarakan. 
Afflict, to grieve. Susakkan, maiiusahkan, 

Afflicted, giieved. Susah, susah-ati, duka, 

Affliction, calamity. SangSiira, chalaka, 

karma, kirma, nastapa, duka, duka- 

nastapa, mara, tawalat. 
Affliction, grief. Susah-ati, susah, kasu- 

sahan, susahan, dukachita, ugai-ana, 

Affluence, riches. Kakayaan. 
Affluent, wealthy. Kaya, artawan, (/ani. 
Afford, to yield. Jadikan, manjadikau, 

adakan, mangadakan, d'atangi, mand'a- 

tangi, d'atangkan, mand'atangkan. 
Affray, tumult. Aru-biini, geger, gugah, 

kalut, uru-ara. 
Affright, to terrify. Takuti, takutkiln, 

manakuti, manakutkau, grantang, prab, 

Affrighted, terrified. Takut, tartakut, 

Affront, insult. Malu, chalah, arang-di- 

Affront, to insult. Bii-malu, mamaliii, 

Afire. Bai-angus. 
Afioat. Timbul. 
Afoot. Barkaki. 

Afore, not behind. Ad'ap, d'iad'ap. 
Aforementioned. Yang tarsabut. 
Aforesaid. Yang tarkata, yaiig tarbilang. 
Afraid. Takut. 
Afresh, anew. Baharu, bahariian, baharu- 

Africa, North. Barbar. 
African, Northern. Barbari. 
African, Abyssmian, negro, /iabs'i. 
Aft, abaft. Diburitan. 
After, following in place or time. Bala- 

kang, dibalakang. 
After, following in time. Kamdiiiu, bad. 
After, according to. Tui'ut, ikut, sapurti, 

After that. Talah, badhu. 
After all, in fine. Sasudalma. 
Afterbirth, sccoudinc. Urai, tambuui. 
Afternoon. Sore. 
Afterpart. Balakaug, buritan. 
Afterward. Kamdian. 
Again, once more. Sakali-lagi. 
Again, back. Balik, kambali, pulaug, 

Again, besides. Lagi. 
Against, in opposition. Lawan. 




Against, coutraiy. Salah. 
Against, opposite to. Dia'dap, dimuka. 
Aghast, amazed. Tarcliaugang, /teran. 
Age, period of time. Masa, kala, usaya, 

uswa, yuswa, zamau, abad. 
Age, term of life. Idup, idupan, omur. 
Age (adult). Dewasa, balT^. 
Age (old). Barida, busanda. 
Aged, old. Tuwah, udar, barida, busauda, 
Ageut, substitute, deputy. Jauang, patih, 

sulur, waiil. 
Aggrandise, to increase. Mambasarkan. 
Aggrandise, to make great, to exalt. 

Aggravate, to make heavy. Bnitkan, 

Aggrieve, to give sorrow. Mambalasi. 
Aggi-ieve, to vex. Maiiusahkan. 
Aggrieve, to mom'u, to lament. Taugis, 

mauangis, ratap, mai-atap. 
Agila, eagle-wood. Kalambak, gahra, 

Agile. Pautas, chapat. 
Agitate, to shake, to stir. Goyang, 

goyangkan, mauggoyaug, mauggoy- 

augkau, gonchaug, gonchangkau, mang- 

gouchang, mauggonchaugkau, giirak, 

grak, manggarak, manggarakkau. 
Agitate, to stir up. AiTi, ai-ukan, mangaru, 

Agitated, perturbed, disquieted. Gaman, 

Ago, past. Talah, sudah. 
Agony, violent pain. Sangsara. 
Agree, to yield to. A'abul. 
Agi-ee, to stipulate. Janji, barjanji, 

sanggup, barAawal. 
Agi-ee, to concm\ Mariarta, mufa^•at. 
Agi'eeable, pleasing. Sad'ap, mastajab. 
Agreeably, consistent with. Ikut, tuinit. 

Agreement. Parjanjian, ^-awal. 
Aground, not afloat. Janggut. 
Agi'ound, stranded. KAnd'as. 
Ague, intermittent fever. Damam-katiga, 

All ! denoting dislike or censure. Chih ! 
Ah ! denoting triumph or contempt. Eh ! 
Ah ! denoting compassion. Ah ! ahi ! 

ayi ! ayiie ! adoh ! adohe ! wah ! weh ! 

amas! sayaug! 
Ahead, in the forepart, forward. Dialiian, 

diad'ap, dimuka. 
Aid, help. Tulung, panulung, bantu, 

pambantu, bala, pabala, sraya, huriif, 

tulik, uat«in. 
Aid, to help. Tulimg, mauulung, bantu, 

mambantu, barbantu, bala, mambala. 
Ail, to be sick or pained. Sakit, barsakit, 

Ailment, sickness, or pain. Sakit, panakit. 
Aim, to point the view. Arak, tuju, 

sipat, metar, batuli. 

Aim, to dii-ect a missile. Tembak, ma- 

nembak, tuju. 
Aim, to purpose. Arab, tuju. 
Aim, direction. Arab, tuju. 
Aim, purpose. Arab, tuju. 
Air (the). Angiu, udara, angkasa, ^awa. 
Ah-, tune. Lagu, lagam, ragam. 
Air, appearance generally. Rupa, warna. 
Air of the person. Sikaji. 
Air of the face. Ayar-muka. 
An-, to exi^ose to the air. Anginkan, 

Air-bladder. Limpvmg. 
Akin, alhed by nature. Bai-sanak. 
Alabastei". Puwalam. 
Alack, alas ! Ah, adoh, adohe, ahi, ayi, 

ayiie, wah, weh, amass, sayang. 
Alarm, tumult, disturbance. Gaget, 

kaget, gugah, giyab. 
Alarm, surprise. Kajut. 
Alarm, to disturb. Gaget, kaget, gugah, 

manggugah, guyah. 
Alann, to surprise. Mangajutkan. 
Alai-m, to disconcert. Ngamam, gamam. 
Alanned, startled. Tarkajut. 
Alarum, tocsin. Katut, sambuyan. 
Alas ! V. Alack. 
Albeit, although, notwithstantling. Ka- 

chuwali, lamuu, samaja, walekin, maski. 
Albino-coloiu-ed. Balar. 
Alcoran, Karan, kitab. 
Aleugtb. Bujur, mujm-, lari. 
Alert, brisk. Chapat. 
Alexander. Askaudar. 
Alien, a stranger. Dagang, panchil, orang- 

Alienate, withdrawn fi-om. Asing, 

Alienation, withdrawn from. Parasingan, 

Alight, to dismount, to come down. 

Tunin, manurun. 
Alight, to come down as a bird. Angkap. 
Alike. Sama, barsama, sabaya, baya-baya, 

sapurtimana, satu-sabagi, tara, satara, 

sai-upa, sapri-pri, saupama, samacham. 
Aliment, food. Makanan, santapan, razaki. 
Alive, in life. Idup. 
Alive, fi'esh. Idup. 
Alive (to keep). MangidupL 
All, the whole. Samuwa, samuwaiia, 

siiisi, sakiyaniia, saluruh, samasta, 

.sarupaiia, balaka. 
All, every one. Sagala, sakalian, sapala- 

All at once. Sakali. 
All one, all the same. Sama-juga. 
All sorts. Anika-auika. 
Allay, to alleviate. Rada, malambutkau, 

Allege, t(j plead an excuse. Dalih. 
Alleviate, to allay, llada, malambutkau, 




Allfours. Barkaki-ampat. 

Alliance, league. Janji, janjiau, parjan 

Alligator. Buwaya. 

Allot, to distribute. Bahagi, augguukan 
Allot, to distribute by lot. Ondekau. 
Allotment, share. BabagYan, anggun. 
Allow, to admit. Tarima, mAnarima. 
Allow, to .suffer, to pei'uiit. Bir, bri, kasi. 
Allow, to grant. Luluskan. 
Allow, to authorise as legal. ZTalalkau. 
Allowable, authorised. Sanat. 
Allowance, permission. Idn. 
Allowance, money. Balanja. 
Allowance, ration. Sara. 
All-powerful. Mahakuwasa, Xadiran. 
Allure (to). Bujuk, mambujuk. 
Allurement. Bujukan. 
Ally. Kawan, sakawan, taulan, sakutu, 

Almighty. Mahakuwasa, iladii-au. 
Almond, ^adam. 
Almost. Ampir, saampirila, dakat. 
Alms, charity. Darma, sada^t, zakat. 
Alms (to bestow). Sadakatkau. 
Aloe (agave). Lid'a-buwaya. 
Aloes (gum). Alwah. 
Aloes-wood. Kalambak, gahru, kayvx- 

Aloft. Diatas. 
Alone, solitai-y. Saorang, sorang, saorang- 

Alone, only, merely. Ana, saaja, saja. 
Along, at length. Bujor. 
Along, through, lengthwise. Sapanjang. 
Along, throughout. Sapanjang. 
Alongside. Sisi, disisi, kasisi. 
Along with, together. Sama-sama, sarta, 

Alphabet. Alifbata. 
Already, at the present time. Sakarang, 

sakarang-ini, kiui, baham, baharu-iiii, 

Already, some time past. Talah, talah- 

Also, likewise. Juga, juwa, jiia, lagi, 

lagi-puu, pula. 
Altar (an). Masbah. 
Alter, to be changed. Ubah, mangubah, 

ganti, barganti, salin, barsahn, maiialin, 

jawi, manjawi, tukar, mauukar, alih, 

Alter, to change. Ubahkan, Mangubah- 

kan, gantikan, manggantikan, barganti- 

kan, salinkan, manalinkan, jawikan, 

manjawikan, tukarkan, manukarkau, 

alihkau, mangalihkan. 
Alteration. Ganti, pilrgantian, salin, 

salinan, parsaliuan, tukar, panukar, 

ubah, pAngubahan. 
Altercate, to wrangle. Babil, barbabil, 

changkar, ganggang, tukar, biirtukar, 

bantah, barbantah, maiubautah. 

Altercation, wrangle. Babil, bantah, p^r- 

bantahan, changkar, ganggang, tukar, 

Alternate. Salang, s^lang-salmg, ganti- 

Alternately. Salang-salang. 
Although, notwithstanding. Lamun, 

sAnaja, masa, masakan, sakalipun, maski, 

Altitude, height. Katinggian. 
Altogether, completely. Balaka, samata, 

samata-mata, sapala-pala, saganap, 

sakali, sapauuh-panuhiia, rata. 
Altogether, conjunctly. Barsama-sama, 

Alum. Tawas. 
Always, perpetually, ever. Nantiyasa, 

sanautij'asa, s&ntiyasa, sadakala, sadiya- 

kala, salamana, salama-lamaiia. 
Amanuensis. Juru-tidis, juni-salin. 
Amass, to collect together. Kumpul, 

kumpulkdn, barkumpulkan, tambun- 

kan, manambunkan. 
Amassed, collected together. Tarkumpul, 

tambun, tartambun. 
Amaze (to). Ch^ngangkan, /terankan, 

Amazed. Tarchangang, tarmangu, /ieran, 

da/wis'at, tajab, /iayal. 
Amazement. Changang, chaugangan, ka- 

changangan, maugu, Aeran, t«jab, da/(a- 

Amazing, wondei-ful. Changang, Iteran. 
Ambassador. Utusan, duta, kongkonan, 

gaud'ek, achang, pangalasan, panglasan, 

suruhan, pasuruh, charaka, wa^•il. 
Amber. .4ubar, ambar. 
Ambergris. S'ahbui. 
Ambient, encompassing. Barkapung, 

barkrubung, barkaliling. 
Ambiguous. Rajau, mamang. 
Ambition. 6'arirat, /timat. 
Ambitious. Barati-basar. 
Amble (to). Ligas. 
Amboyua. Ambun. 
Ambush. Ad'aug, ad'angan. 
Ambush (to lie in). Mangad'ang. 
Amen. Amin. 

Amenable, responsible. Bai-tanggung-an. 
Amend, to coi'rect. Bayiki, mambayiki, 

batulkau, mambatulkan, bauarkau, 

Amende, mulct. D'and'a. 
Amerce, to fine. Dand'akau. 
Amethyst. Marias. 
Amicable. Bartaulanan, barehabatan. 
Amid, amidst. Dalam, didalam, taugah, 
ditangah, pAda-tangahan, autara, dalam- 
antara, daugan-antai-a, pada-autara. 
Amiss, fault}'. Salah. 
Amity, friendship. Taulanan, mahabat, 

Ammunition. Alat-saiijata, alat-praug. 




Among, amongst. Dalam, didal^m, 

tangah, ditangah, pada-tangahan,antara, 

dalam-antara, dangan-antara, pada-an- 

Amorous. Birahi, barbirahi, aas'aJc. 
Amount (to). Jadi, sampai. 
Amoimt, simi total. Kumpulan, jum- 

Amour, a love intrigue. Bimbangan. 
Ample, large, wide. Luwas. 
Ampleness, largeness. Luwasan, kalu- 

Amplify, to enlarge. Mangluwaskan, 

Amputate, to cut off a limb. Kudungkan, 

Amuck (an). Amuk. 
Amuck (to run). Mangamuk. 
Amuck (to run amuck at). Mangamuk- 

Amuck (one that runs). Pangamuk. 
Amulet. TSngkal, azimat. 
Amuse oneself (to). Mayia, mayin-mayiu, 

Amusement. Mayin-mayinan. 
An, a. Sa, satu, suwatu. 
Analogy. Bandingan, upama. 
Ananas. Nanas, ananas. 
Anarchy, disorder. Aru-biru, geger. 
Anathema. Sumpah, parsumpahan, sar- 

apa, tulak. 
Ancestor, forefather. Moyang, muyang. 
Ancestors. Nenek-moyang, datu-moyang. 
Ancestry, lineage. Tuininan, katurunau, 

darah, poun. 
Anchor (an). Sawuh, jangkar. 
Anchor (to). BarlabuL 
Anchorage. Labuhan, palaluhan. 
Anchoret, Partapa. 
Ancient, not modem. Tuwah, lama, 

sadiya, memang. 
Anciently. Lama, daulu-kala, memang. 
Ancients (the). Orang-diiulu-kala, orang- 

And. Dan. 

Anent, concerning. Atas, diatas. 
Anew. Baharu. baharu-bahariian. 
Angel (an). Malak, malaikat. 
Anger. Amarah, marah, duka, gamira, 

Angle, flexure. Siku, sudiit. 
Angle, corner. Panjuru, juni. 
Angle, side between two angles. Parsagi, 

Angle, to fish with a rod. Mangail, pan- 

ching, mamanching. 
Angler. Pangail, pamanching. 
Angi-ily. Dangan marah. 
Angry. Amarah, marah, duka, mui-ka, 

marka, ngarin, ngrin, berang, gusSr, 

Angular. Parsagi, pasagL 
A-night, in the night time. Samalaman. 

Animadversion, reproof. Ajaran. 
Animadvert, to reprove. Ajaii. 
Animal, living creature. Banatang, fie- 

Animate, animated. Idup, bai-iiawa. 
Animate, to encourage. Bri-ati, mambri- 

Animation, spirits. Gambira. 
Animosity, hatred. Banchi, kabanchian. 
Anise. Adas-manis. 
Ankle. Mata-kaki. 
Anklet. Galang-kaki. 
Annals. Tai-is. 
Annihilate, to reduce to nothing. Md- 

Announce, to declare. Mangatakan. 
Annoy, to incommode, to disturb. Susah- 

kan, maiiusahkan, ganggu, gad'uh, 

Annoy, to vex. Usik, mangusik. 
Annoyance. Gad'uhan, chamas. 
Annual. Satiiun-taun, tiyap-taun. 
Annul, to abolish. Ampus, ampuskdu, 

mangampus, apuskan, m.lnadakan. 
Anoint, to rub with oil. Mamiuak. 
Anoint, to smear. Urap, mdngui-ap. 
Anon, soon. Kalak. 
Anon, sometimes, now and then. 

Another, not the same. Layin, 
Another, one more. Satu-lagi. 
Another, any other. Barang-layin. 
Answer, to reply. Saut, sauti, maiiaut, 

maiiauti, balds, mambalas, jawab, 

Answer, to correspond Balds, mamba- 
las, bartimbang. 
Answer, to suit, to fit. Jadi, bdrpatut, 

Answer, to be accountable for. Aku, 

akiii, mdngaku, mangakiii. 
Answer, reply, response. Saut, sautan, 

balas, pambalas. 
Answer, retaliation. Balas, pambalas, 

Answei-ing, responsive. Barsiiutan. 
Ant, emmet. Samut. 
Ant (large red tree). Kranga. 
Ant (winged). Lalatu. 
Ant (white), termes. Ani-ani, anai-anai, 

rayap, i-ayak. 
Ant-eater, manis. Tanggilin, taranggUing, 

Ant-hill. Pongsii. 
Antagonism, contest. Lawanan, kala- 

Antagonist, opponent. Lawan, pangla- 

wan, satru, musuh. 
Antecede, to precede. Daului, mandau- 

Antechamber (royal). Paseban. 
Anthony's fire (St.), erysipelas. Tokak. 
Anticipate (to). Dauliii, maudaului. 




Antick, a buffoon. Bad'ud, band. 
Antick, trick. Chora, chura. 
Antidote, charm. Chftnrai. 
Antidote against poison. Pilnawar. 
Antimony (sulphureted ore of). Kinang. 
Antipathy, aversion. Banchi, kabftn- 

Antique, ancient. Tuwah, lama, .sadiya, 

niemang, purba. 
Antiquity, olden times. Diiulu-kala, 

Anvil. Land'as, land'asan, paron. 
Anxiety, solicitude. Chinta, parchin- 

tfian, sayang, bimbang, bimbangan, 

susah-ati, susahan, s'ur/iil. 
Anxious, solicitous. Chinta, barchinta, 

sayang, bimbang, susah-ati, kang.ln. 
Anxious about (to be). Bai-chintakdn. 
Anus. Pantat. 
Any. Barang. 
AnjT-one. Barang-suwatu, barang-sasu- 

Any person. Barang-siiorang. 
Any-thing. Sabarang, barang-apa. 
Any-thing-soever. Barang-suwatu, barang- 

sasuwatu, barang-mana, sabarang-ba- 

Any-where. Barang-dimana, barang-sa- 

mana-mana, barang-mana, samana-mana. 
Apace, speedily. Bang^t, sigi-a. 
Apart, distinct. Asing, suku-suku. 
Apart, at a distance from. Jauh. 
Apart, separately. Sablah. 
Apart (to set). Asingkan. 
Apartment, a room. Bilik. 
Ape, monkey. Kara, kra, wanara, moiiat. 
Ape, to mimic. Jajat. 
Aperture, opening. Liyang, lubang, 

rongga, mulut. 
Apex, tip, point. Ujung, puchak, puchuk. 
Apologue, fable. Charita, chariti-a, palitar. 
Apologj^ excuse. Dalih. 
Apoplexy. Sawan-bangke, sawan-mayat, 

pitam-babi, tipuk. 
Apostate (an). Martad. 
Apostatize (to). Salin-nabi. 
Apostle. Pauuruh, nabi, rasul. 
Apothegm. Upama. 
Appal, to fright. Takuti, takutkan, mii- 

nakuti, manakutkan. 
Apparatus., pakakas. 
A pparel, raiment. Pakaian. pakean, kap.ln. 
Apparent, plain, ojwn. Nata, llaliTr. 
Api>ar('nt, visible. Kaliatan. 
Api)arunt, certain. Tantu. 
Appai-ontly, seemingly. Kaliatanna. 
Ajiparition, spectre. Bayang, xeal. 
Ajipear, to be in sight. Nampak, tampak. 
Appear, to come forth. Tarbit, timbul. 
Appear, to stand in the presence of 

another. Barad-.lp, m.lngad-iip. 
Appearance, show. Ilupa, warna. 
Appearance, semblance. .S'-ifitt. 

Appease, to still. Milndiyamkan, mana- 

jukkan, tad'idikan. 
Appellation, name. Nama. 
Appellative, title. Gdlar. 
Appertaining, belonging to. Ampiuia, 

puna, barampuiia. 
Appetite, sensual desire. Ingiu, kiiingi- 

nan, s'arah, Aawa. 
Applaud, to praise. Puji, mamuji. 
Applause. Puji, pujian, pamuji. 
Apple of the eye. Charmin-mata, orang- 

Application, diligence. P.lrusahan. 
Application, solicitation. Pinta, parmin- 

Apply, to put one thing to another. 

Buboh, kAnakan, mangdnakan. 
Apply, to make use of Pakai, mamakai, 

pasang, mamasang. 
Apply, to cause to adhere. Lakatkan. 
Apply, to address. Mangatakan, tftgor, 

Apply, to suit. Ka,na, marapat. 
Applied, put to another thing. Kana, 

Appoint, to establish. LAtaki, latakkiin, 

Appoint, to decree. Titah, manitah, 

sabda, mafiilbda, und'ang, vmd.angi. 
Appointment, decree. Titah, sjlbda, un- 

Appointment, stipulation. Janji, par- 

janjian, ubungan. 
Appointment, office. Jabatan, p.lgangan, 

tanggungan, kad'ud'ukan, xadmat. 
Apportion (to). Babagai, bahage, mam- 

bahage, barbahage. 
Apportionment. Pambahage. 
Apposite, proper. Patut, anis, layU-. 
Appraise, to put a price on. Nilai, ma- 

nilai, tawar, manawar. 
Appreciate, to esteem, to vakie. Indahkan. 
Apprehend, to seize. Tangkap, milnangkilp. 
Apprehend, to understand. Tangkllp, 

milnangkap, drti, mang;\rti. 
Apprehend, to fear. Takut, manakut, 

Apprehender, seizer. P.lnangkap. 
Apprehension, seiztire. Tangkap, tang- 

Apprehension, conception. Tangkapan. 
Apprehensive. Bartakutan. 
Apprise, to inform. Bri-tau, mambri-tau, 

Approach, to draw near. Ampir, m.lmpir, 

Approach, to bring near. Ampiri, am- 

pirkan, dilkati, dflkatkan, susorkiln. 
Approach, means of advancing. Jalan, 

Approbation, approval. Kanlln, park^nan. 
Appropriate, to make peculiar. MAin- 





Appropriately. Dang^n patiitua, sapa- 

tiitna, siiarusua. 
Approval, approbation. Kiinan, pArkanaii. 
Apjjrove, to like. Kanan, barkilnfln. 
Approve, to sanction. Mdngaruskan. 
Approximate, near to. Ampir, dakat, 

Approximate, to come near. Ampir, 

maugampir, m.lndakat. 
Approximate, to bring near. M.lngdmpiri, 

ampiri, mangampirkfin, mandakati, dA- 

kati, dakatkan, mdndilkatk.ln. 
Apt, fit. Patut, sallh, layik. 
Apt, ready, quick. Chakap, clidpat, 

lanchar, pant;ls. 
Aptitude, fitness. Kapatutan. 
Aptly, fitly. Sapatutiia, sapurtiiia. 
Aquatic. Ayaran, bilrayaran. 
Aqueduct. Saloran, alir-alii-an. 
Arabia, ^rab, banuwa, arab. 
Ai-abian. ^i-ab, arabi. 
Arable, tilled land. Bandang. 
Arable (dry fiekH. Tugar, tagal, uma. 
Arable (irrigated). Sawah. 
Arch, vault. Lilngkung, Hbat. 
Arched, vaulted. Laugkung, barlangkung. 
Archer, bowman. Pamanah. 
Archetyi^e. Talad-an. 
Ardent, burning. Barapi. 
Ardent, vehement. AngAt, Aadamat. 
Ardent spii-it.s. Bram, chu, arat, sopi. 
Ardour. Augatan, /tadamat. 
Arduous, difficult. Sukar, payah, susah, 

Area. D'asar, natar. 
Areca, betel-nut. Pining. 
Argiie, to debate. Baohara, b.lrbdchara, 

Argyiment, debate. Bachara, p^rbachara, 

/i-ias, dalil. 
Arid, dry. Kring. 
Aright, rightly. Banar, bdtul, sabdnitriia, 

Arise, to mount upwards. Nayik, bangiui, 

mambangun, bangkit. 
Arise, to get up. Bangkit, bilrd-iri, bar- 

Arise, to come into view. Tarbit, timbul. 
Arise, to proceed from. Tumbuh. 
Arithmetic. .ilmii-Aasab, almu-bilangan. 
Ark (the). Bahitra. 
Ark of the covenant. Tabut. 
Arm, including the hand. Tangan. 
Arm (fore). LangAn, asta. 
Arm (upper). Bahu. 
Arm, weapon. Siinjata, gaman. 
Arm (as of a chair or couch). Kilik- 

Armament. Angkatan, kalangkapan. 
Armed, wielding or bearing arms. Bftr- 

Armenia. Armani. 
Armenian. Armani. 

Armlet. Ponto, kilat-bahu, galang. 

Armory. GAd'ong, sanjata. 

Armour, mail. Baju-rantai, zirah. 

Annpit. Katiyak. 

Arms, weapons. SAnjata, gagaman, gang- 

Army, host. Bala, balatantra, tilntra, 

angkatan, las'kar. 
Arnotto. Kasumba-kling. 
Around, about, in a circle. Kaliling, 

Arouse, to raise up. Bard'ii'ikan, bang- 

uukan, mambangunkAn. 
Arouse, to awake. BangunkAn, mAnbang- 

Arquebuse. Satinggar, tinggar. 
Arrack. Arak. 
Arraign, to accuse. Tud'uh, mAnud-uh, 

tukas, mAnukas. 
Arraignment. Tud'uhau. 
Ari-ange, to put in order. Atur, bAratur, 

mAngatur, ikAt, mangikAt, rakit, mAra- 

kit, baijajar, banjar, sAlasai. 
Arrangement. Atur, aturan, pAraturan, 

ikat, ikatan, rakitan, jajar, banjaran, 

Arras, tapestry. Diwangga. 
Array, to arrange, v. Arrange. 
Ari-ay, military order. Bai-is, ikAt -prang. 
Arrest, to stop motion. AntikAn, niAng- 

AntikAn, tahankAn, niAnahani. 
Arrest, to obstruct. Ambat. 
Arrest, restraint of person. Kok. 
Arrival. D'atAng, kad-atAngan, tiba. 
Arrive, to come to, to reach. D'atang, 

sampai, tiba, jatuli. 
Arrive, to happen, to befall. D-atang, 

sampai, tiba, jatuh. 
Ari-ive, to cause to reach, or come. Man- 

d'atAngi, mand'atAngkAn. 
Arrive, to to happen. Mand'a- 

tAngi, mand'atangkAn. 
Arrogance. Chungka, kochak, takabur. 
Arrogant. Chungka, kochak, juwah, bong- 

kak, rongkak, angkuli. 
Ari'ow (an). Anak-panah. 
Arsenal. Gad'ong-sAnjata. 
Arsenic, orpiment. WArangan, bArangan. 
Arsenic, white oxyde. WArangan-putih. 
Art, trade. Tukangan, pand'eiin. 
Art, science. AlmQ, /takmat. 
Art, cunning. Daya, tipu, polah, rekn, 

hanar, akal. 
Artery. Urat-darah-merah. 
Artful, skilful. Pand'ai, pand'e, bisa. 
Artful, cunning. Daya, tipu, polah, reka, 

Article, section. PArkara, fa«al, bab. 
Article, stipulation. Janji, pArjanjian. 
Article, to stipulate. Janji, barjanji. 
Articulate, to pronounce. Kata, mangata, 

sAbut, mAnAbut. 
Articulation, joint. SAndi, ruwas, buku. 


[ 10] 


Articulated, jointed. Barsandi, bam was, 

Artifice, trick, fraud. Daya, tipu, polah, 

reka, samu. 
Artificer, artist, artisan. Tukang, juru, 

pand'ai, pand'e. 
Artificial. Parbuwatan ordng. 
Artillery. Mariam, b3,d-il. 
Artillery (moimted). Mariam-barkareta. 
Artillery-mau. Juru-mftriam, juru-bdd'il, 

Artless, simple. Bod'ok. 
As, like. Bagai, bagai-bagai, sabagai, 

sapurti, saparti, panaka, siiolah, satara. 
As, in the same manner with. Batapa. 
As if. Sapui'ti, saparti, bagai. 
As long as, while. Salama, salagi. 
As long, as far. Sapanjang, siiinga. 
As many as. Sabaiiak. 
As much as. Sabaiiak. 
As soon an. Satalah. 
As though. Sapurti, sapdi-ti, jikalau. 
As to, with respect to. Adapun, akan, 

As well as, equally. Sasamaua, satai'aua. 
As yet. Inga-ini. 
Ascend, to move upwards. Nayik. 
Ascend, to climb up by the hands and feet. 

Ascend, to climb up by a ladder. Pagang. 
Ascend, to go up a river, or against stream 

or tide. Mud'ik. 
Ascend a throne, to become a sovereign. 

Ascension, rising. Kabangkitan. 
Ascent, mounting. Nayik, kanayikan. 
Ascertain, to make certain. Tantukan, 

Ascertained, established. Tartiintu. 
Ascetic, hermit. Partapa. 
Ascites, dropsy of the abdomen. Busung. 
Ashamed. Malu, bamialu, siput, supan. 
Ashes. Abu. 

Ashes (shower of volcanic). Ujan-abu. 
Ashore, on shore. D-arat, did'arat, bar- 

Ashore, to the shore. Kad'arat. 
Ashy, ash-coloured. Kalabu, klabu. 
Aside, to one side. Kasablah, disablah. 
Ask, to petition. Minta, pinta, moun, 

poun, m^moun. 
Ask, to question. Taiia, tftniii, ngapa, 

si'aimkan, mMiapakan. 
Ask, to inquire. Preksa, mamreksa, 

preksiii, mamreksjii. 
Ask, to demand. Tuntut. 
Askance (to look). Tulik, juling. 
Aslant. Lentang-])ujor. 
Asleep. Tidor, bartidor, adu, l)aradu, 

lena, barlena. 
Aslope. Miring. 
Aspiiragus. Akar-parsi. 
Aspect, look. Rupa, warna. 

Aspect, countenance. Muka, sdmu. 

Aspect, view. Pamandang. 

Asquint. Juling. 

Ass. Kaldi. 

Assafcctida. Ingu. 

Assail, to attack. Langgar, mtllanggar, 

maud'atfingi, pukul, mamukul, sarbu, 

Assassin, murderer. Pambunoh. 
Assassinate, to murder. Bunoh, mam- 

Assassination, murder. Bunohan, pdm- 

buuohan, p<1rbmiohan. 
Assault, to attack with violence. Langgar, 

langgari, mSlanggar, malanggari,sarang, 

manarang, tarkam, mAndrkam, pukul, 

mftmukul, sarbu, mauarbu. 
Assault. Langgar, sarang. 
Assay, to try by the touchstone. L^ji, 

sudi, manudi. 
Assemblage, collection of individuals. 

Impunan, parimpunan, kumpulan. 
Assemble, to meet together. Impun, 

bai-impun, mangimpun, kumpul, bar- 

kumpul, kampung, barkampung. 
Assemble, to bring together. Impun, 

mangimpvm, impuugkan, mangimpun- 

kan, kumpul, kumpulkfin, kampung, 

kampungkan, mangampungkiln, krah- 

Assembly, convention. Sidang, majalas. 
Assent, to consent. Milu, melu, turut, 

mAnurut, sudi, iabul. 
Assent, consent. Sudi, Aabul. 
Assert (to). Sabut, maiiabut. 
Assets, fvmds. Pangkalan. 
Assiduity, diligence. Rajin, usaha, pang- 

Assiduous. Rajin, usaha, i-^uah, pij&r. 
Assign, to appropriate. Mampuiiai, mftng- 

Assist, to help. Tulung, manulung, bantu, 

bantukan, mdmbantu, bala, mdmbala- 

Assistance. Tulung, pftnulung, pdrtu- 

lungan, bantu, bala, sraya, Auraf. 
Assistant. Kapit, patih. 
Associate, to unite with another. Bdrka- 

wan, mangawan, mufii^-at. 
Associate, to unite as friends. Bartaidan, 

bartiiman, bai'saAabat. 
Associate, to accompany. M.liiarta. 
Associate, confederate. Taulan, taman, 

bandu, kawan, kapit, sakan, sa/db. 
Associate, partner. Sakutu, warang. 
Association. Taulanau, kawanan. 
Assort, to class, to arrange. Atur, mang- 

Astern. Diburitan, kaburitan. 
Assuage, to mitigate. Malambutkc'in, rada, 

Assuage, to appease. SAjukkan, manfijuk- 





Assume, to take. Ambil, mangambil, 

sauibut, maiiambut. 
Assume, to supi^ose. Kera, maugera, 

saugka, mduaugka. 
Assume, to appropriate. Mampuiiai, 

Assuming, aiTOgant. Chungka, kochak, 

juwah, bougkak. 
Assurance, firmness. Tdtdp, kat3,tdpan, 

tagulian, kataguhau, t3.garan. 
Assurance, certainty. Tdntu, pdst'i, ka- 

Assm-auce, confidence. TS,t3,p-ati. 
Assurance, want of modesty. Muka-papan, 

Assure, to make confident. Tat3,pkan-ati. 
Assure, to make secure. Tatajii, manfttapi, 

tatapkan, manatapkan, partatapkan, 

taguhkan, managuhkau. 
Assure, to make certain. Tautukan, mS,- 

nautukan, pAsfikJln. 
Assured, certain. Tantu, pdsti, bartdntu. 
Assuredly. Tantu, pasti, nischaya, sanis- 

chaya, sungguh, sungguh-sungguh, sa- 

sungguhiia, samaja. 
Asthma. Milngi, stisak-d'ad'a. 
Astonish, to amaze. Changangkan, da- 

has'atkan, /lei'ankan, t«jabkan. 
Astonished. Tarch^ngaug, tarmangu, he- 
van, tojab. 
Astonishment. Changang, changangan, 

mangu, daAas'at, Aerau, tajab. 
Astound, V. Astonish. 
Astounded, v. Astonished. 
Astray. Sasat, kasasat, sasar, kasasai". 
Astray (to go). Sasat, m^iiasat, sasar, 

Asti-ay (to lead). Sasatkan, manasatkan, 

Astraddle. Chalapak, kangkang. 
Astringent. Kalat. 
Astrolabe. Astralab. 
Astrologer. Sastrawan, satrawan. 
Astrology. Panchalima, tamra, najum. 
Asunder. Charai, barcharai, tarcharai. 
Asylum, sanctuaiy, refuge. Tad'uh, su- 

waka, lindung. 
At. Pada, di. 

At all, in any manner. Sakali-kali. 
At all (not). Sakali-kali-tiyada. 
At once, forthwith. Sakatika, sakutika. 
At present, now. Sakarang. 
At times. Kad'ang-kad'ang. 
Athletic, strong of body. Tagap. 
Athwart. Lentang, sangkang, malaug. 
Atmosphere. Angin, udara. 
Atom, particle. Kuman. 
Atone, to stand as an equivalent. Balas. 
Atone, to exjiiate. Balas, balaskan, mam- 

balas, mambalaskan, bela. 
Atonement, expiation. Bela, bala.s, pa- 

malas, pambalasan, kafarat. 
Attach, to cause to adhere. Malakatkau. 

Attach, to fix on. Buboh, kduakan. 
Attachment, fidelity. Satya, satyawan. 
Attack, to assail. Langgar, langgari, ma- 

langgar, malauggari, sarang, manarang, 

maiiarangkan, sarbu, sarbukan, manar- 

bu, maiiarbukan, pukul, mamukul. 
Attack, assault. Langgar, sarang, s§,rbu. 
Attain, to gain. Bulih, ulih, banilih, 

pirulih, bai-ulihkan, dapat, kana. 
Attain, to reach. D'at&ng, d'atangi, sam- 

pai, sampaikan, maiiampaikdn. 
Attempt, to try, to endeavour. Chuba, 

milnchuba, chakap, manchakdp, tuju. 
Attempt, essay, tiial. Chuba, panchuba. 
Attempt, endeavour. Chakap, tuju. 
Attend, to mind. Ingat, mangingat, eling, 

Attend, to wait. Nanti, mtoanti. 
Attend, to accompany. Ikut, mdngikut, 

turut, manm-ut. 
Attend, to wait on. Jaga, maujaga, 

tungguli, manungguh. 
Attend, to serve. Baramba, paramba. 
Attend, to serve at table. Layani. 
Attend, to heed. Usah, usakau, mangu- 

Attendance, service. Pdrambaan. 
Attendant, retainer. Kundang, sakai, 

Attendant, servant. Amba, beta, budak, 

batur, wali. 
Attention. Ingat, ingatan, tipawus, usah, 

Attentive. Baiingatan, tdpawus, ati-ati, 

Attenuate, to lessen. Korangkan. 
Attest, to bear witness. Saksikan, 

Attestation. Kasaksian. 
Attire, to dress. Pakai, m&makai, iyasi. 
Attire, dresa. Paka'ian, pakeau, pai-i- 

Attorney, constituted agent. Sulur, 

Attribute, quality. Pri, prangai, faal, 

Attribute, to impute. Tukas, manukas. 
Atween. Antara. 
Atwixt. Antara. 
Auction. Lelong. 
Auction (to sell by). Lelongkan. 
Audacious, bold. Barani, brani. 
Audible. Kad'angaran. 
Audience, act of hearing. Kad-^nga- 

Audience, auditory. Impunan, kumpu- 

Audience-hall, presence-chamber. Balai- 

ruwang, balai-rmig, balai-pilngad"apan. 
Audience, royal presence. Paiigad-apaii. 
Auf Bod'ok, kaparat. 
Auger (au). Gurd'i. 
Aught. Baraug. 




Augment, to grow bigger. Tambali, 

manambah, bartaubah, biirbasar. 
Augment, to increase. Tambalii, tam- 
■ bahkan, mauambahkau, barlabihkan, 

malabihkan, pdrbafiakau, barbasarkan, 

Augmentation, increase. Tambaban, ka- 

tambalian, partambahan. 
Augur, to foretell. Talah. 
Augurer. Sastrawan, satrawau, najum. 
Augury. Talah, trus-mata. 
August, gi-and. Sri, al'im. 
Aunt (maternal). Mamak. 
Aunt (mother's elder sister). Ma-tuwah. 
Aunt (mother's younger sister). Bibi. 
Aunt (paternal). Uwak, ma-chl, ma- 

Aui'icle of the ear. Dawun taliuga. 
Auspicious, fortunate. Sri, paksa, bayik. 
Austere, harsh of taste. Masam, padar. 
Austere, severe, harsh. Praugprus, kras. 
Austerity, severity. Praugprus, kak- 

Austerity, mortified life. Tapa, par- 

Australia (north coast). Miireje. 
Authentic. Banai-, batul, sungguh. 
Author, writer. Ampuiia charita, am- 

puua karangan, juru-tulis, juru-sarat, 

Authoi-ity, power. Kuwasa. 
Authority, legal power. Parentab, pren- 

Authority, dominion. Paprentaban, pren- 

tahan, karajiiau. 
Automaton. Or.lngor angan, patung. 
Avarice. Loba, kikii'an, murka. 
Avaricious. Loba, barloba, chalichi, kikir, 

Avatar. Batara. The word, however, 

in all the insular languages, is used as 

a genei-ic for all the principal Hindu 

gods, and not in its ti-ue sense of " a 

descent, '^or the incarnation of a god. 
Avaunt. Nah, inchit, jawuh. 
Avenge (to). Tulah, balas. 
Avenue, way to. Lorong, lurung, jalam. 
Avei-se, malign. Pamali, malang. 
Averse, disinclined. Malas. 
Aversion, hatred. Banchi, baucluan, 

Aversion, loathing. Bos;xn. 
Avert, to turn aside. Taugkis, tankiskan. 

tulak, manulak. 
Avert, to turn away. Paling. 
Averted, tm-ned aside. Tangkis, tartang- 

Avidity, gi-eediness. Galuju, majoh, 

Avocation, business. Karja, pakarjiian. 
Avoid, to shun. Tiuggalkau, maninggal- 

Avoid, to retire fiom, to escape, liuput. 

Avow, to declare. S^but, nianabut. 

Await, to expect. Mananti, nanti. 

Await, to attend. Diyam, bardiyam. 

Awake, to break from sleep. Jaga, 

Awake, to ai-ise from sleep. Bangun. 

Awake, to rouse from sleep. Jagakau, 
maujagakan, bangunkan, mambangun- 
kan, bangkitkiln, bard'u-ikan. 

Awake, not asleep. Jaga, taijaga. 

Award, to adjudge. Salasai, salasaikdn, 
putus, putuskan, rampung, rampung- 
kan, /iukamkan. 

Awfird, judgment. Putusan, rampungau, 

Awarded, adjudged. Salasai, putus, ram- 

Away, forth, out. ^ Luwar. 

Away, begone ! Nah, inchit. 

Awe, fear. Takut, katakutan, hebat. 

Awful. Suwanggi, hebat. 

Awhile. Sabantar, sakutika, sakatika. 

Awkward. Kaku. 

Awl. Panggirik, sujen. 

Awning, canopy. Langit-langit, lalangit, 

Awning of a boat. Jubung. 

Awiy. Erot, merot. 

Axe. Kapak, kampak, pat 'el, tabar. 

Axiom, proverb, maxim. Saloka. 

Axis. Paku. 

Axle. Injin. 

Ay, yes. lya. 

Ay me. Ayiie. 

Aye, always. Nantiyasa, sanantiyasa, 

Azm-e. Biini, biru-langit. 

Babble (to). Mangomong, barmulut- 

panjang, barlid'ah-pimjang, lampas, 

Babble, idle talk. Mulut-paujang, lid*ah- 

panjang, ngomong, lampas, lampasan. 
Babe. Anak-kachil, kanak-kanak. 
Babel, disorder, tumult. Ani-biru, aru-ara, 

Baboon. Kra, bruk, niouat. 
Bachelor. Bujang, truna, d'ud'a. 
Bachian (one of the Moluccas). Bilehan. 
Back, hinder part. Balakaug, iringau, 

Back, near. Balakaug, buritan, iringan. 
Back, place behind. Balakang. 
Back, backwai-d. Balik, kabalik. 
Back, again, in retui-n. Balik, kdmbali, 

Back, behind. Dibalakang. 
Back (to go). I'ulang. 
Back (to send). Pidangkan, k.lmbalikkan. 
Back, to second. Kapit, kapitkan, tulung, 

manulung, bantu, mdmbantu. 


[ 13] 


Back (to fall), to retreat. Undur. 

Back (the small of the), the reins. 

Backbite (to). Om23at,maugompat,makan- 

darah, fatuahkan. 
Backbiter. Pangompat. 
Backbone, spine. Ula-ula. 
Backside, back part. Balakang, buritan. 
Backside, buttocks. Punggung. 
Back stays, in a ship's rigging. Tttmbirang, 

Backward, towards the back. Kabala- 

Backward, unwilling. Maids. 
Backward, late. Lama. 
Backward and forward. Pargi-balik, pargi- 

Bad, not good, ill. Jahat. 
Bad, vicious. Nakal, galak, bangkeng. 
Bad, unfortunate. Malaug. 
Bad, hurtful. Jahat. 
Bad, worthless. Buioik, busuk. 
Bad luck. Untung-jahat, untmig-malang. 
Badge. Tand'a, bakas, «lamat. 
Badinage. Gui-au, lawah, siudir, sanda, 

Badness. Kajahatan. 
Baffle, to defeat. Mdiialahkan. 
Baffled, defeated. Tiwas, katiwas, kachewa. 
Bag, sack. Ivaruug, kand'ung. 
Bag, scrip. Kakandi, pundi, pundi-puudi, 

kampil, bakcha, bauan. 
Bag, to put in a bag. Karungkan, mang- 

arungkan, maiiand-ungkan. 
Bag, to swell as a full bag. Miinganduug. 
Bagdad. Bagdad. 
Bail, sm'ety. Akiiau, tanggiingan. 
Bail, a surety. Pangaku, pananggu. 
Bail (to give). Akiii, mangaku, tanggung, 

Bait (a fish). Umpan. 
Bait, to lay a bait for fish. Layan. 
Bait, to refresh on the road. Manjamu. 
Bake, to heat in an oven. Mauanur. 
Baker (of bread). Tukang-roti. 
Baking. Tauduran. 
Balance, scales. Taraju, traju, uaraju, 

Balance, steelyard. Dachin. 
Balance, comparison. Timbangau. 
Balance, surplus. Paniuggalan, haM. 
Balance, to weigh by a measure. Timbang, 

bai-timbang, manimbang. 
Balance, to compai-e. Timbang, bartini- 

bang, manimbang. 
Balance, to equalize. Pad'akan. 
Balcony. Baranda, maranda. 
Bald, wanting hair. But'ak, langar, sulah. 
Bald-headed. Gund'ul, kdlapm'-puyuh. 
Baldric, girdle. Sabuk, ikat-pinggang. 
Bale, package. Bungkus, bungkusan, 

Bale, to make into a bale. BungkuskAu. 

Bale, to lave out. Orak, kamarau, timba, 

Balk, beam. Baluk. 
Ball, round body. Bulat. 
Ball (cannon). Buwah-mariam, buwah- 

Ball (foot). Sepak-raga. 
Ball (eye). Biji-mata. 
Ball, shot. Miniis, paluru. 
Ball of thread. Gumpal-banaug. 
Ball of the thumb. Pargalaugan. 
Ballad. Gagalang. 
Ballast. Tulak-bara. 
Bali, the island. Bali. 
Bamboo. Buluh. Bambu and mambu, 

sometimes used, belong to the Hindi 

language of Cauara, and were most 

probably introduced by the Portu- 
Ban, to curse. Sumpah, mauumpah. 
Banana, Miosa. Pisang. 
Banca, the island. Bangka. 
Band, tie. Ikat, ikatan, tali. 
Band, troop. Kawan, jjasuk, pasukan, 

Band of music. Gagamalan. 
Band, to associate, to troop. Barkawan, 

mangawan, bai-pasuk. 
Banda, one of the Spice islands. Banda. 
Bandage, ligature. Tali. 
Bandage (to). Talikan. 
Bandit, robber. Begal, pandung. 
Bandolier. Band'ala. 
Kindrol, streamer. Lalayu, panji. 
Bandy-legged. Pengkar. 
Bane, poison. Rachun, upas. 
Bang, to beat. Palu. 
Bang, the intoxicating preparation from 

hemp. Ganja. 
Banish, to drive away. Buwang. 
Bank of a river. Tapi-sungai. 
Bank of a river, shelving. Taling. 
Bank, a shoal. Bating. 
Banner. Tunggal, tunggul, pangsi, panji, 

band-era, gand-era, alamat, alam-alamat. 
Bannian tree. Baringin, waringin. 
Banquet, feast. Jamuan, parjamiian, 

tajian, kand'uri, parangkap. 
Bantam. Bantan. 
Banter, railleiy. Chora. 
Banter (to). Barchora, manchora. 
Bar, piece of wood placed across to ob- 

stiaict. Palang. 
Bar, pale of a fence. Kisi. 
Bar, bolt of a door. Kimchi, pangauching. 
Bar, barrier. Sakat. 
Bar, at the mouth of a i-iver. Sakat. 
Bar, to bolt a door. Kunchikan. 
Bar, to obstruct with a piece of wood 

across. Palangi. 
Bar, to barricade. Sakatkan, manakatkan. 
Bar, to obstruct. Sangkut, sangkutkan, 

ftmbat, Ambatkan. 




Barb of a weapon. Ru^vit. 

Barbary. Bai'bar. 

Barber. Pauchukur, tukang-chukur. 

Bard. Bujangga, s'aar. 

Bare, naked. Tarlanjang, talanjaug. 

Bare, shorn of hair. Tukuug. 

Bare, unsheathed. Kalampai. 

Bare, to strip, to uncover. Silak. 

Bare-breasted. Tard'ad'a. 

Barely, merely. Ana, saaja, sdmaja, 

Bargain, contract. Janji, jaujian, par- 

Bargain, to make a contract. Janji, bar- 

janji, manjauji. 
Bargain, to cheapen, to higgle, to chaffer. 

Tawar, manawar. 
Barge, boat for pleasure. Pilang, polang. 
Barge (state). Rilmbaya. 
Bark, rind of a tree. Kulit-kayu. 
Bai-k, tan. Samak. 
Bark, to strip. Tangalkan, mananggal- 

Bark, to bay as a dog. Salak, maiialak. 
Bark of a dog. Salak. 
Barm, yeast. Ragi, samir. 
Barn (a). Jalapang, julapang, langgak, 

lumbmig, gapuk, balubur. 
Barnacle, water wood-worm. Kajjang. 
Barrel (a). Tung. 
Barrel of a dniui. Baluh. 
Barrel of a projectile weapon. Laras. 
Barren, not prolific. Maudul. 
Barricade, barrier. Sakat. 
Barricade, abatis. Rddum. 
Barricade, to obstruct a passage. Sakat- 

Barricade, to obstruct with an abatis. 

Barrier, bar to obstruct. SS,kat. 
Barter, to give in exchange. Tukar, 

manukar, partukarkan. 
Barter. Tukar, tukar-manukar. 
Base, mean. Ina, dina, ta'ioli, 2alil. 
Base, bottom. Kaki. 
Base, pedestal. Pantas, lapik, aliis. 
Base, foundation. Poun, pokok. 
Base, lower end of a body. Pangkal. 
Baseness, meanness. Kamiian. 
Bashaw. Pads'ah, bas'ah. 
Bashful. Malu, bilrmalu, supan, sanunuh. 
Bashfulness. Malu-maliian, supan, sftnu- 

nuh, isiu. 
Bashfully. Malu-malu, malu-maliian, bar- 

Basil (sweet). Sulasi, siilasi. 
Basin. Bokor, batil, chawau, bajan, ba- 

Basin, small pond. Talaga, kulam, ku- 

Basket. Bakul, karanjang, kranjang, am- 

bung, raga, bronong. 
Basket-work, wicker. Raga. 

Bastai'd, illegitimate child. Anak -gam- 
Bastard, child of a concubine. Anak- 

Bastai'd, mixed breed. Jawi. 
Bastinado (to). Sapu. 
Bastion. Malawati. 

Bat, club. Palu, pamalu, chokmar, gada. 
Bat (the). Lawa, lalawa, kalawar, churi- 

Bat, vampire. Kaloug. 
Batavia. Batawiya, Batawi. 
Batata, sweet potato. Kaledek, ubi-jawa, 

Bath (a). Parmaudian. 
Bath, pond for bathing. Lalangen. 
Bathhouse. Parsada, ijauchaparsada. 
Bath (steam). Tangas. 
Bathe, to take the bath. Maudi, mdmandi. 
Bathe, to wash by bathing. Mandikan, 

Bathing (act of). Parmaudian, kaman- 

dian, maudiau. 
Battas, the Sumatran nation. Batak. 
Batter, to beat down. Rubuhkan, mAru- 

Battery, entrenchment. Benteng, kubu. 
Battle, fight. Parang, prang, prangan, 

paprangan, yuda. 
Battle (a furious). Prangan-buta. 
Battle-array. Ikat-prang. 
Battle-field. Galanggang, padaug-prang, 

Battlement. Balowarti. 
Bawd, procuress. Pinang-mud'a, suruh- 

Bawdy, obscene. Charut, dukana, beka. 
Bawl, to shout, to cry aloud. Saru, bar- 

saru, tampik, bai-tampik, tariyak, bar- 

Bay, cove. Taluk. 

Bay colour in a horse. Merah-tuwah. 
Bay, to bark. Salak, maualak. 
Bazai', market. Pasar, pakau. 
Be, to Ada. 
Be, to have some certam state. Ada, 

jadi, milnjadi. 
Be, to happen. Jadi, maujadi, jatuh, 

tiba, d'atang. 
Be pet). Bir. 
Be it so. Kdndati. 
Be not. Jangan. 
Beach, shore, strand. Pantai, tapi-liiut, 

Beads. Mani-mani. 
Beak, bill of a bird. Paroh, cluichuk, 

Beak, prow of a vessel. Jongor, linggi. 
Beam, balk. Baluh. 
Beam, ray of light. Sinar, panar. 
Beam (moon). Sinar-bulan. 
Beam (sun). Sinar-mata-ari. 
Beam, to emit rays. Sinar-barsiudr. 




Bear, to carry, to convey. Bawa, mam- 

Bear, to carry as a burden. Piknl, mdmi- 

Bear, to support. Tanggung, mananggung, 

junjimg, manjimjung. 
Bear, to maintain. Tanggung, manang- 

Bear, to endui'e. Darita, maudarita, tang- 
gung, mananggung, tahan, manahani. 
Bear, to bring forth. Baranak, paranak, 

Bear, to bring forth, to produce. Rara- 

uakan, paranakan, manjadikan. 
Bear flowers (to). Barbunga. 
Bear fi-uit (to). Barbuwah. 
Bear arms (to). Barsanjata, pakai-sanjata. 
Bciir on the palms of the hands (to). Ta- 

tang, manatang. 
Bear up in the hands (to). Tayang, ma- 

Bear on the back (to). Pikul, mamikul. 
Bear over the hip (to). Dukung, mandu- 

Bear imder the ann (to). Kapet, manga- 

Bear over the waist (to). Kand'ung, 

Bear, to caiTy between two or more. 

Usiing, mangusung. 
Bear witness, to witness. Manaksi, bri- 

Bear (ursus). Bruwang. 
Beard (the). Janggut, i-amos, bayuk. 
Bearer, carrier. Pambawa. 
Bearer (litter). Pangusung. 
Bearing, gesture, mien. Kalakiian, tingka, 

Beast, animal. Banatang, Aewan. 
Beast (wild). Satwa, margu. 
Beasts of the chase. Margii-satwa. 
Beat, to .strike. Pukvd, mamukid, tukul. 
Beat, to strike with some implement. 

Palu, mamalu. 
Beat, to strike an instrument of music. 

Tabuh, manabiih. 
Beat out, to thrash out. TAbah. 
Beat, as cloth in washing. Binara. 
Beat, to bray in a mortar. Tumbuh. 
Beat, to throb. Dabar, bardabai-. 
Beat, to overcome. AlahkS,n, m^galah- 

Beat, to excel. Mangalahkan. 
Beat, as with a mallet or hammer (to). 

Bantin, mambantin, godam. 
Beat time (to). Antak. 
Beat out, to forge on the anvil. Timpa. 
Beat, to sail on a wind. Beluk, rewang. 
Beat, stroke. Pukvil, palu. 
Beaten, woreted. Alah, kalah. 
Beautiful. Bagvis, elok, akas, sabawa, par- 

mai, pingai, bisai, molek, bayikparas. 

Beautify, to ornament. Bagusi, mamba- 

gusi, iyasi, mangiyasi. 
Beauty. Kaelokan, paras-bayik. 
Becalmed. Tartad'uh, nianani. 
Because. Tagal, basa, karana, kama, dari- 

kania, ulih-kama, kamaiia, mula, mula- 

mula, mulana. 
Bechance, to befall. Jatuh, mdnjatuh, 

Beck, nod. Antuk. 
Beckon (to). Gamit, bArgamit, mdng- 

gamit, lambai, malambai, acharatkan. 
Beckon, sign. Gramit, gamit-gamitan, 

lambai, as'arat. 
Becloud, to dim. Kaburkan, kabutkan, 

Become, to wax. Jadi, minjadi. 
Become, to befit. Patut, bdrpatut, ma- 

Becoming, suitable. Patut, tampan, pray- 

oga, yogia, arus. 
Becomingly, siutably. Sapatutiia, sayo- 

Bed, sleeping place. Tampat-tidor. 
Bed (bridal). Palamin. 
Bed, cot, couch. Gdrai, gdta, kata, katil. 
Bed, layer, stratum. Susun. 
Bedaub (to). Chontcng, labur, balabur, 

ehalit, chorong, lulut, lu-up, mangurup. 
Bed-chamber. Partidoran, paradiian, ka- 

Bedding, mattress. Tilam, kasur. 
Bedeck (to). Iyasi, mangiyasi, pariyasi. 
Beduin. Badawi. 
Bedewed. Kiiambunan. 
Bedight (to). Iyasi, mangiyasi, pariyasi. 
Bee (a). Tawon. 
Bee (honey). Labah. 
Bee (gigantic black). Kumbang. 
Bee -hive. Sarang-madu, tuwalang. 
Beef. Daging-sapi, daging-lambu. 
Beef (buffalo). Daging-karbau. 
Beef (jerked). Balor, balur, dendeng, 

Beer (a kind of). Tape, tapai. 
Bees'-wax. Lilin. 

Beetle (the diamond). Sambarilen. 
Befall, to happen. Chumpul, sampai, 

d'atang, jatuh, mdnjatuh, tiba, jadi. 

Befit, to suit. Patut, barpatut, mamatut. 
Before, in front of Ad-ap, kaad'ap, dia- 

d-ap, mangad-ap, dimuka. 
Before, in the presence of Mangad-ap, 

diad'apan, Mdam. 
Before, in time past. Daulu, fcadam. 
Before, ahead. Dauliian. 
Before, rather, preferably. Angar, angur. 
Before, ere. Sabalum. 
Befoul, to soil. Lumurkan, manchamar- 

Beg, to ask alms. Minta, maminta. 
Beg, to entreat. Pinta, minta, maminta. 



Beget, to generate. Paranak, paranakan. 
Beget, to produce. Jadikan, manjadikan. 
Beggar. Minta-niinta. 
Beggar, religious mendicant. FaA-ir, dSr- 

Beggarly, mean. Ina, papa. 
Begin, to commence. Muliii, mAmuliii, 

Beginning, commencement. Diiulu, ka- 

diiulUan, mula, kamulaan, parmuliian, 

purba, a^wal. 
Beginning, origin, source. Pciun, pokok, 

pangkal, mula, purba. 
Begird, to girdle. Barsabukkan. 
Begird, to siirround. Mangalilingkan, 

idari, mangapungkan. 
Begone, get away. Nab, lalu. 
Beguile, to deceive. Tipu, m.lnipu, ti- 

pukan, manipukau, .sAmukan, cbidra- 

kan, maiiidrakan. 
Beguiled. Tfirtipu, kacbidra. 
Bebave, to conduct. Laku, malaku. 
Behave, to conduct oneself. MalakukAn- 

Behaviour, conduct. Laku, kalakiian, 

ulah, olah, poMn, tingkab, pakarti, 

prakriti, babasa. 
Behead, to decapitate. Tand'as, manand'as. 
Behest, command. Prentah, paprentah, 

sabda, titah. 
Behind, at the back of. Dibdlakang, 

Behind, in the back part. Diburit, dibviri, 

Behind, after. Kamdiyan. 
Behind, on the other side. Balik, 

kabalik, dibalik. 
Behold, to view. Pandang, mamandang, 

tantang, m^uilntang, tintang, manin- 

tang, nonton. 
Behove, to be meet, to be fit. Patut, 

bclrpatut, arus. 
Being, existence. Adiian, kiiadiian. 
Belated, benighted. Kamalaman. 
Belch, to ei-uctate. Sardawa, diiak. 
Belch, eructation. SArdawa, daak. 
Beleaguer, to besiege. Kixpungkfin, 

Beleaguered. Kapung, barkdpung, tilr- 

Belief, credit given. Parchaya, 

Belief, opinion. Kera, keraan, bachara, 

fakar, pikir, kias. 
Belief (religious). Imam. 
Believe, to credit. Pilrcliaya, andai, 

Believer (Mahomedan). Miislam, mumin, 

Bell (a). GUnta, loching. 
Bell-metal, bronze. Gangsa. 
Bellow, to vociferate. Mangkis, tilriyiyak, 


Bellow, to^roar as the sea. Dflru. 

Bellows. Ambusan, par&mbusan, ububan. 

Belly, abdomen. Prut. 

Belly, stomach. Pnit. 

Belonging. Ampuiia, puiia. 

Beloved (one that is). Kakasih. 

Below, beneath. Bawah, dibawah, kaba- 

Belt, girdle. Sabuk, ikat-pingang. 
Belt (buckle zone). Ikat-panding. 
Belt (kris). Tali-kris. 
Belt (sword). Tali-pad-ang. 
Bemire (to). Malaiiau. 
Bemoan, to lament. Ratap, milratftp, 

rawiing, raai-awung, manangiskan. 
Bench, stool. Bangko. 
Bencoolen. Bangkiiuln. 
Bend, to be incurvated. Mjlmbantok, 

Bend, to make crooked. Bantokkan, 

mambantokkiln, Ifingkungkun, m^Mng- 

Bend, to incline, to lean. Chondong. 
Bend, flexure, angle. Siku. 
Bends of a sliip. Pisang-pisang. 
Bent, curved. Bantok, langkung, bang 

kok, lengkok. 
Beneath, below. Bawah, dibawah, kaba 

Benediction, blessing. Samp.lna, barkat, 
Benefaction. Anugi-aha. 
Benefit, advantage. Untung, laba, faidah, 

Benefit, kindness. Kasih, kasihan, p<1nga 

Benefit, to advantage. Parbayiki. 
Benevolence. Kabajikan, kamurahau, 

kasih-kasihan, darma, murah-ati. 
Benevolent. Darmawan, murah, murah-ati 
Bengal. BAnggala. 
Benighted. Kamalaman. 
Benjamin, benzoin. Kamanan, mfViian, 

kamiiian, minan, kamayan. 
Benumbed, torpid. Mati. 
Bequeath. Mampusakakan, was'iatkiin. 
Bereave, to deprive of. Poehot, mamo- 

chot, mamochotkan. 
Berry (a). Buwah. 
Beseech, to entreat. Pinta, minta, ma- 

minta, moun. 
Beseechingly, imploringly. Sayangiia. 
Beseem, to befit. Patut, bUrpatut, ma- 

Bcseemly, fit, becoming. Patut, arus. 
Beset, to besiege. Kapung, mftngflpung. 
Beset, to waylay. Ad"ang, mangad'an, 

adangi, ad'angk.ln, m^ngad'angkiin. 
Beset, to SasarkAn, susahkan, 

Beset, to fall upon. SArang, mdridrang, 

tampuh, mftnampuh. 
Beside, at the side of. Sisi, disisi, 

Kusor, disusor. 




Beside, near. Dakat. 

Beside, over and above. Luwar, kaluwar. 

Beside, moreover. Tambahan, tambahan- 

pula, lagi, lai,dpun, sabagai-pula, miwah. 
Besides, except. Malayinkau, aiia, ba^r. 
Besiege (to). Kapung, mangapung, ka- 

puugkau, mangapungkan. 
Besmear (to). C'halit, chorong, lulut, 

labur, clionteng. 
Besom. Sapu. 

Bespeak, to bid for. Tawar, mauawar. 
Besprinkle (to). Parchik, mamarchik. 
Bestain (to). Lumm*, malumur. 
Bestow, to give. Bri, mambri, kasi. 
Bestow, to give in bounty. Nugrahi, 

anugi'ahi, nugrahkan, anugrahkan, 

kurniyakan, karunyalikan. 
Bestrew, to sprinkle. Parchik, mS,m<1r- 

Bestride, to stride over. Chalapak, kang- 

Bestride, to step over. Jangka, barjangka, 

langkah, mAlangkah. 
Bet, to wager. Taruh, bartanih, manaruh. 
Bet, wager. Tamilian, partaruhan, pata- 

Betel-nut, areca. Pinrlng. 
Betel pepper. Sirih. 
Betel stand or box. Charana, puwan, 

chorong, gambat, lopak-lopak, langga- 

wai, gudi, jurong, tampat-sirih, tampat- 

pinang. These many names apply to 

different forms of the same utensil. 
Bethink. Kera, sangka, fakar, pikir. 
Betide, to come to pass. Sampai, d'at^ng, 

jatuh, tiba. 
Betoken, to signify. Bartand'a, manand'a. 
Betray, to beguile. Tipiikan. mauipukan, 

samukan, chidrakan, riiaiiidrakan. 
Betrayer. Panipu, panchidra. 
Betrfith (to). Tunang, manunang, minang, 

maminang, tukar-chinchin. 
Betrothed, affianced. Bartunang, bartu- 

Betrothed (one that is). Tunangan. 
Betrothment. Timangan, partimangan. 
Better. Labih-bayik, baj4k-dari-pdda. 
Better, to impi'ove. Bayiki, matnbayiki. 
Between, betwixt. Antara, tilngah, di- 

tangah, parak. 
Beverage. Minuman. 
Bewail, to bemoan. Ratap, maratap, 

tangis, nangis, manangis. 
Bewail, to mourn for. Ratapkan, mara- 

tapkan, tangiskan, manaugiskan. 
Bewailing, lamentation. Ratap, ratapan, 

tangis, tangisan. 
Beware (to). Ingat, mangingat, jaga, 

manjaga, baijaga. 
Bewildei", to perplex. Sasatkan, maiiasat- 

kan, sasarkan. 
Bewildered, perplexed. Sasat, kas.T,?at, 

t^rsasat, sasar, kasasar. 

Bewitch, to charm with spells. Ubati- 

ubati, m^ngubati, manchanrai. 
Bewitchment. Ubatan, clianrai. 
Beyond, on the farther side of. Balik, 

kabalik, balik-sana. 
Beyond, on the farther side of river, lake, 

or sea. Sabrang, kasabrang, disabrang. 
Beyond, above, besides. Luwar, kalu- 
Bezoar. Goliga, milntika, m.atika. 
Bias, leaning to a side. Riyuk, miring. 
Bib (a). Uteh. 
Bible, book. Katab. 
Bible, the pentateuch. Turid. 
Bible, the gospels. Anjil. 
Bid, to command. Suruh, maiiuruh, 

pasau, barpasan. 
Bid, to offer a price. Tawar, mA,nawar. 
Bid, to invite. Sila, silakan. 
Bidden, commanded. Titrsuinih. 
Bidder, commander. P^nui-uh, pftmren- 

Bidding, order, injunction. Pasan, pasil- 

Bide, to endure. Tahan, mjlnahan, 

dilrita, manddrita. 
Bide, to dwell. Diyam, tinggal, d'uduk, 

Biding, residence. Kadiyaman, kating- 

galan, kad-ud'ukan, partanggohan. 
Bier (a). Lerang, karand-a, janazat. 
Bifurcation of a road or river. Simpangan, 
Big, great in size. Basar, agang, agung, 

Big, teeming, pregnant. Barkand-ung, 

bunting, ^amil. 
Bigamy. Madu. 

Bight, cove,^mall bay. Taluk, salang. 
Bile, gall. Ampadu, lampadu. 
Bile, imposthume. Barah, bisul, ibu- 

Bilge, to leak. Bochor, barbochor. 
Bilk, to cheat. Tipu, m^nipu, daya, 

Bill, beak of a bird. Paroh, chuchuk, 

Bill, a bill-hook. Ki-i. 
Bill, account. Itungan, bilangan, hisah. 
Billet, log of wood. Glond'ong, puntung. 
Billow, wave. Alun, ombak. 
Billow, to swell a-s waves. Mangalun. 
Bin (a). Petak. 
Bind, to tie. Ikat, mangikat, tambat, 

manambat, talikan. 
Bind, to gird. Ikat, mangikat. 
Bind, to fasten together. Ubung, mangu- 

Binding, bandage. Ikatan, pangikat, tam- 

Binding, fastening. Ubungan. 
Binding of a book. JalTd. 
Bu'd, fowl. Burung, manuk, paksi, 





Bird of Paradise. Buruiig-supan, buning- 

dewata, mauuk-dewata, paksi-dcwata, 

Bird-lime. Pulut, gatah. 
Bird's-nest (a). Sai-ung-bm-ung. This is 

also the name given to the esculent 

swallow's nest. 
Bii-ma. Awak, Barma. 
Birmese. Banna. 
Birth. Pflranakan, paruakan, pranakau, 

kajadian, I'ahir. 
Birth, rank by descent. Kajadian, bangsa, 

Birth (abortive). Guguran. 
Birth (after). Urai. 
Bishop at chess. Gajali. 
Bit, morsel. Suwab, suwap. 
Bit, small piece. Gumpal, krat, patah, 

papatah, rinchik, rapih. 
Bit of a bridle. Kakang, kang, kand'ali. 
Bitch. Anjing-batina. 
Bite (to). Gigigit, bargigit, mS,uggigit. 
Bite (a). Gigit. 
Bite (to make to). Bargigitkan, mauggigit- 

Bite as a snake (to). Pagut, mamagut, 

patixk, mamatuk. 
Biting, pungent. Pad'as. 
Bitter. Pait. 
Bitter, astringent. Sapat. 
B tumen. Miuak-tanah. 
Blab, to let out secrets. Bochor, mAm- 

Blabbing. Bochor. 
Black. Itam. 

Black cattle. Jawi, sapi, lAmbu. 
Blacken (to). Itamkan, mangitamkan. 
Blacksmith. Pand-ai, pand'e, tukang-basi. 
Bladder. TS,mpat-k!inching. 
Bladder (region of). ^ Ari-ari. 
Blade, as of grass. Alai. 
Blade of a weapon. Bilah, mata. 
Blade-bone. Balikat. 
Blain, blotch. Bintil, bisul. 
Blamablc, culpable. Salah, barsalah; 

Blame, to censure. Upat, maualahkrm, bar- 

salahkAn, parsalahkan, manch<alakS.n. 
Blame, crime. Salah, dosa. 
Blame, reproach. Chala, kachaliian. 
BUunelcss. Chuclii, suchi. 
Bland, soft, mild. Mauis, lamah-lambut, 
Blandishment. Chumbu, chumbiian. 
Blanket. Kamul. 
Blaze, flame. Nala. 
Bhizo, to flame. Bariiala, maiiala. 
Bleacher, washer. Bauara, biuara, banan, 
Blear-eyed. Bilas. 
Bleed, to let "blood. Buwang-darah, 

Blemish, mark of deformity. Chachad; 
chilla, kachaliian, rum pang, tcmpaug, «ib 
Blemish in the eye. Biilalak. 

Blemish, scar. Parut. 
Blench, start. KAjut. 
Blend, to mingle together. Champur, 

bawur, cliampurkan, bawurkan, lakor, 
Blended, commingled. Champur, bawur, 

champur -bawar, ulam, lakor, padu. 
Bless, to bestow a benediction. Dastuwi, 

Bless, to make happy. Barkati, mambSr- 

kati, mambftrkatkan. 
Blessing, a benediction. Sampana. 
Blessing, happiness. Barkat. 
Blind. Buta. 

Blind (to). Butakan, mambutakan. 
Blindness. Kabutiian. 
Blink, to wink. Kaj ep, mangaj cp, lawang. 
Blink, glance. Kajep. 
Bliss, felicity. Barkat. 
Blister, pustule. Bintil. 
Blithe, gay. Gdmbira, ramai. 
Bloated, tm-gid. Bangkak, mongkil. 
Block, shapeless mass of wood. Gembol, 

glend'ong, puntung. 
Block (an artificer's, to work on). Land'asan. 
Block, pulley. Kdri. 
Block, to shut up. M.inumpat, tumpatkau, 

Blocked, shut up. Tumpat. 
Blocadc, to shut up. Rabat, tumpatkan, 

Blockhead, dolt. Bod'oh, blilu. 
Blockhead, fool, aa a term of abuse. 

Blood. D;u-ah. 

Blood, progeny. Anak, darali. 
Blood, lineage. Darah, tm-unan, katurunan, 

turuu-manurun, saturunan. 
Blood, extraction. Bangsa. 
Blood (to let). Buwang-darah, sanggi-ah. 
Blood-red. Murab. 
Bloodshed, murder. Bunohan, pambu- 

nohan, parbunolian. 
Blood-vessel. Urat-darah. 
Blood-wite, fine for blood. Tapung-bumi, 

tflpung-tawar-bimii, diyat. 
Bloody, stained with blood. Bardarah. 
Bloody, cruel. Bangis. 
Bloom, V. Blossom. 
Blossom. Bunga, kambang. 
Blossom of the palm tribe. Mayang. 
Blossom, to bloom. Kambang, barbunga, 

barkambang, mangambang. 
Blot, to obliterate. Parang. 
Blot, to efface, to erase. Karik, kikis. 
Blotch (a). Bintil, bisul. 
Blow, stroke. Palu, pukul. 
Blow, to make a current of air. Ambus, 

mangambus, tiyup, mftniyup^ puput. 
Bio w, to drive by force of wind. Ambuskdn, 

ftmbusi, tiyupkan, maniyupkan. 
Blow through a tube (to). Sumpit, 





Blow, to sound a musical instrument. 

Tiyup, mauiyup, tiyupkan, mauiyupkan. 
Blow, to swell out. Barkambang, maug- 

Blow, to bloom. Barbunga, barkdmbang, 

Blown, expanded. Tarkambang. 
Blown, spread out. Tarkambang. 
Blow-pipe (artificer's). Tropong. 
Blow-pipe forkindliug a fire. Tropong-abu. 
Blow-pipe for shooting pellets or arrows. 

Blue, indigo colour. Nila. 
Blue, azure. Biru, bii'u-laugit. 
Blue (dark). Itam. 
Blunder. Salah, lu^jut, silab, kasalahan, 

Blunder (to). Salah, maiialah, luput, 

maluput, silap, manilap. 
Blunderbuss. Pamurus. 
Blunt, not sharp. Tumpul, 
Blur, to stain. Choreng. 
Blur, stain. Choreng, muting. 
Bluster, boast. Ugut. 
Bluster, to boast.' Ugut, mangugut. 
Boa-snake (the). Ular-sawah. 
Boar. Babi-jantau. 
Boar, wild hog. Babi-utan, babi-alas. 
Board (a). Papan. 
Board, table. Idangan, mcza, meja. 
Board, council, assembly. Bacliara, majlas, 

Boai-d (to go on). Nayik prau. 
Board, to attack. Langgar, malanggar. 
Boarded, laid with boards. Bai-jjapan. 
Boast, to brag. Ugut, mangugut, gebaug, 

Boast, to exalt oneself. Basarkan-d'iri, 

Boastful. Kachak, kochak. 
Boat. Prau, palwa, biiitra. 
Boat (small). Sampan. 
Boat (crew of). Awak-prau. 
Boat-builder. Tukang-prau. 
Boatman. Anak-prau. 
Boat-race. Lumba-j^rau. 
Bodice. Chuli. 

Bodkin. Chuchuk, panchuchuk. 
Bodkin, hair-jsin. Anak-rambut, batam. 
Body, the person. Awak, tuboh, ruman, 

Body, main part. Batang, boun, poun, 

Body, band of men. Pasu, tumbukan, 

Body-guard. Jaga-pati. 
Bog, morass. Luiiu, ranchah, paya, rawa. 
Boggle, to start. Kajut. 
Boggy, marshy. Ranchah, lunu, bdrlunu, 

paya, barpaya. 
Boil, bile. Barah, bisul, ibu-sawan. 
Boil (to). Mdnd-id-ik. 
Boil, to seethe. Tanak, mauauak. 

Boiling, act of seething. Partanak. 

Boisterous, loud. Riyuh. 

Bold, daring, brave. Barani, brani, kalan, 

klan, talaj), bai-ati. 
Bold (to make). Branikan, mambranikan. 

Boldness, courage. Brani, kabrauYan. 
Bolster. Bautal. 
Bolster-case. Sarung-bantal. 
Bolstered, supported, propped. Saudai', 

Bolt, arrow. Anak-panah. 
Bolt, thunder-bolt. Aliutar, lintai". 
Bolt, bar of a door. Ranching, paugau- 

ching, konchi, kuuchi. 
Bolt, to bar. Kunclii, kunchikan, mangun- 

chi, kanchingkan, manganching. 
Bolt, to sift with a sieve. Tinting. 
Bomb, shell. Priyuh-api. 
Bombay. Bambe. 
Bond, cord. Tali. 
Bond, ligament. Ikatan. 
Bond, cement of union. Ubungan. 
Bond, written obligation. Surat-parjan 

jian, sm-at-piyutang, ^awal. 
Bondage. Parambiian, tawauan, partawa- 

nan, katawanan. ^ 
Bondman, slave. Amba, dangan, pachal, 

saya, patek, tawan, beta, abdl. 
Bondsman, bond-debtor. Pangiring,orang- 

Bondsman, surety. Pangaku. 
Bone. Tulang. 
Bonito fish. Ambu-ambu. 
Bonnet. Tud'ung. 
Bonny. Bagus, chantik. 
Booby. Bod-oh. 
Book. Tulisan, katab. 
Book of divination. Pustaka, pilstaka. 
Boom, bar across a harboui' or river. 

Batangau, sakat. 
Boom, to make a rushing noise. Latum. 
Boor, clown. Orang-desa, oraug-d'usuu. 
Boorish, clownish. Gamam. 
Booth, shed. Talipuk, tarub, tiitarub, 

tatarup, taratak. 
Booth, shop. Kadai. 
Booty, plunder. Jarahan, rayahan, rani- 

pasan, rabutan. 
Boi-ax. Pijar. 
Border, edge. Tapi, tapis, pinggir, pam- 

inggir, susor. 
Border, march, frontier. Pinggir, paming- 

gir, paminggiran, watas, Aad. 
Border, skht. Puncha, susor. 
Border, to confine upon. Mandpi. 
Border, to approach, to reach to. Baram- 

Border, to reach, to touch. Mrlngampiri. 
Bore, to perforate. Gerek, gorek, bur. 
Bore the ears (to). Tindik, mduindik. 
Boi-e, to pierce the ground. Kurek, 





Bore, the tidal wave. Bilna. 
Bore, perfoi'ation. Lubaiig. 
Borer, piercing tool. Panggerek. 
Born (to be). Jadi, manjadi, I'ahir. 
Born, first-born cliild. Sidling. 
Born, last-born child. Bongsu. 
Borneo. Brunai, Burnai, Kalamautan. 
Borrow, to take on credit. Pinjam, ma- 

miujam, ambil-pinjam. 
Borrow, the thing borrowed. Pinjaman. 
Borrowing (act of), Pinjamau. 
Bosky, woody. Barkayu-kayiiau. 
Bosom, breast. D'ad'a. 
Bosom, heart. Ati, d'ad'a. 
Bosom, breasts. Snsu. 
Bosom, embrace. Pangku. 
Bosom (to). Mamangku. 
Boss, knob. Pont'ol, pftnt'il. 
Boss on the shoulders of the ox. Klasa. 
Boss, indurated spleen. Kura. 
Botargo, dried fish-roes. Trubu. 
Botch, to patch. Tampal, manampal. 
Both, the two. Kaduwa, sakaduwa. 
Bottle, flask. Balang. 
Bottle (glass). Kacha, bull. 
Bottom, lower part. Pantat. 
Bottom, ground. Natar, d-asar. 
Bough, large branch. Chabang, chawang, 
Bound, to leap. Lompat, malompat. 
Bound, to plunge as cattle. Lumba, ma- 

Bound, to cause to leap. Lompatkilu, 

Bound, a leap. Lompat, lompatan. 
Bound, a plunge as cattle. Lumba. 
Bound, tied, fastened. Tarikdt, tambat, 

Boundary, limit. Pingir, pftminggir, pa- 

minggiran, paringgiian, watils, /tad. 
Boundary-mark. Pad'am. 
Bounded, limited. Taringga. 
Bounding, leaping much or often. Tar- 

Bounteous, liberal. Murah, murah-ati, lila, 

Bounteously, liberally. Dangan-murahua, 

Bountiful, V. Bounteous. 
Bountifulness. Kamurahan, kalimpahan, 

murah-ati, darma. 
Bounty, gift, donation. Gaiijaran, nu- 

graha, anugraha, kuruiya, k8,rniya. 
Bouru, bound, limit. Pariuggaau. 
Bow, to bend. Malangkung, mambantok. 
Bow, to incurve. Langkungkan, nialang- 

kungkan, bantokkaii, mambantokkan. 
Bow, to stoop. Tuiiduk, manunduk. 
Bow, to cause to stoop, Tuudukkiln, 

Bow, to make a rcveroncc. Tiinduk, 
manunduk, siimbah, mananibali, sajud. 
Bow for arrows. Paiiah, busor, giuulowa. 
Bow (fiddle). IVuigisil. 

Bow for cleaning cotton. Busor. 

Bow of a sliip. Aliiau. 

Bow, arch. Langkung. 

Bow (rain). Kung, kuwung, kukuwung. 

Bow-legged. Pengkar. 
Bow-shot distance. Pamanah, sapamanah. 
Bow-string. Tali-panah, tali-busor. 
Bowed, curved. Langkung. 
Bowels, intestines. Piiit, isi-prut, tali- 

Bower, shady recess. Lindungan. 
Bowl, cup. Batil, changkir, chawan, bo- 

kor, saugku, piyala. 
Bowman, archer. Pamanah. 
Bowsprit. Tiyang-sdinandera. 
Box, chest, case. P<1t-i, kot'ak, bakAs, lang. 
Box (perfume). Chambul, chumbul, chalpa. 
Box for betel materials. Chftpak, chapu, 

chapm-i, salapa. 
Box, blow with the fist. Tinju, gochok. 
Box, to strike with the fist. Tinju, ma,- 

ninju, gochock, manggochok. 
Boy, male child. Anak-laki. 
Boy, lad. Budak. 
Boy, stripling. Bujang, truna. 
Brace, to bind. Ikat, mflngikat. 
Brace, to make tense. Kauchaugkan. 
Brace, bandage. Ikatan. 
Brace ropes of a ship. Kalat, tali-bawatau. 
Brace, a couple. Sapasang, siiigu, kalamin, 

Brackish, somewhat salt. Kasiit, payau. 
Brag, to boast. Gebang, kachak, kochak. 
Braggart. Kachak, kochak. 
Braid, to weave together. Anam, manga- 

iiam, pintal, mamintal, saring. 
Brain (the). Otak, utak, bauak. 
Brama. Brama. 
Bramin. Bramana. 
Bran. Sakam. 

Branch, bough of a tree. Chabang, cha- 
Branch, twig. Diian, tariik. 
Branch of a river or road. Sinipangan. 
Branch of a river. Auak-sungai. 
Branch off (to). Simpang, mauimpaug. 
Brand (a). Salar. 
Brand (to). Salar, salarkiin. 
Brandish, to flourish. Lela, malela, 1am- 

bai, mahunbai. 
P.rass. Kuuiugan, loyaug, tambaga-ku- 

Brave, bold. Barani, brani, kiilan, klan, 

talap, p&rkasa, prakasa, dekar. 
Bravery. Brani, kabrauian, parkasa, pra- 
kasa, dekar. 
Brawl, quarrel. Chakit, tukaran, ingar- 

Brawl (to). Tukar, bartukar. 
Urawuy, muscular, stout. T&gap. 
Bray, to i>ouud, to pulverise. Tumbuk, 


[21 ] 


Brazen-faced, impudent. Muka-papau. 
Brazier, artificer in brass. Tukaug-kuu- 

ingan, tukang-loyang. 
Bi-azier, censer. Parasapau, pandupau. 
Breach, gap. Chalab, putusan. 
Bread. Nasi, roti, paong. 
Bread-fniit (the). Kaluwi, kluwi, kulor, 

suknn, tambul, timbul. 
Breadth, width. Lebar, lebaran, kale- 

barau, buka, luwas, kaluwasan. 
Break (to). Pachah, mamachah, patah, 

mamatah, putus. 
Break, to crush, to shatter. Ramuk, 

Break, to iutemipt. Putus, putuskau. 
Break, to rout. Pachahkan, mamachah- 

Break in, to tame. Barjinakkan. 
Break off, to snip. Gautas, mangantas. 
Break in little bits. Podi, pudi, pudikau. 
Break, to cashier. Pochot, mamochot. 
Break of day. Diua-ari. 
Break a (to). Putus-puwasa. 
Breaker, surge. Alora. 
Breakuig, interruption. Putusan. 
Breast, the chest. D'ad'a, sadar. 
Breast, teats. Susu, inang. 
Breast, heart. Ati, d'ad'a. 
Breast-work, parapet. Kubu. 
Breath. Nawa, /tawa, naf as. 
Breathe (to). Bariiawa, barnafas. 
Breech, hinder part. Puugkur. 
Breeches, trowsers. Saruwal, saluwar. 
Breed, to procreate. Jadikan, manjadi- 

Breed, to occasion. Jadikan, manjadikau. 
Breed, to bring young. Baranak. 
Breed, to be produced. Jatli, niaujadi. 
Breed, cast. Baugsa, asal. 
Breeding, manners. Bahasa, budi-bahasa, 

Breeze (land). Angin-d-arat. 
Breeze (sea). Angin-laut. 
Brethren. Sudara. 
Brevity, shortness. Singkatan. 
Bribe. Suruugan, suwab, suwap, upah, 

Bribe (to). Bri-suwap, mambx-i -suwap. 
Brick. Bata. 
Brick-kiln. Liyu. 
Bricklayer. Tukang-bata. 
Brick-wall. Pagar-bata. 
Bridal bed. Palamin. 
Bride. Panganten. 
Bridegroom. Panganten-laki, anak-truna, 

Bridge. Titi, titian, jambatan. 
Bridge of the nose. Batang-idung. 
Bridle. Kang, kakang, kaud'ali, tum. 
Bridle, to restrain. Pantang, pantangkau. 
Brief, short. Singkat. 
Brig, square-rigged two-masted vessel. 


Brigand, robber. Pflrompah, pariamun, 

Bright, shining, luminous. Chaya, tdrang, 

trang, gamilang, gumilang, gilau, gilau- 

gilauiin, gilang, gilang-gamilang, gilang- 

gilang, gdmarlap, chuwacha, sarlah, 

kuwuug, tamaram, zShar. 
Bright, clear. Trang, tarang. 
Brightness, lustre. Chaya, chuwacha, 

trang, gamarlapan. 
Brilliancy, lustre. Chaya, gdmarlapan, 

Brilliant. Barchaya, gamarlap, gamilang, 

gumilang, sarlah, barsri-sri. 
Brim, edge. Tapi, tapis, pinggir. 
Brim, upper edge of a vessel. Bibir, 

Brimful. Panuh, limpah. 
Brimstone, sulphur. Balirang. 
Bi'indled, streaked. Pdlangi, puntang, 

Bring, to convey, to carry. Bawa. 
Bring, to fetch from. Bawa-mari, bri- 

Bring about, to bring to pass. Sampaikau, 

maiiampaik&n, timbulkan, manimbul- 

Bring forth. Kaluwarkan, mangaluwar- 

Bring foi'th, to give birth to. Baranak. 
Bring up, to near. Plehra, manilehra. 
Briujal, the egg-plant. Tarung, trung. 
Brink, edge. Tapi, pinggir. 
Brink, precipitate margin of any water. 

Briny. Masin, asin. 
Brisk, lively. Gambira. 
Bristle (a). Ruma. 
Brittle. Gatas, lapuk, rapuk, rdfiah. 
Broad, wide. Lebar, luwas, buka. 
Broad (to make), to widen. Lebarkaii, 

Broad-cloth. SaZ-lat. 
Broadwise. Salebar, saluwas. 
Brocade. Intalas, kimxa, sandus. 
Broider (to). Suji, mauuji, mafiugi, 

sulam, mdnulam, pakan, mamakau. 
Broiderer. Paiiulam. 
Broidery. Suji, sujian, sulam, pakan. 
Broil, to roast on the coals. Panggang, 

Broil, tumult. Aru-biru, aru-ara, geger, 

Broken. Pachah, patah, putus. 
Broken, shivered. Pura-i)aranda, pura- 

Broken, sundered. Sah. 
Broken in, trained. Rab. 
Broken up, disbanded. Surai. 
Broker. Dalai. 
Bronze. Gangsa, gongsa. 
Brood, to hatch, itjxm, niangaram. 
Brood, progeny. Ptlranakan. 




Brood-hen. Indu-ayam. 

Brook, streamlet. Anak-ayar, anak-sungai, 

alor-aloran, serokan. 
Brook, to bear, to endure. Tilan, niauaau, 

darita, uifludarita, tanggung, nianaug- 

gung; tiiaui, maniiani, maudaritakan, 

tanggungkan, mananggungkan. 
Brotli. Kuwah, kwah. 
Brother. Saudara-laki, sudara-laki. 
Brother (elder). Abaug, kakak, kaka, 

Brother (younger). Ad'ik, ad'ilnda. 
Brother-in-law. Ipar. 
Brotherhood, fraternity. Kasudariian. 
Brow (eye). Kaning. 
Brow, forehead. Dai. 
Brow, edge of a high place. Tabing. 
Brown. Dragam, kawi. 
Bruise, a contusion. Labam. 
Bruise, to mash. Pipis, leiieh, sarbuhkan. 
Bruit, report. Buiii, warta, brita, urita, 

Brush (a). Sikat, sapu. 
Brush (to). Sikatkan, maiiapu. 
Brush, scour the teeth (to). Sugi, ma- 

Brushwood. Sdmak. 
Brush away, to flap off. Kuwis, manguwis. 
Brutal, cruel, savage. Buwas, galak, 

garang, bangis. 
Brute (a). Banatang, /<ewan. 
Bubble (a). Galambung. 
Bubble, to rise in bubbles. Lagah. 
Bubby. Susu, d'ad'a. 
Bucket. Timba. 
Buckle (a). Kanching. 
Buckle (zone). Banding. 
Buckler, shield. Taming, prisai, otar-otar, 

utar-utar, dadaji, tarbil, salukung, jjaris. 
Bud, shoot. Tunas. 

Bud (flower). Kiuchub, kinchup, kutum. 
Bud, to blossom. Barkiuchub, barkutum. 
Bud, to sjjrout. Tunas, bartunas. 
Budge, to stir. Garak, bargarak. 
Budget, bag. Fundi, kakandi, b^kcha. 
Bufialo. Karbau. 
Buff'et with the open hand, a slap. Tam- 

Buffoon, droll. Bad'ud, bauol. 
Buffoonery. Chora, chura. 
Bug (a). Kilpinding, piuding, pijad. 
Bugbear, friglitfid spectre. Antu. 
Bugis. Bugis, wugi. 
Build, to construct. Buwat, mambuwat, 

parbuwatkan, parusah. 
Build, to raise an edifice. Tagakftn, 

miinilgakan, nayikkan, niauayikkS,n, d"i- 

rikan, mAnd-irikan, baugunkan, bang- 

Build a ship (to). Susunkan. 
Building, edifice. Rumah, bangunan. 
Building (public), an inn. I'oudok, 

pond'okau, biirui. 

Bulge, to leak. Bochor. 

Bulge, to founder. Karam, mangaram, 

bauam, kalam. 
Bulge, to jut out. Jongor. 
Bulk, magnitude. Basar, kabasaran. 
Bulk, quantity. Kabaiiakan. 
Bulk, the gross. BaGakua. 
Bulky. Basar. 
Bull. Liimbu-jantau. 
Bull, wild ox. Lambu-utan. 
Bullet. Paluru, mimis-mariam. 
Bulwark, bastion. Malawati, balowarti. 
Bulwark, fortification. Kut'a. 
Bulwark (ship's). Aiiil-apilan. 
Bump, iirotuberance. Kisa. 
Bunch, cluster. Tandan, ikat. 
Bundle, faggot. Barkas. 
Bundle, pack. Bungkus. 
Bundle, to faggot. Btirkaskau, mambar- 

Bundle, to pack. Bungkuskan, mam- 

Bung. Sampal-tung, sumliat-tung. 
Bung, to cork. Manampal, maSumbat, 

Bung-hole. Mata-tung. 
Buoy, a float. Ampung, apuug, lampung, 

Buoy, to cause to float. Ampungkau, 

Buoyant. Ampung, apung, lampung. 
Burden, load. Muwat, muwatan, pikul, 

Burden (a man's). Pikul, pikulan. 
Burden, to load. Muwati, muwatkan, 

sarat, maiiarat. 
Burden, task. Tanggungan. 
Burdensome. Brat. 
Burial, interment. Tauaman. 
Burial-place. Tampat-tandm, pajaratan, 

I'iibur, fciiburan. 
Burial-place (holy). Kramat. 
Burlesque. Chora, chura, gonja. 
Burn, to be on fire. Angus, bakai', m4m- 

bakar, tunu, manunu pandu. 
Bm-n, to consume with fire. Bakar, 

niilmbakar, bakarkan, mambakarktln, 

anguskau, mdnganguskan, manunuk5,n, 

pandu, rautung. 
Burn, hurt by fire. Rantung. 
Burn, scald. Malapuh. 
Burnish, to iJolish. Upam, m.lngupara. 
Burnt, consumed by fire. Tarbakar, tar- 

Burnt, over-roasted. Rantung. 
Burrow, hole in the ground. Lubang. 
Burst, to break open. Bartas, bartuh, 

kopak, pilchah. 
Burst (to). Pdchahkan, mdmflchapkiin. 
Bury, to put in the ground. Tanam, 

Bury, to put in the grave. Tauam, ma- 




Bush, thicket. Pardii. 
Bush, shrub. Samak. 
Business, affair. Karja, pakarjiian, lala- 

kon, parkara, prakara, Aal. 
Business, employment. Jabatan, jawatan, 

pagaugan, tanggungan, xadmat. 
Bustle, tumult. Aru-ara, aru-biru. 
Bustle, hurry. Gopoh, gupuh. 
Busy, occupied. Aral. 
Busybody. Pangiutai. 
But, yet. Tatapi, tapi, Ickin, walekTn. 
But, except. Malayinkan, .salayin, aiia. 
But-end. Pangkal, pangkal, ikur. 
Butcher, to slaughter for food. Bantai. 
Butcher (a). Pambantai, tukang-bantai, 

Butler. Juru-minuman. 
Butt, mark to shoot at. Sasar. 
Butt, object of aim. Tujiian. 
Butt, barrel. Tung. 
Butt, to strike with head and horns. 

Mauanduk, tandukkan, sarondong. 
Butter. Miuak-sapi, mantega. 
Butterfly. Rama-rama, kupu. 
Buttock, rump. Punggung. 
Button. Bahi-u, kanchiug. 
Button (to). Kanchingkan, manganching. 
Buxom, gay, lively. Gambira. 
Buy, to purchase. Bali, bli, mambli. 
Buy, to treat about a purchase. Tawar, 

Buyer, purchaser. Pdmbli. 
Buying, purchasing. Pamblian. 
Buzz, hum. Dangung. 
Buzz, to hum. Dangung, bardangung. 
Buzz, to wliisper. Bisik. 
By. Dari, dari-pada, akan, bagi, dangan, 

pada, ulih. 
By (invoking). Dami. 
By, near. Susor, dakat. 
By and by. Sabantar-lagi. 
By -gone. Lalu, .sudah. 
By -past. Lalu, sudah. 
By-way. Simpangan, parsimpangan. 

CaBA, the temple of Mecca. K«bah. 

Cabbage. Kubis. 

Cabin, cottage. Taratak, tatarub, tarub. 

Caljin of a ship. Kurung, burantla. 

Cable. Tali-sawuh. 

Cackle, to cluck as a hen. Katok. 

Cactus. Chula-badak. 

Cadger, hucLster. Orang-kadai. 

Catfre, negro. Kafri, zangi, /labs'i. 

Cage. Kurung, kiu-ungau, sangkar, sang- 

karan, panjara. 
Cage, to put into a cage. Kurungkan, 

sangkar, sangkarkan, panjarakan. 
Caitiff. Bangsat, durjana. 
Cajeput oil. Miiiak-kayu-putih. 
Cajole (to). Bujuk, mambujuk. 

Cajoler. Pambujuk. 

Cajolery. Bujukan, pAmbujukan. 

Cake. Karas, kakaras, ajiam, surabL 

Cake (sweet). Juwadah. 

Calabash, gourd. Labu. 

Calamitous. Chalaka, brlrchfilaka. 

Calamity. Chalaka, mara, mara-baya, bala, 

karma, sangsara, nastapa, tawalat. 
Calculate, to reckon. Itung, mangitung, 
itungkan, kira, m.angira, kirakan, bilang, 
mambilang, bilangkan. 
Calculate, to estimate. Kira, mangira, 

Calculation, reckoning. Itung, itungan, 

bilangan, parkiriian. 
Caldron. Kawah, dandang, kuwali, kwali. 
Calender, to smooth with a calender. 

Calf Anak-sapi, anak-13,mbu. 
Calf of the leg. Jantung-batis. 
Calico. Kayin, kayin-kapas. 
Caliph. Xalifah. 

Calix, flower-cup. Kalopak, tampok, tapok. 

Call, to name. Namai, manamiii, barna- 

makiin, katakan, mangatakan, sabut, 


Call, to summon. Pangil, mamanggil, 

undang, undangkan. 
Call, to convoke. Karig, ruwah. 
Call, to invoke. Sarukan. 
Call, to bid, to invite. Sila, silakau. 
Call, to challenge. Tiigor. 
Call, to make a short stay. Singah. 
Call, to visit. Anjung, lawad. 
Call aloud (to). Saru. 
Call back, to recall. Panggil-balik. 
Call back, to simimon back. Undaug- 

Call to arms (to). Krah, krahkdn. 
Call, a summons. Undang, pangil, un- 

Call, a summons to arms. Ivrah, pang- 

Call, a challenge. Tagor, tagoran. 
Call (a loud). Saru. 
Call, invitation. Parsiliian. 
Called, denominated. Baniama. 
Calling, profession. Karja. 
Callosity on the neck of an ox or shoul- 
ders of a porter. Punuk. 
Callous, hard, indiirated. Tagar. 
Calm, serene, without wind. Tad'uh. 
Calm, quiet, reposing. Sajuk, barsajuk, 

diyam, bardiyam, manang. 
Calm, serenity, freedom from ^vind. Ta- 

d'uh, tad'uhan, katad'uhan. 
Calm, rest, repose. Manang, sanang, 

santosa, diyam, sajuk, sajukan. 
Calm, to make serene. Tad-uhkiin. 
Calm, to still, to cpiiet. Manangkan, 
diyamkan, sajukkan, manajukkan, ma- 
Caltrop, crow-foot. Borang, suda, sungga. 




Calumniate, to slander. Ompat, manom- 

pat, gompat, manchalakan. 
Calumniator. Pitngompat. 
Calumny, slander. Ompat, gompat, chilla- 

cliula, fatnah. 
Cambodia. Kamboja. 
Camel. Unta. 
Cameleon. Bunglon, tanau, gruning, tang- 

Camlet, ^uf. 
Camp, encampment. Pond'ok, pand'o- 

Camp, to encamp. Pond'ok, maraon- 

Camphor. Kapur. 
Camphor (Malayan). Kapur-baru.s. 
Camphor (Chinese). Kapur-china. 
Camphor (Japan). Kapur-japun. 
Camphor oil. Minak-kapur. 
Can, jug made from a bamboo joint. 

Can, to be able. Bulih, dapat, kftna, sAm- 

pat, barani, brani. 
Canaille, the mob. Rucha, ina-dina. 
Canal (a). SiUuran, suluran, alor-aloran, 

sarukan, parit, trusan, salokan. 
Cancel, to obliterate. Apxis, apuskan, 

Cancel, to annul. Mtoadakan. 
Cancer, cancerous sore. Nasur, chdraua. 
Candid. Suchi, putih, ati-putih, tulus, 

Candle. Diyan, lilin, kandil. 
Candlestick. Kaki-diyan, kaki-lilin, tam- 

pat-diyan, tampat-lilin. 
Candour. Putih-ati, suchi-ati, tulus, axla-s. 
Cane (bamboo). Buluh. 
Cane (rattan). Rotan. 
Cane (sugar). Tabu. 
Cane, walking-stick. Tongkat. 
Cane-work. Kisi-kisi, krawang. 
Canker, corrosion. Karat, karatan. 
Cannon, great gun. Mariam, bad'il. 
Cannonade (to). Mariamkan, bad'ilkan, 

Cannon-ball. Buwah-mariani. 
Cannonicr (a). JurTi-mariam, tukang- 

Cannot. Ta-bulih. 
Canoe. Sampan, jukung, ladang. 
Canon, rule, law. A'aniui. 
Canopy. Lalangit, langit-langit, tongkop. 
Canopy of a barge. Jubung. 
Canton (city of China). Kwantung. 
Caouchouc. Chirit-murai. 
Cap, bonnet. Kopyak, kuluk, kalah. 
Capability, capacity. Kuwasa, laratan, 

Capable, endued with power. Kuwasa, 

Capable, sufficient to contain. Da])at, 

sdrnpat, chuk\ip. 
Capacious, wide. Lnwns, lapang. 

Capacity, capability. Kuwasa, laratan, 

Caparison, housing. Aba-aba-kuda. 
Cape, headland. Tanjung. 
Cape, collar of a garment. Leer. 
Caper, to skij). Lompat, malompat. 
Capering, skipping frequently. Tarlom- 

Capital, chief town. Nagri, nagara, kot'a, 

kut'a, ibu-nagri. 
Capital, stock. Pangkal, modal, mudal, 

Capitation. Chacliah. 
Capitulate, to yield. Srah, sarah, mailarah, 

Capon. Ayam-kabiri. 
Capsicum. Chabai, chabc, lombok, lada- 

mcra, lada-china. 
Capstan. Putaran. 

Captain, chief Pangulu, kfipala, sardar. 
Captain, master of a ship. Juragan, 

panglima, naxuda. 
Captain. Kapitan. 
Captive, prisoner. Tawan, tawanau, 

Captive, made prisoner. Tartawan. 
Captivity. Tawanan, boyougan. 
Capture, to make prisoner. Tawani, 

tawankan, mdnawanksln. 
Car, cart. Pad-ati, keser, chikar, kandati. 
Car, chariot. Kilreta, krcta, rata. 
Car (processional). Arakan, p3,rarakan. 
Cai-avan, company of travellers, ^aflah, 

Caravansary. Pond'ok, pond'okan. 
Carbuncle, ruby. Merah, dalima, nias- 

Carcass, dead body. Bangkai, bangkc, 

may at. 
Card (playing). Kiya, lintrik, patuwi. 
Card, to comb. Siser, siserkau, maiiisor. 
Cardamom. Kapulaga, puwar. 
Cardinal, chief, principal. Agung. 
Care, anxiety, solicitude. Chinta, bim- 

bang, susah, susahan, susah-ati, lara-ati, 

Care, caution. Ati-ati, ingat, ingatan, 

tapawus, emut. 
Care, regard. Tilik. 

Care, to be anxious. Barchinta, bArsusah. 
Care for, to regard. Tilik, mUnilik. 
Careful, anxious. Chinta, bArchinta, susah, 

Careful, watchful. Ati-ati, barati-ati, 

ingat, baringflt, emut. 
Carefully, heedfuUy. Ati-ati, ingat-ingat. 
Carefulness, vigilance. Ati-ati, ingatan. 
Careless, heedless. Lalai, aura, alpa, 

Carelessness. Lalai, aura, alpa. 
Caress, to fondle. Chumbu, barchumbu, 

Carcs.s, endearment. Chumbu, chumlnian. 




Cargo, lading. Muwatan, saratan. 
Carnage, slaughter. Bunoban, pambuno- 

bau, bunob-bunoban. 
Carnal, lustful. Hawa, nafsu. 
Carousal, festival. Paranggap, jaga-jaga, 

parjagaan, kandniri. 
Carouse, to drink, to quaff. Bdranggdp, 

baiTuiniun-m iniun. 
Carp fish (tlie Cliinese). Gi-ami. 
Carpenter, joiner. Tukang-kayu, sri- 

mala, utas. 
Carpet. Pdnnadani, prangmadani, kSlasa, 

Carriage, transport, conveyance. Pani- 

Caniage, vebicle. Kanayikan, tuiigga- 

ngan, kandaraan. 
Carnage, a cbariot. Kareta, kreta, i-ata. 
CaiTiage, accommodation for passengers 

or goods. Tumpangan. 
Carriage (litter). Usungan. 
Carriage (processional). Arakan, parara- 

Carriage, behaviour. Kalakuan, tingkab, 

Carrier, bearer. Pambawa. 
Can-ier, porter. Pamikul. 
Carrier (litter). Pangusuug. 
Carrier, messenger. Utusan, achang, 

pakii-iman, gand'ek, duta, kongkonan, 

upas, kasld. 
Carrion. Bankai, bangke. 
Carry, to convey. Bawa, mambawa. 
Carry on the back (to). Pikid, mftmikul, 

Carry under the ann (to). Kapat, 

Carry over the hip (to). Dukung, mdn- 

dukung, julang, manjulang. 
Carry on the palms of the hands (to). 

Tatang, manatang. 
CaiTy at the waist (to). Kand'ung, mang- 

Cany between two or more (to). Usung, 

Carry off, to remove. Angkat, mangang- 

Carry off, to run away with. Malai-ikan. 
Cany goods or passengers (to). Manum- 

Cany in a sling (to). Gendong. 
Cart, car. Pad-ati, keser, chikar. 
Cartbamus, safflower. Kasumba, kasum 

Cartilage, gristle. Tulang-mud'a, rawan 
Cartouch. Bandela. 
Carve, to slice. Iris, mangu-is. 
Carve, to engrave. Ukir, mangukir, sogeh 
Carver, sculptor. Pangukir. 
Carving, .sculpture. Ukir. ukiran, sogeh 
Cascade, waterfall. Pancburan, jaram. 
Case, box. Kot'ak, pat'i. 
Case, covering. Rangka. saning, sarungan. 

Case, state of things. Pri, ^al, pri-Aal. 

Case, question. Pdrkai-a, pi-akara. 

Case, to put in a cover. Sarungkan, 

Cash, ready money. Tunai, wang-tunai, 

kanchang, wang-kanchang. 
Cash, money, specie. Mata-wang. 
Cashew (the). Jambu-moiiat. 
Cashier, to discard, to dismiss. Chabut, 

mancbabut, pachat mftmachat, pochot. 

Cask, barrel. Tong. 
Casquet, helmet. Katopong, topong. 
Cassia. Kayu-manis, kayu-manis-china. 
Cassiowaiy. Suwari. 
Cast, to throw. Buwang, mftmbuwang. 
Cast, to throw away, to reject. Buwang, 

mambuwang, champak., to fling, to toss. Lempar, malempar, 

lotar, malotar, lotarkau, lanting, ma- 

lantiug, unting, mangimting, balang. 
Cast, to shed. Sibar, mauibar, tabiu% 

manabur, taburkan, Ambor, mangam- 

Cast aside, to throw off. Papas. 
Cast out, to eject. Ruwah,^tuwang. 
Cast down, to dash down. Ampas, milng- 

Cast down, to cause to fall. Jatubkiln, 

manjatuhkan, tumbangi. 
Cast, to form in a mould. Tuwang, ma- 

Cast ashore, stranded. Dampar, bardam- 

Cast down, dejected. Sayub, sayup. 
Cast, a throw. Lempar, lotar, palotar. 
Cast-net, hand-net. Jala, pafiauk. 
Caste, race. Bangsa, sat. 
Castigate, to chastise. Sakiti, mauakiti, 

mafiakitkan, siksa, m&niksa, siksakan, 

Castigation. Sakitan, siksa. 
Castle, fortified place. Kofa, kuta, tir. 
Castle, at chess. Prau, tir. 
Castor, musk. Kasturi, d'ed'es, rase, 

Castor bag. Ind'img-kastiu-i. 
Castor plant, palma Christi. Jarak. 
Castor-oil. Minak-jai-ak. 
Castrate (to). Kabiri, kabirikan. 
Castrated, emasculated. Kabiri. 
Casual, accidental. Kunung-kvinung. 
Cat (domestic). Kuching. 
Cat (a kind of civet). Musang, tangga- 

Catarrh, rheum. Sals^mah, barsin. 
Catch, to lay hold on. Pagang, mama- 
Catch, to grasp. Pawut. 
Catch, to seize. Tangkab, tangkap, mft- 

Catch, to stop falling. Tad-ab, tam- 





Catch contagion oi' infection (to). Jankit, 

Cate. Juwadah. 
Catechu of the Mimosa. Kachu. 
Catechu of the Uncaria. Gambir. 
Category, chiss. Pangkat. 
Caterpillar. Ulat, I'iyang. 
Catgut. Tangsi. 
Cat's-eye (gem). Mata-kuching. 
Cattle, oxen, kine. Jawi. 
Catty weight. Kati. 
Caught, ensnared. Jangkit', tarjangkit". 
Caught, seized, apprehended. Tartang- 

Caul, omentum. Jela-jcla. 
Caulk, to calk. Pakal, mamakal. 
Caulking material. Pakal, pamakal. 
Cause, reason, grovrnd. Poun, pokok, 

mula, purba, karana, karna, krana, 

Cause, to effect. Jadikdn, manjadikan, 

buwat, mambuwat. 
Causeway. Pamatang, batas, watas. 
Cauterize. Chuchuh. 
Cautery. Chuchuh, panchuchuh. 
Caution, prudence. Bijak, bijaksana, 

Caution, to warn. Ingatkan, mangingilt- 

kan, bri-ingat. 
Cautious, heedful. Ati-ati, barati-ati, 

ing^t, baiingatan. 
Cave, cavern, den. Guwa, garouggong. 
Caviar. Balachan, blachan, trasi. 
Cavity, hollow place. Pangsa, lubang, 

liyang, rongga. 
Cazee, Mahometan jwlgo. j^alli. 
Cease, to leave off. Auti, baranti, talian, 

Cease, to be at rest. Manang. 
Cease, to be at an end. Sudah, mauu- 

Cease, to put a stop to. Barantikan, ta- 

liankan, m.lnahani. 
Cede, to submit. Sai'ah, srah, manarah. 
Ceiling. Lalangit, langit-langit, paga. 
Celebes. Tanah-Bugis. 
Celebrate, to praise, to extol. Manuji, 

mamulyaktln, pArmulyakan, mftnggah- 

kfl,n, mas'awarkan. 
Celebrated, renowned. Gah, taruama, 

Celebrity, renown. Gah, nama. 
Celerity. Pantas, pantasan, sigra, laju, 

Celestial. Barkayaugan, barsuwarga, bilr- 

Celestials, inhabitants of heaven. Isi- 

kayangan, isi-suwarga, dewa-dcwa, de- 

Cell (hermit's). Piii-tapiian. 
Cement (to). Rak.1t, rakati, rakatkiin. 
Cement. Parakat, p.lrkat, prakat. 
Cemetery. Cliandi, ^-aburan. 

Censer, incense-pot. Parasapan,pandupan. 
Censure, to blame. Upat, mflngupat, 

salahkan, maiialahkan, parsalahkan. 
Censure, reproach. Chala, kach^liian. 
Census. Banchi, chachah. 
Centipede. Pasan, sipasan, kalabang, 

klabang, alipan, lipan. 
Central. Bartangahan. 
Centre, middle. Taugah, pai-tangahan, 

pilnfingahau, pusat. 
Centre of an army. D'ad'a-prang. 
Coram (island of). Serang. 
Ceremony, rite. Chara, aadat, riiadat. 
Ceremony, etiquette. Tartib. 
Certain, sm-e, indubitable. Tantu, past'i, 

past'i, mflst'i, sungguh. 
Certain, constant. Tatap. 
Certain, some. Anu. 
Certainly, indubitably. Nischaya, sauis- 

chaya, tantu, tamtu, pasti, masti, sung- 

guh-sungguh, sasuugguh, sasunggulma, 

samaja, bali. 
Certainty, exemption from failure. Tan- 

tiian, katantiian. 
Certainty, constancy, immutability. Ka- 

Cei'tificate. Tulisan-chap, surat-cha]x 
Certify (to). Tantukan, m3,nantukan. 
Cerulean. Biru, biru-langit. 
Cess, levy, tax. Upati, chukai, beya, 

Cessation, stop. Parantian, sudahan. 
Cessation, rest. Manang, kamauangan. 
Cesspool. Limbak. 
Ceylon. Langka, langkapiu-i, sai'andij), 

Chafe, to fret, to rub. Gosok, manggosok, 

gesek, manggesek, gisik, manggisik, 

gouoh, mauggoiioh. 
Chafe, to warm by rvibbing, to shampoo. 

Urat, mangurat. 
Chafer, cockroach. Lipas, kaehuwa. 
Chaff. Sakam. 

Chaffer, to higgle. Tawar, manawar. 
Chagrin, ill-humour. Masam-muka, sabal, 

Chagrined. Masam, masAm-muka. 
Chain, links. Eantai, rantc, xaUah. 
Chain, bond, manacle. Rantai, raute. 
Chain, to fasten with a chain. Ranlaikan, 

Chair. Kursi, krusi. 
Chair of state. Gata, kata, jjatrana. 
Chaise. Kareta, kreta. 
Chalice, cup, bowl. Mangkok. 
Challenge, to call to combat. Tantang, 

Challenge, to accuse. Tarka, manarka, 

tud'uh, manud'uh, tukas, manukas. 
Cliallenge a sentinel or watch (to). TA- 

gor, mAnagor. 
Challenge, to claim as duo. Tagili, ma- 





Challenge, siimmons to combat. Tautang. 
Challenge, demand for something due. 

Challenge of a watch or sentinel. Tdgor. 
Chamber, apartment. Bilik, petak, balai, 

i-uwang, nmg, kamar. 
Chamber (sleeping). Partidoran, para- 

Chamber, court of justice. Balai-bachara, 

Chameleon. Griming, tanau, tanu, tang- 

wai, bimglon. 
Champaign, open coimtry. Pad'ang, me- 

Champion. Ulubalang, dekiir, pahalwan, 

Chance, fortune. Untimg, nasib. 
Chance, lot. Undi, pari. 
Chance, to happen. Jatuh, maujatuh, 

tiba, maniba. 
Chance (by). Tiba-tiba, sakuiiung-kuiiimg. 
Change, to alter, to shift. Ganti, bargani, 

mangganti, gautikan, manggautikan, 

alih, bai-alih, mangalih, alilikan, manga- 

Khkan, salin, barsaliu, manalin, salinkan, 

manalinkan, barsalinkan, ubah, baru- 

bah, mangiibah, ubahkan, mangubah- 

kan, jawikan, manjawikau, layinkan. 
Change, to exchange. Tukar, mdnukar, 

Change, alteration, shift. Gfanti, ganti'an, 

pargantian, salin, saliaan, parsalin, alih, 

ubah, ubahan, parubahan. 
Change, exchange. Tukar, tukar-mS,nu- 

Change, small coin. Pichis, pitis. 
Change guard, to relieve a watch. Geler, 

gilu-, manggUir. 
Change place, to flit. Pind'ah, niamin- 

Change postiu'e (to). Balik. 
Change of guard, relief of watch. GUir, 

Change of place. Pamind-ah. 
Channel, groove. Lurah, alor. 
Channel, bed of a river. Palong, salm-an, 

trusan. _ 

Chant, to sing. Naui, bariiani, mauani, 

buni, kurut. 
Chant, to read aloud in a singing tor*. 

Bacha, mambacha. 
Chap, cleft. Calah. 
Chapel, private mosque. Langgar. 
Chapter, heading, title. Pai-kai-a, bab, 

Character, mark, stamp. Tand'a, bakas, 

bakasan, chap, china. 
Character, written letter. Aksai'a, Auriif. 
Character, disposition. Lakar, pakarti, 

pakriti, ati. 
Charcoal. Arang. 
Charge, to commission. Pasan, bai-pasan, 


Chai'ge, to enti-ust. Tanggimgi, tang- 

gimgkan, mananggungkan. 
Charge, to command. Sm-uh, mauuruh, 

titah, mauitah, sabda, manabda. 
Charge, to accuse. Tud"uh, manud-uh, 

tukas, manukas, tarka, manarka. 
Charge, to fall upon. Sdrang, manarang, 

dampit, tampuh, manampuh, siirbu, 

maiiarbidian, langgar, langgari, malang- 

gari, malanggarkan, tarkflm, manarkam. 
Charge desperately (to). Amuk, manga- 

Charge, to load. Muwat, muwatkan, 

Charge, precept, mandate. Parcntah, 

prentah, paprentah, titah, sabda, pa- 

Charge, commission. Ptisan, pasanan. 
Charge, trust. Tanggungan. 
Charge, accusation. Tud'uh, tud'uhaii, 

tukas, tarka. 
Charge, load. Muwatan, saratan. 
Charge, expence. Balanja, blanja. 
Charge, Arga. 
Charge, on.set. Sarang, dampit, tampuh, 

sarbu, langgar, tarkam. 
Charge (a desperate). Amuk, amukan. 
Chargeable, costly. Miial, larang. 
Charged, commissioned. Bai-pasan, t&v- 

Charged, entrusted. Tangung, tartang- 

Charger, large dish. D'alang, talam. 
Chariot. Kareta, kreta, rata. 
Charioteer. Gabala, kambala, gjlmbala. 
Charitable, benevolent. Darmawan, dana. 
Charity, benevolence. Darma, dana. 
Charity, volimtary alms. Darma, sadakdh 

Charity, prescribed alms. Zakat. 
Charm, .?pell. Guna, ubat, jampi, chan 

rai, panawar, pakan, tangkal, sarana, 

mantra, azimat, Aakmat. 
Charm, to apply charms. Ubati, mangu 

bati, tawar, mdnawar. 
Charm, to delight. Marawankan, mdnu 

Charmed, enchanted. Bartuwah, batu 

Charming, conjuration. Ubatan. 
Charnel ground. Labuh. 
Chart, map. Pat'a. 
Charter, written privilege. Nuwala. 
Chary, cautiou.s. Ati-ati, baringatan. 
Chase, to pursue. Ambat, mdngambat, 

kfljar, mangajar, buru, mamburu, usir, 

mangusir, golong, kolong. 
Chase, to drive. Alaii, mangalau, mtiuga- 

Chase, to enchase. Tatah, tatahkan, 

bartatahkan, pjiatkan. 
Chase, pursmt. Usir, parambataii, bu- 

riian, parburiian, pamburuau. 




Chase, pursuit of game. Buriiau, parbu- 

riian, pamburiiau. 
Chased, pm-sued. Tardmbat, tarusir. 
Chased, enchased. Bartatah, bdrtatahkau, 

barpaat, tarpiiat. 
Chaser, pursuer. Pamburu, parburu. 
Chasm. Chalah, churang, jurang. 
Chaste, pure, unsullied. Suchi, chuchi, 

xas, tahir. 
Chastise, to punish. Sakiti, sakitkan, 

mflfiakiti, mauakitkan, seksakan, ma- 
il eksakan. 
Chastisement, punishment. Sakitan, 

seksa, seksiian. 
Chastisement, correction. Ajaraii. 
Chat, to converse familiarly. Tutur, 

mauutur, tutur-manutur, kacha-kacha. 
Chat, conversation. Tutur, tuturan, tu- 
tur-manutur, kacha-kacha. 
Chatties, goods. Band'a, barang-barang, 

kacharian, dandanan, dapatan, artii. 
Chatter, to talk idly. Lampas. 
Chatter, idle talk. Lampas. 
Chaw, to masticate. Mamah. 
Cheaj), not dear. Murah. 
Cheapen (to). Tawar, manawar. 
Cheat, to defraud. Tipu, manijju, tipu- 

kan, manipukan, dayakan, mandaya- 

kan, bardayakan, mangechu, mang- 

Cheat, fraud. Tipu, daya, padaya. 
Cheat, fraudulent person. Panipu, kecliu. 
Cheat at gaming. Hat, mangilat. 
Cheating at play. Hat. 
Check, to repress. Tahani, mdnahani. 
('heck, to stop. Taban, manahan. 
Clieck, to reprove. Ajari, mangajai-i. 
Check, to curb. Pantang. 
Check, restraint. Tahan. 
Check, curb. Pantang. 
Check, reproof Ajaran, pdngajaran. 
Check at chess. S"a/(. 
Check-mate. Mat. 
Checkered, cross-striped. Gabar. 
Checkered, in alternate stripes. Salang- 

Cheek, side of the face. Pipi. 
Cheek, side of a door or window. Pipi. 
Cheer, to comfort. Eborkiln, mangebor- 

Cheer, to gladden. Sukakan, maiiukakan. 
Cheer, to encourage. Bri-ati, mambri-ati. 
Cheer, entertainment. Parjamiiau, pAr- 

Cheerful, gay. Gambira, suka, sukachita. 
Cheerfulness. Kasukiiaii, sukachita, 

Cheese. Panir, keju. 
Chemise. Kanioja. 
Cherish, to nourish. Palelira. jilehra, 

mamlehra, i)lehralikan. 
('licroot, segar. Ui>k<ik. 
«'hoss. Cliatur. 

Chess (to play at). Mayiu-chatur. 

Chess-board. Papan-chatiu", apit-apitan. 

Chess-man. Buah-chatur. 

Chest, bos. Pati, kot'ak, bakas. 

Oiest, thorax. D'ad"a. 

Chevaus-de-frise. Ranjau. 

Chew, to masticate. Mamak, papak. 

Chicanery. Bulak, tipu. 

Chick, chicken. Anak-ayam. 

Chide, to reprove. Ajari, maugajari, 

Chief, main, principal. Agmig. 
Chief, commander, head mail. Pangulu, 

panglima, damang, kapala, sardar. 
Chiefly, especially, particularly. Istimiwa. 
Chieftain, grandee. Orang-kaya, priyayi, 

mantri, nayaka. 
Chieftains, grandees. Paranayaka, para- 

Child. Anak, putra. 
Child (little). Kauak-kauak. 
Child, descendants. Anak, auak-putu. 
Child (eldest of a family). Sulung. 
Child (youngest of a family). Bongsu. 
Child (to be with). Bunting, /tamil. 
Child, to bring children. Baranak, bar- 

Childbearing. BAranakan, nafas. 
Chill, cold. Dingin, siijuk. 
Cliill, cliiluess. Dingin, sAjuk, kasajukau. 
Chilled. Kadinginan. 
Chilly. Dingin, sajuk. 
Chimera. Bayang, maya, xeal. 
Chin (the). Dagu. 
China. China. 

China-ware. Pinggan, piring. 
Chinese. China. 
Chink, fissure. Chalak, lakah. 
Chink, to break in chinks. Barchalah, 

Chink, to sound by striking each other. 

Darang, drang. 
Cliiuts. Chit, kalandiari. 
Chip (to). Trah, tatal, sarapih, towak. 
Chip (a). Tatal, btian, rinchik, sarsipih. 
CUiipped. Sarapih. 
Chirp (to). Chichit. 
Chisel (a). Piiat, tatah. 
Chisel (to). Piiatkan, mamiiat, tatah. 
Chiseled, carved. Bartatahkan, tartah, 

Chock, block. Galang. 
Choice, selection. Pilihan, kapilihan. 
Choice, the thing chosen. Pamilihan. 
Choice, select. Tarpilih, iudah-indah, 

tarutama, juwita, xas, «ziz. 
Choke, to suffocate. Lamas. 
Choke, to stop up. Tumpat, mauumpat, 

Cliolor, anger, rage. Amarah, niarah, 

aiigat, berang, duka, nnirka. 
Choleric. Bangis, angat, panas. 
Cholick. Mulas, rangat-prut. 




Chouse, to cheat, to trick. Tipu, mauipu, 

Chop, to hack. Parang, mamarang, chiu- 

Chop, to mince. Chachah, miinchachah. 
Chop, to lop. Panggal, mamanggal, krat, 

Chop, to truck. Tukar, manukar, tukar- 

Chopper, cleaver. Parang. 
Chord, stringof amiLsical iustrument. Tali. 
Chosen, selected. Tarpilih. 
Christ. -4isi (isa), nabi oisi (nabi isa). 
Christian. Na^raui, sarani. 
Christianity. Agama-saraui. 
Chronicle (a). Charitra, charita, babad, 

sajarah, tarix, /takayat, rawayat, kasat. 
Chuck, to throw. Lempar, lotar. 
Chuck, chuckle, to call as a hen. Katok. 
Chulia. Killing, kling. 
Church. Greja, hikal. 
(Jhurl, rustic. Orang-desa, orang-d'usuu. 
Chiu-n, to agitate violently. Goyang, 

goyangkau, inangoyaugkan. 
Chuse, to select. Pilih, milih, mamilih, 

ratak, maratak. 
Chuse, to cull. Pungut, mamungut. 
Cicatrice, scar. Parut. 
Cimeter. S'ams'ir. 
Cincture. Ikat-i^iuggang, sabuk, babad, 

Cinder, glowing coal. Bara. 
Cinder, ashes. Abu. 
Cingle, horse-girth. Amban. 
Cinnabar. Galuga. 
Cinnamon. Kulit-manis. 
Cion, sprout. Sulur, tunas, t"ukul. 
Cipher, arithmetical character. Angka. 
Circle, orb, ring. Bulat, chakra, chak- 

rawala, chikar, xalZ;ah. 
Circle, compas.s, inclosure. Kapimg. 
Circle, circumference. Sapinampang, 

Cu-cle, to move round. Idar, m^ngidar, 

Circle, to siu-roimd. Kapung, mangapuug, 

kaliliug, mangaliling. 
Circle, revolution. Paridaran. 
Circuit, circumference. Sapinampang, 

Circular, round. Bulat. 
Circularly, with a circular motion. Idar- 

Cii-culate, to move in a circle. Idar, 

baridar, mangidar. 
Ch'culation, motion in a circle. Idilr- 

Ch-cumambient, surrounding. Barkap- 

Circumcise (to). Barsiiuat, suuatkau. 
Circumcision. Siinat, xatan. 
Circimiferencc, periphery. Sapinampang. 


Circumscribe, to bound, to limit. Siu- 

Circumscribed, bounded, limited. Sindat. 
Circumspect, cautious, prudent. Bijak. 
Circumstance. Pri, parkara, ^al, aAawal. 
Circumvent, to deceive, to cheat. Tipu, 

manipu, tipukau, manipukan, bardaya- 

kan, mandayakan. 
Circumvention, fraud. Tipu, daya, pa- 

Cii-ciunvolution. Idarau. 
Circus, open place for sports. Platai'an. 
Circus (a royal). Alun-alun. 
Cist, case, tegument. Ulas. 
Cistern, reservoir. Bachana, palongan, 

Citadel, fortress. Kot'a, kut'a. 
Citron, orange family. Limau, jaruk. 
Citron (the). LLmau-karbau, jaruk-kar- 

City. Nagara, nagari, ndgri, kot"a, kut'a. 
Civet, musk. Kastm-i, d'ed'es, rase, jabat. 
Civet cat, v. Cat. 
Civil, well-bred. Santun, supan, barbudi, 

barbahasa, adab, baradab. 
Civility, politeness. Supan, bahasa, adab. 
Clack, to clink. DAraug, drang. 
Clad, clothed. Barpakai, tarpakai. 
Claim, to demand as due. Tuntut, ma- 

Claim, demand. Tuntut. 
Clammy, glutinous. Pulut. 
Clamorous, noisy. Gagah. 
Clamoiu', outcry. Gagah, gampar, gam- 
pita, gamm-uh, ingar, iugar-bangar. 
Clamp, hasp. Kuku. 
Clamp-shell (gigantic). Kima. 
Clan, tribe. Suku, bangsa, ulubangsa. 
Clandestine. Sambuni, barsambufii, sulib, 

churi-chm-i, barchiu-'ian. 
Clang, to clatter. Kamarenchang, gama- 

Clangom-. Kamarenchang, gamarenchang. 
Clap, to strike together. Antuk, mang- 

Clapper, tongue of a bell. Anak-ganta. 
Clarify, to purify a liquor. Baningkan. 
Clarion, trumpet. Buri, nafiri. 
Clash, to make a noise by collision. Ga- 

Clash, to strike one thing against another. 

Autuk, mangantuk, parantuk. 
Clash, to justle. Tadung, manadung, 

singoug, maiiinggoug. 
Clasp, hook. Kanching. 
Clasp, hasp. Kuku. 
Clasp (girdle). Banding. 
Clasp, to embrace. Paluk, mamluk. 
Clasp, to shut with a hook. Manganchiug. 
Clasp, embrace. Paluk, pamluk. 
Class, set. Pangkat. 
Clatter, to clang. Kamarenchan, gama 





Clatter, to talk idly. Rapek, marapek. 

Clavicle, collar-boue. Sasagan, sasalangau. 

Clause, article. Parkai-a, fasal. 

Claw, foot of a bird. Chakar, dull. 

Claw, uail. Kuku. 

Claw, pincers of a shell-fish. Sapit. 

Claw, proug. Taring. 

Claw, to tear with the claws. Chakar, 

Claw, to tear with the nails. Chakar, 

Claw, to scratch. Garu, mangaru, gamt, 

Clawed, furnished with talons. Barcha- 

Clay, earth. Tanah. 
Clay (potter's). Tanah-liyat. 
Clean, free from filth; pure, free from 

moral impurity. Barsik, brasik, rasik, 

chuchi, suchi, charya, 9amim, tahir. 
Cleanliness, freedom from filth. Kasu- 

Cleanness, purity, innocence. Kasuchian, 

Cleanse, to free from filth, to purify from 

guilt. Barsikau, chuchikan, suchik4n, 

manuchi, mauuchikAu. 
Clear, bright. Tdrang, trang, kuwung. 
Clear, limpid. Aning, baning, jitrueh. 
Clear, serene. Chuwacha, tarang, trang. 
Clear, pure. Suchi, chuchi. 
Clear, not obscure^ Tarang, trang. 
Clear, manifest. Nata, I'ahir. 
Clear, intelligible. Nata. 
Clear, free from deductions. Chuchi. 
Clear, unjjolluted. Suchi. 
Clear, open, unincumbered. Siyang, 

Clear, to make bright. Trangkan, maiia- 

Clear, to free from obscurity. Trangkan, 

Clear, to vindicate. Suchikdn, mftnuchi- 

Clear, to cleanse. Barsikan, chuchikdu, 

Clear, to remove incumbrances. Siyangi, 

Clear, to clarify. Bc1,ningkan. 
Clear, to pass quite through. Mambutuli. 
Clear of forest trees (to). Tdbaug, milnft- 

Clear of underwood and grass (to). Tilbas, 

Clear, to gi-o